9 Affiliate Marketing Email Templates That Make Money.

9 Affiliate Marketing Email Templates That Make Money.

Getting someone to click on your affiliate link and purchase requires a good template.

That’s why you need an example of affiliate marketing email templates that you can use whenever you’re promoting your Affiliate campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing with email is one of the best ways to make Affiliate sales.

It’s becoming very easy to send multiple promotional messages to a subscriber before they decide to make a purchase.

Doing on another person’s platform can be difficult. But it’s very well achievable with email marketing.

That’s why thousands of top Affiliate marketers out there put enough effort into building their email list.

Some don’t have a good social media presence. They don’t have engagement on their social media.

But when it comes to emails… You will see them having thousands of open rates.

It’s from their working hard through the years to build their email list.

But even though having an email list is important.

If you don’t have the necessary email sequence templates that you can use to convert a stranger to a buyer.

They will not purchase from you. That’s why we are going to be looking at the Affiliate Marketing Email Sequence you can use when sending out your promotional Affiliate emails to make money.

Now, let’s get deeper into the types of email campaigns you should send when doing your Affiliate Marketing.

Before we go deep. I’m sure you have already build your email list.

If you haven’t build your email list, you can go ahead and run any promotional campaign to build your email list.

We have several ads like Google ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube Ads, Forum Ads, and the rest.

You can run any ad campaign. But getting approval when starting can be difficult a little bit.

So, you can start with solo ads. Yeah, solo ads are cool to start with.

This is paying another person who has thousands of email subscribers to promote to his or her email list.

I’m sure you already have a freebie that you will offer as a lead magnet to the subscribers.

So, once you run the ad and you get a subscriber to sign up on your list.

You should send them the download email. Where they will download the freebie you’re giving them.




Email #1 Download Email

This is the email you will send to them when they sign up to join your email list.

The reason why I mostly like to give out freebies like this is that some people might give out a fake email address.

So, if they didn’t provide their correct email address and we make the download file to be on the thank you page.

It kinda seems like we’re the one at lost because they got our freebie with a fake email address.

Also, sometimes – some of them can make a mistake while typing.

So, if they can’t get the Freebie but realized that it’s sent through the mail.

They will go back and Opt-in correctly.

Although, I use this method when sending HTML emails and not only text emails.

So… Here’s how your first email is going to be.

Email Sequence 1:


Congratulations – Here Is Your Download



Thank you for joining my tribe, and welcome on board!

I am super excited to have you in our corner 🙂

Straight up! Here is the download link to your free report:


Make sure you read it and put it to good use.

And if you hit any roadblocks when implementing this file, do not hesitate to reach out, any time!

NOTE: Over the next couple of days I’ll be sending you some more great tips and advice on [NICHE], so keep an eye out for those.

In the meantime, go through the report, and let me know your thoughts.


[Your Name]

RECAP: You can see how short and precise this template is.

It takes them directly into what they should expect from you and also give them the link to the freebie.

You have to sound friendly. Don’t just send out the link to the Freebie.

Make it look cool and warm. Let them feel as if they’re talking with their close friends.

Remember that it’s a human being behind those email addresses.

So, you have to get deep into their emotions and make Affiliate sales from any one of their email leads.

You have to build a relationship with them. And it starts from the first email you send out.

You can tweak and adapt that into your email Autoresponder for sending out.

Note: This Email Campaign Must Be Sent Immediately They Opt-in.

Since we are done with that, let’s move to the next campaign which is the Introduction Email Campaign Template.


Email #2 Introduction Email [2 hours later]

The next email you will send 2 hours later than the time you send the first email will be the introduction email.

This is the email you will send to the lead after they have downloaded your freebie.

This is where you will Introduce yourself and what you do for a living.

Also, you will talk about what you’re good at and how you can help them.

The reason for sending them 2 hours later is because you don’t want to bombard them with email the first few minutes.

But you want them to feel your presence.

If you’re doing solo ads for example. The leads might have a lot of emails in their inbox.

So, you have to make them open your emails and know your name. Let them know your name and open your emails and know who you are.

Here’s how you can craft your introductory email which is Email number #2. Sent after the download email.

{First_Name} Welcome to my World…

Hey Friend,

You recently claimed access to [Lead Magnet]

I hope it will add immense value to you and your business.

