Maxweb Vs Clickbank [Here’s The Winner]

Clickbank Vs Maxweb

Having trouble choosing when it comes to Maxweb Vs Clickbank? 

Maxweb and Clickbank are two affiliate networks where online marketers get digital and physical products to promote for affiliate commission. To clearly explain how they operate separately.

Here are the main differences between the two – Clickbank has more product conversion rate than Maxweb. While Maxweb has a dedicated account manager for beginners, Clickbank only delegates an account manager to a platinum member. However on Clickbank, there is an easy payment method of PayPal and Payoneer, and more compared to Maxweb which only pays through Wire and ACH.

Although, both of them offer additional resources like banners, email swipes, and graphic promos in some of their affiliate products. But Clickbank still has more products that offer additional promotion tools than Maxweb.

Clickbank has been existing a little longer before Maxweb came into existence in the online space.

A little bit more in-depth guide about these two affiliate networks shortly after this comparison table.

Maxweb Clickbank
1. Less Product Details. 1. More product Details.
2. Strict Affiliate Registeration. 2. Easy Affiliate Registeration If Clickbank Doesn’t Blacklist Your Country.
3. Adequate Support System. 3. Little or No Support System.
4. Three Times A Week Payment Method. 4. Once In A Week Payment Method.
5. More In-depth Tracking Is Available. 5. Less In-depth Tracking Is Available.

Why Use Platforms Like Maxweb and Clickbank?

Using platforms Maxweb and Clickbank to get affiliate offers for promotion or to find affiliates for your products comes with different reasons.

Below are some of the reasons why you can consider using these two platforms for your best interest.

For Vendors

To Sell Fast

When you are a vendor using these platforms to promote your products. You can easily sell fast.

The reason is that you have people who will surely help you to promote your offer.

It’s just that more health and physical products are very much common on the Maxweb platform.

Likewise, the majority of the products you will find on Maxweb are also found on the Clickbank platform.

But there are a lot of affiliates who are very much hungry for money and they are willing to promote for you.

Who would see or hear a 50% and above commission and not want to promote since they don’t have to write a single line of code or set up a tutorial for creating the product?

To Create Strong Partnerships

You will be able to create a partnership when you are on this platform as a vendor.

Several other top affiliates are also vendors on this platform which you can connect with.

There are even some products that are launched on ClickBank that offers contest for affiliates.

Some vendors on Clickbank do offer to give the latest PS5 or sometimes the new latest iPhone to any affiliate that can bring many sales.

All of these are meant to create more partnerships with the affiliates and for them to promote well.

When affiliates hear or see that something is involved in them promoting certain products.

They will get to invest more time and dedication towards promoting that certain product effectively.

For Affiliates

There are also several reasons why affiliates will want to promote products on these platforms.

Below are some of the reasons:

To Sell Without Launching

Affiliates can sell products without them needing to launch any product of their own.

Launching a product is not easy and requires days or weeks or even months of dedication towards the product.

If you are even launching a product like software. You need to know that it won’t come easy.

You will have to devote your time and energy to making sure that the product comes out great.

Before even launching. It is even always important to involve in some beta testing just to make sure that people enjoy the product.

So, seeing all this stress and you are just able to promote a product that is not yours and you still earn a huge commission.

Some vendors even offer affiliates as high as 70% commission on some Clickbank offers. Which is great!

So, your ability to promote without launching any product of yours is a great way to make money online.

To Earn Huge Commission

If you are looking to earn a huge commission. You can promote on these platforms because their affiliate commission is still considered high.

This cannot be compared to Amazon Associates where you are limited to a low commission for their physical products.

You will still find physical products that are as high as 40% commission on Clickbank.

That tells you how well you can earn from physical products that still need to be delivered to the buyer.

Not every affiliate programs offer this kind of huge commission. The majority of other renowned affiliate networks offer less.

But with Maxweb and Clickbank, you have chances of earning high commissions from physical products and even digital products.


Clickbank Vs. Maxweb For Affiliates

There are several reasons why Clickbank will be superior to Maxweb for affiliates and why Maxweb will be superior to Clickbank.

Here are some of the main differences between Clickbank and Maxweb for affiliates.

Product Details

When it comes to details about the product that you want to promote or have an interest in. Clickbank has more product details than Maxweb.

This doesn’t mean that the product details of Maxweb are obsolete. But even solid promoters on Maxweb still go to ClickBank to check out if the product is being listed there so that they can get product details.

Details concerning a product like the gravity of the product that shows how many promoters are promoting the offer.

Also, the conversion rate of the product shows the average amount that any affiliate earns from promoting the product.

These are among the things available on ClickBank which show you exactly what you needed to know.

But this is something that you won’t get on Maxweb. So Clickbank offers more in competition and conversion analysis compared to Maxweb which offers less. (Clickbank Wins)

Products Type

Checking out Maxweb, you will see that they have less Internet marketing and make money online products.

Majorly digital products like Software are even less founded on a platform like Maxweb.

What you will find on Maxweb are majorly physical products mostly in the health Niche.

While Clickbank still has more products to offer in several other niches than Maxweb.

You can easily check out Clickbank and still get a lot of products in the software and make money online niches.

These are very important for your progress and for you to make enough money. You cannot settle for less – that you should know! (Clickbank Wins)

Affiliate Registration

Clickbank affiliate registration is easier than that of Maxweb. You can easily register on ClickBank and get your approval. So far you are not registering from a blacklisted country.

While on Maxweb, you still need to provide a lot of additional details like your traffic source, how you want to promote, and several others.

That means Maxweb needs professionals who already have an audience of their own.

They are in less need of beginners who are also promising and can become great tomorrow.

This doesn’t mean that a beginner will still not sign up. But you just have to lie about your details in case you don’t have any traffic source of yours.(Clickbank Wins)


Maxweb has a more adequate support system than Clickbank. Aside from their online support that is always available to help.

You will also have your dedicated account manager that will oversee the activities on your dashboard.

This is something that you cannot find easily on Clickbank. Before you can have your dedicated account manager on ClickBank, you need to become a platinum member.

And becoming a platinum member is not about paying money. You need to have sold a considerable amount of products to reach platinum.

But on Maxweb, you have your dedicated account manager as a beginner and newbie on their Platform.

And remember Maxweb has been in existence for a long time over 18 years +. So, it means they truly value customer support. (Maxweb Wins)


Checking out some products on ClickBank and comparing them to Maxweb. Product merchants on Clickbanks tend to charge higher prices.

If you check out a product on ClickBank and compare it to Maxweb. You will still realize that you tend to earn more.

Because even if a product has a 50% commission on both platforms. If it’s being priced a little bit high one affiliate network than the other.

It is still very good to promote the one which charges a high price – since you will be using the same amount of energy to promote it (either high or low).

So, this brings about more earning opportunities for affiliates promoting Clickbank products than Maxweb. (Clickbank Wins)

Payment Process

Maxweb payment is 3 times a week for strong affiliates with enough sales and once every week for new affiliates. You must have a Bank account and it must be linked to the Maxweb system to receive payment.

Clickbank pays two days after the end of the pay period for any product that is being sold. Clickbank pays affiliates on Fridays.

With this, it is still faster to quickly withdraw your funds from Maxweb than Clickbank.

Also, once you have started making a lot of sales on Maxweb and turning into a legitimate affiliate.

