Lead Generation For Email: 10 Methods for Unlimited Leads

Lead Generation For Email: 10 Methods for Unlimited Leads

Have you started generating leads for your business? If Not, then you need to start having email lead generation in mind.

Lead generation is a crucial part of every successful business out there.

Have you always wondered how you look at some online marketers’ brands on social media and you see that have little or no engagement?

And you keep wondering how they are raking 7 to 8 figures every month? It’s because of the energy built on lead generation.

Lead generation email marketing is important and you need to put a full focus on making it your number one priority.

Once you generate email leads – you can have access to them… anytime and any day without further payment.

Lead generation is the only way you can turn a stranger into a buyer without spending any future fees on ads.

So, to make this clear to you – let us dive deeper into what lead generation email marketing is about.

Why Lead Generation For Email Marketing?

Why Lead Generation For Email Marketing?

Lead generation doesn’t necessarily have to be in the email marketing aspect – lead generation is a topic on its own.

If you are someone who builds a Facebook group from Zero to Hundred to Thousands – you are also generating leads.

You can generate lead into a group or you can collect people’s number and you are also generating leads.

Any process that involves you collecting people’s data into a means where you can get access to them easily…

…it’s called lead generation. But whenever it involves email marketing and collecting the email addresses of people.

Then, you are doing lead generation for email marketing purposes only.

Lead generation involves several methods to collect the email address of people.

You cannot just wish to have lead generation emails and you can have them without making any move.

You need to involve in some methods to collect lead generation for your business and start using email marketing to scale up.

Methods of Lead Generation

Methods of Lead Generation

There are two methods that we can use to generate email leads online and we will discuss briefly on the two shortly.

What you need to know about these two methods is that – it is not sided to a certain method.

You can decide to make use of both the free and paid methods at the same time. It’s cool.

Because if you get to one side of this method thinking that the other is not good. You will be wasting a lot of time and losing more on leads.

That’s why I laugh when I see some online gurus claim that they prefer the Free method more than paid Method.

Or they prefer Paid method more than the Free method. No one is supposed to be sided.

Both methods must be using and we will discuss them below.

The first method is the Free method and it comes with some sub-niches.

Free method of generation email

1. Free Method:

The first method that many markers and brands use to generate email leads for themselves is through Free methods.

The free method involves the ways wish email marketers and brands use to generate emails without spending a dime.

They got it free of charge and they keep building thousands and thousands of email addresses with this method.

Below is the list of Free Methods that you can use to generate leads for your brand:

  • Google.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Forums.
  • YouTube.


A. Google:

Google is the king of email lead generation that gives you a lot of email addresses even from sources you never knew of.

If you have a website where you upload content and it ranks on Google pages with people coming into your website.

Once you have a lot of people coming into your website – you can put a lead magnet on your website where you collect email addresses.

There are a lot of freebies you can give out to visitors to generate their email leads and get access to them without spending any extra fee on ads.

Just make sure that the freebie that you are giving comprehends the content on your website.

Just like this guide which you are reading – I can decide to turn all the content into a cheat sheet that people can download to access again.

It’s part of a lead magnet because it will summarize all the things that are being talked about in this guide.

Also, I can decide to have a short video guide or an ebook that I can give out to people to gain from.

This is what we mean by generating leads on your website and you only need an email autoresponder shortcode to place on your website to generate the emails.

This is the first free method that works best even when you are not there.

Many brands are even generating email leads from a page they have worked on 5 years ago without going back to it.


B. Facebook:

Since everything that I will be listed here is a direct approach and straight to the point – then Facebook is a fantastic aspect of the free method.

Facebook is still the leading social media platform that has a lot of daily users on its platform.

They have a lot of daily users that make use of the platform every day just to catch fun and do business.

So, if you are still on Facebook and you haven’t thought of generating email leads through Facebook…

…you are only affecting your brand because you need to start making use of this platform to generate a lot of leads.

To do this – all you have to do is to give value to this platform. You can join some groups in your niche and give value to them.

So, after giving value to those groups that are in your niche – you can create authority by making them join your group.

What I even notice is that once you are doing what other people are not doing and giving value.

People will start following you and trying to follow in your footsteps.

So, the next thing you can do is to give them the link to your email subscription page and get them to join your email list.

This way, they will join easily because they have seen you as a leader in your field of expertise.

Even emailing them will be easy because they know who you are and what you are capable of doing.


C. Instagram:

Instagram is another free platform from where you can always generate leads from.

Although, I have not tried using it to generate leads myself I have seen a lot of success stories concerning using Instagram to make sales.

Some people have claimed that it is their best method of getting a lot of free leads without spending any money.

Although, you might not be able to include links in your Instagram posts because they have no chance for clickable links.

But you can always direct them to your Instagram Bio for them to click on any link in Bio.

I like Instagram a lot because you can just leverage the use of hashtags to boost your visibility.

Even those who are not your friends but are searching for a hashtag can stumble on your post and become your follower.

But you should always make sure to have a good Bio that states your area of expertise and knowledge.

Let them know that you have a piece of vast knowledge in a certain field.

