The 20 best cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing

The 20 best cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing

This Guide Is Going To Explain The 20 best cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

Are you an affiliate marketer and you’re looking for 20 reliable sources that are not expensive to get traffic to your Affiliate Link?

Well, if that is your case. Then that is what we will be discussing in this guide as I will be revealed to you…

…the free and paid methods and sources where you can get traffic at a cheaper rate or even at no cost.

But before I digress fully into these platforms. I must reveal a little secret to you.

I am aware that the major reason why you searched for this is that you are looking to get more affiliate sales.

Maybe you have been doing Affiliate Marketing and you also want to top the leaderboard like other successful ones.

You don’t know if you should just focus on one traffic source or focus on multiple traffic sources.

Anyway, the best thing for you to do is to make sure that you provide value on these sources.

Don’t just go there to spam the place with your affiliate link or go there to litter your affiliate links on these sources.

Promote responsibly and you will see yourself soaring high with affiliate commissions rolling into your bank account.

So, in this guide. You will be learning almost everything about these twenty best cheap traffic sources and you can promote on the platforms.

Now, let us head over to the traffic sources and we are going to split them into the Paid and Free Methods.

The Paid Methods don’t mean that you will be spending much though. It is just a little money that you have to spend to get clicks there.

It depends on how well you want to get many tractions though. So, let’s get focused on what we are about to get into.


Paid Methods But Cheap

Below is the paid but cheap traffic method that you can use today and start selling your affiliate products.

1. TikTok Ads

One of the cheapest traffic sources now is the TikTok ads at the time of writing this guide but several people do not know.

It is just that – The TikTok ads majorly focus on video adverts which means you won’t be able to promote with just texts.

With a small budget. You can reach a lot of people on Tiktok without even spending that huge money.

They have a very cheap plan because they are still one of the newest platforms in the social media category at the time of writing this guide.

Unlike some other social media platforms. TikTok is very cheap and they have a pricing plan that is cheap and not cost.

You can just start making use of Tiktok and commence start using it to drive a lot of traffic.

And gone are the days when Tiktok is majorly filled with young audiences who are just using the platform.

Now, a lot of adults are making use of TikTok to promote their business and make a lot of sales online.

Also, some people are on this platform to look for solutions to their problems aside from watching dance videos.

So, using the platform is not a bad idea as it can help you grow more and make more money from Affiliate Marketing.

2. YouTube Ads

Just like the Tiktok ads. YouTube ads are also very cheap and economical for a lot of affiliates who are looking to promote online.

You can easily start making use of the YouTube ads to reach a targeted audience who is ready to buy.

The reason why YouTube ads are very economical compared to others is that you are getting access to targeted traffic.

People who are looking for a particular solution to their problem and are watching a video.

If for example you are promoting a health product and you get can promote your product on a channel around health matters.

Or if you are promoting a teeth whitening product and you promote the product on a dentist channel.

You are directly promoting to the people who require your offer. They have a likely chance of buying.

Compared to you just promoting to everyone on the internet. And you can even be spending less amount.

You won’t have to spend a whole lot of money before you can be able to reach this Audience.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook-owned by Mark Zuckerberg under the brand name Meta is also another important thing to mention.

Facebook ads are also very economical and cheap compared to other sources of traffic.

For an affiliate offer. You can promote offers on Facebook and make a lot of money from it.

The people on Facebook are just people scrolling on the internet and indirectly looking for any new shiny object.

Looking for the new celebrity who just bought another whip or the news about someone who just bought a house.

Also, some even get to see their old friends who are making it online and see them buying new things and making new Investments.

So, if you can be able to take advantage of this platform and get access to these people with a nice sales copy.

You are going to make a lot of affiliate sales and make several affiliate earnings topping your leaderboard.

The reason because you are getting access to them when they need a new opportunity.

Although the instance I have is for those who are in the make money online niche.

If you are in the health niche. You can also do some nice targeting in your Ads Set inside your Facebook Ads Manager…

…and you can target the people that you want to promote to specifically and you see yourself earning huge.

4. Quora Ads

Quora Ads are just like forum ads where a lot of people are going there to seek solutions and answer questions.

I have seen several Affiliates leverage Quora ads to sell a lot of affiliate products.

They claim it is very cheap and it is also very good to reach a lot of tier 1 traffic if you are in need.

And since the people who will be clicking on your ads are also people seeking solutions to their problems.

Then you are very much likely to make a lot of affiliate sales.

5. WarriorForum

Making use of the WSO also called the Warrior Special Offer Marketplace in the Warriorforum Platform.

Several internet marketers are also coming to this platform to look for a solution.

