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(4 Tips) How many followers do you need to become an Affiliate on Twitch?

How many Followers do you need to become an Affiliate on Twitch

If you are an Influencer on twitch where you stream content on the platform and would like to earn as an affiliate.

Then there are certain requirements that you will need for you to be eligible to earn commission from streaming on Twitch.

It is not every streamer that will be eligible to earn money because twitch wants to be able to know that they are dealing with a professional or intermediate.

Concerning the question that a lot of people ask regarding how many followers they need to reach for them to become a twitch affiliate.

Well, the minimum number of followers that you have to reach for you to be an affiliate on twitch is 50 Followers and more.

Don’t just bounce from this page right now. Stick with me the more and let me open your eyes to some other requirements.

Aside followers. Some other things are required for you to meet before you can be approved as an affiliate.

50 followers is among the requirements but not majorly the focus requirement of twitch for anybody planning to become their affiliate.

Can we dig deep a little bit for you then?


Twitch Affiliate Requirements

Below are some major requirements for you to become a twitch Affiliate and be approved to stream and earn.

1. 50 Followers

You are going to need 50 Followers and above for you to earn from twitch just as I have stated earlier.

The reason is that twitch wants to be able to know that you already have an audience and show commitment.

If they are to allow everybody to be earning without even having a single follower.

Then it is going to be too spammy as several people who are not even a solid Influencer will bombard the website.

So, you need 50 Followers and you do not even need to spend a long time to get followers.

Just post valuable content on twitch and you will be able to achieve this easily.

2. Upstream for 500 minutes (Last 30 Days)

You have to Upstream for 500 minutes or 8hours and more minutes for you to be approved as an affiliate.

Now, you also need to know that this upstreaming for 500 minutes is only applicable within the last 30 days.

So aside from having 50 followers. For twitch to confirm the validity of your account. They need you to Upstream.

And for you to Upstream and earn from twitch. Your 500 minutes of upstreaming in the last 30 days must be authentic.

Not just you using some bots to Upstream and thinking they will approve and allow you easily.

No, Twitch will not allow that because they want to make sure that you are a professional influencer.

So, 8 hours and a few minutes a month upstreaming are very important as your chances of being Verified.

Even aside from the 50 followers that you need to reach for you to become an affiliate.

3. Streaming on at least 7 unique days

Another important factor that will determine your eligibility to become an affiliate is that you must stream for 7 unique days on twitch.

If you stream for 7 unique days – then you should be able to reach the 500 minutes limit.

Streaming for days will help you out towards reaching your goal and also help you stand out.

You won’t reach eligibility If you cannot keep streaming or maybe you stop.

4. Three Average Recurring Viewers

Also, you need to have 3 recurring average viewers everyday month whenever you are streaming.

This is for them to know that you are not just bot streaming on their platform and you’re making use of a legit method.

There are a lot of people out there who are making use of fake views which are being bought from social media panels.

These panels do not help matters at all. All that they do is just send you fake clicks which will keep hurting your reputation.


More Twitch Affiliate Details

Twitch affiliate pays you $3.50 CPM which can also be called Cost Per Mille For every 1000 views that you have.

This means that you need to have 1000 views for you to earn $3.50 and the same goes on like that.

What this denotes is that if you can have like 10000 views. You will be able to earn $30+.

It is advertisers that are also coming to run ads on this platform. And if you can stand out unique.

You will also be able to grow a successful twitch account that breathes money.

Another way you can make money without even relying on their ads is by Advertising other products.

When advertising other products. It helps you to make money from your channel.

Also, the threshold that you need to reach is $100 before you can withdraw your money from twitch.

If you do not reach the $100 if the 30 days payment period. Then your earnings will be rolled over to the next month.

It will continue to count from where it stopped till you reach your threshold.

The payment method on twitch is through ACH direct payment, PayPal, Local Bank, or Wire Transfer.

These are the Important details that you need to concerning being a twitch affiliate.

And if you have skipped all through to this stage. Check the content to read the number of followers you need to be eligible.

(4 Tips) How to approach influencers for affiliate marketing

How to approach influencers for affiliate marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the best ways to quickly build an audience and also sell a lot of affiliate products.

The major idea about it is just that several affiliate marketers out there do not know about influencer marketing.

