Win Big In Affiliate Marketing With Email | Eye-opening Post

Win Big In Affiliate Marketing With Email | Eye-opening Post

Did you by any means bump into a piece of online information that told you to Launch your Affiliate Marketing With Email?

This guide will answer all the questions in your mind about Affiliate Marketing With Email Campaigns.

The best means of multiplying your Affiliate income is via Email Marketing.

It’s said that…

For every $1 spent on email marketing. You get back $42.

Isn’t that amazing?

But the thing is that it doesn’t work like magic.

Email marketing also involves people and its people that will be receiving your emails.

Also, the $1 to $42 theory is not just going to happen if you don’t do it the right way.

Certain steps are involved in Launching an Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign.

This Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign Guide Is For Beginners and today I’m going to spoon-feed you with the real fact about launching your first Affiliate Marketing With Email.

What Is An Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign For A Business?

When doing email marketing, you’re also creating content on your sending tool or Autoresponder just like the way you create or write out content on social media.

So, the content you create on email is the campaigns.

Depending on whatever your aim is. It can be to provide value or to promote a product.

But if you aim to promote a product. Let’s say an affiliate product for example.

Then, you’re going to create an affiliate marketing email campaign.

It is this email you will send out to your email subscribers and have them purchase the recommended product through your affiliate link.

But here’s the question many people have been asking.

Can you put affiliate links in emails?

Oh yes. You can.

But we will come to that later.

For now, let us look at some of the importance that email can do to skyrocket your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

Grab that beer or position that coffee mug and let’s roll.

Why You Should Start Using Email For Affiliate Marketing.

1. You Can Build Your Army Easily:

I know you might be confused as to how an army relates to email for affiliate marketing.

You’re asking me, “Maverick, am I going to a war”.

Oh yes, you’re.

The online marketplace is filled with people screaming at the top of their voices.

“Buy! Buy My Product! Buy My Service”.

So, what next to do you also want to do? Keep screaming like that.

Look, people are now getting wise and overwhelmed with too many people pitching them every day from their social media feeds.

Tell me how many adverts you have seen today.

Depending on what time you’re reading this guide but I’m very certain that if you’re reading this guide in the evening.

You would have seen not less than 5-6 adverts today – pitching you to buy their products or services.

So, you can see that it’s a war and you have to build an army.

How can you build an army? If you are asking within you.

It’s through email.

And how you leverage email to build your army?

It’s by giving value to the few strangers on your email list (when you start building your email list…more on that later in this guide).

When you give value to them and build trust, they will fall in love with what you have to say and turn your fighter.

Once they’re your fighter – they become your brand advocates and start promoting your goods on your behalf.

And business-wise “Recommendation from other people is the best way to sell your products”.

[Can I wink at you a bit before we move on?] Wow… I can see you nodding your head.

Okay! Let’s go!


2. Ability to retarget without spending a dime:

Business-wise, it’s said that the majority of the prospects don’t buy from you expect they see your advert the 7th time.

Oh yes! That’s right.

7 times baby!

Because they have to move from the awareness stage to the captivating stage before they will take an action.

Think about some adverts you’re seeing on your social media news feed and you keep ignoring them.

But after several times of showing up and it feels like someone is just stalking you.

You had to just open up and check what’s in there.

Now, for big brands that have a huge advertising budget.

They can keep retargeting till the person makes the purchase decision.

But for a newbie who’s on a low budget.

You need to find a way to keep reminding them before they purchase through your affiliate link (Note: it can also be your product/service).

How can you keep reminding them without needing to spend extra cash on Ads all the time?

It’s by using email and grabbing their email address for more retargeting.

We will talk more about this in “how to build your email list” inside this guide.


3. You eliminate the risk of being banned.

If you’re relying on social media for your Affiliate Marketing. Your chances of getting banned are near.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you can’t do Affiliate Marketing on social media.

But how about leveraging email. Because you can easily add an Affiliate link to any campaign and send it to your followers.

Think about it?

Because adding an Affiliate link on social media will get your account blocked.

You will have to complain and plead to get it back.

This doesn’t mean there’s no way to that. You can use a bridge page and send people there before click on your link.

But how about something fast? Because the sales page and everything have been done by the product launcher.

So, why stress ourselves again?

Can’t we just write short/long content and have it blasted to an audience without any stress?

This is what Affiliate Marketing With Email will achieve for you.

You make a permanent stoppage to getting blocked from promoting any Affiliate product of your choice.


4. You control the flow of interaction through automation:

Can you schedule a message on social media? If yes! For how long.