You will be rewarded with withdrawing your money three times a week. Compared to Clickbank which is just once a week. (Maxweb Wins)

In-depth Tracking:

Maxweb has enough in-depth tracking than Clickbank. Although this is for those who are making sales.

You will be able to see the number of sales stats daily, weekly, or monthly.
Also, if you are making use of the Maxweb trackers. You can easily monitor that.

It doesn’t also mean that such a feature like that is not on ClickBank. But you tend to enjoy more features on Maxweb.

There are just several other features that are inside Maxweb that I see that will help affiliates to promote more.

Especially when you can know exactly the conversion rate of your promotions. (Maxweb Wins)

Promotion Approval

On Maxweb, you will still have to apply to promote. Which means you will not be able to promote every product.

Compared to Clickbank that you already have your affiliate link inserted and auto-approved on a product.

Although there are still some products on Clickbank that you will still also apply but they are very few.

But Maxweb had almost all their products to be applied for and not auto-approved like Clickbank.

So, it is when you apply that they will send you an email that your affiliate approval for a product has been granted

This will majorly limit the way you should be doing your promotion. While on Clickbank, you are automatically approved to promote with your unique affiliate link. (Clickbank Wins)


Clickbank Vs. Maxweb for Vendors

Vendors also have a lot to enjoy when it comes to launching on an affiliate networking platform.

Both Clickbank and Maxweb also have what it takes to help vendors to make money and also grow more connections.

Let us see the ways one of them favors than the other.

Reputable Brand

When it comes to reputation. Clickbank is more reputable than Maxweb. I can’t literally say it is some influencers like John Crestani that are appraising Maxweb.

Clickbank is known by almost every internet and affiliate marketer who are just a few months on the internet.

And the reason is that whenever anybody is talking about affiliate marketing.
Aside from Amazon Associates for physical products – Clickbank is their next talk got digital products.

So, if you are to launch any product. It is still more advisable to launch on ClickBank than Maxweb.

Or better still, launch on both – but Clickbank must be the priority because of traffic and more eyeballs from affiliates. (Clickbank Wins)

Support Manager For Your Products

If you are just getting started to launch your product on Clickbank. You won’t have any dedicated account manager yet until you reach platinum.

But Maxweb already has a ready-made account manager for you from the day on.

So, if you want to launch a product. The account manager will guide you towards following the right route.

Because trust me, mistakes are inevitable and you will even make many more if you don’t have someone to guide you.

So, with the assistance of a manager. You are sure to limit your chances of making many mistakes.

Something you can’t easily get Clickbank because you are new and don’t have much reputation yet. (Maxweb Wins)


Payment of your money can be 3 times weekly if you already have several sales on Maxweb.

Likewise, even if you are new – you can still make your withdrawal once a week.

While on Clickbank – it doesn’t work like that. You have to wait for more time and just withdraw once every Friday.

This is not compared to what Maxweb can offer you. So, Maxweb is the best here. (Maxweb Wins)


The competitive level of Clickbank is high compared to Maxweb, so if you are to launch a product as a vendor or merchant over there – you must be ready for several other product competitions.

Except if you are in a niche that is very much less competitive like maybe the spiritual niche.

But if you are in the make money online niche or a niche like health niche. You must be ready for a lot of competition on ClickBank.

But this is not so with Maxweb. Even though you will still face competition, but the number of products listed on Maxweb is not as up to that of Clickbank.

So, you still have a chance of ranking your product high on Maxweb and making it get to the eyeballs of affiliates to promote. (Maxweb Wins)


Maxweb Vs Clickbank — Who Wins?

Our vote goes to Clickbank. 

This doesn’t mean that Maxweb is not a good affiliate networking platform to get good products. But Clickbank has a more in-depth analysis concerning the competitive level of the product to promote.
Also, you earn more affiliate commissions on Clickbank than Maxweb. Likewise, their affiliate approval is easy compared to Maxweb.

Clickbank offers a more reliable payment method for foreigners compared to Maxweb which offers less.

Although, when it comes to product quality. Both Clickbank and Maxweb offer the same type of products.

There are some products you will see on Maxweb and when you go to Clickbank. You will also see them there.

It’s just that you will still be able to get more details about the products on Clickbank and also have more product range selection than Maxweb.

Clickbank vs MaxBounty [Here’s Our Winner]

Clickbank Vs MaxBounty

Having trouble choosing when it comes to Clickbank Vs Maxbounty? 

MaxBounty and Clickbank are platforms where affiliate marketers can get products to promote and earn a commission. Before I break down each step, here’s a quick overview of the difference between Clickbank and MaxBounty.

Here are the main differences between the two – Clickbank majorly offers Cost Per Sales Offers While MaxBounty offers both Cost Per Action offers and Cost Per Sale Offers. On Clickbank, you only earn when you make a sale. While on MaxBounty, you earn while you make someone perform a task (e.g submission of email address or Zip Code).

Both Clickbank and Maxbounty are reputable affiliate networks with a lot of affiliates under them. But Clickbank still has a more solid reputation than MaxBounty. Although you tend to earn more from several opportunities on Maxbounty than Clickbank.

And also, Clickbank has been existing for a long time before MaxBounty came into existence. But MaxBounty still has more features than Clickbank.

Wait, are you confused here?

Like, you are just wondering which exactly you should choose from between the two.

The fact is that you need to know enough about whatever you want to get yourself into my friend.

So, grab a cup of coffee with me and let me walk you through this journey.

But before we go further. Here is a little difference between MaxBounty and Clickbank.

MaxBounty Clickbank
1. More Earning Opportunities From Different Offers. 1. Less Earning Opportunities From Same Type Of Offers.
2. Less Favorable Reputation Than Clickbank. 2. More Favorable Reputation Than MaxBounty.
3.Difficult Approval Method. 3. Easy Approval Method If Your Country Is Not Blacklisted.
4. Great Support From Account Manager. 4. No Account Manager Except For Platinum Members.
5. Can’t Give Financial Freedom. Just For Online Hustlers. 5. Good For Financial Freedom Since The Commission Rates Are High.

Why Use Platforms Like Maxbounty and Clickbank?

Several reasons are involved when it comes to using these two platforms as a means of earning a substantial amount of money online.

Below are some of the reasons why you might want to consider using either or both the two affiliate networking platform.

For Vendors

Quick Conversion

You get quick conversion when you consider making use of these affiliate networking platforms.

Since there are a lot of affiliates that are registering every day just to promote a product on the platform.

Conversion is likely assured for you. Also, if you are using a platform like MaxBounty for example. You can launch a campaign just to get leads.

Which means it doesn’t always have to be about making sales on MaxBounty. You can create a campaign where affiliates can help you get leads.

It is what is being referred to as Cost Per Acquisition or Action in the MaxBounty Network.

So, several opportunities are just here where you can either get affiliates to make you sales, get you leads, or get them to find people to perform a task.

Less Traffic Budget

When it comes to getting conversion with affiliates. You will not need to spend huge money on Advertising.

The reason because you have less amount to spend here since you are getting them for relatively free.

Although if you are to be doing cost per acquisition through the use of MaxBounty. You will have to pay because the platform has to pay Affiliates.

But on ClickBank, you don’t have to pay huge to list your product over there – you will only be charged a percentage of your total sales revenue.

So, you see that you are literally spending less or none. Even MaxBounty will only charge you a few cents per lead or action.

