Ecom Brands Shopify Reviews (My Honest Thought)

ecom brands shopify reviews

There are several ecom brands on the internet that have been created with Shopify, and here’s the reviews.

If you have been planning on having a Shopify store or possibly getting a pre-built or custom-made Shopify store.

Possibly for your dropshipping or e-commerce business out there, then this guide is going to put you on the right path to take on this journey and make the right decision.

Let’s dive deep into this discussion.

About E-commerce on Shopify

E-commerce on Shopify is one of the best ways that several marketers have been using to sell hundreds to thousands of products.

The main reason why Shopify surpasses the likes of WordPress and several others is because of the templates that are readily available for sellers.

Also come with easy marketing integrations and a payment processor that makes selling easier.

That is why several people always prefer to use Shopify over any other type of e-commerce platform out there.

About Brands With Shopify Templates for E-commerce

Also, it’s important for you to know that there are several brands out there that sell pre-built Shopify stores.

These stores are what you can easily buy and come with products that you can sell.

Then all you need to do is run adverts to it and start generating sales.

However, I prefer custom-made stores over pre-built ones.

The custom-made store is the one where you instruct them to build a unique store for your brand that aligns with your target audience.

Compared to pre-built stores that would have been sold to several other businesses out there using the same templates and selling the same products.

Drawbacks of Pre-Built Stores

Let us discuss the drawbacks of the pre-built Shopify store and why I don’t always recommend going for it.

1. Competitive Templates

The templates in these pre-built stores are so competitive that it will become difficult to succeed.

The reason is that you’re not the only one using this template, as it has been sold to several people already.

So, you coming to use the same template will lead to much competition for you and lead you to struggle.

2. Casted Products

Mostly mass-produced products that several people have sold.

They are not unique products that really align with your target audience. Instead, they are for the general market.

And if you are selling a product that doesn’t align with or target your audience, it becomes difficult to excel.

3. Product Copyrights

which can lead the product owner to message you for legal action.

Imagine being in such a dilemma where you have no choice but to start removing product images and searching for new images to use.

Instead, why not consider a custom template? Let’s discuss it below.

Why I Prefer Custom Templates

Although there are several benefits to why custom-made templates outperform pre-built templates, let’s discuss a few here.

1. Products Meant for Your Targeted Audience

Custom-made templates are designed with your target audience in mind, not just the general audience.

Carefully selected for you, making sales easier.

In contrast, a pre-built store has products already displayed and uploaded for everyone to sell.

2. Filtered Product Images

Additionally, the product images, logos, and banners are all tailored to suit your marketplace.

Copyright issues are also rare in custom-made templates because they are unique.

3. Less Competition

Competition is also lower in custom-made stores due to the careful product selection.

You’ll compete with fewer sellers, so a strong promotional marketing strategy can rapidly boost your brand.

4. Agency Delegation

With custom templates, you can delegate the work to an agency that can create an impressive store for your brand.

I recommend Imperial Ecom because they excel at handling all your e-commerce tasks.

From sourcing products, creating custom-made Shopify stores, designing videos for ads, running paid ads, managing campaigns, and more.

They can also provide pre-built stores, but I only suggest the custom-made Ecom Shopify store if you’re serious about making money.

If you want to try out Imperial Ecom today, you can use this link ( or click the button below and use the promo code “MONK10” to get a 10% discount on any/all of your purchases.

Final Thought

I’m confident you now understand the impact of having an Ecom Brands Shopify Store from this review.

You can also read my review on Imperial Ecom if you’re interested in learning more about their services.

It can potentially guide you toward launching a successful Ecom Shopify store.

See you on the inside.



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