1688 Dropshipping: 10× Guide To A Profitabile Dropshipping

1688 Dropshipping

One of the fastest ways to get quick success in Dropshipping is the ability to buy cheaply, and 1688 Dropshipping is the solution.

With 1688, you can buy products at an extremely cheaper price compared to other E-marketplaces.

1688 Dropshipping is not what many other Dropshippers know about because they are only familiar with the marketplace filled with foreigners.

The truth about 1688 E-marketplace is that it is fully focused on local Audiences who are living in China.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us quickly go deep into what 1688 Dropshipping is all about and how you can start building a real businesse with them.


What is 1688 Dropshipping?

1688 Dropshipping is a business-to-business online selling that goes from the Manufacturer to the supplier and from the supplier to the ultimate consumer.

1688 Dropshipping is a website where the listing of products on any store can be very profitable.

The reason is that these products can be bought very cheaply from 1688 and double gain can be made compared to other Dropshipping Networking websites.

Let us quickly look at the advantages and disadvantages of 1688 Dropshipping and how it favors everyone thinking of doing Dropshipping.


Advantages of 1688 Dropshipping

Below are the various advantages of 1688 Dropshipping and how it favors Dropshippers positively.

  1.  Buy Cheaply.
  2.  Source From The Largest Products Home.
  3. Buy Directly From Several
  4. Manufacturers.
  5. Get Extra Benefits.
     A cheap Private Label Is Achievable.


1. Buy Cheaply:

One of the greatest advantages of Dropshipping with 1688 is the ability to Dropship cheaply.

You can easily buy from the lowest prices because the majority of other big marketplaces also buy from 1688.

I could remember my first time using this website to order some products for personal usage…

…. I was surprised at the number of things I bought just for a low amount of price.

Stuff that If I should have gone to amazon or even AliExpress to buy – I would have spent more and buy less.

So this allows you to make enough profit since you are buying from a local market.

The website is filled with local manufacturers and traders of any kind which focuses on the safety and smooth buying of their customers.

So if you are someone who has enough interest in buying at the cheapest prices possible…

…then you need to consider using 1688 for your Dropshipping service and start buying cheaply.

Just with a $30 or $20 gain that other Dropshipping E-commerce websites will offer you.

1688 will offer you over $50 in profit after you are done selling it because they have the cheapest price range in the E-marketplaces.

So, if you are someone with a low budget or you have a moderate budget for buying and selling.

You can easily rely on 1688 Dropshipping since it’s the grandfather of online products where you can buy at an extremely cheaper rate.


2. Source From The Largest Products Home:

When you are on this website – you are directly sourcing from the largest product abode.

This is their house and where they are birthed because 80% of all the products we use on Earth are Chinese products.

We only rebrand and restructure them when they get to our country by imprinting our brand and local names with logos.

So, 1688 is a platform where these products that we make use of every day and every night are birthed.

So you have enough choices of products that you can choose from and concentrate on.

I will advise that you are focused when doing Dropshipping through this website because of your wide range of choices.

You can easily forget your niche which you should have concentrated on when you see a lot of products to promote.

And Immediately they are very cheap and you will that you will be having a lot of profits – you will forget your first aim.

So, don’t let this affect you negatively as you should always focus on what you are trying to promote.

So, if your niche is the fashion niche – just try and choose sub-niches from that fashion niche like maybe “Ladies Clothes”.

And try to focus more and let your store be about lady’s clothes – because you will surely see a lot of beautiful men’s clothes that will amaze you to upload on your website because they are just too cheap and awesome.

So, a lot of choices for anyone thing of doing Dropshipping or E-commerce because of the large number of the product range.


3. Buy Directly From Several Manufacturers:

Yeah! So, just like I have stated earlier – this website is allowing you to buy directly from several manufacturers.

You can have an interest in “Smart Watches” and you will be surprised by the number of manufacturers of those smartwatches.

You can easily keep selecting and looking for the manufacturer with the cheapest prices.

Although the price difference is always too close – maybe with a maximum difference of ¥3.

But that price is a huge profit when you are buying in large quantities and selling to your customers.

Oh yes! In case you are surprised with the ¥1 – I already stated that it is a local chinses website.

So you won’t be seeing $ (dollars) on this website but ¥ (Yuan) and that is because it is a local marketplace.

But enough people to buy from is the joy of everything since you have enough choices with cheaper prices.

And not just other people who also buy from them and are reselling for a higher price claiming to be the manufacturers.

