Digital Freedom System Review – Lucas Lee Tyson – Scam or Legit?

digital freedom system review

The young king who sells digital courses easily, since he knows the weak point of most people is quick money, is Lucas Lee Tyson.

And he is back with another program which I will review here called the Digital Freedom System.

Which promises to teach you how to create an online course on trending topics.

However, there are several drawbacks to this, which I will be discussing later on in this guide.

Lucas is the owner of Growth Cave Academy and Productized Profits.

These courses are what he used to make a lot of money on the internet, and now he is back with this blockbuster program.

Although the approach he teaches in the program is simple and straightforward, it’s too simple to be legitimate.

Lucas Lee Tyson Digital Freedom System Review

What is the Digital Freedom System?

The Digital Freedom System is owned by Lucas Lee Tyson, who teaches newbies and experts how to make money selling courses.

His approach in this program is creating courses on trending topics and selling them through the use of YouTube Ads.

According to Lucas, you go to a platform like YouTube and use the search engine to look for the best trending topics.

Since people are already searching for it, they will surely buy what you create for it.

You then create a short two to three-minute video for YouTube ads to promote it.

This strategy sounds cool because you can easily go to YouTube, learn about the topics, and create a course on it.

Meaning, even if you don’t know about the topic, you can just learn and duplicate it into a course.

Without going through the hard process of the business or the topic or even having experience in it.

This is the kind of business that Lucas promises to teach you in this program. However, it might still mean that’s what he is doing.

Maybe he doesn’t even practice what he teaches, and he also just goes ahead and learns from someone else.

Duplicates it into a course, and runs expensive adverts to reach people.

We will discuss more about this in the drawbacks of this guide.

If you are wondering what my best money-making opportunity program is, which I always recommend, it’s the

Loadedlab community by my mentor Liam. This is a community of experts in affiliate marketing and several other fields.

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Digital Freedom System Cost (Price)

The cost to commence and join the Digital Freedom System program starts from ninety-seven dollars.

However, please expect the possibility of an upsell in this program, as there is a high-priced program in between his funnels.

That is how they normally entice people into believing their logic and later upsell you with the real value.

So, I cannot guarantee that you will learn his exact strategy in the ninety-seven dollars front end.

The strategy might be in the upsell, which he hasn’t revealed on the sales page unless you make the first payment.

Digital Freedom System Review Lucas Lee Tyson

Lucas Lee Tyson Review (Who is he?)

Lucas is the young lad who started from his college dorm with only fifty dollars to his name.

But he now runs a thousand-dollar consulting and coaching brand in the United States.

He has launched several courses in the past, ranging from Productized Profits, Growth Cave, and others.

He is now back with the Digital Freedom System to make money from selling his course.

That is who this guy is. He makes most of his money from selling his coaching programs and doing consultancy.

Let us get straight into the drawbacks of this course and what you should expect.

Drawbacks of the program

Since you won’t be told the drawbacks and hard aspects of the business that Lucas wants to teach you.

I will reveal the truth to you and open your eyes wide, so that you can make the best possible decision with your credit card waving in your hand.

1. Room for more unprofessional and fake courses.

Since what he is teaching is mainly a room where anyone can just learn something online, hire a copywriter, or use an AI to create a funnel and sell.

That means a lot of people who are just creating courses to make money without impacting any value will be many online.

Just imagine if someone like you also goes ahead and creates a course on what you just read or watched online.

That means you are teaching what you have not experienced all by yourself, which is bad.

Because a lot of people will be buying crappy courses that won’t do them a favor and there won’t be any support system for them.

However, aside from the emotional aspect, since we are all about making money on the internet.

My main conclusion is not about you selling what you don’t know.

It’s about me pointing out the fact that it might probably be this method Lucas Lee Tyson is using to sell his courses.

He might not entirely know or have much knowledge about what he is teaching.

He only goes online and duplicates other people’s free teachings.

2. Requires time to build.

Well, as things are equal, you should know that coaching takes time to generate profit.

