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(3 Tips) how much do affiliate marketers make per sale?

how much do affiliate marketers make per sale

Asking this question depends on the Affiliate program that an affiliate marketer is promoting on.

If you are asking this type of question. It means you are either a newbie in affiliate marketing…

…or you are already into affiliate marketing but you’re doubting because you haven’t earned anything at all.

But it’s all good and clear because I will be giving justice to this question in the little way I can in this guide.

First of all, you have to know that there is no specific amount of money that you can make per affiliate sale.

It all depends on the commission basis that the product vendor is willing to offer you as an affiliate.

Also, another factor that will determine the amount you will earn is the price of the product you are promoting.

If the price of a product is $200 with a commission of 50% per sale.

You will earn more than a product that is $100 with a 50% commission per sale basis.

So, price is also the major important factor when it comes to earning from Affiliate Marketing.

That is why several affiliates out there are now running away from promoting Amazon products.

Why? Because they get to see that even though products are many on this platform.

Their commission rate is very low compared to the amount of stress that you incur in pulling traffic into your website.

The prices are high but the commission is relatively low because they are physical products compared to promoting digital products.

What Is A Physical Product?

Physical products are kinda like E-commerce or Dropshipping products that need to be shipped to the customer before they can be consumed.

This means the customer has to see the product before they can consume such a product.

The only thing about physical products is that there is always a high likelihood of refund rate than digital products.

Also, the commission rates are majorly very low when it comes to earning your Affiliate Reward.

What Is A Digital Product?

A digital product on the other hand is a product that is being consumed online.

An example can be Bluehost Hosting where websites are being hosted and launched.

Or an example can be lead generation software like ConvertKit where email marketers can build their email list.

These are digital products that people use and consume online without having to be transited physically to them.

Digital Products have a high likelihood of having a huge commission rate because the refund rate is usually less.

Except if in a case where the product doesn’t perform what it promises. But if it does perform its promise.

Then there will be no cause for alarm at all and you can gladly earn your commission in peace.


3 Best Make Money Per Sale Methods For Affiliate Marketers

Let us take a look at some of the best make-money methods for affiliate marketers to consider their pay.

It takes serious dedication to make money from Affiliate Marketing – but it shouldn’t be that difficult also.

1. JV Launch

If you are an affiliate who has a lot of other Affiliates who are also into promoting the same kinds of products as yours.

Then you can involve in a joint venture kinda promotion where you promote each other’s products.

It is called joint ventures and it happens on a platform like Clickbank where there are product vendors.

Vendors who have a product that they are selling and they also serve as an affiliate to other vendors.

Why? Because they want to have a partnership with other top affiliates who are capable of promotion.

It takes you to also be someone capable of sending customers to another vendor’s sales page before this can work well for you.

Also, If you are an affiliate who is very much reputable. You will have access to some extra benefits.

Like an added advantage of giving you an upgraded commission just because you are reputable.

This commission upgrade will give you more earning potential compared to the general one that others are using.

You can even private message the product vendor to offer you more commission if you have a lot of sales records already.

So, a joint venture (JV) is an awesome way to get access and earn more when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

2. Product Recommendation

Recommending products as an Influencer is also another way to make money per sale with Affiliate marketing.

It is very important to know that the majority of the products out there also pay per sale and less in bundle.

But when you recommend a product to your existing audience who already know and trust you very much.

You tend to be able to earn more with this because they are not new to you and they know you.

Having someone capable of giving you a product that will always compliment your niche.

It is always wrong for you to be talking about blogging and you now decide to be recommending a product around E-commerce.

Always try to promote a product that works around what you are always discussing with your audience all the time.

3. SEO

SEO is what I do and it is what I find passion in doing almost every time of my life.

Affiliate Marketing with SEO is one of the best passive income that you can always live with.

Just imagine you making an affiliate commission per every sale that comes through from your website.

A lot of affiliate marketers out there including those who promote Amazon products who are the major dominants.

They know what it takes and they enjoy every bit of earning from SEO because they don’t even have to stress much with selling.

Oh yes, an SEO marketer does not need to stress much about selling because they only need to provide value.

Or do a review content for a product and the moment they do the review content, they just include their affiliate link.

Including this affiliate link is all that they need to change their story for the best.

So, I always advise people to consider using SEO for their affiliate marketing journey.

You can always get started with BLUEHOST  to launch your first website.

If you plan to rank on Google for several traffic. Then you should consider using a professional website.


How Much Do They Make Per Sale

The amount that affiliate marketers make per affiliate sale depends on the price and commission basis of the product they are promoting.

Just like I have explained earlier. Some product costs more than other.

Also, the commission rate of some products costs more than the commission rate of another product.

The major factor that will determine how much you will earn is mostly phantom around your affiliate program.

Which will determine the percentage for the product you are promoting.

And also the vendor that will determine the price of the affiliate product that you want to promote to your audience.

I believe this short guide has answered your question and I hope it has given you justice.

If you want to learn more about earning well from affiliate marketing. Just by promoting a product and making $1000 just from a single sale.

Check out this page and I will see you on the other side. I am waiting for you.


How to get approved on jvzoo, warriorplus, clickbank, and digistore24 in 5mins

How to get affiliate approval on JVZoo, Warriorplus, Clickbank and Digistore24

No matter what kind of product you want to promote on JVzoo and Warriorplus, you need approval from product vendors.

To better know how to get affiliate approval, here are some suggestions we discovered on how to get approved on JVzoo and WarriorPlus.

To get affiliate approval, always fill out the affiliate request form informing the vendor about how you will promote their products, and fill out your JVzoo and Warriorplus account profile to make it look like you are a real person and not a bot.

