How To Make $5k Passive Monthly Income In Affiliate Marketing

How To Make $5k Passive Monthly Income In Affiliate Marketing

Doing Affiliate marketing has been a dream come true for many internet marketers.

Many people have gone from broke to rich just from doing Affiliate Marketing.

But the question remains – is affiliate marketing okay enough to make someone a passive income?

Either yes or no! You are going to fully understand by the time you are almost done with this guide.

But if your question is to ask whether affiliate marketing is the best business to make passive income online.

Then, my answer is that you should keep calm and flow with me along as we discuss what affiliate marketing in the aspect of passive income is about.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;


Before we move further – let us quickly look at what passive income and affiliate marketing mean.

What is Passive income

What is Passive income?

Passive income is the ability to make money and a considerable amount of money without the presence of further effort of an entrepreneur.

This means that for any business you are doing and you only need to wake up in the morning to see credit alerts on your phone.

Or maybe a business that you are doing and you only need to wake up to see a sales message email on your phone notification.

That is the major reason why people have been wondering if they can do affiliate marketing and make passive income with it.

Many online marketers are making a lot of passive income online and that is what we call a real business.

If your business needs your presence all the time before it can thrive – then you will need to work throughout your life.

Also, money is something that we should control and serve us. 

You are the one that is supposed to control money and not money controlling you.

That is why Warren Buffett said that: If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleepyou will work until you die

Now, let us quickly move to what affiliate marketing means and how it can refer to affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling other people’s products on a commission basis.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t request that you have a product before you can make any sale.

All it requests from you is to find other people’s ready-made products which they have produced and sell them through your affiliate link and you will receive your commission.

Now, if you are to be earning passive income through affiliate marketing. 

It means that you will keep selling other people’s products and make sales even while you are sleeping.

Or you can keep making money from that affiliate product even while you are on vacation without writing any further sales pitch.

Can one truly make passive income with affiliate marketing

Can one truly make passive income with affiliate marketing?

The question we get asked is if it’s possible to make passive income through affiliate marketing. 

The answer is that it depends on your approach because that is what will determine your success online.

Also, it is this approach that will make you know whether you can make passive income from affiliate marketing.

If you are only relying on a process that doesn’t bring new views to your affiliate sales pitch every day.

You will find it very hard to thrive for a  long time in affiliate marketing. 

But are you telling me that you truly have a means of reaching a new audience daily?

Then YES you can keep making passive income from affiliate marketing without any stress.

Let us quickly look at some ways through which you can start making passive income with Affiliate marketing.

Ways to make passive income with Affiliate Marketing

Ways to make passive income with Affiliate Marketing?

There are several ways that you can use to make passive income with affiliate marketing.

Below, we will discuss some ways and methods through which one can make money with passive income.

Make sure that you implement them immediately and put them into use. 

These methods will help you make money from affiliate marketing even while you are sleeping.

Let’s get deeper into them:

  1. Start A Blog.
  2. Start A YouTube Channel.
  3. Use Email Automation.
  4. Use Chatbot.


1. Start A Blog:

The first method that is profitable to make passive income is by starting a blog of your own.

When you start a blog of your own and start writing about things that you find passion in.

Google will start to help you rank your content on their SEO pages and you will start getting visitors to enter your website.

Although, it takes a little while before you will start seeing conversions and people entering your website.

But it is something that will bring you enough passive income because you don’t need to keep doing it again.

Although, you can decide to update your content if you wish it is not compulsory as it will still keep ranking on Google.

So, you can just join an affiliate program in your niche and put the link on your website and you collect your pay.

These ways, you will keep earning passive income even while you are sleeping and your presence is not there.

Blogging is what I find very interesting like an investment that doesn’t need any further effort from you.

It’s something you can upload and forget and once it keeps ranking – you will even be earning passive income from an article you published 9 years previously.


2. Start A YouTube Channel:

Another way that won’t cost you any penny to start is by launching your youtube channel and start posting content.

What do you find easy and interesting to do all the time and you have grown expertise in it?

If you have become used to something – why not just start a YouTube channel on it and start publishing video content.

Although, many people claim that they are camera shy – but what you have to know is that you might not necessarily need to start with your face.

You can just decide to record your screen alone or use some slides to explain what you are saying.

We have many YouTubers on YouTube that have over 100,000 subscribers and didn’t show their faces.

Some of them don’t even use their real voice – they will use a voice-over bot to create their videos and serve as audio.

So, it doesn’t matter – just make sure that you don’t have any complaints concerning starting your YouTube channel.

YouTube is also a very good way to earn a passive income because all your videos will keep ranking even without any further promotion.

Although when you are starting – you will want to upload some video content to grow more engagement on your channel.

Then, you can just keep promoting it your local way to show YouTube that you are also making efforts.

After that, you will keep seeing YouTube promoting your videos for you, and once you get to 1000plus subscribers and enough watch views.

You will monetize your channel and you will also add your affiliate link to some video reviews that you are making.


3. Use Email Automation:

Another way that you can also earn passive income from affiliate marketing is through the use of email automation.

Although, this cannot be for a long time like Blogging and Youtubing because you only have to automate things down.

Once it gets to a level – your automation will stop and you will have to schedule another automation for your affiliate promotions.

But it is also working very well because you are sending emails to your subscribers and emails convert a lot very well.

People read emails every day – so, if you can create enough engagement with your email subscribers, they will buy from you.

You only need to create a very good email copy that will make them buy.

Also, you need to first provide value to your subscribers and make them trust you very well.

After that, you can now start to promote affiliate products to them and make them keep buying.

But just automating your emails can make you passive income online even while you are sleeping.

Because you don’t have to be there before a sale can be made – just normal automation and you wake up to earn your affiliate commissions.


4. Use Chatbot:

Another way you can make passive income with affiliate marketing is the use of Chatbot.

A chatbot is also like doing email marketing and using email automation to automate your marketing process.

Although, the way you can use Chatbot for Marketing cannot be compared to the level at which you can make a consistent amount with Chatbot.

The reason is that Chatbots are strictly monitored by Facebook and to start using Chatbot.

Just go to and you will be able to start sending automated messages to Facebook users.

The way chatbox works are that you will make Facebook users subscribe to your Facebook page Messenger Messages.

So, instead of you sending them messages all the time. You can easily automate things and start making use of Chatbots.

You will just be sending them emails on autopilot like using email automation without your presence always needed.

The reason why you cannot compare affiliate marketing with this process is that:

You cannot send affiliate links directly.

You cannot keep pitching all the time.

So, this means that to use this process to make passive income – you have to be cloaking your affiliate links.

This means that you will cloak your affiliate link in a way the Facebook will not know that you are sending people to your affiliate sales page.

Also, you have to reduce the way you send people links all the time.

The people receiving your messages are your Chatbot subscribers – so, you need to reduce the way you pitch.

You have to make your value to be more than pitching – if you pitch all the time.

You will get your Chatbot account blocked and Facebook and it will affect you a whole lot.

Requirements to make passive income with affiliate marketing

Requirements to make passive income with affiliate marketing

There are certain requirements needed for you to start making passive income with Affiliate Marketing.

Even though you can see the ways and methods that you can implement to start earning passively with affiliate marketing.

There are some secret tips that not many people will tell you – but when you have it at the back of your mind…

…you will easily grow success in your affiliate marketing journey and earn passively later on.

Make sure that you keep these things in mind because they are what will contribute to your success in affiliate marketing.

Without them – you won’t go far and you will later quit and jump to another shiny object on the internet.

Below is the list of things you should have at the back of your mind:

  1. Patience.
  2. Value.
  3. Consistency.
  4. Stats Follow-up.
  5. Capital.


1. Patience:

The first thing that not everyone has about online money-making opportunities most especially in the aspect of affiliate marketing is patience.

You need to inculcate the attitude of having patience and keeping calm when it comes 

Making passive income.

You have to know that things like this take time and it doesn’t happen very quickly most especially stuff that will serve you for a long time.

If you are to make a passive income with affiliate marketing through blogging.

You need to provide articles on your blog that people will read and also make many references to.

You cannot just start blogging today and expect your blog to start ranking at the top page the following day.

That is not possible – you have to be patient and keep writing more articles that people can read.