Although, unlike Quora which is a general forum and question & Answer platform for anything.

Warriorforum is majorly about Internet Marketing and that is what you will be able to promote.

Maybe you have a software or a course around internet marketing. You can use this platform to sell several affiliate offers.

Their marketplace is filled with a lot of internet marketers who are seeking solutions.

Make money online stuff will sell well in the Warriorforum marketplace.

6. Solo Ads

Sola Ads are also email ads that you just have to pay an email marketer or an Influencer who has a lot of email leads.

These leads are what you can promote to and you will be able to make several affiliate commissions.

Several affiliate marketers are using this method to grow their email list and get sales.

The best way for you to just do this is not by sending traffic straight to your affiliate offer.

You are to send the email audience to your squeeze or landing page where you will get their email address.

Which means you will offer them a freebie and send it to their email inbox. Then you will now upsell them on the affiliate offer you want to promote.

This way, you will be able to keep getting back with them and Retarget them even if they don’t buy immediately.

7. Instagram

There are a lot of opportunities on Instagram now and you can start making use of it to sell Affiliate offers.

Among the opportunities is the Instagram story and reels which you can use to reach a lot of people.

With Instagram Reels, you can just upload a video and several other people who are not even following you can view it.

And what you need majorly is to be able to get your audience to the eyeball of several people.

Oh yes, when you can get your affiliate offer to the eyeball of several people.

Then you will be able to make sales even if you are doing it free of charge.

8. Influencer Marketing

You can also use influencers within your niche to sell your affiliate offers.

Several influencers on the internet have a lot of followers that will always buy anything they recommend.

What you just have to do is to pay any of these Influencers money to promote to their audience.

The moment they promote to their audience. Then you have access to these audiences and make sales.

You do not have to even stress much with this because the audience will always trust their leader.

And this method is cheap because the influencers have nothing to lose even if they promote.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is another platform and source of traffic that a lot of people most especially bloggers have milked traffic from.

The only thing about Pinterest is just that you need to have a web page for you to sell on Tiktok.

They do not accept Affiliate links even if you are running paid ads on their platform.

So, you need a web page that can serve as a bridge page that you will first make the audience land.

The moment they land on this page. You will now redirect them to your affiliate page where they will be closed.

This is how to use Pinterest very well to make affiliate sales for your brand.

10. Native Ads

Another source of cheap traffic that a lot of marketers are using for referral offers is Native Ads.

Native ads are all the Outbrain or kinda ads that you see whenever you land on some websites.

These websites are publishers for these ad networks that promote for advertisers like you when you pay.

So the thing is that when you run paid ads on these platforms. You get to enjoy more and a whole lot more.


Free Method

The next traffic aspect that we will be looking at is the free methods that you can use to generate traffic.

11. Blogging

Blogging is what I like because it is what I do from time to time and that is what I use to get the majority of my traffic.

If you can launch a blog and start publishing on your website. You don’t have to pay any dime to reach people.

It might just take a little time for you to reach a lot of people who will be coming to your website.

But it is always worth it because these audiences are people who are hungry and looking for a solution.

And if you can offer value to them on your website. Then they will be ready to buy your affiliate offer.

So, blogging is a great source of generating traffic for your affiliate offers.

12. Article Websites

Article websites like Medium and several other platforms are also great for affiliate marketing.

The reason is that these websites or platforms already have a high domain authority that you can leverage on.

Aside from that, they also have members who are always ready to read content and articles on these blogs.

Even places like Forbes,, and several others are not excluded from platforms like these.

They have a huge email list of audience and if your article can be very unique. You can get it broadcast to their audience.

From there. You can even link to a landing page where you will be promoting an affiliate offer.

13. Telegram

If you haven’t used telegram before to promote an affiliate offer. Then you might be missing out on a lot.

Telegram is a great platform where you can get access to a lot of people who also want a solution to their problems.

The only thing not good about telegram is the high rate of scammers and fraudsters on the platform.

So, it is not a place where you can get access to a lot of Tier 1 traffic. It is Not.

You won’t find a lot of tier 1 traffic on this platform except if your product is not focused on a tier 1 audience.

But if you don’t care about third-world countries. Then you can go to Pinterest also. Traffics are there.

14. Facebook Group

Facebook is still one of the best social media platforms in the world and its flux of traffic can not be under-emphasized

This is another place on Facebook that you can use to leverage and milk out traffic.

A lot of marketers have leveraged the Facebook group the right way by providing value and building an audience.

And some have leveraged it the blackhat way or method by spamming their links on several groups with the hope of earning a commission.

