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Ravi Abuvala Remote Integrator Academy Review

Welcome to this remote integrator academy masterclass review.

In today’s guide, we will be discussing Ravi Abuvala The Remote Integrator Academy Masterclass Review.

Is this course even worth your time or should it be something that you should invest your hard-earned money into?

These are some of the many things that I will be writing about in this guide, including the details about the program.

The masterclass is majorly about making money in a niche that is not too saturated like E-commerce or Amazon FBA or Affiliate Marketing just as Ravi stated.

But I still find this course to be very confusing and not straightforward.

Although, more on that very soon in the other aspects of this guide.

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Just like I have tagged this course already. I said it’s a freelance course but just in an advanced way.

Because he stated that if you enroll in the course. You will be doing remote work for agencies.

People who will be giving you works online and you will be able to make money from them.

If I am to be very candid. I will still tag Ravi as one of those online gurus that are also hungry to sell courses before they can feed.

Because if you listen and read his sales page. You will get to realize that he is just paraphrasing and making everything look difficult.

To me, I believe that you will still need to buy the front-end course for $39.97 before you will even be able to know what you are getting into.

While he will now offer several Upsells to sell you and make you buy more inside his funnel.

Let us get a little bit into the framework of how the training is.

remote integrator academy masterclass review

  • Course Owner: Ravi Abuvala
  • Course Price: $39.96
  • Available Upsell? Yes
  • Niche: Freelancing and Virtual Assistant Service
  • Recommended: No
  • Why? Read along to know why and not waste money.


Overview of The Remote Integrator Academy

The training consists of 240 minutes of tutoring even though the sales page is not even clear enough.

But here are the things that you will get to learn when you enroll in the course.

Part 1: In the part of and the introductory aspect of the masterclass. This is where he talked about how he 4× his client’s business in 2 hours.

He said he made $50,000 just from doing this for the client because the client was very happy to pay more.

This is from what he taught in the masterclass and I do not know how valid this is.

Part 2: This aspect is about motivating you and he talked about the one thing that he had that changed his life.

He talked about how this change took him from earning $10 per day to earning $100,000 per day.

I still believe that part of the way he is also able to make $100k per day is by selling his courses.

This is not the only course he has, he has another course called the Scaling With System Academy.

So, selling courses also helped him much.

Part 3: This is where he starts digging deep into the program and discussing how you can get work from business owners

He titled it the “Cash Catching Roadmap” and he said it will show you how to get paid $10,000 and more every month.

Part 4: Here he talked about the skill that took him from being a person who has an agency but got tired of it.

To be a sought-after marketer on the internet who now has a lot of students who have also learned from him.

And how this skill changed his life completely by making him who is now is.

Part 5: This aspect is still a little bit motivational where he is discussing finding the right vehicle.

Why do you need to focus on doing the right thing instead of doing the wrong thing even while you are hardworking?

Part 6: Ravi is a dropout law student and he now boasts of making much more money than if he had stayed in law school.

So, in this part of the masterclass, he talked about how he is now making a lot of money 64× than what he would have been making if he stayed in law school.

Part 7: Here is where he talked about how he introduced remote integrators to business owners who are earning 7 figures.

So, he talked about introducing his students who buy this course to reputable business owners who they can work for.

But the question is how many remote integrator students would he be able to introduce when there are hundreds of students?

Ask yourself that! Just another way to get you into more upsells.

Part 8: Here he talked about choosing the right type of client and how it can change your life completely.

Although, one client can be all you need to make that change in your life and give you a complete life.

But getting that one client is the problem in a niche that you are not even familiar with.

Part 9: He discussed how he moved from being a time-based worker to a result-based worker.

Where he sends majorly all his type now getting results rather than wasting his time struggling.

Part 10: Here he discussed the issues of starting your own business and all the risks involved in it.

And he appraised his course as the secret key to all the doors that have been locked at you.

Going much deeper into how you also can start getting a result with his course and make progress.

Part 11: Then he went further to talk about how being a remote integrator is the best opportunity and assurance towards making you financially free.

All these inside the course and still appraising the course you just bought.

Part 12: Talking here is about clearing everything doubt you might be having and assuring you of making progress.

Also, he talks more about your mindset – which will determine how you will achieve financial freedom and you can eliminate fear.

Part 13: This is where he talked about explaining what you have been told about Your career is all a lie.

What I don’t now understand is for someone who didn’t reveal exactly what one is expected to get from the course.

And still in the course of roughly $40 – all he does is talk about motivating and doing a motivational speech.

How is his talk not even a lie and what we have already believed in the truth?

Although, those are the things involved in the course and a little bit more.

But from all the 13 Parts I have written. Do you think there is anything that can make you money there?

None. Because it’s still all about explaining the course itself to you. What he should have explained on the sales page.

That means you will still have to pay roughly $40 to get access to a course that will only explain what you will be learning to you.

That is when you will get upsell on the next course which will now start taking you deep into the exact program.

Ravi is a high-ticket coaching person. So, don’t expect he will reveal everything in a $39.97 masterclass.

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Who Is Ravi Abuvala?

Ravi Abuvala is an online guru who graduated from a law school.

According to him, he was supposed to focus more on his law profession due to his father’s ailment.

He was unable to focus further on law and decide to look for ways to make ends meet all by himself.

Ravi claimed to have made $6million just from being a remote integrator. In which, he also sold a lot of courses and makes a lot of money through that.

So, Ravi might have truthfully made that enormous amount of money online.

But he still fails to tell us that he makes majorly all the money from selling his courses.

If you check the picture below, you will see him win a 2 comma award from Clickfunnels.

Ravi Abuvala remote integrator academy review

This award is always given to Clickfunnels users who have made over $1million from using Clickfunnels to sell their products.

And in the award. You can see Scaling With System written on the award.

Which means he made majorly all his sales from selling the SCALING WITH SYSTEM course.

So, if he claimed to have made millions online. It’s not through being a remote integrator but through selling his courses.

So, to me – Ravi is also one of the online gurus who indirectly make jest of other online gurus.


What Is The Remote Integrator Academy?

The remote integrator academy is a masterclass that teaches people how to earn by being virtual assistants to other successful online brands.

It tutors people to make money by being virtual assistants or advance freelancer to other thriving online business enterprises that just need more helping hands to scale the more.

I tag this as an advanced freelancing method since you will only be working remotely and helping several other businesses.

Ravi didn’t fully open up about how and what one is expected to get from buying this course.

But one thing I want to make clear to you today is that. Ravi already has a course titled “Scaling With System”.

And it’s a course that teaches successful businesses out there who are already making a lot of sales to start including virtual assistant services to their business.

The scaling with system masterclass is majorly meant for intermediate or advanced business owners who already have a thriving business but just need more helping hands.

So, what he is now doing with the remote integrator is now teach people how to become virtual assistants to these business owners.

