Maxweb Vs Clickbank [Here’s The Winner]

Maxweb Vs Clickbank

Having trouble choosing when it comes to Maxweb Vs Clickbank? 

Maxweb and Clickbank are two affiliate networks where online marketers get digital and physical products to promote for affiliate commission. To clearly explain how they operate separately.

Here are the main differences between the two – Clickbank has more product conversion rate than Maxweb. While Maxweb has a dedicated account manager for beginners, Clickbank only delegates an account manager to a platinum member. However on Clickbank, there is an easy payment method of PayPal and Payoneer, and more compared to Maxweb which only pays through Wire and ACH.

Although, both of them offer additional resources like banners, email swipes, and graphic promos in some of their affiliate products. But Clickbank still has more products that offer additional promotion tools than Maxweb.

Clickbank has been existing a little longer before Maxweb came into existence in the online space.

A little bit more in-depth guide about these two affiliate networks shortly after this comparison table.

Maxweb Clickbank
1. Less Product Details. 1. More product Details.
2. Strict Affiliate Registeration. 2. Easy Affiliate Registeration If Clickbank Doesn’t Blacklist Your Country.
3. Adequate Support System. 3. Little or No Support System.
4. Three Times A Week Payment Method. 4. Once In A Week Payment Method.
5. More In-depth Tracking Is Available. 5. Less In-depth Tracking Is Available.

Why Use Platforms Like Maxweb and Clickbank?

Using platforms Maxweb and Clickbank to get affiliate offers for promotion or to find affiliates for your products comes with different reasons.

Below are some of the reasons why you can consider using these two platforms for your best interest.

For Vendors

1. To Sell Fast

When you are a vendor using these platforms to promote your products. You can easily sell fast.

The reason is that you have people who will surely help you to promote your offer.

It’s just that more health and physical products are very much common on the Maxweb platform.

Likewise, the majority of the products you will find on Maxweb are also found on the Clickbank platform.

But there are a lot of affiliates who are very much hungry for money and they are willing to promote for you.

Who would see or hear a 50% and above commission and not want to promote since they don’t have to write a single line of code or set up a tutorial for creating the product?

2. To Create Strong Partnerships

You will be able to create a partnership when you are on this platform as a vendor.

Several other top affiliates are also vendors on this platform which you can connect with.

There are even some products that are launched on ClickBank that offers contest for affiliates.

Some vendors on Clickbank do offer to give the latest PS5 or sometimes the new latest iPhone to any affiliate that can bring many sales.

All of these are meant to create more partnerships with the affiliates and for them to promote well.

When affiliates hear or see that something is involved in them promoting certain products.

They will get to invest more time and dedication towards promoting that certain product effectively.


For Affiliates

There are also several reasons why affiliates will want to promote products on these platforms.

Below are some of the reasons:

1. To Sell Without Launching

Affiliates can sell products without them needing to launch any product of their own.

Launching a product is not easy and requires days or weeks or even months of dedication towards the product.

If you are even launching a product like software. You need to know that it won’t come easy.

You will have to devote your time and energy to making sure that the product comes out great.

Before even launching. It is even always important to involve in some beta testing just to make sure that people enjoy the product.

So, seeing all this stress and you are just able to promote a product that is not yours and you still earn a huge commission.

Some vendors even offer affiliates as high as 70% commission on some Clickbank offers. Which is great!

So, your ability to promote without launching any product of yours is a great way to make money online.

2. To Earn Huge Commission

If you are looking to earn a huge commission. You can promote on these platforms because their affiliate commission is still considered high.

This cannot be compared to Amazon Associates where you are limited to a low commission for their physical products.

You will still find physical products that are as high as 40% commission on Clickbank.

That tells you how well you can earn from physical products that still need to be delivered to the buyer.

Not every affiliate programs offer this kind of huge commission. The majority of other renowned affiliate networks offer less.

But with Maxweb and Clickbank, you have chances of earning high commissions from physical products and even digital products.

Clickbank Vs. Maxweb For Affiliates

There are several reasons why Clickbank will be superior to Maxweb for affiliates and why Maxweb will be superior to Clickbank.

Here are some of the main differences between Clickbank and Maxweb for affiliates.

Product Details

When it comes to details about the product that you want to promote or have an interest in. Clickbank has more product details than Maxweb.