Whichever way you plan to use it. It’s all good. The only thing that matters which you have to know is that…

…if you are looking for longevity and the ability to sell a lot of products. You should go for the White Hat Method of providing value to groups before promotion.

15. Q & A On Quora

If you can also answer questions on Quora. Then it’s a nice method to get cheap traffic for Affiliate Marketing

If you check some answers on you will see some having over 50,000+ views on them.

Some people on Quora already have an aggregate of over 2million views on all their answers on Quora.

This is the ability that this forum possesses which a lot of affiliate marketers online have used to build an audience and make sales.

You just cannot promote affiliate links directly on Quora. You will not be allowed to do that.

Same also, you cannot just post a link to a sales page or landing page. It has to be to an existing article that is buttressing the answer you gave.

It is now inside this article that you link on Quora that you can now make an affiliate pitch to the visitor or prospect.

16. WarriorForum Q & A

If you’re someone who also likes to answer questions relating to internet marketing a lot. Then you can go for Warriorforum.

Not even the WSO at the time but just be answering questions in the forum which people ask.

What I like about Warriorforum is that there is an aspect where there is a signature.

This signature costs $10 at the time of writing this guide though. It might have increased a bit when you are reading it.

But just with this signature. You can include your link which can even be the link to a sales page.

Or you can make it be a cloaked link to your Affiliate offer.

So, it is in this signature that you will put your link and your signature will always be below every answer you give on Warriorforum.

Which makes it very easy for someone to buy from you easily.

17. Twitter

Twitter is also a source that has a lot of traffic that you can tap from and start earning a commission.

There are now several stuff on Twitter that make it very fun and now very easy to get traffic.

With Twitter space and several others, you can easily tweet about your offer and you can get people who will be ready to buy.

18. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very good for local leads that will be ready to see or feel whatever you have to offer them.

The WhatsApp means of marketing is very popular and common in tier 3 countries.

Not very popular in Tier 1 Countries or for their audience but it is also an amazing traffic source.

Using it can also get you a lot of affiliate commission.

19. Reddit

Are you in some Sub-reddit where you can join some groups and get questions answered?

You can even create a Reddit post that you will get people who will visit your Affiliate link.

One thing I ever like about Reddit is that their website can even rank on Google which makes your content liable to being seen by search traffic.

Reddit is an awesome place that you should also try out as a traffic source.

20. YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube Channel is not bad and you can also use this method of the search engine to pull traffic.

With a YouTube channel, you will also be able to get access to Audiences who are searching for solutions.

And if you can provide a solution to their problem. Then, they will be very much glad and entitled to you.

You will only have to offer them your affiliate products as a permanent solution.

This brings us to the end of this guide. We have discussed the twenty best cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

If you have any further questions. You can use the comment box below.

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How to send Unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links

How to send Unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links

You Will Learn How to send Unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links In This Guide.

When it comes to sending unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links. It’s relatively easy.

But I must warn. The only way you are searching for this might be because you are a newbie…

…and you are trying to make that affiliate commission at all cost just because you want to earn much.

If this is your main reason for searching for a way that you can send a considerable amount of traffic easily without paid ads.

Then the method that will be suggested for you is going to be a Black Hat Method.

This means this method is a method that will lead to a lot of junk traffics and people who do not even know you.

Compared to filtered traffic of people who already know who you are and who are ready to buy from you.

But anyway, the ball is in your court to play and there is nothing bad in trying out a method for the first time.

Even though the best way to get good traffic to your Clickbank affiliate link will be to build your audience.

Audiences who are already filtered and they are ready to buy from you because they trust you already.

Or maybe grow your audience on a platform and give out value and now promote a Clickbank product at the end.

This is one of the best ways to promote Clickbank products of any affiliate link in general.

But let us go into details about this and see how you can send a lot of traffic easily to your Clickbanks affiliate products.

What’s Blackhat Affiliate Marketing?

Blackhat Affiliate Marketing Is a method of pulling traffic from unsolicited and unfiltered sources just to get aggressive clicks.

This method is getting and pulling traffic is majorly popular among newbies who are looking to earn an affiliate commission for force.

If you are looking for a way to learn Affiliate Marketing the right way without having to do it the blackhat way…

…and still, be making a considerable and decent amount of commission within the next few weeks.

Then click on this link and watch this video freebie which I reveal an opportunity that you can leverage starting from today.

Just click the link to check it out and I promise that you will never regret it.

The technique there is going to teach you how you can start leveraging Affiliate Marketing to sell high ticket courses.

Courses that are minimum of $2000 and you earn 50% commission on the least of them.

But anyway, back to the unlimited traffic method that I plan on revealing to you in this guide.

Several other affiliates started with this method and you can also use it to earn a few commissions online.

