VidaXL Dropshipping Review For Beginner and Intermediate Dropshippers

VidaXL Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one the sweetest business for anyone thinking of doing any online business due to its ability to sell without holding inventory.

VidaXL DropShipping is one of the ways of the website to do Dropshipping for anyone thinking of running a successful Dropshipping business.

They have already made Dropshipping easy for anyone in which you can easily hold their stock unit and keep selling easily from the website.

If you are to do direct Dropshipping through the use of big E-commerce merchants like AliExpress & Alibaba.

It is also a cool idea as you will be able to easily buy cheaper more than you will buy on VidaXL.

But if you are someone who is not ready for the stress and you have a very good marketing approach to get customers.

You can easily use VidaXL Retail servicing to make work easy for you without having to stress yourself on the delivery issues

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;


Let us go deeper into what VidaXL DropShipping is all about and how you can use it to start making progress in your business.


What is VidaXL DropShipping?

VidaXL DropShipping is a service that gives Dropshippers the ability to keep stock of 20,000 products in 20 categories and 100 subcategories

This makes it easy for anyone to easily build several businesses around these categories and make a lot of money from it.

VidaXL is a Brad that is making Dropshipping very easy for beginners and intermediates.

They focus on all the hard aspects and leave the easy aspects to Dropshippers.

Although, being a VidaXL Dropshipper is not free as one is required to be paying a monthly fee of €30.

For you to be using their service and selling easily with Dropshipping.

But what are the advantages that one stands to gain from doing the VidaXL Dropshipping?

vidaXL Marketplace

Let us quickly dive deep into that in a quick time.


Advantages Of VidaXL Dropshipping

vidaXL dropshipping reviews

  1. The No Need To Store Products.
  2. Access To A Large Number Of Products
  3.  Return Handling.
  4.  Reduced Risk.
  5. Access To Several Countries.
  6.  Enjoy Products Warranty (2 years).
  7. Personal Account Profile.

1. No Need To Store Products:

As a Dropshipper, you are not needed to keep a physical store of any product because everything is done virtually.

And that is what VidaXL is ready to offer you because their products are easily stored in their warehouse.

All you have to do is to send them an order and they execute and send the order straight to the final consumers.

VidaXL has a big warehouse where they have a lot of products that are already stored with them.

They own the products and they only give a share of it to Dropshippers to also promote for them and earn easily.

If you are to be doing direct Dropshipping from manufacturers of big merchant E-commerce websites.

You will still need to have a supplier that will help you keep an inventory of your products which will take time.

Also, some suppliers are not trustworthy and might even run away with your products and never deliver as promised.

So, the difficulty of storing goods is already solved with VidaXL because they are fully in charge of your inventory keeping.

They are just like an E-commerce store that has all the necessary goods that you have in mind.

So, all you need to do is just sit tight and be rest assured that the goods are safe and your orders can easily be processed.


2. Access To A Large Number Of Products:

VidaXL has access to a large number of products on demand.

You can easily choose from wide subcategories from their main category and continue to sell hard.

You have access to a large number of products which you can display and found a lot of businesses on.

Like, if you are someone who is very good in SEO and can control a lot of data.

If you know how to rank websites easily on the first page of Google and Bing. Or you know a lot about youtube SEO.

It’s a nice privilege for you to create more websites that are focused on each category and keep selling hot.

All you have to do is just employ more people that will help you in managing your websites.

But this is a lot of money for you because you are not involved in any stress.

You only have to work to make sure that you bring sales and since you already know the secret to bring more sales…

… VidaXL will reward you graciously and give you access to more of their product categories.

So, being able to have access to a large number of products is a great privilege.

Because you would have needed to go to big E-commerce merchants stores to keep sourcing for products.

Which you will still be looking for suppliers to help you do the clearing and forwarding which will take your time.

3. Return Handling:

Any goods returned is not your problem since it’s normal to see some refund rates among the customers.

Some customers will return some products maybe because of size or it doesn’t suit their taste.

