Closer Cartel review by Luke Alexander

Closer Cartel review by Luke Alexander (My Honest Thought)

Closer Cartel Reviews

Today’s guide will discuss the Closer Cartel review by Luke Alexander.

The program promises to teach you how to make money as a high ticket closer and work with companies and brands.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will know if this is a reliable program for you.

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What is Closer Cartel all about?

Closer Cartel is a high ticket program that teaches you how to become a profitable high ticket closer.

This means you will help brands selling products of five thousand dollars and above to make sales.

Closer Cartel Luke Alexander

It’s like when you book a call with some coaches and get pitched to spend all your money on a course.

That’s what you’ll learn here. You will learn how to pitch people to invest heavily in other people’s programs.

This is more like hard selling and making people buy a product, even if it doesn’t benefit them later on.

Closer Cartel Price (Cost)

The cost to join Closer Cartel is not revealed on the sales page.

However, to get the price, you have to book a call with Luke Alexander’s team of high ticket closers, who will also pitch you to invest heavily in the program.

But here, you are the customer, and they will be pitching and asking you questions just for you to participate.

After a member of my team booked a call with them, we got a cost of five thousand dollars to join.

Wow! Such a huge price to learn how to close sales. Joining this program depends solely on you.

Let’s look at who Luke Alexander is before discussing the good side and drawbacks of this type of business.

Closer Cartel Review Luke Alexander

Luke Alexander Review (Who is this guy?)

Luke is the founder and owner of Closer Cartel and Sales Accelerator, both programs teaching newbies and experts how to close more sales.

He is a young man in his early age and has claimed to make thousands to millions of dollars on the net.

He has several followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and has been using social media to generate a lot of revenue.

Although he still cannot be compared to my mentor Jonathan Montoya, who has been providing value his entire life and has over thirty thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and several thousands on other social media platforms.

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Good Side about Closer Cartel

Let’s take a look at some of the good sides of this type of business and what might make you want to consider joining.

1. Less Capital Required

The capital required to start this business is small and not too exorbitant like Amazon FBA and other similar businesses.

All you need to do is get in touch with brands or other coaching and consulting influencers and help them close sales.

Your main method of creating awareness will be through cold emailing or cold pitching them to employ you.

Therefore, you won’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get started with your business.

2. No Product Creation

This type of business doesn’t require you to own any product or worry about product delivery.

You are merely serving as a sales consultant for other brands and coaches.

All you are doing is helping them promote their products or services, and you get paid.

Since you will be dealing with high-ticket clients, your earnings will also be high.

However, even though there are good sides to this type of business, it’s important to note the major drawback.

Drawbacks of Closer Cartel

This business has some drawbacks that may pose a challenge for you if you choose to join.

Luke Alexander may not reveal all of them, but I am sure you are looking for them to know if you are on the right path.

So let’s get straight to the drawbacks.

1. Unreliable Promises

Luke promises to teach a lot of things, including connecting you with clients who are ready to pay you.

However, I wonder if he has clients paying him a huge amount for closing sales for them, would he be generous enough to share them with his students?

Just imagine yourself in such a situation.

The clients he mentioned are paying him to close sales, so why would he want to share his secret source with you?

This led me to conclude that he is making the majority of his money mostly from selling this course and not entirely from being a high-ticket closer.

This is something you should consider carefully before deciding to join this program.

2. Not for Unconfident People

Among all the drawbacks, the difficulty of this type of business for people who lack confidence is the worst.

Almost everybody lacks the confidence to convince a stranger or even talk to someone they don’t know.

So imagine speaking with a prospect on the phone and trying to make them buy with whatever script he has given you.

If you are the type of person who lacks confidence, this type of business is not for you.

You will struggle hard, and you might end up quitting due to frustration.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where you don’t have to be the one closing sales, just mere referral, and the product owner does all the work.

3. Cost to Join is Too High

The cost to join this program is too high. When my team booked a call with them, we were charged as much as five thousand dollars.

I wouldn’t suggest this for you because what is the chance that you will even get a client who will consider you?

What is even the assurance that you will be able to close sales after watching the tutorial?

Since sales closing is a gradual process, you have to go through the hard aspect of making many sales by yourself before you can consider closing sales for other people.

That is why my verdict doesn’t justify going straight into this type of business.

I can recommend it for someone who has been closing sales before but just wants to learn more.

If you haven’t been closing sales before but want to join just to make money online.

Then consider my recommended money-making opportunity by joining here.

4. Ability to Handle Threat.

Some prospects can be so savage that they use foul language a lot, which might upset you.

Many are even quick to label you a scam, which is not appealing.

If you are someone who cannot handle threats or insults.

It can cause a lot of stress and potentially lead you to quit and consider a 9-to-5 job that you were trying to avoid.

5. Difficulty of Customer Generation.

As previously mentioned, it’s unlikely that Luke will give you his customers.

So if you don’t have a means of contacting high-ticket course owners or companies, you should not consider this business or purchasing the program.

Finding clients who will hire you to close sales for them can be difficult if you lack experience.

Additionally, there is a good chance that these clients already have their own sales closers who are professionals, so hiring you may not be the best choice for them.

Final Thoughts

Although being a high-ticket closer can be profitable if you have clients and are confident in closing sales, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

The price to join is also quite high, and your chances of making back your investment are slim, despite the testimonials you see on their sales page.

Instead, I recommend the Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya, who is my mentor.

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Anyone can succeed in this business with the right training and support without incurring any high cost.

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