11 Best Wordai Alternatives, Similar Tools And Competitors

WordAi Alternatives

Gone are the days when content writers need to write a lot of content all by themselves before they can publish a good blog post.

Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence software like wordai, a lot of things have changed and content writers are now finding it easy to publish content.

In this guide, we are going to be reviewing some of the other wordai alternatives which you can also be making use of.

Just like I pinpoint in the other aspect of this guide. With the use of wordai software for writing content.

It has now become easier for anyone to come up with any topic and easily craft out content from it.

Although I have to be plain with you that I don’t make use of any of these tools for my writing purpose.

I don’t believe in them writing my content since I am born to write. I can easily write out thousands of words within 30minutes.

So, writing is not a problem for me. But the reason why I am writing this guide is for those who want to become content writers but find writing very difficult.

If you are finding it difficult to write content and you want to keep publishing content but need something to help you in this aspect.

wordai is your best bet when it comes to that and the amazing thing is that…

…it is not only wordai that does this thing. Even some other tools are out there which can also serve the purpose of wordai.

They can do exactly and even more than what wordai will do for you.

And that is the reason for this guide – Because I will not be writing strictly on wordai as a tool.

But on other alternatives that also serve the same feature as wordai.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;


Best Wordai Alternatives

Below are the respective wordai alternatives which we will be discussing in this guide.

  1. Wordtune.
  2. SEO Content Machine.
  3. Spinwriter. 
  4. Jarvis.
  5. Pappertype.
  6. Wordhero.
  7. Spinbot.
  8. Quillbot.
  9. Copy.ai.
  10. Rytr.
  11.  Article Forge.


1. Wordtune:

Wordtune - Wordai Alternatives

Wordtune is an Artificial Intelligence software just like wordai that helps to bring out your thoughts.

If you have anything to pen down and you are finding it very tedious to write because you are just too occupied or lazy to do it.

Wordtune is your best chrome extension to make use of and let life very easy for you in this particular aspect.

With wordtune, you make it very easy for you to start writing a lot of content even when you are writing nonsense.

It will help to rewrite out your thoughts and pen them down completely in a way that will resonate with your audience.

You can easily make use of this tool to craft some email campaigns for your subscribers and lead on your autoresponder.

Or maybe you want to type out some content on social media just to engage with your followers.

This tool will help you to simplify all these by typing out your thought just with little stress from you.

I like this tool a lot because I see it as the next-generation Intelligence tool that will keep working for a long time.

So, if you are someone who wants to keep writing content but have been finding it difficult and want something to clarify your thoughts.

And you are also looking for another alternative to wordai because of your reason which I don’t know.

Try out Wordtune today and quick start writing out whatever you have in mind.

This will make you become a content writer overnight and you can easily start being consistent online.

Just be rest assured that this tool will simplify everything for you and also correct all your blunders.

  • Price: $9.99.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Chrome Extension.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? Contact Support.

>>> Click here to check out Wordtune


2. SEO Content Machine:

SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is another artificial intelligence tool for content writers who are optimizing for Search Engines.

If you’re a blogger or a content writer for SEO purposes who are thinking of getting more productive with your writing skill.

Then you can easily make use of SEO Content Machine to make life very easy for you.

How does the SEO Content Machine Works?

Your tool will help you crawl Google and Bing to fetch out content that will complement whatever you are disseminating.

The way this works is that you will have to input some keywords that are related to your content.

When you input these keywords. SEO Content Machine will crawl the internet and fetch you relative data.

And all this data is what you can easily use to pen down a complete article that you can publish on your blog or any article writing website.

But as a content writer who owns a blog and writes content every day. Do I make use of tools like this?

No, I don’t. And I don’t encourage any upcoming bloggers who want to grow a successful blog to use this.

The only aspect you can make use of this SEO Content Machine is when you want to optimize for backlinks.

Maybe you have a website where you want to guest post or have a website where you can get free backlinks.

And you are finding it stressful to come up with complete content because you feel skeptical it’s not on your website.

You can make use of this tool and come up with something to write just to publish something on the third-party website.

This way, it doesn’t mean that the content will rank on Google. But at least, you just use it to get backlinks.

I hope you get the logic? So, don’t rely on it to keep publishing content on your website.

Google’s algorithm is growing more Intelligent and you might only rank for a few months with this tool and later lose your ranking.

So, stay safe and use this tool very wisely as one of the wordai alternatives.

  • Price Plans: $27 Per Month to $197 Per Year.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Desktop Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out SEO Content Machine 


3. Spinwriter:


Spinwriter is another wordai alternative that you can make use of to publish content on the internet.

I will advise you to make use of this tool for something like social media content or email marketing campaign.

