Start Your Global Influencer Agency Business Without Prior Knowledge

Start Your Global Influencer Agency Business Without Prior Knowledge

Starting an influencer Marketing business is one of the best approaches to embrace to making money online.

Several ordinary people have grown from being flat broke to growing wealth just from their social media pages.

If you’re on Instagram, you will see a lot of Influencers who are posting every day and have a lot of followers who are always interested in receiving their posts.

They have thousands of posts on their social media pages with millions of followers.

But I am sure you are either one of the two listed below:

1. It’s either you’re someone who has a lot of social media followers and you are thinking about how you can turn your page into a money-making opportunity.

2. Or you don’t even have many followers on your social media page or enough conversion that can even

Generate money for you but you want to start a business where you can use the opportunity of other people who have enough followers to generate money for yourself.

Whichever one you’re currently at. You can start your global influencer agency and turn your social media account into a global source of wealth.

First of all,

What is a Global Influencer?

What is a Global Influencer?

A global Influencer is the principal of a page that Generate thousand to millions of visitors every month just from doing something he or she catches as fun.

Maybe you have something you post daily on either social media or your blog page.

And you get tons of people that respond and acknowledge what you’re doing.

You are already a global Influencer because these people are always in support of what you do.

They’re your fans and they follow every footstep you make.

They’re always on the lookout for what you will post next because they enjoy it a lot.

I have a Global Influencer that I follow on Facebook and subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

And I am always on the lookout for his new comedy videos because I enjoy them.

It gives me a little relief anytime I am kinda feeling dull. It’s my way of smiling and laughing hard.

That’s how global influencing works. And he has a lot of people from all over the world who watch his videos.

That’s a global Influencer. So, whatever you’re doing.

If you have a lot of followers who come from different spheres of the world.

You are already a global influencer and what’s next is your ability to monetize this and turn your passion into a global Influencer agency.

Let us look at how much brands pay if you’re to start your global influencer agency.


How much do brands pay influencers?

There is no specific amount that can be stated that brands pay Influencers.

It depends on brands to brand and Influencers to Influencers. So, you have to work best to get enough engagements on your social media pages.

It’s not about how many followers you have on your social media page. It’s about the engagement rates.

Someone can have 500,000 followers on Instagram but only possess just 200 post likes.

There’s something fishy there.

So, you have to make sure you have enough engagements on your pages in correspondence with your followers.

This is how brands can pay you high because they know they will gain a lot of people to see their product or service.

Nobody is paying just to display their offer on your page.

They are paying to get tractions and get views for their offer.

They know once they do this… They can get clients from you. That is why brands are paying you.

So,.paying you depends on how much engagement you have on your social media account.


What are influencer agencies?

Influencer agencies are smart networks that connect influencers with brands.

This means that, if you want a means to Target a particular audience who are interested in just a certain aspect.

You can just go to an influencer agency website and get a particular influencer whom you will pay a small or large amount of money to penetrate his or her audience.

Influencer Agencies bring buyers for brands through influencer Marketing and bring clients for online influencers.

Global Influencer Agency Business

Global Influencer Agency Business. Credit: pixabay

How To Start Your Global Influencer Agency Business [If You Have Enough Engagements On Your Social Media].


1. Open A One-Page Website For Your Social Media Account.

One of the best ways to start your global influencer agency for yourself is to have a one-page website that describes what the visitor will get.

This is one of the best ways to monetize your online influencing presence.

The way you’re going to do it is that you will upload your agency’s website on your bio or descriptions.

You will tell your followers to click on the link and check out the page.

Just make sure that you have everything well set up and make your prices different from one another.

There should be different prices for different services. So that they can choose from the one they can afford.

What you have to know is that your clients are part of those following you on your page.

Some people are Marketing officials in their company and if you bring out this kind of idea to have your one-page agency website.

They will check it out and if it’s catchy enough. They will surely give you a chance and pay you for advertising on your page.

Some people also have their brand that they will pay anything to just advertise on your page.

Just because they are your follower and they love your content.

So, you can use this method to monetize all your efforts and get clients every day on your one-page agency website.

In case you’re wondering how to do this, you can allocate the work to a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork.

