Aylin Khormali Empire Accelerator Reviews (My Honest Thought)

empire accelerator reviews

Here’s another program review by Aylin Khormali called the Empire Accelerator.

This is a program that promises to teach you how to launch a fully active Amazon FBA Private label business.

There are just many courses out there that are milking money just from selling Amazon FBA ideas.

I wonder what made it so common like this, and this makes Amazon FBA more challenging due to the increasing number of people entering it every day.

However, that shouldn’t be all for this guide. Let us discuss more about what this program is all about.

I am sure you want to learn more about this and also know about how the Amazon FBA business works and if it’s something you can go for.

About Empire Accelerator 

This course by Aylin Khormali is a program that promises to guide you in your Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon business.

Which is also known as Amazon FBA business, and Aylin also offers additional consultation services which involve:

  1. Doing product research for you.
  2. Helping reduce advertising cost of sales on Amazon.

Aside from the coaching itself.

So, no matter where you are in your Amazon FBA business journey, she’s ready to assist.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to make huge money from this since Amazon FBA is not as easy as they claim.

Although, I have a business recommendation for you, which is the one I am into.

It’s the usage of YouTube shorts to make affiliate sales.

This business is free to join, and you only have to create 5-second silent videos on YouTube shorts and use them to promote affiliate commissions.

While you are earning from both ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and offering YouTube shorts services to other businesses.

Is the Empire Accelerator Reliable?

Well, if you’re looking to avoid scams, it’s a good one to consider. But if you are all about getting results easily,

I can’t guarantee that you won’t later ask for a refund because there is no assurance that you will make money as easily as she promised.

Amazon FBA requires several investments and time before you can even imagine making progress in it.

Possibly, the drawbacks below can give you more insights into several aspects you may not know about Amazon FBA.

Drawbacks Of This Program

Here are the drawbacks of Aylin’s Amazon FBA course based on my knowledge.

1. Earning mostly from coaching and consulting

One drawback of Aylin’s Amazon FBA course is that it appears to focus more on generating revenue from coaching.

And consulting rather than delivering substantial value through the course content itself.

This might lead to a perception that the course is more geared towards generating income from students rather than providing actionable insights for success on Amazon.

2. Amazon Requires Huge Capital

While this isn’t specific to Aylin’s course, it’s worth noting that Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) often demands a substantial upfront capital investment.

If Aylin’s course doesn’t adequately address this financial aspect or help students explore ways to manage or minimize the capital requirements.

It could be a drawback for aspiring sellers who have limited financial resources.

3. Lack of Amazon-Related Free Tutorials on Aylin’s Page

If Aylin’s website or platform lacks free tutorials or valuable content related to Amazon selling.

It might signal that the course heavily relies on paid content and consultation.

A more comprehensive approach could involve providing some valuable free resources to showcase expertise and build trust before asking students to commit to the course.

4. Booking a Call to Know the Price

Requiring potential students to book a call to learn about the course price might be seen as an unnecessary barrier to accessing basic information.

Transparent pricing information upfront can help potential students make informed decisions without feeling pressured or obligated to commit to a call.

5. Amazon Banning

If Aylin’s course doesn’t thoroughly cover the complexities and risks associated with selling on Amazon.

Such as policy violations that can lead to account suspension or banning, students might find themselves ill-equipped to navigate these challenges.

A comprehensive course should address these potential pitfalls and offer strategies to avoid or address them.

Final Thought

Now that you have been able to understand some major drawbacks of this program and the business.

And you have also been able to use this as a guide to your financial decision, it’s now your choice to make on whether this is the right one for you or not.



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