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Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review: 10 Exposed Secrets

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review owned by the Mikkelsen Twins.

AIA is all about teaching you everything you need concerning launching a successful Audiobook business on Audible.

Audible is a platform where content creators and coaches upload their audio files in form of tutorials.

Just like the way we have E-books that people consume on Amazon Kindle and read online.

Or the way we have Video tutorials that people watch online by paying for on a platform like Udemy.

That is also the way we have Audible where people listen to audios online in respect of gaining knowledge.

Amazon is the brand who owns Audible and It is part of the arms that Amazon is controlling for content creators and coaches.

And so, the Mikkelsen Twins sees this as another opportunity to penetrate a target market.

And since there are fewer courses about Audiobooks. It is really a great niche for them to target.

That is why in this guide, we will be reviewing their course on AIA 2.0.

So, let us dive deep into what it is all about.

AIA 2.0 Review

  • Course Creator: Mikkelsen Twins
  • Course Price: $1497
  • Course Niche: Audiobook Selling
  • Recommended: Readers’ Discretion after reading this review


What Is Audiobook Income Academy All About?

Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) 2.0 is a system that teaches people how to start selling knowledge through the use of Audible.

Although the system that the Mikkelsen Twins use in this course is the Ghost Audio approach.

They realize that not many people are bold or even fluent enough to record audio for sale.

So, they channel their sales copy towards using the ghost audio approach through the use of hiring freelancers.

It is these freelancers that will do all the recording of the tutorials and also even upload on audible through ACX.

All that will be needed is just for you to drive traffic to these finished courses and make sales.

The course also teaches how to use both free and paid forms of methods of advertising to drive traffic.

It is also important for you to know that this course is a 40 hours course with weekly group coaching.

Where questions and several Important information can be shared with knowledge spilled out.

The AIA 40 hours course also comes with a Facebook Community where interaction among paid members is ongoing.


The Mikkelsen Twins, Who Are They?

The Mikkelsen Twins consist of Rasmus and Christian from the Mikkelsen Family.

Who claimed to have sold millions of their courses from audible and decide to also teach other people how to.

They have a youtube channel with over 54,000 subscribers at the time of writing this guide.

Youtube Channel of Mikkelsen Twins

With their Facebook group where they have over 13,000 members who are active on their page.

Facebook Group - Audiobook Income Academy Review

They have sold several of their courses in the Audiobook niche.

If you are online a lot, you will see their adverts pop up on YouTube and they majorly Target tie 1 country.

That is what I know about them for now, if there is any further information, I will update this post in the future.


What Are The Requirements To Join Audiobook Income Academy?

Joining the AIA 2.0 course is not free and there is no free trial of any kind for anybody at the time of writing this guide.

Although there is a refund policy after 180 days if you didn’t see any result from the program.

To join the program. You will pay a total sum of $1497 for you to become an approved member/student.

Or you can pay a 3 times Installment of $797 if you cannot pay at once.

You don’t need any serious requirement for you to join except you making payment.

After all, everybody is all about the money. It is also when you make a payment that the Mikkelsen Twins will also make money.

So, they will make everything very easy for you when you are trying to become a member.

It is after you join that you now see the true color of how everything is.


The Audio Income Academy Consist Of What?

Some tutorials are inside this course which you are going to learn from.

The details about the course are also in audio format, which makes it show real proof of what you also will be replicating.

Although, what I don’t know is maybe the AIA course is also outsourced to some other freelancers.

Since the main slang of the course is Ghost Audio through the use of freelancers.

Maybe they are also using that same method and might not directly be the ones who created the course.

Let us look at the things you stand to learn from buying this course.

Module 1: Millionaire Mindset.

Some of the high ticket courses that start from $1000 and above do commence with their TedX talk.

They try to wash your mind and make you think and reason like a millionaire and not an ordinary person.

The ability to reason at first and not just be the person who is on the internet looking for the next shiny object.

Is what always brings out the best from anyone who is considering becoming a true millionaire online.

So, this is the first thing that you will be hearing when you buy the course.

You will first be washed and rinsed in the proper way to make maximum use and get the result from the course.

This is also where they will let you know that success always comes with a cost (which is hard work).

Although, when you are about to buy the course.

They will tell you that you can start making money within the next 30 days.

But later on, you get to see that it is not easy and they will also use a technique to tell you in this millionaire mindset.

Which is the first module which you will be hearing.

Module 2: Picking Your Niche.

The second module will be teaching you the type of niche that you can go into.

In this aspect, you will learn about the reason why it is very bad to just enter into several niches.

Or just trying to stay in a broad niche that a lot of people are already talking and discussing.

Instead of just focusing on a narrow niche that you can become an expert in and grow your audience.

This is what the second module is all about.

Also, I believe choosing a niche is very important and it is not only applicable to launching your course on Audible.

It is also applicable to affiliate marketing (selling another person’s course or products).

Or Dropshipping (which is reselling other people’s physical products without holding inventory).

Here, you will decide on the niche that you want to go further into.

Module 3: Creating Your Book.

In this module, you will learn how to Create your Audiobook.

This is where you will outsource all your recordings and publishing if you cannot do it yourself.

They will also teach you how you can get the best freelancers for this kind of work.

The Mikkelsen Twins also have freelancers which they will recommend you to. I am very sure they will also have their own share from that.

Because we all know how things work in the internet world. They will make money from selling their course.

And also make money by telling people that they can outsource all the processing of the course.

By also collecting their share from the freelancers who will be doing the work on people’s behalf.

After all, we humans do not like stress – most especially if we have the money at hand and we are given fake promises of getting it back.

Module 4: Growing Your Audience.

It is important for you to know that without traffic, there won’t be any sales that will be made.

So, in module 4 of this course. You are going to learn how you can grow your audience.

They will teach you how to use both free and paid methods to grow your audience.

They will also teach you the best ways to quickly make use of Facebook to grow your community very fast.

Although, when you are about to join the course. You will only be told that you can quickly build your audience very fast.

But it is when you get deeper into the course that you will realize that it’s not that easy.

Because building an audience with free or organic traffic takes several months for you to see results.

It doesn’t and will never get easier as you were told.

So, these are some of the gimmicks and tricks that online gurus use to lure people into buying their courses.

You just have to be careful as regards the things you listen to in any sales copy.

Module 5: Launch Week.

Hitting the publish Icon is another lesson in the Audiobook Income Academy program.

Although, not everyone has the mindset to always hit the publish Icon all the time.

That is why they have also decided to guide their students on how they can launch their audiobooks successfully.

Although they claim to help students launch books successfully. But how many people are truly Successful?

Here, you will be getting what you need to publish or get those to hire for publishing your books.

Module 6: Ads On Audiobooks.

In week 6 of the AIA program. You will be taught how you can run paid Amazon adverts to your book.

It is important for to know that you always need to run paid adverts to your content on Amazon.

You cannot always fully rely on organic reach on Amazon because there are too many competitors.

If you are to rely fully on the Amazon SEO and awaiting people to just search and see your Audiobook at the top.

This might take a little while before you will be able to achieve that.

So, running paid adverts on Amazon is something that you should learn.

And they (Mikkelsen Twins) will be teaching you how you can do this.

Just know that when you are about to enter – you won’t know about this.

You will only be sugar-coated on how everything is very easy and won’t even stress you at all.

It is when you now get inside the course that you will get to realize how difficult the course is truly.

You will get to see that you will have to struggle and also pay extra for adverts on Amazon for you to even get fast traffic.

Module 7: Next Level Publishing.

All the paraphrasing of everything that you have been taught and how you can take everything to maximum use will be taught here.

You will see and get the first hand information that you need in publishing and profiting from audiobooks.

The next level publishing of AIA is all about that.


Added Bonuses

You will also be given some tools and resources which you will need for your online success.

This is the bonus that is included in the course for the members.

Also, you will be given access to join their community and start getting an immediate result from other people’s success stories.

Although they do update the things inside their bonus resource from time to time.

So, by the time you recheck. You might have seen more updated things inside your dashboard.


Are the Mikkelsen Twins scams or legit?

I will not call them a scam because they deliver what they promise to their students which is the course.

Had it been they did not deliver the course or add their members to any mentorship group.

We can tag them as a scam. But the fact that they will surely deliver the course and make it consumable for their students.

Then they are not a scam. And anybody that did not see a result after following the course should have that stigma on themselves.

Oh yes, because a majority of the people on the internet are busy looking for what will get them right quickly.

It doesn’t and wouldn’t work that way. And even if they promise to outsource everything for you.

They know that is what will make people join easily because people are always lazy to work.

They just want everything to be easy for them without putting any effort into an online business or hustle.