But it’s normal, it is VidaXL that will handle the refund and send the money back to the customer.

But what you have to know is that – the amount that you charge the customer will be more than the price on VidaXL.

So, you will also have to refund back the money – although all the rest will be done by VidaXL.

What I will advise about trying to add more on the normal price of a product is on products that don’t involve sizes or colors.

If it is just a normal product that everyone can use – then it is cool because of that way…

…you have been able to know that the refund rate will be less compared to other types of products.

So, adding more to the price should be done with care in case of the refund rate of the products.

But that is just an advice from me to you. The main advantage that you enjoy here is that you are not the one to refund.

Imagine if you are to be using a supplier and doing the Dropshipping directly all by yourself.

It would have been very difficult for you because you will have to pay the supplier extra money to go collect back the product.

But with VidaXL, all those will be handled by them as they don’t necessarily need to ask you or charge you any amount.


4. Reduced Risk:

There are just a lot of risks on the internet and it is just tiring. Now, the business itself is all about risk.

You have to take risks for you to be able to succeed. But some risks are just too costly.

A business like Dropshipping is something that you have to be careful about for you to succeed.

Dropshipping has a lot of fake suppliers and distributors that will promise you heaven and Earth but are all lying.

So, you need to be careful with the way you do things like Dropshipping on the internet.

Also, I have seen some Dropshippers relying on big merchant suppliers like AliExpress for the delivery to their customers.

At the end of the day, the customer will get tired of waiting and just request a refund from them.

That is because the products that were ordered have not been delivered yet.

This is another risk that is costly which many Dropshippers have experienced – that is why you are not supposed to make that mistake.

So, doing Dropshipping with VidaXL saves you all this stress because you don’t need to bother about all that.

All you need is just get an order and place your order on the VidaXL website easily.

So, no need to stress and panic much here because your risk is less when it is compared to other forms of Dropshipping.


5. Access To Several Countries:

VidaXL is not just a small brand that won’t be able to access many countries for delivery purposes.

VidaXL can access a lot of countries like 29 countries to which they will be able to deliver your orders.

So, even if your customers come from any tier one country or countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,…

…France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,…

…Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

They will be able to send your orders to your customers and you can easily enjoy the reward.

So, sending orders to a lot of countries is easy because your target audience should even be from countries that are tier 1.

They are the countries that can easily buy what you are displaying on your website or any other places you are selling from.

Because the problem that many Dropshippers have is the ability to deliver to their customers.

Because once you’re doing an organic way of getting clients – you will see customers from several countries.

So, you have to get a good way of getting your products delivered to these people or you will miss out a lot.

VidaXL is your best bet in doing all these things because they have a very good delivery service.

And this delivery service is best when it comes to doing all types of delivery services.


6. Enjoy Products Warranty (2 years):

VidaXL is a great Dropshipping retail platform that also offers guarantees on all their products.

This will make your marketing approach and strategies to be authentic because customers like warranties.

Some people won’t buy a product unless they see that it has a warranty.

And the amazing thing about these kinds of people is that they don’t return that often except if the product is really bad.

But they always like to see the warranty at the back or beside the product before they will ever back.

Although they might not be able to see this because it is online – so, you are to state it in your marketing copies.

Your advert copies and also on your website that the product has some guarantee which they can enjoy.

This will boost your sale and skyrocket your brand very well and that is the reason why VidaXL is allowing this.

VidaXL gives 2 years warranty on their products which means that any buyer will be rest assured to buy.

VidaXL is always ready to serve their Dropshippers well and render the best service to them.

And as a Dropshippers – things will become easy for you when it comes to driving sales

The moment you pull out the pressure and risk from your buyers and place it on yourself…

…you have already won 50% of their heart to buy.

Also, someone scrolling on social media and just sees your ad can easily click on your website to buy.

Guarantee is a very cool way to convert more visitors into buyers and VidaXL is offering you that opportunity.


7. Personal Account Profile:

The ability to also create a personal account profile is a great advantage in the aspect of VidaXL.