Compared to if you are to run a paid advert on Google or Social media where you might be spending $1 per action or leads.


For Affiliates

Several reasons are also involved as to why affiliates should join any of these affiliate networks.

Below are a couple of reasons why:

Easy Commission With Less Stress

Earning huge commissions with less stress is one of the reasons why these two platforms are great.

If you are to consider MaxBounty on its own. You see that you do not even need to start building an audience to buy from you.

All you need if for people to perform a free task that won’t cost them any money and you get paid.

You can even get access to some email leads that are scrapped on the internet and blast emails to them.

A lot of their top affiliates are doing this and they are using it to earn a lot of money since they are not selling.

They are only making people do a task with a promise of a freebie in return. Can you imagine that?

Making money by offering something for free without needing to make them purchase anything.


So, this is the opportunity that you get to enjoy here because just imagine you shoot out emails to 100,000 people.

You can easily make $500 just from them performing a certain type of task. This is the method we use to crush MaxBounty offers.

Sell Without Launching A Product

The ability to sell without you needing to write a single line of code or without facing the camera talking for hours.

That is what affiliate marketing is offering a lot of people and which makes a lot of money in the long run.

MaxBounty and Clickbank offer this type of service and that is what they are specialized in.

The stress of even going all the way to create a product either digital or physical is much.

But when you already have other people who have done the stress for you and offering you a 50% commission or more.

That is easy money to me – without you needing to launch anything.

Earning From Multiple Choices

A platform like MaxBounty will offer you a lot of choices to choose from like CPA, CPL, or CPS.

Which means you can either earn from Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead, or Cost Per Sale.

You have several offers to choose from and earn from either you make someone just sign up with their email address or you make someone input their zip code or you make some purchase a product.

Now, you see the number of earning opportunities that surround you are a lot and give you more earning power.

You don’t even have to settle for less in this type of case because the opportunity to earn is just enormous.


Clickbank Vs. Maxweb for Affiliates

Let us look at some of the differences between these two platforms and how one looks superior to the other.

Earning Opportunities

There are several offers that you can promote when it comes to promotion on MaxBounty. Compared to Clickbank where you only have to promote for sale.

Meaning you always have to promote to make sales on ClickBank or you won’t earn anything in return.

But with MaxBounty, you do not necessarily need to promote only products where you have to make sales.

You have offers where you can promote and just get people to sign up with their emails or input their zip code.

And you will still earn money from this method. What you just have to know is that your commission cannot be compared to affiliate sales.

Commission for Cost Per Action on MaxBounty is always in cents compared to affiliate offers on ClickBank that are in dollars.

But the ability to have several options of what to products is a great benefit for online hustlers. (MaxBounty Wins)

Good Reputation

Look, MaxBounty might have several products and offers that are of different motives.

But when it comes to reputation, Clickbank has more reputation than MaxBounty.

Checking out Trustpilot alone. You will get to see that Clickbank has more positive customer reviews than MaxBounty.

Clickbank Review

MaxBounty Review

And this is what you stand to enjoy when you join Clickbank. I have seen a lot of affiliates who have earned millions of dollars from Clickbank.

But it’s very rare to see millionaire affiliates from MaxBounty because they majorly focus on Cost Per Action and their pays are majorly in Cents.

Just imagine how many people you need to refer for you to earn even $100.

So, Clickbank still has a good reputation. (Clickbank Wins)

Approval Method

The approval method on ClickBank is easier so far your country is not blacklisted.

You can easily sign up and within a few minutes to hours – you will get your affiliate approval email.

But when it comes to MaxBounty, they don’t approve affiliates or users easily without any strict approval.

After you have dropped all your details and revealed how you plan to promote their offers. You will still be contacted by their representative.

A MaxBounty representative will still contact you to ask more about you and your traffic source.

Also, they will ask about long you have been on the internet hustling and all that.

The thing is that they might even not call you – because you have to pass through the verification before you will be approved.(Clickbank Wins)

Payment Method

Several payment methods are available on MaxBounty compared to Clickbank.

You can even receive your earnings in Cryptocurrency with MaxBounty which you cannot see on ClickBank at the time of writing this guide.

So, at the time of writing this guide. MaxBounty still has more withdrawal processes and you can withdraw weekly.

Although you can also withdraw weekly on ClickBank as you get to withdraw every Friday.

But you still cannot compare to MaxBounty which has so maybe payment methods including PayPal, Bank Transfer, Crypto, ACH, Wire, and a few others.(MaxBounty Wins)


The support system for MaxBounty is greater than that of Clickbank. What I mean here is that with MaxBounty – you get support as a beginner.

The moment you sign up and get approved to become a MaxBounty affiliate. You get access to your account manager.

MaxBounty will give you a dedicated account manager. While Clickbank requires you to be a platinum member before you get an account manager.

The reason and benefit of an account manager is that they assist you in any challenge you might be facing.

So, even if you are a beginner. They can help you out with whatever challenges you are facing and the best product to promote.

You won’t get this feature easily if you are a Clickbank affiliate.(MaxBounty Wins)

Earning Potential

Just from the negativity of MaxBounty, it is very obvious that making maximum earnings will be difficult.

If you check out some reviews about MaxBounty. You will get to see some of their users complaining about getting a stable commission.

Which means majority of MaxBounty promoters are always cheated whenever they promote any offer on the platform.

While Clickbank is not like this. You are going to earn your fixed and stable amount and that is why your earning potential is solid with Clickbank.

You still have more chances of earning higher and higher with Clickbank compared to MaxBounty which might not be trustworthy. (Clickbank Wins)


The commission rate on ClickBank is very much higher when it comes to that of MaxBounty.

You can still find offers that are around 70% commission and even low as 25% commission on Clickbank.

But MaxBounty is all about earning in cents or even when you earn up to $5 on it – you will get happy.

But what you need to know is that it is the same amount of energy you used to promote offers that their commission is in cents that you will also promote the one with high commission.

So, instead of settling for less and spending money, energy, or time on stipends or low commission offers.

It is more beneficial to go for one with a high commission rate – which makes you earn more.(Clickbank Wins)


With Clickbank, you can keep building your email list and making your audience list keep growing higher.

Even if you sell a product, you can integrate your email autoresponder into making sure that you get back your affiliate customers back to your email list.

But on MaxBounty, you are just selling out your audience to other companies.

You have no Longevity in this because you will always have to promote offers for life.

Also, there are still some offers on ClickBank that are recurring – where you don’t have to promote all the time.

This will make your ad spend reduce later on instead of spending a lot on advert all the time.

CPA marketers on MaxBounty still run paid ads. So, that tells you what you should expect later on. (Clickbank Wins)


Clickbank Vs. MaxBounty for Vendors

Clickbank and MaxBounty also have their differences when it comes to favoring vendors who are on their platforms.

Let us take a look at the different ways they favor vendors who are promoting on their platform.

Reputable Brand

When it comes to launching a reputable brand. Then you still have more chances to grow your reputation with Clickbank.

Clickbank still has a good reputation than MaxBounty when it comes to the view of several other affiliates.

It is not like MaxBounty also doesn’t have a good reputation that can also make you have sales.

But if you are aiming to sell your product and it’s not like your offer is in the lead generation or zip code choice.

It is very much advisable that you follow the path of Clickbank so that you can be able to still earn more.