It’s not that bad. But it is just a game of luck in earning a commission. Compared to the opportunity I offered you above.

Below are the various sources and methods that you can easily use to pull…

…a lot of traffic and promote your Clickbank products without spending a dime on ads.

Ways To Send Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Clickbank Links

Let us take a solid look at the ways that you can use to get a lot of people to click on your Clickbank affiliate links.

Some are legit and considerable while some are not that considerable.

Nevertheless, you will consider choosing the one that best suits your ability and taste.

1. Influencer ShoutOuts

A free way to get an unlimited number of traffic for your affiliate marketing is by offering a service to an influencer.

Then after you have offered this service.

You can now request the influencer to give you a shoutout on his or her platform.

The only downside and uneasy aspect of this method or technique is that you have to gain the trust of the influencer.

The reason is that even getting featured as a promotion on any influencer page these days requires you to pay money.

Take for example someone just walking up to me to promote something on my blog for free.

Or message me for promotion without anything in return as compensation or something.

It doesn’t work that way because it is very much compulsory that you give out something for you to receive in return.

Failure of inability to be able to do this. Then you will not be able to get an influencer ShoutOuts for your offer.

One thing you need to know and put into consideration is that this method of pulling traffic works well.

If you are even seeking the assistance of an Influencer that has your audience.

Then you are good to make a lot of commission from Clickbank.

2. Email Scraper

You might have seen some methods online that tell you about using this method of pulling traffic.

Email scraping is also another way that you can promote and get traffic to your affiliate offer.

You can easily go and buy an email that is being scrapped already by an…

…influencer and you blast out an email to them with a tool like SendBlaster or other ones online.

Or if you are to decide to buy. Then that doesn’t make it free anymore.

There is a technique that cold email marketers use to get access to a lot of people.

And another technique they use to also blast out this email to them without using SendBlaster that might still cost money.

They first make use of Google to scrape out email using Instagram accounts that have an email address on their Bio.

You know Instagram is always indexed by Google. So, they use Google to scrape out Instagram emails.

Using this method. You can just use this formula and type it on Google.

Let us say I want to scrap out emails of real estate agents on instagram.

 “real estate” “” 

Just copy and paste that on google search box and edit it to what your niche.

Then you will now use to extract…

…out only the email addresses from the bunch of texts and you have your email addresses ready.

You can easily scrape out hundreds or even thousands of email addresses just by leveraging this method.

After you have scraped it. You can now use direct Gmail broadcast to send out the emails to them.

You can first start with 59 and later on. Start Increasing it gradually till your email gets stable.

This is how to use this method and send out your promotional message to them.

Just know that it is a blackhat method because they did not sign up to receive an email from you.

But if you promote to someone who needs your offer. Why not! You will be lucky to get sales from them.

3. Groups

Facebook groups have served a lot of people for a long time most especially when everything wasn’t this strict.

Not now that the Facebook algorithm is now strict and frowns on any promotion that will bring affiliate promotions on their page.

Previously, it is very easy to just send and blast links to several groups that are public and you will still be able to get 10 sales in a day.

But now everything is different and it is now even getting a little bit tougher to get your link to stay on groups.

But it still doesn’t mean that the gurus don’t find ways to escape Facebook jail and get their sales from the group.

All that they do is that they don’t just send affiliate links directly to Facebook groups anymore unlike before.

What they now do is that they send WhatsApp links. Oh yes, you heard that right.

Since Facebook and WhatsApp are still under the same brand called Meta.

They can still tolerate you sending their traffic to WhatsApp.

But they do not want you to send their users out of their website – not even an affiliate link. The detest that.

So, you can just send them to a WhatsApp group and inside this WhatsApp group is where you start sending your affiliate link.

Once they join… you keep sending it. You can even link the Affiliate link in the description.

There are a lot of public groups on Facebook that you can leverage for this blackhat method.

Just type your niche on Facebook and you will get a lot of public groups with thousands of members to promote to.

Another thing you can also do to limit the blackhat technique of this method and get more conversion is to give them value.

Tell them what the offer you are giving them is all about and teach them about it.

This way, you win them over and you get more clicks unlimited to your affiliate link.

4. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is another source that you can use to pull a lot of traffic to your affiliate link.

Traffics from where you perform certain tasks like clicking ads or opening and reading emails.

Then you will renew this task to a point whereby you can use this point to run a promotion on their platform.

And the moment you run this promotion. It will be sent as an email or a banner on their website for their users to view.

This method of traffic is very much Effective also and not that a blackhat method because you are performing a task for money.

Oh yes, when you perform the task. You will be expecting points in return for them to give you points that you will use to run a promotion.