You have access to your private dashboard where all Stock Keeping Units that are being given to you are displayed.

That is where you will see all your earnings and orders and the way things are flowing in your Dropshipping world.

Although to register an account on VidaXL – you will pay a monthly fee of €30 and it is recurring.

This means you have to keep renewing your fee every month and the fee is to keep data for you.

They have a lot of data on VidaXL and they will also give their images and other promotional tools.

So, the membership fee is just to tag yourself a VidaXL Dropshipper and show how serious you are.

They perform a lot of services for their Dropshippers – and so they must charge a recurring fee.

When registering your account – you can either register as an individual and create a personal account.

Or you can register as a business – but your need VAT for you to be able to register your business account Successfully.

So, if you don’t have one – just open an individual account and comment you’re making money from Dropshipping.

Registering of account is easy and your approval is just within 24 hours.

It doesn’t take time for VidaXL to process and review your approval process.

The fact that you are registering as a member and they are charging a membership fee is enough to assure your approval.


Disadvantages Of VidaXL Dropshipping

vidaXL delivery times

As usual, everything that has an advantage will surely have its disadvantages and that is why I discuss 2 disadvantages I see in being a VidaXL Dropshipper.

Let’s discuss them very quickly:

  1. No inventory of all types of products.
  2. Not For Suitable For Private Label Dropshipper.

1. No inventory of all types of products:

VidaXL is a very profitable brand with a lot of products that one can sell but they don’t have possession of all types of products.

Let us say you are someone in a niche that is just less competitive in Dropshipping like Plumbing.

If you are doing internet marketing for plumbing  and you want to focus on the Dropshipping niche.

It might be very difficult for you to be making use of VidaXL because they don’t focus on those types of products.

So, they don’t have records and possession of every type of product because they are not an E-commerce merchant.

They are just serving as a middleman brand between Dropshippers and customers to make life very easy for Dropshippers.

So, if you are in a niche that is not too popular like the Fashion niche – VidaXL might not be the solution for you.

You might want to involve indirect Dropshipping all by yourself where you won’t need to use Retail Channel Dropshipping agents like VidaXL.

And in doing that type of Dropshipping, you will have to contact big E-commerce merchants directly.

You will be buying directly through a supplier and selling through your supplier.

Although this will take time VidaXL only has products in 20 categories and there are a lot of categories of products.

Products that you won’t even know to exist are also existing and VidaXL might not have them all in their warehouse.


2. Not For Suitable For Private Label Dropshipper

If you are a private label Dropshipper – this type of Dropshipping is not going to be suitable for you.

The major reason Is that VidaXL is not the producer of these products.

They also go buy from big merchant E-commerce websites and store them in their warehouse.

They are also like a supplier that makes life easy.

So, they won’t be selling these products at the cost price they bought from the suppliers.

There will be a little bit high in price – and for anyone trying to do private label Dropshipping.

You know that you have to buy directly from manufacturers to be able to buy cheaply.

Because you will still have to imprint your label on these products which will cost you another money.

So, if you are to be making use of VidaXL, they can agree to help you imprint your lab on products…

…which I don’t even think they are doing when I read their terms of service guide.

But let us even say they agree, it will still cost you a lot of money because they will charge you higher than when you buy directly from manufacturers and make use of suppliers.

So, Private Label Dropshippers who are thinking of having their brand label imprinted on their products can’t make use of this.

It is just best that they make use of direct sources and research on their products on AliExpress, Alibaba, and other big merchants.

Then find a supplier to help them collect and store the products for clearing and forwarding.


How To Become A Successful VidaXL Dropshipper

There are various ways through which one can become a successful VidaXL Dropshipper and that is what we will briefly discuss in this aspect of this guide.

So, sit back – grab a cup of coffee or beer and let us roll.

  1. Register On Their Website.
  2. Research On The Best Niche Among Their Categories.
  3. Begin To Promote.
  4. Request Your Order.

1. Register On Their Website:

Vidaxl sign in

The first thing that you have to do is to register an account on their website.