After that – put the link to a freebie in your Bio by telling them to download maybe a Free eBook or Cheat-Sheet.

Once they pass through the link – they will land on your squeeze page where you collect their email address.

It’s a win-win situation but you are always limited to only your Instagram Bio to add links.

Or if you have up to 10,000 followers – you can always add links to your Instagram story.


D. Forums:

Forums are a fantastic platform where you can also generate a lot of leads for email marketing.

I like forums a lot because you have access to many people who share common knowledge with you and are also in our niche.

All you need to do is always link back to your website whenever you answer questions on a forum.

Although, most forums will not allow you to link to a squeeze page or a sign-up page.

A question and answer forum like Quora will not give you the chance to link to a squeeze page where you can collect email leads.

They will only allow you to link to a blog post that explains more on the answer you have on their platform.

This way – they can monitor their users and also serve their users with a lot of knowledge.

But we also have some forums like Warriorforum that allow users to have a signature.

This signature will always be at the bottom of every question you answer on their platform.

So, all you need to do is to add your squeeze page link in the signature and anytime you answer questions on Warriorforum.

Your answers will always have a link that is linking to your squeeze or landing page that will help you collect more leads.


D. YouTube:

YouTube is a platform that makes it possible for anybody to get leads without adding any extra effort into previous uploads.

The majority of the videos uploaded on YouTube are done years back and are still ranking on YouTube.

Just choosing a topic and a niche where you will be producing content is all you need to excel.

Just create a video on stuff that you find interesting which you know about.

Then, after each of your videos,- you can just tell the viewer to check the description under the video and click on any link to download an ebook or cheat,-sheet for the video.

This is the strategy that top YouTubers are using to get a lot of leads every day from posting on YouTube.

You don’t need to upload videos every day on YouTube – you can decide to limit yourself to 1 or 2 emails per week.

And with time – you can keep upgrading yourself. But just make sure that you are building value in a niche you want to grow leads.

Any video that you want to release must be exactly what you planned for and where you want your leads to come from.

So, always make sure that your videos are targeted to your leads.


E. Tiktok:

Tiktok is a new platform that is racing and growing tremendously all over the world.

Many people who are unknown previously in their field of expertise are now turning great Influencers just with the use of TikTok.

They have been producing great content and videos every day in the field of TikTok and growing their followers every day.

Tiktok is a platform that can make you a lot of money and a lot of followers just within a short period.

Other platforms will need you to have followers who will need to check out your content before they will rank your posts.

But Tiktok makes it easy for everybody to grow even with 0 followers. I remember the first day I installed the Tiktok app on my phone.

Mere checking inside without creating an account – I have already seen a lot of short videos on my screen.

I was like “Wow!” this is amazing because it automatically means that your content will always get to those who are not following you yet.

What does this mean for some like you? It means you can leverage this platform and start creating content.

Although you will be limited to 59Seconds video once you first create your account and upload your first 10 videos.

Immediately after that – you will have access to a lot of video duration like 5 to 10 minutes longer.

It is a gradual process but it is worth and to easily build your email list with less amount of strength.

Building lead generation with TikTok will only take you few minutes to produce every day and edit immediately.

So, you can make use of TikTok to get a lot of lead generation for your email marketing.

Paid methods of Generation email

2. Paid Method:

Aside from the usage of free lead generation email – we also have the paid method of generating email leads.

This is a fast and cool method that is also important that you make use of when doing your lead generation.

Below is the list of paid methods that you can make use of when generating leads for your business in email marketing.

  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Social Media Ads.
  • Forum Ads.
  • SEO Ads.
  • Solo Ads.
  • JV.


A. Influencer Marketing:

One of the best ways to get access to a targeted group of people is by making use of influencers.

The reason is that majority of the paid ads experts who run ads on platforms also make use of influencers in their targeting.

So, if you can make use of influencers who already have a lot of followers in our niche to generate leads.

It will be worth it because all you need is the endorsement of this influencer in your niche to help promote your lead magnet.

You only need to send him or her your lead magnet squeeze page and copy which you want to use to capture the email address of his or her followers.

Although, some influencers will charge you base on the quality of their followers.

You will get charged based on how active they flow with their followers and I always like to go straight to influencers.

Some influencing platforms list influencers who are in a niche and serves as a network between influencers and platforms.

But most of the influencers in those platforms are not always having active followers like that.

So you should try to search Instagram and Facebook yourself to see good influencers in your niche and private message them for business.

Or you can go to any influencer marketing network platform and look at some influencers listed there and then go straight to their page to check their engagement rates.

Just with an influencer endorsement for your lead generation – you will build a lot of email lists.


B. Social Media Ads:

Social Media adverts are also very effective because it gives you the key to access the door of multiple numbers of people on their platform.

There are a lot of free tutorials on YouTube that you can watch – which will teach you a little about running social media ads.

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all have their paid adverts package.

You can just go straight to their platform and you will be directed to the aspect where you can run your paid adverts.

Although, I advise that you go to watch tutorials on YouTube concerning paid adverts.

This will help you understand how their processes work and how to get successful with them.

Running social media adverts is one of the best ways to get access to a large number of people who will be interested in joining your email list.

