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Top 23 Virtual Assistant Websites For Online Brands

Virtual Assistant Websites

Work is now getting tiring and the majority of people are also finding ways to become financially stable. So, the best place to look for an assistant is through the Virtual Assistant Websites.

These are websites filled with people who are experts in different fields and are ready to work per hour.

There are a lot of virtual assistant websites out there but we are only going to discuss the 25 best among them here in this guide.

I have prepared a table for you to wine and dine with me, so roll up your sleeves and be careful not to let the coffee pour on your shirt.

Below are the table of contents for this guide;

First, before we move further to the websites where you can find virtual assistants.

Let us look at the features that you have to look for when trying to select the best virtual assistant for your task.


Key Features To Look For In A Virtual Assistant Website

  1. Transparent pricing and payments method
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Tons of positive customer


1. Transparent pricing and payments method:

The first thing you have to take a look at is the transparency in pricing and the payment method.

When you scroll through the website – how does the pricing fit with your requirement and budget.

Is it something that you can easily afford or it is going to be something a little bit difficult for you to flow with?

You want to be able to be on a website where you can easily see the pricing placed on each Virtual assistant profile.

You don’t need to still message the person before you can get the price of what they charge per hour or day.

There are a lot of virtual assistants out there but I am only going to be reviewing the best for you in this guide.

But you still have to know this in case of any changes tomorrow in their system or dashboard.

Also, how well is there a payment process with yours?

Like, is it something that you can easily pay when you need their service, or do you still have to stress yourself that much?

There is a need for you to take note of this – so, that you can flow with the perfect virtual assistant website for your need.


2. User-friendly interface:

These days, Google favors websites that have a mobile and user-friendly interface and that is why user friendly is very important.

The need for UI/UX is needed for agency websites today – if they want to progress high on the internet.

That is why any VA website that doesn’t have a good user interface is not yet ready to dominate its marketplace.

A good virtual assistant website must have good mobile usability that people can easily access from their phones.

It doesn’t have to be that when you use a computer is only when you can access such a website.

It must be structured and well planned for mobile users and also well structured for computer users.

This way, top brands who need a virtual assistant can easily access the website from their computer.

And middle and small brands who need a virtual assistant can also access it from their mobile devices.

So, the need for a mobile or user-friendly website is very important in this aspect and must not be overlooked.


3. Tons of positive customer reviews:

Are there enough customer reviews on the VA website? You need to check out the way people are dropping feedbacks.

Are there good reviews or bad reviews about the website?

And the way you can check this out is by pasting the name of that Virtual Assistant website on Google and see what people are saying.

You will get reviews from other blogs about the website and can also go on YouTube to ask more.

A virtual assistant website that has several negative reviews are not very good for you to toy with.

You must always make sure that the reviews of the customers are best about the website you are choosing.

Another thing that you need to take note of is that not all the reviews will be positive as some will bad-mouth the website also.

But it must be moderate and not too many negative reviews because that is bad for business.

This day, one has to be very careful with the websites that we penetrate – that is why checking for reviews is important.


Top 23 Virtual Assistant Websites In 2021

Below are the virtual assistant websites that you can penetrate and get a VA that will help you in your business.

Let us quickly list them below and give a brief explanation of all of them.

  1. Magic
  2. VaVa Virtual Assistants
  3. 24/7 Virtual Assistant 
  4. Hello Rache
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Time Etc
  7. Fiverr
  8. MyOutDesk
  9. Upwork
  10. VA Networking
  11. Vasumo
  12. Premier VEBA
  14. UAssist.Me
  15. PeoplePerHour
  16. Indeed
  17. BELAY
  18. Zirtual
  19. Prialto
  20. Boldly
  21. Premier VEBA
  22. Virtual Employee
  23. Fancy Hands


1. Magic:

Magic - Virtual Assistant Websites

Magic is a virtual assistant website that many brands and companies make use of – for the outsourcing of their tasks.

Magic has a mobile app for both Android and IOS to make life very easy for their visitors and their Virtual Assistants.

You can use the services of these virtual assistants for your marketing tasks and customer support.

In case you are someone who needs a virtual assistant to just help your attention to customers while you are sleeping.

You can easily get a virtual assistant that will always represent you during that particular time as customer support.

You also have to know that you don’t have to pay any monthly fee to use the Magic service.

You will only pay a virtual assistant when you need their service and not to be paying in advance.

That’s why the magic application is very good and it’s a must use for any brand that needs an assistant.

Their pricing plan starts from $10 per hour for each virtual assistant service.