You just really have to be focused on the site because of enough manufacturers that will showcase their products.

Now, one thing you need to take note of is that some people also are not manufacturers on this website.

They are also reselling – so the major way I use to get the real manufacturers is that they always put their company image.

They show their production department and the way they are producing their products and their Recognitions and Honors.

That’s how I get the real manufacturers so that I can be on a safer side.


4. Get Extra Benefits:

You have more and wider benefits than others who are purchasing from other E-commerce marketplaces.

Just with the little I have stated above – you can see that enough benefit is in 1688 Dropshipping.

Because while others are using second-hand brands as their store for getting Dropshipping products.

You are buying directly from the first hand who are the real producers of these products and not just a reseller.

So, enough benefits and goodies are even added if you can keep chatting with them in Chinese.

You only have to look at the company dashboard and get their number.

Then you can chat with them through WeChat and get more details about the product you want to purchase.

Also, you can easily go to Google and type “Translate English to Chinese” and open another tab for “Translate Chinese to English”.

So, that you can keep chatting with them in their local language – this will give you more opportunity to enjoy more benefits.

This is what not many people know about because they will keep struggling with how they can get the best products at a cheaper rate.

But you already have the information in the palm of your hand you only need to act on them to achieve these benefits.


5. Cheap Private Label Is Achievable:

If you are doing Private Label Drop shipping or have the mindset to divert into it.

You can find it easily achievable with 1688 because these manufacturers can help you imprint a tour brand and company logo on it easily and at a cheap price.

Unlike when you use other suppliers that are doing the printing for you – they will charge you extra.

But 1688 manufacturers already have a department that is focused on helping people print logos and brand names on products.

You only have to send your company logo and brand name to them and get your private label Dropshipping started.

You don’t have to bother yourself with still looking for who to help you with this because life is already getting easy for you.

Also, the amount they charge for each printing is very cheap and affordable.

I cannot specify because it is based on different manufacturing brand but consider it that the additional price can just be something of ¥3 per product piece.

Which is still less compared to if you are going to make use of other logo printing Services that will charge you $3 per printing.

You can see that the difference is very clear when it comes to spending because ¥3 is not even up to $1.

That is why you can do your Private Labeling very cheap and easily here.

They won’t charge you much because it’s part of their manufacturing process – if they don’t put your brand logo or name…

…they have to put a specific brand name or logo and so – something must be added.

So, you can just chat with them through WeChat and get your private label Dropshipping started.


Disadvantages of 1688 Dropshipping

There are also some disadvantages about 1688 which you will surely enjoy on other Dropshipping websites.

Let us quickly discuss them briefly before we move into how you can do 1688 Dropshipping.

  1.  Language Barrier.
  2. Payment Barrier.


1. Language Barrier:

There is a language barrier in 1688 because the website is written in the Chinese language and everything on it is Chinese.

The platform is designed for Chinese buyers who are ready to patronize the platform as a Chinese person.

So they didn’t have any mindset for foreigners – they believe that if you are a foreigner…

…then you should just go and make use of AliExpress or Alibaba for all your purchase and forwarding.

Although to make use of the platform – you can easily translate your words by using Google.

You can type “Translate English To Chinese” on Google and you can easily paste your keywords in the search box.

While doing this, you should also know that if you are making use of Chrome browser for your browsing.

You can easily just translate at the bottom of the website which you would have already seen.

Although, chrome automatically loads the website to English and converts every word on it to English.

This way, you can easily make use of the website and understand every word written on it.

So, to access 1688 always make use of the Chrome browser to access it.

But this is a barrier because for someone who is not reading this article and who doesn’t know much about how to use 1688

…he or she can because that and quit Dropshipping or E-commerce and keep wasting money on other shiny objects online.


2. Payment Barrier:

Making a payment on the 1688 website will be a little bit difficult if you are not from the country or don’t have a China bank account.

You cannot use your credit card to just purchase on the website because it won’t work out.

Just like it was stated earlier – the website is fully focused on Chinese who are trying to do local shopping.

So, even if you try to pay – you will find yourself struggling and having come back for more stress.

Even, you cannot pay a seller directly to pay them because they only have a China bank account.

That is why to purchase 1688 – you will need to register an Alipay account to be paying sellers on this platform.

That is the only way you can be making a purchase and this is another stress on its own.

Because you will still need a connection in China for you to process this Successfully.

So, payment on 1688 is another barrier that is stopping many people from Successfully doing transactions on it.

But we cannot blame them, they already create the English and foreign version for foreigners which is AliExpress.