It is when you have a lot of articles on your blog and your blog reach a few months of existence that Google or Bing will consider ranking your website.

That is also when you can consider starting to make money and getting a lot of traffic from Google.

It is when you have traffic (people coming into your website) that you can start making passive income.

So, try and be patient with things in any aspect of passive income you want to involve and you will see yourself at the top.

So don’t let anyone distract you or intimidate you from running away from whatever you are doing.

Just get consistent and you will be able to start making passive income online.


2. Value:

Providing a lot of value is what you have to know when you are starting your affiliate marketing business.

To make passive income – you have to be providing a lot of value before people can trust you.

You cannot expect people to trust you without you providing any value in advance.

Before people can start thinking of buying affiliate products on your website or your YouTube channel or email.

You have to provide value for them to show interest in whatever that you are offering because that is what will make them buy.

If all you do on your website all the time is to keep pitching them with products all the time.

You won’t make any passive income because people will find it very hard to trust you.

You will look salesy and people will only think that you are all about the money.

So, by giving value – teach people things that are confusing to them and let them enjoy your content to the fullest.

Let them feel complacent enough that you are a specialist in whatever you are doing because that is how they can trust your recommendations in affiliate marketing.

Also, this way – once you are getting traffic into your website and people are enjoying your content.

Immediately you keep solving a problem for them – they will keep enjoying you and buying from you.

That is how you keep making passive income in affiliate marketing even while you are sleeping.


3. Consistency:

In everything that you are doing – make sure that consistency is among it and everyday medicine for you.

When you are consistent with your YouTube channel or blog or email or messenger bot which you are using to reach your audience.

Always make sure that you do it every day and go crazy about it because this is what will determine your success.

I know about a few email marketers that email their subscribers every day and give value.

Now, I am not even talking about those who automated their email process copied from other marketers.

I mean these people are using email to communicate with their audience and talk about anything happening to them.

Instead of using social media for their channel of distribution and engagement.

They are using email to engage with the audience and selling their affiliate products with email marketing.

But the thing is that these people are very consistent with their email marketing to make passive income.

Once there is no consistency in whatever that you are doing – it is going to be difficult because people won’t value you.

So, make sure that consistency is your key Paramount in any process you want to be using for affiliate marketing.


4. Stats Follow-up:

Always make sure that you check your statistics and monitor your progress.

Although when you are starting – it won’t look cool because it might be discouraging from the start.

I have even once seen a top internet marketer saying that it is better not to check a stat for the first year.

It is also very true but sometimes it is very good to monitor your progress to know where you are at.

Also, platforms like Google or YouTube need you to do some stuff that you might not know about if you are not monitoring them.

That is why it is very good to monitor your stats and get active about what you are doing right or wrong.

If things are going right – that is how you will know that you are progressing and continue working.

But if things are also going wrong – you can easily know by monitoring your stats.

Imagine if you don’t monitor it – you will keep doing the same thing and repeating the same process without ever knowing.

So, you must know about what you are doing and start monitoring your statistics.

Any platform that you are leveraging – make sure that it’s your top priority and follow up with your stats to make passive income with affiliate marketing.


5. Capital:

Have you considered having capital before you can kickstart affiliate marketing and earn passive income?

Oh yes, you will need capital. Even if it’s less than $50 – you need to have something.

Don’t just start empty-handed thinking that everything will quickly work out well for you.

You need to invest little money in some aspects of your affiliate marketing that will help you boost your result.

Let us say you are doing email marketing and you want to be sending out newsletters to your subscribers.

It won’t be okay to rely on a normal “Gmail” account.

It is always advisable to use a professional or corporate email address like [email protected]

This will help you reach more audiences and also look classy. Even though classy is not all.

It is also very important because it will help you a lot.

conclusion on affiliate marketing passive income


This brings us to the conclusion of this article. I believe you have been able to know the methods and requirements of affiliate marketing.

You can make passive income with affiliate marketing – but it depends on the strategy that you are using for your affiliate marketing approach.

Some people want to make passive income with affiliate marketing and they want to be relying fully on social media like Facebook.

How do you intend to keep making passive income for a long time on another platform that is primarily meant for social fun?

You will see some people make a post and later get it removed because they claim it doesn’t comply with their rules.

So, friend – follow the methods listed in this guide to start earning a reasonable amount of money in affiliate marketing for a long time.

If you are earning passive income from affiliate marketing already – don’t forget to hit the comment box below and tell us your experience.

I will be glad to reply and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends by clicking any of the social media buttons below.

10 Secrets About Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate

Facebook Ads Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online by selling amazon products through Facebook.

Earning money from Amazon is a total assurance that has taken many people from the point of needy to the point of giving.

Although some restrictions are involved when trying to sell Amazon products through your Affiliate Link on Facebook.

You cannot just go ahead and past Amazon Affiliate Link on your Facebook wall or any Facebook group.

You will immediately be blocked and even if you try to find a cunning way to drop it on Facebook.

If Amazon finds out that your traffic is coming directly from Facebook. You will be blocked.

The best way to market Amazon affiliate products is through Facebook ads because it gives you quick results.

All you have to do is to involve in some technical analysis and start earning a considerable amount of money online.

In case you don’t understand how to run a profitable Facebook-sponsored advert.

Kindly watch the video below and it will tutor you on how to run a profitable Facebook-sponsored advert for Amazon Affiliate.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

Now, let us go deeper into the reasons why people make use of Facebook ads for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Reasons for Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Reasons for Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  1. Quick Result.
  2. Target Market.
  3. Rapid Analysis.


1. Quick Result:

The first reason why the Facebook ad is a perfect solution for anyone trying to promote Amazon products is the fast result rate.

When you are promoting Amazon products as an affiliate and you are looking for a way which you can start seeing sales.

Facebook ads are the best because you are running the advert to those who are familiar with the product.

If you are promoting a shoe for example and you run your advert to the audience who will buy it.

They already know what a shoe is and know why they want to have it.

You don’t have to promise them heaven and Earth concerning the shoe.

It is something that they already like and maybe they have once used it and want to buy for a relative.

So, extra effort is not needed and your rate of getting quick results will be rapid because they already know about it.

That is why most physical products are majorly promoted on Facebook because a cold audience can buy.

Even if they don’t need it for themselves – they can buy it for their relatives.

Amazon Affiliate is majorly filled with physical products which you can promote.

Although there is much other stuff that you can also promote on Amazon which might be digital.

But one thing I know is that whatever anyone is trying to promote on Amazon – people already know about it.

So, you don’t need extra effort or keep waiting for the result because you will get them fast.


2. Target Market:

Just like we said earlier, Facebook is filled with your target market. People who are in the blue ocean where you can penetrate.

They are scrolling online and having fun with friends and family.

They are catching fun and watching comedy movies, memes, and replying to posts on their Facebook wall.

So, all you need is to put a little bit more effort into your marketing approach and they are all yours.

Although, other channels like Google is also very cool. But it will cost you a little bit more.

The reason because those who went to Google went in search of organic content for Amazon products.

So, your return on investment for those types of the targeted market will be low in products like this.

But if they are just scrolling and you interrupt them with your ad and showing them that it is from amazon.

You have won their trust because Amazon is a household name that many people know about.

You don’t need to keep explaining much about anything you want to offer them.

Also, your age range can be selected and also the type of people you want your ads to be shown to.

Another factor is the location – you can choose the location where you want your ads to display.

This is another reason why Facebook ads are very good for doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing.


3. Rapid Analysis:

Rapid Analysis is another reason why you should consider using Facebook ads for your Amazon Affiliate.

It helps you to know the exact estimate that you can consider spending on other types of adverts.

Also, this helps you know if the Amazon Affiliate product that you are promoting has a high conversion rate.

This helps a lot even when you want to consider using Google SEO to promote the affiliate product.

Also, unlike waiting for slow methods like Google SEO that will take you many months before you can start seeing results.

Facebook ads will quickly let you start seeing your Affiliate stats and how much you are earning from your website.

Unlike spending a lot of time to bring people into your website while relying on the free method that many people are using.

If you watch the video recommended above in this guide to learn how to run profitable sponsored Facebook adverts.

You have no problem anymore with conversion because you can easily make a lot of gains just from a single advert campaign.