And what I heard from some of his students who enrolled for the remote integrator is that they are waiting for him to give them clients.

Can you just imagine that?

Anyway, more on this below.


Who Is The Remote Integrator Academy For?

Checking everything he has written on the sales page. It is very difficult to know exactly who this course is for.

If you are a novice who knows nothing or little about internet marketing and all these gurus’ technique.

You will easily be sold.

That’s the fact. Because aside from the fact that he is not even direct with the way the course is.

He is not also direct about who exactly the course is for.

He was just lamenting that “if you are someone who doesn’t want to commute to your 9-5 job”.

Or “you are someone who wants to work at the beach”

Or blaa blaa blaa.

These are the things that almost anybody who also wants to make money on the internet will need.

Something direct will be more okay than him just trying to generalize the specific people who this course is for.

As a beginner, you will easily be sold. But you have to know that there is no direct person this course is for.


How much does The Remote Integrator Academy cost?

The course is worth $39.97 which is approximately $40. All those cents are just selling tricks.

Although, he claimed that the real cost and value of the course is worth $997 but you will only be buying at that discount.

Ravi is a very good salesperson who knows exactly how to get into the head of his prospects.

Also, if you are wondering whether there will be more upsells from this masterclass.

Oh yes, there are several other upsells that you will get pitched off when you buy this $40 course.

This $40 is just to introduce you to what everything is about and how the remote integration system works.

You will see need more funds to buy other upsells before you can even consider being a remote integrator.


Is Ravi Abuvala a Scam?

Ravi is just an online guru who also promises people a lot and delivers the one that he could.

But just from the sales page of this course. You will be expecting a lot of things if you are to enroll in it.

You will only be surprised that you are not even to make anything because you still have to upgrade to more upsells.

Ravi cannot be tagged as a scammer since he didn’t force anyone to make payment.

Also, he is just an online marketer who is also making a lot of money from selling his course to people.

So, he is a legitimate internet marketer who already has enough experience in the coaching field.

And from this coaching niche, he has been able to make millions of dollars in revenue just from selling his knowledge.

So, he is legit and real and you making success through any of his teachings depends on you.


Is The Remote Integration Academy A Scam?

I would not suggest any of my followers pass through the funnel of Remote integration though.

But I still will not tag it as a scam since it provides and delivers what you paid for.

Even though it might not directly help you solve the problem that you bought it for.

At least, you got your course and not scammed of your money.


Pros and Cons of It

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this course.


It’s Remote Work

This business is remote work which means you do not have to commute anywhere before you can work.

All you need is your laptop and your internet connection and you are ready to rumble.


Let me quickly clear the air about some of the bad sides of this course which I do not like at all.

In fact, the things I do not like about the masterclass are more than what I like about it.

1. No Clear Description

There is no clear description of exactly what one is about to get into.

If not for the fact that I already have an experience in the scaling with system course.

It will be very difficult to comprehend what this course is all about.

Because all he kept lamenting is all about making money and how he made a lot of money.

But there is no clear path as to what the course is truly all about.

2. Very Salesy Marketing Gimmick

The sales page is filled with marketing tricks just to get a prospect onboard and buy the course.

It would have even been more okay if the front end is a free tutorial where you can learn about the course.

But even the front-end is being sold for $40. So, it’s all marketing gimmicks my friend.

3. Several Upsells

You are still going to get a lot of upsells from this course because he will not reveal everything in the $40 masterclass.

So, you will still need to have another budget for more upsells that are on their way coming.

That means you still need to have more money to make him rich before you can even consider seeing the path to his money-making method.

4. Tricky Business

The business is kinda tricky because just like I have explained earlier.

His scaling with system students is business owners who already have a business that is thriving.

But he just gave them to Idea that they can also start making more money when they introduce virtual assistants to their business.

Now, he launch another course on how to become a virtual assistant through this remote integrator system.

So, he will now be connecting the student of this course to the students of scaling with system.

Thereby making more money for himself by also charging more commission from each business transaction.

That is a nice business idea though. But it’s too mean and doesn’t favor the students who bought the course.


Final Thought On Ravi’s Course

I do not fully recommend this course to any of my readers or followers. Because I cannot buy this course.

This course is just filled with a lot of gimmicks just to get you to buy and even those who have enrolled are still awaiting for him to give them customers.

For how long will you have to wait to keep expecting him to give you a successful business that will work with you.

This is not the kind of business I will involve in. I just hope my review has been helpful?

You can let me know your thoughts below in the comment box as I will be eager to reply.

I will see you in some other reviews.


Organic Course Selling Mastery Review – Carl Parnell – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my organic course selling mastery review.

If you’re wondering whether the organic course-selling mastery program by Carl Parnell is a scam or a legitimate one to join, well…

It’s not a scam, and I have several reasons and evidence to support my points here.

Firstly, I want you to know that I am not an affiliate for this course. So, everything I am writing here is in your best interest.

OCSM Mockup

Moreover, if you decide to enroll in the program after reading this review, there’s a coupon code and a link that I used to purchase this course and get a $500 discount off the actual price.

You can use the coupon code and the link to gain access to the program (as it’s still very active now), while others are paying the full price.

That is my only way of helping you pay less and also showing you the dashboards and everything you will receive in this program, along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Use this link ( to access the program, and use the coupon code (MONK500).

OCSM $500 off

What is the Organic Course Selling Mastery All About?

This is a program by Carl Parnell that promises to teach you how to build an empire for yourself by selling your knowledge.

And what if you don’t have any knowledge to sell? You can learn this business and also start helping others sell their knowledge and earn a profit.

So, this means you can either use this to make money for yourself, or you can use it to make money for others by monetizing their knowledge.

The image below shows how the course dashboard looks, and you can see that it has two main aspects.

Carl Parnell Organic course selling mastery Review Review

The first is the: ORGANIC COURSE SELLING MASTERY (Where all the courses are available)

And the second is the: NEXT LEVEL COACHING CALLS (Where you have group calls with Carl to ask questions about what you have learned).

More details about this will be discussed later in this section .

Challenges that initially made me reluctant to consider Joining the OCSM by Carl

Before we delve deeper, I faced some challenges and concerns that made me initially reluctant to consider joining this program.

1. Cost

The first concern was the course price, which is five thousand dollars. I was skeptical about purchasing not because I couldn’t afford it, but due to potential additional costs after joining.

Many other courses out there, such as Amazon FBA and Dropshipping, require substantial capital investment after the initial payment.

However, I later realized that I can implement what I’ve learned in this program for free because I’m only selling my knowledge and not another person’s manufactured products.

So, even after paying for the program (for which I still received a $500 discount), I wasn’t burdened with extra expenses and could start making money with zero capital and investment.

2. Gurus

I am used to seeing several gurus on the net, showing proofs of their earnings and whips.

At first, I had that impression of Carl as well, and it kind of made me skeptical to join because I didn’t want to make others rich while I was still poor.