Jvzoo and Warriorplus product vendors also like it when affiliates use good email template campaigns for promotion.

If you are writing in the affiliate request box that you will be promoting with paid ads. There are high chances that your affiliate request will be denied.

Here is the main thing about getting approval on all these JVzoo, Warriorplus, clickbank, and Digistore24 platforms – The vendors are careful about fake clicks and bot traffics. So, they make the approval of affiliates strict and careful.

Both Warriorplus and JVzoo have the same affiliate approval techniques. While Clickbank and Digistore24 have a straightforward affiliate approval strategy.

Do you want to also start getting approval like this below in your email?

Affiliate request approval

Going forward, stick with me and let us see how you get to assure your affiliate approval with some proven templates.


Why vendors don’t give automatic affiliate approval for their products

There are a couple of reasons why vendors do not give affiliate approval automatically on JvZoo and WarriorPlus.

Automatic approval is available on ClickBank and Digistores24 though.

All you need do is just get yourself registered and approved as an affiliate and you will be good to promote any product on their platform.

But when it comes to JVZoo and WarriorPlus. You need to make requests manually – and there are several reasons why it is like this.

Below are some of the reasons why you need to be accepted before you can get your affiliate link on WarriorPlus and JVzoo.


There are a lot of spammers on the internet and all they are majorly about is to liter the internet with links.

And the moment they keep littering these affiliate links on the internet. The more it keeps bringing a bad reputation for the product vendors.

Because people will just be afraid of even buying their products because it is all over the internet.

And the majority of those who would have gotten access will be spammers.

JVZoo and WarriorPlus do not have strict user approval policies like Clickbank.

Which means that anybody can join their platform irrespective of where they come from.

So they only have to make the strict policy be in their affiliate request.

Reduction in sales page conversion

The more the sales page of these products keeps littering the internet.

The more it keeps bringing bad conversion for the product vendors who own the Product.

The majority of the products on JVZoo and WarriorPlus are digital products like Softwares, Courses, and templates.

And It takes a lot of effort for these vendors to invest in and make sure that they launch their products.

So, having high clicks on their sales page and funnel but fewer Sales is a bad conversion for their product.

And this will scare other top and experienced affiliates away from promoting their products.

Fake clicks

Some people are also very wicked that they can send fake clicks just to spoil the reputation of the product.

And the bad thing about fake clicks is that they will make the product sales page lose its ranking on Google.

Because Google detest fake clicks and they will penalize websites that are into fake clicks.

Also, aside from losing ranking on the internet. They lose trust and respect from their other top vendors and Affiliates.


Why your affiliate requests will not be accepted by vendors

Blaming vendors for not approving your affiliate request should never be the song you should be singing alongside the multitudes.

If you also own a product on JVzoo or WarriorPlus. You won’t also give your product access to everybody on the internet.

Below are some of the reasons why your affiliate will not be accepted by product vendors except you are doing it right.


Being a newbie in the JVzoo and WarriorPlus platform means that you have not promoted a single product before.

Also, you might have registered an account with these platforms before but you don’t have engagement.

You will still be considered a newbie and vendors will find it very difficult to grant your affiliate approval.

Because the majority of the spammers on the internet are newbies who will be promoting products the wrong way.

It is the newbies that promote affiliate links aggressively on social media, blogs, and forums with the mindset of making sales anyhow.

So, because you are a newbie like these people – Even though you have what it takes to promote.

You won’t be accepted easily.

Low sales

Once your dashboard is being looked upon and no sales have been made.

It means that you are still a novice and you don’t even have what it takes to promote their products.

Because what these vendors need are affiliates who already have their audience.

Affiliates who will find it easy to just send out a promotional Campaign to their list and get guaranteed sales.

Not affiliates that will keep finding it difficult the get sales but keep spamming the internet with links.

Or maybe an affiliate that doesn’t even have a quality audience that will buy whatever he is offering.

Thereby leading to several clicks but zero sales. Which will make their dashboard look messy.

Empty Profile

Everything above cannot be compared to an affiliate who has an empty profile.

Why? Because the new affiliates are always in a hurry to promote products they wish.

So, they do not even care to upload their profile picture. Write out their name and bio.

Reveal their social media identity so that the vendor can see if they are a real affiliate or fake.

The moment you have your profile empty without even writing a single sentence or proof that you are real.

Then forget about getting approved because no one wants to do business with a ghost.

Bad Conversion

How is the conversion of your promotions? Whenever you are promoting – are you having good sales conversion.

Some affiliates use fake traffic. Most especially those that go on freelance platforms to buy scrapped emails.

So, they feel like they can just promote anything to them and they will make a lot of sales.

First thing, these audiences don’t even know you – and your next idea is that they will buy from you?

Can you buy from someone whom you don’t even know how they got in contact with you?

This is what will lead to a lot of fake clicks without any reasonable sales conversion.

You will see 100 clicks but zero sales. Which is very bad.

Not filling request box

Always make sure that you are filling the request box on JVZoo or WarriorPlus.
Affiliate request boxThis is what will make the vendor know your intention and want to do business with you.

But the majority do not even fill this box. They just go ahead and request affiliate approval.

And they will always get denied because they are not showing professionalism.


How to get approved as an affiliate on JvZoo?

Getting approved as an affiliate on JVZoo only need you to make the Product vendor trust you by filling out the affiliate request form.

Also, just like I have stated earlier. You need to create a very good affiliate profile.

Fill out your profile, upload a very good profile picture of yourself and also connect your social media account.

This way, any vendor that sees your affiliate request can check out your profile page and get rest assured that you are not a robot.

