Hustlers university 4.0 E-commerce Review

Hustlers university 4.0 E-commerce Review (my honest thought)

hustlers university 4.0 e commerce review

If you’ve ever wondered whether the E-commerce course in Hustlers University 4.0 is the right fit for you, then follow this review.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about this program.

Owned by Andrew Tate, and it features a tutor who is reputed to have earned millions of dollars through e-commerce.

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About the Hustlers University 4.0 E-commerce Course

The E-commerce course is part of the curriculum in Hustlers University, focusing on teaching how to launch a successful e-commerce business.

In this program, you’ll be part of a Discord group with other students who are also learning about e-commerce.

The platform where the course is conducted is Discord, so you’ll need to have Discord to access it.

Is the Hustlers University 4.0 E-commerce Course Recommended?

Well, speaking from my own experience, I wouldn’t recommend this course for someone who is already at an intermediate level in e-commerce.

Unless your goal is to network and build connections.

When I joined, my motivation was to connect with others who were more knowledgeable than me and also eager to learn.

The truth is, you can’t use the strategies taught here to make a significant amount of money in e-commerce.

I’ve explained this in more detail below.

However, if you’re a beginner and genuinely interested in e-commerce, then you can give it a try.

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Drawbacks of this program

Here, let’s discuss the drawbacks of this program and some of the things you might not be told.

1. Easily Accessible Information

The information shared in this program can easily be found with a simple Google search.

Several students of this program have claimed that even searching on YouTube provides comparable insights to what is being taught in the program.

2. Information Overload

One of the primary reasons why I don’t consider Hustlers University a reliable path to legitimate earnings is due to the overwhelming amount of information.

This program covers various online businesses, including crypto, stocks, real estate, coaching, and many others, alongside e-commerce.

You can see that such a program is already congested with an abundance of information that can leave you confused about where to focus.

3. Discord Challenges

Since Discord serves as the platform for this program, you might encounter challenges while participating in the e-commerce course, potentially hindering your program.

4. High Competition

There’s a high level of competition in the e-commerce space, both within the broader industry and within the program itself.

A program that costs just around $50 can be easily accessed by anyone, resulting in many learners using the same techniques.

Once thousands of others are aware of an e-commerce strategy, it loses its uniqueness.

5. Non-In-depth Course

The course lacks depth, even compared to various free e-commerce tutorials available on YouTube.

It’s suitable for beginners who want to grasp the basics of how e-commerce works.

However, when it comes to achieving substantial results, the course may not provide the guidance needed.

6. The Need for a Comprehensive Course

While this program has its merits, I personally prefer businesses that require zero initial capital to start.

Furthermore, I prefer ventures that offer multiple revenue streams, not just one.

That’s why I recommend my type of business, where you use YouTube shorts to promote affiliate products.

This approach allows you to earn from YouTube shorts ads revenue, affiliate products, or by offering YouTube-related services to others.

Final Thought

Determining whether this program is suitable for you can be challenging.

However, with this guide, you have gained insights into the drawbacks of this program and the associated business.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

Enjoy your journey ahead. Protection Status