So, others might tag them scams but I won’t. I only see them as another bright students who have enrolled for someone else’s course in the past.

And they were taught that the best way to make money is to also sell their course by teaching others how to sell their course.

That is how the majority of the make money cycle now works on the internet and it is not new.

You only have to be wise concerning joining a program or course like this which you will find the majority of the information inside on YouTube.

So, I don’t blame the Mikkelsen Twins, I blame those who are joining because of greed.


Is this course worth it’s price of $1497?

If you are asking whether the course is even worth the amount it is. It is surely worth it.


Because many people now listen to audiobooks because of the ease of consuming.

Also, because 40 hours of lecture with a lot of modules which are being treated weekly is no joke.

Had it been it is just a 1hour lecture. We might have said it is nothing to be proud of.

Also, does this mean a 40 hours lecture will be more informational and educative than 1 hour lecture?

Absolutely Not! In fact, the majority of the 40 hours lecture is always filled with tras*h.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t glorify their effort towards creating such a time range course.

And since people see this as another method to learn even while they are busy with house chores.

Most especially mothers who do not have the time to always read.

It’s another method for them to learn and also use the same method to sell their courses.


Is Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Scam or Legit?

The course might be a scam because not everyone who enrolls will succeed or even make back the money invested.

In fact, among 100 who register or buy the course with their credit card.

It might only be 5 that would have seen a little bit of result or even make back the money invested.

Also, if they are very proud of their course. They shouldn’t have offered a money back guarantee of $5000 if the result is not seen in 180 days.

I see a money back guarantee as just a way for their buyers to feel the relief of investing in their course.

After all, it is part of the copywriting gimmicks out there.

Because when they make every prospect believe that there will be money back if they don’t see any result.

Then, such a prospect will have something to rely on. In which, that is even logic of sales.

The majority won’t even think of collecting their money back. Because they will feel the fault comes majorly from them.

In which, the fault comes from both coaches who already promised heaven and earth from their sales copy.


Pros of AIA 2.0

This course has some advantages which I find interesting for anyone who wishes to join.

1. Audiobooks the new level:

An audiobook is a new way for anyone to sell knowledge without buyers thinking of how to consume it.

These days, it becomes very difficult for people to read 100 or even 200 pages of E-book without complaining.

Because no one can be cooking or clearing the chores and be reading E-book.

But it is very possible for someone to be doing house chores and still be listening to tutorials.

Sales page of AIA

That is why many people just prefer to make use of audiobooks by publishing courses on Audibles.

Because this way, they will be able to get into the minds of their prospects and get them to make a purchase.

So, Rasmus and Christian tried and consider a good niche for them to penetrate into.

Because even without selling a course now, I have been able to convince you on how best audiobooks work well than others methods.

2. Money back guarantee:

They have a money back guarantee technique which I find very much advantageous to desperate students.

For anyone who is very much strict and really cares about every amount of dollars, they have spent.

Or someone who has spent and wasted a lot of money on several tutorials in the past without any result.

They already have something to rely on as a backbone in case they don’t see the result they were promised.

This cannot be compared to other courses that maybe don’t offer anything.

In case you don’t know, you have access to claim $5000 if you don’t see back any result or progress within 180 days.

Although, I am certain that not all … in fact, the majority of those who joined won’t see the early results.

So, are they refunded their money at all?

Who knows… because nobody will know if the money back is even true or not. But it is an added advantage.

3. Ability to connect with members of the group:

From my experience on the internet, I have been able to notice that when one is in the midst of like-minded people.

You get to learn more and also feel motivated towards the progress of other people.

That is why this course is also Advantageous because it makes it easy for one to be among people you share the same ideas with.

Also, this is where you will see those who are seeing a little progress.

Even though there will only be a few people who will be seeing the progress.

But people won’t know because they are just busy chasing shiny objects on the internet.


Cons of AIA 2.0

Even with the available pros that we have discussed above.

It is also important for you to know the cons of this program, which I believe a lot of people don’t know about.

1. Expensive:

This course is very much expensive, to be frank. Because the majority of what they claim to teach can be found on YouTube.

There are even several youtube videos that will teach more than what they claim to teach in this course.

So, it is very expensive in the $1497 approach. Or let us just roughly call it $1500.

It is expensive and since it is not everyone who is even getting the result that they promised.

I find it very much rather go to learn from YouTube from what they promised to teach.

You will get videos on how to launch a book on Audible online.

Videos on how to run Amazon adverts for audible and even learn free methods to drive traffic.

Since they also rely on an advert to sell their courses by using YouTube, Google and others.

You can also channel down their funnel to also sell your courses on audible instead of spending that much.

Such money can be channeled into running paid adverts.

2. Extortive in approach:

It is no news that the majority of online tutors are just here to extort people.

The same people are going to keep posting their results of how they sold several copies of their products online.

Selling courses and creating an awesome sales funnel is all about posting drips online.

And also shows how they just crossed their new comma club of millions of dollars.

That is why they extort people with their high ticket courses and keep balling and making banks.

So, it all boils down to competition among the rich marketers who are aiming for more cash.


Final Thought, Should You Join?

Joining Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 depends on your discretion and nobody can decide for you.

But just be very much prepared for anything that will happen on your way to success.

And never think that it is going to be very much easy at first – just because you read or listen to their sales copy.

They will always make everything look easy when you want to enroll in their program.

It is after you finish joining that you now see how difficult it was.

You will also get to know that it also took them years for them to get Success.

So, be careful.

If you really enjoy this guide, then you might also want to consider this guide on why Affiliate Marketing Is Booming In 21st Century.

You will gain a lot from reading this guide.

11 Best Wordai Alternatives, Similar Tools And Competitors

WordAi Alternatives

Gone are the days when content writers need to write a lot of content all by themselves before they can publish a good blog post.

Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence software like wordai, a lot of things have changed and content writers are now finding it easy to publish content.

In this guide, we are going to be reviewing some of the other wordai alternatives which you can also be making use of.

Just like I pinpoint in the other aspect of this guide. With the use of wordai software for writing content.

It has now become easier for anyone to come up with any topic and easily craft out content from it.

Although I have to be plain with you that I don’t make use of any of these tools for my writing purpose.

I don’t believe in them writing my content since I am born to write. I can easily write out thousands of words within 30minutes.

So, writing is not a problem for me. But the reason why I am writing this guide is for those who want to become content writers but find writing very difficult.

If you are finding it difficult to write content and you want to keep publishing content but need something to help you in this aspect.

wordai is your best bet when it comes to that and the amazing thing is that…

…it is not only wordai that does this thing. Even some other tools are out there which can also serve the purpose of wordai.

They can do exactly and even more than what wordai will do for you.

And that is the reason for this guide – Because I will not be writing strictly on wordai as a tool.

But on other alternatives that also serve the same feature as wordai.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;


Best Wordai Alternatives

Below are the respective wordai alternatives which we will be discussing in this guide.

  1. Wordtune.
  2. SEO Content Machine.
  3. Spinwriter. 
  4. Jarvis.
  5. Pappertype.
  6. Wordhero.
  7. Spinbot.
  8. Quillbot.
  10. Rytr.
  11.  Article Forge.


1. Wordtune:

Wordtune - Wordai Alternatives

Wordtune is an Artificial Intelligence software just like wordai that helps to bring out your thoughts.

If you have anything to pen down and you are finding it very tedious to write because you are just too occupied or lazy to do it.

Wordtune is your best chrome extension to make use of and let life very easy for you in this particular aspect.

With wordtune, you make it very easy for you to start writing a lot of content even when you are writing nonsense.

It will help to rewrite out your thoughts and pen them down completely in a way that will resonate with your audience.

You can easily make use of this tool to craft some email campaigns for your subscribers and lead on your autoresponder.

Or maybe you want to type out some content on social media just to engage with your followers.

This tool will help you to simplify all these by typing out your thought just with little stress from you.

I like this tool a lot because I see it as the next-generation Intelligence tool that will keep working for a long time.

So, if you are someone who wants to keep writing content but have been finding it difficult and want something to clarify your thoughts.

And you are also looking for another alternative to wordai because of your reason which I don’t know.

Try out Wordtune today and quick start writing out whatever you have in mind.

This will make you become a content writer overnight and you can easily start being consistent online.

Just be rest assured that this tool will simplify everything for you and also correct all your blunders.

  • Price: $9.99.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Chrome Extension.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? Contact Support.

>>> Click here to check out Wordtune


2. SEO Content Machine:

SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is another artificial intelligence tool for content writers who are optimizing for Search Engines.

If you’re a blogger or a content writer for SEO purposes who are thinking of getting more productive with your writing skill.

Then you can easily make use of SEO Content Machine to make life very easy for you.