Oh yes, except if you have a huge budget to spend expensively on paid adverts.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising, it won’t quickly yield positive results, and you might get tired.

3. You need an aggressive approach.

When it comes to teaching what you don’t know much about, you have to be aggressive with your strategy.

You have to sometimes even use fake testimonials to make people buy whatever you are selling.

This is the approach that fake gurus use online to make people purchase their products.

So, your approach must be aggressive since you don’t even have results to show for what you are teaching.

You have to consider this also in your decision making.

Compared to affiliate marketing under Loadedlab, where you don’t have to fake anything, you can check more about how Loadedlab works and how we use AI to generate over three hundred dollars of passive income daily.

4. Money and expertise for paid ads.

You also need to have money to run paid ads for you to get results with this program.

Or if you don’t have the money to run paid ads, you need to have expertise in ways to run paid ads.

This way, you won’t have to bother paying expensive money to hire a YouTube ads specialist.

But the worst part about this is that since you don’t know much about YouTube ads before, how can you guarantee yourself that you will get results with your effort in this?

That is another important aspect that you should consider.

5. Coaching requires patience.

Just as I mentioned earlier, you need patience for you to make any progress with the coaching business.

Coaching is not a business you can go into today without any authority to yourself, and you expect to make sales.

Lucas Lee Tyson already has the audience that he can easily promote to.

He has thousands of followers on his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

So, making sales from promotion is easy peasy for him even before going ahead to pay for ads. This is an important factor that you have to consider.

Final Verdict

If you are wondering whether to consider this, it’s up to you to make a decision based on the drawbacks that I have discussed with you here.

However, my best recommendation is to go for affiliate marketing since it’s a business you can start even with zero capital.

I won’t discuss it much since my mentor, Liam James, has already held a FREE MASTERCLASS and gone live on how he made $328 daily using a simple AI formula.

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Graystone Trading Reviews – Andy Antiles – Scam or Legit?

Graystone TRADING Reviews

Graystone Trading, owned by Andy Antiles, is a program that teaches you how to trade forex and other binaries in a way that will multiply your profits.

I saw it online and decided to share my honest review about it.

If you are here because you want to know if this program is worth your time and money.

You might want to exercise patience and read this guide until the end.

However, if all you want is to make money online without the risk of trading and losing all your money, consider signing up for my #1 recommendation.

About This Program

Graystone Trading is normally worth around five thousand dollars, and depending on your call with them, you might spend more than that.

Booking a 45-minute or longer call with their team will reveal to you the exact amount of money that you stand to invest.

Graystone Trading Review here

Should You Invest in Graystone Trading?

Your investment in this program depends on your level of expertise and understanding of the trading world in general.

That is why I suggest that those who are not into trading before, but are looking for a way to make money online.

Consider affiliate marketing because it involves less risk, and you don’t need such a huge capital to get started.

While those who are already into trading of forex, crypto, and other binaries can consider this, they should be cautious with the amount they invest.

I advise investing a couple of hundred bucks using your Dollar Cost Average before going hard on this.

However, this guide will not be complete if I don’t discuss some drawbacks of the online trading business in general.

Drawbacks of Trading Businesses like Graystone Owned by Andy

Below are some of the most costly drawbacks that you may experience and be affected by if you join this program:

1. Cheap information

According to some students who enrolled in this program and whom I spoke with, they told me that the information inside the program is cheap.

The information can be found on YouTube for free without paying a dime.

This makes this program to be of little value compared to other programs out there.

That’s why I always recommend affiliate marketing programs since most of these trading programs are filled with garbage.

2. Self-development

Aside from the program itself being able to make you money and live a financially free lifestyle.

What about the self-development needed to handle the pressures that come with trading forex and other currencies?

Most forex or binary traders are patient and have the ability to withstand any downfall in their trend.

Can you still stay okay if your money is burning, or in most cases where you sustain a loss?

This is another important drawback that you should consider.