You’re limited to scheduling content, right?

Okay, even if you’re not limited. What about if one among your followers didn’t open the content?

What happens? You don’t know.

So, you just have to move along.

Just imagine that.

With email, you can schedule down your Affiliate campaigns and resend them to any follower/subscriber who didn’t open up.

Automation is easy. As at my time of writing this guide.

I am doing a FREE 20 days challenge On how to grow a successful email marketing business – for my email subscribers.

And everything is automated. I don’t have to be there to keep hitting “SEND” all the time.

I have time for other things like my blog content.

That’s how it works… You control the flow and can schedule your Affiliate campaigns.

You can decide that until the person buys…you won’t stop. It’s your choice.

Just be careful of hard-selling so that you won’t have many unsubscribe rates.


5. Free To Promote Several Affiliate products:

If you like, you can decide to promote 10 Affiliate products in a day.

Nobody can block or query you. Just be careful because promoting should be based on your email list size.

Yes, you can indeed make tens of a thousand bucks every month even with a tiny list.

But having a tiny list and promoting 10 products per day or multiple Affiliate products per day to a tiny list is detrimental.

You will lose a lot of subscribers who will unsubscribe from your email campaigns.

But if you’re someone with thousands of email lists.

Let’s say 5000 and above.

You can split the Affiliate products campaign into several lists and promote the different products with a different campaign to these lists.

Can you see how magnificent this is?

You do not even need to worry about hitting SEND all the time.

You only have to schedule down your campaign and get it sent out every few minutes or hour.

The reason why it’s not advised to send out a campaign at once is for your IP address not to be tagged as a spammer.

So, try to cut down the step and do it in a block-way.

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Start Using Email For Affiliate Marketing.


How to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing.

There are several ways to build an email list for Affiliate Marketing and we are going to discuss them shortly.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

We have 2 Methods to build an email list for Affiliate Marketing. We have the Free Method And The Paid Method.

Let us start with the Free Way.

  1.  Search Engine Optimization[SEO].
  2.  Social Media Platforms.
  3.  Forums.

1. Search Engine Optimization [SEO]:

You can use YouTube or Google SEO to build your email list.

I have to make this the first because it’s my favorite.

You can create a blog and write out valuable content for people to read and display your Opt-in form. For people to sign -up and join your email list.

You can also create a YouTube channel and create video content for people.

Based on your area of favoritism and expertise.

You can talk about what you believe will help people to solve their problems.

And beneath the video… You can add your sign-up link and direct your viewers to click on it and sign-up to join your newsletter.

But I have to say the truth, most of your viewers won’t click to sign-up.

The best thing you can do is to offer a freebie – like an ebook or cheat sheet for them to download.

Once you offer this, they will feel valued for sacrificing their time.

And Viola! You’re building your email list on autopilot.

Is this interesting? Although this might take time before you start seeing the result but the result is always phenomenal.

So, let us move to a little bit fast result way which is the Social Media Platforms Way.


2 . Social Media Platforms:

You can use social media platforms to build your email list.

You can start with Facebook because they record the highest number of the registered user.

I’m sure you’re already on Facebook right?

All you have to do is to create a nice bio and state your area of expertise.

Once people see that you’re an authority in your niche.

They will be glad to follow you.

The reason why this method is faster than SEO is that you can send friend requests to 10-20 people in a day.

Make sure these people are those in your niche.

You can join several Facebook groups in your niche and send requests to those who’re asking questions on the group.

Once they see your positioning as an expert. They will accept your requests and follow up with your content.

Also, with time. You will get requests from their friends who or from Facebook groups that you join.

But make sure to provide value and write valuable content on your wall.

Also, restrict random people or friends from tagging you. So that your Facebook page won’t look like a billboard.

You want it to be professional enough so that people can easily trust you.

Once you do all these… You can easily inform them to sign up for your email list.

You can even private message them with the link to your sign-up page.

Another way when leveraging this opportunity is to use Facebook groups.

Joining several Facebook groups just like I stated earlier.

You can drop the link to your squeeze page in some groups.

But just be careful, so that you don’t look like a spammer.

You can leverage the opportunity like the image below.

Affiliate Marketing Email Campaigns
An example of a post made by Rachel Miller on her Facebook group “Grow Your Audience: Facebook Pages &  Groups” where she gives members the privilege to drop their squeeze page links and build more subscribers.

Where you’re asking to drop your squeeze page link.

From the image… You can see the admin gave instructions that you can drop your link.