Their major focus is on paid adverts, SEO, and organic traffic just to get Affiliate sales.

But little did they know that having an influencer that can sponsor your affiliate promotion for you is also gold mining.

Several influencers are out there who have a lot of audiences that you can promote to.

You only need to know how you can get in touch with them and make them help you promote to their Audience.

If you want to go through the free route. It might take you a lot of time for you to be able to get a chance.

Because why should someone just promote for you if not that there is something that will be given back.

The world lives in a mindset of “You Scratch My Back… I Scratch Yours also”.

So, the ability to offer something is always very much important if you plan on getting them to approve your promotion.

That is why going through the paid way is more recommended if you have the budget to pay them.

Because influencers are ready to promote to their audience so far money is involved.

Who doesn’t want to make money just from promoting to the audience that has been following him or her for a long time?

Since growing an audience doesn’t bring the money directly. But promoting to these audiences does.

Giving out value to receive value in return is what will help you quickly get access to the audience of an influencer.

Let us take a look at what influencer marketing is all about and more details concerning how you can get in touch with an Influencer.


What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a process where an advertiser gets in touch with a high authority personality in a certain niche for promotion purposes.

The Influencer can be anybody irrespective of what they are or who they are.

For example, here on digitalproductsmonk, we offer guest posting to people who would like to promote their Internet marketing products.

Even though we do it for pay. We are already confident in ourselves because we have little power in the internet marketing world.

We also have an audience who are viewing and seeing our content and from there they get to be our business partners.

Influencer Marketing can be on any platform either social media or search engines or even private channels.

Private channels can be places like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and some others.

People are always getting in touch with influencers on these platforms to help them promote their affiliate products.

Why? Because audiences are everywhere and it doesn’t only have to be paid advertisements all the time.

Just with a good influencer who has good authority in a niche. And with you having a product that can solve a problem in that niche.

Then you are good to commence making money from that niche by promoting through the influencer in that niche.


How To Get Influencers

There are some techniques and strategies that you need to put into consideration to get an influencer.

You cannot just decide to use an influencer without even knowing where exactly you can get them.

So, in this aspect. We will be looking at where you can get an influencer who can help you run your Affiliate campaign to several audiences.

1. Udimi

The first platform that we are going to be taking a deep look at is Udimi.

Udimi is the home for Solo Ads vendors who have a lot of email audiences that they can send email campaigns to and will buy your offer.

Udimi is filled with a lot of Affiliate Marketing vendors who have audiences that are interested in internet marketing at large.

You will also find vendors in the crypto, weight loss, and finance niche.

Just in case you have an affiliate offer for those niches. You are going to find influencers who can promote for you in these niches.

Udimi is a platform that focuses majorly on email marketing. This means the vendors or influencers here are just email experts.

You also have to be careful with the influencers that you give out offers to.

Because the majority is always filled with bot clicks that might not be the real clicks you aim for.

The best way for you to get quality email leads and also achieve sales is by running an advert from a vendor with a lot of reviews and orders.

This way, you will be able to be less concerned about whether or not the traffic is quality.

Their prices differ per vendor on Udimi. As you will not get an even price. Some vendors can charge 0.45 cents while others can charge more and below.

But I prefer that the list vendor I go for should be around 0.40 cents.

Any vendor below this price can be filled with audiences that are not quality.

Also, do not just send traffic straight to your affiliate offer. It is always good to send to a squeeze page…

…where you will collect their email details before sending them to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

So, even if they don’t buy immediately. You will still be able to promote to them once again.

2. Shoutcart

Shoutcart is an influencer marketing platform where you will get several social media influencers.

This platform has been in existence for a little while and it is very good for scouting Instagram influencers majorly.

I have to be very careful with you. I have not used Shoutcart before for any affiliate promotion with Influencers.

The reason is that the Influencers there are mostly filled with gaming and fashion Influencers.

So, if you have an affiliate offer in the gaming and fashion niche. Then this platform is very cool.

But for someone like us that promote majorly Internet marketing softwares and make money online offers.

It is not very much suitable for us. So, that is why I haven’t considered using the platform for now.

But I have seen several people claim authenticity of the website and say they have used their Influencers.