It is very important to know that JVZoo vendors do not accept majorly beginners.

Majorly affiliates who do not even have any single sales record or even clicks.

If you have over 100 sales in your affiliate stats. You will be eligible for quick approval even without filling any affiliate request box.

Also, if the product vendor hasn’t approved your request. You can check them out on their social media page.

Connect with them and private message them over on their social media page.

Even the majority of them have a Skype account displayed on their product sales page.

If you scroll down on the JV sales page. You will see their Skype ID and their social media ID.

Just like the image below.

Contact Vendors

Just connect with them over there and tell them you want to promote their product and they should approve your request.

In case you do not know how to request affiliate approval for the promotion of a product on JVzoo.

You can easily head over to your dashboard.
Click on Marketplace. Click on Find Products. After seeing the product you want to promote. Click on “Additional Information”. Then make your Affiliate request.

It’s just as easy as you might imagine.

Also, you can use this template below to make your affiliate request. Just tweak it to your need.


Hi [Vendor’s Name]
I saw your product on JVzoo and i want to promote it to my blog audience @ [Input your blog URL or YouTube]

I am a student of [Insert Your Mentors’ Name Here], and I have fans that I can promote this offer to.

To be sincere, I will appreciate your Approval.

My Username is [Insert Your Username]



How to get approved as an affiliate on WarriorPlus?

How to get affiliate approval on warriorplus

Getting approval on WarriorPlus is also as simple as making sure that you fill out the Affiliate request form and telling the vendors your intentions.

Since it is relatively the same vendors who are launching products on JVZoo that are also promoting and launching on WarriorPlus.

The same technique that you are using to get affiliate approval on JVzoo will also work on WarriorPlus.

What you just have to know is that you must never tell a vendor that you will be promoting with paid adverts.

I have once done that mistake before by writing in the affiliate request box that I will be promoting with paid ads.

That was when I was getting started with promoting on WarriorPlus. Now, I already have a couple of sales on my WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

Below are my earnings screenshots and the amounts I am earning from being an affiliate on JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

my affiliate earning from JVzooJust try never to say you will be promoting with paid ads. You can tell them that you will be using emails, blogging, or YouTube channel.

If you have a Website or blog. You can add it to your request and let them see it.

Though, my first shot at getting my Affiliate request approved on WarriorPlus. I do not have a blog yet.

I just bought a course on affiliate marketing back them and still hustling like the regular shiny object guy.

What I did was that I used another person’s blog and just use it in my affiliate request box.

And I was approved by the vendors. Since they don’t know the owner of the blog and they feel I am unique among other Beginners.

So, if you have good intentions and not a spammer. You can also use this technique and just use another person’s blog as yours in your request description.

Also, you can use the template below to request an affiliate approval on WarriorPlus.


Hi [Vendor’s Name]

I stumbled on your product [Type Product Name] on WarriorPlus and I have this feelings that my blog audience will like it.

Also, I will like to create a space for the product at the widget area of my website.

Here is my website URL: [Input Your Website URL].

I will so much be glad to get your affiliate approval and I promise to bring you sales.



How to get approved to promote on ClickBank?

How to get affiliate approval on clickbank

Clickbank affiliate approval process is automatic which means you are already auto-approved on the platform. Although you will see some products stated as “due to high demand we are choosing our affiliates wisely“. That can only show because you are new.

Unlike JVZoo or WarriorPlus. You don’t have to start requesting approval on products you want to promote.

The moment you see the product you want to promote. Just click the affiliate request button and you will see your affiliate links displayed.

The only thing difficult about Clickbank is that they don’t accept affiliates or vendors from all countries.

There are some countries that they have blacklisted from signing up on their website.

So, if you are from that country. Where you are not allowed to sign up as an affiliate.

Then you won’t even be able to register not to talk of seeing an affiliate link. You should get someone from the United States or Europe for you to get approval.

If you are from some part of African countries like Nigeria for example. You won’t be approved to promote on ClickBank.

So, for Clickbank, you don’t need any template that should be given to you.

Just get yourself approved as a Clickbank user and you will be flying high in promotion because the majority are auto-approved.


How to get affiliate approval on DigiStore24?

How to get affiliate approval on digistore24

Digistores24 is a platform that has affiliate links automatically generated for affiliates.

So, there is no need for trying to get approval for a product or start requesting from vendors.

Digistores24 is also like Clickbank Commission where all your products are approved for affiliate promotion.

The reason why a lot of new Affiliates just prefer Digistores24 over Clickbank is that they accept almost every country except Nigeria.

I think these platforms have something to do with Nigerians.

So, if you are from any part of the world aside from the country stated above. You will always be able to become an affiliate and promote products as you like.



Getting your affiliate link on JVZoo or WarriorPlus is very easy just with the template I have given you.

You just have to make sure that you have a very good profile and you always write something in the request box.

For Clickbank and Digistores24, their affiliate products are auto-approved and you don’t need much stress.

If this guide has been helpful. Kindly let me know below in the comment box.

Likewise, if you have any further questions – I will be glad to reply.

See you around.

Is affiliate marketing legal in Australia?

Is affiliate marketing legal in Australia?

The question “Is Affiliate Marketing Legal in Australia or Not” should not only apply to Aussies.

Because affiliate marketing is legal everywhere since they approve the selling of products and services.

The only reason why the law places a strict rule on Affiliate Marketing is because of so many rippers and scammers on the internet.

So, Yes! Affiliate marketing is approved in Australia.

So far they allow the selling and transacting of business through the exchange of goods and services.

Although there are so many things that you need to put into consideration while you are promoting any affiliate products.