You will get many website designers that can help you create the website for less than $50.


2. Display Your Awareness On Your Social Media Bio.

Another way to start your global influencer agency is to display your expertise in your bio.

In case you don’t know how to design a website or don’t have enough budget to even create an agency website.

You can just display your expertise on your social media Bio with your email address being displayed within it.

I’ve seen many influencers use this method to make money from their passion.

It’s also an agency. You don’t necessarily need to build a website to own the agency.

So, all you need is just to tell them to contact you on [email protected] if they want to do business with you or advertise their business.

It’s also an easy way for them to quickly get on board and contact you directly since they know how effective advertising on your page will be for them.


3. Display Your Account On Social Media Agency Websites.

Well, even though the main reason for having your own influencer agency business is to make money from your passion.

It shouldn’t deprive you of the effort to also display your account on social media agency websites.

There are many websites out that are readily available for things like this.

You can just go there are display your account and get clients from there.

You can just reduce your price so that you can outperform other Competitors.

I’m not the kind of person that advises someone to put all eggs in one basket.

Since all that is needed on this agency website is to display your account for clients to find you.

Then go for it… Since you don’t have to keep showing up all the time on the platform.

It’s just one day of work. And who doesn’t like good things? I am sure you do right?

So, go ahead and display it on the agency websites even though you already have yours.


4. Liaise With Other Top Influencers In Your Niche.

Another amazing way to get clients that will pay to advertise on your page is to liaise with other top Influencers.

You’re not the only one who’s getting engagements from what you’re doing.

Even if all you’re doing on your social media to build a large amount of following is “Twerking Unclad To Video Musics”.

Trust me, there’s another person better than you – who can also twerk the H@#k more than you.

And that person also has a lot followers more than you.

So, you can liaise with these persons and get to know how they get clients.

Making friends with them can be of great benefit to you.

You can even guest promote. You can both do a video on anything and from there.

You will get a watching eye from their followers. And just like you know, it’s those among their followers that’s giving them jobs to advertise.

So, those people will also get to know you and your page and who knows.

If they see that you’re also good at what you do. They will offer to advertise on your page.

You have to know that brands are looking for more awareness.

So, they will do whatever it takes to pay you if you can give them more traffics from your page and help them advertise all the time.


5. Display On Freelance Websites.

I talked about going on freelance websites the other time to get someone who can help you create your agency website.

Do you know that you can also display your agency on a freelance website and people can come to find you?

Oh yes, you can. You will just display your expertise on it and thousands of their daily website visitors will come to look for you.

Influencer Marketing is one of the best lucrative businesses out there my friend.

Because it doesn’t involve any stress from you. You can decide to use your Instagram story if you are an Instagram influencer.

You can use your Instagram story to display their products in 2 days for $20 depending on how many engagements you get.

If your followership is on another platform.

You can decide to study what other top influencers are using to advertise brand products and use that technique for yours.

So, when you display your products on some freelance websites. You will get clients who are not even your followers.

This is a nice method because the people who will be messaging you are directly in search of your expertise.

Although, there might be a little competition among other influencers.

But it’s a Worthy time investment to commence with.


How To Start Your Global Influencer Agency Business [If Want To Use Another People’s Effort].

If you want to start your global influencer agency without having an audience that is your followers.

You can achieve it. There are many brands out there that don’t render any service of what they’re doing.

Most of the products on Amazon were other people’s products and they display them on Amazon.

Same as JVzoo Marketplace where people upload their digital products.

The owner of JVzoo doesn’t have a product but he created a network where online entrepreneurs can connect with buyers.

So, you can also build a network that comments brands with influencers even if you’re not an influencer.

Let us look at how you can build your agency website.


1. Build An Agency Website.

The first is that you will build an agency website. No, not a one-page agency website.

A full website that discloses everything about influencing.

You will create many pages and design a global agency website where influencers can register their expertise to sell.

And buyers can also register an account to buy. The thing about this agency website is to bring a network between two people.

Although, this will cost you a little money because you need to hire a website developer if you don’t have enough money to design a website.

You have to make the website very user-friendly that people can register and transact business.

So, it might take a little while.

After doing this, you can start creating valuable content on this Agency website to rank on Google.