What I don’t just like about this method is that the people who are also viewing your promos are also doing so for points.

Except if it’s something that few among them just need presently and they see it as an opportunity.

Also, it is not targeted traffic because they are viewing to also get points for themselves.

So hopefully, they can just decide to buy through your affiliate link.

And a source like this is not a reliable source for you to feel relaxed about getting stable traffic from.

5. TikTok

TikTok is another platform where you can get a lot of traffic to your Clickbanks affiliate product.

The reason is because even without any followers on Tiktok. You can reach thousands of audiences.

Oh yes, that is true. You can reach a wide number of people by only creating video content for your promotion.

What you just need to know is that you need 1000 followers before you can post a link in your bio.

Unlike Facebook or some other social media platforms. You cannot add links directly to your TikTok posts.

It is impossible. You have to add the link to your BIO PROFILE. So, you will now redirect them to click the link in the bio.

But for you to add a link in your bio. You need to have 1000 followers. You can always use some techniques online to grow your followers.

Or you can contact our social media management team here at to set that up for you.

Just click here and send us an email stating that you need Tiktok followers and we will be ready to provide them for you.

With 1000 followers and you can quickly get started and be ready to rumble easily.

Just 5 posts on Tiktok can get you 5000+ views which can get you 700+ clicks on your affiliate link. Even if you are new.

Not many people know about the ability of TikTok yet. They still see it as a platform where people show dance moves.

No, it’s already turning into a marketing platform and several Affiliate Marketers are taking advantage of it already.

This brings us to the end of this guide and I am sure that you have been able to learn a method that you can use to pull an unlimited number of clicks to your affiliate link.

Make sure to apply promptly and don’t abuse your chances. It’s nice having you.

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How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate

How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate

How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate?

This same question has been asked by several beginner affiliates who are aiming to make sales by promoting amazon products.

But the major thing that you need to know is that Amazon rarely approves affiliates who don’t have a website.

This means if you do not have a website or a blog where you post and drop content a lot.

Amazon will find it very hard to approve you except if you have a YouTube Channel where you upload video content.

Amazon Associates is very much strict with their policy and they value affiliates who know what they are doing.

They are not ready for some affiliates who are just learning and relying on social media to make a single sale.

Also, because they do not want their Affiliate Link getting spammed on the internet. They won’t allow you to use social media primarily for promotions.

Anyway, the major reason why you are here today is to know the number of followers you need for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

First, let us take a look at what Amazon Associates is all about.


What Is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon Affiliate is a part of Amazon Inc that pays affiliate commission for promoting any of the millions of products on their website or store.

A lot of people have made several million just from promoting products on Amazon and using these products to solve people’s problems.

Amazon is not just an ordinary brand. Almost every citizen in the Tier 1 country knows Amazon as a reputable and stable brand.

So, by promoting their affiliate products. You stand a chance to earn a commission from their products.

It is just very important for you to know that Amazon’s commission rate can be relatively low compared to other Affiliates.

And the affiliate program has a strict policy that will terminate your account if you fail to make any sale within 3 months.

So, Amazon Associates is here for the lazy marketers who are looking to keep littering their affiliate links anyhow online.

They are only available for the promising Affiliates who are ready to build an audience that can buy from them.

So, if you don’t have any prior audience or any website where you are going to promote their products to.

It is not advisable your register on Amazon because they always try to verify you and what you are capable of doing.


Do you need followers?

If you’re talking about the audience with respect to followers. Then I will say Yes, you need an audience to make sales on Amazon products.

But you do not need an audience or follower to become an affiliate on Amazon because they also have concerns for newbies.

What you need to become an Amazon Affiliate is a website or a YouTube channel where you have subscribers.

If you have a website. Even if you do not have any traffic to your website yet. Then you can still get approval.

Amazon just needs Affiliates who will not be spamming their links on social media anyhow.

So, relying on your Instagram or Tiktok followers as a means of getting approval is not reliable.

You will not be accepted with that method because amazon doesn’t want you to promote their links on social media.

What you need is a website or a blog where you have authority and you can keep promoting them.

Where you can rank your content and keep helping them to sell their products easily without any doubt.

Once you have a live website that is up and running for any type of content relating to a niche.

Then you will get yourself involved in the league of ranking and getting Affiliate sales.


Requirements to sell a lot of Amazon products

Let us take a little bit of a look at the requirements that you need to sell a lot of Amazon products.

These requirements are very much needed if you plan to make a lot of money as an Amazon Associates.

1. A Niche

It is very important that you first choose a niche that you will focus on before you go fully into Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

A marketer without a niche is a marketer with no product that he or she is promoting.