How does the SEO Content Machine Works?

Your tool will help you crawl Google and Bing to fetch out content that will complement whatever you are disseminating.

The way this works is that you will have to input some keywords that are related to your content.

When you input these keywords. SEO Content Machine will crawl the internet and fetch you relative data.

And all this data is what you can easily use to pen down a complete article that you can publish on your blog or any article writing website.

But as a content writer who owns a blog and writes content every day. Do I make use of tools like this?

No, I don’t. And I don’t encourage any upcoming bloggers who want to grow a successful blog to use this.

The only aspect you can make use of this SEO Content Machine is when you want to optimize for backlinks.

Maybe you have a website where you want to guest post or have a website where you can get free backlinks.

And you are finding it stressful to come up with complete content because you feel skeptical it’s not on your website.

You can make use of this tool and come up with something to write just to publish something on the third-party website.

This way, it doesn’t mean that the content will rank on Google. But at least, you just use it to get backlinks.

I hope you get the logic? So, don’t rely on it to keep publishing content on your website.

Google’s algorithm is growing more Intelligent and you might only rank for a few months with this tool and later lose your ranking.

So, stay safe and use this tool very wisely as one of the wordai alternatives.

  • Price Plans: $27 Per Month to $197 Per Year.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Desktop Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out SEO Content Machine 


3. Spinwriter:


Spinwriter is another wordai alternative that you can make use of to publish content on the internet.

I will advise you to make use of this tool for something like social media content or email marketing campaign.

The way spinwriter works are that it helps you to convert a complete article to another human writer article.

Just from the name of this software, you can easily denote what it does without any further stress.

You can easily make use of this tool to spin any article you find online and it will bring out another article for you.

This article will still be disseminating the same information just as the one that you got on the internet.

But it will be in another form that won’t look like the one you copied.

Normally, I don’t make use of this but if you want to use it. Just make sure that you are just using it on a platform that doesn’t penalize plagiarism.

Although, it will help you spin the content and make it more comprehending in another type of statement and words.

Also, you should try to review it and see if it’s sense-making as some words might not correlate.

But it will do all the magic for you and make your stay writing free from coming up with any content from the scratch.

Spinwriter is another alternative to wordai that you can easily start making use of now and write better content online.

  • Price Plans: $47 Per Month Or $497 One Time Purchase.
  • Free Trial? 5 Days.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 30 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Spinwriter


4. Jarvis:

Jarvis - Wordai Alternatives

Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence tool that can help you write almost all your content for SEO.

With Jarvis, you might not need to bother about you writing any of your content all by yourself.

All you might only need to do is to just edit and correct some aspects where there might be a little mistake.

As you know that a tool cannot be 100 percent correct almost all the time.

Human power will always be needed for anything successful to happen in such a scenario.

But does this mean that Jarvis is not as complete as other tools that can help you write content?

Jarvis is a very fantastic tool and many content creators have started promoting it recently.

I mean, I first got in contact with a review about YouTube when I was searching for the purchase of a crypto coin.

YouTube just suggested the video for me and I was kinda like what’s it all about.

With Jarvis, you have access to 25+ languages which you can use to create content in them.

This means that you are not even only limited to writing in English all the time in case you are from an English-speaking country.

You can easily write and optimize for other countries if you need more traffic.

This will optimize and easily make you rank a new website that is targeted to other countries.

This is another fantastic opportunity for you to grab and easily start creating awesome content with Jarvis.

Quickly scale up your content more rapidly with Jarvis and start enjoying more content publishing periods.

You can also use Jarvis to craft sales copy and also ad copies instead of making use of wordai.

  • Price: $29 Per Month – Starters Plan.
  • Free Trial? No.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 5 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Jarvis


5. Peppertype: - Wordai Alternatives

Peppertype is another writing tool that also functions as an alternative to wordai.

With this tool, you can easily create engaging sales copy for all your paid and free advert.

Also, if you are thinking of how you can easily generate content for your website or maybe for backlinks.

You can make use of this tool to create awesome content that will look human-related.

Another reason why I recommend pepper type is that it is software which you can use to write title headlines.

Like the uniqueness of helping you generate a title or headline which will increase your click-through rate.

It’s an awesome feature. Also, you can use it to generate meta descriptions for your content.

Just in case you are trying to optimize your content for SEO purposes. You know how needful meta description can be.

And if you’re a novice in that aspect who doesn’t know much about how you can generate a good meta description.

You can make use of peppertype instead of wordai to perform all these tasks without stressing yourself too much.

Just be careful to use this tool only for your content meta description and headline.

I don’t suggest any of my awesome readers jeopardize any future Opportunity because of laziness.

Use peppertype wisely and don’t fall into difficulties in the future.

  • Price Plans: $35 to $199 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out Peppertype 


6. Wordhero:

Wordhero - Wordai Alternatives

Write quality blog posts and social media captions with wordhero.

Wordhero is a powerful content writing tool which we also have to discuss in this guide.

With Wordhero, all your content writing problems will be solved because this tool is designed to solve content writing problems.

Wordhero has over 50+ writing tools which they are also adding more and more to it consistently to serve their users better.

If you’re thinking about ways through which you can write out amazing content – then wordhero is your solution.

You can use Wordhero to even write out lyrics and songs in case you are a musical artist.

A lot of artists make use of Wordhero to write their tracks and bring out better lyrics that will give rhymes.

But if you are into Internet Marketing like me and you want something to ease your writing stress.

Go for Wordhero and start making waves with your writing skills as if everything is 100 percent done by you.

Just like Jarvis and others, you can also use Wordhero to write sales copy, email campaigns copy, and many others.

With just a few clicks, you will be good to go and you can start writing enough content.

  • Price: $49 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? None Found.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out Wordhero


7. Spinbot:

SpinBot - Wordai Alternatives

Spinbot is another website application tool that also uses pronounced text versions to replace any given word.

As you know that plagiarism is bad and Google or any other platforms out there go against it.

But the problem is still in the area where many people find it very difficult to write just a thousand words article.

They find it very difficult because it’s not what they are used to doing or what they just can’t do.

That is where spinbot comes into action and just from the name of this tool. You can easily decode what it’s meant for.

It will easily help you respin an article into another version of an article that can be used by you.

All you need do is to input or paste the article that you want to rewrite inside Spinbot and it will do the work for you.

It will help you rewrite the article in a way that will be more readable for your audience.

This is another wordai alternative which you should know about.

Also, the amazing thing about this tool is that it is free of charge and you don’t have to pay any amount to use it.

You can easily use it to spin thousands of works at once and you can just get it ready for use easily.

Spinbot is programmed to reread every sentence in the article and rewrite it to human form.

It will bring out the best in the article as if it wasn’t being copied from another place.

But always remember the code to only use the result from this tool for platforms that do not search engine optimized.

You can easily use it on social media or email but don’t use it on Google if you don’t want to get blacklisted.

  • Price: $10 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None Found.

>>> Click here to check out spinbot


8. Quillbot:

Quillbot - Wordai Alternatives

Quillbot is another artificial intelligence tool just like wordai that also helps to rephrase words.

Most times it might be difficult for one to write completely without any kind of assist.

It’s not all the time that writing will be part of you and you will need something that can also help you justify your thoughts.

That’s what Quillbot is ready to do because it can easily help you to paraphrase your thoughts and make them more explainable.

You can use Quillbot while you are typing out your content to enable get yourself ready for work.

You don’t have to write every bit of your article when there is a solution out there that can help you find an everlasting solution.

This is what Quillbot is programmed and built for. It helps to rephrase every word just to make it have a reasonable meaning.

This means that ever if you have an idea your copy is from another page or another handle.

You can easily pen it down in the words given and Quillbot will help you to rephrase everything for you.

Quillbot is another awesome tool that you should consider to try out all by yourself.

Just enter your text into the required space and easily spin your bot to rephrase all your words.

  • Price: $4.95 Per Month.
  • Free Plan? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 3 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Quillbot


9. - Wordai Alternatives is a fantastic tool for those who are even into Copywriting for online money-making.

If you are a freelance copywriter or maybe you have a business where you need copywriting all the time.

Then this tool is a fantastic app that will help you to create out valuable copy that will bring you sales.

Just imagine if you have a tool that can help you crawl the internet to get you a copy of the exact type of product you want to sell.

This means that you don’t have to stay up all day or night thinking of guessing what to write specifically.

With, you can easily input the keyword of exactly what you plan to write about in the required space.

And then will crawl the internet to see the available sales copies that have been used to see such products previously.

Also, if you are making use of social media to promote your product and also build your audience.

You can easily input any keyword you like to write on and it will bring you enough research on what you want to write on. is another word alternative that is awesome for anyone not to even have.

