Art Affiliate Program

10 Art Affiliate Programs for Artists and Art Lovers

10 Art Affiliate Programs for Artists and Art Lovers

Are you an artist thinking about where you can display your artworks to get affiliates that will help you promote your products and earn?

Or you are an art lover who finds passion in anything artistic and you want to promote Arts to earn money?

Then, you can join the recommended Art Affiliate Programs which we will be discussing in this guide.

It’s a shocker to so many people that those who are creative can design catchy things can also earn online.

Many people have been wondering how they can convert their artistic talents into money.

If you are someone very good in art or you have a love for arts and you have an audience where you can promote art stuff to.

Then, why are you slacking and not start taking action in making money with art affiliate programs?

Even if you can’t do much of art but love it and write or create content about arts.

Then, you can go to where those who are talented are posting their works and help them sell their stuff and earn commissions.

That is what we will be discussing in this guide because it is going to give you the websites and platforms that you can go to in search of artistic products and sell them.

People don’t put their mind to this – I have seen a lot of artistic websites and YouTube channels that only provide value without earning with their hobby.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, don’t look too much because we will be discussing art affiliate programs and their Commission rate which you can look into before you join them.

What is Art Affiliate Program

What is Art Affiliate Program?

The Art Affiliate Program is a process whereby one gets paid anytime someone sells an art product on a platform that sells artistic materials through their designated Affiliate Links.

That means that once you join an art affiliate program – you can rest assured that you will earn money from your hobby.

In as much as you can bring affiliate sales to the platform.

These platforms we will be discussing below also have a page where you can register as a contributor.

If you also have an art product or materials that you want to sell and have affiliated to help you promote your talent or products.

Very quickly – let us move into the Art Affiliate Programs which you can join to earn money from Art.

Affiliate Programs For Art.

Affiliate Programs For Art

  1. Society6 Affiliate Program: 
  2. Minted Affiliate Program 
  3. Prints of Love Art Affiliate Program 
  4. Amazon Associates 
  5. Artfinder Affiliate Program 
  6. Arteza Art Affiliate Program 
  7. Artistic Painting Studio Affiliate Program 
  8. Crayola Art Affiliate Program 
  9. Etsy Affiliate Program 
  10. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

1. Society6 Affiliate Program:

Society6 Art Affiliate Program

Society6 is the first affiliate program we will be reviewing which sells art materials and have an affiliate platform.

Society6 is very good because it has a 30 days Cookie period which helps you make sales after someone clicks on your affiliate link.

What this means is that – if someone clicks on your affiliate link and didn’t purchase immediately but after 29 days – you will earn money from the purchase.

I like affiliate programs like this a lot because it means that someone’s effort is not a total waste if a purchase is not made immediately.

The commission rate for society6 is 10% on every purchase made through your affiliate link.

So, if someone doesn’t buy immediately but buys more later – you will still earn 10% from their purchase.

Unlike other affiliate programs – society6 doesn’t have any minimal cash-out requirement or threshold before one can withdraw to their Bank account.

Even if it’s $10 you have in your dashboard – you can always withdraw them as you wish without any problem.

Also, joining this affiliate program is free of charge and you are paying nothing to join it.

Society6 also helps you track all your Affiliate earnings which will be shown to you on your dashboard to monitor your progress and see which product you have sold.

The approval process for this affiliate program is within 24 hours and you will be needed to add your PayPal account upon registering.

So, you will need a PayPal account even if you are from a country that doesn’t accept it because that is what Society6 uses to pay its affiliates.

You don’t have to request any link on this platform – once you have your affiliate account approved.

You will see your affiliate link under every product that you see. You will just copy it and paste it to friends.

Join the society6 affiliate program and start earning money from your love for art.


2. Minted Affiliate Program:

Minted Art Affiliate Program

Minted Affiliate Program is another program that I value a lot and recommend to anybody thinking of doing affiliate marketing in the art niche.

Unlike society6 that offers a 10% commission on every purchase that is made through your unique affiliate link.

The minted Affiliate program gives you a 20% commission on every purchase made through your unique affiliate link.

Their Affiliate program is partnered with ShareASale which is the one handling their affiliate approval and monitoring.

Minted Affiliate Program offers a 120 Days Cookie period of Grace for anybody that clicks on your affiliate link and didn’t purchase immediately.

So, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and later purchase after 119 days which is 3 months and 29 Days(depending on days of the month you are in).

You will still earn money from that particular sale which you didn’t make instantly.

It is just fantastic because some sales will even come to you without even knowing that you have done the effort in the past.

Also, as a sign of support – you will get some newsletters from Minted which will follow up with you in making your first affiliate sales.

In case you are new to the system and don’t know much about Affiliate marketing.

Or you are someone who is thinking of using Facebook for your art affiliate marketing strategy.

You will get some guides from Minted that will help you achieve your goals very quickly in affiliate commissions.

If you are a designer in any niche that involves art designs – you can easily join their trading program and start enjoying members’ benefits.

You will have a lot of affiliates that will help you and support your art launching and make sales for you.

These are even from people who already have an art audience and people who follow anything they recommend.