The Facebook advert will help you a lot to attain quick results if you are the kind that cannot wait for months before you can start seeing results.

Also, newbies thinking of what type of proceeds they can make use of to get quick affiliate sales in their Amazon dashboard.

Facebook ads are a solution for you and will help you get a quick result from getting affiliate sales.

Wrong Way To Promote Amazon Affiliate Link on Facebook

This article will not be complete if we don’t talk about the wrongs ways that many people use to promote affiliate links on Facebook.

You need to know the wrong ways before you can decide to do the right way correctly.

Also, doing this wrong way stuff and not knowing that it is wrong from the early start is what has lead to many people’s account ban.

So, for you not to make the same mistakes and just stay safe on Facebook with your Amazon Affiliate Marketing process.

Try to read the section below and know the wrong ways many people promote affiliate links on Facebook.

  1. Posting links on Facebook wall.
  2. Spamming Links on groups.
  3. Private Messaging With Affiliate Links.
  4. Using Your Direct Affiliate Link In Your Facebook Ads.


1. Posting links on a Facebook wall:

The first mistake myself and many other did when we were starting Amazon Affiliate and some other type of Affiliate marketing is pasting affiliate links on our wall.

It is the worst approach and will get you quickly banned and blocked from Facebook.

Facebook already has an algorithm that can quickly detect affiliate links like Amazon links and quickly ban you.

So, if you have a lot of followers or friends on Facebook and you feel that they can buy your offer.

Don’t even think about dropping your Affiliate Link directly in your Facebook profile because it won’t work.

If you post it and you see Facebook warning you never to do it. You still have luck because the algorithm likes you. Haha…

But if you post your Amazon Affiliate Link on Facebook and it went successfully.

Just know that you are out of luck because immediately you come back to log in.

Don’t be surprised that you couldn’t log in anymore to your Facebook account because it would have been blocked.

So, the best way is to make use of a bridge page where you will send them to before they will click on your affiliate link.

We will talk about the bridge page below in the next section of this guide – so watch out for it.

But just have it in mind never to promote affiliate links directly on your Facebook wall.


2. Spamming Links on Groups:

One thing you will start to first consider when you are starting to promote amazon affiliate links on Facebook is to spam groups.

What we did when we first started was to create a fake or dummy account and keep spamming links on Facebook groups.

But did it work? No! Because you will still be banned most especially if the account is new and looks fake.

You will just realize that you are not allowed to log in as usual.

Also, groups, where you can get a good result and see people click on your affiliate links, will not allow you to post links.

They are mostly private groups that don’t allow people to post links except for the ones that they approve.

So, going to post amazon affiliate links on this group is just a no-no situation for anybody because it won’t work.

You will be tagged a spammer but another thing is that you won’t even be allowed.

Also, public groups that accept links are filled with spammers who are there to promote their links.

So, even if you create a bridge page and follow this process. It still won’t work because public groups and filled with spammers.

And private groups are filled with buyers but you won’t be allowed to post links on their groups except on several occasions which don’t work out well.


3. Private Messaging With Affiliate Links:

Another silly mistake I see a lot of Amazon Affiliate Marketers make is to private message people and selling to them.

Although, you might feel that some will decide to buy because it is a product that they know about.

But you will easily get your account blocked with this method and you will easily be tagged a spammer.

Amazon associates don’t even support doing your Affiliate marketing through this method.

They see it as a wrong approach and if there is any spam coming through your Affiliate Link directly from Facebook.

You can easily lose your Amazon Affiliate account and just pray to God that you don’t have some funds inside your account already.

Many Facebook users will just keep reporting your account and Facebook will block your account.

Also, those who click on your Link will signal Amazon that your link is from a Facebook signal and will block your account.

You lose in 2 ways without any gain and this is frustration on its own.

So, don’t ever try to send your Amazon Affiliate Link to people on Facebook messenger thinking that they will buy.

Just make use of a proper method that real people will make use of.

I receive a lot of messages in my messenger from people who are pitching me their amazon affiliate product just because I am inside a group.

Once they get someone’s account through that group – they will start pitching people.


4. Using Your Direct Affiliate Link In Your Facebook Ads:

If you are ever thinking of just posting your Affiliate Link directly on Facebook ads without any bridge page.

You are only disturbing yourself because Facebook will keep disapproving of your adverts.

Facebook doesn’t even want to see anything related to affiliate links on their platform and will disapprove of it.

So, if you are running Facebook ads and you want to send your traffic directly to your Affiliate Link.

It won’t work – sometimes if you even put the affiliate link on the first landing page of the advert.

Let us say you create a bridge page like a landing page and you just put the affiliate link directly on the first page people will land on.

Your advert is likely to be disapproved.

So, you have to do it in a way that Facebook will not even know that you are promoting any affiliate product.

So, you can see that you cannot send people directly from Facebook to your Affiliate Link and you cannot just put your Affiliate Link on a landing page.

When you are running your Facebook advert – you have to be careful and know how you can post affiliate Link.

Or else they will just block your Facebook ad account and might also block your full Facebook manager account.

Right Way To Promote Amazon Affiliate Links Through Facebook Ad

Since we are done with the wrong ways that you can promote amazon affiliate products on Facebook.

It is now important for us to know the right ways that you can promote your Amazon Affiliate Links and get sales from Facebook ads.

Let us quickly dive deeper into the section of that guide below.

  1. Creating A Bridge.
  2. Creating Your Facebook Group.
  3. Showing Review.


1. Creating A Bridge:

The first way to promote your Affiliate on Facebook through the right process is to create a bridge page.

There are many Affiliate softwares online that will help you create Affiliate pages to which you can send prospects before sending them through your affiliate link.

The reason for this bridge page is that – aside from staying safe from using Facebook to do your marketing.

It also helps you to wash a prospect before sending them directly to your Affiliate Link.

On this bridge page – you can offer them bonuses that they will get when they buy an Amazon Affiliate product through your link.

This alone will make you stand out from your competitors and give you higher hand in your affiliate leaderboard.

Unlike just sending people directly to your Affiliate Link without any proper prospecting.

That is why you see a lot of affiliate marketers have many traffic of people to an affiliate product but zero sales.

But if they have created a bridge page that explains further on the product and maybe also offers some bonuses.

They would have made more sales from the number of traffic that has to give them zero sales.

A bridge page can also be a landing page and you can use several landing page builders to create it.

You can also make use of Elementor Pro to create awesome landing pages for your Amazon Affiliate referral through Facebook.

So, if you are running your advert and you send them directly to your bridge page – it will convert them to keep you safe from Facebook Jail.

So, making use of this method is a nice approach that will make you a lot of Amazon Affiliate sales through the Facebook ad.


2. Creating Your Facebook Group:

Another way you can use Facebook ads to promote your Affiliate Link is by sending traffic to Facebook groups.

This will also help you get access to them once again in case you are not good at email marketing.

You will just send your ads to a private Facebook group where they can join to purchase affiliate products from you.

This way, you don’t have to keep spending money on Facebook adverts all the time when you want to sell your products.

You will always be having people who are interested in what you have to offer in terms of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Also, because you are running adverts and directing them to your Facebook group. You will also see people joining your group out of recommendation.

Facebook will be recommending your Amazon Affiliate group to people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

Also, you can give chance for people to promote their product on your page but make sure that you monitor it and don’t make them spam your group.

This is what will make you a lot of sales because you now have a chance of reaching people even without spending money on ads.

This is a strategy that I and my team use for our affiliate marketing business which is worth thousands of dollars in value which I just shared with you.

So, make sure to act on it and start using it to promote your Amazon Affiliate products and start making enough sales.


3. Showing Review on Pages:

Since you will be running paid ads for your Amazon Affiliate Marketing almost all the time.

You will also have people who will like your Facebook page automatically without needing to add them yourself.

One thing you can do is to invite those who like the advert and Facebook will notify them to like your page.

Although, the conversion rate of Facebook pages is not that compared to that of groups and profiles.

But you can always show product reviews on your Facebook page to those who like your Facebook page.

You can do a product review on your website or YouTube and be showing it to those who like your page.

Now, the amazing thing is that if your page is interactive and always getting updated with posts.

Facebook will also keep recommending your page to many people who will like your Facebook page.

Now, this is you getting a lot of traffic even without running ads to them.