However, after informing a colleague of mine in the group “Pandora Spocks” who had joined before me, I never regretted joining and I was grateful.

3. Non-support After Joining

I have once joined a program (which I will not mention due to copyright reasons related to my mentor Carl) where the support was bad.

I regretted joining and I was compelled to request a refund after paying $4000 to join.

There was no support, and it became difficult for me to even implement what I was learning.

However, Carl is not like that. Below is a screenshot of the Coaching call that you have one-on-one with Carl.

I have participated in several coaching calls with him and have also gained access to replays.

4. Achieving Early Results

I was also skeptical about joining because I aimed for early results and didn’t want a situation where it would take years to achieve results.

However, the interesting part was that Carl’s program provides the secret to generating mass organic traffic using social media.

And once you have traffic to your online course, achieving results becomes easier.

5. Technical Experience

Although I am a blogger and know one or two things about the tech world, there are still aspects I’m not too good at.

Aspects like video editing, webinar creation, email automation, and several others.

All of these became insignificant when I joined the Organic Course Selling Mastery.

6. Navigating the Journey Alone

Most of the time, feeling lonely on the journey can be a significant setback. Even if you join a call weekly, you might get confused about what to do.

But you can see the available live call replays in the dashboard, as shown below.

My Organic Course Selling Mastery Review Carl

These replayed live calls are even sufficient to change one’s life because they consist of past questions and answers from students who previously enrolled in this program…

And the questions they posed to Carl, which he addressed.

This includes some people sharing their results and seeking advice on amplifying sales.

All of this makes the journey simpler and easier for me.

These were the factors that initially made me skeptical to join, but when I eventually joined, I gained clarity on all my doubts.

Reasons why I eventually decided to join this program

Considering the challenges I discussed above, here’s what actually led me to join the Organic Course Selling Mastery.

1. His Success with Kajabi

The first convincing factor was when I saw the award he received from Kajabi. I recognized that only someone who had conducted several webinars could achieve that.

Carl Parnell Kajabi Award

And I am the type of person who prefers someone who practices what he or she preaches, not those gurus who sell what they don’t practice.

2. Free Business To Run Without Capital

Another convincing aspect was the fact that I could even get started with this without any capital.

I was so scared of having to invest a huge amount of capital into a business I don’t know will be successful after paying $5k to join.

However, I got to know it’s a free business to get started, and I was even able to pay less for the course by getting a $500 discount through an anonymous trick that Carl only shares secretly.

You can still use this promo code (MONK500) and this link ( to get your $500 discount ASAP before it expires.

3. Result From A Colleague

My friend and colleague Pandora Spocks motivated me and encouraged me to move forward with this program.

I reached out to her when I saw her earning £4,500 in a day from selling her knowledge.

She was the one who guided me and helped me clear my doubts. However, her results were what motivated me even more.

4. Ability To Build A Platform For Myself

Aside from the fact that Carl is teaching someone how to earn, he’s also teaching how one can build authority and carve a niche for themselves through the usage of Facebook Groups.

Imagine having a Facebook group with over 19k+ members who are fully engaged with you and ready to take action on whatever you recommend.

OCSM my group

There are even several others who have more members than this, and they are achieving immense results.

This was what made me join because I want to build a platform for myself and have access to a wide number of people who will be interested in whatever I am sharing with them.

5. Ability To Render This Service To Others And Earn

Aside from using this to sell my knowledge on Blogging, I realized that I could also render this service to help others sell their knowledge.

I used this knowledge to help my wife sell her crochet-making idea. She’s skilled at making crochet items and decided to start with her own business.

I helped her set up and create an online course on how to make crochet items, and immediately I noticed that she was already getting results.

I started charging others to help them monetize their knowledge, using the tricks I learned from Carl.

6. Ability To Also Turn What I Have Learned Into An Online Course And Sell

This is something I am currently planning to do. However, due to my busy schedule, it’s difficult for me to execute.

I mean, since I have practiced what Carl has taught me and have also used it to achieve results for other people.

That means I can even turn this into a course using my own voice, screen, and share my knowledge in the coaching business.

So, now… I am no longer teaching just about Blogging, but also how to monetize one’s knowledge.

All the points mentioned above are what convinced me to join and made me forget about all the challenges and drawbacks that I discussed earlier.


The Program Overview and What’s Inside

Now, let me guide you and provide an overview of what’s inside this program by showing you my dashboard.

Perhaps, one of these points can motivate you to consider joining as well.

Organic Course Selling Mastery

Week 1 – The Niche & Offer Clarification Blueprint.

This will help you address any doubts you may have about your knowledge.

Carl Parnel Organic Course Selling Mastery

It’s more about motivating you and assisting you in finding your niche and charting your path to success.

Week 2 – Creating your Facebook Group.

During this week, you will learn how to establish and structure your Facebook group, which is free to create.

Week 3 – Build Your Tribe Of Buyers & Qualify Course Content.

This is where you will learn strategies to attract numerous people to join your Facebook group and enhance your visibility on the platform.

Week 4 – The Ultimate Course Creation Package.

In this week, you’ll discover how to develop your course and techniques to transform your ideas and knowledge into a profitable venture.

Week 5 – The Organic Course Launch Method.

Here, you’ll learn how to use pre-selling to generate significant revenue and also how to sell your concepts through low-ticket webinars.

You can possibly pre-sell or sell your initial ideas for around ($500 or less) to kickstart your journey.

Week 6 – High Ticket Organic Selling Mastery.

This is a pivotal week where you’ll grasp the art of structuring webinars effectively and employing Carl’s Grandfather technique to sell high-ticket offers.

With these strategies, you can sell your knowledge for as much as $10,000, though if that seems daunting, you can still aim for around $3000 for multiple sales.

Week 7 – Building Your Team.

This week delves into how you can streamline your processes and hire team members to support your efforts.

You’ll learn how to hire, train, and decide when it’s necessary to replace a team member.

As your revenue grows and you sell high-ticket items, doing everything alone becomes challenging.

Not everyone possesses leadership and managerial skills, which is why this week is an essential part of the program.

Week 8 – Scaling With YouTube Ads.

Although scaling doesn’t necessarily require YouTube ads, after numerous students requested ways to expand their reach beyond organic methods, Carl included this optional Week 8 in the program.

It teaches you how to scale further using YouTube ads.

Remember, this is optional and not necessary.

However, given that traffic is the lifeblood of a business and you are already making thousands of dollars with organic methods, you might choose to allocate a budget for YouTube ads and increase your earnings.

Advantages of OCSM

Let’s discuss more about some of the advantages of this program.

1. Coaching Call

You have the opportunity for a group call with Carl, along with access to several other call replays.

2. Support Group

OCSM Inner Circle group~3

Access to the private Facebook group where you can learn from others and establish valuable connections.

3. Coaching Call Replays and Transcripts

You gain access to replays of previous coaching calls and one-on-one interactions between Carl and other students.