Most groups do this… You just have to wait patiently for the day they set aside for activities like this and quickly jump on board.


This is how you can use social media to grow your email list.

There are several other social media platforms that you can use.

Such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and others.

But the one I have tried before is Facebook and it worked for me.

I don’t teach what I don’t know.

So, use Facebook because they have the highest number of daily users who use the platform.


3. Forum:

Another process you can use to build an email list for affiliate marketing is leveraging the use of forums.

Forums like Quora, Warriorforum, Reddit are nice forums where millions of monthly users are asking for questions and seeking an answer.

Imagine you who’s a specialist in your field can just provide a solution to someone’s problem and give out valuable information that’s worth selling as a course for FREE.

And immediately after giving value, you can add a link to a text below the post.

You can make it your squeeze page link where they can Opt-in to join your email list.

Note: Never be so hasty that you’ll add your Affiliate link to any forum.

You will get banned and it can lead to immediate loss of your account.

Some forums like Warriorforum accepts the usage of signature where you can put your link or any text.

So that below every post you make on their forum, or every question you answered on their forum.

Your link to your squeeze page will show and once someone clicks on the link.

They will be redirected to your sign-up page where you will offer a freebie in return for their email address.

This is how to build your email list the free methods with Forum Marketing.

Since we’re done with that, let us look at the paid ways you can use to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing.

Note: These ways are faster than the free methods.

You can get 1000 email sign-ups in just one day.

Depending on your budget. So, using this method is very effective and you will get fast results.


Here are the Paid Ways To Build Your Email List.

  1.  Interruptive Ads.
  2.  Deliberate Ads.
  3. Solo Ads.
  4. Niche Ads.


1. Interruptive Ads:

These are the ads you see in your day-to-day activities in the online world.

They’re ads that interrupt your movement anytime you’re scrolling on your social media pages.

Examples are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and others.

You can also use this ad to build your email list.

Unlike the free method that requires you to send friend requests and take weeks to months before you start getting a result.

For example, You can easily go to and open a Facebook business account to run ads.

If you’re interested in using another social media platform.

You can type the “Open [platform] ads Account” on Google and you will get any result you want concerning that platform.

It’s just like requesting the key to access a particular door filled with your Target audience.

With this, you can display your freebie for them to send to thousands of people in your niche and quickly get viewers into the page.

So, anytime they’re scrolling on their social media page.

Your advert will interrupt them and they will view your advert and click on your ads.

After clicking, you get some of them to Opt-in into your email list and you can start providing value to them and sell Affiliate products to them thereafter.


2. Deliberate Ads:

These are the ads that pop up Anytime you search for a particular keyword online.

I like this ad because it’s directly targeted towards your ideal audience who are in your niche.

An example is Google & YouTube ads.

You can decide to run this ad and get it to show to people who are directly interested in your niche.

For example: if you want to promote affiliate products in the automobile industry and want to build an email list from those.

You can easily offer a freebie on “How best to maintain a car or truck“.

So, anytime someone searches for anything about their car or truck on Google.

Your ad will show up and once they input their email address.

You can further provide more value and promote as many Affiliate products to them as possible.


3. Solo Ads:

Another method to grow your email list is with solo ads.

It involves renting the space of an email marketer and sending an email campaign to the email Marketers’ list.

You will contact a top email marketer in your niche. Some who has thousands of email list and request to send an email campaign to his/her list.

It’s normally with pay.

Finding someone with a huge email list and requesting to send your email to his/her list can be time-consuming and frustrating.

So you can go to a solo ads network like and you will find hundreds of solo ads vendors that you can buy solo ads from.

These people already have thousands of email subscribers that hear from them.

So, you only have to choose a vendor on Udimi and buy solo ad clicks from him/her.

A solo ad is based on clicks – you can buy 100 clicks from $30 – $90 based on which vendor you want to buy from.

Note: You have to be careful and do your due diligence before you select a vendor to buy from.

Make sure to buy from vendors that have a good social media presence and also have a website.

I like this method of building an email list for affiliate marketing a lot because of 2 things.

i. You eliminate the stress of ads disapproval:

Many times you will get your ads disapproved on social media even on Google.

Something like “Make $1million within 1 week” on your ad post and squeeze page will never be approved.

Because these platforms claim to care a lot about their users.

But on solo ads, anything is approved. Because you’re buying from a vendor who’s only selling his/her service.

ii. You can test out your landing page or funnel:

This method makes it easy to test out a landing page or funnel to know if it’s converting very well.