Also, you will still have reputable affiliates to help you promote your products. (Clickbank wins)

Support System

MaxBounty has a very good support system just like you already know. Either you are new or existing.

MaxBounty will give you a dedicated account manager that will be assigned to you and help you in your doings.

This is something that you won’t get as a beginner on ClickBank. You will always be on your own.

Aside from the video training that Clickbank will offer you as a member of their platform who is aiming to promote.

You have access to nothing else. And there is nothing like having someone’s shoulder to lay on when you are in trouble.

This is something you get to enjoy on MaxBounty because they have a good support system even for beginner merchants or vendors. (Maxbounty Wins)

Result Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities that are available in the maxbounty platform than in Clickbank.

In MaxBounty, you will get to see several aspects where you can take opportunities from and get affiliates to promote.

You can decide to launch an offer that will pay a few cents per email sign-ups or zip code sign-ups.

This is an offer that is available on MaxBounty and has a lot of affiliates who are promoting it.

Since many people know that it does take them a lot of convincing to make someone buy an affiliate product.

Affiliates prefer to promote CPA offers that will only need their audience to sign up even though they get paid in cents.

On MaxBounty, you have access to listing your offer among these kinds of offers that will help you see affiliates jump on board.(MaxBounty Wins)

Approval Process

Clickbank approval process is very much easy for vendors rather than that of MaxBounty.

Just as the way it is very difficult to get approval as an affiliate where you always get asked a lot of questions.

That is also the same way it is very difficult to get approval on MaxBounty as a vendor.

It is very stressful and not straightforward and quick like that of Clickbank.

You won’t have problems getting approved on ClickBank so far you are not from a blacklisted country on the ClickBank platform. (Clickbank Wins)


Maxweb Vs Clickbank — Who Wins?

Our vote goes to Clickbank. 

This doesn’t mean that MaxBounty is not a good affiliate networking platform to get good products. But Clickbank has a more positive reputation than MaxBounty. Also, sometimes it’s better to you’re focused on a certain type of affiliate marketing than just hustling around.

MaxBounty is for hustlers who just want to make a couple of hundred dollars monthly by selling details to other companies. While Clickbank is for affiliates who are willing to make thousands of dollars in 5 or 6 figures from promoting other people’s products.

Clickbank can give you lifetime money you can use to retire and live a laptop lifestyle. While MaxBounty can just fetch you that pizza money kinda earnings.

So, that is why Clickbank will still be our top choice. The decision is now yours to make based on what we have explained detailedly to you in this guide.

If this guide has been helpful, or if you have any questions concerning what we have discussed.

Kindly feel free to use the comment box below.


Digistore24 Vs JVzoo [Here Is Our Winner]

Having trouble choosing when it comes to Digistore24 vs JVzoo?

JVzoo and Digistore24 are both affiliate networks where promoters and influencers get products to promote for affiliate commission. To better understand how they function.

Here is the main difference between the two – JVzoo is about only digital products While Digistore24 offers both digital and physical products. On JVzoo, cookie duration is majorly 60 days while on Digistores24 it’s 180 days. Both JVzoo and Digistore24 offer the same payment threshold of $50 and use PayPal as one of their payment method.

Although, both of them have several other payment methods like bank transfer and Payoneer. But JVzoo has more payment options because they have been on existing long before Digistore24.

Before we move further. Here is a comparison table between the two affiliate networks.

JVzoo Digistore24
1. Sells Digital Products Only. 1. Sells Both Digital and Physical Products.
2. Has More Payment Methods. 2. Less Payment Method When Compared To JVzoo
3. Offers Less Varieties Of Products Compared To Digistore24. 3. Offers More Varieties Of Products From Different Niches On The Internet.
4. Has Less Commission Rate Compared To Digistore24 4. Has High Commission Rate Compared To JVzoo.

Why Use Platforms Like Digistore24 and JVZoo?

Using affiliate networks like JVZoo and Digistores24 comes with a motive for both the Vendor and Affiliate who are promoting.

Let us quickly take a look at some of the reasons why they make use of these platforms for online marketing purposes.

For Vendors

To Sell Fast

It is easier to sell their products fast and easily because there are a lot of people willing to promote for them.

Whenever a vendor launches a product on JVzoo or Digistores24. They are assured to have affiliates that will promote for them.

Although on a platform like Jvzoo. A joint venture in form of reciprocation is what works best.

This means if you just go there to launch your product blindly with the hope of getting sales.

You might experience no sales. But as a reputable vendor who knows what he or she is doing.

You can make fast sales from these Affiliate networks without having to run any paid adverts.

Since there are already thousands of affiliates waiting for the next product that will be launched soon enough.

To Create A Partnership

Vendors of products on these affiliate networks are always business friends with other marketers.

Which means that they get to know and meet some of the top and marketable marketers in the internet space.

There are a lot of people who have turned from strangers to business partners and brothers just on JVZoo.

Because they got to promote each other’s products and when the other sees that you are promoting well.

He will also reciprocate back by helping you to promote your product and make you a lot of sales also.

This is exactly how this favors the vendors who are launching on this platform.

For Affiliates

To Sell Without Launching

With affiliate networks like Digistores24 and JVzoo. You do not need to launch a product.

Because there are thousands of products on these platforms that you can promote.

Although you have to know that you will find crappy products. But it doesn’t stop you from finding quality products.

A lot of people have made a couple hundred thousand dollars just from promoting other people’s products on this platform.

It is what we all refer to as Affiliate Marketing in the internet world.

It takes a lot of stress to go deep into creating a product that will suit the need of people.

Not even on a platform like Jvzoo where a lot of software is being launched daily.

If one can promote and sell Softwares created by other people – do you know how that can save a lot of time?

To Earn Huge Commission

You can easily earn a huge commission when you are promoting on these platforms.

Because there are some products on Digistores24 that are 90% commission.

Can you just imagine that?

90% commission of maybe a product that is $67. Isn’t that fantastic? Without launching anything.

The vendor is doing everything necessary to build their Audience base and you are also making money.

Which means if you make a sale of $67 to the vendor. He or she will have your audience in their email.

While you also can easily run paid advertisements from part of your revenue in a month to get even many more audiences.

So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone who is promoting on these platforms.


Digistore24 Vs. JVzoo For Affiliates

The major reason why you are searching for the comparison between JVZoo and Digistores24 is that you are probably thinking of which one works best for affiliate marketers.

Let me quickly give you some no-nonsense secrets about what these two affiliate networks comprise, What they have in common, and the slight difference of superiority over one another.

Product Contests

A platform like JVzoo offers contests for affiliates who can make the highest sales for a vendor’s product. While Digistores24 doesn’t have this kind of offer.

Although, if you promote a product and bring a lot of sales. You will get recognized by the vendor.
Also, you will be remunerated graciously for bringing in a lot of sales.

But on JVzoo, it is very much another aspect of any new launch that is just opening and closing.

So if you are an affiliate who has a lot of audiences that you can promote a product to.

You can take advantage of this contest opportunity on JVZoo. It will make you earn additional money aside from the commission from product sales.

Some contests go as high as $2000 for being the top affiliate with the highest number of sales and revenue for the product.

But this is not available yet on Digistores24, so JVZoo gets superior to Digistores24 here.

Products Type

When it comes to the types of products that you can promote on these two platforms.

An affiliate still has more chances of promoting a lot of products on Digistores24 than JVZoo.