Because it is when you have a niche that people will trust your recommendation and know that you’re valuable in what you’re promoting.

If you land on some Affiliate platform. You will even be confused as to what exactly they are specialized in.

Why? Because you will see them promoting health, making money, fashion, and even security products.

This is not the best way to promote affiliate marketing. Although, I talked extensively about this here.

You can check it out to see where I went live on a video to explain the 3 main necessities for running a successful affiliate marketing business in a few minutes.

Just know that having a niche is very important because that is what will make you earn more.

When they know you for a niche. You will earn more from that niche because they will see you as a specialist in it.

2. An Audience

You also need an audience that will trust you and believe in whatever that you are recommending.

The only way that you can get to build and nurture this audience is when you are in a certain niche.

It is only these audiences that will buy from you. Because without them. You will make no sales.

Oh yes, if you plan on making many sales. Then you need to build your audience and nurture them very well.

In the next aspect, we are going to discuss the sources where you can milk and nurture the audience.

But you should know that audience is people and people are money.

Without them, there will be nobody to click on your affiliate link or even buy your affiliate products.

So, you need to respect and serve your audience with enough value to progress.

3. A Platform

The next on the line is the platform where you want to milk this traffic and nurture them.

People always have the mindset – most especially the newbie affiliate marketers on Amazon.

They believe that they can just keep spamming their links everywhere on the internet.

And with time, they will get one lucky person to just click on their link and make that purchase.

It doesn’t work that way. I also get several spammers who come to my blog’s comment to spam links.

They just keep littering my blog with bad links and Affiliate links that will cause them to get paid.

I do not know the tutor who taught them this process of doing affiliate marketing.

But if you have such a mindset. You should change because it is not favorable.

You should find a platform. Either Google, YouTube, or social media and build your audience around it.

Once you have a platform and an audience – then you are already close to making enough affiliate sales.

4. Your Geo

Your Geography also matters in the way that you promote your affiliate products.

You should always try to focus on Geographics that are tier 1 countries to earn well with Amazon Associates.

When you focus on the countries that have a high purchasing power. Then you will be able to earn well in a considerable amount.

This brings us to the end of this guide. And I hope it has been very helpful?

If you are looking to get followers before you join Amazon Affiliate. Then you don’t necessarily need that.

With all I have explained in this guide. You should be good to understand what you need.

Also, you should be able to know how you can promote Amazon products the right way.

Do you have any questions? Use the comment box below.

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…just by promoting other people’s products and without having a single product of hers?

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Ravi Abuvala Remote Integrator Academy Review

Welcome to this remote integrator academy masterclass review.

In today’s guide, we will be discussing Ravi Abuvala The Remote Integrator Academy Masterclass Review.

Is this course even worth your time or should it be something that you should invest your hard-earned money into?

These are some of the many things that I will be writing about in this guide, including the details about the program.

The masterclass is majorly about making money in a niche that is not too saturated like E-commerce or Amazon FBA or Affiliate Marketing just as Ravi stated.

But I still find this course to be very confusing and not straightforward.

Although, more on that very soon in the other aspects of this guide.

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Just like I have tagged this course already. I said it’s a freelance course but just in an advanced way.

Because he stated that if you enroll in the course. You will be doing remote work for agencies.

People who will be giving you works online and you will be able to make money from them.

If I am to be very candid. I will still tag Ravi as one of those online gurus that are also hungry to sell courses before they can feed.

Because if you listen and read his sales page. You will get to realize that he is just paraphrasing and making everything look difficult.

To me, I believe that you will still need to buy the front-end course for $39.97 before you will even be able to know what you are getting into.

While he will now offer several Upsells to sell you and make you buy more inside his funnel.

Let us get a little bit into the framework of how the training is.

remote integrator academy masterclass review

  • Course Owner: Ravi Abuvala
  • Course Price: $39.96
  • Available Upsell? Yes
  • Niche: Freelancing and Virtual Assistant Service
  • Recommended: No
  • Why? Read along to know why and not waste money.


Overview of The Remote Integrator Academy

The training consists of 240 minutes of tutoring even though the sales page is not even clear enough.

But here are the things that you will get to learn when you enroll in the course.

Part 1: In the part of and the introductory aspect of the masterclass. This is where he talked about how he 4× his client’s business in 2 hours.

He said he made $50,000 just from doing this for the client because the client was very happy to pay more.

This is from what he taught in the masterclass and I do not know how valid this is.

Part 2: This aspect is about motivating you and he talked about the one thing that he had that changed his life.

He talked about how this change took him from earning $10 per day to earning $100,000 per day.

I still believe that part of the way he is also able to make $100k per day is by selling his courses.