If this is the first time you’re getting a mail from me…

I welcome you to my world!

My name is [Your Name] and I am a full-time [Your Niche].

I also love [State The Things You Enjoying Doing The Most].

I wish to connect with you well, and I want to share my Entrepreneurial Story with you.

From being a crazy newbie, [State Your Past Mistakes And Your Present Achievement].

I believe this can motivate you to become an Action Taker in your Life.

I would also like to go through your Story.

You can tell me what your name is and what you do in your professional life – via reply so I can try to help you anytime you seek my help.

In the coming days, I’ll be sending you [State The Things You Will Be Sending Them And What They Should Expect].

There are a lot of spam filters flying around these days!

To avoid missing out on my Goodies, you might want to add my email address to your list of contacts!

You might also want to CLICK HERE to follow my Facebook Page – I share a lot of Exclusive stuff there.

Once Again, welcome to my WORLD!

Let’s Grow Together!!

To your online success,
[Your Name]

P.S: To ensure you don’t miss any of the awesome kinds of stuff I will be sending your way, make sure you add my email [Add your Email Here] to your email contacts now.

Here’s How >>> [A Link To A Write up / Video Explaining How they can add your email]

RECAP: As you can see from the email template I wrote. It’s very cordial and a way for me to get to the emotion of my new subscribers.

If you use this strategy, This will make them interested in opening your future emails because you Introduced yourself perfectly.

You can replicate something like this for your Affiliate campaign. As you can see, I haven’t talked about selling to them.

It’s presently about building a relationship and letting them fall in love with you.


Email #3 Reminder Email [Following Day]

This is the email that you will send the following day after sending the first 2 emails.

The thing is that most of your new subscribers might not download the freebie you gave them.

They might just read and ignore and that won’t bring a positive impact for you because you want them to download it.

So that it can be easy for you to pitch them with a product in the future.

So, make sure to remind them of downloading the freebie.

If you just leave them with the hope that they have already downloaded the freebie.

You’re losing out because it shows that you don’t care. Think about it, when you render help to someone and you still go back to ask them how they are.

They will feel Indebted to you because it’s a sign of being rare among others.

So, this is the email you will send the following day and it will go like this:

Email 3 (The following or 2nd day):


Any Questions Using [Lead Magnet]? Let’s Talk!


Warm greetings to you, [NAME]

It’s been [add duration eg 24hrs, etc] after downloading [Lead Magnet], and I quickly wanted to reach out to know if you’ve started going through it yet.

If not, why not?

You see, a lot of people are already sending in their feedback on how great content I have given you, and to be honest, I’m curious to see your feedback as well.

In case you missed it, go here to download it and start reading it asap!

[Put The Download Link Again]

And oh! Don’t forget I am only a reply away from answering all your questions. So, feel free to hit that reply button 🙂

I hope you have a great time!

Talk soon,
[Your Name]

RECAP: As you can see, this is how you will craft your reminder email and let them download the freebie.

I even like it when a subscriber just downloads the freebie with an email like this because it makes them feel loved.

They will appreciate the fact that they got reminded because it’s rare among others.

What others do to them is to start pitching them with a product the following day.

But you’re different, you remind them of what they’ve not acted on and it signals a positive feeling that you gave the best to this freebie.

It’s majorly known that Freebies might not be that valuable. But with you reminding them.

You’re telling them that this Freebie is worth them investing money to purchase if they should go meet another expert.

Since we are done with this, let’s go to the next email we will send on the 3rd day.


Email #4 Giveaway Email [The 3rd day]

This email campaign is what you will send on the 3rd day.

The purpose of this email is to show more kindness by giving them another freebie.

Oh yes! Just imagine when someone showers you with enough blessings. You will be more than grateful.

That’s what you will offer here. But make sure that it still complements what they Opt-in for.

If for example, you gave a freebie guide on how to grow email subscribers.

You can offer more tips on how to get them to click and open their emails.

So, make sure you’re still going along the value ladder. Don’t jump to another ladder because they won’t appreciate it.

They will show less acknowledgment and you might start to lose the interest of some of the new subscribers.

So, make sure it complements what they Opt-in for and you’re good to go.

