9 Tips To Make Money In Udemy Affiliate

9 Tips To Make Money In Udemy Affiliate

In making money in Udemy. It’s either a person creates a course and get promotion from Udemy affiliates or join the Udemy affiliate program and promote other people’s course.

It’s no news that Udemy is one of the biggest e-learning platforms on the internet with millions of courses displayed by both small and top coaches from all over the world.

So, the main benefit of this is that you stand to promote any course you wish to promote in any niche.

There’s nothing like, what if I don’t get a course on Udemy to promote. There are courses in any niche on Udemy that you can promote.

I’ve seen a course as low as “How to use Gmail” on Udemy and thousands of people enrolled for the course.

I was amazed because I felt like, using Gmail is like the ABCD of the Internet.

So, why the H#€K would someone enroll for that kind of course. And funny enough thousands of people did.

They even gave a good review and thank the coach. It’s funny but it’s just true.

And… Let’s say you want to promote a product in a niche and you couldn’t get anyone who already created a course on that topic.

Why not create it and be the first? Okay! Enough of the Ted Talk. Let’s get down into why you are here.

The Udemy affiliate is one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there.

And thousands of affiliates are earning tons of money just from promoting courses on Udemy.

Although, it might be as popular as the likes of Amazon affiliates, ClickBank Affiliate, CJ affiliates, and the rest.

But it’s paying affiliates real big and internet marketers are making a lot of money from this platform.

Although, it might not be popular like the one stated above because of certain reasons.

And what are these reasons? Read along with me and you will get to know them as we move on.

First, let us look at what Udemy affiliate truly means.

What is the Udemy affiliate program?

Udemy affiliate is a program created by Udemy to get other marketers to promote other marketers and course creator’s products by paying them a commission and also letting a course creator earn more money.

The process favors every party who is involved in the transaction of business on Udemy.

The Course Owner/Instructor earns from the affiliate sales.

How Much Do Udemy Pay Affiliate

The affiliate marketer who sold a course earns a commission from the Udemy affiliate sale.

Even the Udemy Platforms Earns from the sale and grows more audience.

Also, the Buyer or Enroller who got the course earned more knowledge that will promote him or the more.

So, it’s still sauce and everyone got served!!


How To Become A Udemy Affiliate?

Becoming a Udemy affiliate is not stressful. It’s very easy and only needs you to fill in some blanks.

But you have to know some things before thinking about joining the Udemy affiliate program.

What is Udemy affiliate programHow To Become A Udemy Affiliate

This program is not like other affiliate programs that give opportunities for new affiliates or new internet

marketers who just bought an affiliate course yesterday and decide to become an affiliate marketer today.

No! That’s why many people always claim that the Udemy affiliate program is not for a newbie but intermediate and experts.

Unlike previously before the affiliate program was transferred to Linkshare.

The approval was a bit easy and straightforward. But with the Linkshare involvement.

They do require that your blog page has nothing less than 500 visitors every month.

Because when you are providing your details on the affiliate program. You need to provide your website URL.

If you don’t have a blog or website that gets 500 Visitors every month.

Then, it will be difficult for you to get approval.

Although, that shouldn’t weigh you down. Even if your blog or website doesn’t have up to 500 visitors every month.

You can decide to join and try your approval. Also, if you have enough social media presence.

If you have followers on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook – you can provide it in the form.

What Udemy is trying to do is to know if you’re an authority in your niche and not someone who just got an affiliate marketing course yesterday.

They want to ensure that your website is matured enough and not just created yesterday.

That’s why it always takes them up to 3-4days before they send you an email about your approval.

Also, you have to know that if your approval is granted and after several months.

You didn’t have any record of sales or clicks through your affiliate links. Linkshare will contact you and interview you for some questions.

If they realize that you’re still not having any record. They will take down your affiliate account.

You just have to know that Udemy monitors their affiliate program a lot.

They are not like other affiliate programs that won’t disturb you or give you a tough time for joining.