As an affiliate marketer, you are breaching the rule and law governing the consumer protection

…if you are providing misleading and unfaithful information about a product just for your gain.

And this is something very common on the net. You see several affiliate marketers giving false claims concerning a product they are promoting.

Also, it is Paramount that you always declare your affiliate disclosure on any page on your website containing affiliate links.

An example of the disclosure can be something like:

Disclosure: The links provided in this blog are affiliate links. I will be paid a commission without any extra charge if you use this link to make a purchase.

Although we will discuss more on this in the other part of this guide.

But if you are doubting the question “Is Affiliate Marketing Legal In Australia”, then make sure to read my revelation here.

All you should have in mind is that as an affiliate marketer or a marketer. You must always disclose your commercial activity on the net.

Let us go into more detail about this guide to turn you into an honest advertiser.


How to know if you have the right to do

affiliate marketing in


Just like I have stated earlier. The law of affiliate disclosure is not only applicable to Australia.

It applies to every part of the world and an affiliate marketer must always disclose their Affiliate Promotion.

You can check out the AANA Code of Ethics that applies to every advertiser who earns profits or commission online.

It is specifically created to set standards for advertising and protect the privacy and interest of customers.

You can also check out the Australian Consumer Law that also guides the purchasing power of every Aussies.

These laws are created to make you understand the main reason as to always make your content viewers your priority.

It guides users against the type of products that can lead to pain in the ass.


Where to put your affiliate disclosure For Australians

Let us quickly look at some of the areas that you can put your affiliate discloser about earning from any affiliate link clicked on your website.

1. Beginning of Your Content:

A lot of some affiliate earning websites try as much as possible to disclose any affiliate partnership at the beginning of their content.

This means before a reader even goes ahead to read the content on the page they landed on.

They would have already been shown a disclosure about an earning potential if they click on some links on the page.

This is more effective and I truly recommend it because the majority of the readers will just skim through it.

It is a way of showing authenticity from the beginning of your content to the readers.

It will also make them trust you and rely on your article that is truly worth giving time to read.

Unlike you not even disclosing it at all and trying to hide whatever you are doing from your website.

You can always put your affiliate disclosure at the beginning of your website.

It’s all good and doesn’t have any negative impact as to whether you are breaching the law.


2. At The End Of Your Content:

Although, I don’t really like this method but a lot of bloggers and content writers who handle blogs

… prefers to add their affiliate disclosure at the end of their content.

This means they add the earning potential of any affiliate link on their website when the reader reads till the end.

But it is not every reader that will read content till the end.

And if such a reader should click on the affiliate link and realize they are being sent to another sales page.

They might feel awkward about landing on another page without their notice.

And you have already disclosed at the end of the content which they didn’t read.

Those who are very skeptical about the right to do affiliate marketing in Australia are those who do this.

They try to place their disclosure at the end – because they are scared an Aussie might not click on their affiliate link.

You don’t have to be scared, a viewer or a reader will always click on your affiliate link provided it will solve their problem.


3. Footer:

Another awesome aspect where disclosure of affiliate earning is important is at the footer of a website.

This is majorly used by landing page builders and not primarily bloggers.

Although, some bloggers try to go ahead and still use the footer for their affiliate disclosure.

But it is majorly used by email marketers or social media marketers who are not making use of Google SEO directly.

They try to add the disclosure at the footer aspect of their landing page before they send the visitor to the designated page.

This is majorly like a bridge page to first wash the prospect before sending them to the affiliate sales page.

It is majorly filled with bonuses and some more information about the affiliate product they are promoting.

So, adding to the footer area of the website is also an awesome place to put the Affiliate Disclosure for Australians or any viewer.


4. Disclaimer Page:

Some affiliate marketers still take the bold step to create a separate affiliate disclaimer page on their website.

To be frank, this is very important for any affiliate marketing website.

Any website or blog that promotes affiliate marketing must always have this disclaimer page on its website.

It’s a pity when I see several websites that are promoting affiliate marketing products within their content.

And when you check their menu of the footer. You don’t even see any affiliate disclaimer page.

This is important because Google recommends that any affiliate marketing website should have this page.

When you have this page on your website. It makes it very obvious to Google that your website is very transparent.

It also tells Google that you are promoting products that you well endorse and you are proud of.

So, even if you are disclosing your affiliate earning from links on the top or bottom of your content.

You should make sure to create a disclaimer page on your website which should be at the top menu or your footer.

It should always be side by side with your privacy policy page and about us page on your website.

It is very important, even if it is 100 to 150 words long.


5. Place It Near Your Affiliate Link:

You can also place your affiliate disclosure near your affiliate links on any page.

Although, I do not really recommend this because it will lead to the tautology of the same words on a blog page.

Take for example someone with a lot of affiliate links on just a single blog post.

Trying to always add the disclaimer all the time will lead to repetition and one can be penalized.

This can be used on a page with just 1 affiliate link.

You can always use the PREFORMATTED text on your website to make this scrollable and not be in a normal text.

Trying to make the Disclosure different from other words on the web page will make it more user-friendly.

Compared to when you just jampack it with the same type of font all through.


Doing Affiliate Marketing Legally In Australia

How can you be doing affiliate marketing in Australia without breaking any law?

Let us check out the details below for more ways you can promote affiliate marketing the right way.

1. Owning A Blog Page:

The first way I will discuss promoting affiliate marketing the right way is by having your own blog.

Because this way, your blog serves as your home where you can do anything that you like at your will.

There is no how you can block yourself from using affiliate links on your blog.

But another platform can block you from using an affiliate link on their website – which will lead to spamming if you are forcing things.

