Aligned Freedom Creators Review (Scam or Legit?)

Aligned Freedom Creators Review

Coming across Aligned Freedom Creators, an MLM brand, prompted me to create this review.

If you have been looking for a review of this program and want to know more about it, then we will be discussing it here today.

In this guide, I will be discussing the program, the cost to join, and some drawbacks you need to know about this MLM program.

About Aligned Freedom Creators

What this program does is promote a product called Kangen water for registration and building.

In case you don’t know, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) programs get you to sign up and give you products to sell.

Most MLM programs focus on health products because they know it has a high market demand.

Aligned Freedom Creators follows the same pattern by offering health products like Kangen water after registration.

This water is from an innovative technology that helps purify the body system.

So, you will be promoting this water and also be required to bring people into the program to earn more.

Selling the product alone won’t make you a lot of money; the primary focus is on referring people to join the program.

This is why I don’t recommend MLM programs because they often make promises they haven’t even achieved themselves.

Cost of Joining Aligned Freedom Creators

It costs $99 to join the discovery process, which you will see on the front page of their registration process.

However, what many people fail to realize is that the discovery fee is not the end of it all.

That is just the beginning because you will still be upsold the high-ticket item, which is the Kangen water machine that you will also be selling.

This machine costs $15,000. So, the $99 is just the first step towards spending more.

Don’t think that you have already started; their aim is to get more money from you.

Imagine the person who referred you gets you to buy a $15k water machine? That is a huge commission for such a person.

You will also be encouraged to recommend others to buy the machine for additional plans.

So, the cost is very high and too expensive, which is why I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Drawbacks of this Program

Now let’s discuss the drawbacks of this program and why I don’t recommend it at all.

1. False claims

First and foremost, MLM programs often make false claims to entice you.

You should be aware that the person who referred you may be a newbie in the program, just like you.

But they will make every possible promise to get you to invest your money and later upgrade.

So, be cautious of the shiny objects they show you just to access your credit card.

2. Machine upsell worth $15k

The fact that you not only pay $99 but also need to spend $15k for an additional machine is something I don’t appreciate.

It’s simply a way for the company to extract more money based on people’s greed.

So, you need to be careful because I wouldn’t recommend it.

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3. Referral Program

This is a referral program where you are not only buying and selling products to make money, but you also need to refer people to earn.

The more people you can invite and have as downlines, the more you earn.

So, having good persuasion skills to make others join is essential.

4. Persuasion skills

I once joined an MLM program six years ago, but I quit because the people below me weren’t making any money.

Why? Because not everyone possesses the skills to persuade people to join the program.

So, I felt like I was taking their money while they weren’t earning anything in return.

The funny part is that I promised to guide them after they registered, but once they did, I paid less attention to them and looked for others to invest under me.

This is how MLM programs like Aligned Freedom Creators work, as they give you attention before you join.

But after joining and making significant investments, that’s the end of it, and you’re on your own to bring more people into the business.

These are the reasons why I stopped participating in network marketing.

5. Building other people’s business and providing leads for them

By participating in this program, you are essentially building other people’s businesses and providing them with leads and customers.

Instead, you can channel that energy into building your own business, creating a strong foundation, and sustaining it.

That’s why I don’t recommend MLM.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have learned a lot about the Aligned Freedom Creators system through this guide.

You have also gained insights into how MLM and network marketing systems work.

If this guide has been helpful, please let me know.

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See you inside.



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