The way spinwriter works are that it helps you to convert a complete article to another human writer article.

Just from the name of this software, you can easily denote what it does without any further stress.

You can easily make use of this tool to spin any article you find online and it will bring out another article for you.

This article will still be disseminating the same information just as the one that you got on the internet.

But it will be in another form that won’t look like the one you copied.

Normally, I don’t make use of this but if you want to use it. Just make sure that you are just using it on a platform that doesn’t penalize plagiarism.

Although, it will help you spin the content and make it more comprehending in another type of statement and words.

Also, you should try to review it and see if it’s sense-making as some words might not correlate.

But it will do all the magic for you and make your stay writing free from coming up with any content from the scratch.

Spinwriter is another alternative to wordai that you can easily start making use of now and write better content online.

  • Price Plans: $47 Per Month Or $497 One Time Purchase.
  • Free Trial? 5 Days.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 30 Days.

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4. Jarvis:

Jarvis - Wordai Alternatives

Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence tool that can help you write almost all your content for SEO.

With Jarvis, you might not need to bother about you writing any of your content all by yourself.

All you might only need to do is to just edit and correct some aspects where there might be a little mistake.

As you know that a tool cannot be 100 percent correct almost all the time.

Human power will always be needed for anything successful to happen in such a scenario.

But does this mean that Jarvis is not as complete as other tools that can help you write content?

Jarvis is a very fantastic tool and many content creators have started promoting it recently.

I mean, I first got in contact with a review about YouTube when I was searching for the purchase of a crypto coin.

YouTube just suggested the video for me and I was kinda like what’s it all about.

With Jarvis, you have access to 25+ languages which you can use to create content in them.

This means that you are not even only limited to writing in English all the time in case you are from an English-speaking country.

You can easily write and optimize for other countries if you need more traffic.

This will optimize and easily make you rank a new website that is targeted to other countries.

This is another fantastic opportunity for you to grab and easily start creating awesome content with Jarvis.

Quickly scale up your content more rapidly with Jarvis and start enjoying more content publishing periods.

You can also use Jarvis to craft sales copy and also ad copies instead of making use of wordai.

  • Price: $29 Per Month – Starters Plan.
  • Free Trial? No.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 5 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Jarvis


5. Peppertype:

Peppertype.ai - Wordai Alternatives

Peppertype is another writing tool that also functions as an alternative to wordai.

With this tool, you can easily create engaging sales copy for all your paid and free advert.

Also, if you are thinking of how you can easily generate content for your website or maybe for backlinks.

You can make use of this tool to create awesome content that will look human-related.

Another reason why I recommend pepper type is that it is software which you can use to write title headlines.

Like the uniqueness of helping you generate a title or headline which will increase your click-through rate.

It’s an awesome feature. Also, you can use it to generate meta descriptions for your content.

Just in case you are trying to optimize your content for SEO purposes. You know how needful meta description can be.

And if you’re a novice in that aspect who doesn’t know much about how you can generate a good meta description.

You can make use of peppertype instead of wordai to perform all these tasks without stressing yourself too much.

Just be careful to use this tool only for your content meta description and headline.

I don’t suggest any of my awesome readers jeopardize any future Opportunity because of laziness.

Use peppertype wisely and don’t fall into difficulties in the future.

  • Price Plans: $35 to $199 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out Peppertype 


6. Wordhero:

Wordhero - Wordai Alternatives

Write quality blog posts and social media captions with wordhero.

Wordhero is a powerful content writing tool which we also have to discuss in this guide.

With Wordhero, all your content writing problems will be solved because this tool is designed to solve content writing problems.

Wordhero has over 50+ writing tools which they are also adding more and more to it consistently to serve their users better.

If you’re thinking about ways through which you can write out amazing content – then wordhero is your solution.

You can use Wordhero to even write out lyrics and songs in case you are a musical artist.

A lot of artists make use of Wordhero to write their tracks and bring out better lyrics that will give rhymes.

But if you are into Internet Marketing like me and you want something to ease your writing stress.

Go for Wordhero and start making waves with your writing skills as if everything is 100 percent done by you.

Just like Jarvis and others, you can also use Wordhero to write sales copy, email campaigns copy, and many others.

With just a few clicks, you will be good to go and you can start writing enough content.

  • Price: $49 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? None Found.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out Wordhero


7. Spinbot:

SpinBot - Wordai Alternatives

Spinbot is another website application tool that also uses pronounced text versions to replace any given word.

As you know that plagiarism is bad and Google or any other platforms out there go against it.

But the problem is still in the area where many people find it very difficult to write just a thousand words article.

They find it very difficult because it’s not what they are used to doing or what they just can’t do.