Also, people who come to your website believe that they trust you and recognize what you do.

So, anything they buy is at their own will and not that you are making them stay forced on buying any of your recommendations.

So, having a blog makes affiliate marketing very clean in doing.

No one can blame you for anything and no one can ban you for promoting anything on your blog.

Because it belongs to you and you alone. Also, you can easily put your disclaimer and disclosure on your blog.

Your Blog is your principle and the way you handle it depends on your personal preference.


2. Not Spamming Your Links:

If you want to do affiliate marketing the right way in Australia or anywhere. Then you have to consider not spamming your links anyhow.

The majority of the newbie affiliate marketers are found to always spamming their links anyhow on the internet.

They believe that one person will purchase whether they like it or not.

That is not a proper way of doing affiliate marketing. And this day, so many platforms are not blocking Affiliate links.

Even on our blog. I get a lot of people who spam the comment box with several affiliate links.

They believe that their comment will get published immediately – forgetting that they have to pass the review process.

And we cannot accept such a fallacy because it doesn’t portray a good sense of doing promotion online.

It doesn’t even go along with the customer protection right in the country.

So, you must be careful and not just spam your links on the internet thinking to make sales that way.


3. Rendering Your Support As Always:

You should always make sure to render your support on any affiliate product you are promoting.

Some people might have one or two questions concerning the product that you are promoting.

Inability to even answer one or two properly about the product shows that you don’t even understand what you are promoting.

You must always be able to render your support to any Australian or anybody in the world trying to know more about a product.


4. Promoting The Best Products:

I always advise anyone doing affiliate marketing to always try to promote the best products.

Don’t just be promoting products just because you feel like you should promote them because of the gain.

Promote a product that your audience will be grateful to you for recommending such a product.

Promoting a product that they will also be eager to buy any of your future recommendations.

That is what promoting of best product means and the reward is always much beneficial in the long term.

Compared to when you are promoting a product that is just filled with crap and you only focus on your gain.

This won’t take you far because you will have to struggle a lot for the next promotion you will be recommending.

So, promoting the best product is for the betterment of your audience and trying to protect them.


5. Having Your Platform:

I discussed having a blog earlier, right?

Well, even if you do not have a blog. You should also make sure to have a platform.

It can be like a social media community where you are the admin of the community.

Or it can be an email list where you are the owner of your list and have thousands of subscribers.

Once you have any of this, you can control it the way you like because it belongs to you and nobody else.

So, having a platform that belongs to you is something I feel it’s more important.

This way, you can also practice the good side of affiliate marketing and be considerate with your audience.

And not the other way round of just spamming Links all about on the internet.


Is this Law Effective Till Today?

Well, is this Law of always protecting the rights of Australians or any other country effective.

I will say the law is effective but many people still spam links on the net without any consequences against them.

It is just much important for customers or online users from Australia to be careful with what they buy on the net.

5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Business Model

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Business Model

Wondering Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best On The Net?

Affiliate marketing can be the best business model for anyone who has zero skill in internet marketing.

A lot of people have made thousands of dollars just from promoting to their audience on social media.

Some are just growing a Facebook group or a space on Quora without even having any motive to affiliate marketing.

Then they stumble on a product they use along their journey which makes it easy without having a skill.

And they recommend such a product to their audience and they get tons of sales from that promotion.

This is the way affiliate marketing works because you don’t even need to be that guru to start earning from affiliate marketing.

Anybody can earn from affiliate marketing, provided you are doing the right thing at that right time.

Also if you are experiencing difficulty in your affiliate marketing journey and you are considering how long it will take to earn.

Worry not, because you will be getting the result you deserve very soon.

You just have to give it time and also follow some of the processes I listed below to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Warning: Don’t read this content about affiliate marketing business model if you are lazy and pessimistic about your future.

Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Business Model

I have done everything possible to explain them one by one so that you can fully understand how it works.


1. Zero Product Launch:

It takes time to create a product that you can promote on any platform.

You can still spend a few days to weeks creating an E-Book for sale on any of your platforms.

It might take you weeks to a month to create a Video Tutorial that you want to teach people due to editing.

While it takes months to create software if you are to be promoting this type of product.

While the selling of physical products on Amazon store will take you the stress of delivery and even importing.

But with Affiliate Marketing, all these things are eradicated as you don’t even need to have a single product.

There are several affiliate markers out there that only promote other people’s products without having a single product.

And they are making a lot of money that even their estimated and calculated affiliate earnings altogether is more than a million dollars.

So, you can see why affiliate marketing is a legit business that can sustain one for a long time?

Money is in affiliate marketing even without launching a single product.


2. No Customer Care Service:

Some people are very worst in the aspect of customer care service and this costs a lot of refunds and hinders future launches.

They have seen themselves poor in this and they just have to stick with promoting other people’s products.

If this is something that you detest because you don’t want to involve directly with customers.

Then affiliate marketing should be what you should involve in because you don’t have to stress it.

With Affiliate Marketing, you don’t have to bother about customer care service since you are only sending the customer to the seller.

It is the seller that will handle all the after-sales services being handled by their team.

You will only be an affiliate marketer who will only be fully focused and concerned about the sales aspect.



3. No Start-Up Capital:

You can decide to kickstart Affiliate marketing with zero money spent on your business.

With affiliate marketing, you necessarily do not need any or much money for you to commence business.

Just with your mobile phone, you can even start doing affiliate marketing.

Although, there will be some restrictions that will limit your progress compared to when you have a laptop included.

Because that way, you can easily progress to something more awesome by building a sales funnel which you won’t be able to do with a phone.

But even a laptop is nothing much as many people have a laptop and they only have movies on it.