Facebook will keep recommending your page to people who have close interest with those who already like your page.

This is you killing two birds with a stone and you will also get a lot of affiliate sales just from running a single Facebook ad campaign.

So, you can make use of this strategy and start making enough Amazon Affiliate sales from a Facebook ad campaign.

I will also advise that you keep running your Facebook ad and also put effort into Facebook groups’ affiliates.

Combining all these will help you to achieve a quick result with the little amount of money spent on ads.

10 Secrets About Facebook Ads For Amazon Affiliate


Facebook advert for Amazon Affiliate is a nice strategy that helps you make a lot of sales as an affiliate marketer.

This should stop you from also applying other forms of making affiliate sales on Amazon like Google SEO, YouTube SEO, Quora, and others.

As those methods will also help you the more in making a lot of Affiliate sales and get you topping the chart.

One reason why I like this method is that Facebook is filled with a lot of people who will buy from you.

Since Amazon products are the low ticket that comes with cheap prices as low as $10.

You can rest assured that you will make sales because the products are cheap and it’s something they are familiar with.

Imagine promoting a Watch – who doesn’t know what a Watch is meant for?

They only need a proper explanation of what the Watch can do which is different from what they know previously.

If you enjoy this guide and it solves your problem concerning how you can use a Facebook advert to promote amazon products the right way.

Then, share it with your friends on social media by clicking any of the social media buttons below.

Also, if you are already doing Amazon Affiliate – tell me your experience below in the comment box.

I will be happy to reply.

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What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? 5 Selling Strategies

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? 5 Selling Strategies

There are so many Lords of High Ticket Sales and it is said to be one of the best ways to make money from affiliate marketing.

Promotion of affiliate products ranges from price level to another price level.

Products ranging from $1 to $499 in commission are still regarded as Low Ticket Affiliate Products in Affiliate Marketing.

While Products ranging from $500 and above in commission are regarded as high ticket products.

That is the reason why many newbie affiliate marketers have been asking and wondering how they can start selling High ticket affiliate products instead of low ticket affiliate products.

Online Entrepreneur like Dan Henry encourages his students to focus more on promoting High ticket affiliate Products instead of low ticket affiliate products.

The majority of these internet scholars believe that the energy you can channel on promoting Low Ticket products can be used on high ticket products and the reward will be great.

If you can sell a $2000 affiliate product and earn $1000 in commission – that’s a great achievement that is achieved from one sale.

Whereas such a sale will take you up to 50 sales to achieve $1000 when selling low ticket products.

So, questions have been flowing on the internet concerning what high ticket affiliate marketing is.

And we will discuss this in this guide and always ways you can use it to promote high ticket products in affiliate marketing.

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the selling of affiliate products that are of high price and high value which has a lot of commission in return.

There are so many high ticket closers out there and one of them is Dan Lok who teaches people how to close High Ticket Sales.

High Ticket Products are classy and very beneficial and should be something that affiliate marketers should also add to their arsenal of promotions.

You shouldn’t rely solely on Low ticket affiliate products – although low ticket can bring you sales every day as a newbie.

While high ticket affiliate products can only bring you sales occasionally and not promptly if you are just starting out.

But the reward is encouraging and just imagine you waking up to see an alert of $1500 from affiliate sales on your phone.

It’s encouraging and will keep you going online staying used to $5,$10,20 Affiliate commissions.

Don’t get me wrong as I am not saying low ticket affiliate products are bad.

Even top affiliate marketers still sell low ticket affiliate products but just to make affiliate earning more encouraging.

Then high ticket affiliate marketing should be in your strategy because that is what will make you 7 figures easily and join the millionaire club.

Why High Ticket & Not Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Why High Ticket & Not Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

You might be wondering why some scholars and gurus are lamenting more on selling high ticket products instead of selling low ticket products.

Below are secret reasons that they don’t share with people:

  • Quick Wealth.
  • Fast Authority.
  • Less Stress.
  • High ROI.


1. Quick Wealth:

The first reason why top marketers prefer to promote high ticket products is because of the quick wealth it gives them.

For clarity – it will be a little bit difficult for anyone selling low ticket products in affiliate marketing to become a millionaire.

Even if the person becomes a millionaire – it must be from the accumulated estimation he or she has been making for years.

It cannot be to make it once just like that. The reason is that low ticket sales can only bring you 4 to 5 figures mostly.

While high ticket earning in 4 to 5 figures will bring you wealth in millions.

You can see how different both types of affiliate products are? The difference is just too clear for anyone to understand.

That is why you will go on some social media internet marketing groups and you will see some people showing their awards.

Some of them hitting their first 1 million with 2 to 3 years of being an internet marketer.

It is not that they are doing something spectacular or much difference.

It is just the mind invested in high ticket affiliate products.

If you look at their dashboard – you will see that their commissions are in thousands.

Imagine someone selling a product of $20,000 and collecting $10,000 as commission.

All he needs is just to bring 100 people to buy that same product and he or she will become a millionaire already.


2. Fast Authority:

The authority you will gain and control within the short period of promoting High ticket products is just too interesting.

That’s why you will see some people who have been in a business for a long time still coming to learn under those who are just a few years or months in the business.

The reason is a fast authority they gain from selling high ticket products because it rapidly increases their wealth.

The majority of the affiliate marketers are low-ticket affiliate marketers who promote low price products.

While High ticket affiliate marketers are minority and less compared to other low ticket affiliate marketers.

It’s just a matter of understanding how the system works and these high ticket affiliate marketers are already earning millions.

They will quickly gain authority and respect when they post their Millionaire Milestone award on their Facebook wall.

Most of these awards are given by Clickfunnels because they use them to appreciate top marketers.

It’s a great honor because one will be respected for dedication – whereas most low-ticket affiliate marketers are working more than these people.

Some people are good at closing sales that they will be on a sales call for a $200 product.

And another person who is not up to their standard will be promoting a $2000 product on a sales call to a client.

Do you see that it is just a matter of understanding? That’s how it works.

So, high ticket affiliate marketing brings respect from people.


3. Less Stress:

Although, we cannot conclude that low ticket brings a lot of stress whenever one is trying to sell them.

But what happens most of the time and from experience is that clients who go for high ticket products spend less time asking questions.

The main reason is that they have full belief that it will solve their problem permanently.

They have the feeling that it is quality and the product creators already gave his or her best for the product.

So, they don’t bother about asking a lot of questions.

Although, this doesn’t limit to the idea that everyone can do high ticket closing.

No! That’s not what I am implying.

But the fact is that closing clients who are buying a low ticket involve questions and doubts.

You will need to keep answering the same questions which you have been answering.

It will take you time because they have experienced buying products like that but don’t get any result.

It becomes very difficult for them to conclude Immediately – so, sometimes you will need to keep clearing all doubts.

But high ticket only needs you to explain everything – if the person is ready – you don’t need to stress yourself much.

The prospect will tell you his or her mind concerning whether they are ready or not.

If they are ready – you will close the sale Immediately in the meeting.

If the prospect is not buoyant – you can just keep following up with them till they decide to make the final purchase.

That’s one reason why high ticket closing is less stressful because of the authenticity of the product in the mind of your prospect.


4. High ROI:

Whenever most top marketers run adverts – they run adverts to sell their high ticket products.

But what they do is to make use of a sales funnel in launching the sales of their products.

They will make the low ticket products to be at the front pages to entice the prospect into making a purchase.

Then once the prospect keeps moving through the value ladder – they will be introduced to the high ticket offers.

What they are doing is that – they are using the low ticket products to fix their advert budgets.

So, all the money gained from the low ticket products in the first pages is to keep continuing the advert they are running.

While the high ticket product is what will serve as their profit from running that advert.

That is how selling high ticket products works because the return on investment is just too high.

Even if you decide not to use any low-ticket products from the onset. You will still get sales.

It might not just be as quick as you wanted it to be – but the fact is that the return on investment for high ticket affiliate marketing is High.

That’s why top marketers will always focus their minds and strategies on promoting it rather than low tickets.

How To Promote High Ticket Products

How To Promote High Ticket Products

There are a few ways that you can make use of when you want to promote high ticket affiliate products.

And they are the ones that we will discuss below – so that you can make use of them when promoting.