Giving it a trial if you are in the niches that the influencers are gathering is very cool.

But make sure to consider going for a tier 1 traffic audience if you are to choose an influencer on the platform.

3. Instagram

Even though Shoutcart is the home for Instagram Influencers who are ready to monetize their Audience.

I still always prefer to go directly and scout Instagram to look for Influencers in my product niche.

If you go to Instagram. You will find several influencers who will be ready to promote your product for you.

And what I try to do most is use the Instagram story for my promotion.

Oh yes. The reason is that they have a direct link under the story where viewers can just swipe up to navigate.

Compared to just an ordinary in-feed promotion on Instagram where you can not add a clickable link.

Every link on the Instagram feed cannot be clicked except if the influencer has to redirect them to his or her bio.

And I do not like something like that because human beings are always lazy and will find that difficult to do.

So, instead of still redirecting. I just run my paid promotion in their Instagram story where they can just swipe up.

Also, when looking for an Influencer. Try to see the engagement rate on the platform.

Several people out there are using bot traffic and likes including comments to win people.

You should always go for a quality audience instead of an audience that does not even exist at all.

4. TikTok

TikTok is one of the platforms that I like to talk about because of the rate of growing audience on the platform.

With TikTok, you can easily reach out to influencers and run a marketing campaign for a cheap price.

The reason why running a marketing campaign can even be very cheap is because young influencers are there.

You will already see an 18-year-old having millions of followers on Tiktok.

Does this mean that all his/her audience will be majorly children or teenagers of his or her age?

No. They also have an audience who are adults and will be ready to buy whatever you have in plan.

TikTok is a great platform and they have a lot of audiences with great influencers on this platform.

You just have to know who you will roll with and don’t just conclude that everyone will have your audience.


How To Make Them Promote For You

Now that you have gotten access to an influencer or a few Influencers whom you would like to promote for you.

It is now time for you to approach them towards helping you run the Affiliate campaign that will earn you money.

Even though you should always know that you won’t be running promotions directly to your sales page but on your squeeze page.

Let me show you the methods I use to get them to promote for me.

I am going to be combining both the Free and Paid Methods for you.

1. Be A Fan

The first method you can use (which is Free or Cheap) is to be their fan for a little while.

Being their fan will help you get access to them and also make them notice and know you.

The way you can be a fan of this influencer is by always commenting and liking their posts always.

Liking is part of it. But commenting on their post is what will do the magic for you and always mentioning them.

Although, this one is for an influencer with a couple of thousands of followers and not those with millions of followers.

A couple of thousand means only a few people will be commenting on their posts and you will easily get recognized.

Compared to commenting on an influencer with millions of followers that you won’t even get your comment recognized.

Once you notice from their reply to your comment that they are now getting more familiar with you.

That is when you get into their DM – but don’t even think of asking them to promote for you.

You can offer to teach their audience something that you are a little bit good in.

It can be a live online call where you will be invited to speak.

After speaking… you give them a freebie which will require you to collect their email address before you give it out.

This is how this method of being a fan works and favors you. It’s just that it takes time.

It will take a couple of 6 months at least for you to get this result.

2. Solve A Problem For Them

This method is very fast and doesn’t need you to become a fan that much. I call it the FISHY APPROACH.

This method is making me earn a couple of hundreds of dollars every month just from working for a top internet marketer.

Just because I saw a slack in his marketing funnels and I offered my designing skills to him.

I got in touch with him and tell him what he is missing out in his marketing techniques and offer my design as a freebie.

From there, he gave me the chance and things started working well over since I have been working that aspect out.

Aside from having access to his audience which he offered me and I am using it to promote affiliate offers.

He is also paying me a hundred bucks dollars every month which I use to take care of some other needs.

So, you see. This technique also works. But you just have to look for a problem in their marketing approach.

You need to funnel and channel down in their marketing techniques and offer them a solution.

This is how you get access to them and from there… you ask for something in return which will be to also build your audience for affiliate marketing promotion.

This FISHY APPROACH works very well – you just have to do it the right way to work out.

3. Promote Their Product

If you already have a few audiences you can promote to. You can promote their product and make sales for them.

Even if it is one or two sales. It is something and you can prove to them that you are also coming up.

