Drop Surfing: Is Drop Surfing Different From Dropshipping?

Drop Surfing

The internet Exchanging Gooroos have thought about another cool tactic to sell their courses and they introduced Drop Surfing.

It is just another internet marketing keyword that is related to Dropshipping and we will discuss it in this guide.

I have been asked about what Drop Surfing is all about and whether it’s a profitable business.

But it just makes me wonder that – is there anything special about this that my readers shouldn’t know about.

Drop Surfing is not something difficult to do and you are going to learn the majority of the basics about it here.

Although, it’s a perfect strategy that every Dropshippers should know about – it doesn’t worth it to spend thousands of dollars on any Gooroos course just to learn it.

Let us, deep-dive, into what Drop Surfing is all about.

Here are the things  you will learn from this guide below “

Now, grab a cup of coffee with me and let us roll.


What is drop surfing?

Drop Surfing is an aspect of online B2B purchase where a Dropshipper doesn’t make use of a single supplier in his purchase.

A Dropshippers makes use of several suppliers bases on the one that suits his price budget.

That means that if a Dropshippers wants to purchase 10 shoes to send to his customers.

He won’t just go with a single supplier who is selling those shoes… he will go to different suppliers to look for several shoes.

He can purchase one shoe from supplier A, purchase another from supplier B, purchase another one from supplier C, and like that till he completes his purchase.

Is this kind of purchase and online business strategy good? Well, this is something we do in our daily lives.

Kindly know that majority of the Dropshipping suppliers now have their logistics and store.

They have started making life easy for Dropshippers – so when I talk about a purchase.

You should know what I mean about Suppliers that are both doing eCommerce for Business to Business.

And also doing the delivery for their Dropshippers who are making use of their services.

Let us immediately look at what Drop Surfing is about and how it is different from Dropshipping.


Drop surfing VS Dropshipping

Even though Drop Surfing is derived from Dropshipping – it has a little bit of difference which made the coaches differentiate it to sell their courses.

So, let us quickly look into the first one which is Dropshipping – since you already know what Drop Surfing is…

We can easily explain why Dropshipping is different from it and why people are falling into buying courses for Drop Surfing.


Dropshipping E-commerce Products

  1. Pre-set Prices By Suppliers.
  2. One Supplier.
  3. Lack of Variety Of Suppliers.
  4. Minimum profit maximization.


1. Pre-set Prices By Suppliers

In Dropshipping, the prices are pre-setup by the supplier which means that you just have to go with anything that you see.

This is major. After all, you are only entitled to a supplier because you don’t want to get scammed.

The major reason why people focus on single Dropshipping and not Drop Surfing is their timidity about getting scammed.

This is good because you cannot afford to keep moving from one supplier to the other and get scammed by one of them.

So, because of this – you will only be entitled to a supplier who would have set up everything as one.

This means you can’t even negotiate on the price or decide to buy cheap because it’s already set up.

Dropshipping is this way, you cannot do things the way you wish that much because it’s set up for you.

The major reason why this is been done by suppliers is to eliminate time wastage.

So, a certain price tag is always placed on their products, shipping, and logistics.

And you just have to flow with it since you don’t have much experience with Dropshipping and you are new to it.

So, once you see the prices fixed – you go with the supplier’s recommendation in Dropshipping.


2. One Supplier:

In Dropshipping, you are mostly fixed with one supplier as the seller and distributor for your products.

That means – you are just focused on using one supplier even though you are paying a high price or not even buying quality products.

Just as for a newbie – this is something that you will experience because you don’t want to lose your money.

This is cool for a start because this is what will motivate you towards taking other steps in your Dropshipping business.

Most of the time, your supplier might even be the one who sold you a course and teach you about Dropshipping.

So, you wouldn’t want to change such a supplier and just flow with him or her because he or she is your mentor.

This is what Dropshipping is about – because you get stocked with a mentor.

I like to call it a single-line Dropshipping which means you are just moving along a single line.

You didn’t bother to research about any other cheaper and more qualified supplier than the one you are using.

So, is this enticing enough for you or not? It depends on your stage in the B2B eCommerce niche.

Everything is about stages – so, you can still stay fixed with one supplier when you are starting.

But this is not how Drop Surfing work! How does it work? Roll up your sleeves and let’s flow along.


3. Lack of Variety Of Suppliers:

Just like I have stated above – you are only stocked with one supplier who will be doing all your purchases and deliveries.

So, you won’t have the chance to price several products just the way you like.

Even if there is free shipping in a product which the gain should have come to your pocket.

You will just buy it from your supplier or have your supplier help you buy it because you are scared.

“OMG! I don’t wanna lose my mooonnnney!!!”

This is where the supplier keeps getting rich and making money because they know how timid new Dropshippers are.

Is it not cool this way, Maverick?

Oh yes, it is but once it gets to a level where you have to understand the logic and basics of Dropshipping.

You need to upgrade to Drop Surfing!!! Because you are also in this business to win!

But for now, you don’t have any choice or varieties of products and services to check from.

Everything is focused on just a single supplier who keeps giving you a fixed price on point.


4. Minimum profit maximization:

Well, you would have already known that your profit cannot be compared to that of a drop surfer.

Because the person doing Drop Surfing will easily buy a $70 product you got from another supplier for $40.

The $30 difference is what makes their profit keeps booming while you don’t have a lot of positive returns.

So, Dropshipping is in the range of not truly maximizing your profit a lot – just the way you planned it.

Although, you will be seeing some results from your paid adverts and your organic reach.

But a majority of the glory will keep going to your supplier who is making use of your sweat to earn more.

The only way this can maximize your profit is if you got a single supplier who is also selling very cheaply.

And maybe even other suppliers are coming to buy from them – and this is very rare because the suppliers who sell cheaply don’t have time for deliveries.

So, you will still need another supplier who will still be raking money from you.

Also, can a single supplier produce all types of goods? Nope!

So, in the aspect of clearing and delivering – you will still be stocked with a single supplier who will still give you a fixed price.

Because you are in Dropshipping and you won’t have the chance to test out other suppliers who can deliver cheaply in their services.

So, Drop Surfing is not like this and it’s purely different which we will quickly talk about below.

But just know that your profit maximization with a single supplier will be low since you don’t have many price choices.


Drop Surfing eCommerce Products

  1. Various available suppliers.
  2. Find the supplier with a minimum price range among other Suppliers.
  3. You can include your preferred price.
  4. Great possibility of profit maximization.


1. Various available suppliers:

In Drop Surfing – there are a lot of suppliers to select and buy from without just sticking with one.

You will see a lot of products in a different market that suits what you are truly looking for.

Also, you can easily compare suppliers to the one that is the cheapest that will flow with your budget.

This is the major reason why Drop surfing is cool because you can select from multitudes.

It is more like you go to your local market to buy some Products and you keep buying from one seller to another.

This way, you are not just sticking with one supplier like you are doing in Dropshipping.

You are making use of a lot of suppliers who will help you in the purchase and delivery of your products to your customer.

Drop Surfing is not limited to only one supplier but multiple suppliers.

That is why it is different from Dropshipping and that is why it keeps a majority of the successful Dropshippers prefer Drop Surfing.


2. Find the supplier with a minimum price range among other Suppliers:

In Drop Surfing – you keep looking for the supplier that can sell at a cheaper price for you and not the one that will be fixed.

It’s just like moving along the market and looking for a seller that can sell at a cheaper price for you.

There are a lot of suppliers all over the world and you shouldn’t decide to settle for less.

That is the theory that Drop Surfing is trying to prove to us and that is why it is effective.

This is something different because you can keep moving from one supplier to another just to get the lowest price

This is why Drop Surfing is different from Dropshipping because the latter only needs you to stay fixed with a supplier.

Although, there are some risks associated with doing Drop Surfing than just relying on one supplier.

But it is important to know that Drop Surfing tries to minimize cost and the money you should have been spending on suppliers.

You can easily look at the best cheap product from a wide range of suppliers and select from them.