Either you are into any art affiliate program or any writing affiliate program.

This will help you bring out any valuable copy for whatever you are trying to promote.

  • Price: $49 Per Month.
  • Free Trial? 7 Days.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None.

>>> Click here to check out


10. Rytr:

Rytr - Wordai Alternatives

Another tool that we have to discuss in this guide before we should think of closing it is Rytr.

Just from the name of the software, you can easily note what it’s meant to do.

You can easily use easy copy and content for your social media, email, and even on any advert.

With Rytr, you don’t have to keep spending countless hours on what exactly you want to write on.

Start making publishing for your social media marketing very easy for you.

With all the prebuilt templates that are inside this tool. You can easily start writing out awesome copies for your brand.

No need to hire content writers that will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars per copy.

Content writing is getting easier with Rytr.

  • Price Plans: $9 to $29 Per Month.
  • Free Plan? Yes.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? None.

>>> Click here to check out Rytr


11. Article Forge:

Article Forge

Just like many other tools that I have discussed in this guide. Article forge is not an exception as it’s also meant for writing out content.

All that you have to do is to input your text and make article forge help you rewrite all your content.

It’s something similar to wordai and also serves the same function that you enjoy the wordai tool.

Article forge is one of the wordai alternatives which you should also consider to use for your content writing.

It comes with a power detection feature that helps to eliminate the rate of plagiarism in content.

This will make it very easy for you to post without any mindset of whether your content looks plagiarized.

  • Price Plans: $57 to $177 Per Month
  • Free Trial? 5 Days.
  • Usage: Web Application.
  • Money-Back Guarantee? 30 Days.

>>> Click here to check out Article Forge 


Final Thought On Wordai Alternatives

Above are the 11 tools which I consider to be the best wordai alternatives for you to test out confidently.

Just make sure that you are using these tools for either your paid ads or free ads sales copy.

Or you are using them on your social media just to keep your page engaging and updating.

Don’t be using them for search engine optimization because it wouldn’t help that much in the long run.

If this is something that interests you. You might want to consider reading this guide on English Article Writing.

Demio Pricing: How Much Does Each Plan Cost?

Demio Pricing

The major hike of funnel usage recently has resulted in the sudden request for Demio Pricing.

Since a lot of marketers have started seeing the benefit of using sales funnels.

They believe it is quite the best time to start making use of better ways to convert their funnels the more.

And since it is no more news that customers tend to convert more with videos because they feel entrusted to it.

That is the major reason why a lot of marketers have started using Webinars to close a lot of sales.

And this is where Demio comes in – because it makes selling easier when things are already automated.

With the Demio Pricing plan – you can easily know the type of plan you should go for and which one will suit your taste.

Demio is a webinar tool that makes it easy for anyone to go live with an Audience with all its scheduled tools.

It is also a tool that makes it easy for anyone to have a pre-recorded video readily available that can convert customers to buy.

It will just be as if you are going live with them but everything is already pre-recorded for each register to watch at their Content.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide:

In this guide, we will be looking at the different plans of Demio Pricing.


Demio Pricing Plans

  1. Free Trial.
  2. Starter Plan “$49/month. 
  3. Growth Plan “$99/month. 
  4. Premium Plan (Bargain With The Support For Price). 



Pricing Plans Of Demio

The first plan which we will discuss in this guide is the Free 14 Days plan which is made available for everyone.

With this free 14 days plan…You can easily get back money which you can use to continue and upgrade to other paid plans.

The 14 days free trial is made available on the Demio Website where you have access to enjoy premium access.

You can easily select the Growth plan and just enjoy the 14 day free trial for that plan.

A registered member of the free trial for the Growth plan stands a chance to enjoy all the features and benefits of that growth plan.

Just that such person will only be limited to 20 attendees and a 1-hour session of video.

What this means is that only 20 people will be able to attend your Live or Pre-recorded webinar and nothing more than that.

Also, any session that is more than 1 hour will not be allowed as you are only limited to 1 Hour Live session.

If you are cool with all these… you can easily go ahead and register for the 14 day free trial of the growth plan.

After the 14 days elapse… you will only be allowed to purchase the Growth Plan for you to continue enjoying the features.



Starters Plan - Demio Pricing

The first paid plan on Demio is the Starters plan which is made available for Small Business enterprises.

It is made available for beginners and intermediate internet marketers who are just getting started with webinars.

Something that they can easily integrate to get a lot of people to their funnel and convert them with webinars.

The cost of the Starter’s plan is $49 if you are to be paying it monthly.

While if you are to be paid annually, you are going to be paying $34 for those months which you have paid for.

Let us Immediately glance through the features that you stand to enjoy with the Starter’s Plan.

  1. 50 Attendee Room.
  2. Single Host.
  3. Standard features.
  4. 3-Hour Session Limit.
  5. Live and Event Series.
  6. Standard Support.


1. 50 Attendee Room:

The highest number of attendees which you can have in a single room of any webinar is 50 people.

Anything more than 50 attendees will not be allowed as this is only limited to the starter’s plan.

This plan is made available for people who are just getting started majorly just like you can see.

Because if someone like Tony Robbins is to use this type of plan – then something funny is going to happen.

Just a single live call on his Twitter page alone will bring thousands of attendees to that webinar.

But for someone who has a little audience and he’s just getting started with webinars and funnels.

Then, there is no cause for alarm because such a person still has less audience.

So, if you are someone who is still having only 50 attendees in your funnel.

Then you can rest assured be using the Starters Plan but if you are someone who has more than this.

Then you will want to consider checking out the Growth plan instead.


2. Single Host:

When using the standard plan of Demio. Only one host is allowed to anchor any live event.

You cannot have more than one host for any event as this is not allowed in the starter’s plan.

What this means is that, if you are trying to bring several other people to join you in anchoring your webinar.

Then that will not be allowed as you are the only person who can anchor the event all by yourself.

Only a single host is allowed in the handling of any event in the Starters Plan.


3. Standard features:

You also have access to a lot of standard features with the Starters plan.

Features range from tools that you can use while you are anchoring your live event.

Some automation tools inside Demio which you can easily use to schedule and bring out the best from your live event.

Also, you have access to some features which you can work with and will always bring out the best from your webinar.

It is more like when you are in the kitchen preparing that delicious recipe.

What are the things that you need to make it delicious? This is what this standard feature is about.

It includes the things that you need to put in place for your live event or webinar to turn the best.


4. 3-Hour Session Limit:

With the Starters plan, you are only limited to 3 hours per session and nothing more than that.

That means that if you are trying to anchor an event that will last more than 3 hours – then you have to go for the Growth plan.

The starter’s plan of Demio Pricing only gives the chance to have a session that is 3 hours.

Although, if you are starting… I will say that 3 hours is also okay except if you are shooting a physical location live.

Like maybe there is a Live physical event that is being held and you are trying to shoot it live.

If you are not doing anything like that – then you don’t need to stress yourself much with stuff like this.

Because even a 2-hour session is count to be a stress to most people and find it difficult to stay with camera for 2 hours.

Even someone like me will find it very difficult to be in a live or pre-recorded session for 3 straight hours.

So, you can just schedule anything you are doing to fix the exact minute that you want it to.

3 hours is the maximum limit which you have for the Starters Plan and so – it’s very okay to work for any new marketer or small business.

It’s not advisable for large businesses because there are a lot of activities that go on within an event of large businesses.


5. Live and Event Series:

Oh yes! This is something normal because the major reason why you are using Demio is to anchor an event virtually.

And so, you are chanced to shoot an event live and go visual with your Audience and convert sales.

Also, the live event is not the only thing that you are limited to.

You also have the chance to shoot a webinar that is pre-recorded for anybody to access at any time.

This is made available so that those who are not available during the live event can also have access to the recordings.

And this is where many people make money because they just sell the webinar for others to gain.


6. Standard Support:

You also have access to standard Support from the Demio team in case you encounter any difficulty.

It is normal to experience some problems while you are making use of any tool.

But this is where many tools out there get the problem arising because they always have a bad support system.

But when you have a support system too is intact…Such a product will continue to grow and thrive hard.

So, this is a feature that Demio has because they have a very good support system made available for their users.

And this support is available in the Starters plan of Demio Pricing which you can easily enjoy.



Growth Plan - Demio Pricing

The growth plan is very much best for marketers or companies who have a lot of audiences.

If you are within the intermediate and expert level marketer that has a lot of means of generating traffic to your funnel.

Then the growth plan is very much okay for you because you have a lot of privileges to enjoy in this plan.

This room is bigger than the starters plan and you have the opportunity to accommodate more attendees.

The price for this plan is $99 per month if you are paying it every month.