Organic Course Selling Mastery Review by Carl Parnell

Additionally, you’ll receive text transcripts of these replays in case you are unable to watch them.

4. Step-by-Step Guidance for Beginners

Especially in terms of setting up the Facebook group, Carl goes the extra mile to ensure you can execute each step correctly and obtain genuine testimonials for closing more sales.

Even if you’re an adult, the process is simplified for your convenience.

Additional Advantages…

5. Course Creation Without Hiring and Payment Page Setup (Using Kajabi & PayPal)

6. Mastering Webinars… Since webinars are highly effective. Utilizing the pre-selling method.

7. Earning by Assisting Others in Launching and Profiting from Their Knowledge.

8. Provided Sales Script.

9. Booking Calls and Generating Sales.

10. Establishing a Sales Team for Enhanced Selling (Where to find them, how to train, when to let go)… Including a CRM tool for lead management.

And many more…

Disadvantages of OCSM

A little discussion about the the cons which I see in this program.

1. Kind of Expensive

For someone like me, $5,000 seems a bit steep. However, after joining, I can assure you that it’s well worth the price.

Imagine if everyone had access to this powerful and comprehensive coaching program.

The information within this guide would no longer be a secret and it might become saturated.

If you’re similar to me and hesitant about a substantial investment in this, I understand your hesitation in calling it expensive.

However, there’s a money-back guarantee, and you can also benefit from a $500 discount (so you pay $4,497 instead of the $5,000 that 95% of other students have paid and are paying).

Simply use this link ( and the coupon code (MONK500) to enjoy these advantages.

2. Abundance of Tutorials

Additionally, if you tend to procrastinate, like I do, you might find it challenging to dedicate the time required to go through this program over 8 weeks.

Yet, ask yourself, “For how long?” I can relate, as I am also prone to procrastination. However, I summoned the determination to watch all the weeks.

Considering you won’t need to spend a lengthy period on it and given that this is a $5k program, it shouldn’t be as superficial as a $100 program where the instructor is solely focused on making money.

I can genuinely vouch for Carl that he has invested a lot in ensuring his students succeed.

When you watch the program, make sure to have a notebook and pen ready to jot down important aspects that will be most useful to you.

This way, you can easily refer back to those sections when implementing the lessons.

3. Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

If you’re seeking a get-rich-quick solution, this program might not be suitable for you.

It’s important to note that it’s not a program that guarantees instant results the following day.

Instead, it’s a program that teaches you a legitimate business approach.

You can even apply these principles to assist others and teach your family how to monetize their knowledge, no matter their area of expertise, whether it’s music, guitar playing, real estate, physical cleaning services, blogging, e-commerce, or any other field.

They can harness their knowledge and earn more than they do from their current endeavors.

How You Can Join and Pricing

Joining this program is straightforward.

While going directly to the checkout page would require a $5,000 payment, there was a time when Carl conducted a webinar as a guest and offered a $500 discount to participants several months ago.

I obtained access to that link through a close friend in the Organic Course Selling Mastery Team and received the coupon code to reduce $500 from the original price.

I can’t guarantee that this offer will remain available for an extended period.

Therefore, my advice is to swiftly seize this opportunity before it expires.

Simply use this link ( or click the button below or anywhere on this page and input the coupon code (MONK500) to receive a $500 discount.

By doing so, instead of the full price of $5,000, you’ll only pay $4,497.

OCSM $500 off

Remember, the coupon code will only be effective if you use the recommended link provided here.

Take action promptly before this link and coupon code expire.


Final Thoughts

I believe I’ve effectively explained my perspective on the OGSM program as a student.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, and I’ll be happy to respond.

Regarding the coupon code, it’s advisable to seize the opportunity quickly.

Talk to you soon.

Best regards.

Hopefully these video reviews from other students can insight you as they did for me

CLICK & USE COUPON CODE (MONK500) TO GET $500 OFF Review – Boniface Ogunti – Scam or Legit? Review - Boniface Ogunti - Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my honest Review.

I am certain that you might have come across this business academy online and you consider doing more research on it.

Current9 is owned by Boniface Ogunti – an online serial entrepreneur who has made millions of sales online.

Also, he partnered with Hadji Sall who is also in the millionaire club of marketers online.

So, if you are wondering if this program is the best thing you can consider investing into.

Then I have written this review to help you make the best decision before you invest any money into this program.

Who am I to give you this confidence towards relying on my review.

I am Maverick Opeyemi, an internet marketer and an SEO expert who has been in the internet marketing space for over 4 years.

Also, I have invested thousands of dollars in several online programs that later turned out to be crap.

That is why I have decided to help newbies who are passionate about making money online not also fall victim.

I am sure that with my reviews. They can be able to know the real fact and have honest detail about whatever they want to indulge in on the net.

With that being said, let us dive straight into this review concerning what the program is all about, details of what to expect, and many more. review – Overview

  • Owner: Boniface Ogunti.
  • Niche: Done-For-You Online Business.
  • Cost: Starts from $1 to $1997.
  • Beginners’ Program? No.
  • Recommended? Not Really.

What Is About? is a program that helps lazy or busy business owners to launch and scale a profitable online business.

So, if you are very passionate about online business and you need an agency to help you start and grow.

Or maybe you already have a business and you are considering scaling it up more.

Then you need an agency that is already making success and have more experience than you.

Then this program can be the best destination where you can head over to.

But are they worth your investment?

Even though they will be the ones to help you in launching your website which will serve as your portfolio online.

Also, they will be the ones to help you create your product and do all the necessary promotions on your behalf.

They also promise to be the ones that will handle your billing and all you need is to get your revenue.

Are they worth your time and investment?

Just follow along with me.


About Boniface Ogunti and Hadji Sall– The Owners

Boniface Ogunti is the CEO of and he is a multi-millionaire and a serial online entrepreneur.

Who has ventured and scaled successfully in several businesses on the internet.

He is into selling both digital and physical products on the internet through E-commerce and online software companies.

So from his experience… he also partnered with another multi-million are online marketer called Hadji Sall.

Hadji Sall is a software entrepreneur that creates a lot of Apps and Softwares to help online businesses thrive.

I knew about Hadji from the Clickfunnels group where he creates funnels to sell his digital products.

He is one of those in the two comma club in the Clickfunnels community.

Also, he makes use of solo ads to sell more of his products on the internet. So, the two are good on the internet.

But not everyone who has success has what it takes to create a successful coaching or mentorship program.

So, is Boniface and Hadji that kind of people? Let’s see.

How Does It Work?

The agency provides you with products that you can market as your own.

This means you do not need to produce or create any product from the scratch.

They will do all the creation of the product for you and it will become yours.

Remember that these will be majorly digital products like Courses, Softwares, or Applications that people can consume online.

They are not physical products that will require physical goods.

So, the moment their team helps you create your product. They will also help you with the marketing.

