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(4 Tips) How to approach influencers for affiliate marketing

How to approach influencers for affiliate marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the best ways to quickly build an audience and also sell a lot of affiliate products.

The major idea about it is just that several affiliate marketers out there do not know about influencer marketing.

Their major focus is on paid adverts, SEO, and organic traffic just to get Affiliate sales.

But little did they know that having an influencer that can sponsor your affiliate promotion for you is also gold mining.

Several influencers are out there who have a lot of audiences that you can promote to.

You only need to know how you can get in touch with them and make them help you promote to their Audience.

If you want to go through the free route. It might take you a lot of time for you to be able to get a chance.

Because why should someone just promote for you if not that there is something that will be given back.

The world lives in a mindset of “You Scratch My Back… I Scratch Yours also”.

So, the ability to offer something is always very much important if you plan on getting them to approve your promotion.

That is why going through the paid way is more recommended if you have the budget to pay them.

Because influencers are ready to promote to their audience so far money is involved.

Who doesn’t want to make money just from promoting to the audience that has been following him or her for a long time?

Since growing an audience doesn’t bring the money directly. But promoting to these audiences does.

Giving out value to receive value in return is what will help you quickly get access to the audience of an influencer.

Let us take a look at what influencer marketing is all about and more details concerning how you can get in touch with an Influencer.


What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a process where an advertiser gets in touch with a high authority personality in a certain niche for promotion purposes.

The Influencer can be anybody irrespective of what they are or who they are.

For example, here on digitalproductsmonk, we offer guest posting to people who would like to promote their Internet marketing products.

Even though we do it for pay. We are already confident in ourselves because we have little power in the internet marketing world.

We also have an audience who are viewing and seeing our content and from there they get to be our business partners.

Influencer Marketing can be on any platform either social media or search engines or even private channels.

Private channels can be places like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and some others.

People are always getting in touch with influencers on these platforms to help them promote their affiliate products.

Why? Because audiences are everywhere and it doesn’t only have to be paid advertisements all the time.

Just with a good influencer who has good authority in a niche. And with you having a product that can solve a problem in that niche.

Then you are good to commence making money from that niche by promoting through the influencer in that niche.


How To Get Influencers

There are some techniques and strategies that you need to put into consideration to get an influencer.

You cannot just decide to use an influencer without even knowing where exactly you can get them.

So, in this aspect. We will be looking at where you can get an influencer who can help you run your Affiliate campaign to several audiences.

1. Udimi

The first platform that we are going to be taking a deep look at is Udimi.

Udimi is the home for Solo Ads vendors who have a lot of email audiences that they can send email campaigns to and will buy your offer.

Udimi is filled with a lot of Affiliate Marketing vendors who have audiences that are interested in internet marketing at large.

You will also find vendors in the crypto, weight loss, and finance niche.

Just in case you have an affiliate offer for those niches. You are going to find influencers who can promote for you in these niches.

Udimi is a platform that focuses majorly on email marketing. This means the vendors or influencers here are just email experts.

You also have to be careful with the influencers that you give out offers to.

Because the majority is always filled with bot clicks that might not be the real clicks you aim for.

The best way for you to get quality email leads and also achieve sales is by running an advert from a vendor with a lot of reviews and orders.

This way, you will be able to be less concerned about whether or not the traffic is quality.

Their prices differ per vendor on Udimi. As you will not get an even price. Some vendors can charge 0.45 cents while others can charge more and below.

But I prefer that the list vendor I go for should be around 0.40 cents.

Any vendor below this price can be filled with audiences that are not quality.

Also, do not just send traffic straight to your affiliate offer. It is always good to send to a squeeze page…

…where you will collect their email details before sending them to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

So, even if they don’t buy immediately. You will still be able to promote to them once again.

2. Shoutcart

Shoutcart is an influencer marketing platform where you will get several social media influencers.

This platform has been in existence for a little while and it is very good for scouting Instagram influencers majorly.

I have to be very careful with you. I have not used Shoutcart before for any affiliate promotion with Influencers.

The reason is that the Influencers there are mostly filled with gaming and fashion Influencers.

So, if you have an affiliate offer in the gaming and fashion niche. Then this platform is very cool.

But for someone like us that promote majorly Internet marketing softwares and make money online offers.

It is not very much suitable for us. So, that is why I haven’t considered using the platform for now.

But I have seen several people claim authenticity of the website and say they have used their Influencers.

Giving it a trial if you are in the niches that the influencers are gathering is very cool.

But make sure to consider going for a tier 1 traffic audience if you are to choose an influencer on the platform.

3. Instagram

Even though Shoutcart is the home for Instagram Influencers who are ready to monetize their Audience.

I still always prefer to go directly and scout Instagram to look for Influencers in my product niche.

If you go to Instagram. You will find several influencers who will be ready to promote your product for you.