Also, because it is very competitive out there – you can easily negotiate with the suppliers and get them to solve your problem.


3. You can include your preferred price:

It is very easy for you to just include your preferred price when you are doing 

Reason being that the gain is much for you and be rest assured on whichever price you are using.

When you are buying cheaply – selling higher and using any price that you want it becomes very easy for you.

Because you know that you are not relying on just one supplier who you don’t know whether is extorting you or not.

Some product you should have bought for $20 per piece is what you are buying for $70 just from using a single supplier.

Which is burning you out and taking a lot of money from you and because of that – you will want to be careful with the price that you are tagging.

You will want to make things easy and not want to charge much so that you can get the customer.

But if you are buying at the lowest price possible with drop surfing…

…You will comfortably and easily select the price that you want to fix conveniently.

Sales will be easy to make and you wouldn’t need to keep biting your finger on which price to set.

Even if you set little for your preferred product price – you still know that you’ve got double gain.


4. Great possibility of profit maximization:

Wowza!!! You will see your profit just maximizing and you keep growing and progressing more.

With Drop Surfing – profit maximization will skyrocket and you will experience a high rate of return on investment.

Although, does this means that you won’t get the same with Dropshipping – no….

…but the profit maximization for those doing drop Surfing is more than those doing normal Dropshipping.

If you are making use of just a single supplier – you won’t even know if you are truly on the right or wrong path.

So you just have to keep enjoying the process of the same result almost every month end.

Which is not what you want – you want something different that can bring you more sales.

That’s why Drop Surfing is making a lot of money for the successful Dropshippers.

But instead of them just giving it a simple name like Multiple Usage of Dropshipping suppliers…

…they name it Drop Surfing just to get people to buy their courses and they make money from that.

Well, who doesn’t like to make money – but it’s not worth it for you to still invest any money on a course for this.


Best Benefits of Drop Surfing

Everything will always have its benefits and the way Dropshipping has its advantage – so also does Drop Surfing has its Benefits.

So, it is always advantageous to take note of the benefits so that you can use it as a benchmark towards getting success with it.

Although everything always comes with its shortcomings – you can easily see what the benefits are here.

So, let us quickly discuss what the benefits of Drop Surfing are and how it can boom your E-commerce B2B business.

  1. Low capital is required to startup
  2. Expand the business with low cost
  3. Less product distribution stress
  4. It makes you stick to the trend
  5. Different variety of products
  6. Zero overhead cost

1. Low capital is required to startup:

Dropshipping itself generally and anything business-to-business eCommerce requires a low budget.

You can easily start Drop Surfing with a minimum amount without needing to have high investment capital.

Since all the products you are promoting are not yours as a retailer – you only need to have a website.

The only capital that you will be needing is the capital to build a website and buy a hosting and domain.

If you are even someone who makes use of BigBuy Dropshipping as your supplier and agent.

They already have a store that is prebuilt for their Dropshippers – although, it is not free and you will need to pay something around $750 for it.

It’s not on the low side though but if you can afford it – you can easily go for it and get yourself started.

But it is always worth it because everything is already made for you and you don’t have to keep installing plugins and themes to use.

Also, the BigBuy products are already in it and you will only need a dedicated ID that will be given to you.

But if you don’t have much – you can easily install WordPress and build an eCommerce website with the WoCommerce Plugin.

Also, the remaining can be used to run paid adverts that will bring customers to your store.

So… you don’t need a lot of capital to do Drop Surfing… With as little as $100 – you can kick start Drop Surfing.


2. Expand The Business With Low Cost:

When you don’t have any store rent that you have to pay for OR any tax from the government.

Why wouldn’t the business boom? It will because you are doing everything from the comfort of your home without holding any inventory.

All the products are stores at your supplier’s warehouse and you as a Dropshipping retailer only need to promote.

So, once sales are coming in – it becomes easy for you to keep expanding the business.

You will start expanding and penetrating other niches which you have not considered before.

You can start running ads on several platforms that are not part of your plans before.

I tell my readers that their audience will always be on any platform no matter what.

If you only started with Facebook adverts to be getting customers – once you start seeing good revenue.

You need to start expanding to other platforms like YouTube or Google to get customers.

This is the ability that Drop Surfing gives you because you don’t hold any inventory.

You only have to get a sale before you purchase which you would have already made a profit from it.


3. Less Product Distribution Stress:

There is less product distribution stress in Dropshipping and so is it also available in Drop Surfing.

You are only doing everything online and not holding any inventory – so no distribution from your end.

Every distribution and clearing will be done by your supplier who will be your logistics brand.

Also, your delivery cost would have already been charged alongside the price of the product.

So, there is less cause for needing to do deliveries all by yourself.

And since you will be operating Pay Before Delivery on your eCommerce retailing and Dropshipping brand.

You don’t need to bother about any panic about whether your customers will show up to collect their offers.

Because it is very much assured that they will come to collect the product that you are selling.

Just always make sure that you are making use of Blind Dropshipping in your drop surfing business.

More details about Blind Dropshipping and everything it entails is explained in this guide 

When you add this with Drop Surfing – it becomes authentic that the products are yours.

Many Dropshipping Retailers don’t quickly get this because everything written on the product package must clearly show that it is from you.

So, your Dropshipping supplier must edit the package with your details to show that it comes from you.

More details about Blind Dropshipping once again can be found here 


4. It Makes You Stick To The Trend:

The ability to stick to the trends that are going on will give you a fast result in the Drop Surfing strategy.

Drop Surfing makes it very easy for anyone to quickly make success and this alone will make one stick with it.

Just imagine seeing a lot of results just from doing something and you have no choice but to stick with it.

That is the power that Drop Surfing has because how won’t you want to continue when you are seeing enough results.

Things are going cheaply and acting fastly because you are buying products and retailing cheaply.

You are not sticking with just one supplier who will only be charging you a specific amount and you won’t have any choice to bargain.

But in this, you are having a lot of suppliers to work with and a lot of brands to patronize.

You can easily decide that you want to choose a product and not choose the other product.

So, tell me why you wouldn’t stick with the trend of drop Surfing with all these amazing benefits.

Life would have been hard if we go to the market and there is only one seller of a product.

But when there are several brands – it becomes easy for us to decide whether to buy a product or not.


5. Different Variety Of Products:

There are a lot of products for you to buy in drop surfing because competition is everywhere.

A supplier or a brand will always give out a quality product for a lesser price than you would be surprised about it.

Different varieties of products are available for you to buy and you don’t have to stay with one brand.

Except if you see that such product is quality that is coming from a brand and your customers are liking it.

That is the only way you can decide that you only want to stay with a certain brand but aside from that – there is enough room for choice.

You have several choices which you can flow with and stick with the trend of anyone that is working properly.

The room for many products in drop surfing will make you easily move to another niche if you want to expand.

You can easily open a new website and start Dropshipping about it and start earning extra income from it.


6. Zero Overhead Cost:

Overhead cost in Drop Surfing is ZERO because you are doing all your activity virtually.

Also because you are not even holding inventory and you are keeping your stocks at the suppliers’ warehouse…

…you have no overhead cost to pay because you are easily doing things from your computer.

Your website is your store where all your activities are flowing and customers are making a purchase.

You are not in any way paying for anything physical or paying for any tax.

That is the melody and advantage you get for being a Drop Surfer.

These are the few things that you should know about drop Surfing that should make you take immediate action on it.

Although it is kinda like Dropshipping and the only difference is that you are not sticking with a single supplier.



A cool way to earn money online is through eCommerce and part of it is Drop Surfing which is from Dropshipping.

So, if you haven’t started considering doing Drop Surfing – you have to start it.

By not sticking with just one supplier or product vendor and start penetrating several suppliers and vendors.

This way, you can start buying at the lowest price possible.

And also consider using Blind Dropshipping in your Drop Surfing business and you will see a lot of benefits.

I hope this guide has been helpful? Don’t forget to leave your review below in the comment box.