2. VaVa Virtual Assistants:

VaVa Virtual Asistant - Virtual Assistant Websites

VaVa Virtual Assistant has equipped registers filled with enough and knowledgeable ideas in the field of graphics design, website design, and some others.

If you have any online enterprise that needs the assistance of a virtual assistant – then VaVa is another safe destination.

You will always get people who will assist you in whatever task you want to execute on this platform.

The platform is filled with experience virtual assistants that are professionals in their field of expertise.

A lot of virtual assistants are available on this platform and you can easily get those that you need.

In the aspect of graphics design, website design, social media management among others.

Their pricing system depends on the nature and range of work that you want to do.


3. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual assistant - Virtual Assistant Websites

24/7 Virtual Assistant is always ready to serve you and your brand 24/7 just as the name implies.

This virtual assistant service is always available for anything related to the consistent need of services.

They have virtual assistants that can render you assistant in the aspect of a customer support system.

Also, they offer search engine optimization services and they also help in email marketing.

The services of 24/7 are intact and needed almost all the time because you can easily book your brand with them.

Also, if you are running an eCommerce store – they have virtual assistants that can help you in the taking of orders.

They also offer offline services of assistance.

Since their offer is of high task and greater value…The pricing plan of 24/7 cannot be discussed.

You only need to discuss well with the virtual assistant and do your pricing.


4. Hello Rache:

Hello Rache - Virtual Assistant Websites

Hello Rache is another virtual assistant website that is very good and go-to for medical practitioners.

If you have any website that is strictly dedicated to health matters and medical care.

Then you will get virtual assistance from people who are also health experts in their field.

You will also get patient management services that can help you handle your patient efficiently.

So, if you are operating a website like Askadoctor kinda services or another type of services that are relating to health matters.

Hello Rache is your go-to service for that type of task and they have a very affordable pricing plan.

Their pricing plan starts from $9/hour for any service that you want to book for.


5.  LinkedIn:

LinkedIn - Virtual Assistant Websites

LinkedIn is by far one of the best places you can also get virtual assistants without paying a dime for outsourcing.

There is a lot of professional virtual assistant who has already opened a portfolio for themselves in this aspect.

They already have what it takes to give you the best service that you might ever need in terms of professionalism.

LinkedIn is a free platform that several people post their professional skills and are looking for clients.

So, you only need to open a LinkedIn account and you will get access to a lot of people who are doing virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants are available on this platform but you have to be sure to do your findings of them.

Because LinkedIn doesn’t coordinate its affairs since it’s just an open platform for professional services.

Also, there is no price rate for this platform since everyone is just posting their skills.

It’s more like a social networking platform.


6. Time Etc:

Time Etc - Virtual Assistant Websites

Time Etc is another Virtual Assistant website that is based in the UK and U.S that is fully dedicated to online brands.

The Time Etc website is also filled with dedicated individuals that are fully specialized in their fields.

Time Etc has a proper foundation of virtual assistant monitoring and they don’t just allow anyhow person as a virtual assistant.

They only accept virtual assistants that have a lot of experience in the niche that they are the best good at.

They don’t just allow anyhow person to come and register on their platform and start giving negative feedback.

No! they aim to provide the best service for their clients and also get their clients to come back for more services.

Their pricing plan starts from $270/month for a lot of tasks that you can wish to have them execute for you.


7. Fiverr:

Fiverr - Virtual Assistant Websites

Fiverr is not directly a virtual assistant website. It’s a freelance website where a lot of people with different skills are displaying their expertise.

But this guide won’t be complete without mentioning them because they also have people who are into a virtual assistant that also display their service on the platform.

If you go to Fiverr and type Virtual assistant – you will get a lot of people who are into the VA work.

They have everything it takes to also perform a good task for you and it’s only left to you to employ them.

You will get virtual assistant services that range from $5/hour and above on any task you want to execute.


8. MyOutDesk:

MyOutDesk - Virtual Assistant Websites

MyOutDesk is another virtual assistant website that is majorly used by brands who are into real estate.

If you are into any real estate brand and you need virtual assistant services for your business.

Then, MyOutDesk is your go-to destination as you will get VAs who will help you bring out the best in your business.

MyOutDesk is filled with people who are into real estate and they will help you in the handling and managing of your real estate brand.

They also have what it takes to help you in the SEO aspect of your real estate business just to help outrank high on Google.

MyOutDesk is what you should take note of in case you have any real estate brand that you want to maintain.

MyOutDesk pricing plan is based on the plan you wish to choose and you can always check them out on their website.


9. Upwork:

Upwork - Virtual Assistant Websites

Another freelance website where you can get qualified people in their areas of specialization is Upwork.