This is not the only course he has, he has another course called the Scaling With System Academy.

So, selling courses also helped him much.

Part 3: This is where he starts digging deep into the program and discussing how you can get work from business owners

He titled it the “Cash Catching Roadmap” and he said it will show you how to get paid $10,000 and more every month.

Part 4: Here he talked about the skill that took him from being a person who has an agency but got tired of it.

To be a sought-after marketer on the internet who now has a lot of students who have also learned from him.

And how this skill changed his life completely by making him who is now is.

Part 5: This aspect is still a little bit motivational where he is discussing finding the right vehicle.

Why do you need to focus on doing the right thing instead of doing the wrong thing even while you are hardworking?

Part 6: Ravi is a dropout law student and he now boasts of making much more money than if he had stayed in law school.

So, in this part of the masterclass, he talked about how he is now making a lot of money 64× than what he would have been making if he stayed in law school.

Part 7: Here is where he talked about how he introduced remote integrators to business owners who are earning 7 figures.

So, he talked about introducing his students who buy this course to reputable business owners who they can work for.

But the question is how many remote integrator students would he be able to introduce when there are hundreds of students?

Ask yourself that! Just another way to get you into more upsells.

Part 8: Here he talked about choosing the right type of client and how it can change your life completely.

Although, one client can be all you need to make that change in your life and give you a complete life.

But getting that one client is the problem in a niche that you are not even familiar with.

Part 9: He discussed how he moved from being a time-based worker to a result-based worker.

Where he sends majorly all his type now getting results rather than wasting his time struggling.

Part 10: Here he discussed the issues of starting your own business and all the risks involved in it.

And he appraised his course as the secret key to all the doors that have been locked at you.

Going much deeper into how you also can start getting a result with his course and make progress.

Part 11: Then he went further to talk about how being a remote integrator is the best opportunity and assurance towards making you financially free.

All these inside the course and still appraising the course you just bought.

Part 12: Talking here is about clearing everything doubt you might be having and assuring you of making progress.

Also, he talks more about your mindset – which will determine how you will achieve financial freedom and you can eliminate fear.

Part 13: This is where he talked about explaining what you have been told about Your career is all a lie.

What I don’t now understand is for someone who didn’t reveal exactly what one is expected to get from the course.

And still in the course of roughly $40 – all he does is talk about motivating and doing a motivational speech.

How is his talk not even a lie and what we have already believed in the truth?

Although, those are the things involved in the course and a little bit more.

But from all the 13 Parts I have written. Do you think there is anything that can make you money there?

None. Because it’s still all about explaining the course itself to you. What he should have explained on the sales page.

That means you will still have to pay roughly $40 to get access to a course that will only explain what you will be learning to you.

That is when you will get upsell on the next course which will now start taking you deep into the exact program.

Ravi is a high-ticket coaching person. So, don’t expect he will reveal everything in a $39.97 masterclass.

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Who Is Ravi Abuvala?

Ravi Abuvala is an online guru who graduated from a law school.

According to him, he was supposed to focus more on his law profession due to his father’s ailment.

He was unable to focus further on law and decide to look for ways to make ends meet all by himself.

Ravi claimed to have made $6million just from being a remote integrator. In which, he also sold a lot of courses and makes a lot of money through that.

So, Ravi might have truthfully made that enormous amount of money online.

But he still fails to tell us that he makes majorly all the money from selling his courses.

If you check the picture below, you will see him win a 2 comma award from Clickfunnels.

Ravi Abuvala remote integrator academy review

This award is always given to Clickfunnels users who have made over $1million from using Clickfunnels to sell their products.

And in the award. You can see Scaling With System written on the award.

Which means he made majorly all his sales from selling the SCALING WITH SYSTEM course.

So, if he claimed to have made millions online. It’s not through being a remote integrator but through selling his courses.

So, to me – Ravi is also one of the online gurus who indirectly make jest of other online gurus.


What Is The Remote Integrator Academy?

The remote integrator academy is a masterclass that teaches people how to earn by being virtual assistants to other successful online brands.

It tutors people to make money by being virtual assistants or advance freelancer to other thriving online business enterprises that just need more helping hands to scale the more.

I tag this as an advanced freelancing method since you will only be working remotely and helping several other businesses.

Ravi didn’t fully open up about how and what one is expected to get from buying this course.

But one thing I want to make clear to you today is that. Ravi already has a course titled “Scaling With System”.

And it’s a course that teaches successful businesses out there who are already making a lot of sales to start including virtual assistant services to their business.

The scaling with system masterclass is majorly meant for intermediate or advanced business owners who already have a thriving business but just need more helping hands.