Also, it will be kind for you to share this article with many of your friends to know about it.

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Blind Dropshipping: 5 Importance and How To Do It

Blind Dropshipping

Blind Dropshipping is an important aspect for anyone doing Dropshipping as a business.

And that is why I advise any of my readers who are Dropshippers to always make sure that they make use of Suppliers that will Dropshipping blindly for them.

There is a lot of importance and benefit in this type of Dropshipping which always favors Dropshipers.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us immediately look at what Blind Dropshipping means and the importance it offers alongside how to go about it.


What is Blind Dropshipping?

Blind Dropshipping is the process by which the supply and distribution of a product are being carried out in the name and details of the Dropshippers.

This means that when a supplier receives an order from the Dropshippers for a new order that just arrived.

The supplier process and sends the product in the name, address, and details of the Dropshipper and not the supplier.

This way, enough validity is assured because it makes the customer have a belief that the product comes from the store where he or she had ordered from.

This is the reason why Blind Dropshipping must be done and internet marketers who are into Dropshipping must mandate it for any supplier that they are using.


Why Blind Dropshipping is Important.

  1.  Shows Authenticity.
  2. Build Brand Loyalty.
  3. Bring Customers Back.
  4. Take All The Glory.
  5. Encourage Continuity.

1. Shows Authenticity:

The first importance of Blind Dropshipping is that it shows authenticity of what the customer is expecting.

Just imagine if a customer orders through your store name “fashion hunt(dot)com” and bought a shoe for $75.

And when the product was delivered to him or her – it was written on the details that it comes from “Fidel(dot)com” and the price is $35.

How do you think the customer will feel? And even if you are the customer – how will you feel?

Because in Dropshipping – you are not the owner of the product that you are promoting.

You are only promoting other people’s products and selling on their behalf by adding your fee.

So, proper care needs to be taken so that the customer doesn’t even know that the product is coming from another brand but for your store.

This is the power of authenticity and that is the reason why you have to add it into your Dropshipping strategy.

Or else, you will lose your authenticity and your customers will keep getting scared of buying from you.

Once there is no adding of Blind Dropshipping to your Dropshipping brand…

…struggling continues. And that is why you see some people complaining about not seeing results.

Some are even using suppliers who don’t change the name and details on the package.

This will hurt conversions a lot.


2. Build Brand Loyalty:

In every business that one is doing – your first aim is to build Brand Loyalty by endorsing brand advocates.

And who are the ones who will become your brand advocate? They are your customers!

They are the ones who will keep telling others about your store and why they should buy from your store.

And the only way this can be possible is – if they know that all your activities are authentic just like I have stated.

If you are not careful in your delivery and all the. details of your supplier are written on the product packaging

That will hurt your loyalty and no customer will be ready to become your brand advocate since you are not authentic with them.

You need to know the importance of brand advocacy that Blind Dropshipping offers to Dropshippers.

So, try and make sure that you make use of a supplier that is using this method for their delivery.

So, that your customers can be loyal to you because they know that your products come directly from you.

Even though it is from another brand and not your product – the fact that the package is written that it comes from you – that’s the goal.


3. Bring Customers Back:

The magic is that – you start seeing customers coming back for more most especially if they enjoy what they bought.

You start getting a lot of orders and they will even start contacting you directly without any stress.

Your contact details and other things will be on the details of your website – so, it makes selling easier for you.

When your details are clearly and boldly written in the description and details of the sender.

They start knowing that the parcel comes from you and enough trust will keep them coming back for more.

Some detailed guides explains the ways through which customers can keep coming guide.

But this is one of the best ways for a customer to keep coming back in Dropshipping.

So, make sure that you confirm this Blind Dropshipping very well from your supplier before even thinking of using them.

Because if your details are not Included – aside from the fact that you lost the Loyalty.

It is your supplier that they will be calling for more orders instead of you and all the future gain keeps going to your supplier.

So, Instead of you gaining more from your effort…You will keep working for your supplier.

All the money spent on ads will keep getting more expensive and you will keep spending more.


4. Take All The Glory:

The fantastic thing is that all the glory comes to you because you are the one whose name is written on the delivery.

If they have any cocomplaints they come to you and if your website pops up on their phone…They will view.

This is just a way of succeeding and this is how you see some Dropshippers making enough money and having fame.

It is because they are aware of the power of this Blind Dropshipping. It is just a way to blind the eye of the customer from know where the product comes from.

I am sure you might have bought a product from the internet that was Blind Dropshipped to you.

But you were not aware and you just keep going back to that website for more because you enjoyed the product.

The majority of the eCommerce store online and Dropshipping stores and not directly the owner of their products.

But because they know the power of Blind Dropshipping – all the glory keeps coming back to them.

And they keep progressing and succeeding in their Dropshipping store.

This is a way of easily making it quick on the internet and generating a lot of profit and getting all the glory.

So, make sure that your supplier is doing Blind Dropshipping so that all the glory can become yours.


5. Encourage Continuity:

Blind Dropshipping encourages continuity for Dropshippers because this way, you will be able to continue what you are doing.

Since many customers will keep coming back and calling you for more questions and answering.

And also, some giving you complaints and telling you a reason and the other – continuity will be encouraged.

Now, compare yourself to someone who is not making use of Blind Dropshipping but doing it normally.

Such a person will be losing a lot of customers who have entered and bought from the website.

Because at first – they will be disappointed that it is not the amount they paid for – that was met in the product description.

Also, once they come back or see an advert relating to that website – there will be a lot of negative comments.

Which will keep hurting the continuity and reputation of that website in the long run.

For how long can a Dropshipping company keep running paid adverts without retaining the ones who have bought from them.

That is why it is important to always keep customers and the best way to do this in Dropshipping is by doing Blind Dropshipping.

Because even if the customer call to complain and give you a lot of excuses – but you can easily handle the complaint with care.

There is a lot of chances that you will make money again from such customers because they will keep promoting your website to other people.

It takes a lot of effort for a customer to promote you the more – but it is very easy for a brands’ reputation to get damaged.

So, that is why you must make sure to maintain the reputation of your brand by doing Blind Dropshipping.


How To Do Blind Dropshipping

Let us quickly move to how you can do Blind Dropshipping and start making a lot of good reputation like the Big Boys in the Dropshipping industry.

It is not just about making money alone – it is about growing your reputation and you will see the money keeps coming in.

So, we have to look at the ways on how you can do Bling Dropshipping.

Let’s go!

  1. Customer Places An Order.
  2.  Supplier Changes Their Name.
  3. Your Information Will Be Given To The Consignee.
  4. The Product Got Sent To Your Customer In Your Name.
  5. All Parties Are Happy.


1. Customer Places An Order:

The first thing is that a customer will place an order on your website – I am sure you have already created a Dropshipping website and you already have a place where you will be getting goods to Dropship?

If you don’t have that yet – you can “read this guide on 1688 Dropshipping where you will learn how to do Dropshipping.

It will give you more Enlightenment and detail about how you can do your Dropshipping easily.

So, once a customer orders from your website – you will now take your processing to your supplier.

But you have to make sure that there is enough conversion with your sales page.

This way, your conversion can skyrocket and you can easily start getting a lot of orders.

So, once the order comes – you will message your supplier or you can place an order on their website if you are making use of an international brand.


2. Supplier Changes Their Name:

The next thing is that once the supplier places your order and your order processing starts.

They have to change their brand name to yours – this is why you must make use of a supplier that will be doing Blind Dropshipping for you.

I will respect AliExpress Suppliers  for this as they do Blind Dropshipping and can easily help you Dropship in your name.

So, once they change your name – they will send your product to the logistics that will help you send it to the customer.

The majority of the suppliers don’t have a logistics firm – they make use of third-party logistics to send to customers.

But the ordering from E-commerce brands and helping you do the “Private Labeling of necessarily will be done by them.

So, when they order from the manufacturing firm on your behalf – it is their brand name and details that will be there as the receiver.