Even if you join other affiliate programs and didn’t give any sales or have any record for months or years.

You won’t get your account down. Udemy is exceptional. They value their affiliate program and they monitor their affiliate progress.

So, if you’re willing to join. Make sure your blog is many years old and has 500 monthly Visitors.

Also, even if you have a new blog but have a good social media presence or YouTube subscribers.

You can still join and give the link to where you have many followers. It will tell them that you have a social presence.

But if you’re new and don’t have any Blog visitors yet or any social media presence.

Whoops! You can try your luck but don’t rely on getting your request approved.

I will advise that Immediately you click on JOIN.

Go to other Affiliate programs like ClickBank, Amazon Associates, CJ affiliates, and Others to join.

Those won’t give you tough times. You will get approved within few hours to days.


How Much Do Udemy Pay Affiliate?

The commission that Udemy pays their affiliate ranges from courses to courses.

Udemy pays its affiliate commission from 10% to 15% depending on which course one is promoting.

The major reason why many people complain about the Udemy affiliate is also that previously.

The Udemy affiliate is as high as 40 percent commission but it got low now – but it is still one of the best out there.

Although, it’s still profitable compared to some other affiliate programs that pay less.

Also, the cookie duration is seven days which means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link.

But didn’t make the purchase early during that day. It won’t affect your pay.

If such a person makes it within 7 days from when he or she clicked your Udemy affiliate link.

You will still get paid as the Udemy affiliate link cookie is still active for seven days starting from when the link was clicked on.

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How To Be A Successful Udemy Affiliate?


1. Build An Audience:

Just like we have been discussing – Udemy doesn’t give much room for new affiliates.

I mean those who are just new to making money online and haven’t gotten any online recognition.

To convince Udemy that you can promote their product. You must have a blog or website with more than 500 monthly visitors.

Just like I stated earlier… Also, even if you don’t have this.

You can try to build your social media audience. Start impacting people on social media and build your follower base.

If you’re making use of Facebook, you can easily create a Facebook group and build your tribe.

So, you need to start building your audience so that Udemy can give you approval.

Also, some try to deceive the approval process by using other people’s audience.

Well, it’s going to affect you later when you don’t have any record on your account.

So, just build your audience first. You can spend the first 3 months doing this and now go to try out Udemy affiliate.

I hope this helps?


2. Build Your Email List:

You have been hearing that the money is on the list.

Well, that is not a lie. This is another way you can become a top-selling affiliate on Udemy.

Because when you have an email list. You can sell any product whenever you like to anybody.

This is what differentiates the top and successful guys from the struggling ones.

Building an email list is the best bet for your affiliate marketing journey on Udemy.

Just from your social media pages. You can build your email list.

Or you can run paid ads and give out freebies in return for the email addresses.

There are several free and paid methods of building your email list.

Here’s just the framework – if you want a quick result. You can run the paid adverts.

But if you want slow but steady results… you can follow the free methods of building your email list like using forums, Facebook groups, and others.


3. Focusing on One Niche:

One problem that many people encounter while doing Udemy affiliate is the act of promoting every product.

They will select courses in health, wealth, and relationship. They will believe that money is everywhere.

But you have to know that it doesn’t work that way. Nobody is ready to buy from a jack of every niche person.

It’s either you just decide and focus on only one niche and keep on building authority in that niche.

As you know, udemy doesn’t give much room to new affiliates who just started online marketing last week.

They want to be sure that you have already built an authority that can help promote their products.

And not just spamming their affiliate link on several places on the internet.

The only way you can achieve this is when you have a niche among the sub-niches.

For example, if you’re in the wealth niche. You know that there are many sub-niches in the wealth niche.

But let us choose real estate for example.

It will be okay for you to just focus on real estate as a source of building authority for yourself.

Because if you should keep building authority on a niche in general. It won’t favor you.

So, you can go deep down to build your niche so that it can be easy for you.