Join the Minted Affiliate Program and Start Earning from Art Affiliate Marketing Program.


3. Prints of Love Art Affiliate Program:

Prints Of Love Art Affiliate Program

Prints of Love is another art affiliate program that will pay you for referrals made for Commission reasons.

One of the main purposes of Prints of Love is to pay you for any customer that pays for printing for any design they love on Prints of Love.

When a customer comes into the platform through your affiliate link and pays for the printing service – you will earn your commission.

It’s more like someone loving an art design on the platform and need the printed copy which prints of love will design for them.

Immediately the purchase is done and the client pays for trying printing – that is how you keep earning and earning from this platform

The approval process for Prints of Love is very easy and you will get approved within 24 hours if your request is correct.

Prints Of Love will give you your unique affiliate link which you will share with people for them to enter the Prints of Love website.

The website serves as a channel for photographers and designers to display their expertise and get people to print the designs.

So, once their designs are being printed – the designers will be earning.

I mean, this is fantastic because it means that all a designer needs to do is to create a digital design and post on Prints of Love.

How many people keep downloading their works is the number of times that they keep earning.

It’s just that Prints of Love will collect the share for their printing but it’s still a profit for the art owner.

Also, for the affiliate who made the referral – it is also a profit for everyone as everyone is happy.

The commission rate that prints of Love pay their affiliates depends on the type of printing that the client wants to do.

So, it varies as some are 5%, 10%, and others but you rest assured that you will make your money.

Also, there is no threshold or cash limit before you can withdraw your money to your bank account on this platform.

You can always withdraw any amount in your dashboard into your bank account and be happy.

You can join the “Share the love partners program” own by Prints of Love and start earning money from the Art Affiliate Program.


4. Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates

Another platform that has its affiliate program for art and artistic stuff is Amazon.

Although, it is not specially designed for artists, unlike other platforms that we are stating in this guide.

Amazon has some art products that you can also sell on your website or your YouTube channel or social media pages.

You can always go there to get some art supplies that artists can make use of in creating nice graphics.

Some artists also need some art tools to create a nice graphic and they do go online to search for recommendations.

So if you have a nice website with content relating to art – you can give them reviews about several tools that they can use.

Also, if you have a YouTube channel – you can create a review video where people can watch and see some tools.

You will get some affiliate sales from this process and Amazon will also pay you.

The approval process for Amazon Associates is a little bit technical as you will need a website to get approval.

Also, Amazon doesn’t allow posting their affiliate link anyhow on Facebook. You must be able to know how to use Facebook ads to promote amazon affiliates.


5. Artfinder Affiliate Program:

Artfinder Affiliate Program

Artfinder is an art affiliate program that has been in existence for a little while. It has support thousands of artists in taking their craft to the world.

Artfinder is home to many artists out there and art lovers who find arts very lively and enticing.

The Artfinder affiliate program pays their affiliates a percentage of commission which they didn’t disclose on their website because it varies from product to product.

So, once an affiliate sends a referral through their affiliate link to Artfinder and such referral buys through that affiliate link.

Such a person will earn a commission and what I like about Artfinder is that they have a 30 days Cookie period.

This means you can still earn from every approved artistic sale on their website.

Also, the approval process for Artfinder is super easy and not stressful. Every approval takes within 24hours for you to get approved.

Also, kindly know that any product refund or cancellation on this website will not be credited to you.

This means that if your referral bought but later refund or cancel his or her order. You won’t earn.

It’s more like a physical product that people order online – so, don’t be surprised about this.

Artfinder supports its affiliates with resources and materials needed for you to promote art materials successfully.

You will get the needed requirement in your email and dashboard immediately after you are approved.

Artfinder affiliate program has been in existence since 2013 and still functioning up till now.

So, they know and have all the necessary sales copy to convert your leads which you send through your affiliate link.

You can join the Artfinder Affiliate program today and start earning instant Commission from Art.


6. Arteza Art Affiliate Program:

Arteza Affiliate Program

Arteza is a platform that involves the selling of art supplies to creative minds and artists.

If there is any artist in need of art materials that can make their work stand out from other artists.

Arteza is the exact place to go get all art supplies for the best outcome of any artwork.

But the problem is that not every artist knows about Arteza as the place where they can go to get art materials.

Most of them go to start skiing with friends and families for recommendation and some even stick to using home materials.

Whereas some materials will bring out the best from every creative and artistic stuff done.

That is why you are needed because you can always bring art lovers and creative people into this platform.

They can come there to purchase art materials and you will earn a 15% commission from any product bought through your affiliate link.

Arteza is legit and will always pay you for every affiliate recommendation that you make to their website.

You will also have your private dashboard where you will see all your affiliate stats and sales made through your affiliate link.

You can decide to customize your affiliate link to make it stand out from any place that you drop it.

The majority of the affiliate links out there are too obvious to know and difficult to click for prospects.

But Arteza knows that if you can customize yours to a friendly look – it will make it easy for them to click without a doubt.

Joining Arteza is free and won’t cost you any penny because it’s made for every art lover on the internet.


