Sending unlimited free traffic to your affiliate link

How to send Unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links

How to send Unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links

You Will Learn How to send Unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links In This Guide.

When it comes to sending unlimited free traffic to your Clickbank links. It’s relatively easy.

But I must warn. The only way you are searching for this might be because you are a newbie…

…and you are trying to make that affiliate commission at all cost just because you want to earn much.

If this is your main reason for searching for a way that you can send a considerable amount of traffic easily without paid ads.

Then the method that will be suggested for you is going to be a Black Hat Method.

This means this method is a method that will lead to a lot of junk traffics and people who do not even know you.

Compared to filtered traffic of people who already know who you are and who are ready to buy from you.

But anyway, the ball is in your court to play and there is nothing bad in trying out a method for the first time.

Even though the best way to get good traffic to your Clickbank affiliate link will be to build your audience.

Audiences who are already filtered and they are ready to buy from you because they trust you already.

Or maybe grow your audience on a platform and give out value and now promote a Clickbank product at the end.

This is one of the best ways to promote Clickbank products of any affiliate link in general.

But let us go into details about this and see how you can send a lot of traffic easily to your Clickbanks affiliate products.

What’s Blackhat Affiliate Marketing?

Blackhat Affiliate Marketing Is a method of pulling traffic from unsolicited and unfiltered sources just to get aggressive clicks.

This method is getting and pulling traffic is majorly popular among newbies who are looking to earn an affiliate commission for force.

If you are looking for a way to learn Affiliate Marketing the right way without having to do it the blackhat way…

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But anyway, back to the unlimited traffic method that I plan on revealing to you in this guide.

Several other affiliates started with this method and you can also use it to earn a few commissions online.

It’s not that bad. But it is just a game of luck in earning a commission. Compared to the opportunity I offered you above.

Below are the various sources and methods that you can easily use to pull…

…a lot of traffic and promote your Clickbank products without spending a dime on ads.

Ways To Send Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Clickbank Links

Let us take a solid look at the ways that you can use to get a lot of people to click on your Clickbank affiliate links.

Some are legit and considerable while some are not that considerable.

Nevertheless, you will consider choosing the one that best suits your ability and taste.

1. Influencer ShoutOuts

A free way to get an unlimited number of traffic for your affiliate marketing is by offering a service to an influencer.

Then after you have offered this service.

You can now request the influencer to give you a shoutout on his or her platform.

The only downside and uneasy aspect of this method or technique is that you have to gain the trust of the influencer.

The reason is that even getting featured as a promotion on any influencer page these days requires you to pay money.

Take for example someone just walking up to me to promote something on my blog for free.

Or message me for promotion without anything in return as compensation or something.

It doesn’t work that way because it is very much compulsory that you give out something for you to receive in return.

Failure of inability to be able to do this. Then you will not be able to get an influencer ShoutOuts for your offer.

One thing you need to know and put into consideration is that this method of pulling traffic works well.

If you are even seeking the assistance of an Influencer that has your audience.

Then you are good to make a lot of commission from Clickbank.

2. Email Scraper

You might have seen some methods online that tell you about using this method of pulling traffic.

Email scraping is also another way that you can promote and get traffic to your affiliate offer.

You can easily go and buy an email that is being scrapped already by an…

…influencer and you blast out an email to them with a tool like SendBlaster or other ones online.

Or if you are to decide to buy. Then that doesn’t make it free anymore.

There is a technique that cold email marketers use to get access to a lot of people.

And another technique they use to also blast out this email to them without using SendBlaster that might still cost money.

They first make use of Google to scrape out email using Instagram accounts that have an email address on their Bio.

You know Instagram is always indexed by Google. So, they use Google to scrape out Instagram emails.

Using this method. You can just use this formula and type it on Google.

Let us say I want to scrap out emails of real estate agents on instagram.

 “real estate” “” 

Just copy and paste that on google search box and edit it to what your niche.

Then you will now use to extract…

…out only the email addresses from the bunch of texts and you have your email addresses ready.