Once you have done this… Promoting products on Udemy will be easy because you already have an audience in the niche.

If your focus is on real estate and your blog or social media is majorly about real estate.

Nobody will argue with you if you recommend them a real estate course or Product because they know you’re a specialist in that niche.

But if you’re a real estate expert and you now went to recommended a Cryptocurrency course.

People won’t take you seriously. They will likely leave your tribe and believe that you’re not worried about their safety.

This is why many people struggle with Udemy affiliate and even other affiliate programs.

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4. Focusing on One Platform:

It is not only enough if your focus is just on one niche. Your focus should also be on the medium you want to use in getting your affiliate sales.

You have to focus on a particular platform and build authority in that platform.

There are many platforms out there like Social media, SEO, Direct Marketing Platforms.

Inside each one… There are sub aspects.

Inside social media marketing – we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest.

Inside SEO – we have Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and others.

Inside Direct Marketing – We have email marketing, Facebook Messenger Marketing, and the rest.

So, you should try to focus on one most especially selecting from either social media or SEO for a start.

Once you start gaining traction.. you can decide to digress. But don’t start all at once.

Some people will even be doing multiple social media accounts and also combining it with YouTube channel and email.

You will just realize that you will later get tired and just decide to quit because you believe that it’s not working.

But you are the problem. You have to focus on one platform and build your audience on that platform before thinking of moving to other platforms.

This way, because you have concentrated on one platform. You can promote your Affiliate link easily on that platform because you have a. Audience already.

It can take you a year to build a strong audience but it’s worth it. Because you can easily sell your Udemy affiliate courses without having to think about paid traffic.

Even if you should run paid traffic… It’s just for more tractions and not because you’re not getting sales.

Is this making sense at all?


5. Giving Value:

No matter what you’re doing. Always give value. Because once you have the mindset of helping other people – then money will follow.

But if you’re trying to sell all the time. It will be difficult for people to quickly trust you.

So, always try to spend your first few months on a platform to give out value.

That’s the reason why I said it’s okay to choose just a niche inside a niche.

If you have experience with real estate and you keep giving value on real estate concerning the little that you know in the real estate field.

You will start building authority and people will start noticing you about being a guru in that niche.

Forget about whether you don’t know much about that certain topic.

The truth is that nobody is 100 percent perfect. You learn every day.

And the happy thing is that what you know presently and you believe it’s too simple for other people not to know it.

There are billions of other people out there who don’t know it.

Oh yes, I am telling you the fact. I don’t know whatever you know now and you’re thinking almost everybody will know it.

Oh no! Billions of people out there don’t know it. So, just give out the value and create content on that value.

No matter how easy. You can decide to post that thing on your social media page and _come back to comment below_ how people are appreciating the post.

So, you have to know that value should be the first thing. When you give value. It will be very easy to get your affiliate sales on Udemy.

The truth is that people like to spend. But they don’t want to spend with someone who doesn’t care about their emotions.

So, quit doing what many others are doing and care about their emotions and see your Udemy affiliate sales rolling in.


6. Pinterest Pins:

Although I am not a user of Pinterest. I know it to be a very effective platform that can get you sales very fast.

I know I made mention of it during the focusing on one platform section.

But I just feel like talking more about it because marketers out there don’t want to talk about it.

All they make mention of is Facebook – but if you go to their Facebook account.

You will find fewer engagements and it makes me worry that is this the engagement they use to make millions online.

Pinterest is what some of them are using but won’t reveal out.

The truth about Pinterest is that it is very effective and rewards effort within few months.

If you’re someone whose niche is targeted majorly on mothers or ladies in any field.

Just go straight to Pinterest. The last time I checked. 85% among 100% of users of Pinterest are women.

They go there to learn many things concerning family life and mompreneurship kinds of stuff.

Although, if your niche is not directly specific to women but all gender.

You can still make use of Pinterest. You will get a lot of buyers from Pinterest.

The creation of value on Pinterest is called pins. You will need an application like Canva to create your pins.