That is where spinbot comes into action and just from the name of this tool. You can easily decode what it’s meant for.

It will easily help you respin an article into another version of an article that can be used by you.

All you need do is to input or paste the article that you want to rewrite inside Spinbot and it will do the work for you.

It will help you rewrite the article in a way that will be more readable for your audience.

This is another wordai alternative which you should know about.

Also, the amazing thing about this tool is that it is free of charge and you don’t have to pay any amount to use it.

You can easily use it to spin thousands of works at once and you can just get it ready for use easily.

Spinbot is programmed to reread every sentence in the article and rewrite it to human form.

It will bring out the best in the article as if it wasn’t being copied from another place.

But always remember the code to only use the result from this tool for platforms that do not search engine optimized.

You can easily use it on social media or email but don’t use it on Google if you don’t want to get blacklisted.

  • Price: $10 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out spinbot


8. Quillbot:

Quillbot - Wordai Alternatives

Quillbot is another artificial intelligence tool just like wordai that also helps to rephrase words.

Most times it might be difficult for one to write completely without any kind of assist.

It’s not all the time that writing will be part of you and you will need something that can also help you justify your thoughts.

That’s what Quillbot is ready to do because it can easily help you to paraphrase your thoughts and make them more explainable.

You can use Quillbot while you are typing out your content to enable get yourself ready for work.

You don’t have to write every bit of your article when there is a solution out there that can help you find an everlasting solution.

This is what Quillbot is programmed and built for. It helps to rephrase every word just to make it have a reasonable meaning.

This means that ever if you have an idea your copy is from another page or another handle.

You can easily pen it down in the words given and Quillbot will help you to rephrase everything for you.

Quillbot is another awesome tool that you should consider to try out all by yourself.

Just enter your text into the required space and easily spin your bot to rephrase all your words.

  • Price: $4.95 Per Month.
  • Free Plan? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 3 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Quillbot


9. Copy.ai:

Copy.ai - Wordai Alternatives

Copy.ai is a fantastic tool for those who are even into Copywriting for online money-making.

If you are a freelance copywriter or maybe you have a business where you need copywriting all the time.

Then this tool is a fantastic app that will help you to create out valuable copy that will bring you sales.

Just imagine if you have a tool that can help you crawl the internet to get you a copy of the exact type of product you want to sell.

This means that you don’t have to stay up all day or night thinking of guessing what to write specifically.

With copy.ai, you can easily input the keyword of exactly what you plan to write about in the required space.

And then copy.ai will crawl the internet to see the available sales copies that have been used to see such products previously.

Also, if you are making use of social media to promote your product and also build your audience.

You can easily input any keyword you like to write on and it will bring you enough research on what you want to write on.

Copy.ai is another word alternative that is awesome for anyone not to even have.

Either you are into any art affiliate program or any writing affiliate program.

This will help you bring out any valuable copy for whatever you are trying to promote.

  • Price: $49 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? 7 Days.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None.

>>> Click here to check out Copy.ai


10. Rytr:

Rytr - Wordai Alternatives

Another tool that we have to discuss in this guide before we should think of closing it is Rytr.

Just from the name of the software, you can easily note what it’s meant to do.

You can easily use easy copy and content for your social media, email, and even on any advert.

With Rytr, you don’t have to keep spending countless hours on what exactly you want to write on.

Start making publishing for your social media marketing very easy for you.

With all the prebuilt templates that are inside this tool. You can easily start writing out awesome copies for your brand.

No need to hire content writers that will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars per copy.

Content writing is getting easier with Rytr.

  • Price Plans: $9 to $29 Per Month.
  • Free Plan? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None.

>>> Click here to check out Rytr


11. Article Forge:

Article Forge

Just like many other tools that I have discussed in this guide. Article forge is not an exception as it’s also meant for writing out content.

All that you have to do is to input your text and make article forge help you rewrite all your content.

It’s something similar to wordai and also serves the same function that you enjoy the wordai tool.

Article forge is one of the wordai alternatives which you should also consider to use for your content writing.

It comes with a power detection feature that helps to eliminate the rate of plagiarism in content.

This will make it very easy for you to post without any mindset of whether your content looks plagiarized.

  • Price Plans: $57 to $177 Per Month
  • Free Trial? 5 Days.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 30 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Article Forge 


Final Thought On Wordai Alternatives

Above are the 11 tools which I consider to be the best wordai alternatives for you to test out confidently.

Just make sure that you are using these tools for either your paid ads or free ads sales copy.

Or you are using them on your social media just to keep your page engaging and updating.

Don’t be using them for search engine optimization because it wouldn’t help that much in the long run.

If this is something that interests you. You might want to consider reading this guide on English Article Writing.