They will help you run adverts to the targeted people in your advert and get you to have a lot of leads in your email list.

Social Media ads might cost you a little amount of money to run compared to influencer marketing.

But it is also worth it since you are paying access to the whole of a platform instead of paying an influencer who owns a small segment of the platform.

It depends on your goal though – if you are very good at running paid ads. You can make use of social media ads.

But if you are not that good – you can make use of an influencer on the platform to get access to the audience in your niche.


C. Forum Ads:

Another form of getting a lot of leads is through forum ads. You can use the forum ad to generate leads even on autopilot.

Forums are filled with people who are in the same niche as you and will be interested in what you have to offer.

The reason why I like forum ads is that it is majorly Target and goes straight to those who will be interested in your offer.

For example, as an internet marketer – I am a member of the Warriorforum and I can easily run ads on the platform.

Reason being that it is filled with people who are interested in internet marketing.

Running ads on this platform will bring for me a lot of targeted internet marketers who are interested in my freebie.

Also, these same people are filled with a warm audience who have heard about my offer and freebie.

Forums are always filled with warm traffic who knows about what you are about to offer for them to join your email list.

Although, they might not get the solution they know that there is a particular problem that needs a solution.

Also, most of them have not been experiencing the problem but they have the mindset to know more about it.

For example, if I offer a free ebook on how to build your first 1000 subscribers.

They will join and download the book – it might not be their current requirement.

But because they know that such a problem exists and they have been hearing that there is money on the list.

They will also want to give it a trial and join my email list to know more about email marketing.

That’s why I like the forum a lot.


D. SEO Ads:

SEO ads are stuff like Google and YouTube ads that are targeted to a hot audience.

If you are trying to build email leads – you shouldn’t stay far away from this type of email lead generation method.

Because they are targeted towards the hot audience who are searching for a particular solution to their problem.

And if you are running Google ads for example – the moment someone searches for your keyword.

They will be shown your advert because they are searching for the keyword that you are using in your advert.

If someone searches for how to grow their email list to 1000 subscribers and I run a Google advert targeting that keyword.

My advert will be shown to them and they will pass through that to join my email list.

Now, these people are targeted and are in dire need of a solution. That is why they are searching.

Just like when you search for “Lead generation email” and you got access to this guide.

That means you are in dire need of knowing more about lead generation for email marketing.

So, Search Engine Optimization Adverts are very effective if targeted right because they will give you a lot of positive ROI.


E. Solo Ads:

Solo Ads is a pay per click method that is the direct source to generating a lot of email leads for your business.

This means that you will find an email marketer in your niche who has a lot of email subscribers.

Then, you will message him or her about your intention to pay for a portion of his or her email leads that joins your email list.

They mostly charge per cent but some email marketers who have a very good quality email list — most especially those who have a lot of Tier 1 country email leads can charge as high as $1 per email lead.

What you will do is that you will write a good Email Copywriting and link to your squeeze page in the copy.

It is this email copy that you will send to the email marketer (which can also be called an email vendor).

They will now blast your email to their list and charge you per the number of emails leads you to get on your website landing page.

It’s very effective because it eliminated the stress of Facebook or Google disapproving your adverts.

Although, to find a good email marketing vendor in your niche. You can go on YouTube and search for them.

You can simply type “{Nice} Email List Vendors” and you will get some suggestions.

Always make sure that you do your assignment and check their social media presence.

Does the email vendor has an online presence and does he or she has a live website.

This is what you should look for – also, you can make use of Udimi to get an email vendor in your niche.

But the majority of the vendors on Udimi are fake and their emails are not always responsive.

But it depends on your goal – the ball is in your court.


F. JV:

JV means Joint Venture and it’s the process where a person launches a product and gets affiliates to help promote it.

This is also another effective way to build your email list because it is always filled with buyer leads.

You can launch a product on an affiliate platform like Jvzoo or Clickbank and have affiliates promote it.

Any affiliate who promotes the product and gets sales for you – aside from making sales for you.

They are also giving you a buyer email lists that are ready to buy and not just freebie seekers.

So, you are earning enough from both angles and it becomes a win-win situation for you.

Many people are launching products on affiliate platforms like ClickBank and they had no email leads.

But the more they keep launching digital products on this platform.

The more they realize the impact of launching products and enjoy a lot of email leads from affiliates.

That’s why you see that some people launching digital products a lot – it is for them to enjoy more list building.

You can launch softwares, video courses, or eBooks on these platforms and get some affiliate sales.

You will get some affiliates that will request to promote your product and give you sales.

The more the sales from them – the more your email keeps increasing.

Conclusion On Lead Generation For Email

Conclusion On Lead Generation For Email

This comes to the end of this guide – we have been able to discuss the method that you can use to grow lead generation for email marketing.

You can use all the gist discussed to scale your lead generation and grow to the top level.

Always make sure you generate email leads because there is money in the list.

So, don’t sleep on it and embark on thorough digging.

If you enjoy this guide, make sure to share it with friends and family members on your social media.

Also, don’t forget to hit the comment box below to tell us your experience with email lead generation.

I will be more than glad to reply and discuss this with you.


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