Lucas Lee Tyson Review

Digital Freedom System Review – Lucas Lee Tyson (Honest Thought)

digital freedom system review

The young king who sells digital courses easily, since he knows the weak point of most people is quick money, is Lucas Lee Tyson.

And he is back with another program which I will review here called the Digital Freedom System.

Which promises to teach you how to create an online course on trending topics.

However, there are several drawbacks to this, which I will be discussing later on in this guide.

Lucas is the owner of Growth Cave Academy and Productized Profits.

These courses are what he used to make a lot of money on the internet, and now he is back with this blockbuster program.

Although the approach he teaches in the program is simple and straightforward, it’s too simple to be legitimate.

Lucas Lee Tyson Digital Freedom System Review

What is the Digital Freedom System?

The Digital Freedom System is owned by Lucas Lee Tyson, who teaches newbies and experts how to make money selling courses.

His approach in this program is creating courses on trending topics and selling them through the use of YouTube Ads.

According to Lucas, you go to a platform like YouTube and use the search engine to look for the best trending topics.

Since people are already searching for it, they will surely buy what you create for it.

You then create a short two to three-minute video for YouTube ads to promote it.

This strategy sounds cool because you can easily go to YouTube, learn about the topics, and create a course on it.

Meaning, even if you don’t know about the topic, you can just learn and duplicate it into a course.

Without going through the hard process of the business or the topic or even having experience in it.

This is the kind of business that Lucas promises to teach you in this program. However, it might still mean that’s what he is doing.

Maybe he doesn’t even practice what he teaches, and he also just goes ahead and learns from someone else.

Duplicates it into a course, and runs expensive adverts to reach people.

We will discuss more about this in the drawbacks of this guide.

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Digital Freedom System Cost (Price)

The cost to commence and join the Digital Freedom System program starts from ninety-seven dollars.

However, please expect the possibility of an upsell in this program, as there is a high-priced program in between his funnels.

That is how they normally entice people into believing their logic and later upsell you with the real value.

So, I cannot guarantee that you will learn his exact strategy in the ninety-seven dollars front end.

The strategy might be in the upsell, which he hasn’t revealed on the sales page unless you make the first payment.

Digital Freedom System Review Lucas Lee Tyson

Lucas Lee Tyson Review (Who is he?)

Lucas is the young lad who started from his college dorm with only fifty dollars to his name.

But he now runs a thousand-dollar consulting and coaching brand in the United States.

He has launched several courses in the past, ranging from Productized Profits, Growth Cave, and others.

He is now back with the Digital Freedom System to make money from selling his course.

That is who this guy is. He makes most of his money from selling his coaching programs and doing consultancy.

Let us get straight into the drawbacks of this course and what you should expect.

Drawbacks of the program

Since you won’t be told the drawbacks and hard aspects of the business that Lucas wants to teach you.

I will reveal the truth to you and open your eyes wide, so that you can make the best possible decision with your credit card waving in your hand.

1. Room for more unprofessional and fake courses.

Since what he is teaching is mainly a room where anyone can just learn something online, hire a copywriter, or use an AI to create a funnel and sell.

That means a lot of people who are just creating courses to make money without impacting any value will be many online.

Just imagine if someone like you also goes ahead and creates a course on what you just read or watched online.

That means you are teaching what you have not experienced all by yourself, which is bad.

Because a lot of people will be buying crappy courses that won’t do them a favor and there won’t be any support system for them.

However, aside from the emotional aspect, since we are all about making money on the internet.

My main conclusion is not about you selling what you don’t know.

It’s about me pointing out the fact that it might probably be this method Lucas Lee Tyson is using to sell his courses.

He might not entirely know or have much knowledge about what he is teaching.

He only goes online and duplicates other people’s free teachings.

2. Requires time to build.

Well, as things are equal, you should know that coaching takes time to generate profit.

Oh yes, except if you have a huge budget to spend expensively on paid adverts.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising, it won’t quickly yield positive results, and you might get tired.

3. You need an aggressive approach.

When it comes to teaching what you don’t know much about, you have to be aggressive with your strategy.

You have to sometimes even use fake testimonials to make people buy whatever you are selling.

This is the approach that fake gurus use online to make people purchase their products.

So, your approach must be aggressive since you don’t even have results to show for what you are teaching.

You have to consider this also in your decision making.

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4. Money and expertise for paid ads.

You also need to have money to run paid ads for you to get results with this program.

Or if you don’t have the money to run paid ads, you need to have expertise in ways to run paid ads.

This way, you won’t have to bother paying expensive money to hire a YouTube ads specialist.

But the worst part about this is that since you don’t know much about YouTube ads before, how can you guarantee yourself that you will get results with your effort in this?

That is another important aspect that you should consider.

5. Coaching requires patience.

Just as I mentioned earlier, you need patience for you to make any progress with the coaching business.

Coaching is not a business you can go into today without any authority to yourself, and you expect to make sales.

Lucas Lee Tyson already has the audience that he can easily promote to.

He has thousands of followers on his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

So, making sales from promotion is easy peasy for him even before going ahead to pay for ads. This is an important factor that you have to consider.

Final Verdict

If you are wondering whether to consider this, it’s up to you to make a decision based on the drawbacks that I have discussed with you here.

However, my best recommendation is to go for affiliate marketing since it’s a business you can start even with zero capital.

I won’t discuss it much since my mentor, Jonathan Montoya, has already held a FREE MASTERCLASS and gone live on how he made $997 daily using a simple AI formula.

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