And also selling of the products to the public – in a way that you will be the one to make profits.

Just that a certain percentage will always be for the agency which they will charge you on.

Also, you will be mentored and coached by millionaire coaches in the team that has made millions of sales revenue online.

Another thing about this is that you will get access to their Software which you can use to run your business easily (as proclaimed by them).

This software will give you the technologies that you need to run your online business.

Also, you need to know that you need a lot of budgets for you to work with his agency and their program.

So, this is how the program works in a nutshell.

Program Content – What’s Inside?

What are the things that you should expect to see and gain from when you join this program?

Firstly, you will get access to their Current9 Software that will help you in running your online business and you will have your unique link.

It is this link that your promotions will be going into that will make you get sales online.

Also, with their Software. You will have your dashboard where you will track all your sales and activities.

You will also be given some training which you can listen to, including mentorship on the best ways to run your business.

So also, you are going to see your billing in your website backend where you see all your sales revenue.

They already have an automated machine payment processor that they have integrated into your business.

That is what you are going to be receiving your payments.

Additional Resources

Aside from that you also have some other additional resources and programs from their other programs.

One is their Accelerator Bundle Mastermind where they teach you how to sell several online businesses.

It is a tutorial that teaches you more about online Arbitrage and becoming a serious entrepreneur like Boniface Ogunti himself.

You also have access to the Sales Challenge. The “6 Days To Your First Sale Challenge”.

Which is meant to motivate and keep you in the motion to achieve greatness.

With some live questions and answers made available for you every Tuesday and Thursday.

Other additional resources include your access to their millionaire group.

Also, you will be given access to Hadji Sall’s Wealth Through Direct Distribution course which he has sold a lot of copies in the past.

Who Is This For?

This program is for lazy or busy Internet marketers who want success online but don’t know exactly how to attain it fast.

Also, intermediate brands who are already seeing some results online can be using this agency.

A lot of other brands who are also striving but just need one or two guidance are also using this program.

But majorly, it is created for those who do not have the time to work and get their hands dirty.

Because to be frank, the majority of the things they claim to help with are things that can be cleared within 1 month.

But if you are someone who doesn’t have the time to do all the website design, the graphic design, the product creation, and all that.

Then you can consider going for this program.


How Much Does It Cost?

Joining this program cost $1 for 3 days. But you have to know that you still have a lot to spend on.

Also, you can subscribe for a $29 per month or $250 per year plan.

This is to test out their service and see how well this program might suit you.

Just know that all this $29 for one month doesn’t include the money you will spend on adverts.

Or even the websites that will be designed for you and all that.

You still need extra money to successfully run your business by using their agency.

Also, you have 30 Day Money Back Policy if you feel like their expertise or program doesn’t meet your expectations.

You are always free to ask for a refund and they promise to pay back.

Is a Scam?

It is not a scammer though. But I just see it as another way to make more money for their agency.

A lot of agencies treat this program and they claim to help people live life peacefully by doing all the hard work.

But the truth is that you will still have to do part of it. Also, even if they are the ones to do all the hard work.

That means the amount of percentage they will offer you at the end will be less.

So handling everything still requires you to work.

Although, they work everything out as they claim. But you still need to make it work out for you.

Also, this is another way to just extort money from people who think online marketing or making money online is easy.

Pros and Cons of

Let us look at some of the things I like about this program and also the things that I detest about the program.

So, stick with me and let us roll together as we handle this aspect.

You have to know that anything that has an advantage must surely have its disadvantage.

I am sure that with this aspect. You will be able to look at the bad side to judge your decision making.


1. Time Saving:

The program is time saving as it will help you gain more financial freedom.

Even though it is always good to do things yourself.

The fact that you have a program that can bring out the best from your investment.

That is enough reason to be glad and make you have the time for other things that matter most in your life.


1. Huge Budget Required:

You will be needing a huge budget by your side if you are to be using this program as a benchmark.

The reason is because they make use of paid adverts to thrive their businesses.

And so, you also will need to use paid adverts for you to run a successful business with them.

There is nothing like free SEO or Free organic traffic when it comes to them working with you.

Also, there are still some other paid promotional tools that you will need to add to your sales process.

So, their program requires you to have huge capital.

2. Information Overload:

Although they share several bonuses for students including several courses which you can read.

But the thing is that all these courses look more like someone slapping them on your face just to get you on board.

Because to be frank, you will barely even finish all the things that they offer as a bonus before you get bored.

Although, they added a reseller license to some of the bonus courses which means you can resell them.

But I just think this is just a way for them to just get someone to input his or her credit card.

Because if Boniface wants the best. Just make everything plain simple.

Information overload just to make someone buy your program through bonuses is kinda exploiting.

3. Several other Pitching:

Even though you are that everything will be easy and you won’t have to waste time.

You will waste money along the way because they will ask for several other funds from you.

And it starts from you getting pitched of their several other Courses or Softwares or Applications.

So, you will surely get pitched to purchase more of their products later after.

Final Thought

So, this brings us to the end of this review, and I am sure you have been able to learn one or two from this review.

My honest verdict is that you do your marketing and promotions all by yourself.

The only way I suggest you make use of this program is if you already have a thriving business.

But you just need something more upgraded and you want them to help you thrive more.

This way, you already know how much it costs to spend money on adverts and also launch a sales funnel.

But if you are a pure novice and you are considering joining this program.

I do not suggest you go for it. You can just go for something that will help you understand how internet marketing works fully.

I am certain that you have been able to understand how this program works?

If you have any suggestions or need more guidance. You can get in touch with me in the comment box below.

I will be glad to help. Also, leave your reviews below in the comment box.

I wish you the best of luck in all endeavors.

See How I Am Raking Approximately $350,000 Monthly Without Creating A Product

Lucas Lee Tyson Growth Cave Review: Unknown Secret

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the Growth Cave review by Lucas Lee Tysons.

This is a free webinar that is used to upsell his high ticket program titled the Productized Profit.

I gave the review of the program in one of my articles here on this website which you can check out above.

It is no news that webinars are now the new system of selling several courses.

Once you have a good webinar set up. You are already 70% ready to get into the minds of your customers.

Also, there are several webinar tools available on the internet for ease of use by any marketer.

That is what this course is all about. It is a freebie towards an upgraded course or program.

I landed on the website of Lee and opted in to see what he has to offer for me in the freebie.

And I received an email that involved a scheduled webinar for me – which I have to join.

It was after the webinar that he upsell me on his high ticket program.

Also, he only gave a framework of how lead generation works.

The freebie/webinar is about lead generation for local businesses and how to get them customers.

It’s just like you launching your Advertising Agency where you help offline/local businesses to get customers.

You charge them a budget and once they give you either monthly or weekly.

You use the money to run paid adverts on Facebook and get your own profits from the budget.

Let us check out what’s about the Lucas Lee freebie and funnel.