That’s more reason why my recommended program doesn’t give you pressure.

And you can earn easily without having to worry about losing your money.

3. Huge start-up

The start-up cost to get started with this program is very high.

Five thousand dollars is too much of a risk.

Imagine what you will go through if you lose your money while there are other businesses out there that you can start for a lower price.

I always recommend my readers and followers try out Loaded Lab first and see what they can get.

Learning trading with such a large amount is too much, and I wouldn’t suggest a newbie to go ahead with it.

Always make sure that you do your due diligence very well before considering this program.

4. Unprofessional sales page

The sales page doesn’t look very professional to me.

It kind of looks empty without any further information, except if there are other sales pages that I am not aware of, though.

At least, I expect a sales page or funnel that will have a lot of information that people can consume easily.

5. High risk

Trading requires a high rate of risk that you will experience, so you should be careful.

Unless you are already into trading and want to learn more about it to earn more, I wouldn’t recommend going full-time into this.

Instead, you can check out Loaded Lab and get a passive income program to learn for just $1.

Final Verdict

Graystone Trading is a high-ticket program on its own, but my reviews wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or make money online newbies.

Instead of investing five thousand dollars or more into a forex or crypto trading business with a high chance of losing your money.

Why not learn a business that has less risk and is passive while automated?

There are various businesses that are less risky and require less capital.

Some businesses you can even start for as low as $1. That’s why I always recommend Loaded Lab.

It’s a community of great tutors, and you can learn high-ticket courses for as low as $1 starting today.

Check it out yourself and see what I am implying.

This is your chance to learn from an expert like Liam Kay, who is also my mentor and the founder of Loaded Lab, which I am into.

Check out how he uses a simple AI hack to generate $328 daily passive income here.

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If this guide has helped you so far, let me know in the comment box. I will see you on the other side.


Closer Cartel review by Luke Alexander (Scam or Legit?)

Closer Cartel Reviews

Today’s guide will discuss the Closer Cartel review by Luke Alexander.

The program promises to teach you how to make money as a high ticket closer and work with companies and brands.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will know if this is a reliable program for you.

However, for newbies and struggling internet marketers looking to make money online, I always recommend Loaded Lab.

You can check it out here.

What is Closer Cartel all about?

Closer Cartel is a high ticket program that teaches you how to become a profitable high ticket closer.

This means you will help brands selling products of five thousand dollars and above to make sales.

Closer Cartel Luke Alexander

It’s like when you book a call with some coaches and get pitched to spend all your money on a course.

That’s what you’ll learn here. You will learn how to pitch people to invest heavily in other people’s programs.

This is more like hard selling and making people buy a product, even if it doesn’t benefit them later on.

Closer Cartel Price (Cost)

The cost to join Closer Cartel is not revealed on the sales page.

However, to get the price, you have to book a call with Luke Alexander’s team of high ticket closers, who will also pitch you to invest heavily in the program.

But here, you are the customer, and they will be pitching and asking you questions just for you to participate.

After a member of my team booked a call with them, we got a cost of five thousand dollars to join.

Wow! Such a huge price to learn how to close sales. Joining this program depends solely on you.

Let’s look at who Luke Alexander is before discussing the good side and drawbacks of this type of business.

Closer Cartel Review Luke Alexander

Luke Alexander Review (Who is this guy?)

Luke is the founder and owner of Closer Cartel and Sales Accelerator, both programs teaching newbies and experts how to close more sales.

He is a young man in his early age and has claimed to make thousands to millions of dollars on the net.

He has several followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and has been using social media to generate a lot of revenue.

Although he still cannot be compared to my mentor Liam James Kay, who has been providing value his entire life and has over three hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His Loadedlab community is the best program where you can learn the best skills possible.

Good Side about Closer Cartel

Let’s take a look at some of the good sides of this type of business and what might make you want to consider joining.

1. Less Capital Required

The capital required to start this business is small and not too exorbitant like Amazon FBA and other similar businesses.