Some people are only using their laptops to watch movies because they don’t even know the opportunity the internet is giving.

So, you don’t need overhead costs to run a successful online business.

This is why Affiliate Marketing is the best and even with its negative reputation

It will still be considered one of the best internet marketing hustle out there.


4. No Need For Sale Force For Companies:

The inception of affiliate marketing has eradicated the need for hiring sales forces by businesses.

Take Bluehost as an example of a brand that specializes in the hosting of websites and some apps for businesses.

The ability for them to initiate an affiliate program which many affiliates can join is bringing them more sales.

I mean, there is less need for hiring a sales rep that will start doing cold calling and getting other brands to work with them.

Just with the affiliate program, they already have sales reps that will keep doing all that on their behalf.

They do not even have to pay a single dime for them to work hard and bring sales for them.

This doesn’t mean that they should or might not get involved in the hiring of sales reps.

But it doesn’t matter anymore because of affiliate marketing. A lot of people can join and earn money from bringing customers.

Instead of waiting for someone to do cold calling and trying to bring a lot of customers.

Why not allow someone who already has a target audience that is interested in whatever he or she recommends.

This is the power that affiliate marketing has given a lot of brands to bring out the best model of their business.


5. Remote Work:

Affiliate marketing is remote and doesn’t need one to move from one place to another.

You can work from your room or even inside the toilet whichever the case may be.

You can even be touring around the world and keep working from anywhere in the world.

Provided you have access to an internet connection that can make you reach out to the online world.

But you don’t have to wear a fancy suit or stay long on the road before you get to work.

With Affiliate Marketing, everything is very remote that you can promote any brand’s products from anywhere in the world.

You only need to land on their registration page and apply as an affiliate for their product.

And the moment your affiliate request has been approved. You can easily start doing your promotion.

Now, all this is being done without you needing to leave your room or abode.

This is the power of affiliate marketing and that is why it is the best.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing As The Best Business Model

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and the steps that you need to make a career from affiliate marketing.

Or you have been interested in affiliate marketing for a long or short while but it’s not working out.

I have given out the framework of what you need to start getting desired results from affiliate marketing.

And below are the things you need to know:

1. Get A Platform:

Before you should consider doing affiliate marketing and start promoting.

You should first consider getting a platform where you can build an audience that will be interested in what you are offering.

There are so many platforms on the net that won’t cost you a penny to launch and start posting content.

You can either decide to make use of social media where you can keep reaching cold audiences and converting them.

Or you can use YouTube where you can open a free channel without paying anything and start uploading video content.

You can also start using forums like quora and create a space where you can be creating engagement.

Even Reddit is not exceptional where you can create a Sub-reddit and keep building a community.

Or you can go paid by opening a blog under Bluehost and starting an effective WordPress website.

This can take you 6months at least to build once you are consistent with it.

The moment you build your community where you can be doing your promotion.

The next step is now to grow your audience.


2. Grow Your Audience:

Once you have decided on the platform where you will be using most.

It is now the time to build your audience. To build an audience, you have to always create content.

You have to be consistent and show up daily on your platform before you can make progress.

Your audience has to always see you and feel from you all the time.

This is the way they will always keep engaging with you and also show your content to others.

They will be the ones to also share it on other social media pages or other platforms and share it with friends and families.

This is how the platform you are also using will also reward you graciously by shooting your content to more people.

The more you keep engaging on any platform that you are using.

The more you keep shooting out awesome content. The more the platform will also reward you.

That is how the principle of consistency rewards any active contributor.


3. Make Them Your Best Friend:

The moment you are building your audience and making sure that you are consistent with value giving.

The next thing is to make them your best friend. And how can you possibly do this?

You do this by abundantly giving the value. Value overload that they will be more than grateful.

Also, you try to answer any of their questions by making sure you give the best possible reply ever.

When you start giving value and you make sure to start replying to every question that you get thrown at on your platform.

You will see yourself getting the exact reward that you desire and it will just shock you when you start seeing the result.

Just keep giving them the value overload and keep making them your best friend.

Because this is when they start seeing you as their leader and they portray themselves as your follower.

When they portray you as their follower. You begin to see a consistent flow of rewards coming to you.


4. Join An Affiliate Program In Your Niche:

The next thing now is to join an affiliate program in your niche that you can start promoting their product on your platform.

This is what many people do first, in which they should have done it last.

Once we talk about affiliate marketing to anyone. The first thing they think about is which affiliate program they should join.

It doesn’t work that way – because even if you join an affiliate program without having an audience base.

You won’t see any result because who will you be promoting your affiliate program to by the way.

Will you now start spamming your links on the net and praying for someone to click on your link?

That won’t make you the money that you might have long been desiring.

You need to first follow the steps above and then decide to join an affiliate program because you have a starving audience on the ground.

There are so many niches in the world but I haven’t seen anyone that doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Even adult websites have an affiliate program that anybody can register and start promoting.

So, no matter the niche you are into and creating valuable content around on the net.

You will surely get an affiliate program for it. All you have to do is go to Google and type “(Niche) Affiliate Program” on Google search.

And you will get a lot of affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting to your audience.


5. Promote With Bonuses:

One technique that I see a lot of affiliate marketers don’t have is the ability to add bonuses to their promotions.

The thing is that whatever you are promoting – some of your audience might have bought it before.

And because it is not a product created by you. Even if they love you and follow you with all their heart.

You leave them with no choice but to ignore that product you are promoting since they have already bought it before.

But when you offer bonuses alongside the product that you are promoting.

They can buy such a product just because of the bonus.

