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Squarespace Circle Membership | Should You Join Or Not?

There is always this inner motivation that envelope the administrators of a brand like “Squarespace Circle” when they see a rapid increase in their daily, monthly, and yearly users.

That’s what happened to Squarespace – the rapid increase in their product users and the

The testimonials they got concerning their products made them decide to launch the Squarespace Circle.

This program was birthed by this brand to encourage their users more and get more engagements from their users.

I believe this to be a nice approach because it’s engineered towards encouraging struggling entrepreneurs to never give up.

As we all know that human beings like a circle where they can showcase their expertise.

They like something that can show proof of their result and like to be tagged a particular member of a circle.

This is the reason why the Squarespace Circle is a nice idea and which has grown serious in the mind of their users.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Content;


What Is The Squarespace Circle All About?

What Is The Squarespace Circle All About? 

The Squarespace Circle is founded by the Squarespace brand to bring out the best return on investment for their users.

The Circle project is to upgrade their users and get them to associate with more top users who are making it big with Squarespace products and also have the privilege of getting new information concerning what is happening in the online market.

It’s also like a forum where like-minded people who are using the Squarespace products can discuss and learn from one another with an open mind.

What You Need To Become A Squarespace Circle Member

What You Need To Become A Squarespace Circle Member.

Becoming a Squarespace Circle Member is easy and all you need is to have 3 or more websites created with Squarespace.

This is cool for someone who’s a dedicated user of Squarespace products for his or her website.

So, if you have 3 or more websites that you have created using Squarespace.

You can just go ahead and register a FREE membership account here.

But if you don’t have 3 or more websites created with Squarespace yet. Maybe it’s time you elevate the hustle and create more websites to join the top league.

Note: You must be a Squarespace user who builds a website on their platform to become a member.

Even if you have 3 or more websites but it’s created on another platform and not Squarespace.

You won’t have the privilege to join the Squarespace Circle.

Since we are a little bit through with that. Let us discuss more on what you stand to gain most by joining this Circle.


Benefits Of Squarespace Circle

Benefits Of Squarespace Circle 

  1. Exposure
  2. Six-month Free Trial
  3. Get Notified Of New Trends
  4. Upgraded Portfolio
  5. 20% off schedule
  6. Sophisticated Resources
  7. Elevated Customer Care
  8. Novice Gets Expert Guides


1. Exposure:

There’s this saying that states that:
Your Network Is Your Net Worth.

That’s how the online and offline business rolls and depending on the people you move and reason with.

That’s what will determine how much you will be worth and how well your struggles will pay off.

If you’re moving with those who don’t think alongside the way you think. You will grow weak over time and lose guide.

So, it’s important that you have people that resonate with you and it’s true joining their circle.

That’s exactly what Squarespace is trying to achieve for its users here.

They are building a community where serious members can come together and share thoughts.

Normally, if you are using Squarespace and maybe you already have 3 or more websites set up with Squarespace.

It can be difficult to know others who are also like you. Others who are also passionate to grow a successful business like you.

But with what Squarespace provided called Squarespace Circle – it becomes easy to connect with like-minded people like you.

This is how you can increase your net worth and strive more towards achieving greatness.

Also, competition becomes your friend because you will see many others who are far ahead of you.

That will motivate you towards striving hard to attain more success.

This is the number one benefit that you enjoy.


2. Six-month Free Trial:

The Normal trial for registering an account with Squarespace is 14 days Free Trial.

But by joining the Squarespace Circle – you now have more privilege over others.

You have 6months of free trial for yourself and your clients.

This means that if you are a website designer who has a lot of jobs that you create for your clients…

…and Squarespace is your primary tool for creating your websites and other pages.

You now have the chance to even create 6 months of free website trials for your clients.

This is money for you because you can just pocket the 5months and 16day’s gain.

You will show your client the proof of the 14 days Free Trial but deep down – you know that being a Squarespace Circle Member is what you will use to gain more.

So, even aside from the fee your charge for designing websites for clients.

You are earning extra money just from the purchase of a plan on Skillshare.

Just be careful and don’t spend all the money, so that when the time for renewing begins by the 7th month.

You can quickly pay and renew the clients’ accounts.