Although I will suggest something up to 5 sales because one or two sales can easily be purchased by you.

But trying to purchase the product 5 times will mean a lot of desperacy which might feel impossible to them.

So, they can still trust you with 5 sales. But even though it is small and it also depends on the type of product though.

If it is a high ticket sale{LINK} of $1000 and above. Then 1 sale is huge.

Compared to a low ticket sale of $27 product that is very low and you need a couple of sales to convince them.

So, if you can do this. You can also get access to their audience by creating an alliance with them.

Although you will still be needing a little bit of the FISHY APPROACH Method I explained in the second point though.

But it’s all good since you are still able to get access. You scratch their back and they scratch yours.

4. Pay Them

Well, finally… the last thing that I know you can do is just to pay them off and get access immediately.

Just like I have taught you how to get access to them either through email marketing or social media marketing.

Just enter their DM or Email straight up and ask for a promotion and pay them.

If you are just a newbie or beginner. I suggest you go for Influencers with less price.

Don’t just blow up your money even if you have that fund to spend. Try to limit the way you spend.

So that you will be able to understand how it works.

If you would like to run a guest post here on this blog concerning content relating to Internet Marketing.

You can click here to guest post on this blog.

Also, if you would like to learn about high ticket sales and how you can sell one affiliate product and earn up to $5000 just like me.

Check out this guide for that… and change your affiliate marketing story of earning stipend commissions.

(3 Tips) how much do affiliate marketers make per sale?

how much do affiliate marketers make per sale

Asking this question depends on the Affiliate program that an affiliate marketer is promoting on.

If you are asking this type of question. It means you are either a newbie in affiliate marketing…

…or you are already into affiliate marketing but you’re doubting because you haven’t earned anything at all.

But it’s all good and clear because I will be giving justice to this question in the little way I can in this guide.

First of all, you have to know that there is no specific amount of money that you can make per affiliate sale.

It all depends on the commission basis that the product vendor is willing to offer you as an affiliate.

Also, another factor that will determine the amount you will earn is the price of the product you are promoting.

If the price of a product is $200 with a commission of 50% per sale.

You will earn more than a product that is $100 with a 50% commission per sale basis.

So, price is also the major important factor when it comes to earning from Affiliate Marketing.

That is why several affiliates out there are now running away from promoting Amazon products.

Why? Because they get to see that even though products are many on this platform.

Their commission rate is very low compared to the amount of stress that you incur in pulling traffic into your website.

The prices are high but the commission is relatively low because they are physical products compared to promoting digital products.

What Is A Physical Product?

Physical products are kinda like E-commerce or Dropshipping products that need to be shipped to the customer before they can be consumed.

This means the customer has to see the product before they can consume such a product.

The only thing about physical products is that there is always a high likelihood of refund rate than digital products.

Also, the commission rates are majorly very low when it comes to earning your Affiliate Reward.

What Is A Digital Product?

A digital product on the other hand is a product that is being consumed online.

An example can be Bluehost Hosting where websites are being hosted and launched.

Or an example can be lead generation software like ConvertKit where email marketers can build their email list.

These are digital products that people use and consume online without having to be transited physically to them.

Digital Products have a high likelihood of having a huge commission rate because the refund rate is usually less.

Except if in a case where the product doesn’t perform what it promises. But if it does perform its promise.

Then there will be no cause for alarm at all and you can gladly earn your commission in peace.


3 Best Make Money Per Sale Methods For Affiliate Marketers

Let us take a look at some of the best make-money methods for affiliate marketers to consider their pay.

It takes serious dedication to make money from Affiliate Marketing – but it shouldn’t be that difficult also.

1. JV Launch

If you are an affiliate who has a lot of other Affiliates who are also into promoting the same kinds of products as yours.

Then you can involve in a joint venture kinda promotion where you promote each other’s products.

It is called joint ventures and it happens on a platform like Clickbank where there are product vendors.

Vendors who have a product that they are selling and they also serve as an affiliate to other vendors.

Why? Because they want to have a partnership with other top affiliates who are capable of promotion.

It takes you to also be someone capable of sending customers to another vendor’s sales page before this can work well for you.

Also, If you are an affiliate who is very much reputable. You will have access to some extra benefits.

Like an added advantage of giving you an upgraded commission just because you are reputable.