Details about Growth Cave

Growth Cave Is a scheduled webinar that promises to teach how to launch a successful Advertising Agency for Local Businesses.

It is a webinar just like I have stated which was pre-recorded by Lucas Lee Tyson himself.

So, it’s not something new. And at the end of the day, you will be asked to pay to join Productized Profit.

This is the way top internet marketers pitch and make money off newbies.


Is Growth Cave Legit?

It only gives details and a framework on how the Local Advertising Agency works.

How it is profitable and how a lot of people are already making money from it.

He also shows details of how he is also making money from doing lead generation for local businesses.

He does everything necessary to make one starve by using his salesy Marketing techniques.

I just see it as the normal way to sell prospects online because that is also how money is being made.

So, he brings someone to the webinar which is also pre-recorded and makes the person starve of Success.

It is just like you enter a room where you see a lot of intimidation.

And by the time people see huge earnings of someone even younger than them.

They will be forced to give this program a try.

Although on the landing page. He made mention of working 9 to 5 and got tired.

I just think that is too early for a young man in his early 22 years to experience.

He should still be a college kid when he started Advertising Agency.

So, I see that as another fake guru technique to make people feel pre-sold.


Why I can’t recommend Growth Cave

There are several reasons why I can’t recommend a growth cave for someone to even check out.

Even though it is a free tutorial that gives a framework and talks about lead generation.

1. It’s just a Marketing Funnel:

It is just a marketing funnel where you commence with a freebie then get into an upsell.

It is no news that this is the strategy that the majority of funnel users who also make use of Clickfunnels are using.

Although I doubt if Lee is using Clickfunnels for his marketing funnel.

But he is using the same funnel where you will offer something free in form of a webinar and now upsell them for a paid service.

Also, along the process. He will be able to build his email list with prospects that he will follow up with.

That is how this works and that is why Lee continues to keep making it work for himself.

2. Automated Webinar:

The webinar that you are going to join is not a live webinar where he is speaking directly to you.

It is a pre-recorded webinar that is already scheduled with the use of a webinar tool among several other tools out there.

So, once you join his email list. You will receive a welcome message informing you about the webinar.

Which you will join and he will give you fundamentals about what lead generation for offline business is all about.

The major thing here is just that he will show you proof about what he has done and how much he has made.

Also, he will reveal to you some students who have also gained from this webinar.

That is just how they make sure to make people feel compelled into joining their program.

3. Fake Scarcity:

Lucas Lee tries to make people quickly join his upgraded course “Productized Profits” in the webinar.

By telling them to be haste and join because the program is only limited to a few numbers of people.

But at the end of the webinar and coming another time to join.

You will still hear him repeating the same words. Which I feel is somehow scammy and just a way to lure innocent people into buying.

I mean, if he is not fully focused about the money. If he is only focused on the breakthrough of prospects.

Then he shouldn’t force them into joining any program. That should be at their own discretion.

It shouldn’t be about telling them if they don’t join, they lose out and they are still hearing the same thing later if they join the free webinar.

I feel that is fake scarcity and it’s part of the marketing gimmicks of selling products.

4. High Ticket Closure:

It all boils down to high ticket selling and showing proof of earning much with a successful funnel.

If you are to get any client for such a business like this. You need high-ticket clients.

Even from Lee’s recommendation. He stated that it’s best to go for clients with less than $2000 in budget.

So, you need to prospect hard for you to earn money from this business.

You need to be able to make your networking be with businesses that have enough budget at hand.

Because if you are to start with clients who do not have enough budget.

They will always want to make much more from even a little investment that they made.

5. Expensive Course:

Inside the growth cave are several upsells that will be offered to you.

Among them are the Productized Profits product and also the ClientBolt software.

There are still some things to be bought even after buying the course on its own.

And paying $1497 for the course from the start. You will still need another budget for adverts.

This is just too much to me because as someone who is also in need of money and willing to earn.

Life should have been easier for a newbie than them serving as a source of money making for online gurus.

6. Weak Traffic Source:

The traffic source for this course is kinda weak to my understanding.

Because relying only on Facebook advert as a means of getting leads and customers is a depressed mission.

There is no how you won’t get your ads account banned all the time from the algorithm of Facebook.

It doesn’t mean that everything is meant to become easy though. But at least, it will be more okay to have several traffic sources.

He should be able to teach on how to get traffic from YouTube, Network adverts, and all that.

And not that you should only focus on Facebook as a means of getting traffic for your clients.

I only see that as too slow and not that Effective.

Details about Lucas Lee Tyson

Lucas is a 22year old online entrepreneur and marketer who went to Bobson College to study Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship.

According to Lucas, he has tried several online businesses and among them is his Amazon affiliate blog.

He said the affiliate blog generated him over $85,000 in revenue as a publisher.

And aside from that, he has also worked in several E-commerce and technology firms just to earn and learn.

It was during working for a firm that Lucas got to know about the profitability level of having an advertising agency.

Even though Lucas tried from one local business to another to get them to believe him.

He was later able to hit a jackpot 2 weeks later after deciding on launching his marketing agency.

Lucas has worked as an Upwork specialist and has done several things on the internet.

But after his business starts booming. He decided to start hiring more staff into his business.

And now, he has more people working under him and he is also booming his growth level.

He has launched this course to empower more people and give them financial freedom.

That is according to what Lucas Lee-Tyson stated.


Final Verdict

Is this course something that you should consider for yourself as a means of living large?

What you have to know is that the course itself is free and you will be upsold on another high ticket course in the webinar.

So, you will only be joining to learn the framework and not entirely the business itself.

It is just a funnel that will teach you and give you some details about how much he has earned and how much he is worth.

So, it is not entirely a breakthrough course or something that will give you financial freedom.

It is the Productized Profits Course that is being upsold in the Webinar that is promised to give you financial freedom.

Although, I gave my own review on that course which is a high ticket by Lucas.

You can check out this page to read the Productized Profits review by Lucas Lee Tyson.

If you have any further questions concerning this guide or any other contributions.

You can easily lodge them below in the comment box and I will be more than ready to reply to you.

Lucas Lee Tyson’s productized profits review: 10 Unknown Facts

Lucas Lee Tyson Productized Profits Review

In today’s guide, we will be discussing Lucas Lee Tyson’s productized profits review from Growth Cave.

Is this course even worth your time or should it be something that you should invest your hard-earned money into?

These are some of the many things that I will be writing about in this guide, including the details about the program.

This program is a part of the Growth Cave program which Lucas Lee Tyson founded in 2018.

It involves doing lead generation for local businesses and taking profits.

There are a lot of offline businesses out there that have a huge budget at hand.

But they do not know or have an idea about how they can get more leads online.

Mainly because not everyone is very familiar with how online marketing works.

Not everyone knows about Facebook advert or Google advert or the rest.

They are still solely depending on their brick-and-mortar way of getting customers through radio adverts or posters.

