Is Amare Global A Scam

is amare global a scam? Warning About This Wellness MLM

Amare Global is a Multi Level Marketing platform that specializes in the selling of Mental wellness products.

Unlike other network brands, their main focus is health products which makes people wonder whether Amare Global is a scam.

Is Amare Global A Scam _ Amare Global MLM

Amare Global has two methods they make their registered members earn a livelihood.

One is through the selling of their product and receives up to 35% commission sales volume.

And the other is through recruiting new members that join through your referral link.

Let us dive deeper into amare global and some of its details in general.


Who owns amare global?

Amare Global is owned by Hiep Tran who is an Entrepreneur and also a doctor who is a specialist in health challenges.

According to him, He started his entrepreneurship journey at the young age of 23.

He stated that he decides to follow and network with successful people to be successful also.

Who knows, maybe that is how he was able to build a very popular internet marketing brand that people are talking about.

Even though he finished and decide medical school was not for him. He went straight to create Amare global after several years.

And use the MLM approach to sell his products by recruiting and hiring sellers in the form of giving them financial freedom.


Where is amare global located?

Amare Global is located in California, United States.

That is where the headquarters is situated with several members coming from a major part of the United States.

They also have members from other countries like the UK, Canada, and even Australia.

But any product that will be sold will leave the United States and be taken to any part of other countries.


Amare Global MLM

“Is Amare Global An MLM?” This is the question that I have seen several people on the internet ask.

Amare Global is an MLM and they also try to focus on the aspect of wellness by helping people reduce weight.

The reason why they are not just an ordinary E-commerce platform that sells health products is because

…they also remunerate members and give points and rewards to those who bring more and more members to join their team.

Also, the more you keep bringing more people to register under you.

This makes people wonder if Amare Global is even legit.

The more you start increasing your rank and you also start winning a lot of incentives.

Some of their top earning leaders are always given a free trip to enjoy themselves in other countries.

There are just a lot more to in the amare global enterprise which they promise their members.


Amare Global Pyramid Scheme

Amare global might be unconsidered as a pyramid scheme by its members.

But it is truly a pyramid scheme, mainly because you move from one rank to the other in amare global.

Hiep Tran who owns the program knows that people tend to work harder to meet their predecessors.

So, the mentality of even giving out traveling incentives to some members who are earning well.

While others who are not earning or even doing enough referral will be feeling intimidated.

It is also important for you to be able to rank from silver to 5 heart servant leaders.

Which is the highest ranking level in the amare global.

You need to recruit more people to be under you and also keep bringing and recruiting more people under them.


Amare Global Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of amare global is very transparent and open to its members.

Although not open to those who are about to join because they will be so convinced till they make the first deposit.

But just like it is shown. You get paid a 38% commission on every sales volume that you have made.

You earn from products sales that you make. Or you can just buy the products and resell them to other people.

Another thing is the revenue sharing pool by the company which they share with members.

Even though most members are only entitled to a little dollar or even $1 as revenue pool.

There is also monthly content to help arouse the recruitment level of each member.

This is to create competition among team members and get them to stay active and work harder.

The activeness of each team is what will lead to the growth and success of the company in general.

The compensation plan also includes other incentives like cars, phones, and others which are won by top recruiters.


Do Amare Global Product Work

Amare Global products are effective up to a level. They are health products that can cure some ailments.

Although, I have not used any of their products before for any personal issue.

But from forums and also comments I see on other platforms. Their products are a bit effective.

The only problem with the majority of the online research and reviews is that – they are mostly from their members.

If you go on YouTube – you will find a lot of the Amare Global members promoting and reviewing their products online.

But in case you have any issue with your body and you need a solution that one of their product claims to cure.

You can check out their shop here and you see some of their products listed on their website.

Even though the majority of their sales come from the multi level method they are using in selling.

They are also profiting from the novice and greediness of a lot of people.


How much does it cost to join Amare global?

Joining Amare Global is not free and you will need to pay a fee of $69.95 for you to join.

I think this is where the cunning ways of amare global started – because I wonder why they can’t make it $70 approximately.

Every Wellness partner can earn a commission whenever someone joins through their referral link.

And once you pay the fee and join. You will have access to some promotional tools.

Also, a personalized website will be given to you fully hosted under Wellness App.

You will also have access to the Amare Builder App and your back-office given to you.

It is in this back-office that you see your earnings and those who are under you (also called downlines).


Final Verdict On “Is Amare Global A Scam”

Now with all these, your next question might be whether to join Amare Global or not.

You should have concluded whether amare global is a scam or not.

But I will only end this guide by stating that – joining this MLM Program is based on your interest.

If you have what it takes to promote their products and also recruit members. You can join.

But I candidly do not support MLM or Pyramid Schemes in general.

The reason is that I don’t see anything profitable in recruiting for another person’s products.

While you can start your own business and recruit for yourself.

Either E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping.

You can build your audience either through an email list or social media groups and forums.

And continue selling your products to them for a lifetime.

Unlike sending all your leads and audience for another brand or company to be reaping the reward.

This is why I really detest network marketing and Amare Global might not be legit to my belief.

If this is helpful, let me know in the comment box.

Happy Networking. Protection Status