Also, I will advise that you try hard to learn more about each one of them and I also link to some more articles where you can learn more about each one of them.

Below are the ways through which you can promote high ticket affiliate marketing.

  • Webinar.
  • Funnels.
  • Cold-calling.
  • Meeting.
  • Launch Jacking.


1. Webinar:

Webinar is the first method that I will make mention because it is a perfect solution for affiliate marketing.

Although, many people main use webinars to promote their products which they launch in the marketplace.

But they forget about its importance when using it to promote other people’s products which don’t cost them any penny.

Trying to promote high ticket products with webinars is something that creates interaction between the Affiliate and its audience.

They can watch you live and see how you are explaining the product to them and showing them how it’s being used.

If it’s a course that people need a lot of proof of – you can go the extra mile to share your screen with them and tell them about those who have benefited from the course.

People like to see what they want to pay for – although the stress of selling high ticket products might not be up to the level of low ticket products in terms of energy.

But doing it this way is a pure class of making sales because even low ticket products are now using webinars.

So, you doing a webinar for your high ticket products is not a bad idea if you are ready to put in the effort.

All you have to do is just to set yourself up live on a screen by using any social media Live tool.

Or you can make use of any webinar tool that is programmed for stuff like this.

Sometimes you might not necessarily need to show your face if you are camera shy.

Although, it also goes a long way in your Affiliate sales if you can show your face – so that your audience can see you.


2. Funnels:

Funnels are another fantastic method that many affiliate marketers are using to sell high ticket products.

They will launch a sales funnel where they can run a paid advert or any time of free advert that will bring them traffic.

So they will start from a freebie to a low ticket offer before introducing the high ticket offer to the prospect.

It is just a way of taking the prospect through their value ladder and making affiliate sales through their affiliate link even while they are sleeping.

The freebie is for the audience to sign-up with their username so that the affiliate marketer can get access to them once again in case they didn’t buy the products immediately.

Then, they will take them to another page where they will get the low ticket offer.

Although the level of engagement will reduce because the majority who sign-up will bounce and not purchase the low ticket offer.

But those who bought will be moved to the next page where they will be introduced to the high ticket offer.

That’s how the Funnel strategy keeps going.

But what is best is to make use of Evergreen Funnel to follow up with those who haven’t bought.

You will only make sure that the emails that they will be receiving will be different from one another.

Like, the email that someone who bought the low ticket offer will receive must be different from that of someone who only signed up but hasn’t bought anything.

Because the person who bought low ticket offer will be enticed and shown love to buy the high-ticket products.


3. Cold-calling:

Cold calling is a very effective strategy and method that works if you are someone very good at making sales call.

You can create a call appointment with a client and inform them about your offer which you feel can solve their problem.

Then, once you gain their attention but haven’t finally need to explain more to them.

You can decide to inform them about calling them – then they will give you a certain time when they will be ready.

Then, you can give them a call and explain how your high ticket affiliate product works and how it can solve their problem.

Those who can be very good in this aspect are those who have been doing Network Marketing (MLM) or have done it.

But if you haven’t done anything like trying to make people join your business before.

You can give it a trial and keep learning from your mistakes. But don’t expect to be perfect from the start.

You will make a lot of mistakes that will cost you to lose the prospect that you are cold-calling.

Also, don’t ever try to call anyone without informing them. It will only make you look like a scammer.

So, make sure that your first chat with them and let them see you before calling them to inform them about your offer.

This will make them know who they are talking to and where you are from.

This saves you from looking desperate and from explaining a lot about yourself on the phone.


4. Meeting:

Another way that top affiliate marketers sell high ticket products is through direct meetings with clients.

It is the most effective way because it involves physical involvement between them and the prospect.

I find this very interesting and fantastic because any objection can be overruled and quickly handled.

It is a little bit closer to cold-calling because it also involves engagement with a prospect.

Many Affiliate marketers are using this method when it involves prospects that want to pay for higher ticket products.

High ticket products like $20,000 and above are very effective to close prospects when meetings are involved.

You cannot expect someone to just pull out their credit card and pay for an affiliate product when you are only using funnel or webinar.

No, it needs to involve a physical meeting for them to trust you with their money and time.

You need to show them your commitment and walk with them and flow with them like when talking with your client.

That is how this type of Affiliate method works and it is by far the best way to sell high ticket products.

You might have been closed with this method before – you might have bought a product with this method before.

So, you can also use that same experience on other prospects and close them.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – just use the same process they used for you to also close your prospect.


5. Launch Jacking:

A very effective method for selling high ticket affiliate products around $1000 – $3000 is Launch Jacking.

Launch Jacking involves tapping from the audience of other people and driving them into your website or funnel.

For example, many influencers will be promoting a certain Affiliate product like On YouTube.

So, when people search for that high ticket affiliate product and land on it through YouTube.

They will see some suggestions and click on one of the suggested videos which they can watch.

What you can do is to run paid YouTube adverts and tap from the audience on this YouTubers channel.

Youtube has a certain feature that you can use to direct your advert to a particular channel.

So, once you run the advert and someone clicks on the video – your advert will be the first thing to pop up.

I remember when I went to search for an answer on YouTube and I clicked on a video.

I was surprised to see that I was watching an advert thinking I was watching the video itself.

It was when the advert finishes and I saw a button pop-up that I realize that I was watching an advert all along.

The reason is that what is inside the advert was exactly what I was searching for.

So, I thought I was watching the exact video – so, what the ad owner did was that he targeted the exact video for his advert.

So, you can use this method and Target a particular video for your advert and use that to hijack their audience.

How To Get High Ticket Affiliate Products

How To Get High Ticket Affiliate Products

Since you have learned about the several methods that you can use to promote high ticket products and earn high commissions.

Let us discuss briefly how you can get high ticket affiliate products to promote.

  • Affiliate Networks.
  • Direct Response.


1. Affiliate Networks:

The first way you can get high ticket affiliate products to promote is through affiliate networks.

You can check platforms like Clickbank, Commission Junction Affiliate, and JVzoo to get high ticket affiliate products.

Many Affiliate vendors go there to list their products just to get affiliates to help them sell their products.

Although the products listed on these affiliate networks are within $500 – $1000 when it comes to affiliate product listing.

You will mostly see those within $1000 in sales and $500 in commission.

So, you can go there to check out high ticket affiliate products that you can easily promote and make money.

They have made everything easy for anyone to do – you can just ask for affiliate approval and your designated affiliate link will be given to you.


2. Direct Response:

Another way to get high ticket affiliate products to promote which is very effective is through Direct response.

You can go to the product vendors’ website and check out their top-selling high ticket products and sell for them.

This is very effective for products that are like $20,000 and above in the price.

Although, you have to be careful with this method and you should only use it for product owners that you trust.

I mean product owners that have recognition on the internet which many people know about and you can see people promoting their products.

If you just go to promote someone’s product directly without any initial experience – you might make a sale and not get any commission.

They can easily block your account and claim that you didn’t make them any sale.

That is why most people make use of Affiliate Networks because it serves as an intermediary between Product Vendors and Affiliate Marketers.

Conclusion on High Ticket Marketing


This guide has been able to give you all the details knowledge you need to know about high ticket affiliate marketing.

It is very good because it makes you a lot of money with less stress spent.

It requires expertise though – but once know – you will keep making money online as you like.

Also, earning 7 figures will be very easy for you since you don’t have to make 10,000 sales to make $1 million.

If you are a high ticket affiliate closer and have sold one or two high ticket affiliate products previously.

Hit the comment box and tell you your experience – I will be happy to reply to you.

Also, if you enjoy this guide – don’t forget to share with friends by clicking any of the social icon buttons below.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? 10 Reasons It’s NOT Dead

Many people have been asking whether affiliate marketing is dead or not. This question has been hindering some people from joining this business.

Some believe that joining affiliate marketing is now a waste of time and other resources and one should just focus on other business.

But the truth is is that affiliate marketing is alive and well – and will continue to stay alive in as much as there are people on this planet.

Many course creators are out there creating another course to launch in the marketplace.

And many customers are searching online to search for reviews for their products.

Immediately they search for the review and got what they needed. The next step is to think about how they can get the product.

And how can they get it? Will they need to keep searching online to look for how they can get access to the course?