All you need to do is get in touch with brands or other coaching and consulting influencers and help them close sales.

Your main method of creating awareness will be through cold emailing or cold pitching them to employ you.

Therefore, you won’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get started with your business.

2. No Product Creation

This type of business doesn’t require you to own any product or worry about product delivery.

You are merely serving as a sales consultant for other brands and coaches.

All you are doing is helping them promote their products or services, and you get paid.

Since you will be dealing with high-ticket clients, your earnings will also be high.

However, even though there are good sides to this type of business, it’s important to note the major drawback.

Drawbacks of Closer Cartel

This business has some drawbacks that may pose a challenge for you if you choose to join.

Luke Alexander may not reveal all of them, but I am sure you are looking for them to know if you are on the right path.

So let’s get straight to the drawbacks.

1. Unreliable Promises

Luke promises to teach a lot of things, including connecting you with clients who are ready to pay you.

However, I wonder if he has clients paying him a huge amount for closing sales for them, would he be generous enough to share them with his students?

Just imagine yourself in such a situation.

The clients he mentioned are paying him to close sales, so why would he want to share his secret source with you?

This led me to conclude that he is making the majority of his money mostly from selling this course and not entirely from being a high-ticket closer.

This is something you should consider carefully before deciding to join this program.

2. Not for Unconfident People

Among all the drawbacks, the difficulty of this type of business for people who lack confidence is the worst.

Almost everybody lacks the confidence to convince a stranger or even talk to someone they don’t know.

So imagine speaking with a prospect on the phone and trying to make them buy with whatever script he has given you.

If you are the type of person who lacks confidence, this type of business is not for you.

You will struggle hard, and you might end up quitting due to frustration.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where you don’t have to be the one closing sales, just mere referral, and the product owner does all the work.

3. Cost to Join is Too High

The cost to join this program is too high. When my team booked a call with them, we were charged as much as five thousand dollars.

I wouldn’t suggest this for you because what is the chance that you will even get a client who will consider you?

What is even the assurance that you will be able to close sales after watching the tutorial?

Since sales closing is a gradual process, you have to go through the hard aspect of making many sales by yourself before you can consider closing sales for other people.

That is why my verdict doesn’t justify going straight into this type of business.

I can recommend it for someone who has been closing sales before but just wants to learn more.

If you haven’t been closing sales before but want to join just to make money online.

Then consider my recommended money-making opportunity by joining here.

4. Ability to Handle Threat.

Some prospects can be so savage that they use foul language a lot, which might upset you.

Many are even quick to label you a scam, which is not appealing.

If you are someone who cannot handle threats or insults.

It can cause a lot of stress and potentially lead you to quit and consider a 9-to-5 job that you were trying to avoid.

5. Difficulty of Customer Generation.

As previously mentioned, it’s unlikely that Luke will give you his customers.

So if you don’t have a means of contacting high-ticket course owners or companies, you should not consider this business or purchasing the program.

Finding clients who will hire you to close sales for them can be difficult if you lack experience.

Additionally, there is a good chance that these clients already have their own sales closers who are professionals, so hiring you may not be the best choice for them.

Final Thoughts

Although being a high-ticket closer can be profitable if you have clients and are confident in closing sales, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

The price to join is also quite high, and your chances of making back your investment are slim, despite the testimonials you see on their sales page.

Instead, I recommend the Loaded Lab by James Liams, who is my mentor.

This is a community of experts in affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship, and the startup fee is much more reasonable.

Anyone can succeed in this business with the right training and support.

I suggest watching this webinar replay that many internet marketers have praised.

Where he shares a Simple AI Hack to Generate $328 Daily Passive Income.

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Seller Circle Review – Jake Burden – Scam or Legit?

If you’re looking for an honest review of Seller Circle by Jake Burden, then you are in the right place.

Jake Burden is a UK-based guy who has promised many online hustlers to teach them how to make money online with Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon, also called Amazon FBA.

It’s a program that costs roughly fifty euros per month and several other subscription-based models.