Upwork is a platform where a lot of people come to display what they are capable of doing…

…and Virtual Assistants are not exceptional in also displaying their capabilities.

Going to this website – you will get a lot of people who are into virtual assistants in any field that you wish.

You can always get virtual assistants in graphics design, website design, and some other aspects of the business.

Upwork is a very good platform where you will get the best virtual assistants in Europe and the USA.

Also, the Upwork pricing plan is depending on the type of service and the number of hours you want to work.

But you can rest assured that you will get a service starting from $50 and also get above that for more complex works.


10. VA Networking:

VA Networking - Virtual Assistant Websites

A platform where you can easily post any job that you want to execute and the description for an immediate response is VA Networking.

There is a lot of Virtual assistants in this platform who are good at what they are offering.

Although, this platform gives for anyone to be a virtual assistant because they have some content that helps build newbies in virtual assistant services.

So even if someone who doesn’t know much about Virtual Assistant service comes to register as a virtual assistant…

…they will get approved and get works from several other brands out there who need a virtual assistant.

Although this platform is good for someone interested in doing VA work.

But for someone who needs VAs, you must be ready for some inexperienced people also messaging you for work.

The pricing plan of this website depends on the nature of your work.


11. Vasumo:

Vasumo - Virtual Assistant Websites

Casumo has a competent variety of virtual assistants that can help you perform tasks in several aspects of your business.

They hire and allow people who have over 4 years of experience in their field and not just some random people.

If you are someone who just learned about the virtual assistant service last week or last month.

Then you might not be allowed to display your expertise on the Vasumo website.

They always rely heavily on years of expertise and enough professionalism in the virtual assistant world.

You can check out this platform to hire virtual Assistants who can help you in the website design and graphic design field.

They also have people who are experts in another field.

You can equally check out their website to get more details about their pricing plan.


12. Premier VEBA:

Premier VEBA offers assistant in the aspect of creative writing and content development of any business.

The focus point of this platform is in the aspect of writing and creating content for brands.

So, if you have any brand that needs enough dedication in the aspects of writing – then Premier VEBA is a nice destination.

If you have a blog for example and need a Virtual Assistant for your blog – then you can make use of this platform.

Because they have competent virtual assistants that will support this aspect of the business.

You can easily navigate to their website to check more about their pricing plan and more information about them.


13. - Virtual Assstant Websites

The third freelance platform in this guide that also allows the service of a virtual assistant is

They have adequate virtual assistants on their website which they also allow to display their expertise.

You can go freelance and get a whole lot of virtual assistants in several fields that will also help you solve your problem.

You can get live chat VA, Website and Graphics design VA, Social Media management VA, among others.

Head over to their website and you will see a whole lot that will surely satisfy your current need.

Also, the price plan is based on the level of the VA service that you need, and each VA state their prices based on expertise and year of experience level.


14. UAssist.Me:

UAssist.Me - Virtual Assistant Websites

Just as the name implies – you can easily get administrative assistant with this virtual assistant website.

The UAssist website is an assistant website that is filled with a lot of VA that will help you in your tasks.

They are suitable for brands and businesses that need administrative skills in their dealings.

An aspect of that is the area of need for your website handling and also the clearing and maintaining of the website.

Also, if you have some other technical tasks like social media handling also to stay relevant on social media.

Then you have to know that UAssist is a nice platform where you will get virtual assistants to help you in this.

Their VA services depend on the nature of your work and you can always consult their customers to care for more ideas about their price.


15. PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour - Virtual Assistant Websites

People per hour is just like a remote worker website where you will also get a lot of people like the freelance website.

It is also kinda like the freelance websites where you get people that are ready to work per hour.

Kinda related to what we have been discussing throughout the guide in this article.

You will get helping hands in the aspect of digital marketing, technology, and co.

With the PeoplePerHour – a lot of brands have been able to keep significant use of their tasks.

You have people that you can pay per hourly work rate.

The pricing plan on PeoplePerHour ranges from several virtual assistants to others.

Because it is kind of a classified website – it is a little bit difficult to know the exact price range anyone can serve.

So, that is why people prefer to penetrate the website and see what’s up.


16. Indeed:

Indeed - Virtual Assistant Websites

Indeed is a Virtual assistant website and platform that accepts job inquiries from several people on the planet.

A lot of people are there to post about their job and what they can offer to other businesses in the online world.

That is why many people who are also into the virtual assistant world are also heading to indeed to post about their service and what they are capable of doing.

So, you can also head over to indeed to get a virtual assistant that can help you solve specific tasks in your company.

Once you upload a job alert on indeed – you will get a lot of recommendations from indeed.