No! The person or affiliate marketer who reviewed the product must give them access to get the product.

So, you see that affiliate marketing can never be dead because people’s search for reviews online is getting wider every day.

Internet is booming and many people are trying hard to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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Many people are also going online to learn more about internet marketing and how it can also make them quit their 9 to 5 energy-consuming jobs.

So, you cannot decide that affiliate marketing is dead. Affiliate marketing is not dead and there are some reasons why it is not dead.

Let us quickly dive deeper into the reasons why affiliate marketing cannot be dead and why it will keep existing for a lifetime

  • New Affiliate Networks Are Rising.
  • Competition in the Industry
  • Affiliate Blogs.
  • Affiliate YouTube Channels.
  • Affiliate Disclosure On Social Media Bio.
  • Vendors need more sales.
  • People’s Need for Money With Less Stress.
  • Creating Product Without Relying On Ads.
  • New Daily Premium.
  • Training On Affiliate Marketing.
  • New Enrollees Paying To Learn Affiliate Marketing.


1. New Affiliate Networks Are Rising:

The first thing you have to know is that new affiliate Networks are rising every day and are coming up to serve more people.

Many people are thinking about founding a new affiliate network where product launchers can connect with affiliate marketers.

The new affiliate Networks are coming up to create an everlasting solution to the problem people are encountering with affiliate marketing.

So, if affiliate marketing is supposed to be dead. Why would people be thinking of creating more affiliate Networks?

After all, it cost them a lot of money to found an affiliate network and they should not have bothered doing this.

Affiliate marketing is said to have a lot of new investors that are always coming into the market and having a goal of connection.

Their goal of connection is creating networks to make more people enjoy the affiliate marketing business.

They are also the one founding affiliate programs that can serve many people and make newbies enjoy the process.

So, affiliate marketing is not dead because new people are investing in the affiliate network and are ready to serve more people.

So, don’t panic – you are in the right niche and the right family.


2. Competition in the Industry:

There is a lot of competition in the affiliate marketing niche because of its wide growth.

Many affiliates are now trying hard to dominate the top leaderboard of their affiliate network.

They are trying hard to also be known in their domain and easily gain recognition from people.

If you go on top JVs or Affiliates social media pages – you will see the way vendors list affiliate marketers who give them sales based on their ranking.

You will see them acknowledging the affiliate marketer that gives them a lot of sales in their launch.

So, this makes affiliate marketers keep building more momentum and growing big in their network.

Affiliate marketers are also looking forward to being tagged a super affiliates and also giving many vendors a lot of sales.

This is because the affiliate marketing niche is alive and growing higher and higher and people are joining it.

If top Affiliate marketers are not careful – they will just see that the new affiliate marketers have already superseded them.

And nobody wants to be superseded – we all want to be growing higher and higher.

That’s why the competition in this niche is too much.

And if something is supposed to be dead – then competition shouldn’t be much.

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3. Affiliate Blogs:

There are so many affiliate blogs out there that promote affiliate products and they talk about affiliate products.

One of them is Digitalproductsmonk which you are reading this guide from.

We affiliate blogs talk about affiliate marketing and also recommend affiliate products because it is the best way for us to monetize our blog.

And since our readers are not paying extra money to purchase any product we recommend it.

Why shouldn’t we promote affiliate products? All we have to do is to make sure that we give them the best product that can solve their problems.

We will try our best to do something spectacular and review good products that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Now, if affiliate marketing is growing dead – are e going to think about doing affiliate marketing?

No! We will all flee and move to another business – but affiliate marketing is growing stronger.

Also, new affiliates are entering the marketplace every day and they are hungry for success.

New affiliate blogs are being founded and people are getting hungry for success.

If you type a product on Google and add review to the front {product review}.

You will see a lot of products that affiliates are reviewing from their blogs and they are happy doing it for a lifetime.

Why? Because they are earning a lot of money from doing with without hurting their visitors.


4. Affiliate YouTube Channels:

Aside from several affiliate blogs out there – many new people are also creating affiliate marketing channels.

They already have YouTube channels that are dedicated to reviewing affiliate products and they keep increasing day by day.

If there is any new product that is just coming out in the market. It is these affiliate marketers that will be promoting them.

They are doing this because they see the potential in affiliate marketing and they can see that it is where the future lies.

They keep working hard every day to book their YouTube channel to rank very well on the top page of YouTube.

Even those who have a lot of YouTube subscribers have affiliate products they promote in their videos.

You will see some YouTubers already have default Links to Amazon affiliate products like camera, Ringlight, and others which they are using to record their YouTube videos.

You will also see some that are promoting other people’s courses on their YouTube. This is what affiliate marketing is all about.

And is it growing or dead? It will be growing and the number of people doing it is increasing day by day.

That is why it is also good for you to have your YouTube channel where you can review more affiliate products.

That will take you to another level without spending any extra money on a domain.


5. Affiliate Disclosure On Social Media Bio:

With the way affiliate marketing is booming in the online marketplace. You will see many affiliate marketers displaying their affiliate badge on their social media Bio.

They will tell people that they are an affiliate marketer and they work for Clickbanks or JVzoo.

It’s just because they see this business as a nice business that has taken many people from the bottom to the top.

That is why they are displaying their badge and it is favoring them because people look at them with high self-esteem.

Now tell me, if affiliate marketing is dead. Will these people be displaying their badges on their social media bios.

They won’t because they will not want to tarnish their image. But because it will always be around for life.

They see it as a proud means of money-making online and they are glad to call themselves an affiliate marketer.

So, if you are also an affiliate marketer – you can also display your expertise on social media Bio.

Even if it is not working out now for you – just be calm and consistent. It will surely work out best for you.

Because affiliate marketing is alive and healthy and many people are making millions to billions from it already.


6. Vendors need for more sales:

Who doesn’t want more sales in life? Everyone wants to keep making sales no matter the circumstance.

Also, if there is a way someone can keep making sales without running paid adverts all the time.

People will love it and won’t bother relying heavily on spending money on social media platforms to run adverts.

Because of this – vendors or product creators who are launching products every day need more sales and they are going to launch on affiliate networking platforms.

So, affiliate marketing can never be dead because most vendors are looking for more sales.

They are always trying hard to launch new products on affiliate networking platforms just to make more money and sales.

Sales are something that doesn’t contend anyone – it is something that we need all the time.

So, affiliate marketing is not going to be dead since people who are launching products need sales.

And because they need more sales – they will prefer to go for an affiliate network to get more affiliate marketers.

If you go on platforms like ClickBank and JVzoo – you will see people launching new products every day.

They are always there to become top vendors who will make more sales.


7. People’s Need for Money With Less Stress:

Affiliate Marketing is said to give people money without making any stress of creating a product from scratch.

If you know the stress of creating products by yourself – then you will know that affiliate marketing is a savior for many internet marketers.

With affiliate marketing – all you need is to join an affiliate network or any affiliate program and just promote other people’s products.

Products that took many months to plan and produce – but you are enjoying it easily.

Another thing about affiliate marketing is that even in some affiliate programs – the affiliate commission is mostly 40-50%.

This means that you are sharing the same percentage with the owner of the product.

Just by recommending the product to people and they buy – without having to contribute to the launching of the product.

And you are thinking if affiliate marketing will be dead? When people are making money without any stress.

This is because of the easy money-making that makes you enjoy the same commission even with the person who owns the product.


8. Creating Product Without Relying On Ads:

Launching of products can be straightforward if there is less need for running paid ads.

The problem with many people – which stops them from turning their ideas into knowledge is the lack of quality funds to run paid ads.

Imagine launching a product that you don’t have enough capital to make it reach a wide number of people.

But what about you launching the product and sharing the percentage with other people who will help you make it reach thousands of other people?

That’s the benefit that affiliate marketing is giving many people – because they can launch their products.

Then after launching – they can easily get money to run paid adverts from the sales you have made through other affiliate marketers.

The method of affiliate marketing is making it easy for many people not to care about adverts.

Because you already have the complacent mind that you will make sales from your product.

If your product is problem-solving and good enough – what will stop you from moving forward?

Affiliates will recommend your products and many people will be glad about it and also recommend it to many other people.

It is a better solution for many people and that is why affiliate marketing is giving many people financial freedom.