And $69 per month if you are paying annually which you get a discount on all the months.

Let us Immediately discuss a little about the growth plan and why you should invest in it:

  1. 150 Attendee.
  2. Up to 5 hosts per account.
  3. Everything from Starter.
  4. 8-Hour Session Limit.
    Custom Room and
  5. Email Branding.
  6. Custom Form Fields.
  7. Automated Events.
  8. Registration Source Tracking.


1. 150 Attendees:

In the growth plan, whenever you are anchoring an event and making use of Demio.

You will only be limited to 150 attendees in your live event because that is the limit of a Growth plan.

So, if you are running funnel ads and you intend to have more than 150 people in a live session.

Then you have to move up to other plans because the only limit here is 150 people.

Although, this is a little bit cool as you can also shuffle timeframe among your attendees.

You can decide to give a separate timeframe to different people and get them to come for the live event at a separate time.

Although, the amazing thing about this is that it would have already been prerecorded for you.

So, you can easily give a timeframe with your Evergreen Funnel and make them log in to see each separate time.

But just have it at the back of your mind that this is only a limited 150 attendees.


2. Up to 5 hosts Per Account:

This plan makes it easy to have 5 hosts per account.

This means that instead of the starters plan where you will always have to be the only host of your events.

You can easily bring more hosts into your live sessions and get them all live at once.

This can easily be effective for companies that will always have a virtual meeting with their investors and some other employees.

They can easily have up to 5 Anchors in their session who will maintain and coordinate the control of that event.

Although, this can also be limited to companies with less workforce and investors.

If there are a lot of investors and a workforce in the company – then this growth plan might not be that suitable.

You can see that Even though the number of attendees is not a problem here. But the number of hosts for the event.

Although, the growth plan is still a suitable plan to manage in terms of hosts.


3. Everything From Starter:

You get everything that is available in the Starters plan in the Growth plan of Demio Pricing.

All the things that I have explained including all the features are what you are going to enjoy in this growth plan.

And you will also enjoy more than what is available on the starters plan which I will still explain further.

So, still, sit back with your cup of coffee and still walk along this amazing journey with my fam.

If this growth plan is something that you will enjoy and you feel like it can solve your problem.

Then it might be because the growth plan gives you all and more than what the starters are enjoying.


4. 8-Hour Session Limit:

Unlike the starters plan that you will only be limited to a 1-hour session limit.

That is not so in the Growth plan of Demio Pricing. In this growth plan, you will be having access to the 8-hours live session limit.

Wow! I think this is amazing for big events that can occur for a long period.

If you have any event that will be in existence for a long period – then you should get the Growth plan of Demio.

Because you have access to 8 hours of a live session with your attendees.

People who will benefit a lot with this growth plan are high ticket online coaches.

Some coaching programs last for weeks in their live session and you just have to keep watching.

They are courses that range from $25,000 and above.

And trust me, people are enrolling for it because it is just worth it.

So, if you have any coaching program that lasts this long up to 8 hours – the Growth Plan of Demio Pricing is your best vehicle to carry you on that journey.


5. Custom Room and Email Branding:

You can easily customize your room with this growth plan and also enjoy email branding as usual.

Email marketing is said to be the mother of all direct selling.

Since there is money in the list and a lot of marketers find email more profitable than their social media accounts.

Then, if you can use email to work more on your live sessions. You will profit a lot in your business.

And you are not just left alone to do all these by yourself. With the Growth plan of Demio Pricing.

You can easily brand and customize all your emails to suit the conversion of your audience.

You will have access to all the templates and email tools that you need to brand your emails.

These tools will help you convert your audience more into attending your live sessions and webinars.

This is another feature that you will enjoy in this growth plan.


6. Custom Form Fields:

Do you want your registration to be unique and not be like others?

Then you have this feature in the growth plan of Demio with the customs form field feature.

You can integrate more fields into your Opt-in or registration form that will boost your conversions easily.

These features are just too terrific because it makes your conversion skyrocket.

After all for anyone to join your live session. They have to register for it and become an invitee.

But the thing about this is that your conversion can go low if you don’t have an amazing customer field.

It is through this custom field that you can easily get a lot of conversions and have a lot of attendees in your event.

Most especially if you are even running paid adverts to your live session.

This is a fantastic feature that will serve you a lot and you won’t regret it. You stand to enjoy this in the Growth Plan of Demio Pricing.


7. Automated Events:

You can see me mentioning recorded webinars since and you might have been wondering what that is.

An automated event is just like a recorded webinar that is already automated and will keep bringing results all the time.

Some marketers have webinars that are recorded 2 years ago and still making millions for them today.

This automated event is majorly used by internet marketers who are trying to sell more of their courses.

So, they have this automated webinar that is recorded and they can keep selling to their audience as if they are with them live.

Just with the power of email and some other useful funnel tools.

They will follow up with the audience to join the webinar as if they are life.

And the person will also attend the automated webinar and you watch a recording that you have done for years.

It will just be as if you are with them at that moment and it’s all recorded automatically.

Also, this is something that you can just set and forget with Demio – but only if you are using the Growth plan of this tool.

It’s another fantastic feature that you stand to enjoy when you are using the growth plan of Demio Pricing.


8. Registration Source Tracking:

Even if you are not using Funnelytics to track your Registration in any funnel you are building.

You automatically have an inbuilt feature in Demio which you can use to track every source of your Event registration.

This is available for you to use even if you are not that much a professional in internet marketing.

You will see where your attendees and watching from and also what process they pass through to register.

This is an important feature because it makes you focus more on that aspect of people.

You can easily know what they are interested in and move your advert more to those set of people.

This is another feature that you stand to enjoy in the Growth Plan of Demio Pricing.



Premium Plan - Demio Pricing

The third and final plan in the Demio Pricing is the premium plan which is made available for top professionals and experts in any field.

Although, the premium plan doesn’t have any specific price as you will need to message the admin for your quota.

Also, kindly know that the payment process for the premium plan is annually or yearly and not monthly.

Let us quickly review the features that the Premium plan has.

  1. 500 or 1,000 Attendee Room.
  2. No limit on hosts per account.
  3. Everything from Growth.
  4. 10-Hour Session Limit.
    Priority Support.
  5. Custom Domains.
  6. Concierge Onboarding.
  7. Dedicated Account Manager.
  8. Premium Integrations.


1. 500 or 1,000 Attendee Room:

In the premium plan, Demio gives room for 500 or 1000 attendees in a room.

This means that depending on the price quote that you go for – you have the opportunity to have 500 or 1000 attendees in your room.

I believe this is a great development and will also help any big brand that has a lot of audiences.

Big influencers who have a huge audience and also have a show they shoot in a year.

Maybe a show or event like “One funnel away by the Clickfunnels team” can be something that fits into this.

Because a lot of people are always interested in that event since it comes up every year.

So, this is a feature that you stand to enjoy in this plan.


2. No limit on hosts per account:

Unlike the Growth or Starters plan where you are only limited to 5 or 1 host respectively.

That is not so in the premium plan as you have access to a lot of hosts who can anchor an event.

This is another advantage of the premium plan. Although this is not needed for single marketers.

It is majorly for a big organization that is anchoring an event of its own.

So, if this is something that flows with you and you want to have an unlimited number of hosts for an event.

Then this plan is majorly for you since you can have up to 6 hosts and above in unlimited.

So this is another feature that the premium plan has a lot.


3. Everything from Growth:

Also, you stand a chance to enjoy every feature that is made available in the Growth Plan in the premium plan.

All the features and benefits that I have listed in the Growth plan are what you will enjoy in the premium plan.

Also, you should know that it also includes all the features that are in the Starters plan.

So, this is what you should know because I see a lot of people asking more about this in several groups.

Well, I thought no successful brand should even think of not adding the features of the lower plans to the higher plans.

Although you have the chance to enjoy this in the premium plan.


4. 10-Hour Session Limit:

In the Starters and Growth plan – you have access to 1 hour and 8 hours session limits respectively.

But in the premium plan – you have an additional 2-hour limit to make it 10 hours session for you.

This means that you can go live in your event for as much as 10 hours with your attendees.

This is majorly for high events that are filled with a lot of people who will be in existence.

And also for high ticket sales that will last for several weeks before it can be completed.

So, start enjoying your 8 hours limit with the premium plan of Demio Pricing.


5. Priority Support:

You have first-class access to a support system that will always be ready to listen to your complaints.

In case you want more technical help while you are handling your live events.

You will be given special attention in any of your events from the Demio team directly.

I think this is more like recognizing their special customer unlike those using growth or starters plan.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t support their growth or starters plan users.

It’s just that there might be some more technical issues related to big things.

And so, a more personal assistant is needed in this case.