Or what you can just do is to tell the client to pay 6 months package now for testing.

Then, later pay the rest after 6months. So, all the 6month fee is yours.

This is a very cool benefit that many freelancers and private website designers out there are using to make cool cash even before designing websites.


3. Get Notified Of New Trends:

Another Benefit you enjoy for joining the Squarespace Circle is the notification you get all the time when new things happen on the platform.

Brands like these spend a lot of money on personal development.

And there are some times that they hire some online marketing experts in the field of Internet Marketing at large.

Sometimes it can be on e-commerce, landing pages, email marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and others.

So, being a part of this Circle. You will get notified and Never miss these trends.

These are some things that will cost you a lot of money if you’re to go learn them by yourself.

But the company has already borne the risk and pay because they want their users to get more successful.

There can also be some notes and resources that the Squarespace brand is releasing soon.

You will get notified quickly and stay ahead of not online others who are using Squarespace and not in the circle.

But ahead of others who are not even aware that Squarespace exists.

I believe this is a nice privilege that you will enjoy as a member.


4. Upgraded Portfolio:

Remember when you are in high school and you are given a portfolio to represent other students.

In case you are not given one. That’s because you’re not an attentive student.

Hahaha… Just kidding.

But if you do or you witness those who do. Can you remember the pride?

Because it shows that you’re one of the most serious students among hundreds or thousands of other students.

This is also what Squarespace is trying to achieve for their users by giving their circle members by giving them a badge.

This badge can be placed on their website and other platforms that they engage in.

It will distinguish them from other normal users and show that they are an expert and professional in designing landing pages.

You might have gone to some other Squarespace members’ websites and you see them proudly display their badge.

Oh yes! That’s their portfolio. And with the badge, they are sure to get more clients because it proves that they have been designing websites for a long while.

So, you can also get this badge and gain worldwide recognition ahead of others, and proudly display it on your website.

Just register, create 3 websites, and more with Squarespace, join the Squarespace Circle and your badge will be readily available for you.


5. 20% off from Annual:

I like annual plans a lot because it gives one the chance of getting a lot of discounts from the monthly plan.

Although, compared to other brands or the normal Squarespace plan. You cannot get a discount like this.

But to appreciate their loyal users and fans. Squarespace has gone ahead to give 20% off their annual plans.

This means that as a circle member – if you purchase an annual plan for your brand or your clients.

You stand the chance of enjoying a 20% discount on your first purchase.

Oh yes! I have to state that clearly. The 20% discount only applies to the first purchase on the account you are opening for yourself or your clients.

Immediately the annual plan expires and it’s time to renew for the next plan. You will be charged the normal fee that others pay.

But after all, this is good news for the start. Because it means more money for you.

So, goooooo… After enjoying the 6 monthly payment menu from your clients.

Immediately the 6 months end and you want to buy a plan for them.

You can just tell them to purchase the annual plan and once they purchase. The 20% from the purchase is yours because you are a circle member.

There is a lot of benefit for those who are doing website designing here.

You stand a lot to enjoy many goodies and get more cash even before going ahead to design websites for your clients.

But remember, it is only applicable to the first purchase of your client.

If you want to try and enjoy this again. It has to be another client’s account when they pay their first annual plan.


6. Sophisticated Resources:

Walking alone along a lonely path can become boring and tiring. The best way to stay fit is to have some resources that you can have in your possession.

These resources are what will help you stay far ahead of others and also learn new things.

That’s why when you join the Squarespace Circle Club, you stand the chance to enjoy some sophisticated marketing materials and help that will assist you in getting a fast result.

Oh yes, I know there’s no fast way in business. But how about something fast that won’t make you pass the wrong way.

Instead of going on a long journey. Something already available to keep the journey very short for you.

So, that’s what the Squarespace Circle gives to its members.

And you have to know that these resources are free to get. But because they are free to get doesn’t mean they are not valuable.

They are very valuable because Squarespace wants its members to succeed so that they can keep using their platform.

Also, when you have some resources that help you get clients without finding it difficult.

Selling becomes easy for you and becoming a top earner won’t be hard.


7. Elevated Customer Care:

Squarespace is known for its dedicated customer support.

Well, that’s less compared to what their circle members are truly enjoying from the customer care.