9. New Daily Premium Training On Affiliate Marketing:

If you go on YouTube – you will see a lot of free affiliate marketing tutorials online.

Also, you will see some other recommended training that is done on affiliate marketing.

I have even bought courses on affiliate marketing just to learn the fundamentals and tactics of affiliate marketing.

This is because it is the new and future way of making consistent money online with less stress.

Most of the traffic super affiliates that have earned a reasonable amount of money online have also gone to teach other people.

They are also having students who are making money from the affiliate program and also teaching other people.

This teaching is also another way of making money for themselves through the usage of affiliate marketing.

They are also making money because even aside from promoting other people’s products.

They are using their products in the line of affiliate marketing to make money for themselves online.

So, affiliate marketing is broad, and making money through it is from different sources and angles.

So, you can see that affiliate marketing is Hale and Hearty and will always be for life.

You are safe and free to join the winning team and stay safe.


10. New Enrollee Paying To Learn Affiliate Marketing:

As there are new tutors teaching people and selling courses on affiliate marketing every day.

So, many new enrollees are getting desperate to become profitable in affiliate marketing.

That’s why the majority is going to stay under a tutor who they believe already has enough experience in the field of affiliate marketing.

They are doing everything possible to make sure that they also become a very good Affiliate marketer.

As these affiliate marketing courses are launching – so is many people are enrolling for the courses.

Just to become someone great in life and also earn enough money from affiliate marketing.

So, I believe if affiliate marketing is supposed to be getting down and showing a sign of death.

Then people shouldn’t stay up waving their credit cards to enroll for new courses and old courses on affiliate marketing.

I believe affiliate marketing is here to stay and we have some new affiliate marketers who will soon turn a super affiliate and sell courses very soon.

Will Affiliate Marketing Ever Die? And Why?

Will Affiliate Marketing Ever Die? And Why?

We talked about if affiliate marketing is dead in the top section. But it will also be reasonable if we discuss it is sure that affiliate marketing will die in the future.

I think we should discuss it a little and understand why.

  • People Are Launching More Products.
  • Newbies are the majority of those trying to earn online.
  • Affiliate Networks are looking for more strategy to survive.
  • The Need For Money Increases the more someone earns.


1. People Are Launching More Products:

Just like we have been saying – as much as people are producing new products and launching new products every day…

… affiliate marketing can never die because affiliate marketing involves the selling of other people’s products.

Also, in terms of services – many people are offering and learning new skills every day.

They are striving hard to make more money for themselves and the best way they know to get more clients is through affiliate marketing.

Look buddy, the blessings that affiliate marketing is offering are just too much for people to handle.

So the mentality that it will die is just what anyone or everyone should zero and forget about.

If you go on social media – you will see a lot of people launching new products.

What the majority of those who are a novice with affiliate marketing don’t know about is the act of selling.

They keep launching products and selling by themselves – very soon – they will all be launching on an affiliate platform instead of by themselves.

This is what they will enjoy once affiliate marketing grows up to another level.


2. Newbies are the majority of those trying to earn online:

The majority of those trying to earn online are newbies who are looking for the right and fast path to victory.

They are struggling hard to quickly make money online just from the intimidation they experience with other top-earning marketers.

What most of the top-earning marketers don’t tell them is the struggles they face before becoming a top earner.

Most especially those who are in the coaching or any other niche aside from affiliate marketing.

But with affiliate marketing – you can easily make money online as a newbie and that’s a problem to solve.

Many newbies are looking online and they are seeing the results that people are getting with affiliate marketing.

So, they have no choice but to join this niche and they will keep joining as the world of internet marketing keeps growing.

This is why affiliate marketing cannot die.


3. Affiliate Networks are looking for more strategy to survive:

As affiliate marketing keeps getting more people to engage and make money online.

Affiliate networking websites are also striving hard to get more strategies that can sustain them in the marketplace.

They are looking for ways that they can also create more opportunities in the marketplace by bringing more value.

They can see the hunger in the eyes of people and they hope to serve more people by making transactions easy.

They are trying to make product vendors launch a successful product and Affiliate marketers to sell products and earn.

This goal alone is worth millions of thanks and praise to come from anyone involve or aiming to become an affiliate marketer.

So anyone still saying Affiliate marketing will be dead doesn’t know what they are saying.

It is never going to die and it will continue to exist for a long period. So, don’t slack on it.


4. The Need For Money Increases the More Someone Earns:

We can never be contented in life and the need for money keeps growing in our mind.

No matter how much you make today – you will surely desire to make another money which is more than that.

It is just something that is inside of us which can never run dry but keep getting us thirsty.

So, because of this – people keep launching more products for the marketplace and they keep striving.

Also, affiliate marketers keep trying to promote more products just to make money online.

So, it’s just a situation that makes everyone to be willing to earn more money.

So, if people are still growing thirst for money – then the need for affiliate marketing will keep improving.

conclusion about if affiliate marketing will die


Affiliate Marketing can never be dead and everyone asking whether “Is affiliate marketing dead?” Shouldn’t bother to ask.

They should just go straight to register with an affiliate program and start making money for themselves.

Because it doesn’t cost them any stress or money before they can start making money without any stress.

Also, with the 14 points given in this guide – you can rest assured that you are inside a safe niche called affiliate marketing.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer – you can hit the comment box below to tell us what you feel about affiliate marketing.

If you are about to join the affiliate marketing Industry – comment below why you want to join.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media by clicking any of the social media buttons below.

9 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

9 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the lucrative businesses that one can do without any capital invested.

Although, this shouldn’t limit one from having an initial capital before one can start affiliate marketing.

But should in case you don’t have any capital to kickstart your affiliate marketing – you can always feel free to join affiliate marketing in a niche and start earning money.

The main problem that many newbie affiliate marketers face is the Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing which they can join.

There are several niches in affiliate marketing that one can join and begin to make money.

And that is what we will be discussing in this guide because we will give it all you need to know about the niches you should join for your Affiliate Marketing.

One thing you have to know is that there are many niches all over the world of internet marketing.

Every topic that is existing and people are searching for online surely has its affiliate marketing program…

…which you can join and be rest assured that you can start earning from it.

But one has to be careful so as not to fall prey to the hands of cabals that claim to pay without fulfilling their promises.

Let us look into the best niches that you can join to start earning from affiliate marketing with less amount of stress incurred.


1.Digital Product Niche:

Digital Product Niche for Affiliate Marketing

The first niche I will recommend for any newbie affiliate marketer to join is the digital product marketing niche.

The reason is that it is easy for anyone to promote a product without waiting for many months to see results.

Many people have gone from zero to hero in the online business just from promoting other people’s digital products online.

Examples of digital products is Software, Courses, and Services.

There are platforms on the net that serves as a network between affiliate marketers and product owners.

Also, you might just decide to work easily with the owner of the program by joining their platform.

Some people have their affiliate program separately for their digital products which you can join and start earning money easily.

Example of platforms that serves as a network for digital products affiliate marketing includes Jvzoo, Clickbanks, CJ Affiliates, and others.

These platforms have a lot of digital products in them which you can go to and request for your affiliate link to promote.

This is majorly for those who would like to be in the digital product’s niche and promote an affiliate products.

Maybe you have a YouTube channel talking about business or internet marketing or a website and you are looking for the best niche to join for affiliate marketing.

Then, you can easily join any of the top sites and start promoting people’s courses and softwares and make money.


2. Health Niche:

2. Health Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Health Niche is another niche that is very profitable because people don’t joke with their health status.

No matter how broke one can be – you have to take care of your health just to survive the day.

It is very important for everybody to care about and that is why affiliates in this niche are profitable.

Although, the health Niche doesn’t have a lot of affiliates that do promote them because it needs fundamental knowledge.

But some crazy affiliate marketers still promotes them by going for thorough research on the health products and advertising it to people online.

The fact is that people will buy because it is clothes that are covering everybody’s shame.

So, they have no choice but to buy because it is their health at stake.

Clickbanks is an affiliate platform that I know which has some health products in the platform which people are promoting.

Also, for those who are involved in Network Marketing – there are some MLM Brands that give health products as incentives to their members.

And these members go-ahead to sell the products to other people and make money from them.

It is also affiliate marketing in network marketing which is a good approach for many people.