So, you can keep creating more pins every day and uploading them on Pinterest.

Although, Pinterest requires a little graphic design experience. But never let that scare you aware.

With an application like Canva, you can easily create pins. They have many ready-made Pinterest templates on canva.

You can just click on one and change all the text and you will easily get started.

I will advise that you go to YouTube and learn more about this Pinterest.

There might be more to it that I haven’t said here. Also, if you have a little budget. You can enroll in a course.

I will recommend a course by Anastasia Blogger – Just type her name on YouTube and you will see her videos.

They can help you a lot if you are interested in Pinterest stuff. I am recommending her because I see her be the best.

I don’t have any connection with her. So, if you ask me how to get into her course. I might not be able to provide an answer.

But watch her video on YouTube. It’s even enough to get your Udemy affiliate sales without enrolling for any course.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

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7. Offer Bonuses:

I was scrolling on social media a few weeks ago and I saw some posts that “Greedy Marketers will start offering their Wife as a bonus”.

It’s a disrespect to ladies though – but it’s kind of funny with the way affiliate marketers offer Bonuses to their prospects.

They offer Bonuses and promise heaven and Earth just to make the prospect buy.

The funny thing is that most of the bonuses might not even compliment each other.

But for the wise marketers who are doing udemy affiliate marketing. They will offer Bonuses that complement the course they are selling.

I have seen a person who enrolled for a course and said he doesn’t even know what he paid for when buying the course “Maybe it’s the course itself or the Bonuses surrounding it”.

That tells you that people like bonuses a lot. That’s what will differentiate you from the other Affiliates.

You can see how valuable bonuses are – that’s what made greedy marketers want to offer their wives as a bonus.

But just offer reasonable bonuses that will help the buyer and compliment the course they want to buy.

For example, if the course you’re selling is “How to grow a successful real estate business“.

  • You can easily offer Bonuses in
     Building email list of real estate buyers
  •  Getting free traffic from a [particular platform].
  •  Software that can help them build an agency website.

These are what will compel them to buy the course because it will help them get results very fast.


8. Do A Video Review:

Although this might be common in the Affiliate Marketing world it’s still working up till now.

No need to reinvent the wheel when a wheel is working properly.

Video Reviews are very perfect for your Udemy Affiliate success.

You can easily make money with this process. Just open a YouTube channel and start making reviews.

The benefit of this is that… When other Affiliates are promoting this same product that you’re reviewing.

Not all their audience will buy. Some will go to YouTube to see what influencers are saying concerning it.

Many people like to play safe this day since the internet is filled with craps.

So, Immediately they search for the course name and ask for a review. Your video will be one of the recommendations videos.

So, once they click on your video and watch your review. You can easily put your Udemy Affiliate link in the description below your video.

That’s how you can hijack your Competitors’ traffic. That is how you get sales without any stress.

This is something very easy and it’s a set-and-forget method that doesn’t require any further stress.

Once you shoot the video with your laptop or computer and upload it on YouTube.

You’re cool to go and enjoy sales after a few months or weeks of posting.

Depending on how old and effective your YouTube channel is working.


9. Webinars:

Another way to promote the Udemy Affiliate link is by doing a live webinar with the creator of the course.

Oh yes! This is very effective although it might take a little stress.

But if you can get a means to feature the course instructor. You can run paid ads for this kind of webinar.

It can be an automated webinar or you can plan it.

This will go a long way into getting you affiliate sales and increase your Affiliate revenue.

Although, using this process might not be effective for someone who is a beginner because the course instructor might only want to spend his or her quality time with someone who has an online presence.

So, you can adopt this strategy once you finish implementing the strategies above.



I believe this guide has helped you in one way or the other concerning Udemy Affiliate Marketing.

The Udemy Affiliate Program will pay you enough commission and becoming a successful Udemy Affiliate is not hard.

All you need is focus and consistency to make money from the Udemy Affiliate Program.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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