The reason is that Digistores24 has several products from different niches which they sell.

They also sell more physical products which means they have a combination of both physical and digital products on their platform just like Clickbank.

But unlike Digistores24, JVZoo only offered digital products like Software, Courses, and templates on their platform.

This means that if you want to promote physical products alongside. You will not be able to promote physical products on JVzoo.

So, Digistores24 is superior to JVZoo in this aspect because you have access to a wide variety of products in several niches.

Also, you have to know that JVZoo is very narrow to internet marketing kinda products. You cannot want to promote a health product and go to JVzoo.

You won’t find any single product relating to that. But you can still find both health and internet marketing products on Digistores24.


Digistores24 still pays more high commission than JVzoo because you will still find products from 15% to 90% commission on Digistores24.

JVzoo’s products are majorly 50% in commission. Although some vendors offer 100% commission on some products.

But if you should look at the products – they are always majorly below $10. Mainly because the vendor just wants to build their email list with that.

While they make more sales in their sales funnel in their upsells.

But in Digistores24 – you will still find a $57 product of 90% that will make you more commission than what JVzoo offers.

It’s just that 90% of every JVZoo product is 50%.

If you want a uniform type of commission. Then JVZoo is great.

But in this aspect… I still hope the glory to Digistores24.

Payment Process

JVZoo’s payment method is 60 days. You must have a Payoneer, PayPal, or Use the new wise transfer to make a withdrawal. They must be linked to JVZooPay to receive payment.

While Digistores24 operates with PayPal and Bank transfer as payment methods. They also have a few others. But these two are more effective.

Delayed payments on JVZoo will be from the vendor whole you are promoting their products.

You will have to contact the vendor to approve your affiliate sales and that is because vendors hold funds for 30 to 60 days in case of any refunds.

So, approval of payment is manually done by vendors on JVZoo, compared to Digistores24 where the payment is automatic.

So, I still prefer the Digistores24 payment method here over JVZoo because I want my payment to be automatic.


JVzoo Vs. Digistore24 For Product Vendors

As a vendor – there can be several reasons why one between Digistores24 or JVZoo can be your best bet.

Let us check it out to see what they both have to offer you as a vendor who is aiming to sell your products.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures like promoting for reciprocation are very common and always a necessity when it comes to launching a product on JVzoo.

This is something not common in Digistores24 as people are just there to upload their products and get affiliates to promote for them.

But on JVZoo, it is all about creating alliances with several other top promoters on the platform.

So, if you are looking to build more rapport and authority with other top marketers.

Then JVzoo is very much effective when it comes to this. While Digistores24 is not majorly about JVs.

It’s just based on the pure business of a promoter and a seller who are bothered with the aim of making money together by sharing profit from any sales.

Fast Sales

You can get fast sales on both Platforms. But you will get faster sales on JVZoo than Digistores24 because…

if you are a top promoter on JVZoo who has to promote a lot of affiliate products of other vendors.

You will also be shown reciprocation whenever you launch your product on the platform.

Because you have already shown your capability to other people in the business by promoting for them.

Digistores24 also has this type of feature and you can also make fast sales on the platform.

But it cannot be compared to JVZoo. You can quickly make a couple of hundred sales very fast.

Provided you are doing it the right way by contacting several JVs on JVZoo to help you in your new launch.

These JVs also called Joint Ventures are top promoters on the platform that can help you out in a new launch.

You will only have to reciprocate back when they also launch their product by promoting for them.

Different Niches

There are wide and several varieties of products on Digistores24 than JVZoo.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not implying that there are more products available on Digistores24 than JVZoo.

I meant products from different niches like Health, relationships, making money online, and several others.

Also, you will find digital products like supplements on Digistores24 which you cannot find on JVZoo.

The reason is that JVZoo is majorly about internet marketing products.

They only allow the selling of digital products that people can consume online and they are mostly in the aspect of making money online.

Something like tools that can help automate sales or drive traffic to your website.

Or courses that can help you learn how to make money online or the ways through which you can use social media.

Those are the things you will be finding on JVZoo. So, your choice of promotion is limited to just one niche – internet marketing.


Digistore24 Vs JVzoo – Who Wins?

Our vote goes to Digistore24. 

This doesn’t mean that JVZoo is not a good affiliate networking platform to get good products. But Digistore24 offers more wide range of products in several niches. Also, you earn more affiliate commissions on Digistore24 than JVzoo. Likewise, their affiliate approval is auto-approved compared to JVzoo.

Digistore24 offers more preferences when it comes to different product categories, while JVZoo focuses on digital marketing products.

In terms of product quality, Digistore24 has good products from reputable vendors. You won’t have to deal with a lot of refunds from unsatisfied customers as you would on JVZoo.

How to get approved on jvzoo, warriorplus, clickbank, and digistore24 in 5mins

How to get affiliate approval on JVZoo, Warriorplus, Clickbank and Digistore24

No matter what kind of product you want to promote on JVzoo and Warriorplus, you need approval from product vendors.

To better know how to get affiliate approval, here are some suggestions we discovered on how to get approved on JVzoo and WarriorPlus.

To get affiliate approval, always fill out the affiliate request form informing the vendor about how you will promote their products, and fill out your JVzoo and Warriorplus account profile to make it look like you are a real person and not a bot.

Jvzoo and Warriorplus product vendors also like it when affiliates use good email template campaigns for promotion.

If you are writing in the affiliate request box that you will be promoting with paid ads. There are high chances that your affiliate request will be denied.

Here is the main thing about getting approval on all these JVzoo, Warriorplus, clickbank, and Digistore24 platforms – The vendors are careful about fake clicks and bot traffics. So, they make the approval of affiliates strict and careful.

Both Warriorplus and JVzoo have the same affiliate approval techniques. While Clickbank and Digistore24 have a straightforward affiliate approval strategy.

Do you want to also start getting approval like this below in your email?

Affiliate request approval

Going forward, stick with me and let us see how you get to assure your affiliate approval with some proven templates.


Why vendors don’t give automatic affiliate approval for their products

There are a couple of reasons why vendors do not give affiliate approval automatically on JvZoo and WarriorPlus.

Automatic approval is available on ClickBank and Digistores24 though.

All you need do is just get yourself registered and approved as an affiliate and you will be good to promote any product on their platform.

But when it comes to JVZoo and WarriorPlus. You need to make requests manually – and there are several reasons why it is like this.

Below are some of the reasons why you need to be accepted before you can get your affiliate link on WarriorPlus and JVzoo.


There are a lot of spammers on the internet and all they are majorly about is to liter the internet with links.

And the moment they keep littering these affiliate links on the internet. The more it keeps bringing a bad reputation for the product vendors.

Because people will just be afraid of even buying their products because it is all over the internet.

And the majority of those who would have gotten access will be spammers.

JVZoo and WarriorPlus do not have strict user approval policies like Clickbank.

Which means that anybody can join their platform irrespective of where they come from.

So they only have to make the strict policy be in their affiliate request.

Reduction in sales page conversion

The more the sales page of these products keeps littering the internet.

The more it keeps bringing bad conversion for the product vendors who own the Product.

The majority of the products on JVZoo and WarriorPlus are digital products like Softwares, Courses, and templates.

And It takes a lot of effort for these vendors to invest in and make sure that they launch their products.

So, having high clicks on their sales page and funnel but fewer Sales is a bad conversion for their product.