6. Custom Domains:

Having a custom domain is very much beneficial most especially if you are even trying to do email campaigns.

It will make your deliverability have higher chances than when you are using the normal domain.

With a custom domain – you have a unique URL that is being dedicated to all your ads campaigns.

This is something that will easily make you stand out from your competitors.

Also, aside from that – you also have more chances to convert your audience the more with a unique URL.


7. Dedicated Account Manager:

You will have your separate account management that will always help you to manage all your live events.

The thing you have to know about progress is that – the more the plan and reach…the more the problem.

So, a dedicated account manager is needed for this plan and that is why Demio is giving their customers using this plan their account manager.

This person will be the one to oversee all the activities that are happening in the account.

So, this is another amazing feature of this premium plan and it’s making sense.


8. Premium Integrations:

You have more privilege to add other products to your account.

Some other premium tools like zapier and marketo are made available to be added to your account.

Although, this is only made available for those who are using the premium plan just like you might have known.

With this feature – it becomes easier to keep having other premium tools added to your live events.

You can easily kill two birds with a stone because you have everything already working hand in hand for you.

So, this is another amazing benefit that you stand to enjoy when you are using the Premium plan of Demio Pricing.


Final Thoughts On Demio Pricing

I believe this guide has given you all the detailed information you need on Demio Pricing.

Normally, if you are just an independent marketer or entrepreneur…then the Growth plan is very much okay to deliver the best result for you.

Although, you can first start with the starters plan to test things out before upgrading.

If this is something that interests you – I am aware that you will be building more funnels to convert your live events the more.

If you are already into funnels, you might want to read this guide on Funnelytics Pricing that our readers have been talking about. 

See for yourself and bless the day you see this blog.

To your online success.
I Love You.

99Designs Alternatives: Top 11 Best 99designs Competitors

99designs Alternatives

There are now a lot of 99designs alternatives which many graphics and visual designers don’t want to talk about.

Any reputable brand should never joke with the graphics aspect of his or her business.

The reason is that people are now getting glued to adverts or content that comes with a lot of catchy graphics.

Look at the top online brands today and tell me that they don’t have very good and catchy designs on their social media and web pages.

The reason is that more and more people are always with the motive of easily getting attracted to flashy things.

That is the reason why graphics designing is now part and parcel of every reputable brand out there.

Although, it’s no news that 99designs has one of the best professional graphic designers that will give you the best.

Also, with the custom graphics and other designs which you can plug and place on any of your brands.

A lot of freelancers and business owners come to 99designs to look for solutions to their design problems.

But it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to only 99designs because there are a lot of alternatives out there.

Some people always prefer to have several options which they can use in case any flop happens.

Someone like me doesn’t like to rely on one platform because that can limit me to several things.

But once you have several options to choose from – you would have finished a project when others are still struggling.

And in this guide… I am going to be discussing with you the several alternatives that you can use.

And the majority of these alternatives are offering what 99designs is also offering.

Some are even doing more than what 99designs can do and some might not be able to do more than what 99designs can do.

But they are sure to help you in your business career since they are all focused on graphics and visual designing.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Let us Immediately go through the several 99designs Alternatives which you can easily start making use of.


99designs Alternatives For Freelancers or Graphics Designers

  2.  Crowd Spring.
  3.  Canva.
  4.  Fiverr.
  5.  Logo Contest.
  6.  Design Contest.
  7. Upwork.
  8. Design Crowd.
  9.  Tailor Brands.
  10.  Design Pickle.
  11.  Render Forest.




Kimp is a graphic design platform that is also like the 99design platform where any designer can penetrate to get their work done.

Just on the kimp platform…You will get access to some custom graphics which you can easily make use of.

And these graphics are prebuilt for you to make use of for your customers as a graphics designer or a freelancer.

Also, if you are also into video marketing or you are into video designing for your customers.

They have some custom video templates which you can use Immediately and easily import for your use.

Kimp is a platform that you can make use of without needing to rely on 99designs almost all the time.

If you have a website like kimp around your corner to always come to your aid when the need arises.

You would have finished completing your job while others are still struggling to come up with any awesome design.

The kimp pricing plan ranges from the basic plan of $119 to a standard plan of $449 per month.

You have a lot to enjoy on this platform as someone who is into graphics designing.

And another thing is that you have access to unlimited custom graphics when you purchase a plan.

If you are just a small business person or a graphics designer with fewer work gigs per month.

You can go for the basic plan.

But if you are someone with a lot of customers or a marketer and designer for a big brand.

Then you should go for the standard plan as that will give you more beautiful designs to use daily.

  • Price: $119 – $449
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Kimp


2. Crowdspring:


Another alternative to 99designs which a lot of people don’t know about is Crowdspring.

Crowdspring is a platform where a lot of professional designers from all over the world are queuing with expertise.

So, all that you need to do is to post a job just like a contest and state everything that you need.

And you will get a lot of finished projects from several designers which you will easily select the one you prefer from them.

The reason why Crowdspring is very much good is that you don’t have to stress yourself much with what you want.

Also, you will get a lot of designers who will create something good than what you expected for the contest you post.

You are now the one who will select the one you love out of the graphics that are being delivered to you from the contest.

This is more like the battle for the best because everyone will want to do something unique and spectacular.

This is how many big firms out there get the best design for their company and you feel wowed about it.

They come to platforms like Crowdspring to post contests and they get a lot of great designs they can choose from to use.

Also, the Crowdspring pricing plan starts from $299 to $1000 per month depending on the one you wish to use.

You should start with the basic plan of $299 if you even want to upgrade later.

This is very important to test things out and see for yourself what exactly is popping and going on.

Crowdspring is a great platform for all your logos, printing, and also many other designs for your brand.

And if you are a freelancer who is willing to work on other freelance platforms as a designer but a novice.

You can be using this platform to easily execute all your client’s works.

  • Price: $299 – $1000
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Crowdspring


3. Canva:


Canva is another 99design alternative that has a lot of inbuilt templates that you can use to start creating graphics.

I make use of canva to do all the designs for my website and also for my business.

The reason is that there are a lot of templates that you can easily make use of even as a novice.

These templates are already there and all you have to do is to click on the part you want to edit and get it to your taste.

You will see logos, fliers, and printing designs that are already available for you to use easily.

You don’t have to stress yourself much since they are already available for your usage.

Although to enjoy more of canva… you will need to purchase the Pro Plan as that is where you get access to thousands of templates.

I use the Pro Plan for my business and also for some clients’ work when any design job comes my way.

You can also decide to just stick with the free plan if you don’t want to go extreme.

But the Pro plan of $10 per month will give you more solid works and also make you get access to the best tools in their library.

Canva is a very solid alternative to 99Design which is still affordable and also very beginner-friendly for new designers.

You should try them out today and see for yourself.

  • Price: $12.99 per monthly.
  • Close 99design Alternative? Partially
  • Recommended For? Beginners, Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Canva 


4. Fiverr:


Fiverr is a freelance platform where you will see a lot of works and graphics which you will be looking for on 99designs.

This freelance platform is very user-friendly with a lot of professionals who are good and excellent in their field.

Fiverr is one of the top Best freelance platforms in the world where a lot of people come together to perform service for customers.

There are a lot of services that people offer on Fiverr ranging from website design to video marketing and graphic design.

You will see thousands of graphics designers who have done thousands of work on Fiverr.

A lot of people prefer to go to Fiverr to get all their logos and fliers and easily get themselves easy for work.

This platform is very useful for anyone thinking of executing any graphics work without having to look any further.

Also just like Crowdspring…You can easily post bids and you will see a lot of graphics designers who will show interest.

Just post a bid of what you want and the budget that you have at hand.

And a lot of designers who are also very good at what they are doing will surely show interest within a few minutes.

Before the next 2 minutes, you would have seen 5 Designers who would have lined up on your dashboard.

It’s just always funny beautiful their just a lot of hustlers who are just willing to make money terrifically on the Internet.

Also, the price range of Fiverr ranges from $10 to $250 if you want to do any graphic design job.

Previously, you will get as little as $5 job for a very good graphic design job.

But these days Fiverr has increased to majorly all their gigs being $10 minimum.

And you can still get a beautiful design even from someone who posts a gig of $10.

But you can just work based on your budget as someone with a $250 design gig will surely have a lot to offer.

Also, you can join the Fiverr pro plan for you to have access to professionals who will be dedicated to you.

If you want to be treated as a special customer and want to be using Fiverr very frequently.

Then the Fiverr pro plan is what you should just aim for without any hesitation.

  • Price: $10 – $250 Per Design
  • Close 99design Alternative? Partially.
  • Recommended For? Beginners.