But once they receive the product in their warehouse on your behalf – they will have to change the details of the product…

…and add your brand name as the sender and also include your price and every necessary detail concerning you in it before sending it.

This way, it looks authentic that the product is coming from your website and not from a manufacturer.

It doesn’t look like you are doing Dropshipping – whereas you are doing Dropshipping.


3. Your Information Will Be Given To The logistics:

So, once the processing is going on and the product is being given to the logistics brand or if the supplier also has their logistics (cool!).

They will also give your brand name and details alongside – to be on the authentic line.

This way, if there is any detail concerning the sender of the product that will be needed maybe during clearing at the Port.

Your name and the website name will be the details included and everything can keep going smoothly.

Also if ththeirareany details concerning the product that will be asked – it is you that will be called.

Now don’t panic concerning that – most of the time – nobody will give you a call except for your customer – thanking you for the quick delivery…

…or lambasting and blaming you for the slow delivery or the unsatisfactory rate they got from the product.

Now that is up to you to do your due diligence and keeping calm to research well on the manufacturer that you will be patronizing for supply.

Because if the product is bad – you are the one that will be called and if it is good – you will also take all the glory.

So make sure that you look at the review that each manufacturer have and how long they have been in business.

That is how you can easily skyrocket and keep Dropshipping blindly for your customers without notice.


4. The Product Got Sent To Your Customer In Your Name:

The next aspect is that you see your product got sent to your customer through the logistics brand.

You always have to monitor your progress and see how well the product is moving.

You are the one who is in dire need of a returning customer here and you need them to keep coming back.

Their coming back depends on how well your delivery is very fast – oh yes! Customers enjoy fast delivery.

If you are someone who makes use of AliExpress a lot – if you read the customers’ review – you will see a lot of them will give a review based on the delivery time.

So, this is another reason for you to make sure that you deliver early and that is by monitoring the order.

Your delivery supplier or logistics company will not put much effort into it as you should.

Because they will already have other companies that they are working for.

So, make sure that you work hard towards entailing that your product gets to the customers on time.


5. All Parties Are Happy:

The Last Phase is that all the parties are happy with the successful transaction the moment it got to the final consumer.

From the manufacturers’ warehouse to the supplier and passing through the logistics to the final consumer.

The transaction is completed and you already have enough gain just from your Dropshipping.

This is also where you know if the customer llikesthe product that was delivered to him or her.

Also, this is the phase at which you are complacent that you got the final result which you deserve.

So, happy Blind Dropshipping!



A lot of Dropshippers are into the Dropshipping business but don’t even know about Blind Dropshipping.

All they do is just find a supplier and keep Dropshipping on their own without any proper knowledge of it.

Some forgot and some didn’t know about the benefit that they will enjoy from doing this type of Dropshipping.

That is why you must find a supplier that can be doing Blind Dropshipping for you.

You have to make sure that everything is corrected to your name – so, as to make life easy for you.

Also, this way – you can keep getting recurring income from customers’ recommendations.

If you have any further contributions on Blind Dropshipping and what we have discussed here.

Kindly use the comment box below as I will be glad to feel from you.

Don’t forget to share this article with friends on social media.



Making over $10,000/Month With B2B Dropshipping

B2B Dropshipping

Dropshipping on its own is a very lucrative business that can give you a lot of positive returns.

While B2B Dropshipping is another part of Dropshipping that can multiply your earnings in as much as you follow the right procedures.

B2B Dropshipping is a way of selling and receiving products on behalf of other businesses.

Several new Dropshippers are looking for agents and suppliers to help them Dropship.

You can become their best plug to make things very easy for them by solving their problems and collecting your payment.

A lot of businesses have gone from broke to wealthy just from Dropshipping Business to Business.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, let us go deeper into what B2B Dropshipping is all about and how you can start doing it profitably.


What is B2B Dropshipping?

B2B Dropshipping is the act and process of doing product business with other Dropshipping companies and having other businesses as an ultimate consumer.

It means that you are serving as a middle between the company and its customers.

So, when a Dropshipping brand or company orders for a product – you help them receive the product from the manufacturer…

…and also help them send it to the final consumer.

That is how the work of Shopify, BigBuy, VidaXL and the rest of B2B Dropshipping brands keeps coming up and scaling high.

Dropshipping is what many people are always into – they are jumping into it because they know the benefit it gives.


How To Promote Your B2B Dropshipping Brand

Let us quickly look into how you can promote your B2B Dropshipping services and grow them into a highly profitable brand. 

  1. Be visible on Search Engines. 
  2. Pitch Dropshipping Brands. 
  3. Create Rapport With Product Suppliers.
  4. Add More Uniqueness To Your Expertise.
  5. Run SEM Ads.


1. Be visible on Search Engines:

B2B dropshipping UK

You have to be visible on the search engines for you to easily attain great success in the aspect of B2B Dropshipping.

Many new Dropshippers who want to enter into the business and need suppliers will come online to search on Google.

They will be searching for suppliers who can serve them right.

Also, some will come to look for more articles about how Dropshipping is profitable and how it can benefit them.

Your website must always be showing whenever they are searching for the keyword call “Dropshipping”.

This way, Google will promote you and you will start getting quick access to Dropshippers.

Look, many people will decide to tell you a secret that their cajole is working for them.

There is no specific secret to you promoting your B2B Dropshipping – you just have to put in the work.

This is how companies like BigBuy, Oberlo, Shopify, and the rest are easily making quick waves online.

Because they already have the visibility on Google and anytime some searches for Dropshipping…

…you will always see them showing at the top which is the reason why people are always using them.

So, you need to make your website to be visible by optimizing your page for SEO.

You won’t easily see quick result with this as you need to stay a little while and do some keyword research in the low aspect of Dropshipping.

But when your B2B Dropshipping website starts ranking at the first page of Google and visitors start coming in…

…you will start seeing results and new Dropshippers will start knowing about having an interest in what you are doing.

This way, you are easily catching them with your bait because you can easily put a “Register Here” button at the Header of your website.


2. Pitch Dropshipping Brands:

B2b dropshipping meaning

In pitching Dropshipping brands – you can easily build more ultimate rapport with Dropshipping websites.

Websites that are into Dropshipping and are also looking for a trustworthy supplier to help them serve their customers.

You can easily do this by Cold emailing them – going to their website and searching for their contact us.

Then go straight to pitch them about your Dropshipping service and how you can serve them right.

Ways through which you can get websites that are into Dropshipping and most especially new ones…

…is by going to YouTube and type “Dropshipping” at the search box.

Then once you type Dropshipping, you will see a lot of suggested videos on Dropshipping which you will click on each one of them.

Then click on each video and check the comment aspect – you will see a lot of newbies talking about what they need.

Some will also post links to their new Dropshipping website for the YouTube Influencer to help them out.

Those who don’t post theirs – go deep by checking out their profile and see what they’ve got.

Just make sure that you focus and channel your efforts into it and digging out their websites.

Then messaging them about how you can serve them right in Dropshipping is what will make you enough gain easily.


3. Create Rapport With Product Suppliers:

B2B dropshipping USA

Another fantastic way to gain solid ground in your Dropshipping with other businesses is by sorrounding yourself with like-minded people.

And that is building a good rapport with product suppliers who are following what you are doing.

You cannot be the one standing alone and expect to see good results in what you are doing.

It is going to be a little bit difficult be ayse there might be some new updates that you should know about.

But if you don’t know about it – you will just keep merry-go-rounding in the same position and thinking that you are moving.

There are a lot of new updates that are flowing on the internet and new tools can come out.

Which you might have not known about – and you will keep thinking you know the best.

Also, there might be some advanced Strategies that can help you attain and win over Dropshippers.

When you are in a circle of like-minded people who also are into what you are doing and even more than what you’re doing.

You will attain success – because a quote has stated that…

Your Network Is Your Net-Worth.

So, try and have a circle of close minds and make sure that those in that circle are ahead of you already.


4. Add More Uniqueness To Your Expertise:

Big Buy store

Another marketing strategy to promote your expertise effectively is the uniqueness of your Dropshipping brand.