How about elevated customer care that is optimized for your specific need?

Isn’t that amazing?

That means that sometimes if you find something difficult. Customer support can help you fix it unlike directing you on what to do.

This is another benefit that you enjoy when you join the circle club and become a member.

Also, when someone who is a circle member messages the customer care team of a particular issue.

It will quickly trigger the customer support that the person is a top user and an expert.

So, the support that they get become quick that within a few minutes to an hour. The user gets a quick reply.

So, they are already tagged as an experienced user of Squarespace for becoming a Circle member.


8. Novice Gets Expert Guides:

You have to know that not all the users in the Squarespace Circle Member are experts.

Yes, some people are novices but are only opportune to have funds to create some websites with Squarespace.

Also, some are not the ones who created the websites. They might have a website design team that creates their website.

So, as someone who is like that but among the circle. Such a person is a novice and can get expert advice from joining the circle.

He or she can even hire some top designers in the circle to help design some pages that are more than what’s expected.

Also, experts share advice and opinions in the forum. The novice and Intermediates listen and learn from them.

It’s just a win-win situation for the novice because they are opportune to be in an environment filled with like-minded people.


Importance Of Squarespace Circle Badge

Importance Of Squarespace Circle Badge 

Does the square space circle badge have any importance? Maybe Yes Or Maybe No.

We should just quickly look at some available importance that you can derive from also having the Squarespace Circle Badge.

  1. More Profile Accomplishment.
  2. Dynamic Page Builder Proof.
  3. Grab Unplanned Opportunity.


1. More Profile Accomplishment:

The major reason why stuff like this is very much beneficial is that it adds to more of your accomplishments in life.

You can easily place these badges on your website and also on your social media for more exposure.

You also gain more respect from others concerning what you have been capable of doing.

I have to be very frank with you – people always respect accomplishment.

And that is why the top and successful marketers go to get more certification online by enrolling in some classes.

Because they know that it will add to their portfolio which they can use as a valid reference purpose.

Also, this is something that you must display widely on your LinkedIn profile that you have achieved.

LinkedIn is not a platform that you should just joke with maybe because you don’t hear much about the platform.

A lot of stuff is going on there and that’s a platform where you can make a lot of connections with other companies.


2. Dynamic Page Builder Proof:

People always want proof and they can easily lose trust in you – if you don’t have enough proof that can convince them.

That is why the Squarespace Circle Badge is another fantastic opportunity for you to get proof.

This is something that you can easily show to your client that you have achieved just from building pages for others.

It’s proof that can make you stand out from your competitors and make you become a whole person.

It can kinda be a little bit difficult to win over people these days and proof is what will give you the financial breakthrough.

And just because there are many guru page builders these days who are not even experts in the field of the landing page but building nonsense.

It’s making people lose interest in who they should give their landing page work.

So, with this proof of Squarespace Circle Badge which you have – you can easily win over with proof.


3. Grab Unplanned Opportunity:

A lot of opportunities are now flying on the internet and only those who are prepared can take advantage of them.

That is why if you are still waiting for the right time to start anything – you are indirectly shifting your reward time the more.

So, when you have the Squarespace Circle Badge in your possession and you place it anywhere on the internet.

You have access to more opportunities that you can easily grab all by yourself without any setbacks.

Even if someone wants to join Squarespace through your affiliate link – they can be complacent enough to join because you already have the badge of authority.

You can use this to surpass your competitors and come out strong in topping the affiliate sales leaderboard.

It sounds a little bit reasonable, right? That’s just the fact.

The ability to grab opportunities at any time is why you need to have a Squarespace Circle Badge.



It’s been an amazing guide writing about the Squarespace Circle.

If you’re still wondering whether this is the best choice for you.

You should go ahead and accomplish it by buying some plans and creating your websites.

You can decide to use this platform to create client accounts if you are a freelancer and get the chance to open 3 websites.

Once you have 3 or more websites already created, you can start enjoying the 6months free trial and 20% discount as a circle member.

I believe in doing everything it takes to attain success and I expect you to do the same.

Always remember that joining the Squarespace Circle will give you the chance to join the Squarespace Circle Forum and always be able to display the Squarespace Circle Badge on your website.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends if you enjoy it.

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