And this will scare other top and experienced affiliates away from promoting their products.

Fake clicks

Some people are also very wicked that they can send fake clicks just to spoil the reputation of the product.

And the bad thing about fake clicks is that they will make the product sales page lose its ranking on Google.

Because Google detest fake clicks and they will penalize websites that are into fake clicks.

Also, aside from losing ranking on the internet. They lose trust and respect from their other top vendors and Affiliates.


Why your affiliate requests will not be accepted by vendors

Blaming vendors for not approving your affiliate request should never be the song you should be singing alongside the multitudes.

If you also own a product on JVzoo or WarriorPlus. You won’t also give your product access to everybody on the internet.

Below are some of the reasons why your affiliate will not be accepted by product vendors except you are doing it right.


Being a newbie in the JVzoo and WarriorPlus platform means that you have not promoted a single product before.

Also, you might have registered an account with these platforms before but you don’t have engagement.

You will still be considered a newbie and vendors will find it very difficult to grant your affiliate approval.

Because the majority of the spammers on the internet are newbies who will be promoting products the wrong way.

It is the newbies that promote affiliate links aggressively on social media, blogs, and forums with the mindset of making sales anyhow.

So, because you are a newbie like these people – Even though you have what it takes to promote.

You won’t be accepted easily.

Low sales

Once your dashboard is being looked upon and no sales have been made.

It means that you are still a novice and you don’t even have what it takes to promote their products.

Because what these vendors need are affiliates who already have their audience.

Affiliates who will find it easy to just send out a promotional Campaign to their list and get guaranteed sales.

Not affiliates that will keep finding it difficult the get sales but keep spamming the internet with links.

Or maybe an affiliate that doesn’t even have a quality audience that will buy whatever he is offering.

Thereby leading to several clicks but zero sales. Which will make their dashboard look messy.

Empty Profile

Everything above cannot be compared to an affiliate who has an empty profile.

Why? Because the new affiliates are always in a hurry to promote products they wish.

So, they do not even care to upload their profile picture. Write out their name and bio.

Reveal their social media identity so that the vendor can see if they are a real affiliate or fake.

The moment you have your profile empty without even writing a single sentence or proof that you are real.

Then forget about getting approved because no one wants to do business with a ghost.

Bad Conversion

How is the conversion of your promotions? Whenever you are promoting – are you having good sales conversion.

Some affiliates use fake traffic. Most especially those that go on freelance platforms to buy scrapped emails.

So, they feel like they can just promote anything to them and they will make a lot of sales.

First thing, these audiences don’t even know you – and your next idea is that they will buy from you?

Can you buy from someone whom you don’t even know how they got in contact with you?

This is what will lead to a lot of fake clicks without any reasonable sales conversion.

You will see 100 clicks but zero sales. Which is very bad.

Not filling request box

Always make sure that you are filling the request box on JVZoo or WarriorPlus.
Affiliate request boxThis is what will make the vendor know your intention and want to do business with you.

But the majority do not even fill this box. They just go ahead and request affiliate approval.

And they will always get denied because they are not showing professionalism.


How to get approved as an affiliate on JvZoo?

Getting approved as an affiliate on JVZoo only need you to make the Product vendor trust you by filling out the affiliate request form.

Also, just like I have stated earlier. You need to create a very good affiliate profile.

Fill out your profile, upload a very good profile picture of yourself and also connect your social media account.

This way, any vendor that sees your affiliate request can check out your profile page and get rest assured that you are not a robot.

It is very important to know that JVZoo vendors do not accept majorly beginners.

Majorly affiliates who do not even have any single sales record or even clicks.

If you have over 100 sales in your affiliate stats. You will be eligible for quick approval even without filling any affiliate request box.

Also, if the product vendor hasn’t approved your request. You can check them out on their social media page.

Connect with them and private message them over on their social media page.

Even the majority of them have a Skype account displayed on their product sales page.

If you scroll down on the JV sales page. You will see their Skype ID and their social media ID.

Just like the image below.

Contact Vendors

Just connect with them over there and tell them you want to promote their product and they should approve your request.

In case you do not know how to request affiliate approval for the promotion of a product on JVzoo.

You can easily head over to your dashboard.
Click on Marketplace. Click on Find Products. After seeing the product you want to promote. Click on “Additional Information”. Then make your Affiliate request.

It’s just as easy as you might imagine.

Also, you can use this template below to make your affiliate request. Just tweak it to your need.


Hi [Vendor’s Name]
I saw your product on JVzoo and i want to promote it to my blog audience @ [Input your blog URL or YouTube]

I am a student of [Insert Your Mentors’ Name Here], and I have fans that I can promote this offer to.

To be sincere, I will appreciate your Approval.

My Username is [Insert Your Username]



How to get approved as an affiliate on WarriorPlus?

How to get affiliate approval on warriorplus

Getting approval on WarriorPlus is also as simple as making sure that you fill out the Affiliate request form and telling the vendors your intentions.

Since it is relatively the same vendors who are launching products on JVZoo that are also promoting and launching on WarriorPlus.

The same technique that you are using to get affiliate approval on JVzoo will also work on WarriorPlus.

What you just have to know is that you must never tell a vendor that you will be promoting with paid adverts.

I have once done that mistake before by writing in the affiliate request box that I will be promoting with paid ads.

That was when I was getting started with promoting on WarriorPlus. Now, I already have a couple of sales on my WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

Below are my earnings screenshots and the amounts I am earning from being an affiliate on JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

my affiliate earning from JVzooJust try never to say you will be promoting with paid ads. You can tell them that you will be using emails, blogging, or YouTube channel.

If you have a Website or blog. You can add it to your request and let them see it.

Though, my first shot at getting my Affiliate request approved on WarriorPlus. I do not have a blog yet.

I just bought a course on affiliate marketing back them and still hustling like the regular shiny object guy.

What I did was that I used another person’s blog and just use it in my affiliate request box.

And I was approved by the vendors. Since they don’t know the owner of the blog and they feel I am unique among other Beginners.

So, if you have good intentions and not a spammer. You can also use this technique and just use another person’s blog as yours in your request description.

Also, you can use the template below to request an affiliate approval on WarriorPlus.


Hi [Vendor’s Name]

I stumbled on your product [Type Product Name] on WarriorPlus and I have this feelings that my blog audience will like it.

Also, I will like to create a space for the product at the widget area of my website.

Here is my website URL: [Input Your Website URL].

I will so much be glad to get your affiliate approval and I promise to bring you sales.



How to get approved to promote on ClickBank?

How to get affiliate approval on clickbank

Clickbank affiliate approval process is automatic which means you are already auto-approved on the platform. Although you will see some products stated as “due to high demand we are choosing our affiliates wisely“. That can only show because you are new.

Unlike JVZoo or WarriorPlus. You don’t have to start requesting approval on products you want to promote.

The moment you see the product you want to promote. Just click the affiliate request button and you will see your affiliate links displayed.

The only thing difficult about Clickbank is that they don’t accept affiliates or vendors from all countries.

There are some countries that they have blacklisted from signing up on their website.

So, if you are from that country. Where you are not allowed to sign up as an affiliate.

Then you won’t even be able to register not to talk of seeing an affiliate link. You should get someone from the United States or Europe for you to get approval.

If you are from some part of African countries like Nigeria for example. You won’t be approved to promote on ClickBank.