And that is by adding more of this uniqueness to your expertise.

There are a lot of B2B Dropshipping brands out there but only a few are unique in doing more things.

A feature like Printing for Private Label Dropshippers is a nice feature that you can include in your B2B Dropshipping.

As a supplier – you can be doing this and also encourage new Dropshippers to add this to their business.

Who doesn’t like to be delivering products in their brand name? They do! And they will be glad to grab the opportunity.

You only need to convince them and show them the ways through which this can help boom their business.

And the amazing thing is that this is also another source of earning money for you just because of this added feature.

You will easily be charge $3 – $4 per printing of their brand logo on each product before being sent to their customers.

You only have to upgrade yourself and learn this feature and this is another way to promote yourself.

Because you will even get referrals from these people – telling other Dropshippers about this feature that you have.

So, while other suppliers are just receiving and sending products straight to the customers.

You are receiving, printing, and sending to the customer which is another added feature you have in your expertise.


5. Run SEM Ads:

Dropshipping suppliers

Running search engine adverts is something that you shouldn’t joke with at all.

If you type “Dropshipping” on Google – you will see a lot of ads popping up on your screen even before the normal content.

That is to tell you that a lot of other brands are also trying to get more and more visibilities every day.

So you shouldn’t also rely on free methods – try and combine it with paid methods so that you can get visibility.

Many B2B suppliers and Dropshippers are working daily to meet and see new brands that they will work for.

So, even if you try to be unique but not trying to get more visibility – you will keep struggling and finding it hard to reach your yearly goal.

Although, if you are on a low budget thinking that it might be a little bit difficult for you to run search engine adverts like Google Ads.

You can just keep making use of the organic and free strategies that I have listed above.

But with time, as soon as you keep seeing a lot of conversions from your Dropshipping supply.

You should always enrich your goal by promoting your brand and trying as much as possible to reach more audiences.

Let new Dropshippers see you and make sure that your name is the household name for all.

Just like the way Shopify is being called all the time – let your name also be mentioned in the household of Dropshipping.

So that progressing, succeeding, and reaching your yearly target will always be possible.


How To Do B2B Dropshipping

Doing Dropshipping is easy and profitable and that is the reason for the wide effort in it – but do you know how you can go about it?

It might be a little bit difficult and that is why I must discuss it very quickly in this aspect.

  1. Establish a Great Relationship With Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies.
  2. Get Access To Product Manufacturers.
  3. Get A Good Logistics.
  4. SetUp A Beautiful B2B website.


1. Establish a Great Relationship With Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies:

Is dropshipping B2B or B2C

You need to establish a good relationships with Dropshipping suppliers and other companies.

Just like I have stated in the marketing aspect – you cannot afford to be working alone in your field.

There are a lot of companies and brands who are already in this business before you and they are not relenting.

They are working tirelessly every day and night to just look for the best strategy that can make their business succeed.

So, working and creating more authentic rapport with these brands will take your business high.

You can easily feel relaxed in your B2B Dropshipping and gain more knowledge from them.

Because the truth is that even if you have just enrolled for a course and learn how to do B2B Dropshipping.

Or you finish reading this guide and learn how to do B2B Dropshipping – you will need to create a good rapport with other companies.

This is the way you keep building connections and start having brands that you can Dropship for even before entering the business.

So, don’t take this for granted and start making sure that you build your connections.

You can do this by checking them out on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and also going directly to their blogs.

There are also a lot of YouTubers who are into Dropshipping – so, making them mention you in their videos is important.


2. Get Access To Product Manufacturers:

B2B dropshipping Europe

You are going to be Dropshipping on behalf of your clients who are the ones sending you orders to Dropship.

But another thing that you have to know is that the majority of these people might not know which way to go.

Or where they can purchase the best types of products for a specific niche or brand.

So, you also need to make connections with manufacturers of products.

If you can even build a good connection in China where goods are very cheap – that will be fantastic.

There are a lot of people who have not been to a place or don’t even have a relative in a place and build a good rapport.

So, you can do this and I will quickly teach you how you can build a good relationship with a Chinese so that you can easily be doing business in China.

You have to make sure that the person you will have as a link in China is also into internet Marketing or have authority online.

That way, it will be difficult for him or her to scam you or trying to run away with your money.

So, you can easily go on YouTube and you will see some Chinese Influencers who also have their channels and producing content.

Then find a way to get into one, two, or five of them through private mail or if they expose their WeChat number.

Then message to offer them a free service – just try and study what they do best and look at any weak point.

Try to find a weakness that they have and explain yourself to them on how best you can help them.

In doing this, you can find a weakness in their YouTube channel or their website and offer a solution.

Or if it’s like a service you can be doing – you can decide to be helping them post on social media as their social media manager.

This is just a way of offering them something FREE because many people don’t offer them free things.

Many people only try to collect from them – so, once you build that rapport with them…

…you can start introducing what you plan on doing with them and they might even introduce you to a trusted person that can be helping you do your purchase in China.

You will only have to keep tipping the person some small change – so, this way … you are making enough money.

And since you already have a connection in China – you already have a connection to their manufacturers.


3. Get Good Logistics:

Dropshipping websites

Oh wow! Like do we need to stress this any further? Because you must have your logistic company.

You need to have a trusted logistics that can supply products very fast and won’t need much calling.

There are some trusted logistics agents that you can contact and choose as your logistic company.

Companies like DHL are very good and recommended because they have been doing deliveries for a long time.

So, try and choose a very good delivery agent or logistics brand because you don’t want your clients to keep bombarding you with calls.

And where this kind of problem arises is when people are looking for cheap Dropshipping companies.

That won’t favor you in the long run because they will keep delaying your deliverability.

Although, if you have anyone that is trusted and you have seen someone use them before – it is also cool.

Another way you can get a very good and trusted delivery company is when you build rapport with others.

They will easily inform you about the best delivery agents out there and the good ones.

Also, they will introduce you to the one they are using and you can easily be good to kickstart.


4. SetUp A Beautiful B2B website:

B2b dropshipping meaning

You need to kickstart the setting up of your website because I always talk about this in every content relating to Dropshipping on my website.

Setting up a beautiful and captivating Dropshipping website is important because that is what will give you the upper hand.

You need to have a responsive website where Dropshippers can come to sign up and register for an account.

This is where they will place their orders and also get details about the processing of their orders.

I will advise that you go to outsource this and explain what you want to the website designer – if you are not tech-savvy.

But if you know a little about website designing or you don’t know but wish to learn.

You can easily go to YouTube  and you will see a lot of videos that will teach you how to build a B2B dropshipping website.


5. Deliver Within Your Country For A Start:

Always make sure that you are delivering within your country when you are first starting.

The major reason is that you need to gain some ground within your locality before other places.

Also, you can easily control your delivery and see how fast and reliable your logistics company is.

There are a lot of big B2B brands today that only Dropship within their continent and don’t move beyond them.

So, if you as a beginner in this niche just decide to keep Dropshipping your client’s products to other countries.

You will find yourself struggling a lot because you are not that confident about your delivery company.

Even if you must deliver much – Don’t let it pass your continent which you are located.

A B2B brand like BigBuy  only do their Dropshipping and deliveries within the European Countries.

They already have countries to which they distribute their products and don’t just distribute to everywhere.

So, always make sure that you are careful of this – so that there will be a minimal complaint rate.

Later on, once you gain solid ground… you can keep dabbing to other continents.



Getting started with B2B Dropshipping will be challenging and you will face a lot because you are starting.

But it is always juicy along the process because you will easily become an authority in whatever you are doing.

B2B Dropshipping is profitable and that is why I have given you the Ingredients that you need to prepare a palatable meal in this niche.

So, don’t just read and move. Read, Re-read, Understand it and Start Implementing immediately.

I will be glad to see your thoughts and suggestions below in the comment box.

Don’t forget to also share this guide with your friends on social media.