Here’s how the email campaign can look like:

Email #4


{Name}!! Download this Free {Resource}.



I’m still in a Santa mood and I’ve decided to bless you the more.

Many people find it hard to succeed in {Niche}.

Because they don’t have anybody to give them the resources they need to scale through.

But because you’re on my email list, you are far more ahead of them.

That’s why I will be gifting you a resource that will support what I have to you two days back.

This resource is called {Title Name).

It will help you to {state all the benefits and features that this Resource possesses and can help them achieve}.

It has been in development for the past 8 months and I’m giving free access to just 50 among my subscribers to be a beta tester of it.

Click on the link below to download this resource now.

It’s getting late and I bet 30 subscribers would have grabbed their copy before you join.

So, don’t get late.


RECAP: As you can see the way I constructed the campaign.

Normally, many new affiliate marketers would have started promoting their affiliate offers the following day or the 3rd day.

But you won’t do that, you want to offer more value.

Because if you don’t offer enough value to people and gain their trust.

They won’t buy from you. People are getting wiser because of too many fake Products and unserious people out there.

I’ve got a lot of complaints from my subscribers about different products they have bought and haven’t worked for them.

So, if you just go ahead and started pitching anyhow.

They won’t trust you and won’t buy from you.

You have to give them more… To receive more.

You can replicate something like this for yours and get on board.


Email #5 Reminder & Explanation Email [Send The 4th day]

After you have sent the 5th email which is the Giveaway email.

Don’t just leave them hanging. Try to remind them of downloading the freebie or whatever action you want them to take.

You see, you have to portray the online world like the physical world.

Your client to you is just like when you want to marry a lady. Even after the introduction and everything.

You still have to gift her some things for loving her and showing her that you care.

Taking her out twice every week might not be too much if you’re interested in winning her heart.

That’s what you’re doing here and it’s not even going to cost you any dime to care for your subscribers.

If you don’t have any ebook or video – just go to a PLR website like freeplrdownload. com and download free resources you can give out to them.

It’s as easy as that.

So, the reminder email is going to be like this:

Email 5:


Any Questions? Here’s a Quick Update.



Very quickly, I wanted to reach out to know if you’ve downloaded your free report. OMG! The feedbacks have been nothing short of incredible.

If for any reason you still have not been able to download it, it’s okay; life is busy, that I know. But hey, the download link will be gone soon, so do that right away.

Click Here to Download it immediately >> [Download Link]

However, if you already downloaded it and gone through it, kindly hit reply and let me have your thoughts. It means a lot to me.

Also, here’s the download link to an explainable tutorial about this resource which I provided here.

Click below to download it >>>>>>>
[Download Link].

Okay. On to the important update…

I want to introduce you to something tomorrow. A brand-new [Give them a little bit of hint about the Affiliate offer you will be promoting to them tomorrow].

Oh yes! You read that right.

This is an exciting time in our industry and everyone cannot wait to see what they can do with this carefully developed technology.

Trust me, you will be blown away when you see exactly how it works in my email tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that.

NOTE: This offer is only for a select few, and you will have the chance to grab it first hand before anyone. So, make sure you keep an eye out for my email.

Talk soon,
[Your Name]

P.S. I want you to know that I’m only a reply away, should you need anything at all.

RECAP: You will notice I talked about reminding them to download the freebie.

This is how you should craft yours… Make sure to remind them and also give a little bit of explanation on the resource.

You can direct them to a video explanation or a page on your website where you wrote a few written pieces on the resource.

Also, this is the opportunity for you to make them anticipate the offer you will be promoting to them.

You have to talk about it and get them to anticipate and starve for it before you reveal the offer the following day.


Email #6 Presell Email [Send the 5th day]

Once you’re done with the Introduction and get together. It’s time to introduce your offer and get them on board.

As you can see from the previous emails. All we’re doing is providing value.

Someone might ask me, what about if I want to do it for a long while. It’s also cool.

But you just have to pitch them with something. The amazing this is that people love to buy.

But they just want to be assured that they are investing their money in the right resource.

Who doesn’t want to prosper? Everyone does. So, you have to just show care and make sure that their best interest is at the top of your mind.

This is how they will acknowledge you and buy from you. Love your email subscribers the way you love yourself and always promote the best offer to them.