Or depending on when someone passes through their store and check in on their store.

These are the people that Lee is targeting and running adverts to Target and help them set up their marketing campaign.

This program is 6 weeks of training that will teach you a lot about how to get started with lead generation for businesses.

Let us get a little bit into the framework of how the training is.

Productized Profits Review

  • Course Owner: Lucas Lee Tysons.
  • Course Price: $1497 or $600 (3 installments).
  • Niche: Lead Generation For Offline Businesses.
  • Recommended: No.
  • Why? Read along to know why and not waste money.


Overview of Productized Profits

Here are the details about the program and the things that you will be learning from the program.

Module 01 – Fundamentals & Foundations.

The first module is normally about your mindset towards achieving any goals that you plan for.

It’s not new that the majority of the high ticket courses do start like this.

They try to clarify your mindset and make you remove every doubt that you might have in mind.

You have an awesome way to commence your lead generation journey.

More like a TedX Talk that will make you achieve your goal.

It is always important to overcome frustrations and clear every doubt you might be having.

That is what you will be learning in this module.

Module 02 – Carving Out Your Niche & Irresistible Offer.

In this module, Lee will be teaching you how to choose the best niche out of the niches on the internet.

Although, he always claims to help you choose. But at the end of the program, you will still be the one to choose by yourself.

He will only give you some framework for choosing the best niche and telling you how it works.

But he wouldn’t really give you the niche that you will go for. Just imagine him giving you a niche.

You will serve as a major competitor for him and also if you don’t make gain immediately. You will likewise blame him.

Although, he also tries to teach you on pricing nothing less than $2000 every month on your marketing agency.

You will be Launching a marketing agency where you get leads for people.

So, he also claims to teach you how to craft a good message that will compel your prospects.

Including doing things that will make you different and more classy than others marketing agencies out there.

Those marketing agencies who are your competitors and how you can just surpass them.

Module 03 – Your Automated Client Attraction Machine.

Module 3 is going to teach you how you will be getting your first client organically without paying ass first.

I think this is cool because not everyone will be able to spend money to get clients at first.

But he claims to teach how to get the first client with an organic method which he teaches in this module.

Lucas Lee Tyson also claims to give you some of his templates and funnels which he has used in the past.

He said the templates and funnels will help you to reach your goals very faster unlike starting from scratch.

Also, he make them to be free for you just to get your first client without spending any money.

He said after that, you can not scale with paid adverts to get your future customers with the profit from first customers.

Also, he promised all these will be achieved within 21 days of Joining the program.

Is this a fake promise? Yes, because not everyone will be able to earn during that period.

Module 04 – The Science Of Sales & Client Conversion.

You have to know that the majority of doing this business is all about cold calling agencies.

That is why, if you are someone who cannot even speak well to your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your spouse.

Then how can you even speak to a customer (and agency firm) that the secretary will be yelling on the phone?

Although, Lee promises to teach you or anyone who wants to join how you can convert total strangers to customers.

Also, he said he will be teaching you how to handle objections and get your clients to give you a chance.

And he revealed that all these will be handled and achieved within 28 days for you.

Module 05 – Autopilot Service Delivery.

After you have gotten your client to give you the chance and help them get leads and customers for their business.

It is now time for you to bring them leads. And Lucas Lee Tysons will be teaching you how to run Facebook and Google Advert.

These are the platforms that you will be using to get leads for your customers.

You will use their money to run paid advertising on Facebook and Google and get them leads.

That’s not a problem though, but the frustration that marketers are facing on Facebook these days is just too tedious.

With ad accounts getting banned anyhow and marketers are running to YouTube and network adverts.

I am surprised that Lee is still believing and entrusting only the two strictest platforms for his students.

I wouldn’t support that though because Facebook is just a pain in the ass.

Module 06 – Automation, Systems, & Scaling.

As you know that you cannot also be working 24/7 and you will need time to cool off.

He also said he will be giving you or some other students some framework that you will be using to automate the process.

That means you wouldn’t need to be doing your agency marketing all the time.

He will give you what you need to minimize the time you are spending on working all the time.

That is what this last module is all about.

Added Benefits

Some added benefits in this program are the use of ClientBolt Software Suite which Lee will be selling to students for $99.

It is this software that you can use to get local leads from your niche that will give you work.

All you need is to input your niche and location in the software and you will get businesses that you can pitch.

Although I don’t believe in stuff like this because the majority of the online softwares that claim to automate things are scam and crap.

You will also be getting 1 on 1 mentorship via Facebook through a live call where you can ask questions that are bothering you.

You will also be getting lifetime access to this course and everything it entails. Including getting emails from Lucas Lee Tyson himself.

This is what Lucas promises you to enjoy when you join this training with your Hard Earned Money.


Who Is Lucas Lee Tyson?

Lucas Lee Tyson.

Lucas Lee Tyson is the founder of Growth Cave Program where he teaches how to run a successful Marketing Agency.

He launched this Growth Cave in June 2018 and ever since then. He has been using the agency to impact other people.

Lucas claimed to also be once a 9-5 worker who also got tired and want to have financial freedom.

He got to realize the benefit of running paid campaigns for agencies when he was at a meeting

…and he witness how local business was paying $240,000 to a marketing agency to run a campaign for a month.

And the profit for the agency was $20,000 for that month.

That was what pushed him to also decide to embark on the journey of launching his own Marketing agency.

He claimed that at that time, he only has ten dollars in his bank account and over ten thousand dollars in debt on his credit card.

He went home that day and he said to start researching and viewing several tutorials on Google.

Also, he claimed that he got his first client after 2 weeks to what time and quit his job 6 weeks later to focus fully on lead generation.

Lucas has since then been doing lead generation for local agencies and making money from it.

This Guy has a YouTube of 3.9k subscribers at the time of writing this guide. It would have increased more by the time you are reading it.

According to him, he has tried several online businesses from Amazon to affiliate marketing and several others.

The dude is a young guy and I must comment on his effort for striving hard to be bold even among all odds.


What Is Productized Profits?

Productized Profits is a training that teaches people how to start and launch a profitable lead generation agency for local businesses.

It is majorly a drop servicing business model where you find local businesses that require leads for their business.

Then you pitch them into making them believe you will provide customers for their business.

Then you can go ahead and outsource it to a professional ads manager who can help you run paid adverts.

Or you can just follow through by learning Facebook and Google advert from Lee’s course.

Then once you collect the budget from marketing campaigns from your clients.

It is their money that you will use to run paid adverts for them and get their businesses customers.

The thing is that businesses that are brick and mortar also called offline businesses do not know about online adverts.

These businesses do not know or have idea that it is possible to get customers online.

But this is an opportunity for anyone to take that up and start running paid adverts for them.

He also made a software available in the course called ClientBolt which costs $99.

What the software does is to help you get local leads within your neighborhood.

You only need to input your niche and your location for it to fetch you local businesses to pitch.