Because you can get 100 people to view your page at once within 5 minutes and be able to track the conversion.

So, it’s very good for split testing even before you decide to run other types of ads Or post on your social media pages.


4. Niche Ads:

Niche ads is an ad displaying inside the community of like-minded people in a segment of the marketplace.

Warriorforum Ads is an example of Niche ads for Internet Marketers.

So, if you’re promoting a landing page that includes free software for building an email list.

You can promote it on warriorforum because it’s filled with people who are interested in online marketing.

I hope we have been able to do justice to how you can build your email list?

Let us move to how you can Launch an Affiliate email marketing campaign.

How to Launch an Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign

Win Big In Affiliate Marketing With Email | Eye-opening Post
Affiliate Email Marketing. Photo Credit: pixabay


1. Build Your Squeeze Page:

The first action you have to take is building your squeeze page where your prospects will land on and input their email address.

Note that not all your those who land on your squeeze page will input their details.

So, you have to make the landing page to be as converting as possible.

A typical example of a tool you can use to build a highly converting squeeze page is leadpages.

You can use it and build all your squeeze pages and be sure that you will have a high conversion rate.

Once you have to build your squeeze page with a catchy headline.

You have to integrate your email sign-up form into the squeeze page.

But before you integrate the sign-up form. You need to have an Email Autoresponder account that is already registered.

If you don’t have… Let’s talk about the email Autoresponder you that supports Affiliate Marketing which you should consider.


2. Choose An Autoresponder That Supports Affiliate Marketing:

You have to choose an Autoresponder that allows Affiliate links in their Affiliate marketing email campaigns.

An example of Autoresponder brands that support that is:

a. Aweber:
I use Aweber for my Affiliate Marketing with Email campaigns because of the user interface.

The user experience I have with Aweber is very much cool and I find it very easy to login whenever I wish into Aweber.

Also, their customer support and email deliverability are good.

So, you can give it a trial by going to to register an account with them.

They support Email Marketing.

b. Getresponse:

Although, I’ve not used them before I remember I registered an account with them.

They’re also very good and support Affiliate Marketing Emails.

They even have an automated flow that makes it easy to send another message to any subscriber that doesn’t open your read your Affiliate emails.

You can register an account with them at

c. Drip:

Although, I’ve not used them before also. But I hear many marketers talk about them.

You can give them a trial and see for yourself.

If you want to follow my recommendation and what I use.

You can use Aweber for your Affiliate Marketing Email campaigns and get yourself ready.

Note: Autoresponder like MailChimp & Convertkit doesn’t support Affiliate links.

So that you won’t do the mistake I did when I starting.

I went to include the Affiliate link in my MailChimp Affiliate email campaign and I got my account disabled.

I was also denied the chance of registering another account because they already blocked my IP address.

So, just stick to either Aweber or Getresponse.

If you haven’t created an account yet on any Affiliate Approved Autoresponder.

You can go now and Register one before we continue.

I promise I won’t go anywhere… I’m here waiting for you.

[Writer Stretching His Body And Waiting Patiently For His Reader].

Okay, are you done?

Let’s go to the next aspect which is integrating your sign-up form into your squeeze page…

which you’ve built with leadpages or any landing page builder you might be using.


3. Integrate Your Sign up form:

Once you have selected your Autoresponder which you will use for sending out your Affiliate Marketing email campaigns.

You have to Integrate your sign-up form.

This process is easy.

Inside the menu tab of your dashboard. You can click on “Sign-up form”.

And create a new sign-up form.

Immediately after creating. Copy the HTML code of the sign-up form.

And paste it inside your squeeze page builder for the form to display.

I have dropped a video below that shows you how to use Aweber.

So, you can check it out and see how you can work through the app.


4. Set Up Your Welcome Series:

So, after you’ve run your advert and you’ve gotten many leads into your Autoresponder.

You shouldn’t just go and start promoting your affiliate offers.

This is the problem many newbies make and it has made thousands – if not millions of beginner Affiliates fail miserably in the Affiliate marketplace.

Just look at your new email leads as a girl you want to ask for her hand in marriage.

You cannot just go ahead and tell her you to want to marry her.

No, right?

You have to call her and show you truly care. After that, you ask her out on a date and make her fall in love with you.

You will give her gifts and freebies. She will ask for your advice concerning some issues she’s having maybe with family or education or job.

And you will try your best to give her your best advice and opinion.

Immediately she starts asking you for advice. You start to know that she’s entrusting her opinion to you and that’s how you can begin the mindful journey of how you can propose.