Now, depending on what niche you are and what product you promote in your sub-niche.

So you can study it and use it for your future campaign.

Here’s how it goes:

Email 3:



(NEW Strategy) How to [Type What Your Offer Can Do In 5-6 words].


ATTN: Today I want to introduce you to a new strategy and case study that my friend has been using to [State The Transformation].

Quick question: What if there was a way to quickly and easily [Promise How It Can Solve Their Current Problem].

And what if you could look over his shoulder and see how that was made possible so you
could copy the exact steps and apply them for yourself? Sound good?

Hey there,

As you may already know, I’m a great proponent of newbie-friendly strategies that can easily help improve your [current online business, Health, Or Relationship?] month after month.

So, when my friend [Product Creator’s Name] told me how they’re now able to [What The Product Did To His Business Positively] I couldn’t help but tell you about it.

Look, if you’re like me, I love case studies. You know, if you must learn through a system that works, you will agree it’s only fair you’re shown over the should click by click how that system works.

That is how the REAL result-oriented marketers teach other people to copy their strategies.

And that is exactly what you’re getting with this [What Product Does] {Affiliate Link}.

[Introduce The Product And Talk About The Benefits In This Paragraph].

==> Check it out right away before it Launches tomorrow >> [Affiliate Link]

[Product Name] is…

[State The Features]

Guess the best part? You can still get it right now at a ridiculously low price, the lowest it will ever be.

NOTE: This exclusive offer is for 27 fast action takers only. So, as soon as the 27th slot is taken tomorrow, I’m pulling it down completely.

==>> Go Check it out now and register with my Affiliate link >> [Affiliate Link]

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

RECAP: Can you see how I crafted that? You can use that for your future promos.

Make it cordial. Don’t write as if you’re the one feeding them or giving them money.

You should know that there are emotional people at the other end reading the email.

And everybody wants something for their best interest.

So, state what the product talks about and do your best to make it friendly.

That’s how you get clicks on your affiliate links.

Also, this presells email campaign will make them be aware and buy from you if any other Affiliate marketer in their inbox also sends them a promotional email concerning the Affiliate product.

Doing this will make you be a step ahead of others who can serve as a competitor to you.


Email #7 Live Email [Send the 6th day]

The live Email is what you will send on the day the product launches.

During this day, there are lots of other people who will also be promoting the product.

Your subscribers might also be on their email list. But because you have already sent them a presell email.

You are one step ahead of them just like I stated earlier. So, sending it when the product launches is a nice approach.

Here’s how you can send your Live emails:


[Product Name] is Live!



The much-awaited [Product Name] that I told you about yesterday is live.

And hundreds of marketers are already pulling out their credit cards to make the purchase.

If you’re interested in changing that lifestyle of yours. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Quick question: What if there was a way to quickly and easily [Promise How It Can Solve Their Current Problem].

And what if you could look over his shoulder and see how that was made possible so you
could copy the exact steps and apply them for yourself? Sound good?

Hey there,

As you may already know, I’m a great proponent of newbie-friendly strategies that can easily help improve your [current online business, Health, Or Relationship?] month after month.

So, when my friend [Product Creator’s Name] told me how they’re now able to [What The Product Did To His Business Positively] I couldn’t help but tell you about it.

Look, if you’re like me, I love case studies.

You know, if you must learn through a system that works, you will agree it’s only fair you’re shown over the should click by click how that system works.

That is how the REAL result-oriented marketers teach other people to copy their strategies.

And that is exactly what you’re getting with this [What Product Does] {Affiliate Link}.

[Introduce The Product And Talk About The Benefits In This Paragraph].

==> Check it out right away >> [Affiliate Link]

[Product Name] is…

[State The Features]

Guess the best part? You can still get it right now at a ridiculously low price, the lowest it will ever be.

NOTE: This exclusive offer is for 27 fast action takers only. So, as soon as the 27th slot is taken, I’m pulling it down completely.

==>> Go grab your own copy now>> [Affiliate Link]

To your success,

[Your Name]

RECAP: This is how you construct your live emails. You do not have to write much.

You can just type a little about the product benefit and join your presell campaign with it.

It’s as easy as that. As you can see that these swipes are following one another.

Remember to make sure that the product you are promoting compliment the freebie you are giving.