Bonus is said to be one of the most effective ways to make a lot of affiliate commissions on the net.

Because this is something that many top affiliates are using to boom well and increase commission.

So, trying to consider this alongside whatever you are promoting will make you make enough commission.

That way, you give them more choice to buy from you and not even your competitors.

You can get bonuses from PLR websites like or

I trust this guide has been helpful?

You can drop your questions below in the comment box if you have any. I will be more than eager to reply.

12 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Booming In 21st Century

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Booming In 21st Century

Considering the rate at which marketers are showing rapid success stories online.

There are so many things to consider if we should tag affiliate marketing as a career.

Is affiliate marketing truly getting more popularity of recent?

Although, According to Google Trends – it was stated that there was an estimated increase of 200% in the search for the keyword “affiliate marketing” from 2015 and 2020.

That shows that a lot of people are now considering doing something that will fetch them money online.

Something that doesn’t even need them to stress themselves before they can start making money.

As a newbie, if you want to know Why Affiliate Marketing Is Booming In 21st Century. You need to pay attention to what I am about to reveal.


12 Considerations That Affect Reason Why Affiliate Marketing Is Booming In The 21st Century

Let us look at some of the considerations that affect the wide spread of affiliate marketing recently..

  • Pandemic
  • Higher Returns
  • Less Product Design Stress
  • Innovative Incentives
  • Recurring Income Level
  • More Alliance With Top Promoters
  • Online Gurus
  • Recover Lost Funds
  • No Customer Support Service
  • Zero Overhead Cost
  • Work From Home Basis
  • Almost All Brand Promote Affiliates 


i. Pandemic:

The first and major reason for the boom of affiliate marketing searches among so many people is the Covid 19 Pandemic that commenced fully in 2020.

A lot of people lost their job just because of this pandemic and they struggle a lot to feed.

Many people now decide to consider the use of the internet to start making money for themselves.

Since they could see that it is getting more difficult to even stay financially free just relying on a job alone.

I could see some people that even didn’t resume their job after the Covid Lockdown was called off.

They claimed to eat even while they are not working and they’d prefer to focus fully on online jobs.

That doesn’t mean to say that, they started making money immediately during the pandemic lockdown though.

They just have the mindset that it will be more okay for them to focus on something digital.

And affiliate marketing is part of what many people considered to be a way to stay financially free.

Even though taking Affiliate marketing as a career is not a day job.

They still consider following affiliate marketing as a passion because they truly want to quit their energy-draining job.


ii. Higher Returns:

An increase in the higher sales return for sellers who also have products to sell has led to more popularity of affiliate marketing.

A situation where someone who has a product can just upload on an affiliate network like Clickbank.

And start getting affiliate marketers who will help them to start promoting their products.

Or maybe all they need is just to help some people to promote theirs with the mindset of reciprocation.

I mean, some marketers have increased their revenue from Little to something just when they considered affiliate marketing.

It is just amazing because they never thought something like that could be possible.

And just with ways, the Internet is evolving and a lot of innovative things like Metaverse I coming up.

The need for affiliate marketing will continue to increase very soon.

Even those who have investments in the metaverse will start promoting their affiliate programs.

So, a lot of opportunities surrounds affiliate marketing for it to just continue to survive.


iii. Less Product Design Stress:

There is less product design stress for affiliate marketers because they don’t need to launch any product.

As an affiliate marketer, all you need is to bring customers for the seller and you will earn your commission.

I mean, some affiliate networks even have affiliate products that you can earn 50% commission on any affiliate sale.

This makes sense in the notion that if you should sell a product worth $300.

You will be earning $150 all to yourself and the owner or seller will also earn $150.

Can you just imagine that? Without you producing or spending money on the Launching.

All the money is being spent by the seller and you are only sending customers to the product.

This is part of the reason why the spike in affiliate marketing keeps going upward.

Because who will see an opportunity where they can earn 50% commission on a product they didn’t produce.

And not be interested in fully going into that and quickly dedicate much time towards it.


iv. Innovative Incentives:

Gone are the days when one needs to have physical products and need to wait for days or weeks to get an affiliate commission.

Just with the inception of several innovative incentives like digital products that people can consume online.

There are a lot of digital products on the internet now. In fact, millions of digital products are on the net.

This website is hosted on a web-based hosting plan through Bluehost and designed by WordPress.

So, they are all digital products that I had to subscribe to in order to run this blog properly.

And a lot of people are promoting them and also earning money from them.

The amazing thing here is that you do not have to wait several weeks before you will earn your commission.

Because there is no need for physical distribution here.

Everything is done digitally and all the transactions and purchasing are made immediately within a few minutes.

So, Digital Products are the main reason why affiliate marketing is gaining fame, since a lot of people don’t need to stress much.

Or wait much time for them to receive the affiliate commission that they require.


v. Recurring Income Level:

The level at which one can be earning recurring commission with affiliate marketing is immense.

With affiliate marketing recurring income. All you have to do is bring one person to buy and you will keep earning whenever that person renews their subscription.

I mean, a lot of top Affiliates are earning millions of dollars monthly just through this method.

Although, they might have been in the affiliate marketing business for a long while.

But when recurring is involved. They can keep earning even while they are not promoting products.

Now, just imagine a situation like that where you don’t have to promote every time to earn.

This is something different from E-commerce or Dropshipping where you have to sell all the time.

E-commerce or Dropshipping are even majorly focused on physical products that still need shipping.

But with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to ship and you can also keep earning every month from a customer you referred 5 years ago.

Provided the person keeps using that service and continues renewing their plan through you.


vi. More Alliance With Top Promoters:

Another solid reason for affiliate marketing getting more attention in the 21st Century is the ability to do a joint venture with several top affiliates.