>>> Click here to Access Fiverr


5. Logo Contest:

Logo Contest

Logo Contest is more and similar to Designcrowd and Crowdspring where people submit jobs for review.

Just like the way you post several contests on places like Crowdspring and you will have a lot of designers come up for your contest.

That is also the same in a Logo contest or tournament where you will get a lot of designers for your logo.

Just like Crowdspring as we have stated… you only have to make a post or contest about what type of logo you want exactly.

And you will see a lot of graphic designers come up with several designs for you which you will select from.

It is very close to that what the design Contest is also doing where you will get a lot of samples from different people.

Although, I can vividly say this should only be limited to logo designs for you.

Although, it is majorly rare for anyone who can design a logo not to be able to design other types of graphics.

But you can easily use design contests or Crowdspring for other types of designs for your brand or clients.

While you can use a logo contest or tournament for your logo designs.

Just for you to be on a safer and more secure side compared to other risks.

Also, the pricing plan for the logo contest is $275 with unlimited contest downloads which are readily available for you.

You can easily navigate to the logo contest website now and immediately start ordering for contests.

  • Price: $275 Per Month
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Begin a and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Logo Contest


6. Design Contest:

Design Contest

You might have been seeing me type about design contest and you have been wondering what’s it about.

Well, the design contest is just like the siblings of Crowdspring and Logo contest where people post contests for design samples.

Everything synonymous with logo contest is also what you will get in a design contest.

It is very synonymous that I do even think maybe it’s the same person who owns both.

Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for you to easily be creating a lot of designs as you like.

The only difference between a design contest and a logo contest is that you have access to a lot more designs.

This means that if you have prints that you want to design or some other types of designs.

Then you can rely on a design contest for the major output that will give you the perfect output.

The pricing plan for the design contest is ranging from $445 to $595 per month with unlimited designs available for you.

Just plug and play and you will get countless designs that will be posted to your board.

  • Price: $445 to $595
  • Closely 99designs Alternative: YES
  • Recommended For: Beginner and Expert

>>> Click here to Access Design Contest


7. Upwork:


Another freelance platform just like Fiverr which we also have to discuss in this guide is Upwork.

With Upwork, you can easily hire some graphics designers that will help you with your logo and other designs.

Upwork consists of professionals who are very good at what they are doing and will help you execute any graphics work.

Just like Fiverr, Upwork consist of several professionals in the internet marketing field.

And graphic design is a month the skills that people are selling as a service on this platform called Upwork.

We can indirectly say that Upwork is also like 99design because you can also post bids for people to show interest.

Upwork is a great platform and a lot of people are penetrating this platform to execute all their design jobs.

Although, Upwork’s price is a little bit higher than that of Fiverr because more people with a lot of experience are on this platform.

Every newbie who is just buying new courses on freelancing is all heading to Fiverr.

Maybe because they feel like the activation and approval process on this platform is a little bit difficult.

But it is not compared to Fiverr… I will majorly advise anyone who wants to do more technical designing jobs to penetrate Upwork rather than Fiverr.

Although, that is if you have enough budget at hand which you are ready to spend for the best work.

If you don’t have much budget – you should easily just focus on Fiverr for all your designs.

The price of Upwork ranges from $70 to as high as $1000 for any design works.

So, Upwork is what you should try out if you plan to get the best Design.

  • Price: $70 – $1000 Per Design
  • Close 99design Alternative? Partially
  • Recommended For? Beginners.

>>> Click here to Access Upwork


8. Design Crowd:

Design Crowd

Design crowd is also like Crowdspring where you post content for work because you also need a design.

Design crowd – just from the name of the brand. You can easily see that it’s filled with designers.

All you have to do is to post the nature of work that you want and you will see a lot of designers queue with their samples.

I like to use design crowd sometimes just because they have useful designs that anyone could use.

I wouldn’t try to explain much on design crowd because it also has a little feature and is kinda synonymous with what Crowdspring is doing.

so, you can just easily go to their website and check out whatever you want to execute.

Have it in mind that they have professionals that will surely give you exactly what you need.
And in case you have read the aspect of Crowdspring.

You can easily use this to post design contests and get a lot of designers that will show samples of what they’ve got.

The design crowd pricing is ranging from

  • Price: $109 Per Design
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Design Crowd


9. Tailor Brands:

Tailor Brands

Another fantastic process that you can use to design your graphics which is more synonymous with that of 99designs is using Tailor brands.

Tailor brands is an AI tool that you can use to design your graphics and which has an inbuilt design.

With a tailor brand… you don’t have to pay a lot of money to any designer to execute all your graphics design jobs.

Because this is a tool that is being built to tailor every design and serve you up anytime and any day.

With the tailor brands AI tool, you can just input your brand name to the space bar on the tool.

And Immediately you input that, you will get a lot of designs and beautiful crafts that the tool will generate for you.

The reason why this tool is very useful and a very good alternative to 99design is because you don’t have to stress yourself waiting for designers.

Everything is easy and you can easily design all your graphics just within a few minutes.

You already have them prebuilt for you and you only need to input the brand name that you need.

Also, if you have any short descriptions that you want to add to your logo.

You can easily add it to it and it will generate a fantastic output.

It is an Artificial Intelligence tool that is built majorly for newbies who don’t know much about designs.

Those who cannot even design a single-letter logo do not talk of designing fliers.

So, this is a very useful tool which I believe every person must know of and not just rely only on 99designs.

Also, the price you will pay for this tool will be minimal to that of other platforms where you will be doing your designs.

You pay as you download your design which also makes it more reasonable.

  • Price: $10 – $50 Per Month
  • Close 99design Alternative? NO
  • Recommended For? Beginners.

>>> Click here to Access Tailor Brands


10. Design Pickle:

Design Pickle

Design pickle is also another alternative to 99design which we will discuss in this guide.

It is also just like other platforms like design contests and logo contests where you post jobs.

You can easily pick from the relative designs that are given to you and you enjoy the unlimited privilege.

Although, the price of a design pickle can also be a little bit high just like that of design contests and others.

But they are worth their price because they will even do the picking for you automatically.

It is just like having a personal assistant who is on behalf of all your designs and visuals.

So, this is a fantastic platform that will make you proud of any cent or dollar that you have spent on their platform.

You can easily check out the design pickle and see for yourself what’s going on.

The pricing plan of the design pickle starts from $499 to $950 per month from basic to a standard plan.

It depends on the one that your budget goes with and suits.

You can select from any one of them and kickstart your graphics design journey.

  • Price: $499 – $950
  • Close 99design Alternative? YES
  • Recommended For? Intermediate and Expert.

>>> Click here to Access Design Pickle


11. Renderforest:


Renderforest is a platform that I have been using for several years even before I decide to start this blog.

I have used it for several client jobs and also several jobs of mine which I have done previously.

Although, I don’t focus more on renderforest these days because I have developed my design skills with canva.

So, any video or graphics that I want to do is always through my Canva Pro because I have a lot of features in It.

But if you are a beginner who doesn’t know much about design and want to earn from graphics design just like I was a few years back.

Then you should consider using renderforest because it is also an Artificial Intelligence tool like Tailor Brands.

All you have to do is to keep inputting your brand texts in the required boxes and you will be good to go.

You can design catchy output and visuals with renderforest that you won’t even imagine the outcome.

I recommend them with my full chest because they are very professional and good in their dealings.

So, if you are a graphics designer or a newbie who wants to design graphics for yourself or clients.

Don’t look any further than Renderforest because they are very good and have beautiful and awesome templates.

  • Price: $7 – $40 Per Month
  • Close 99design Alternative? NO
  • Recommended For? Beginners and Intermediate.

>>> Click here to Access Crowdspring


Final Thoughts On 99designs Alternatives

I believe this guide has been impactful?

If you are looking for the best 99designs alternatives – then here you have them all for yourself.

You don’t have to look any further because all the platforms and tools listed here are all from personal experience.

If you have any further questions, you can use the comment box below and I will be more than ready to assist.

Also, have you used any of these alternatives previously? Let me know in the comment box.

You might also want to read this guide on a side hustle for graphic designers.

It might be just what you need to read for you to elevate your graphic design.

Blogs For Women That Oprah Winfrey Will Support

Blogs For Women

There are several Blogs for women that are very important that every female in the world should know about and that is what we will review in this guide.

So, if you are a woman and you have been thinking of the best blogs that will be fit for almost every lifestyle of being a woman.

Welcome to this guide because I will be revealing a little among them in this guide which you should take note of.

And after taking note of them… make sure you check them out and see how well they are truly useful to your needs.

Below are the best blogs for women which you can penetrate into and use to improve your day to day lifestyle.

Top Best Blogs For Women To Check Out.