This is also the way your Affiliate Marketing with Email campaigns should be.

You have to first create the welcome email series that will nurture your new leads and make them get familiar with you.

You have to make them know your sender’s name because it’s popular in their inbox.

You will take them out and many dates maybe through webinars.

Note that you have to set the welcome series into your Autoresponder.

So, immediately they Opt-in with their email address.

They have started receiving your emails and most especially. The first email will introduce who you are.

Give them gifts and freebies and get them to download them.

I know you might be asking me. So, how many days or weeks or months should it take before I start promoting my Affiliate products with my affiliate links.

Don’t worry, we will get to that shortly and I will also show you a done for your opportunity to solve your email writing problems.

Just stick right there and get more beer or coffee.

Your first welcome email can go like the one below:

Senders’ Name: {Your First Name & Last Name}

Sender’s Address: {[email protected]}

Subject Line: Did you get your “{Lead Magnet/Freebie” File?

Email Body:

Hi <firstname> – {your name} here.
Thanks for signing up – it’s great to have you on board.
Over the next few days and weeks, you’ll be receiving my regular emails with tips and practical strategies for growing your business.
I typically send 3 or 4 short emails a week with the aim that you can read and digest each one in a couple of minutes.
Please do email me if you have any questions at all. I’d love to hear what you think and to understand your perspective and challenges.
I have a quick question for you right now: did you manage to download your free “{Your Freebie Name}” file?
The gift is packed with {tell them what’s inside the freebie you’re sending them}.
In fact {tell them a result someone got from using the freebie}.
Can you do me a favor and hit reply just to tell me you got the {Freebie name}.
Sometimes people have trouble downloading or opening it and I want to make sure you can get access.
Best regards
– {Your Name}


5. Provide Value:

Alongside setting up your welcome series and getting them to know you and introducing yourself.

You have to provide value by answering their questions.

Because it’s through email, people are more comfortable to easily ask questions and what’s troubling them.

So, once they see that you’re an authority in their niche.

They will be glad to listen to you and also ask you questions concerning what’s troubling them.

You just have to get used to it and give more and more value to build trust before you move to the next phase which is to promote your affiliate offers.

Okay, how many days or weeks or months should you render help and freebies?

It depends.

It can be 1 week or 2 weeks or even a month.

It depends on how best you see that they’re opening your emails and also how they’re responding and replying to your emails.

Some subscribers might not reply… But they will download your freebies and click on any link you send.

That’s how you’ll be assured that they will also click on your affiliate links.


6. Promote Your Affiliate Offer:

It is now time to promote your affiliate offers.

Once you’ve done all the steps above, it can be very easy to recommend your Affiliate offer without a doubt if it will convert or not.

You’re sure to get sales from your Affiliate Email Marketing Campaigns except if you’re promoting a wrong offer to your subscribers.

An example of a typical Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign is the one below.

So that you can know how it looks like.

So, all you have to do is just write something as catchy as this and input your affiliate link in it.

If you need a Done-For-You Affiliate Email Marketing Scripts that you can just tweak into your Autoresponder without any stress.

I will recommend 5,001 Profit-Generating Affiliate Email Campaign Scripts For You.

From 1,2,3…to 5,001 Affiliate Email Script that can take your new lead from a stranger to a buyer.

If you’re interested in this kind of stuff.

Just reply to this guide in the comment below “I need the 5,001 Profit-Generating Scripts” and I will send the link to you.

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A Wrap-Up Of Affiliate Marketing With Email Campaigns

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to win big online and thousands of people have grown from nothing to something just in the Affiliate industry.

But with email marketing, you can increase your online income in Affiliate Marketing via it and I’m sure this article has made justification to that.

Many people are making the false claim that Affiliate Marketing is dead.

That’s a false claim. Affiliate Marketing is Hale and Hearty.

And it will always be for a long long time even if not for life.

So, if you’re considering how you can start Affiliate Marketing With Email.

You can make this article or guide your reference note and use it to build your Affiliate business to the next level.

Note; just with Tens of subscribers on your email. You can mint money.

It depends on which method you want to use to build your email list for Affiliate Marketing.

But whichever way, stick to the plan and avoid any distractions.

There are more in-depth guides on this blog that can help you fasten your internet Marketing journey.

Don’t hesitate to check them out.

Also, I like to read your thoughts…Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what’s on your mind.

Also, if you have any questions or contributions concentrate on this topic. Drop them below and I will be glad to give my opinion.



See You Around,

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