17 Best Video Marketing Agency Practice That Works

17 Best Video Marketing Agency Practice That Works

The rate at which videos are improving the sales rate of many Brands has given more food to the mouth of a Video Marketing Agency.

Top brands are spending millions to create mouthwatering videos that are catchy and converting just to get into the mind of their target audience.

It’s no more news that videos convert better in winning clients, unlike texts.

I’m sure if you watch a video concerning the demonstration of a product or service from a brand.

Versus reading the text version of the product which is explaining a product or service from another brand.

You would prefer to buy from the brand that did a video demonstration or explanation to reveal the usefulness of the product or service.

And if you’re like… No, I won’t. Then, the fact remains that the conversion of videos is far higher than that of texts.

That’s why video ads are converting very well even more than text ads.

Before we move further, let us look at Video Marketing Agency meaning and what it implies.

What Is A Video Marketing Agency
What Is A Video Marketing Agency? Photo Credit: pixabay

What Is A Video Marketing Agency?

A Video Marketing Agency is a firm that produces demonstrable marketing videos for brands for the sole

purpose of using for advertising their products and services to get into the mind of the consumer and close more sales.

This tells you that video marketing is very important for any brand.

If you have a brand and you haven’t started using videos to your marketing techniques.

Then, you are leaving a whole lot of money on the table.

Because while your competing brands are closing hundreds to thousands of sales every week.

You will be struggling to make 100 sales every week.

That’s just how it is.

Let us look at the best practice that should be put in place for video marketing.


Video Marketing Best Practice That Helps To Get Free Clients.

Below are the best practices that can help you get more clients for free.

1. Online maps (Google My Business, Bing maps, etc.)

Making use of online maps like Google and Bing Maps is very useful to get clients that will contact you directly.

This is mostly useful for local clients. Have you gone online before in the search for an agency in your locality and you see some recommendations of agencies in your locality?

That’s the power of signing up and registering your business in the Google map.

To register your business, open your business with Google My Business and register your agency.

This will show your agency when people make recommendations or search for any video marketing agency in their locality.

You can get clients with this method.

2. Local business website e.g Yelp

Registering on local business websites like Yelp is very useful and can help you get clients from their audience.

It’s no more new trend that when people are looking for agencies in their locality.

They go to Yelp in search of the best Agencies. So, displaying your agency among others.

Will give you a head over others who don’t know about this method.

This is another practice your should inculcate for the success of your local agency.

3. Business Cards

I like it when I am walking on the street or I get into an event and I meet someone.

Or just like an event and I meet a close acquittance. It can be very easy for me to tell them my expertise with my business card.

This is another way to get clients for your agency.

Just print your business cards and give them to people you meet.

They can be the marketing manager of their firm.

So, if you include your social media pages or agency website in the business card.

And they check it out… They will see some works you have done.

And you can get jobs from this for your Video Marketing.

Video Marketing Agency
Video Marketing Agency. Photo credit: pixabay

Producing Marketing Videos

Some practice has to be put in place to produce a marketable video. Below are the things you should take note of when trying to produce Videos from an agency or for a client.

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1. What The Product Is All About:

You have to introduce yourself alongside what the product is all about.

Since people’s attention time is very small. They already have another shiny object that will make them skip over your video.

So, you have to reveal to them what you’re talking about concerning the product or service.

If you don’t quickly tell them, you will lose them. These days, people want to, first of all, know what you’re talking about.

Also, this will make you quickly grab your Target audience. Some people might be interested in the message you’re passing.

But if you spent the first few seconds blabbing and talking about some other things.

You will lose them because they don’t have the patience to listen to what doesn’t concern them.

So, immediately you are doing your introduction and grabbing their attention – tell them about the product you are revealing to them to hook them down.

2. Reveal The Product Name:

After telling them about the product you are revealing to them.

The next aspect is to reveal the product’s name. You have to let them know the name because this is the title that the product possesses.

3. Pain/Problems That The Product Solves:

After telling them the product name. This is where the conversion process begins.

You have to know that these people who are watching your video are still sticking with you because they feel the product can solve their pain.

They have a problem they want to solve and they feel like maybe this product can help find the solution to that problem.

So, you have to bring out the pain points and feel as if you are in their shoes.

You will keep saying out the pains and problems many people have been facing which is costing them to achieve their XYZ result.

Try as much as possible to research these pain points so that you can be speaking directly to your audience.

If you think you’ve experienced fire and feel like fire is the height of it all.

Don’t be surprised when someone tells you that he or she is experiencing hell.

So, try as much as possible to do your research concerning the pains you will reveal in this video.