This commission upgrade will give you more earning potential compared to the general one that others are using.

You can even private message the product vendor to offer you more commission if you have a lot of sales records already.

So, a joint venture (JV) is an awesome way to get access and earn more when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

2. Product Recommendation

Recommending products as an Influencer is also another way to make money per sale with Affiliate marketing.

It is very important to know that the majority of the products out there also pay per sale and less in bundle.

But when you recommend a product to your existing audience who already know and trust you very much.

You tend to be able to earn more with this because they are not new to you and they know you.

Having someone capable of giving you a product that will always compliment your niche.

It is always wrong for you to be talking about blogging and you now decide to be recommending a product around E-commerce.

Always try to promote a product that works around what you are always discussing with your audience all the time.

3. SEO

SEO is what I do and it is what I find passion in doing almost every time of my life.

Affiliate Marketing with SEO is one of the best passive income that you can always live with.

Just imagine you making an affiliate commission per every sale that comes through from your website.

A lot of affiliate marketers out there including those who promote Amazon products who are the major dominants.

They know what it takes and they enjoy every bit of earning from SEO because they don’t even have to stress much with selling.

Oh yes, an SEO marketer does not need to stress much about selling because they only need to provide value.

Or do a review content for a product and the moment they do the review content, they just include their affiliate link.

Including this affiliate link is all that they need to change their story for the best.

So, I always advise people to consider using SEO for their affiliate marketing journey.

You can always get started with BLUEHOST  to launch your first website.

If you plan to rank on Google for several traffic. Then you should consider using a professional website.


How Much Do They Make Per Sale

The amount that affiliate marketers make per affiliate sale depends on the price and commission basis of the product they are promoting.

Just like I have explained earlier. Some product costs more than other.

Also, the commission rate of some products costs more than the commission rate of another product.

The major factor that will determine how much you will earn is mostly phantom around your affiliate program.

Which will determine the percentage for the product you are promoting.

And also the vendor that will determine the price of the affiliate product that you want to promote to your audience.

I believe this short guide has answered your question and I hope it has given you justice.

If you want to learn more about earning well from affiliate marketing. Just by promoting a product and making $1000 just from a single sale.

Check out this page and I will see you on the other side. I am waiting for you.


How To Earn Money With Clickbank Without Any Investment

How To Earn Money With Clickbank Without Any Investment

Learn how to earn money with Clickbank without any investment

Thinking about how you can earn money with Clickbank without any initial deposit or any budget.

Either huge or small. It is always good for you to have a budget to kickstart any type of business.

But it’s normal. You’re having financial instability and you are trying to cure brokenness with affiliate marketing.

Then you have decided that Clickbank is what you will be using to cure this ailment of not having money.

But you still did not have any initial investment to even use to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey.

So, now you’re thinking it will be good if you can get a guide that can show you the exact secret to starting affiliate marketing on ClickBank with Zero Amount.

Well, the good news is that – you can kickstart Clickbank Affiliate Journey with zero funds.

That means, even if you do not have any amount. You will still be able to earn a commission from Clickbank.

But the Bad News is that – it takes time for Free Methods of Affiliate Marketing to work out.

Except if you want to do the blackhat method that you can read more about it here.

Which I do not recommend though because it’s not profitable on the long-term goal.

But if you want a long-term profitable margin of commission that will keep bringing money for you even with Free Method.

Then chillax and go along with me as I teach you the methods that you can use Freely to earn money from Clickbank.


Ways To Earn MONEY From Clickbank With Zero Budget

Below are the methods and strategies that you can use to make money on ClickBank without any investment.

This way will give you a great result if you can apply promptly and commence to take immediate action.

I will also advise that you start with just 1 among the methods before moving to other strategies.

Because if you are to combine multiple at a time. You will not be able to move progressively.

Now, let’s touch them one after the other.

1. Blogging Without A Website

Blogging itself requires money because you need to launch a website by purchasing a domain and hosting.

But earning has been made easy for content writers who find passion in writing for a solution to other people’s problems.

So, you do not necessarily need to launch a blog with your money before you can now get people to read your content.

Just with a third-party platform like and You can start publishing content that people will be ready the read.