Also, the alert will be sent to the emails of their members who might also be into the services of a VA.

Their pricing plan is not fixed and you have to contact them for more details about the pricing.


17. BELAY:

BELAY - Virtual Assistant Websites

Belay’s virtual assistant services are on another level as you will get people who have been in this service for a long while.

With Belay’s virtual assistant service – you will get a VA who will help you in the sales aspect of your business.

You will get a lot of VA who already have enough experience than you in social media marketing and some of the rest concerning online business.

This platform is good for outsourcing and their outsource level is straightforward to understand.

So, you can easily check out more about them on Belay and continue to use their virtual assistant services.

The VA on this website is kinda like a professional in their field who is also certified.

So, don’t sleep on this platform and start making use of it to outsource tasks for your brand.

You can consult them and ask for more detail about their pricing system.


18. Zirtual:


Zirtual’s services are used by Big brands that have a lot of activities which they run in their business.

Zirtual’s assistants are mostly consulted by big companies that operate online works which they need more helping hand in.

Their VA focuses on aspects that involve the need for administrative works in the company.

The aspect of clerical works, data analysis just for the smooth running of the company is always needed.

Online Analysis like sales analysis and other reports that need to be made for the smooth calculation of activities throughout a month of a year is always made.

So, Zirtual is also a place where you can get these kinds of services for your business or your client.

You will also be rest assured that they will provide you with the best available and affordable service that they have.

Their pricing plan is $449 per month of thorough assistant services.


19.  Prialto:

Prialto - Virtual Assistant Websites

Prialto is a virtual assistant platform that is specially built for CEOs who are very much engaged in one or two things.

Those who are always busy with work and don’t have much time to perform all their take online.

Then, they can just check on Prialto and get a VA who can help them to perform some of their day-to-day activities.

Their service plan is high because they have fully well-trained VAs that can easily adapt to any business goal.

Their VA is goal-oriented and will work towards the success of any brand or organization.

So, you can always make use of them as your virtual assistant website whenever you need VA for any online task.


20. Boldly:

Boldly - Virtual Assistant Websites

Boldy will offer you what you need in virtual assistant service in general.

They have trained people who are also skilled in their area of specialization and are willing to learn more.

So, you are directly relating and flowing with a brand that knows exactly what they are doing.

You will always have access to a dashboard in this platform which you will register for as a user.

And you can easily be keeping track of your Virtual assistant activities that are going on on the platform.

They offer a pricing plan of $1470/month which is a little bit on the high side.

But their service is majorly for big brands who are ready to scale high and can afford to pay for any technical tasks.


21. Premier VEBA:

Premier VEBA Offers services that are needed by top management brands – most especially those in the technology sector.

Like those who have high brands in the mobile application industry and also those in the web analytics industry.

The majority of these people need a lot of helping hand in some aspect that needs concrete data analysis.

So, if you are top-notch and need concrete scrutinizing in the aspect of top management data analysis.

Then you can use Premier VEBA to hire as a virtual assistant – since they have experienced people in that field.

So, don’t sleep on them because they have good and enough people who can handle your virtual assistant business.

Their pricing plan is not that open and fluctuates with time. So, you can check them out to know more about them.


22. Virtual Employee:

Virtual Employee - Virtual Assistant Websites

Virtual Employee is another top-notch virtual assistant brand for those who have both small and large data gathering.

Just as the name implies – you will know that they are specialized in the aspect of letting you hire employees virtually.

You don’t have to incur any overhead cost on them as everything is being done virtually.

Also, they are very affordable for small brands and not only for the big brand out there like the others.

As their pricing plan is still very much affordable and not that much.

Their pricing plan is just $5 per hour based on the number of hours you want them to work.

You can make use of them for your programming and data management.


23. Fancy Hands:

Fancy Hands - Virtual Assistant Websites

Fancy Hands is another Virtual Assistant brand that is also specialized in the aspect of assisting businesses with customer relations services.

They help in the aspect of making calls and doing other services related to customer relations for the brand online.

Also, they help in the aspect of doing invoicing and the performance activities of a website.

So, you can easily be making use of the service of Fancy Hands for your virtual assistant tasks.

They don’t have a fixed plan like that and you can just get in touch with them for more pricing details.


Final Thought On Virtual Assistant Websites

Above are the websites where you can get virtual assistant services for your brand and get them to help you with some tasks.

Some Virtual Assistant Websites are also into this and I am sure one or two people reading this might also have more experience with some other VA websites.

So, you can use the comment box below and let people know another Trustworthy virtual assistant that you know of.

And if you find this guide helpful…Drop your honest thoughts below.

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