So, what he is now doing with the remote integrator is now teach people how to become virtual assistants to these business owners.

And what I heard from some of his students who enrolled for the remote integrator is that they are waiting for him to give them clients.

Can you just imagine that?

Anyway, more on this below.


Who Is The Remote Integrator Academy For?

Checking everything he has written on the sales page. It is very difficult to know exactly who this course is for.

If you are a novice who knows nothing or little about internet marketing and all these gurus’ technique.

You will easily be sold.

That’s the fact. Because aside from the fact that he is not even direct with the way the course is.

He is not also direct about who exactly the course is for.

He was just lamenting that “if you are someone who doesn’t want to commute to your 9-5 job”.

Or “you are someone who wants to work at the beach”

Or blaa blaa blaa.

These are the things that almost anybody who also wants to make money on the internet will need.

Something direct will be more okay than him just trying to generalize the specific people who this course is for.

As a beginner, you will easily be sold. But you have to know that there is no direct person this course is for.


How much does The Remote Integrator Academy cost?

The course is worth $39.97 which is approximately $40. All those cents are just selling tricks.

Although, he claimed that the real cost and value of the course is worth $997 but you will only be buying at that discount.

Ravi is a very good salesperson who knows exactly how to get into the head of his prospects.

Also, if you are wondering whether there will be more upsells from this masterclass.

Oh yes, there are several other upsells that you will get pitched off when you buy this $40 course.

This $40 is just to introduce you to what everything is about and how the remote integration system works.

You will see need more funds to buy other upsells before you can even consider being a remote integrator.


Is Ravi Abuvala a Scam?

Ravi is just an online guru who also promises people a lot and delivers the one that he could.

But just from the sales page of this course. You will be expecting a lot of things if you are to enroll in it.

You will only be surprised that you are not even to make anything because you still have to upgrade to more upsells.

Ravi cannot be tagged as a scammer since he didn’t force anyone to make payment.

Also, he is just an online marketer who is also making a lot of money from selling his course to people.

So, he is a legitimate internet marketer who already has enough experience in the coaching field.

And from this coaching niche, he has been able to make millions of dollars in revenue just from selling his knowledge.

So, he is legit and real and you making success through any of his teachings depends on you.


Is The Remote Integration Academy A Scam?

I would not suggest any of my followers pass through the funnel of Remote integration though.

But I still will not tag it as a scam since it provides and delivers what you paid for.

Even though it might not directly help you solve the problem that you bought it for.

At least, you got your course and not scammed of your money.


Pros and Cons of It

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this course.


It’s Remote Work

This business is remote work which means you do not have to commute anywhere before you can work.

All you need is your laptop and your internet connection and you are ready to rumble.


Let me quickly clear the air about some of the bad sides of this course which I do not like at all.

In fact, the things I do not like about the masterclass are more than what I like about it.

1. No Clear Description

There is no clear description of exactly what one is about to get into.

If not for the fact that I already have an experience in the scaling with system course.

It will be very difficult to comprehend what this course is all about.

Because all he kept lamenting is all about making money and how he made a lot of money.

But there is no clear path as to what the course is truly all about.

2. Very Salesy Marketing Gimmick

The sales page is filled with marketing tricks just to get a prospect onboard and buy the course.

It would have even been more okay if the front end is a free tutorial where you can learn about the course.

But even the front-end is being sold for $40. So, it’s all marketing gimmicks my friend.

3. Several Upsells

You are still going to get a lot of upsells from this course because he will not reveal everything in the $40 masterclass.

So, you will still need to have another budget for more upsells that are on their way coming.

That means you still need to have more money to make him rich before you can even consider seeing the path to his money-making method.

4. Tricky Business

The business is kinda tricky because just like I have explained earlier.

His scaling with system students is business owners who already have a business that is thriving.

But he just gave them to Idea that they can also start making more money when they introduce virtual assistants to their business.

Now, he launch another course on how to become a virtual assistant through this remote integrator system.

So, he will now be connecting the student of this course to the students of scaling with system.

Thereby making more money for himself by also charging more commission from each business transaction.

That is a nice business idea though. But it’s too mean and doesn’t favor the students who bought the course.


Final Thought On Ravi’s Course

I do not fully recommend this course to any of my readers or followers. Because I cannot buy this course.

This course is just filled with a lot of gimmicks just to get you to buy and even those who have enrolled are still awaiting for him to give them customers.

For how long will you have to wait to keep expecting him to give you a successful business that will work with you.

This is not the kind of business I will involve in. I just hope my review has been helpful?

You can let me know your thoughts below in the comment box as I will be eager to reply.

I will see you in some other reviews.