It’s just that if you are to be doing blogging for affiliate marketing without waiting for a long time result.

I will suggest that you combine the ability of both and is an article publishing website that allows you to publish stories on their website which can rank on search engines.

But presently, they do not accept affiliate links on their platform anymore because they realize that a lot of spammy Affiliates are now bombarding their website.

So, the best way for you to do Affiliate Marketing on medium is by linking to your blogger link.

You can input your affiliate link on your blogger and now use it as a redirection link on medium.

Both platforms are free. You might have seen some kinda websites on the net.

They are created with Blogger and you do not need to spend any money to launch your blog because it is owned by Google.

Also, medium is free and you can publish content that even their members will read and you can still rank on Google’s top page also.

2. YouTube Channel

Another way to make money from Affiliate marketing is to start a YouTube channel of your own.

It’s just that this method will take a couple of months as a newbie before you can understand how it works great.

Very soon, I will prepare a course for my readers on how to grow a YouTube channel from the scratch and start getting results quickly.

But for now, you can still use a couple of some YouTube tutorials to get started on your YouTube career.

With youtube, you can post review videos of Clickbank products and promote them with your affiliate link.

You can just make a review about the product that you are promoting and use it to rank on the top page.

Because your channel is new… you will not quickly get tractions. But that is normal and don’t quit because of that.

Just give it a couple of months and keep posting and you will see your content also getting ranked at the top search.

YouTube is a very great channel to promote Clickbank products and there are a lot of affiliate marketers earning from YouTube.

You just have to do your keyword research and promote products that are of great quality.

Also, keyword research on Products that are not too competitive for your YouTube to rank for.

3. WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is also very effective if you can be doing it right. Although WhatsApp will just be a second option for email marketing.

Because with email marketing, you will later have to be paying more money if your subscribers exceed one thousand subscribers.

You will be charged by your email autoresponder or you can even be charged high if you send too many emails.

But with WhatsApp Marketing. You can easily build a community with the WhatsApp group feature.

Where you can be getting in touch with them and have them know and see your promotions.

Or you can even make use of the WhatsApp broadcast feature where you will just keep sending out broadcast messages to your list.

You have access to add 256 members to your WhatsApp broadcast which will be sent to their inbox.

Another reason for the effectiveness of WhatsApp is that there is even no spam or promotion tab.

Compared to email marketing that your email might go to the spam or promotion tab where the chances of being seen by your audience are slim.

But WhatsApp is always straight to the inbox of your audience and they will always be ready to read.

Even the WhatsApp status feature is also another important element that will help you crush it big.

You can just be updating your status from time to time and serve your audience hot with good content.

Alongside the content – you keep promoting your offer which you will be using to crush it big with Clickbank products.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing with the use of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter is also an important factor.

Even facebook alone is okay to help you build a great audience by Launching a community.

With the Facebook group feature. You have access to bring millions of members to your community for free.

In case you do not know. You don’t have to pay a single dime for this feature on Facebook because it is completely free.

Just keep providing value on social media and you will keep bringing them to your group for more exposure.

Also, if you do not want to use a Facebook group. You can make use of your Facebook profile to work things out.

Using Facebook Profile is also a great way even though you are limited to only 5000 friends on Facebook.

You can still have the follow button displayed on your profile after you have exceeded your maximum friend potential.

Another thing about a profile is that you tend to reach more audiences on Facebook with ordinary Facebook profile marketing.

Compared to when you are using the Facebook group or Facebook business pages.

I always like to go with a profile and be building your audience with the Facebook profile method.

You can also make use of other means of promotion like Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media platforms.

But I suggest you use Facebook first and you can later start diversifying to order platforms later.

5. Forums

Forums like Quora and Reddit are also platforms where you can make money just from selling Clickbank products.

The way you will use these Platforms is by answering questions on them and linking to an existing article that buttresses your point.

Let me explain how this works for you in a few words.

You will already have an article concerning a certain problem written on a place like medium or you can use blogger.

Use blogger so as not to be restricted from including affiliate links in the post that you are about to create.

So, after that – you will now head over to Quora and answer questions on the platform linking back to your blogger article.

It is now inside this article that you will link to the Clickbank products which you are promoting.

One thing you just have to make clear is the ability for you to answer and link to articles solving the question.