So, for Clickbank, you don’t need any template that should be given to you.

Just get yourself approved as a Clickbank user and you will be flying high in promotion because the majority are auto-approved.


How to get affiliate approval on DigiStore24?

How to get affiliate approval on digistore24

Digistores24 is a platform that has affiliate links automatically generated for affiliates.

So, there is no need for trying to get approval for a product or start requesting from vendors.

Digistores24 is also like Clickbank Commission where all your products are approved for affiliate promotion.

The reason why a lot of new Affiliates just prefer Digistores24 over Clickbank is that they accept almost every country except Nigeria.

I think these platforms have something to do with Nigerians.

So, if you are from any part of the world aside from the country stated above. You will always be able to become an affiliate and promote products as you like.



Getting your affiliate link on JVZoo or WarriorPlus is very easy just with the template I have given you.

You just have to make sure that you have a very good profile and you always write something in the request box.

For Clickbank and Digistores24, their affiliate products are auto-approved and you don’t need much stress.

If this guide has been helpful. Kindly let me know below in the comment box.

Likewise, if you have any further questions – I will be glad to reply.

See you around.

Organic Course Selling Mastery Review – Carl Parnell – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my organic course selling mastery review.

I am sure you might have seen Carl’s advert on social media or maybe through another source.

And you feel like to make more research concerning whether this course will be the perfect investment for your knowledge, right?

Or maybe you have this knowledge or expertise about something and you feel this course can help you promote your knowledge.

See How I Am Raking Approximately $350,000 Monthly Without Creating A Product

Then you can consider reading my review about this course before you invest your money into it.

Why am I doing this review for you?

It is because I have enrolled in several courses on the internet through which many of them turned out to be a scam.

Normally, what Carl is teaching in this program is how you can also launch your online and coaching course.

So there are also a lot of courses out there that are also teaching people how they can launch their coaching course.

Even though they do not know about what they are teaching.

The majority of the online coaches and gurus are majorly all about the money.

So, this is what I see, and got tired of random people slapping their ads on my faces in disguise of helping me.

That’s why I have used my 4 to 5 years of experience on the internet to know what’s right.

And I will be using my experience to help newbies or inexperienced people like you to make the right decision.

If this is what you would like to read more about and follow my recommendation. Then follow me and let’s roll.

You can follow my 100% beginner-friendly recommendation that made me go from $0 to earning $10,000 per month with passive affiliate marketing as a complete newbie!


Course Overview

  • Owner: Carl Parnell.
  • Niche: Coaching and Course Selling
  • Cost: Enroll for a 45 minutes talk.
  • Beginners’ Course? Yes
  • Recommended? Partially

What Is organic course selling Mastery About?

Organic Course Selling Mastery is a process of extracting your knowledge into an educational system that will help you make profits.

Which means whatever you are good at and you can teach people.

You can turn it into an educational program on the internet and start scaling and making money from it.

I don’t have to explain further.

Look at Carl Parnell now.

He knows about how to teach people to monetize their knowledge by turning it into an educational system, right?

So, what is he doing?

He has turned what he knows into an educational system and he is now teaching you what he knows.

That is exactly what you also will be learning in this course.

Which means you will also have a high ticket training like this own where you will be charging people huge money to sell your course on the net?

Through what?

Carl said he uses Facebook profiles and Facebook group to make all his sales.

This means he uses organic Facebook methods to get sales to traffic flowing into his sales funnel.

Well, is this the right opportunity for you at all?

Let us continue and follow along with me as we go deeper.

About Carl Parnell – The Owner

About Carl Parnell – The Owner


Carl Parnell Organic Selling Method Review

Carl Parnell has once been a stage performing musician who has done several stage performances.

It was when he had some predicaments in his musical career that he decided to venture into online marketing.

Also, in his early days in the internet marketing world.

He has done several online businesses in the past and among them is E-commerce which he struggled with a lot.

He said he struggled with E-commerce before he was later able to crack the code.

Now, he is one of the highest-earning Ecom experts on the internet.

Carl Parnell has been recommended by great thought leaders like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

And he boats a lot about that. I think it is an achievement to be recommended by those two though.


Course Content – What you’ll Learn

Let us quickly look at some of the things that you stand to learn by joining this course or program.

Firstly, you have to know that it is a 6 weeks program that promises to teach you how you can launch your online educational course.

Week 1: Niche defined, Message Cemented, Price decided, Implement time management.

The first thing you are going to be learning f is how you can decide the niche that you want to go into.

There are several niches out there and among them are also several sub-niches.

So, in whatever niche that you find yourself.

You also have to niche down and that is what Carl will be revealing to you in this module.

Also, this is where you get to know the message that you will be passing across to your audience.

Also, the amount of money you will be charging for your product, time management, and many more.

This first module is just like the framework of how you are going to be kick-starting the business.

Week 2: Creating/optimizing FB group & Profile Ready To Talk To Your Market and Make Sales.

In this module, you will be learning how you can create and design your Facebook group.

Also, how you can optimize your Facebook profile to start getting traffic and visitors into your Facebook group.

How you can be ready to provide value to your audience and make them see you as an authority figure in your niche.

Doing all these and going straight into how you can also start to make sales from your Facebook account.

Here is where Carl did promise to teach you exactly how you can design and package your Facebook profile.

Creating a catchy cover photo and crafting a good Bio that summons authority and respect.

Week 3: Build your audience from scratch, validate your course content.

This is where you start building your audience from scratch in week 3.

Carl talked about using several methods to build your audience by also making use of other people’s Facebook groups.

And doing everything possible for you to also get traffic that will start checking our your Facebook profile.

It is from this Facebook profile that they will also land on your Facebook group and turn your audience.

He also promised several other methods that you will be using to get traffic.

And also validating your course content by doing proper research and completing your course to be ready for shooting.

Week 4. Creating course framework, how to record, edit host and set it all up.

This week and module is about how you can set up and record your course to be comprehending.

By recording and editing your video course so that you make it ready for adequate promotion.

He also gives you the tools that you will be needing to get all these started and start doing your editing.

This is what you will first do before you can then launch your course on a webinar or wherever he wants you to.

Week 5: Launch And sell a proven course to your audience out the gate.

Carl Parnell’s most precious method of selling is the Preselling approach where he goes to promote before launching.

He said he would have made several sales already even before launching the course and he said his students are also doing this.

Carl also said they are using this technique is what he and his students are using to crush it online.

He also talked about teaching you how to sell your course during launch in case you do not want to use the Preselling approach.

He talked about using Preselling as a more favorable way and that he will be teaching it in the 5th week of the training.

Also, he promised you to make $20,000 a month from just learning the tricks in this 5th week.

It’s just that anything relating to a promise like this is always fake to me.

It’s just a way to get into the course and make the purchase.

Making money or getting the result is not guaranteed for anyone and he cannot boast that all his students are making $20,000 a month.

Week 6: Transcend to a high ticket, open flood of gates to $100k+ a month.

In week 5, he talked about using the Preselling method to launch your course and make $20,000 a month.

Here, he talked about you earning $100,000 a month just from upgrading to a high ticket offer.

And how is he doing this? He said you will be selling at a little bit low in the Presell.

Then you will create scarcity for people to believe that the price will increase in XYZ Days and Time.

So, people who will be rushing the Presell would have made you a lot of sales already.

So, with this technique in the 6th week. You will now start gradually upgrading the program.

