(4 Tips) How many followers do you need to become an Affiliate on Twitch?

How many Followers do you need to become an Affiliate on Twitch

If you are an Influencer on twitch where you stream content on the platform and would like to earn as an affiliate.

Then there are certain requirements that you will need for you to be eligible to earn commission from streaming on Twitch.

It is not every streamer that will be eligible to earn money because twitch wants to be able to know that they are dealing with a professional or intermediate.

Concerning the question that a lot of people ask regarding how many followers they need to reach for them to become a twitch affiliate.

Well, the minimum number of followers that you have to reach for you to be an affiliate on twitch is 50 Followers and more.

Don’t just bounce from this page right now. Stick with me the more and let me open your eyes to some other requirements.

Aside followers. Some other things are required for you to meet before you can be approved as an affiliate.

50 followers is among the requirements but not majorly the focus requirement of twitch for anybody planning to become their affiliate.

Can we dig deep a little bit for you then?


Twitch Affiliate Requirements

Below are some major requirements for you to become a twitch Affiliate and be approved to stream and earn.

1. 50 Followers

You are going to need 50 Followers and above for you to earn from twitch just as I have stated earlier.

The reason is that twitch wants to be able to know that you already have an audience and show commitment.

If they are to allow everybody to be earning without even having a single follower.

Then it is going to be too spammy as several people who are not even a solid Influencer will bombard the website.

So, you need 50 Followers and you do not even need to spend a long time to get followers.

Just post valuable content on twitch and you will be able to achieve this easily.

2. Upstream for 500 minutes (Last 30 Days)

You have to Upstream for 500 minutes or 8hours and more minutes for you to be approved as an affiliate.

Now, you also need to know that this upstreaming for 500 minutes is only applicable within the last 30 days.

So aside from having 50 followers. For twitch to confirm the validity of your account. They need you to Upstream.

And for you to Upstream and earn from twitch. Your 500 minutes of upstreaming in the last 30 days must be authentic.

Not just you using some bots to Upstream and thinking they will approve and allow you easily.

No, Twitch will not allow that because they want to make sure that you are a professional influencer.

So, 8 hours and a few minutes a month upstreaming are very important as your chances of being Verified.

Even aside from the 50 followers that you need to reach for you to become an affiliate.

3. Streaming on at least 7 unique days

Another important factor that will determine your eligibility to become an affiliate is that you must stream for 7 unique days on twitch.

If you stream for 7 unique days – then you should be able to reach the 500 minutes limit.

Streaming for days will help you out towards reaching your goal and also help you stand out.

You won’t reach eligibility If you cannot keep streaming or maybe you stop.

4. Three Average Recurring Viewers

Also, you need to have 3 recurring average viewers everyday month whenever you are streaming.

This is for them to know that you are not just bot streaming on their platform and you’re making use of a legit method.

There are a lot of people out there who are making use of fake views which are being bought from social media panels.

These panels do not help matters at all. All that they do is just send you fake clicks which will keep hurting your reputation.


More Twitch Affiliate Details

Twitch affiliate pays you $3.50 CPM which can also be called Cost Per Mille For every 1000 views that you have.

This means that you need to have 1000 views for you to earn $3.50 and the same goes on like that.

What this denotes is that if you can have like 10000 views. You will be able to earn $30+.

It is advertisers that are also coming to run ads on this platform. And if you can stand out unique.

You will also be able to grow a successful twitch account that breathes money.

Another way you can make money without even relying on their ads is by Advertising other products.

When advertising other products. It helps you to make money from your channel.

Also, the threshold that you need to reach is $100 before you can withdraw your money from twitch.

If you do not reach the $100 if the 30 days payment period. Then your earnings will be rolled over to the next month.

It will continue to count from where it stopped till you reach your threshold.

The payment method on twitch is through ACH direct payment, PayPal, Local Bank, or Wire Transfer.

These are the Important details that you need to concerning being a twitch affiliate.

And if you have skipped all through to this stage. Check the content to read the number of followers you need to be eligible.

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