So, this is for local buyers – we are only accessing here because we want to buy cheaply.


How To Do 1688 Dropshipping

A lot of Dropshippers have been asking how possible it is to do Dropshipping on 1688.

We have been able to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing Dropshipping.

Now, let us go to the ways through which you can easily do Dropshipping and profit yourself.

  1.  Source For A Trustworthy 1688 Supplier.
  2. Source For Dropshipping Products.
  3. Connect Your Supplier With Each Manufacturers.
  4. Get Your Bill From Supplier.


1. Source For A Trustworthy 1688 Supplier:

Sourcing for a trustworthy 1688 supplier is important when you are trying to do Dropshipping in 1688.

Because to pay for what you have interest in purchasing can be a little bit of problem if you are not careful.

Also, even if you are to buy from any seller on 1688 – they will only help you to send your products to the shipping warehouse.

These can be very possible if you are even doing E-commerce and have the products stored at your warehouse.

But since you are only doing Dropshipping and would prefer NOT to have it stored at your warehouse.

You need to have a Dropshipping supplier who can help you do your purchase and clearing on 1688.

These suppliers must also have representatives and branches in China where they can process your orders.

It will be a little bit difficult to be doing Dropshipping on this website and not have a supplier.

An example of an agent that you can make use of – for your 1688 Dropshipping is Leelinesourcing 

They will help you to clear and do your forwarding – I am not an affiliate with them.

But I just recommend them based on how best they are good in the aspect of helping Dropshippers to do Dropshipping.


2. Source For Dropshipping Products:

The next stage is to source for the Dropshipping products that you want to be dealing in your store.

What you have to know is that there are a lot of sellers on this platform who are selling and also trying to get sales.

So, you will have a lot of suggestions and recommendations of what to buy from different manufacturers.

What you need to know is that even though this website is for local buyers who are from China.

They are filled with manufacturing firms – both small, medium, and large-scale business firms.

So, you will have a different array of products that will be of great eye-catching to your visitors who enter your website.

So, have it in mind that there are several products to pick from.

But what you also have to know is that you have to choose a niche just like j stated earlier.

You shouldn’t just keep jumping and picking from one product to the other.

If you want to focus on only men’s wear – focus on it and keep selling hard and doing your promotions.

That’s the way to achieve things easily in the Dropshipping market.

Also, people will know you for that specific niche that – this is what ABC brand is specialized in.

Unlike just moving and selling all kinds of fashion products and people get confused as to what to buy from you and just bounce.

That’s why some Dropshippers claim that they are not seeing conversions and sales is not entering.


3. Connect Your Supplier With Each manufacturer or seller:

Once you have done all your necessary research and you have concluded on the products that you which to Dropship.

You will now have to connect your supplier with the manufacturer or seller for them to help you process your order.

A supplier can also be the agent that will help you store the goods in their warehouse till you send them an order.

What is interesting about this is that you don’t necessarily need to be the one that will be delivering the products.

I am sure you are already aware of how Dropshipping works – so, no need for much discussion on that.

Just that the amazing thing remains the fact that most of the online Dropshipping suppliers do have their connection with Chinese agents.

So they know how to finish the ordering and help you process your order.

You only need to send them the link to each product that you want to buy and they will complete the processing for you.

1688 Dropshippers are the ones licking the internet money and they know how profitable they are.

So, because you cannot pay the sellers or manufacturers directly from your country.

It will be a little bit difficult and you will need to make use of suppliers or agents for you to make any purchase and also clear your goods.

Just make sure that if you don’t use the recommended agent or supplier I stated in this guide.

Make sure to use a trusted agent that will not only help you order but also deliver to your customers.


4. Get Your Bill From Supplier:

The moment you find a supplier that will help you do your processing and help you to order.

The next thing is to get your bill from your supplier and pay them for the processing of the order.

You can easily pay the supplier in your local currency and have them help you finish the processing in Yuan.

Always make use of a direct agent or Dropshipping supplier.

The reason why I suggested making use of a direct agent is to make your bill reduce.

If you are to keep sending from one agent who will help you to clear your products.

To the warehouse of the supplier or agent who will help you to be doing deliveries – it will take much time and money.

So, just make use of a direct agent who will do that for you.



Doing 1688 Dropshipping is very easy if you know your way around what you should be doing.

That is why this guide has given you the necessary details that you need to start profiting with 1688 Dropshipping.

It will be very good if you can leave your questions or what you have learned in this guide below.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media so as for them to learn.

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