Till it gets to a very high ticket program which you will now be earning more from.

Also, he will be giving you these proven templates, funnels, and scripts.

Which he has used to promote and sell several educational courses in the past.

Carl said it is the same energy that one uses to promote low ticket courses that you will also use to promote high ticket courses.

So, he always implores his students to embrace high ticket offers.

High ticket means high price products.
Low ticket means low prices products.

Also, you still have to know that Carl Parnell promised to teach everything with free traffic.

Is it possible you can earn $100,000 with free traffic?

Well, let’s continue along as you will decide by yourself and see the real secret.

See How I Am Raking Approximately $350,000 Monthly Without Creating A Product

How Do organic course selling mastery Work?

This course works in a way whereby you can sell your idea and knowledge in any niche.

Carl even gave an example of a dancer who teaches people how to dance by opening an educational system.

And she is raking a lot of money just from selling her course online.

Also, you will be added to a private OCSM Inner Circle Facebook Group where you will be learning more from others.

You already know that it is a 6 weeks coaching program.

Carl said you do not need any fancy sales funnel. Just get people to your Facebook group.

Get them to watch these videos there. Send them to your sales page and make your high ticket sales.

That is exactly how the Organic Course Selling Mastery works.

You will also be having access to some Live weekly Question and Answer Calls from Carl.

The thing is just that this kind of process always takes time before it works.

And I have learned something like this for free from a coaching call called Legion by Jonny West.

Although, it is not more available now.

But this model of business is not as easy as it looks.


Who Is organic course selling mastery For?

If your next question is wondering if this online training can be for you. Well, based on my view.

Also, attending his webinars concerning this course and seeing how he structured everything.

The course is for someone who has a physical business type of knowledge and wants to bring it online.

Maybe you have a business like Painting. Where you pain people, just like an artist.

And you want a way to be making money teaching people how to paint and draw.

Or someone who wants to seek and reach several clients from all over the world.

Although online is worldwide, that is not something unique in my view.


How Much Does It Cost?

Carl Parnell didn’t reveal the amount it cost to join this program.

So, for you to join this coaching program. You will need to make a live call with his team.

That is when you will be given the price that suits your need.

You will be asked where you are in your business and whether you are a newbie or not.

I tried as much to get the cost that you will need to join this program but I got no information about that yet.

I will try to update this guide from time to time in case I can get the price to join.

Although, what you have to know is that the cost is more than $500.

Carl himself said it is not a $500 course but a high-ticket coaching program.

So, based on my experience from reviewing several other online courses.

Coaching programs like this that ways need you to make a live call with the team before you will be given a price.

It will also cost nothing less than $3000 for you to join.

They are always high tickets and you will need to have huge money to invest for you to join.

Although, on the private group. They already have over 500+ that have enrolled for the OCSM Inner Circle Course.


Is organic course selling mastery a Scam?

This course is not a scammer and the fact that you even need to chat with their representative or team to be applied is awesome.

Although that doesn’t mean that getting a result is guaranteed if you speak with Carl or his team.

It is just a new technique by online coaches to be able to close a lot of sales.

That way, they will be able to handle any objections that you might be having in mind.

They will be able to cajole you and make sure that you purchase the program at all costs.

That is the reason for the live call.

You know, if you are to just see the price on the sales page. You can easily press back and not enroll.

But if they tell you the price via phone call. Even if you have any objections.

They can easily realize that and persuade you into making sure they clear your objections and feel safe.

That’s why you are required to make a live call with them.

Although, the course is no scan since you will be given the course and you will learn.

But the fact that he is claiming that you will make $20,000 from listening to a module and $100,000 from the last module is a scam.

It is just a way to lure you in. Nobody can guarantee success for anyone.

Also, the fact that you will even be using the free/organic method means that it is not going to be easy.

Free things take time and it does not work out quickly like paid adverts.

So, you need to be careful about those claims even on other courses that might not be this one.


Pros and Cons of organic course selling mastery

Let us immediately look and review some of the things I like about this coaching and the things I don’t really like about it.


1. Community:

The community of like-minded people that will also have the same mentality and notion as yours is a great advantage.

This way, you keep getting live calls and answers from Carl himself on the group.

Also, you will be able to ask questions and see the results that other students are getting.

This is a nice advantage that I see over other things.

2. Learning From Pro:

You are learning from a pro who has sold several courses on the internet.

Even this course alone. He has generated millions of sales just from selling this course alone.

Aside from other courses that he has launched in the past.

So, he is selling you a course and teaching you how to sell your course to other people also.

I think that is how the majority of the coaching tutorials work now. But at least, you are learning from a millionaire.


1. Coaching Niche Getting Saturated:

There are just a lot of coaches on the internet now – claiming to teach one thing or the other.

And the majority of them are crap and they are not even going to deliver what was promised.

Also, with this fake countdown and promises that they will be making.

It is very obvious that they are just all about the money and it’s not like they really care.

Someone like Carl Parnell is also all about the money in this his coaching program.

Because if he didn’t sell it. His likelihood of making money is also slim.

So, it is just about him also making money by teaching other people how to make money.

2. False Claim:

I detest coaches making false claims on any sales page or webinar just to make me buy your course or offer.

That is what Carl did here. He made some false claims by saying one is assured to make $20,000.

Not to talk of the fact that one is even using a free method which he claimed to use here.

I see this as something not palatable and just a way to make someone buy their course.

Since success is not guaranteed for anyone. He should not have been making any false claim or assurance.

3. Needs Huge Budget:

Forget the fact that he said you will be using the free and organic method to run this business.

The truth still remains that you will still need to run paid adverts for you to thrive hard.

Even Carl himself cannot fully claim that he did not run paid adverts to reach over $1 million + revenue from selling this course.

He cannot claim that he relies 100% on Free Facebook traffic alone.

After all, this is his Facebook profile.

Showing his Two Comma Club

Showing his Two Comma Club

I really can’t find thousands of likes or hundreds of comments on his profile.

Someone who claims to teach how to use a Facebook profile should have a lot of audience on his profile.

4. Watching the webinars are things one can learn from YouTube:

After I watched his webinar for several hours. I got to realize that these things are what one can learn on YouTube.

Because everything he claims to teach is easily searchable and achievable.

If you are someone who has been on the internet for a few years and doing hustling.

You will easily get what he promised to teach easily on YouTube. I don’t see anything special there.

The only thing special is because of the way he packages his coaching program. That is all.


Final Thoughts

Organic course selling might be a nice business idea for those who have enough capital to invest in tools, hiring teams to handle coaching, and keep paying for upsells, and can risk losing their money without any result.

But if you want real results from a proven system that works and has been making millions in revenue for struggling newbies and passionate online hustlers like you, then I suggest you join our Affiliate Riches program.

The reason is that this program doesn’t involve spending an enormous amount on upsells or a huge initial cost to get started.

Also, you don’t have to incur any expensive cost on creating products or hiring teams to help maintain balance.

All you have to do is reach out to a product owner among the hundreds to thousands of product creators on our platform, inform them to give you access to their products, send them sales, and get 50% of the profit.

This is how our own affiliate system works, and you get this 50% profit without incurring any huge cost.

Meaning, if a product is $1000, you get $500 from selling that product. And you are going to learn how to sell these products easily even with a budget of buying a burger.

Feel free to join this program, and I will see you on the other end.