Don’t be dropping links to a health product in make money online question thread.

It is wrong. It must always buttress and reflect more on the question that you are trying to answer.

If I am to even advise. I will suggest that you create not just one article on blogger but several articles.

Which you can use to pull traffic from Quora or Reddit into your Blogspot and get them to click on your affiliate link.

In case you’re wondering. Affiliate Links are not allowed on Quora because you will be banned the moment you try to include Affiliate links in your answer.

6. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is also very effective if you are very good at doing physical networking.

Several network marketers are very professional in this aspect because they get to meet people to join their MLM brand.

The thing about this is that it works majorly for health Products that people are suffering from.

So, you can just get a health product from Clickbank and start promoting it with word of mouth.

One thing going just have to know is that several affiliate marketers do not have the boldness of doing physical pitching.

They majorly rely on online and digital means of doing their affiliate promotion all the time.

So, when you have the boldness of going through the extra mile and pitch people physically.

You stand more chances of making sales and this can be in your office.

You can pitch your office workers or even neighbors about a health product that is working well.

7. Email Marketing With Free Leads

Have you considered or even done email marketing using free leads before?

Although, this is kinda in the aspect of a blackhat method which I don’t value or suggest.

Because they will be an audience that you do not know about at all and who didn’t sign up for whatever you’re promoting to them.

So, you just have to gather enough contact and have the hope and mindset that these people buy whatever you are promoting.

Because the major thing is that they won’t majorly buy since they don’t know you.

Or even if they want to know… if you’re promoting a health product to someone who doesn’t have an interest in it.

Or promoting software to someone who doesn’t even know much about the internet.

Then expecting them to buy is not that an option because they will likely ignore your email.

But the best way for you to do this is to get an email from the niche you’re trying to promote to.

You can use Google and Instagram to scrape emails of people that will be interested in your Clickbank product.

You can use this method to scrape their emails from Google.

E.g: Real Estate Leads.

 “real estate” “” 

So, you will now copy all the text on google page and paste it in the

Then you to extract out the emails after you copy everything.

Now, this brings us to the end of this guide and I hope you have been able to learn how you can make money from Clickbank with zero money.

Even if you are having financial instability. It doesn’t stop you from making that affiliate sale.

Also, you just have to give it time for things to work out perfectly. Or else, you will quit along the way.

Let me know if you have any questions concerning Affiliate Marketing and don’t forget to check out…

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…with the same amount of energy that you’re using to promote low ticket products of $100 or below.

You can go higher and earn more with the same method you are using to promote low-price offers.

If you want to earn more. Then go with more high-priced products. You just need one or two pieces of information to get it right.

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How many followers do you need to become an affiliate

How many followers do you need to become an affiliate

Let Us Discuss About How Many Followers Do You Need To Become An Affiliate?

Several questions have been flowing on the internet from Affiliates who are asking how many followers they need before they can be called an affiliate.

There is no certain number of followers that you need to become an affiliate but you need followers for you to be able to sell your affiliate products.

Without followers or audience or traffic that you are pushing your affiliate products to.

There will be no one to sell to and if there is no one to sell to. There will be approximately no one to buy from you.

But you do not need to have a specific number of followers or audience before you can promote.

Another thing you need to know and put into consideration is that – it is not every affiliate program that accepts newbies.

Some Affiliate programs will not accept you if you do not have a website that has traffics (people) coming into it.

They will request to see your website analytics for them to guarantee and assure that you won’t send junk traffic to their website.


Do You Need Followers To Sell Affiliate Products

No, you do not need followers to sell affiliate products but you need followers to sell a lot of affiliate products, which I will expansiate more on below.

But for now, I will try to discuss why you do not necessarily need followers to sell affiliate products.

The reason is that there are several ways that you can sell without even having a single follower.

The only disadvantage about this is that you will always have to spend money every time to make those sales.

And if you don’t spend money. You will have to keep repeating what you should have easily achieved in doubt.

Ways through which you can promote affiliate products without any followers can be through Solo Ads, Influencer ShoutOuts, forums, social media adverts, or Search Engine Marketing.

These methods are very effective and you can just easily run any campaign to make sales.

Although the cheap and free one among the ones listed above will be the forum method of promotion.