You will be able to make the best decision concerning this program after reading this.

However, for my readers who know me as a guy who has spent over 50k dollars buying several crappy online programs in the past.

But now wonders which mentor changed my life and made me capable of earning online without spending expensive money on programs.

I recommend Loadedlab by Liam James Kay to you because you can learn from the top leading affiliate leader in the world.

Not only that, in the loaded lab, you get several other courses around make money online that you can learn in the community for just $1.

>>>More details about that here<<<

Without further ado, let’s get straight into more discussion about Seller Circle by Jake Burden.

Seller Circle Jake Burden

What’s the Seller Circle Program All About?

The program is all about teaching people how to make money with Amazon FBA, also called Fulfillment By Amazon.

It’s a program that promises to teach you how to get access to the latest profitable products on Amazon.

Jake claimed that these products are cheap and profitable, which you can easily sell and bank a lot of money.

With a captivating landing page, Seller Circle has come to also make a lot of money from teaching other people how to bank with Amazon FBA.

Originally, this program was made available for people in the UK.

But later on, several other Tier 1 citizens started getting aware of Jake’s advertisements.

However, by the time you are done reading this guide.

You will be able to make the best decision concerning this program.

How much does Seller Circle cost?

The program costs around fifty euros per month, or you can pay one hundred and thirty euros every three months and save twenty euros for yourself.

That is not all, you can decide to subscribe to the yearly plan of roughly eight hundred dollars and get an exclusive package.

Although kindly know that the program price might change anytime.

But as at the time of writing this guide, these are the respective prices.

In case of any changes, you are aware of. You can let us know in the comment box below.

Although, I like the way Jake Burden split the program into several prices.

He sachetized the program so that those who don’t have much and are on a budget can get started with it.

Well, does this mean that it’s still the best program to make you money without ripping you off?

More details about that will come later in this guide.

Jake Burden’s Review (Who is he?)

Jake is a coach and a content creator who also claims to make a lot of money from selling products on Amazon.

He is a UK-based guy who has claimed to have sold thousands of products on the Amazon Marketplace.

Jake Burden Seller Circle Review.

With thousands of followers on his social media pages and YouTube subscribers.

This guy has been able to make a name for himself among other coaches and content creators on the internet.

However, does that mean that what he’s selling is legit and something you can consider today?

Let us take a look at the drawbacks of this type of business so that you can use it as a justification for your decision.

Drawbacks of the seller circle program

Below are some of the most significant drawbacks of the Amazon FBA business in general, and why you should consider them carefully.

Normally, the sales pages of FBA courses will not tell you all of these, because they want you to buy their program.

However, these drawbacks are essential in revealing what you can expect once you get started with FBA.

1. High Capital Requirements

A significant amount of capital is required for you to start an Amazon FBA business successfully.

You should have plans for at least ten thousand dollars since Amazon FBA requires you to pay suppliers and send products all the way to Amazon’s warehouse.

After doing this, you still need to cover the cost of packaging, running ads, branding, and estimation, which can be quite expensive.

Therefore, Amazon FBA is for someone who already has the money but is looking to earn more.

Not someone who has less than five thousand dollars and wants to get into it.

Besides, this program costs close to around a thousand euros per year, so you need more money to kickstart the business.

2. High Competition

Amazon FBA has a lot of competition since many people are now using their life savings to join it.

There are also many courses on the internet teaching how to do Amazon FBA.

As well as free video tutorials on YouTube that promise to teach you everything from start to finish.

Since registering for an Amazon account is free, many brands are trying to simplify selling for themselves.

These are the people you will meet the moment you are getting started in this business.

However, affiliate marketing is still my top recommendation, and you can always get started with it here.

3. Deceptive Strategy

One of the sales strategies that some FBA courses use is to help you find the best selling products.

They claim to show you a product that is trending and will sell very fast the moment you join.

However, some of these course creators already have hundreds of students who have bought their courses.