Email #8 Follow-up Email [Send the 7th day]

The next email is the follow-up email. Look, most of your subscribers will not buy with the presell and launch email.

They won’t feel it or think it’s a problem for them. Some might be waiting for others to buy before they buy.

So, if you should stop at the launch email thinking that everything will become perfect and they will buy later.

They won’t. There’s nothing like buying later.

If they want to buy, let them buy now and not later.

So, you want to make the process very compelling by sending a follow-up email that reminds them of doing the needful.

Don’t just believe they will buy. You have to make them buy by keep reminding them and following up with them.

Here’s how the Follow-up Email can go:


[Product Name] OMG! The Slots Are Going Out Fast! Are You In?


Hey [Name Tag],

I wanted to quickly reach out to know if you already claimed 1 of the exclusive 27 slots [Product Creator’s Name] gave me for [Product Name]. Boy, I’m shocked at how fast everyone is picking up their slots!

You still have a chance to grab yours right now before it’s all gone!

You see, this is the first-ever [What Product Does] and reveals a dead-simple strategy anyone can replicate to start seeing results asap!

>>> Here’s Your Exclusive Link to Grab Your Copy Before It’s All Gone! [Your Affiliate Link]

In case you’re wondering what this is about, here’s my previous email detailing exactly what this is.



RECAP: This is how your reminder email should look like.

It should remind them and always make it cool. Don’t be pushy.

Some marketers will be using harsh words in their emails. Don’t do that. People are getting wiser.

They know that you will earn a Commission if they should buy.

So, if you’re sounding too pushy or harsh. It will look as if you only care about your commission.

You have to take it easy when sending your follow-up emails.


Email #9 Extra Follow-up Email [Send the 8th day]

The final email you will send is the extra-follow-up email campaigns.

This campaign can be sent multiple days later. Depending on how well you’ve seen enough conversion.

If you didn’t see any sales after sending your other emails.

You can go the extra mile to keep sending your extra follow-up emails.

Just keep changing the title and keep promoting.

But if they didn’t buy after this extra follow-up email after I send it once. I will change the offer.

Maybe they’re not interested in the product.

The only reason you will see someone not making sales after using these templates is if the product you’re promoting is not in correspondence with the freebie resource they opted in for.

That’s why you have to make sure that every product you are promoting is in correspondence with what they Opt-in for.

Make sure it’s kinda an advanced product to what they opted in for.

Let’s say you gave them a freebie of “How to write copy that converts”.
You can promote the products on how to drive traffic to their landing page.

Because without traffic… Nobody will read the copy.

Let’s see how to write this kind of campaign:

Email 5:


(Last Chance) Your Newbie-Friendly [Product Name] Case Study is Going Away Forever – Hurry!


Hey [Name Tag],

I wanted to quickly remind you that the exclusive discount for this sees it all case study is going away forever.

Are you sure you want to miss this?

Look, you could literally [Give Them A Promise].

Seriously, this is the most transparent case study I’ve ever seen, backed up with hundreds of successful students.

You could be the next! But you need to act now before the doors shut forever.

This is HUGE!

So, I wanted to be sure you want to miss out completely. If not;

>>> Here’s Your Exclusive Link to Grab it at the Lowest Price Ever! [Your Affiliate Link]

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

RECAP: I hope you can see how we just reminded them of not missing out.

This is how you craft your email campaigns and get sales.

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Wrap Up On Affiliate Marketing Email Templates

I believe this guide has helped design your email campaigns.

You can use these Affiliate Marketing Email Scripts to write out your Affiliate promos.

Just use it and replicate it for your promos. I am giving you for FREE.

What I just gave you is what other people will charge a hundred bucks to teach you.

Also, if you should hire a copywriter to write out this campaign for you.

You know how much they will charge… Maybe $200, $300, $400 or even up to $1,500.

But you having this will make you write your Affiliate Marketing Email Campaign Promotions yourself without any panic.

Also, make sure you take them through the value ladder.

From giving Freebie to building trust and to promotion.

Is this guide helpful? Let me know in the comment box below.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends by clicking on the social media buttons below.

Also, if you have any questions or contributions. Hit the comment box below and reply.

I will be more than happy to reply to all comments.


See You Around.

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