You can click here to register an account on the VidaXL website just to become one of their Dropshippers.

Also, be reminded that you will have to pay a little fee of €30 for you to be able to successfully register a VidaXL Dropshipping account.

It is for the safekeeping of your account and also to have first-class access to some features that are given by the brand.

You will majorly be making use of a website for your Dropshipping brand which we will explain in the next aspect below.

So, you must have some tools and materials which they will also give you to successfully run a Dropshipping store.

Also, you can either register as a business or as an individual when you are opening your VidaXL account.

Just carefully read their terms and conditions and follow everything that is said on the website for smooth running.

Also, make sure that you carefully read their terms and conditions just to know if they are on the same page with you.

It’s not common to read terms and conditions but try and glance through it because it will help you a lot.


2. Research On The Best Niche Among Their Categories:

VidaXL Dropshipping Review For Beginner and Intermediate Dropshippers

Your next project is to do enough research on the best niches that can suit your audience’s taste among their categories.

One thing you need to do when doing niche research is to know your customer avatar.

You need to know who you are serving and the people that will be coming to the website for a solution.

You need to portray and vision how they will look for you to Attain success in any niche.

Niche is a very important aspect – that is why you must take enough time to brainstorm on what sells well.

Don’t just go for products that are too saturated and will not quickly sell as you want.

Or products that will always demand money from you before you can make any sale on them.

When you go for products that can make sales for you organically without needing to run ads all the time.

That is the best niche for anyone and how can you know niches that can get you enough sales organically.

You can make use of Google Keyword Planner to research niches and look at the ones with low competition and high search volume.

Google keyword planner will tell you the competitiveness of any product that you plan to sell.

You will only need to type the keyword in the search box and you will see enough suggestions for you.

Also, using a keyword planner for Google is straightforward – just click on the link and you will be directed smoothly.

Using Keyword Planner for your niche research is the best thing you can see.

You will also see a lot of suggestions below on keywords people are searching for – which you can use to your advantage.


3. Begin To Promote:

vidaXL reviews

The next thing you need to do is to start promoting and getting sales for yourself.

The reason for doing all these is to get customers who will buy whatever that you are selling on your website.

If you are not selling VidaXL products – you will not make sales because you will keep merry-go-rounding.

So, you need enough promotion for any success in your VidaXL Dropshipping business.

And that is making use of both paid and organic methods to drive traffic into your Dropshipping store.

You can run Facebook adverts to your audience and do enough targeting to reach your targeted audience.

Since Facebook advert is now a bit difficult and making life stressful for its customers (marketers).

You can easily use other types of advertising like Google advert, YouTube advert, forum adverts, native adverts, and the rest.

These adverts are also cool and you don’t necessarily need to rely only on one platform for advertisement.

Just spread your eggs in several baskets and you will see positive returns.

You also have to optimize your website for Google to rank it and also register it on Google map.

These ways, you will keep getting enough tractions of sales from your Dropshipping Website.

There is no secret to getting sales – just run paid adverts all the time and optimize your website for Google SEO.


4. Request Your Order:

vidaXL dropshipping reviews

Once you have done your promotion and sales are now coming in – you will go to your VidaXL dashboard and request for order.

Requesting for an order is easy since the platform is user-friendly and it belongs to you.

Nobody can just request an order without being a member of the VidaXL Dropshipping program.

Life will be easy for you with your dashboard and the requesting of order can easily be done for you.

And within 24 hours – your order will be processed easily and you will start tracking your order.

Order tracking is always given per order as you will have a tracking code, especially for customers.

So, immediately the order gets to your customer – you will see a notification on your dashboard that your order has arrived at its destination.

VidaXL order aspect on the dashboard is an easy-to-use process and effective for all.



If you are considering to be a VidaXL Dropshipper – then this guide has given you all the first-class details you need to survive.

You can easily start from scratch and start making money with Dropshipping if you know what you are doing.

Do you have any questions concerning what we have discussed in this guide – scroll down below and let’s have you in the comment box?

Also, Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media by hitting any of the social media icons below.

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