Dropshipping Jewelry: Number 1 Beginners’ Guide To Jewelry Dropshipping

1688 Dropshipping: 10× Guide To A Profitabile Dropshipping

Dropshipping Jewelry is part of a niche in the Dropshipping world and a lot of people are moving towards it.

A lot of suggestions and thoughts have been rolling on social media about how Jewelry Dropshipping shouldn’t be what any newbie should enter.

Some saying that it is too saturated and just a lot of people are already struggling in this Dropshipping niche.

But does that mean that it is not possible for one to also profit from this niche?

No! It is very possible to profit from this niche and also be earning your cool cash easily.

You only need to know the plans and marketing strategies that you should use for your Dropshipping brand.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us quickly go deeper into Jewelry Dropshipping and how you can easily market and run your brand Successfully.


Is Dropshipping Jewelry Profitable?

Dropshipping Jewelry just for money’s sake will not lead you to a successful destination – but Dropshipping Jewelry for ultimate satisfaction is what will lead you to a successful destination.

You need to have a goal and strategy in place that will create ultimate satisfaction for your customers.

Because if they are not satisfied – it will be very difficult for you to continue whatever you have plans for.

Dropshipping of Jewelries should also be what you have passion for because if you don’t have passion for it and don’t know much about Jewelry…

…you won’t know the exact types that customers will like best and the best quality of them all.

So, doing your jewelry Dropshipping should be from passion and what you have an interest in.

Because in promoting your Jewelry Dropshipping store – you will have to work more on your marketing strategies…

…and for you to be successful in doing your marketing strategies – you need to have passion for it.

Because if you don’t have passion for it and you are busy doing it – you will later get tired and move to another shiny object online.


How To Dropship Jewelry

Let us quickly move into how you can start Dropshipping Jewelry from the comfort of your home.

How you can easily do your Dropshipping easily without any stress and grow it to a higher brand.

  1. Find A Unique Jewelry Type.
  2. Source For A Good Dropshipping E-marketplace.
  3. Get A Good Dropshipping Agent or Supplier
  4. Promote Your Brand.


1. Find A Unique Jewelry Type:

How much do jewelry dropshippers make?

The first step you need to take note of is finding a unique jewelry type that you want to focus on.

If you are interested in doing only hand or neck or early jewelry – you can channel your energy on just one of them.

Most of my friends and readers of my blogs who are more closer to me know about the value I place on focusing on one sub-niche.

Because it makes life easy for you and also gives you the ability to concentrate fully as a one-man effort.

So, you can fully focus on one which you know will be very profitable for you.

Another thing I like to do is to do some research about what works and if the niche is very profitable.

Research online and look at some highly successful people who have been profitable in that niche.

Are they truly making enough money and what is their experience in just the “Hand Jewelry Niche”?

These are the things that you should focus on – Don’t act hastily about it.

Try and give your research a little time and see what works before even thinking of joining it.

It is always easy to quickly think about an idea and jump on it – but it is kinda difficult to continue.

But once you have those that you look up to in that niche – you will keep moving forward and profiting.


2. Source For A Good Dropshipping E-marketplace:

Dropshipping jewelry ads

You need to source for a very good Jewelry Dropshipping Marketplace where you will be buying your products.

I suggest that you make use of 1688, Alibaba, or AliExpress.

If you can also afford to be making use of Shopify or Amazon – it is also very cool.

But just to buy cheaply as someone who is just starting and profiting heavily from your products.

I advise that you focus more on Chinese websites where they can sell cheaply to you and you make enough gains.

Dropshipping can be very easy and China is a good country for producing nice Jewelry that will be of a nice look.

You rest assured that you will see a lot of quality jewelry to Dropship on 1688.com and the rest stated above.

They have a lot of jewelry suppliers and manufacturers who are passionate about serving you.

You can even message them and have them imprint your brand name on the jewelry to start your Private Labeling 

They will surely help you do it and you will start having high success in Dropshipping Jewelry.

This is the second step that you should focus on in this aspect to make enough gain.

If you make use of a cheaper E-marketplace – you can easily get products you will see on Amazon or Shopify for $80 at $40.

And you can make it $100 and get enough gains because they are cheaper than other stores.


3. Get A Good Dropshipping Agent or Supplier:

Dropshipping jewelry USA

Another step you need to focus on is getting a Dropshipping agent that will be helping you clearly and ship this jewelry to your customers.

When you have a very good agent that will be doing your clearing and forwarding for you.

Life is becoming easier and you can just focus and concentrate more on the marketing aspect.

I will recommend Printful for your agent as they are good at helping you do your Dropshipping.

They will save the products in their warehouse and anytime you have any order – they will send them straight to your customers.

This is how Dropshipping works if you don’t know – but just make sure that your supplier is someone who accesses countries you want to Dropship to.

I suggest you Dropship to European countries – so that your profit can be enormous.

Although if you want to Dropship locally maybe to people within your locality – then you can just find a trusted agent for that.

But Dropshipping to tier 1 countries should be your first aim even if you are not from there.

This is how to profitably Dropship and keep living a cool and Profitable life with Dropshipping Jewelry.


4. Promote Your Brand:

Dropshipping gold jewelry


Your next requirement is to promote your brand and start getting a lot of orders into your store.

I have given a more concrete and detailed guide on how you can easily promote your Jewelry Dropshipping business in the next aspect of this guide.

So, just scroll down a little and you will be there at the juncture.

But you have to go crazy on your promotion and don’t just take it with a cold mind.

Always try to promote your Dropshipping business as many times as possible because if you don’t…

…another person will promote theirs and you will keep struggling and finding yourself struggling.

You don’t have to move to any other shiny objects online – just try to promote yourself and your brand.

Also, know your audience and where they are congregating – to be able to penetrate their domain.

Promotion is necessary for anything that we are doing and we must take it very seriously.

With promotion – you can easily achieve your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Dropshipping target.

So, let us immediately go deep into how to promote your Jewelry Dropshipping store.


Marketing Strategies To Run A Successful Jewelry Dropshipping

Some strategies are needed for you to profitably be a Dropshipping Jewelry.

Let us go deep into them now so that everything can become smooth and easy for you. 

  1. Run Facebook Ads.
  2.  Start A YouTube Channel.
  3. Create Your Website.
  4. Use Influencers.


1. Run Facebook Ads:

Is jewelry dropshipping profitable?

The first aspect that you can channel your energy on is to run a profitable Facebook advert.

Running a Facebook advert is necessary for any Dropshipping store that is dealing with physical fashion products.

When you run Facebook adverts – you can easily interrupt people with your advert and get the focus.

Although, it takes a little bit of consistency with the Facebook advert for it to work out very well.

But Facebook has billions of monthly users that come into the platform to have fun and cruise online.

Some coming to show off their new whips and some coming to check out new updates.

These people have their businesses and are living a financially free life without any hardback.

Among these people are those who are interested in jewelry and find it very attractive.

They make use of it when going to work or any occasion and some even go as much as using it in their home.

But these people don’t usually go to search engines – they only penetrate Facebook and bounce.

So, if you can grab their attention and easily make them see what you – you will make a profit.

Also, there is an aspect in your Facebook advert dashboard where you can easily target these people.

You can niche down your target to penetrate these people and get them into your store.


2. Start A YouTube Channel:

Is jewelry good for dropshipping

Another way through which you can promote and market your brand is to start a YouTube channel.

Although, I like to say that it is only possible if you are not camera shy.

But trust me, there are a lot of people who are shooting Youtube videos easily even though they were once camera shy.

So, don’t let being camera shy stop you from starting your YouTube channel because it won’t profit you.

You need to start your YouTube channel so that you can easily start tapping from the oil of youtube traffic.

The way you can make use of youtube is by giving them valuable tips about how Jewelry is important.

Some people also go to YouTube to see the comparison of some jewelry – just to know if one is cooler than the other.

You can easily show them the comparison and tell them which one is better and why you think it is better.

There is a lot of juice and strategies that you can use to keep launching new videos on your YouTube channel.