What they reveal to you is the same thing they will reveal to those hundreds or thousands of students who are not wise enough to think for themselves.

Consequently, you will be competing with those students and selling the same products.

There’s nothing unique about that, especially when others are also selling the same products.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll even sell a single product.

Even if you sell the exact products the course creator recommends when other students are also selling the same.

Therefore, I don’t always agree with this strategy because it sounds deluded to me.

And many people don’t think it through before enrolling.

4. Amazon Bans

Amazon bans and account loss are rampant, and you can lose your account at any time and in any way.

Your chances of losing your account as a newbie are even higher since many people are now into Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, and other ventures.

Many people want to earn from the platform, so Amazon keeps suspending accounts every day.

The moment your account is banned, your chances of getting it back are slim, except in cases where the violation is not that serious.

Therefore, you can lose your account at any time, and even the investments you have made might turn into a loss.

5. Results Take Time

Although I’m not a fan of get-rich-quick schemes, Amazon FBA takes time to get results.

Aside from waiting for weeks to have your products delivered successfully to Amazon’s warehouse.

You will have to wait longer to start branding and thinking of ways to run ads.

If you only rely on free organic Amazon traffic, it will take you even longer to see any results.

Therefore, Amazon FBA takes time to see results, and you have to be patient even if you’re on the right path.

6. Struggling with Reputable Brands

You will struggle a lot with reputable brands that have already established authority in the niche you are in.

Unless you are lucky enough to be in a niche with less competition.

And don’t forget that Jake will be the one to give you the niche that you will go into.

So, you already have much competition with other reputable brands because you will also be competing with his students who enrolled before you.

Whether they are making much money or not, they are already a top brand compared to you.

Moreover, almost every niche has a reputable brand that many buyers run to for purchases.

Only a few niches without many buyers will you hardly see a reputable brand.

Final Verdict

I am sure you have learned more than enough about this Seller Circle Review Amazon FBA Course by Jake Burden.

I can only recommend this course for someone who has a lot of capital to invest in it.

If you don’t have much capital and you only have less than five thousand dollars in your account.

I suggest you consider my #1 recommendation of the Loadedlab community, owned by my mentor Liam James.

You can watch this webinar to see how he used a simple AI trick to earn $328 daily.

This is the method I am also using to earn up to $250 daily in passive income.

Watch the webinar here.


Loaded Lab Review by Liam James Kay (Scam or Legit)

Loaded Lab Reviews

Here’s another honest review of a program called Loaded Lab.

I have known Liam James Kay for a long time, ever since I started my journey as an affiliate marketer.

His YouTube tutorials have taught me a lot in the aspect of affiliate marketing.

And applying his free teachings changed my life.

The moment I heard about his Loaded Lab Community Program.

Which he launched this year 2023, I immediately gave it a try.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will be able to make the best decision concerning this program.

I will be writing this as a student of this program and give you my honest verdict concerning it.

This Loaded Lab program is split into two segments.

You can either become a student and use the knowledge given in the program to make money or become a promoter of the program and earn money by promoting it.

Whichever path you choose, I am going to discuss it with you in this guide.

Loaded Lab Review by Liam James Kay

What is the program about?

Loaded Lab is a community of great minds with access to $10,000 worth of courses.

Where you can learn about affiliate marketing, print-on-demand, Native Ads, Google Ads Masterminds, and other traffic masterclasses.

With this program, you will learn from Liam James Kay and gain access to his NEW Passive Profits Accelerator affiliate marketing training.

The amazing thing about all of this is that you can join and partake in all these benefits for just $1.

Instead of spending money on costly courses that won’t even benefit you in the end.

Loaded Lab offers you the opportunity to learn for just $1.

While others who don’t know about this opportunity are paying thousands of dollars to other online gurus.

It’s a way to fast-track your success and get results while surrounding yourself with a community of goal-getters and industry experts.

You can join Loaded Lab here.

Who is Liam James Kay?

I have known Liam for a long time, ever since I started my affiliate marketing journey.