Beauty-tips - Blogs For Women

BeautyTips is a website for women that teaches women more about how to take care of themselves.

It will tush and wash them in the best way to stay more beautiful and also how to maintain a perfect skin color.

If you ask the number one thing that any woman favors in her life – she will tell you that it’s her skin.

Because she knows that with her skin… she will command a lot of attention and admiration to herself.

And I am very sure that you as a woman – who is reading and digesting this guide. You also want to improve your beauty.

So, it is very important that as a woman – you visit blogs that help to bring out the beauty in you.

If you are having some reactions or some spots on your face – then you can easily correct this.

You will also learn more about how you can take care of your Nails, Hair and also improve more in your cosmetology.

You don’t have to stress much to do all this because this blog is the perfect match to help improve your beauty as a woman.



Health - Blogs For Women is another website that also helps to boost the life cycle of every woman on Earth.

It is very important that as a woman – you know how best to live the best life.

You also take care of your inner self and not just the outer side that people are looking at.

It is only when the body system internally is working perfectly that your outer system can be glowing and looking perfect.

Also, there are some levels to which a woman will reach that she needs to have good health advice.

Like, when she is pregnant – there are some meals that she should be eating and some that she should not be eating.

Also, there are some kinds of drugs that she must not take even if she is having Little malaria.

All these are kinds of stuff that you can easily walk up to a hospital if you are a woman.

But what if your hospital can be at the palm of your hands and you can easily get health advice just from your hand.

This is the power of the internet and you should enjoy the fullest of it now that you have a blog like to get educate and encourage you.


3. VeganRecipes:

VeganRecipes - Blogs For Women

If you are a vegetarian that dislikes eating meat and you are looking for a website to give you tips on what best to eat.

Then you need to start visiting the veganrecipes blog as a woman to see more, view more, and learn more about the life of a vegetarian.

A lot of women out there are not in any way Interested in eating meat because of one reason or the other.

And that is fine… but not every blog talks about it and that is where the problem comes from.

There is a great need for you as a woman to learn more about being a vegetarian and that is what you will learn here.

You will learn and be educated on some nutritional tips, vegan meals to eat, cooking tips, and more.

You will also learn more about what you should be eating instead of eating meats.

It’s a nice blog that you should try and check out and see for yourself as a woman.


4. Legal Nomads:

Legal Nomads - Blogs For Women

Legal Nomads is another fantastic website in the Food and Travelling Niche which is owned by a woman called Jodi.

She founded the website to cater to people who also want to travel around the world.

The website is for people to know about how well the road journey or whatever journey you are passing through is.

And also put them through on how best they can maintain their state of mind even when they are on Travelling.

It also gives insight on the food and meals aspect which guides people on the best types of food to eat.

Jodi is a Celiac and she knows more about the food aspect and she also teaches people the best way to gain more insight on foods.

So, legal Nomads is a fantastic site for travelers that also wants to improve their traveling experience.

As a woman, you can head over to Legal Nomads to learn more about what Food and Travelling are all about.



Astrology - Blogs For Women

Many women don’t know about their horoscope and how best they even came into existence.

A lot of women don’t even know much about their date of birth and about how their attitude also reflects with those born around their birth date.

I was making friends with a lady some months ago and just from the way she is behaving.

I was able to get her birth month because she is behaving exactly like my blood sister.

So, I ask her that does her date of birth falls to a certain period and time and she said yes.

Also, I asked her some other things about herself and I was able to guess right about her.

Just because of the closeness of when she was given birth to compared to that of my sister.

So, this site is also a good website for you to go to just to know more about your horoscope.

You can also get a daily report on more things that are happening in the world of other planets.

They have detailed information that will enlighten both professional, intermediate, or beginner human beings on anything Astronomy.


6. CooksCook:

CooksCook - Blogs For Women

Almost every woman loves to cook because it is what they find joy in doing best for their family.

Many women want to cook for their loving and caring husbands and also want to take care of their children.

So, this is why they also join some cooking platform and read from cooking blogs that improves the enlightenment of cooking etiquettes.

The CooksCook is a blogging platform where many people who are majorly women come together to give ideas about food.

You will be able to ask questions concerning what is also bothering you and also give you enough insight into what you can do.

Also, this platform is where you can easily make enough connections with other family women.

You will learn a lot from this blog and know more about the ways through which you can handle your cooking skills.

With the CooksCook community – a lot of women have gone from novice to intermediate in cooking.


7. On The Grid:

On The Grid - Blogs For Women

On The Grid is a platform that has a lot of creative content creators that come to the platform to share their experience.

A lot of people are with different opinions concerning traveling and also the experience they gained from traveling.

That is what On The Grid is majorly about because if you are a woman who enjoys tourist and would love to tour the world.

You can easily go on “On The Grid” to check out more information about where you are about to go – so far it is available on the website.

And probably, someone might have written about that place on the website already for someone like you to take advantage of.

So, you can easily cruise and tour any country or city like you are a local tourist who has been on that land for several years.

Whereas you are just a new person on the land but have only done enough research on that land even before coming there.

And as a woman, you must know enough about the place that you want to tour.

Because this is what will bring out the best memorable experience in whatever you are about to be doing.

So, you can check out On The Grid and read more about the history and lifestyle of the places that you might be interested in traveling to and this.


8. The Cut:

The Cut - Blogs For Women

The Cut is a website that focuses fully on the mind and craft of a woman towards becoming someone great in life.

With The Cut, it becomes very easy for almost any woman to truly become a cheerleader and a benchmark in her society.

They share enough insight on this blog that helps to improve the livelihood of every woman on Earth.

They also share some more in-depth information about the stylish lifestyle that a woman should possess.

The cut also has content on the principles and acts of feminism among women just to protect women’s rights.

They focus more on anything that will improve women and make them become top in the world.

Also, they have content that is related to the aspect of culture in a way that women will have a good cultural background.

The Cut is majorly a Blog for women and you can check them out to see more about them.


9. FabAlley:

FabAlley - Blogs For Women

FabAlley is a clothing brand that is into the fashion aspect of every woman – just to clothe their body.

Just from the name of the brand – you can deduce that it is into fabrics and bring out the beauty of every woman.

The blog is a worldwide website and brand that tries to talk about the fashion styles of a woman.

If you are a woman that is thinking about how you can easily improve the fashion sense of your life.

Or trying to know the best combination that should be put in place for you to look very good and beautiful.

There is a lot of content that is both visual and written that has been provided on FabAlley which you can use to bring out your style.

The FabAlley blog is especially for women and the content there is majorly for the women in the world.

So, you can check them out to see more fashion styles that you can just easily go to sow or buy for yourself.

You will also get the latest trend in fashion styles that are popping.


10. SkillsYouNeed:

SkillsYouNeed - Blogs For Women

Every woman on Earth needs to improve themselves in one way or the other.

And the aspect they can easily improve themselves the more into bringing out the best of themselves is through self intellectual enhancement.

And as a woman – to improve your intellect. Then you have to know some facts about self-improvement

And the aspect through which this can be possible is when you by being on a blog like SkillsYouNeed.

The SkillsYouNeed website is an intellectual and educational website that enlightens someone into self-improvement

Also, they help to bring out the best of one’s knowledge into being the best version of the former self.

As a woman, you need to keep improving yourself and it starts from trying to read books and also gains more knowledge.

Although, you might not be able to get Library from SkillsYouNeed. But you will gain more knowledge.

And from this knowledge, you will be able to go abroad in any aspect that you want to delve into.


11. BUST Magazine:

Bust Magazine - Blogs For Women

A lot happens in the burst magazine industry and that is why women love reading more from the BUST Magazine Website.

The BUST Magazine website includes the kinds of stuff that are mostly related to feminism and that is what protects the rights of women.

Through the feminism system coming from the BUST Magazine. Women can easily know more about their rights.

Also, as a woman…You can learn more about sex and some other areas of relationship through which you can satisfy your partner.

Or as a young lady – it is very important to know how best to protect and encourage oneself…

…so as not to fall into the hands of being played anyone by other dubious men.

You deserve a very good and befitting man as a very virtuous and responsible woman.

And that is why Bust Magazine gives out content that helps to stabilize a woman’s brain on how to become a responsible woman in society.

You will be educated on the cultural aspect and also the educational aspect of how to live your life the best.


Final Thought On Blogs For Women

The above is the list of 11 amazing blogs that a woman should consider checking out.

As a woman or a lady, it is very important to know something and have fundamental ideas and knowledge about stuff relating to your fundamental rights.

And the way you can easily get quick access to this knowledge is by having access to blogs like this.

So, these are the Blogs For Women that are important for you to know as a Woman.

If this guide is helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media by clicking any of the social media links below.

I Love You.