The amazing thing is that once you talk about these pains. Your audience will listen more to you and want to hear what’s next.

They will be interested in what you have to say next because you’re revealing their pains.

4. The Benefit The Product Gives:

Now, after you have revealed the pains. You will now tell them the benefit that this product will offer them.

As you know that people buy the benefits of a product and not the features.

Nobody cares if your product is 8 years old or is created on a better platform.

What people care about are the benefits they will enjoy once they get access to the product.

Even if what you want to achieve is for them to give you their email address.

You have to know that they’re investing something.

So, make sure that you State the benefits in a way that relates to solving their problems.

5. Things They Don’t Have To Do Anymore:

Now, almost everyone enjoys buying things that reduce or eliminate their stress.

If you’re the kind of person that has to do 50 push-ups before every morning just to burn fats.

And you get to see a product that can help you do all the 50 push-ups and still give you the exact result you are expecting.

Won’t you grow hungry to buy it?

You will right? That’s the power of telling people what they can eliminate from using your product with video.

Because many people in one way or the other have the problems that they are facing.

So, you can bring out the things they can eliminate from the pain points you explain in the 2nd step.

You will tell them the things that the product will solve and things they don’t have to do anymore.

It’s part of the process.

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6. Why It’s Better Than The Products They Have Used:

Another thing you have to know is that you are not the only one to have such a product.

Even if it’s the first of its kind which is always rare except you involve in thorough research or from your personal experience in the product.

You will still have other competing products that are doing exactly what you’re doing.

And your audience is likely to have bought one of these products already.

So, you have to tell them why your product is different from that of your competitors.

If it’s the price difference and that your product is cheaper to that which they are using.

Let them know.

If it is quality of service or a one-time purchase. Let them know.

This is what will convince them to buy from you instead of buying from your competitors.

It’s very important because this aspect makes your audience feel cheated and already have a feeling that they are losing out.

So, it’s important to make them feel desperate to buy now and forget your competitors’ product.

7. Explaining How It Works:

Even though you tell them that your competitors’ product cannot be compared to your product.

It’s not enough to make them take the action you want them to take.

You have to explain to them how the product works.

I like to do this by showing the success stories of other people who have used it and have seen the adequate result.

You know people like to use other people’s success to measure their own.

So, once they see that someone already has a result from using this product.

And you demonstrate how it was used with the timeframe they are assured to get a result.

They will be more than curious to buy because they also cannot wait to become the next Success story.

So, try to give enough detailed explanation and show proof of what this your new product is doing and has done for people.

8. What’s The Price:

The next is to tell them the price. This is the value given to the product.

Many people always get nervous in this aspect because you’re scared that they might skip the video.

But the truth is that… Since they have been with you listening to the video and stayed up to this aspect.

They will take action to purchase the product if they have the money to buy it.

If they are not interested at first. They won’t even stay up to this time of listening.

So, go ahead and reveal your price with enough confidence.

Don’t be timid while in this aspect of video marketing because it’s very important.

This is what will make them ask what’s next and how they can pay.

Don’t be timid. Go for it.

9. The Price To Other Products:

If you know that the product price is less compared to that of other competitors.

You can use this as a privilege to telling them that yours is far cheaper than other products.

Also, it might be expensive but classy. You can also use this as another weapon to convert many sales.

10. How They Should Grab It:

Another way is how they will grab the product. Which method do you want them to use?

You have to tell them where they will click to get access to the product.

Because that’s the next thing your viewers will be expecting.

Always make this very quick because you have only a few minutes to make them not skip over to other distractions.

So, give them a go ahead on what they should do next to purchase the product.

Don’t let it be too much stress because that can chase them away.

Let it be a go ahead straight method that won’t take much stress before they can access the product.

11. Urgency:

The fear of losing out is what has been working for a long time and what will continue to work till today.

People are always scared of losing out on something.

Just imagine if I promise you something after you have read this guide (if you’ve enjoyed it).

You will be more than happy to quickly grab it because you’re scared to lose out.

That’s another weapon you should use.

Just because you make them fall in love with your product doesn’t mean they should grab it now.

People procrastinate a lot and they might want to purchase or take action later.

And Immediately they skip over. What happens? You lose them for life.

Because they won’t remember anymore. So, you have to find a way to make them take the action now.

And it’s by showing urgency and scarcity.

You can tell them the offer will end that day or you have only limited stocks available.

But the truth is that you must be truthful. If you promise to end the purchase within a stipulated time.

Don’t let it pass that day because if it does. People won’t trust you again.