And what I try to do most is use the Instagram story for my promotion.

Oh yes. The reason is that they have a direct link under the story where viewers can just swipe up to navigate.

Compared to just an ordinary in-feed promotion on Instagram where you can not add a clickable link.

Every link on the Instagram feed cannot be clicked except if the influencer has to redirect them to his or her bio.

And I do not like something like that because human beings are always lazy and will find that difficult to do.

So, instead of still redirecting. I just run my paid promotion in their Instagram story where they can just swipe up.

Also, when looking for an Influencer. Try to see the engagement rate on the platform.

Several people out there are using bot traffic and likes including comments to win people.

You should always go for a quality audience instead of an audience that does not even exist at all.

4. TikTok

TikTok is one of the platforms that I like to talk about because of the rate of growing audience on the platform.

With TikTok, you can easily reach out to influencers and run a marketing campaign for a cheap price.

The reason why running a marketing campaign can even be very cheap is because young influencers are there.

You will already see an 18-year-old having millions of followers on Tiktok.

Does this mean that all his/her audience will be majorly children or teenagers of his or her age?

No. They also have an audience who are adults and will be ready to buy whatever you have in plan.

TikTok is a great platform and they have a lot of audiences with great influencers on this platform.

You just have to know who you will roll with and don’t just conclude that everyone will have your audience.


How To Make Them Promote For You

Now that you have gotten access to an influencer or a few Influencers whom you would like to promote for you.

It is now time for you to approach them towards helping you run the Affiliate campaign that will earn you money.

Even though you should always know that you won’t be running promotions directly to your sales page but on your squeeze page.

Let me show you the methods I use to get them to promote for me.

I am going to be combining both the Free and Paid Methods for you.

1. Be A Fan

The first method you can use (which is Free or Cheap) is to be their fan for a little while.

Being their fan will help you get access to them and also make them notice and know you.

The way you can be a fan of this influencer is by always commenting and liking their posts always.

Liking is part of it. But commenting on their post is what will do the magic for you and always mentioning them.

Although, this one is for an influencer with a couple of thousands of followers and not those with millions of followers.

A couple of thousand means only a few people will be commenting on their posts and you will easily get recognized.

Compared to commenting on an influencer with millions of followers that you won’t even get your comment recognized.

Once you notice from their reply to your comment that they are now getting more familiar with you.

That is when you get into their DM – but don’t even think of asking them to promote for you.

You can offer to teach their audience something that you are a little bit good in.

It can be a live online call where you will be invited to speak.

After speaking… you give them a freebie which will require you to collect their email address before you give it out.

This is how this method of being a fan works and favors you. It’s just that it takes time.

It will take a couple of 6 months at least for you to get this result.

2. Solve A Problem For Them

This method is very fast and doesn’t need you to become a fan that much. I call it the FISHY APPROACH.

This method is making me earn a couple of hundreds of dollars every month just from working for a top internet marketer.

Just because I saw a slack in his marketing funnels and I offered my designing skills to him.

I got in touch with him and tell him what he is missing out in his marketing techniques and offer my design as a freebie.

From there, he gave me the chance and things started working well over since I have been working that aspect out.

Aside from having access to his audience which he offered me and I am using it to promote affiliate offers.

He is also paying me a hundred bucks dollars every month which I use to take care of some other needs.

So, you see. This technique also works. But you just have to look for a problem in their marketing approach.

You need to funnel and channel down in their marketing techniques and offer them a solution.

This is how you get access to them and from there… you ask for something in return which will be to also build your audience for affiliate marketing promotion.

This FISHY APPROACH works very well – you just have to do it the right way to work out.

3. Promote Their Product

If you already have a few audiences you can promote to. You can promote their product and make sales for them.

Even if it is one or two sales. It is something and you can prove to them that you are also coming up.

Although I will suggest something up to 5 sales because one or two sales can easily be purchased by you.

But trying to purchase the product 5 times will mean a lot of desperacy which might feel impossible to them.

So, they can still trust you with 5 sales. But even though it is small and it also depends on the type of product though.

If it is a high ticket sale{LINK} of $1000 and above. Then 1 sale is huge.

Compared to a low ticket sale of $27 product that is very low and you need a couple of sales to convince them.

So, if you can do this. You can also get access to their audience by creating an alliance with them.

Although you will still be needing a little bit of the FISHY APPROACH Method I explained in the second point though.

But it’s all good since you are still able to get access. You scratch their back and they scratch yours.

4. Pay Them

Well, finally… the last thing that I know you can do is just to pay them off and get access immediately.

Just like I have taught you how to get access to them either through email marketing or social media marketing.

Just enter their DM or Email straight up and ask for a promotion and pay them.

If you are just a newbie or beginner. I suggest you go for Influencers with less price.

Don’t just blow up your money even if you have that fund to spend. Try to limit the way you spend.

So that you will be able to understand how it works.

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