You only need to be consistent with whatever you are doing because you won’t immediately see results.

This is not a Facebook advert where you will run an advert today and you will start profiting tomorrow.

No! YouTube channel is organic and organic Marketing takes time before it will start profiting you.

So, give it enough time and just keep uploading your videos – with time you will see profit in Dropshipping Jewelry.

To start a YouTube Channel – click here by opening the page with your laptop or computer.


3. Create Your Website:

Is jewelry dropshipping profitable?

You need to have a website where you can call home for all your jewelry Dropshipping services.

You cannot afford to be doing g Dropshipping without having a website – it’s possible but will be difficult.

You will have to keep displaying your products on other people’s channels and people won’t have any place to connect with you.

When you have a website that you can call yours – there is a lot of pride in it because people can connect easily with you on it.

Also, you can easily integrate some features that will make shopping to be very easy for your customers.

So, even if you have a youtube channel or you are running a Facebook advert – it has to lead them into someplace.

You need to have a destination where you will send your visitors to and not just send them into any random place.

So, your website is your home and you must make sure to design it very well to make it very Captivating and converting.

You can easily create a simple Dropshipping or E-commerce website with the help of some YouTube videos.

Or you can easily hire some experts from freelance websites like Upwork to help you build your website.


4. Use Influencers:

Is jewelry dropshipping profitable?

Another fantastic way to promote your Jewelry Drop shipping is the use of influencers.

Oh yes, many people don’t know about the benefits that they will gain from advertising with influencers.

Influencers are people who already have your audience and you will only have to pay them to help you advertise to their audience.

Now, since these audiences is in love and follows the influencers – they will be more eager to purchase anything that the influencer recommends.

That is the reason why you see a lot of big brands paying millions of dollars to influencers just to endorse them.

They know that once they have access to these Influencers – they will also have access to their audience.

Because this audience will always follow the recommendations that their celebrities give.

They already see them as a small god who is successful and knows the right way ahead of them.

So, any recommendation is fantastic and right in their view and won’t argue.

So, you only have to niche down and look for Influencers who have content related to Jewelry.

Look for Influencers on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and see if they post fashion content.

Then pay them to advertise to their audience and make your sales because you already endorse them for a few minutes.



Doing jewelry Dropshipping is easy and much profitable when done very correctly.

You just have to be focused and know what you are doing right and go hard on it.

Also, make sure that it is something that you have passion for – because that is the only way you can be consistent.

Dropshipping Jewelry has turned many people from broke to wealthy just from taking it as a passion.

So, follow every recommendations and suggestion that I have given in this guide and take your business to the top.

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts or any further suggestions in the comment box below, I will be glad to reply.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family on social media.

1688 Dropshipping: 10× Guide To A Profitabile Dropshipping

1688 Dropshipping

One of the fastest ways to get quick success in Dropshipping is the ability to buy cheaply, and 1688 Dropshipping is the solution.

With 1688, you can buy products at an extremely cheaper price compared to other E-marketplaces.

1688 Dropshipping is not what many other Dropshippers know about because they are only familiar with the marketplace filled with foreigners.

The truth about 1688 E-marketplace is that it is fully focused on local Audiences who are living in China.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Let us quickly go deep into what 1688 Dropshipping is all about and how you can start building a real businesse with them.


What is 1688 Dropshipping?

1688 Dropshipping is a business-to-business online selling that goes from the Manufacturer to the supplier and from the supplier to the ultimate consumer.

1688 Dropshipping is a website where the listing of products on any store can be very profitable.

The reason is that these products can be bought very cheaply from 1688 and double gain can be made compared to other Dropshipping Networking websites.

Let us quickly look at the advantages and disadvantages of 1688 Dropshipping and how it favors everyone thinking of doing Dropshipping.


Advantages of 1688 Dropshipping

Below are the various advantages of 1688 Dropshipping and how it favors Dropshippers positively.

  1.  Buy Cheaply.
  2.  Source From The Largest Products Home.
  3. Buy Directly From Several
  4. Manufacturers.
  5. Get Extra Benefits.
     A cheap Private Label Is Achievable.


1. Buy Cheaply:

One of the greatest advantages of Dropshipping with 1688 is the ability to Dropship cheaply.

You can easily buy from the lowest prices because the majority of other big marketplaces also buy from 1688.

I could remember my first time using this website to order some products for personal usage…

…. I was surprised at the number of things I bought just for a low amount of price.

Stuff that If I should have gone to amazon or even AliExpress to buy – I would have spent more and buy less.

So this allows you to make enough profit since you are buying from a local market.

The website is filled with local manufacturers and traders of any kind which focuses on the safety and smooth buying of their customers.

So if you are someone who has enough interest in buying at the cheapest prices possible…

…then you need to consider using 1688 for your Dropshipping service and start buying cheaply.

Just with a $30 or $20 gain that other Dropshipping E-commerce websites will offer you.

1688 will offer you over $50 in profit after you are done selling it because they have the cheapest price range in the E-marketplaces.

So, if you are someone with a low budget or you have a moderate budget for buying and selling.

You can easily rely on 1688 Dropshipping since it’s the grandfather of online products where you can buy at an extremely cheaper rate.


2. Source From The Largest Products Home:

When you are on this website – you are directly sourcing from the largest product abode.

This is their house and where they are birthed because 80% of all the products we use on Earth are Chinese products.

We only rebrand and restructure them when they get to our country by imprinting our brand and local names with logos.

So, 1688 is a platform where these products that we make use of every day and every night are birthed.

So you have enough choices of products that you can choose from and concentrate on.

I will advise that you are focused when doing Dropshipping through this website because of your wide range of choices.

You can easily forget your niche which you should have concentrated on when you see a lot of products to promote.

And Immediately they are very cheap and you will that you will be having a lot of profits – you will forget your first aim.

So, don’t let this affect you negatively as you should always focus on what you are trying to promote.

So, if your niche is the fashion niche – just try and choose sub-niches from that fashion niche like maybe “Ladies Clothes”.

And try to focus more and let your store be about lady’s clothes – because you will surely see a lot of beautiful men’s clothes that will amaze you to upload on your website because they are just too cheap and awesome.

So, a lot of choices for anyone thing of doing Dropshipping or E-commerce because of the large number of the product range.


3. Buy Directly From Several Manufacturers:

Yeah! So, just like I have stated earlier – this website is allowing you to buy directly from several manufacturers.

You can have an interest in “Smart Watches” and you will be surprised by the number of manufacturers of those smartwatches.

You can easily keep selecting and looking for the manufacturer with the cheapest prices.

Although the price difference is always too close – maybe with a maximum difference of ¥3.

But that price is a huge profit when you are buying in large quantities and selling to your customers.

Oh yes! In case you are surprised with the ¥1 – I already stated that it is a local chinses website.

So you won’t be seeing $ (dollars) on this website but ¥ (Yuan) and that is because it is a local marketplace.

But enough people to buy from is the joy of everything since you have enough choices with cheaper prices.

And not just other people who also buy from them and are reselling for a higher price claiming to be the manufacturers.

You just really have to be focused on the site because of enough manufacturers that will showcase their products.

Now, one thing you need to take note of is that some people also are not manufacturers on this website.

They are also reselling – so the major way I use to get the real manufacturers is that they always put their company image.

They show their production department and the way they are producing their products and their Recognitions and Honors.

That’s how I get the real manufacturers so that I can be on a safer side.


4. Get Extra Benefits:

You have more and wider benefits than others who are purchasing from other E-commerce marketplaces.

Just with the little I have stated above – you can see that enough benefit is in 1688 Dropshipping.

Because while others are using second-hand brands as their store for getting Dropshipping products.

You are buying directly from the first hand who are the real producers of these products and not just a reseller.

So, enough benefits and goodies are even added if you can keep chatting with them in Chinese.

You only have to look at the company dashboard and get their number.

Then you can chat with them through WeChat and get more details about the product you want to purchase.