So, let your Yes be Yes and Your No be No. Don’t lie about something just to get people to buy now.

You will lack your integrity.

So, add urgency and see your sales skyrocket more.

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Services That Video Marketing Agencies Do.

Video Marketing offers some services that are far more beneficial to text marketing.

Below is the various service it does:

1. Videos Develop Trust Very Fast:

Video is just like when you are speaking directly to a person.

People are very likely to quickly believe a salesperson when he or she shows himself explaining a product.

That’s just how it works. When we see videos and see the demonstration. We are quick to believe that it is real.

Even if the video is edited and is not a real video. We tend to believe.

Think about it while you are young. Most of the action movies you watch.

You believe they are real. Because it’s video. It’s like something happening in front of you.

So, this instigates a real belief into your mind and you argue and talk about it all the time with your friends.

That’s the motive we have till today. We tend to believe in video Marketing faster.

That’s why brands are using this method and spending millions on video marketing every month just to get into the mind of their audience.

They know that once they get into their audience’s mind. The customer will trust you.

2. It Close Sales Easily:

Another top-notch service that videos render is closing sales.

Think about some videos you have watched and you are automatically sold.

That’s the power of video. When you see enough demonstration and how something works in reality.

You just can’t wait for it to happen to you also. You can’t wait to perform the demonstration.

That’s the power that video will give your marketing.

This service alone will help you close people and get them to buy your products.

You would have seen some health products that explain when some have acne or pimples on the face.

And how a product clears the acne and pimples and gets the face to become clean and fresh.

It can be an after-effect video that just differentiates smooth skin from rough skin.

But just because it’s a video and it explains the things that the product is doing.

People will get sold automatically and make the necessary purchase. Just because of the power of video marketing.

3. It’s Easier To Consume:

The ability to understand things is the problem of many people.

If you tell someone a story just with the text or you try to explain things to people on text.

They will find it difficult to comprehend. Some people might not be able to read.

Yes, that true.

Some people cannot read. But videos are what everybody can comprehend and understand.

Because it involves demonstration and explanation of how something works.

I was watching a video yesterday with my sister on a subscribed channel.

The sound later went off and we couldn’t hear what they were saying inside the program.

But because we are seeing their demonstration. We keep following up till the audio came back.

That’s the service video renders. Even if your audience cannot understand you very well.

They can still comprehend what you’re saying by merely watching the video demonstration of your product.

I hope you can see the reasons why Video Marketing Agencies are very important in the business world?


Video Agency Promotional Videos For Digital Marketing.

When you are creating a video for your clients. There is a different kind of videos for different purposes that you should try to understand.

Let’s look at the 3 types of videos we will cover in this guide.

You can check further articles in this blog for more types of videos that you can use for the success of your agency and for creating more Marketing videos for your clients.

1. Animation Videos.

One of the best videos that good for marketing purposes is animation videos.

It explains perfectly what a product is about. You and I cannot deny the fact that we love Tom & Jerry while we were young.

They made our days back then. Also, it’s still part of us up till today.

When we see Marketing videos that are in animation format. We tend to study it and listen attentively to what it is disseminating.

So, using animation for your clients while owning your video Marketing agency is important.

Add is to your weapon when creating videos for your clients because it will triple their conversion.

Don’t sleep on this… It’s very important and should be used.

Another reason why animation videos are very good for marketing purposes is that it’s catchy enough.

It grabs viewers’ attention very quickly.

2. Slides.

Slides are also very good when you’re creating a video course for your clients.

You have been in some courses on Udemy or Skillshare before and you watch the way the tutors create their course.

It’s being created with slides. You can also use this method for your clients when you’re creating your videos.

It makes understanding the video very easy and taking the viewer along as if they’re sitting with you.

As you’re speaking, you will show the pages explaining the videos with a full write-up and some images.

It’s a very good video Marketing method for creating courses for your clients.

You can try to use this method for your clients and get them to take their Marketing effort to the next level.

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3. Live Display.

Another type of video for marketing purposes is a live display.

This is your client/s going live by themselves to explain and demonstrate how the product works.

It’s just a display of recording the explainer when he or she is describing the purpose of the video.

This type is also very effective because it shows someone explaining the purpose of a video.

Although, after the explainer has done some explanation of the video.

You must edit the video as an agency and suit the taste of a professional Marketing video.

You have to turn it into a video that’s catchy enough and give it all the filtering and cutting out mistakes.

Videos like this are majorly for youtube videos.

The videos uploaded are showing the explainer live and direct teaching people how to do something.

After finishing the recording, they edit the video and cut all the unwanted and mistaken parts to look professional.

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