You can easily scrape out hundreds or even thousands of email addresses just by leveraging this method.

After you have scraped it. You can now use direct Gmail broadcast to send out the emails to them.

You can first start with 59 and later on. Start Increasing it gradually till your email gets stable.

This is how to use this method and send out your promotional message to them.

Just know that it is a blackhat method because they did not sign up to receive an email from you.

But if you promote to someone who needs your offer. Why not! You will be lucky to get sales from them.

3. Groups

Facebook groups have served a lot of people for a long time most especially when everything wasn’t this strict.

Not now that the Facebook algorithm is now strict and frowns on any promotion that will bring affiliate promotions on their page.

Previously, it is very easy to just send and blast links to several groups that are public and you will still be able to get 10 sales in a day.

But now everything is different and it is now even getting a little bit tougher to get your link to stay on groups.

But it still doesn’t mean that the gurus don’t find ways to escape Facebook jail and get their sales from the group.

All that they do is that they don’t just send affiliate links directly to Facebook groups anymore unlike before.

What they now do is that they send WhatsApp links. Oh yes, you heard that right.

Since Facebook and WhatsApp are still under the same brand called Meta.

They can still tolerate you sending their traffic to WhatsApp.

But they do not want you to send their users out of their website – not even an affiliate link. The detest that.

So, you can just send them to a WhatsApp group and inside this WhatsApp group is where you start sending your affiliate link.

Once they join… you keep sending it. You can even link the Affiliate link in the description.

There are a lot of public groups on Facebook that you can leverage for this blackhat method.

Just type your niche on Facebook and you will get a lot of public groups with thousands of members to promote to.

Another thing you can also do to limit the blackhat technique of this method and get more conversion is to give them value.

Tell them what the offer you are giving them is all about and teach them about it.

This way, you win them over and you get more clicks unlimited to your affiliate link.

4. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is another source that you can use to pull a lot of traffic to your affiliate link.

Traffics from where you perform certain tasks like clicking ads or opening and reading emails.

Then you will renew this task to a point whereby you can use this point to run a promotion on their platform.

And the moment you run this promotion. It will be sent as an email or a banner on their website for their users to view.

This method of traffic is very much Effective also and not that a blackhat method because you are performing a task for money.

Oh yes, when you perform the task. You will be expecting points in return for them to give you points that you will use to run a promotion.

What I don’t just like about this method is that the people who are also viewing your promos are also doing so for points.

Except if it’s something that few among them just need presently and they see it as an opportunity.

Also, it is not targeted traffic because they are viewing to also get points for themselves.

So hopefully, they can just decide to buy through your affiliate link.

And a source like this is not a reliable source for you to feel relaxed about getting stable traffic from.

5. TikTok

TikTok is another platform where you can get a lot of traffic to your Clickbanks affiliate product.

The reason is because even without any followers on Tiktok. You can reach thousands of audiences.

Oh yes, that is true. You can reach a wide number of people by only creating video content for your promotion.

What you just need to know is that you need 1000 followers before you can post a link in your bio.

Unlike Facebook or some other social media platforms. You cannot add links directly to your TikTok posts.

It is impossible. You have to add the link to your BIO PROFILE. So, you will now redirect them to click the link in the bio.

But for you to add a link in your bio. You need to have 1000 followers. You can always use some techniques online to grow your followers.

Or you can contact our social media management team here at to set that up for you.

Just click here and send us an email stating that you need Tiktok followers and we will be ready to provide them for you.

With 1000 followers and you can quickly get started and be ready to rumble easily.

Just 5 posts on Tiktok can get you 5000+ views which can get you 700+ clicks on your affiliate link. Even if you are new.

Not many people know about the ability of TikTok yet. They still see it as a platform where people show dance moves.

No, it’s already turning into a marketing platform and several Affiliate Marketers are taking advantage of it already.

This brings us to the end of this guide and I am sure that you have been able to learn a method that you can use to pull an unlimited number of clicks to your affiliate link.

Make sure to apply promptly and don’t abuse your chances. It’s nice having you.

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