7. Artistic Painting Studio Affiliate Program:

Artistic Painting Studios Affiliate Program

Artistic Painting Studio is an art affiliate program that helps you earn money online by selling its art products.

Artistic Painting Studio is professional in its affiliate system and makes use of Affilatly to track its affiliate earnings.

Your affiliate approval, earnings, and records are tracked with Affiliaty which will show you all your stats and progress.

Artistic Painting Studio gives a commission rate of 10% on every sale made through your affiliate link.

Although Artistic Painting Studio prefers someone who makes use of the website to promote their affiliate links.

They will reward you once you input your APS affiliate link on your website and get customers to enter through your Affiliate Link.

So, anytime these referrals make any purchase through your Affiliate Link. You will earn from that product.

Affiliate Painting Studio has a 30 days Cookie period which you enjoy once any referral pass through your affiliate link.

If you are eligible and your approval is made – you will be sent your affiliate dashboard login details immediately.

Artistic Painting Studio will also provide you with banners, texts, and many promotional resources that you will place on your website to make sales for you easily.

Artistic Painting Studio is filled with art products that will entice you referrals into making their purchase.

It will convince them to make payment and they have all the necessary tools that will make them buy.

Artistic Painting Studio has strict terms and conditions for any affiliate that will promote its products.

If your website is promoting sexual or illegal content on your website. This affiliate program will not accept your approval process.

They will deny your approval – so, make sure you check their terms and conditions if your website does illegal stuff.

But if your website is just a plain website that talks about art stuff all the time. You can join the Artistic Painting Studio Affiliate Program right away.


8. Crayola Art Affiliate Program:

Crayola Art Affiliate Program

Crayola Affiliate Program is the affiliate program for Crayola products where you can promote their products for a commission benefit.

Crayola is a platform that sells online and offline creative tools like Crayon, Creative markers, and many others.

Although, these tools might not make you a lot of money compared to other affiliate programs.

Reason being that they sell physical art products unlike selling creativity like the finished works.

You can earn from 3-5% Commission on every affiliate sale made from your affiliate link on Crayola.

For being an affiliate on Crayola – you will get a dedicated affiliate manager that will guide you in your part to success.

This is worth a lot of money if you are to register on other platforms because they will have to be paying your affiliate manager.

But you were getting it for free on Crayola and also – Crayola gives a lot of incentive to their affiliates.

This is a way to motivate them the more into working hard to become the best and promote more Crayola products.

Crayola is a trusted Affiliate program for art lovers and will always pay you your commission in full.

You have a 14 days Cookie period for your affiliate referrals before it elapses.

All you have to do is to recommend customers for Crayola – they will finish the remaining work and do the hard aspects for you.

The Crayola affiliates are earning well – although, the affiliate earning might not be much.

But if you can promote it very well to people who are in love with arts and are artists.

They will always find it cool to pass through your affiliate link.

You can join the Crayola affiliate program today and start earning from selling Artistic products to artists.


9. Etsy Affiliate Program:

Etsy Art Affiliate Program

Etsy is an online marketplace where people trade for handcrafted pieces and vintage items.

The arts on this platform are treasures that many people can buy and use to decorate their homes.

There are a lot of artistic works on this platform that are being created by many artists all over the world.

Once these artists create a perfect artistic work – they will go straight to post on Etsy and get sales.

But Etsy has decided to also support their artists and affiliate with an affiliate program that makes sales easier.

This affiliate program will make it easy for you and me to make money from recommending people to their products and make sales for them.

Etsy has a dedicated team that offers services in several aspects of art life and they render support in any language.

Because they are a global company – they offer support in several languages like English, French, Spanish.

The Etsy commission is based on the product that you sell and differs from product to product.

You can earn a 20% commission on a product and another commission on another product.

Also, the Etsy affiliate commission offers a 30 days Cookie period before their cookie expires.

So, if you refer a client and the person clicks on your affiliate link without purchasing immediately.

You can still earn from that person within the next 29 days.

Also, if there are any cancellations of order or refund – Etsy will not give you a commission for that.

They will only pay you for a successful order made through your affiliate link.

So, you can join the Etsy Affiliate Program if you are a lover of art and start earning money easily from art.


10. Aliexpress Affiliate Program:

The AliExpress Affiliate Program is another fantastic program you can join where you can sell art materials.

Although it is not dedicated specifically to art affiliates you will get some art products on this website.

AliExpress is just an all-around online store that sells varieties of products and many merchants from all over the world go there to buy products.

But AliExpress also has its affiliate program which you can promote and earn money from.

You don’t need to have an art product anymore – just do your research and go to this website.

You will get a lot of art products that you can promote and earn money from

Affiliate Programs For Art


Has you have seen – we have been able to conclude on some affiliate programs that you can join to earn affiliate commissions from art.

If you are an art lover – you can join these affiliate programs and earn a lot of commission from them.

These are tested and trusted platforms that people are using and are fully ready to work more in helping their affiliates.

So, try and join one of them to commence your affiliate marketing journey in art.

If you are an affiliate to any of the listed art affiliate programs above. Kindly hit the comment box to share your thoughts.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with friends and family on social media by clicking on any of the buttons below. Protection Status