He is a content creator on YouTube with over 300,000 subscribers (YouTube screenshot).

Liam James Kay Loaded Lab

Liam holding YouTube plague for reaching 100k subs

He also has a social media presence with over 20,000 followers on Instagram and several thousand across all other platforms.

Liam has won several affiliate marketing awards, ranging from being a top leading affiliate on Clickbank.

All the way to winning a car award for making the most sales from selling an affiliate product among other affiliates in the world.

Loaded Lab Liam James Kay Review

Clickbank sends him award for being a top affiliate

This tells you that Liam James Kay is a go-to expert when it comes to the field of affiliate marketing specifically and making money online generally.

This guy has already gone through the thick and thin of affiliate marketing, print-on-demand, and traffic generation at large.

That is why he is here to impact you with his new community and platform, where you can make money with him.

This is not Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, where you will follow people who are creating content for fun.

On the Loaded Lab platform, you are socializing with people who will push you to make progress and get fast results in making money online.

How to Join Loaded Lab as a Mentee?

Joining Loaded Lab is simple and straightforward. You can easily join by clicking here and registering an account.

Anyone from any location can join Loaded Lab and immediately start learning and implementing from industry experts.

You can decide to share your experience later after you have started making money with the program.

How to Join the Loaded Lab Program as an Affiliate

You can also decide to join Loaded Lab as an affiliate if you have an audience that you can promote to.

The affiliate program comes with a two-tier commission basis with 100% on initial and front-end sales, while recurring commission of 30% on referring customers.

Although my best advice for those who don’t have an audience yet is to join Loaded Lab itself and learn the scope of affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

After that, you can go ahead and use what you have learned to promote Loaded Lab and get results.

But if you already have an audience and feel capable, then you can go ahead and promote Loaded Lab.

Another interesting fact about the program is that you earn a 30% commission from every referring affiliate that joins through your referral link.

Meaning, if a person registers to promote Loaded Lab through your affiliate link and starts making sales from selling the program, you will earn a 30% commission from their sales.

So, it’s a win-win situation for both students and struggling online hustlers who want to learn how to make money online with Loaded Lab.

And reputable affiliate marketers who have an audience and want to promote Loaded Lab to earn money online.

The Cost of Joining Loaded Lab (Price)

The cost of joining Loaded Lab is not exorbitant like those costly high ticket courses from internet gurus.

Liam has decided to hear the plea of struggling affiliate marketers and online hustlers and made this affordable for just $1.

You can decide to join the community and test out what is going on inside for just a dollar.

If you are not okay with what’s inside and feel like you don’t see any impact in joining the program, then you can decide not to renew your subscription and move on with life.

However, I feel risking $1 shouldn’t be too difficult since you are not being charged $5000 after booking a call like other costly courses out there.

This is Liam giving you the opportunity to learn from him and share part of his journey to make quick success for just a buck.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the drawbacks and benefits of this program.


Drawbacks of the Program

Let’s get straight into the drawbacks of this program and what I feel skeptical about.

1. It’s Too Cheap

I feel like the program is too cheap to join for just $1 since Liam has sold those courses before for a little higher cost.

So, it makes someone like me who bought his 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp in the past for a high cost feel unpleased.

Because anyone who just goes ahead and joins his Loaded Lab for just $1 can get access to the course that someone like me paid a lot of money to join.

So, for his students who have bought his courses in the past, even though we are grateful for his teaching, we still feel jealous.

2. The Community Is Too Private

Well, unlike the community of Facebook and some other social media forums that you can get easy access to, the community is too private.

I would like it if Liam could make the community have a clone on social media.

I just feel that social media is better than other types of community.

However, it’s your choice to know the one that you like best.

This is just my own downside which I see about this program.

Benefits of the Program

Well, since we have discussed the drawbacks.

Let us take a look at the benefits and good side of Loaded Lab.

1. Learning from an Expert

First, you are learning from an expert: Liam James.

This guy is a leading affiliate marketer on Clickbank and other affiliate programs and networking worlds.