3. Real Estate Niche:

Real Estate Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Real estate is another form of affiliate marketing that is majorly on the high ticket aspect of affiliate marketing.

Just the sale of a high priced property can make you become a millionaire overnight.

The majority of the real estate agents are all affiliate marketers that sell other people’s properties.

It’s just that real estate affiliate marketing involves both offline and online business investment.

You need to know about properties that you can sell and do your assignment before you can ever think of becoming an affiliate marketer in this niche.

Joining an affiliate program for this niche is easy if you can just look for the nearest Real estate management in your locality and pitch them.

Tell them how effective and efficient you are in promotion and you will be given a property to sell.

It’s a win-win situation and so you don’t need to panic much if you will be allowed to help them promote their properties.

Every business wants more sales and nobody will see sales coming to them and reject such an offer.

It is not possible – that is why it becomes very easy to quickly make money in this aspect.

So, if you are good at selling landed properties and can bring sales.

Just search for the nearest landed properties management in your locality and join them.

That’s the best way I like to search for real estate management. Unlike looking for networks that might only have Management’s that are not in your locality.


4. Physical Products Niche:

Physical Product Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Physical products are stuff that people make use of every day of their lives. The phone or laptop that you are using to read this guide is a physical product.

Which you might have bought through someone’s affiliate link.

Advertising physical products are very effective and cheap because you don’t have to bother about delivery.

All you have to do is to review some physical products that you can see online on some platforms.

Platforms, where you can see physical products of many people to promote, is Amazon.

There are millions of affiliate physical products on Amazon which you can review and recommend for people to buy.

Also, you can register as an AliExpress Affiliate and start reviewing AliExpress products for people to buy.

You can start your YouTube channel or build a review blog where you can start to review many products on these websites.

Although, the commission rate for physical products is less and the lowest compared to other affiliate programs.

But it’s also worth investing in because people are searching for physical products every day and because they consume them every day.

That is why many affiliate marketers that are reviewing physical products are making a lot of money when compared with the numbers of traffic they see every day.

Also, if you are on YouTube and release YouTube videos. Always make sure that you put the links to your affiliate in your video descriptions.


5. Services Niche:

5. Services Niche:

Another affiliate niche that is effective is the service niche which people are also looking for.

An example of services Niche that people join to refer people into is Fiverr & Upwork.

Fiverr and Upwork are platforms that have a lot of freelancers who perform different kinds of services on the platform.

But aside from having a lot of freelancers on their platform. They also have their affiliate program where they pay people for recommending referrals.

Anybody that joins Fiverr or Upwork through your affiliate link and also pay for a service or start making sales.

You will earn from that person and you will be paid directly to your Fiverr dashboard and into your bank account or PayPal.

Many people are going online to look for services that need the urgent requirement to their problems.

So, don’t feel panic that you might not make sales from this niche. Because it is a very profitable niche.

Also, many affiliate marketers are earning a lot of money from this niche and are making gains.

There are many other online platforms that render services and also have their affiliate program.

You can join some platforms that render video marketing services and other services and recommend clients for them.

They will pay you per anybody that gives them work through your affiliate link.


6. Travel Niche:

Travel Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Travel Niche is a niche that is favorable and profitable for any affiliate that wants to join it.

It is everybody’s wish to travel all around the world and have fun on vacation with their family.

That is why the traveling industry is very profitable and everyday gain for brands in this niche.

People cannot stop but travel from one place to another in search of greener pastures and also to greet people.

So, if you are someone who can join this niche and start promoting brands that are in this niche.

You are going to make money from this affiliate niche. What you have to know is that – there are many newbies…

…those who don’t know about the way to a certain location. And you can make money from them.

You can just recommend some trustworthy traveling brand that can take them to the location.

This is very common in every country because many people have fall into the hands of scammers just from Travellers.

So, if you can be the best affiliate plug that can connect travelers with traveling brands.

Then you will make a lot of money from the affiliate program because people travel every day.


7. Fitness and Wellness Niche:

2. Fitness Niche for Affiliate Marketing

The Fitness and Wellness niche is an everyday necessity for anyone that wants to lose weight easily.

That’s why those who have a passion for weight loss and fitness always make money from this niche.

Almost everyone wants to have a perfect body shape. Most guys want to grow 6 packs with a broad chest.

While most ladies want to have a flat tummy and stay fit to have all their wears fitting them.

But the problem is that almost all of those who desire all this find it difficult to continue to do it.

Up until the time I am writing this guide – I am included and I find it very difficult to go to the gym.

Although I have a flat tummy but I wish to grow a bit of broad chest but the urge to just continue going to the gym is the problem.

You can decide to start keeping fit for the first week but by the time it is the following week – you will get weak.

It happens a lot to almost everybody and it becomes difficult for us to continue and prosper with this kind of task.

That’s where fitness coaches come in – since they know that this is difficult for us to cope with.

They come in to support and monitor our progress and help us stay fit.

But not everyone knows about fitness coaches and those who know about fitness coaches have not created the time to visit them.

That’s where you as an affiliate can come in to link someone whom you think needs to stay fit with a fitness instructor.

All you have to do is to give contact or if it’s a physical meeting. You can take the person o the gym to meet an instructor.

And the fun thing about this is that instructors charge a lot of money for their program and coaching.

And it is even a membership program that they have to be renewing every month.

So, it’s like a continuous earning for almost everyone doing this type of affiliate work.


8. Gaming Niche:

Gaming Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Many people love gaming and can play games from morning till night but they have not thought about how to monetize their hobby.

Are you one of those who are in the gaming niche and plays a game for fun?

Then you have to start considering making money with this niche by promoting gaming applications that are premium.

Although, the best way I can recommend to you when doing this type of affiliate marketing is to have a YouTube Channel.

When you have a YouTube Channel where you can talk freely and also show games you have played.

You can easily suggest other types of premium games that people can buy and enjoy premium features.

So, anytime you are playing a game on your computer or your mobile phone. Then you can always record some hard parts.

Maybe there are some hard missions or levels that people have been finding difficult to complete.

You can easily create a video on it to help those who are having problems with the task.

This is how you can continue creating videos on your YouTube channel in case you want to run out of ideas.

People will value your videos and subscribe to watch more awesome videos from your channel.

Also, many people buy gaming applications a lot because they want to enjoy more features.

So, you can easily recommend a gaming application that has premium featured that they will enjoy to them.

Once you do this – it becomes very easy for you to start doing affiliate marketing and recommending games for people to buy.

Just join the affiliate program of any gaming application that has premium plans and free plans.

Then give them the free plan and recommend them the premium plan for more benefits.


9. Movie Watching Niche:

Movie Watching Niche for Affiliate Marketing

There was a time that Netflix have their affiliate program which you can recommend people to Netflix to what movies.

But it got to a time when they decided to scrap it because they see it as a waste of resources and time.

Is there any adult or teenager in this life that doesn’t know about Netflix? There isn’t.

Everybody knows about Netflix already and they are making money every day from theiri channel even without affiliate recommendations.

The majority of Netflix traffic is coming directly from their website – so, trying to bother themselves with an affiliate is no need.

So, the Netflix affiliate program was canceled alongside other reasons which they didn’t disclose.

But does this means that one cannot see other affiliate programs in this niche that offers video marketing?

You can easily join some get paid online networks that pay people for referring people into their website.

There are many websites that pay people for watching movies and also pays people to view ads online.

Aside from watching ads and also paying. They also have an affiliate program that someone can use to earn money.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to make money doing something that they do for fun?

So, if you can tell people that they will make money from just watching ads online – which you can read more about it here.

You can easily make them pass through your affiliate link and you will be earning money from this type of affiliate marketing.



Conclusion on Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

After reading this guide – I believe you have been able to understand the available niches that you can join to earn from affiliate marketing?

These are the best niche for affiliate Marketing which you can make money easily from.

Make sure to study them very well and select the one that best suits your aspect of interest.

You can make money online buddy – all you need is to take that action. And when should you take it? It is Now!

Do you have some questions concerning this guide? You can kindly use the comment box below.

Also, if you are in any of the niches above – you can go ahead and tell us your experience with it through the comment box.

We will be more than glad to hear from you.

Don’t forget to share this guide with friends and family by clicking on any of the social media buttons below.