The course is majorly about cold pitching offline businesses into making them believe you can get customers for them.


Who Is Productized Profits For?

This course is not for someone who finds it even difficult to speak with his spouse or relatives.

You must be very vibrant and can handle any negativities that comes your way.

The major process of this type of business is cold pitching local businesses and making them believe you.

You should know that the majority of these people don’t believe in social media.

So if you just cold call them and start skipping. They won’t believe in you.

Although, it is very much available for Beginners to also scale with the business.

Since almost every expert starts as a novice. It is normal to begin as a novice.

But you have to know that you will be dealing majorly with strangers.

If you are also a cold call specialist who has spoken with several clients on phone previously.

You can do this. Also, an advert expert who has run several adverts on Facebook and Google can do this business.


How Much Do Productized Profits Cost?

The program costs $1497 to join. Which should have just been tagged at $1500.

Also, If you do not have the money to pay such a huge price at once.

You can pay in 3 installments of $600 till you can complete the fees.

The fee is lifetime and you are not going to pay for any further training in the future.

Even though Lee himself will still bring other courses out in the future.

It might now be on “How to sell your lead generation courses”.

Because mostly all online tutors make most of the money from selling their courses by teaching other people.

So, that is all about how much it costs to join the program.


Is Lucas Lee Tyson a Scam?

Well, I wouldn’t possibly call anyone a scam though but there are just some things fishy about the guy.

First is the fact that he is a teenager when he claimed to start his online marketing journey.

And he said he got tired of being a worker and also decides to start his Marketing agency.

The fact is that this is the major strategy that most fake gurus also use to lure people into thinking they were once depressed.

Because what could a teenager still feel about getting tired of his job as an employee.

Also, how sure are we that he even worked as a place and not that he was still in college by then?

I feel that is just too sudden for a young man to say he got tired of his job and wants something more passive.

To me, I just see that as another copywriting trick that is being used to sell courses on the internet.

Somehow, majorly everyone on the internet wants to quit their 9 to 5 job and also want to make money even while on vacation.

Then I think there is more to this and a way to just make new prospects believe he was once in their shoes.

Although aside from that, I don’t see any further thing to call him a scam.

After all, he delivers the product as usual and he has a video Testimonial from some students.

It is difficult to know if they are real or fake testimonials since gurus now pay people for fake reviews.

Also, he said he got his first client 2 weeks later after going online to watch videos.

As a novice in that aspect, is it that easy to make things work?

But it is all well and he has a nice strategy as a young guy.


Is Productized Profits A Scam?

The course is real and you get what you pay for if you enroll in the program.

Also, he offers 30 days money-back guarantee which is even more okay if you don’t see it as an opportunity.

You can easily ask for a refund of your money and get back your money.

But the fact that he is also selling another software after paying such a huge amount looks scammy.

Also, the majority of these softwares are all crap and don’t work as they promised.

They will tell you that they will automate things for you and help you get clients.

I am sure he knows how difficult it is to get clients and he added the software as a way to lure more people into buying the course.

Likewise, he didn’t reveal that you will be paying added money of $99 for you to get access to the ClientBolt software.

I really do not believe in software like that though because they are so many on JVZoo which are all crap.


Pros and Cons Of Lee’s Course

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this course from Growth Cave.


1. Several coaching calls:

This program has several weekly calls that you can join and also be enlightened the more.

Although, I really don’t see this as any way to guarantee success but it can only serve as a motivation for those who are serious.

Lee always goes live on his Facebook group and also other inner circles to teach and motivate his students.

Also, as a student – you also join the forum of other students like you who are making gains and those struggling.

All these are just to motivate but a time will come that you will even get tired of reading anything from the forum.

It happens a lot, most especially when you are not even seeing the result you imagined yourself to have gotten.

Although, it’s a nice advantage to be in a family.

2. Sales Page Looks detailed and supportive with the FAQ:

I think he has a very good sales page that is detailed and goes straight to explain what he will teach.

The majority of the sales pages out there are just about some crappy copywriting that people keep using the same templates.

Telling fake stories of how they started and how they later got financial freedom and all that.

I just count that to be crappy and they won’t even talk about the course itself.

All we see is their story and a Photoshop picture of themselves on an island and unreal cars.

But this guide has a good sales page with a FAQ aspect where he answers some questions that one might have in mind.

He also has testimonials that help to see facts from people who already got a result.

Even though he didn’t put reviews from people who didn’t see any result yet.



1. Not suitable for someone who can’t close sales on calls:

If you are a shy or a none vibrant person who cannot even argue with your friends.

You will struggle a lot before you make one single client in this type of business.

You must be someone who will be fully ready to handle every objection that any client throw against you.

Because you are surely going to get several objections and because of that you might lose out.

Nobody is interested in who you are but what you have to offer and bring.

Also, because you don’t even have several proofs as a newbie. Your negativity will be high.

So, it’s not suitable for someone who cannot network.

2. Autopilot Looks Spammy:

The idea of using a lead generation tool to help get clients is a no-no for me.

Because it doesn’t just make sense to be using paid tools that will promise to do something.

The majority of those tools are fake and won’t even do what they promise.

You will only keep getting outdated data and you will keep trying and trying thinking the problem comes from you.

This should have not been in the program and I do not endorse anything like that for my readers.

If there is no real and logical way that one can get clients which he can do practically for people to see.

Then I don’t even think it’s worth the money that any student ever paid for to join the program.

3. Focuses On One Platform:

The major platform that this guy focuses on is Facebook and a little bit of Google.

That is where he stated that a student will be running paid adverts from money gotten from clients.

I see this as just another way to make someone quit at last.

Because Facebook ads are frustrating at the moment. A lot of marketers are leaving Facebook.

And even if one is to have Facebook as a source of traffic. It should not be the primary source.

Facebook is meant to be the secondary source or even tertiary source of getting traffic.

Other sources should have been taught. Even the money spent on Google is also high.

The Cost Per Click to get traffic from Google is very high that it is not yet recommended for a newbie.

So, it should have been other methods being taught to get traffic.

4. Doubt:

The mindset of doubt is always many among clients. So, it is always advisable to even have another extra cash to show proof.

Because it is very difficult for people to just trust strangers with their money.

So, if you don’t have something to show them. At least – by bringing them one or two customers.

To show them what you are capable of. Then, this business will be difficult for you to handle.

Just think about someone coming to meet you to offer a customer.

You will want to ask for real proof before you can indulge in anything that concerns your money.


Final Thought On Lee’s Course

I am sure you must have been able to decide whether you should join the program or not.

The ball is in your court to play. But just make sure to first look at yourself and see if you are capable of the requirements.

Also, make sure to read this guide thoroughly and not skim through it.

You have a lot to know before you should invest your money into any course.

You can consider reading this guide on why lead generation is important for business.

Do you have any questions? Let me see them in the comment box below. Protection Status