Muslim Millionaires Discord Review

Muslim Millionaires Discord Review (My Honest Thought)

muslim millionaires discord review

As-salamu alaikum, if you have ever come across this Muslim millionaire guy named Tamar with a Discord community claiming to teach you the Halal way.

Then this review will be the best guide for you to understand the right path to take when it comes to this program.

This guy claims that there are several ways to make money that have led many Muslims to engage in Haram activities.

However, he claims his community is filled with Halal ways to make money, and it’s strictly focused on Muslims.

Well, we are going to delve deeper into this, and by the end, you will be able to determine if this is the right path for you.

About the Muslim Millionaire

The Muslim Millionaire is a Discord community with the slogan “Faith plus wealth equals success,” i.e., Faith + Wealth = Success.

That is what Tamar claimed in the video, stating that they provide guidance on Halal money-making ways to create wealth.

This community has over one hundred thousand members on DISCORD.

Among the courses discussed there include Social Media Marketing Agency, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Graphics Designing.

I believe they are adopting the same approach as Hustlers University in their dealings.

Is this community a legitimate one to consider?

Well, the community might be a legitimate one based on your decision to join.

But is there a guarantee that you will make money with this as a Muslim? No!


Well, this is akin to the owner of Quora telling you that you will make money just by joining Quora.

This is simply a Discord community where people ask questions and possibly discuss some money-making opportunities.

There is no guarantee that you can make money with the things shared there because this is not a comprehensive course on any topic.

Perhaps you’ve been in Facebook groups where people share online money-making opportunities.

Oh yes, this is also the same approach. It’s just a group. There is nothing special there that can guarantee you’ll make money as a Muslim.

Additionally, there are even several Christians present in the group who have easy access to it.

Did I forget to mention that you will also be upsold a course by Tamar who will encourage you to buy his program?

So, you see, it’s just a step for him to sell his course(s) more easily, using the Muslim approach as a marketing technique.

Drawbacks of Muslim Millionaire

Let’s discuss the drawbacks of this program and why I don’t see it as the next-level solution for my Muslim readers.

1. Tapping into people’s Faith 

I see it as merely tapping into people’s faith because he knows that many Muslims hold their religion in high regard.

So, he’s using this as a method to make people believe he genuinely cares about Muslims, even though there are several Christians inside, and he’s primarily focused on selling his course.

I mean, why didn’t he make everything inside free, and why does he still have to sell his course after making such claims in his promotional videos?

2. No guaranteed money-making methods online

All the online businesses he promises to teach are not guaranteed as he claims.

Social media marketing requires running paid ads, freelancing is highly competitive and doesn’t yield instant results, graphics designing also involves freelancing, and many others he’s claiming.

So, all his sweet talk about Halal ways of earning and things getting easier is just a marketing tactic to make money easily by selling his courses.

3. Several Christians and other faiths are also inside 

As I implied earlier, if this is strictly for Muslims, as he claims, then Christians shouldn’t have been able to join.

It’s just a community filled with people from different faiths who all believe they can earn.

For me, this is a red flag that made me shy away from it, and I decided to leave the community.

4. Got the Muslim Millionaire suspended on TikTok 

Even the Muslim Millionaire’s TikTok page was once suspended because of the way he’s claiming to be faithful to Muslims.

This suggests that what he’s doing is against social media policies. Many MLM brands have used similar techniques to get people to join their dubious schemes online, claiming to help them.

This is just another strategy. The only difference is that he’s not doing MLM. Instead, he’s bringing people into a community and claiming they are helping Muslims make money the Halal way.

5. Nothing is free, you still have to pay money to learn

As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing free in this.

While you can easily join the community, after joining, you’ll find that there’s nothing worthwhile inside unless you’re new to internet marketing and don’t know much about how online businesses work.

After everything, you’ll still be pitched to buy a course, which will require a significant payment to join, with no guaranteed way to earn from it.

6. A way for him and his colleagues to also make money

Oh yes, whatever professors he’s claiming will teach you on this platform are all tricks for them to earn money.

I wouldn’t fall for something like this. However, it’s your choice and time to use by joining the community.

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Final Thought

Well, as a Muslim seeking the Halal way to earn, I would still suggest you explore further and not rely solely on what these guys are promising you.

Alternatively, you can follow my recommendation above and learn from my mentor.

This business I am into is also Halal and not Haram. I truly hope you can enjoy the benefits of making money online while you sleep.

See you at the top.

Cheers! Protection Status