Once Google starts ranking your content. Your Target audience will start connecting with you.

You start getting clients on autopilot without any extra work.

This process is not a 1 day or 1-month job. It might even take you more than a year.

But it’s always worth it. Go now and build your agency website.


2. Work Free For An Influencer.

Another way to start your global influencer agency business is to connect with influencers and work free for them.

Oh yes, even if you don’t have enough money to open an agency website and hire a website developer.

Or you don’t tend to write valuable content that can capture Google’s attention and get you to rank.

You can forgo all that and work with influencers. Try to connect with them directly.

You have to know that all the top influencers you might be interested in have many pathetic people who are messaging them.

• Some begging them for money because they believe they are rich.

• Some accusing and abusing them forgetting that they are also human.

• Some sending them nudes and other disgusting things.

So, if you should go ahead and message on their direct message on that platform.

You will mix with those kinda people and they might not view your message.

Most of them don’t want to view things that weaken them.

So, I will advise you to find a way to get their email address or phone number and contact them through that.

You have access to them over that type of channel and they can read your message.

So, you can offer any service to them with the motive of using their expertise for your gain.

Connecting with brands is not hard if you can tell them you have access to a particular influencer or celebrity.

But getting the trust of the influencer is what’s important and a little bit difficult.

And the difficulty is just something you can achieve within 3-4 months if you’re dedicated to the process.

So, just give your best to them and offer any service. They will appreciate you.


3. Run Paid Ads Into Your Agency Website.

Another way to run your influencer marketing agency is to run paid ads to agencies.

An example is Google or YouTube ads. The reason is that there are thousands of brands every month searching for influencer agency websites.

Some go to YouTube to search for how to find an influencer in the ABC niche.

So, if your ads can display on videos that are explaining the keyword for influencer Marketing.

You can get clients from there. Although, this will need you to build a landing page where people can land on and see your works.

Or they can contact you on a social media network.

You can create an Instagram account or LinkedIn account that’s specially dedicated to this service.

And once people click on your ads. They can land on this page and see your works.

And they can connect with you directly. So, if you don’t have cash for a website.

Just use this strategy as your landing page. It’s also effective.


4. Create a Course.

You can create a course for brands. Seriously, this strategy is golden.

By creating a course and teaching people how important it is to use influencers for advertising.

You will use this opportunity to convert a cold audience who doesn’t know about this into a hot audience who will be ready to use this service.

The truth is that social media marketing is frustrating many people. From getting their ad accounts blocked all the time.

To ads cost increasing almost every time. It’s now difficult for small brands to scale through in their marketplace.

So, all you need to do is explain to them how important influencer marketing is and the difference it has from social media marketing.

You make them know that they won’t face any frustration and the cost is less than that of social media marketing.

Create a video course on this and give them access to contact you if they’re ready to boom their business with influencer marketing.

You can create an ebook and add a link to the footer of the ebook that links directly to your agency website or agency Instagram page.

This is the best way to turn a cold audience into a hot audience.

You can just title your ebook “Sell all your products with an influencer’s display ad“.

You sure know that you have to work on the copy and respin explain little things before people download it.

You can make it a free course that everyone can download.

You can run social media ads for this because it’s Targeted towards a cold audience (those who don’t have any knowledge about influencer Marketing).

The thing is that you can use all the processes listed here for your influencer marketing business.

Or you can use only one or two for your success.

It depends on how crazy you wanna go on this level. The ball is in your court fam.

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Agency for social media influencers.

Agency for social media influencers. Photo Credit: pixabay

Conclusion On Creating Your Agency for social media influencers.

I believe this guide has been Impactful?

You have to know that creating your agency is not a one-day of work. You have to give it all dedication that it needs.

It’s not going to happen one day. There are many brands out there who are already in the business and they have influencers that Register with them.

But you can still overpower them and scale your agency with all the secret tips listed in this guide.

Also, if you are already an influencer and you have your followers who can advertise on your platform.

You are already many steps away. All you need is to use the tips listed also to start minting money from the consistency of your passion.

You can share this guide with friends and family if you enjoy it.

You can also ask questions or contribute to this guide below.


Talk soon.

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