Steady Ecom Review

Steady Ecom Review By Anthony Del Rio (My Honest Thought)

Steady Ecom Reviews

If you’ve ever considered joining the Amazon FBA course called “Steady Ecom” by Anthony Del Rio, please take a moment to read this review carefully.

Many people have been asking me in my group and other places about my thoughts on this program.

That’s why today’s guide will briefly discuss this program.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this.

About Steady Ecom Program

Steady Ecom is a course that teaches you how to make money through Amazon FBA Fulfillment By Amazon.

This type of business involves Amazon handling storage, packaging, processing, delivery, and other tasks for you.

Essentially, you use Amazon as your warehouse and delivery team.

However, there are many aspects of this business that the instructors may not disclose.

Anthony Del Rio, known online and among his students as “Ecomdelrio,” is a guru who promises that you can make money through Amazon FBA.

His course is priced at $4,000 after booking a call with his team, but you’ll need to schedule a call to find out the exact price.

Now, is this business legitimate? Yes, it is.

However, there are some drawbacks that you might not be informed about regarding this type of business.

Before we discuss them, let’s determine if this business is profitable.

Is Steady Ecom Profitable

Steady Ecom is not the type of course where you can expect a fast return on investment.

This is because the program focuses on a business model that requires a significant amount of capital to start, unlike my business model, which is silent YouTube shorts automation and affiliate marketing.

My business model doesn’t require any initial capital, and you can earn through both affiliate marketing and YouTube AdSense revenue.

Imagine a business that doesn’t necessitate purchasing products or running costly advertisements and still allows you to earn.

However, this doesn’t mean that Amazon FBA isn’t profitable. The question is, do you have the substantial capital required to get started?

Drawbacks of Steady Ecom and Amazon FBA

Let me share some of the drawbacks of this type of business and why many people hesitate to pursue it.

Please note that this isn’t meant to discourage you from pursuing it, but rather to help you prepare for what you might encounter while doing this business.

1. High Cost to Join

Joining this program comes with a substantial cost compared to other more affordable courses available online.

Considering that you’ll still need additional funds to get started, some might find the price tag quite steep.

2. High Capital Required To Start

Indeed, a substantial amount of capital is necessary to commence this business because you’ll be shipping products to Amazon and have to cover various associated fees.

3. Gurus Vibes

Anthony exudes a guru vibe by showcasing luxury items and discussing recent purchases.

However, it’s not just about his possessions; it’s about the credibility of his claims.

This can make it challenging to fully trust everything he says about achieving what he has.

4. Amazon Bans

Many of these gurus omit discussing Amazon Bans, which lead to numerous people quitting.

Amazon’s strict policies can pose difficulties, and if your account gets banned, you lose access to your investments.

5. High Competition

Competition is fierce in the Amazon FBA business, with well-established brands dominating various product niches.

Additionally, Anthony Del Rio promises to reveal winning products.

Given that he has hundreds of students, these recommendations are no longer a well-kept secret, making it a significant drawback to consider.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, this guide has provided you with insights into the program and its drawbacks.

If you’re seeking a business with zero startup capital requirements, where you don’t need to spend on ads, and where you can earn whether you sell products or not, consider exploring YouTube Shorts

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