With a forum, you will get a lot of people asking questions and you can provide an answer on the forum.

Inside answer – you can interlink your link which you will use to sell your affiliate products.

You just always need to have a bridge page because you will not always be allowed to post Affiliate Links.


Do You Need Followers To Sell A Lot Of Affiliate Products?

Yes, you need followers for you to sell a lot of affiliate products if you want to grow a passive income business.

When it comes to passive and recurring income which you can keep earning without having to labor hard all the time.

Or without having to doubt if what you are about to get into is going to bring sales for you.

Then you need to grow followership because that is the only thing that will save you from spending money all the time on adverts.

Some people do not want to grow followers because they don’t like the social media lifestyle.

If you don’t want the social media lifestyle and you don’t even want to get seen too much on social media.

There are several other methods you can use to grow followership and you won’t be seen.

You can use email marketing – which is very effective and you just keep building your email list.

This way, you even get direct access to their inbox and you have higher chances of deliverability.

Compared to social media that will limit the reach of people that your content is supposed to get to.


How Many Followers Do You Need?

Now, I know your question might be about the number of people that you need to have in your reach for you to make a lot of affiliate sales.

I want you to know that you need as many as possible followers for you to start crushing all the Affiliate offers your hands get on.

Another thing you have to know is that you also do not want to grow followers filled with junk.

When I meant junks – I mean bought followers or followers who didn’t sign up to follow your lead.

Or followers that you just keep getting with Giveaways of money or reposting kinda stuff.

Those are not the kind of followers that you want. You want followers that will be available to buy from you.

Followers that will always respond and an audience who got to even know you from friends.

Maybe when your content was reposted and they saw your content and they feel the passion of it.

These are the type of followers that you want to build as many more as them for your affiliate marketing journey.


How To Build Followership For Affiliate Marketing

Here are the 3 effective ways to grow followers for your affiliate marketing business with rapid results.

1. Showing Up Regularly

It is always important for you to post daily and make your followers feel that you are alive with them.

On social media, if you are with the mindset of just showing up whenever you like just because of any reason.

Then your growth will hinder and you will not be able to build the followers that you have been dreaming of.

Showing up regularly and every day is what will make these people trust you because they keep seeing you.

They keep feeling you every day and that makes them know that you are an authority in your niche.

When you show up regularly… you are already many steps than those you started together.

Ways through which you can show up regularly is by even automating your process with social media management tools.

Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are awesome tools that you can use to schedule your posts for social media.

This means you do not have to be available all the time to create content and keep waiting for the best time to hit publish.

Just with an automated tool. You can schedule down all your posts for a week at once.

Then it keeps uploading for you and you just have to reply to comments and create more engagement.

They will also be sharing your content once they see that you are an active leader and not a run-away leader.

2. Giving Value

Try to give value always because this is how they will trust and like you the more.

Giving value more than the way you are pitching them is what will make these people believe in you.

People want to be with someone who knows what he is doing and someone that they can trust.

Not just someone who is waiting for the best time to pitch them of another product in the market.

Ways through which you can provide value always are by following thought leaders in your niche.

Whatever niche that you want to choose to grow expertise and followership in…

…get a leader and an expert who knows what he or she is doing and has gotten a lot of results.

Follow them and read and watch their content to enlighten your brand the more.

The more you follow them, the more you see their content that brings engagement best, and the more you can emulate such content for your followers.

3. Collaboration

You can collaborate with other Influencers in your niche to get access to their audience.

You have to know that there is a limit to the type of Influencers that will give you a chance with their audience.

It’s best to always start with influencers or experts who have the same followership as yours.

Or experts who are still earning the same amount within the reach of your earnings.

From there, you will keep moving gradually and you know the exact type of influencers to go for.

This is also how top Influencers will locate you and know that you are good in your niche.

What you will be doing in this collaboration is to teach their audience more about what you are specialized in.

You will teach them and at the end. You will see them following you and your followership will continue to grow.

This is how collaborations will help you to grow your audience and sell more affiliate products to your followers.

If this guide has been helpful, then go ahead and apply what you have learned.

Also, don’t forget that it is the same amount of energy you are using to promote Low Price Products that you will use to promote High Priced Products.

Low Price: $97
High Price: $2997

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