He has made a lot of money and has impacted a lot of people with his free and paid tutorials.

So, you are getting access to his secrets for just a buck, which is something you should be appreciative about.

2. Learning from Several Other Experts

Aside from the fact that you are learning from Liam, you are also learning from a group of other experts.

Because he will be bringing in some other scholars and experts in the field of affiliate marketing to also teach you in the community.

So, this is another added advantage to learn from other people who are even superior to Liam.

This is what makes a lot of people able to fast-track their growth. You will just be shocked at how they got rapid success.

3. Access to Several Courses Worth Over $10,000

Aside from getting one-on-one access to Liam and his group of other mentors and experts.

You will be getting access to a catalog of courses that are worth ten thousand grand.

This is huge because you don’t have to spend a high cost to learn these courses.

They include:

  • Passive Profits Accelerator; which is the new 2023 affiliate marketing course that Liam just created and will teach you how to earn passive income. You can click here to watch this webinar of where Liam uses AI to generate $328 daily.
  • 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp; This is the former affiliate marketing training of Liam that I bought which is still effective for me today. It will help you go from nothing to plenty in affiliate marketing.
  • POD Profit Academy; This is a new 2023 training by Liam which will teach you how to do Print-on-demand business as a side hustle with affiliate marketing. I guess this is a new money source for Liam, so he is teaching you.
  • Master Natives; This course will teach you how to use Native Ads to earn with affiliate marketing. This will fast-track your success without relying on expensive social media ads.
  • Google Ads Bootcamp; To learn the secret of Google ads and spend with less CPC, this course is in the Loaded Lab for you to learn.
    Super Cheap Traffic Secrets; Since Liam has been doing this for a long time. He is also showing you more untapped traffic sources that you can use to increase affiliate earnings.

And many more courses in the program.

All these courses are worth over $10,000, and you will be getting them for almost a free cost.

4. Starting with Just $1

To crown everything, you are getting all the courses and access to these mentors and experts for just a buck.

That is why, the moment I saw it on the social media page of Liam, I immediately joined before it gets too late and it’s no more $1.

So, I will give you a SPOILER to grab the opportunity as early as possible.

5. Access to a Community of Like-Minded Individuals

You will also be getting access to a community of individuals who are like-minded like you.

Those who are also desperate for success and want to make money from affiliate marketing.

This will help you get fast results because when you see others practicing what they are doing and getting results.

You can ask them what works and also apply it to your strategy, and before you know it, you are already in flying colors.

6. Live Workshops from Time to Time

All that we have stated are not all that you will get from this program.

You will also be joining live workshops from time to time where Liam will be showing you new updates.

As new trends and strategies come out from time to time, you will be getting these updates afresh.

These are things he can’t reveal in his YouTube channels or social media; they are only for his private students.

You can click here to join the community today.

Loaded Lab Review Liam James Kay

Builder all sent this to Liam for being a top affiliate

Should You Join Loaded Lab?

Well, I am sure that based on all the discussions that we have made in this guide, you will be able to make the best decision for yourself.

But, as for me, I believe that joining a program worth $10,000 for just $1 shouldn’t be a problem for you.

At least, enjoy the trial and see what you stand to gain from even going more advanced with Liam.

It is we who have partaken in his previous teachings that know what Liam is capable of doing.

So, my best advice is to take this opportunity seriously and learn affiliate marketing and traffic generation from the beast in the game.


Final Verdict

Now that you and I have been able to conclude on Loaded Lab review, I will also suggest that you watch this webinar from Liam James.

Where he uses a secret AI method to generate $328 daily in passive income.

>>>Watch Loaded Lab Free Webinar<<<

You can check out the webinar replay by clicking here. Try and watch it before joining the Loaded Lab Program.

However, if you have already watched it previously, but your next goal is to conclude on your decision to join Loaded Lab, then what is holding you back?

The ball is already in your court. Kick it today by clicking on the button below, and I will see you on the other side.