Also, you can easily go to Google and type “Translate English to Chinese” and open another tab for “Translate Chinese to English”.

So, that you can keep chatting with them in their local language – this will give you more opportunity to enjoy more benefits.

This is what not many people know about because they will keep struggling with how they can get the best products at a cheaper rate.

But you already have the information in the palm of your hand you only need to act on them to achieve these benefits.


5. Cheap Private Label Is Achievable:

If you are doing Private Label Drop shipping or have the mindset to divert into it.

You can find it easily achievable with 1688 because these manufacturers can help you imprint a tour brand and company logo on it easily and at a cheap price.

Unlike when you use other suppliers that are doing the printing for you – they will charge you extra.

But 1688 manufacturers already have a department that is focused on helping people print logos and brand names on products.

You only have to send your company logo and brand name to them and get your private label Dropshipping started.

You don’t have to bother yourself with still looking for who to help you with this because life is already getting easy for you.

Also, the amount they charge for each printing is very cheap and affordable.

I cannot specify because it is based on different manufacturing brand but consider it that the additional price can just be something of ¥3 per product piece.

Which is still less compared to if you are going to make use of other logo printing Services that will charge you $3 per printing.

You can see that the difference is very clear when it comes to spending because ¥3 is not even up to $1.

That is why you can do your Private Labeling very cheap and easily here.

They won’t charge you much because it’s part of their manufacturing process – if they don’t put your brand logo or name…

…they have to put a specific brand name or logo and so – something must be added.

So, you can just chat with them through WeChat and get your private label Dropshipping started.


Disadvantages of 1688 Dropshipping

There are also some disadvantages about 1688 which you will surely enjoy on other Dropshipping websites.

Let us quickly discuss them briefly before we move into how you can do 1688 Dropshipping.

  1.  Language Barrier.
  2. Payment Barrier.


1. Language Barrier:

There is a language barrier in 1688 because the website is written in the Chinese language and everything on it is Chinese.

The platform is designed for Chinese buyers who are ready to patronize the platform as a Chinese person.

So they didn’t have any mindset for foreigners – they believe that if you are a foreigner…

…then you should just go and make use of AliExpress or Alibaba for all your purchase and forwarding.

Although to make use of the platform – you can easily translate your words by using Google.

You can type “Translate English To Chinese” on Google and you can easily paste your keywords in the search box.

While doing this, you should also know that if you are making use of Chrome browser for your browsing.

You can easily just translate at the bottom of the website which you would have already seen.

Although, chrome automatically loads the website to English and converts every word on it to English.

This way, you can easily make use of the website and understand every word written on it.

So, to access 1688 always make use of the Chrome browser to access it.

But this is a barrier because for someone who is not reading this article and who doesn’t know much about how to use 1688

…he or she can because that and quit Dropshipping or E-commerce and keep wasting money on other shiny objects online.


2. Payment Barrier:

Making a payment on the 1688 website will be a little bit difficult if you are not from the country or don’t have a China bank account.

You cannot use your credit card to just purchase on the website because it won’t work out.

Just like it was stated earlier – the website is fully focused on Chinese who are trying to do local shopping.

So, even if you try to pay – you will find yourself struggling and having come back for more stress.

Even, you cannot pay a seller directly to pay them because they only have a China bank account.

That is why to purchase 1688 – you will need to register an Alipay account to be paying sellers on this platform.

That is the only way you can be making a purchase and this is another stress on its own.

Because you will still need a connection in China for you to process this Successfully.

So, payment on 1688 is another barrier that is stopping many people from Successfully doing transactions on it.

But we cannot blame them, they already create the English and foreign version for foreigners which is AliExpress.

So, this is for local buyers – we are only accessing here because we want to buy cheaply.


How To Do 1688 Dropshipping

A lot of Dropshippers have been asking how possible it is to do Dropshipping on 1688.

We have been able to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing Dropshipping.

Now, let us go to the ways through which you can easily do Dropshipping and profit yourself.

  1.  Source For A Trustworthy 1688 Supplier.
  2. Source For Dropshipping Products.
  3. Connect Your Supplier With Each Manufacturers.
  4. Get Your Bill From Supplier.


1. Source For A Trustworthy 1688 Supplier:

Sourcing for a trustworthy 1688 supplier is important when you are trying to do Dropshipping in 1688.

Because to pay for what you have interest in purchasing can be a little bit of problem if you are not careful.

Also, even if you are to buy from any seller on 1688 – they will only help you to send your products to the shipping warehouse.

These can be very possible if you are even doing E-commerce and have the products stored at your warehouse.

But since you are only doing Dropshipping and would prefer NOT to have it stored at your warehouse.

You need to have a Dropshipping supplier who can help you do your purchase and clearing on 1688.

These suppliers must also have representatives and branches in China where they can process your orders.

It will be a little bit difficult to be doing Dropshipping on this website and not have a supplier.

An example of an agent that you can make use of – for your 1688 Dropshipping is Leelinesourcing 

They will help you to clear and do your forwarding – I am not an affiliate with them.

But I just recommend them based on how best they are good in the aspect of helping Dropshippers to do Dropshipping.


2. Source For Dropshipping Products:

The next stage is to source for the Dropshipping products that you want to be dealing in your store.

What you have to know is that there are a lot of sellers on this platform who are selling and also trying to get sales.

So, you will have a lot of suggestions and recommendations of what to buy from different manufacturers.

What you need to know is that even though this website is for local buyers who are from China.

They are filled with manufacturing firms – both small, medium, and large-scale business firms.

So, you will have a different array of products that will be of great eye-catching to your visitors who enter your website.

So, have it in mind that there are several products to pick from.

But what you also have to know is that you have to choose a niche just like j stated earlier.

You shouldn’t just keep jumping and picking from one product to the other.

If you want to focus on only men’s wear – focus on it and keep selling hard and doing your promotions.

That’s the way to achieve things easily in the Dropshipping market.

Also, people will know you for that specific niche that – this is what ABC brand is specialized in.

Unlike just moving and selling all kinds of fashion products and people get confused as to what to buy from you and just bounce.

That’s why some Dropshippers claim that they are not seeing conversions and sales is not entering.


3. Connect Your Supplier With Each manufacturer or seller:

Once you have done all your necessary research and you have concluded on the products that you which to Dropship.

You will now have to connect your supplier with the manufacturer or seller for them to help you process your order.

A supplier can also be the agent that will help you store the goods in their warehouse till you send them an order.

What is interesting about this is that you don’t necessarily need to be the one that will be delivering the products.

I am sure you are already aware of how Dropshipping works – so, no need for much discussion on that.

Just that the amazing thing remains the fact that most of the online Dropshipping suppliers do have their connection with Chinese agents.

So they know how to finish the ordering and help you process your order.

You only need to send them the link to each product that you want to buy and they will complete the processing for you.

1688 Dropshippers are the ones licking the internet money and they know how profitable they are.

So, because you cannot pay the sellers or manufacturers directly from your country.

It will be a little bit difficult and you will need to make use of suppliers or agents for you to make any purchase and also clear your goods.

Just make sure that if you don’t use the recommended agent or supplier I stated in this guide.

Make sure to use a trusted agent that will not only help you order but also deliver to your customers.


4. Get Your Bill From Supplier:

The moment you find a supplier that will help you do your processing and help you to order.

The next thing is to get your bill from your supplier and pay them for the processing of the order.

You can easily pay the supplier in your local currency and have them help you finish the processing in Yuan.

Always make use of a direct agent or Dropshipping supplier.

The reason why I suggested making use of a direct agent is to make your bill reduce.

If you are to keep sending from one agent who will help you to clear your products.

To the warehouse of the supplier or agent who will help you to be doing deliveries – it will take much time and money.

So, just make use of a direct agent who will do that for you.



Doing 1688 Dropshipping is very easy if you know your way around what you should be doing.

That is why this guide has given you the necessary details that you need to start profiting with 1688 Dropshipping.

It will be very good if you can leave your questions or what you have learned in this guide below.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media so as for them to learn.