There are a lot of people who have met one another through the influence of affiliate marketing.

People have been creating a more better and solid Alliance with people who are even more superior to them.

And how is this possible?

It is through the benefit of promoting a product of a top affiliate Marketer and bringing a lot of sales for the person.

Then the moment such a person checks his or her dashboard and sees that you are among the affiliates who bring a lot of sales.

A cordial relationship will start to cling from there. Someone who is a middle-class affiliate will start balling with the big boys in the industry.

And as a result of that, he or she also will automatically become a big boy in the online game.

So, whenever he or she wants to also sell the newly launched products he just created.

He will also have a top alliance with affiliates who will bring an army of sales to the leaderboard.

So, this way – people keep getting access to new friends in the online industry.

And the ability to get friends who are also in the same proportion as what you are doing is what leads to a high success rate.


vii. Online Gurus:

Also, Online Gurus are among those who are increasing the rate at which people are rushing into Cryptocurrency.

The boom comes from their adverts on social media and search engine pages where they claim to make $100,000 within 2 days with Affiliates Marketing.

Also, they try to go more in-depth into making it very clear that they did all these without launching a product.

And all they did was to promote another person’s product and they can make this commission within a few days.

It is not that such a thing might be a lie. Although the majority are filled with lies.

But even those that are real will never talk about their years of building the audience they have today.

They will not talk about the traffic level and how important it is to get people first before you promote.

But the moment people see that you don’t have to be a scholar in a field before you can not make money.

They just jump on board and start hallucinating the millions they will make within 30 days.

So, the rate at which gurus are promoting their affiliate marketing course and giving fake promises Is what also led to the popularity of Affiliate Marketing in the 21st Century.


Why Affiliate Marketing Is Booming In 21st Century As A Great Benefit


viii. Recover Lost Funds:

As an internet marketer who makes use of several tools and resources for the smooth running of a business.

You will get to realize that you are spending a lot of money on these tools.

Also, the moment you start having many more audiences on whichever platform you are using.

You surely have to spend money on their upgraded plans to make life and work easier for you.

No matter the platform you build an audience on the internet for the smooth running of your business.

Let us even make a website as an example. The moment you start having more people like thousands of visitors.

You need to start considering doing some upgrades on your website and also buy some more automated tools.

This is for smooth running and by the time you calculate all these costs together. You see you are spending much.

But with affiliate marketing, you can even start promoting these tools alongside since you are using them.

This way, you can be earning back the money lost on paying for these funds.

Some marketers use email marketing for their business – but they don’t pay for their autoresponders themselves.

It’s being handled by their affiliate promotions. This is just an example of what I meant.


ix. No Customer Support Service:

The fact that one doesn’t have to bother about whether a customer is having an issue or not is an increased boom in affiliate marketing.

Because if you are to launch a product all by yourself. Then you have to consider having a support system.

Except if you do not have many customers for your products.

But customer service is paramount and that is the major way to retain the customers from renewing their plans.

Also, this is a way to upsell more products to them for more purchases.

But this can still be considered stressful based on some reasons as a product launcher.

Whereas, with affiliate marketing…one doesn’t have to consider all these because you only need to send sales.

Once the sales are made… You collect your commission and forget whatever happens next.

The rest is now left with the product that Creator and not you.

This is why affiliate marketing is gaining positive impact recently.


x. Zero Overhead Cost:

A situation whereby you don’t need to spend any money on office space or even commuting from one place to another.

Just with your laptop and your mobile phone. You can run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Some people even make use of only their mobile phones to make thousands of dollars every month from affiliate marketing.

This is majorly applicable to those who use social media pages as a means of getting traffic.

Or those who have a YouTube channel where they only record their face or screen and get thousands or even millions of views.

They literally don’t need a laptop before they can earn from affiliate marketing.

So, you can see how cheap it is to be doing affiliate marketing.

This is majorly why affiliate marketing continues to more gain attention.

And even though affiliate marketing might have its negative reviews – it’s surely booming.


xi. Work From Home Basis:

The ability to work from home without commuting from one place to another is another solid reason we should discuss about.

A situation whereby one doesn’t need to pay for transport fare to wherever and whenever.

People enjoy this alone and here are digitalproductsmonk. We also promote some little affiliate products.

And in doing all these, I do not have to move from one place to another or from my place to any office.

I can confidently do this in my home or at the beach or even on a flight to another country.

The ability to have access to an internet connection is all that one needs to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

No need for much stress.

Working from home has been the dream of a lot of people and that is what affiliate marketing is giving to many people.

So, because of this – people are rushing to affiliate marketing in the 21st century.


xii. Almost All Brand Promote Affiliates:

Nothing less than 80% of online brands have an affiliate program for their products or services.

The reason is that sales are never enough for anybody.

Have you ever made a sale and just complain that you want to quit making sales for now?

Except if there is to be a negative reason that you feel should try to correct before it persists again.

So because of this… More and more brands are coming out to create their affiliate programs.

Brands that cannot handle Affiliate programs are partnering with Affiliate Networks like CJ Affiliates, Rakuten, Awin, ShareASale, and many others.

And affiliates are joining through this method to start promoting and making money for both parties.

So, affiliate marketing cannot die and it will continue to exist for a long period.

This is what the affiliate world is about and why it will keep surviving for life.

If you truly enjoy this guide, then try as much as possible to share it with your friends.

More and Enough people need to know why affiliate marketing is gaining attention of recent.

Also, leave any thoughts or contributions in the comment box below. I will be eager and happy to reply.

Happy Affiliating.