This doesn’t mean that the product details of Maxweb are obsolete. But even solid promoters on Maxweb still go to ClickBank to check out if the product is being listed there so that they can get product details.

Details concerning a product like the gravity of the product that shows how many promoters are promoting the offer.

Also, the conversion rate of the product shows the average amount that any affiliate earns from promoting the product.

These are among the things available on ClickBank which show you exactly what you needed to know.

But this is something that you won’t get on Maxweb. So Clickbank offers more in competition and conversion analysis compared to Maxweb which offers less. (Clickbank Wins)

Products Type

Checking out Maxweb, you will see that they have less Internet marketing and make money online products.

Majorly digital products like Software are even less founded on a platform like Maxweb.

What you will find on Maxweb are majorly physical products mostly in the health Niche.

While Clickbank still has more products to offer in several other niches than Maxweb.

You can easily check out Clickbank and still get a lot of products in the software and make money online niches.

These are very important for your progress and for you to make enough money. You cannot settle for less – that you should know! (Clickbank Wins)

Affiliate Registration

Clickbank affiliate registration is easier than that of Maxweb. You can easily register on ClickBank and get your approval. So far you are not registering from a blacklisted country.

While on Maxweb, you still need to provide a lot of additional details like your traffic source, how you want to promote, and several others.

That means Maxweb needs professionals who already have an audience of their own.

They are in less need of beginners who are also promising and can become great tomorrow.

This doesn’t mean that a beginner will still not sign up. But you just have to lie about your details in case you don’t have any traffic source of yours.(Clickbank Wins)


Maxweb has a more adequate support system than Clickbank. Aside from their online support that is always available to help.

You will also have your dedicated account manager that will oversee the activities on your dashboard.

This is something that you cannot find easily on Clickbank. Before you can have your dedicated account manager on ClickBank, you need to become a platinum member.

And becoming a platinum member is not about paying money. You need to have sold a considerable amount of products to reach platinum.

But on Maxweb, you have your dedicated account manager as a beginner and newbie on their Platform.

And remember Maxweb has been in existence for a long time over 18 years +. So, it means they truly value customer support. (Maxweb Wins)


Checking out some products on ClickBank and comparing them to Maxweb. Product merchants on Clickbanks tend to charge higher prices.

If you check out a product on ClickBank and compare it to Maxweb. You will still realize that you tend to earn more.

Because even if a product has a 50% commission on both platforms. If it’s being priced a little bit high one affiliate network than the other.

It is still very good to promote the one which charges a high price – since you will be using the same amount of energy to promote it (either high or low).

So, this brings about more earning opportunities for affiliates promoting Clickbank products than Maxweb. (Clickbank Wins)

Payment Process

Maxweb payment is 3 times a week for strong affiliates with enough sales and once every week for new affiliates. You must have a Bank account and it must be linked to the Maxweb system to receive payment.

Clickbank pays two days after the end of the pay period for any product that is being sold. Clickbank pays affiliates on Fridays.

With this, it is still faster to quickly withdraw your funds from Maxweb than Clickbank.

Also, once you have started making a lot of sales on Maxweb and turning into a legitimate affiliate.

You will be rewarded with withdrawing your money three times a week. Compared to Clickbank which is just once a week. (Maxweb Wins)

In-depth Tracking

Maxweb has enough in-depth tracking than Clickbank. Although this is for those who are making sales.

You will be able to see the number of sales stats daily, weekly, or monthly.
Also, if you are making use of the Maxweb trackers. You can easily monitor that.

It doesn’t also mean that such a feature like that is not on ClickBank. But you tend to enjoy more features on Maxweb.

There are just several other features that are inside Maxweb that I see that will help affiliates to promote more.

Especially when you can know exactly the conversion rate of your promotions. (Maxweb Wins)

Promotion Approval

On Maxweb, you will still have to apply to promote. Which means you will not be able to promote every product.

Compared to Clickbank that you already have your affiliate link inserted and auto-approved on a product.

Although there are still some products on Clickbank that you will still also apply but they are very few.

But Maxweb had almost all their products to be applied for and not auto-approved like Clickbank.

So, it is when you apply that they will send you an email that your affiliate approval for a product has been granted

This will majorly limit the way you should be doing your promotion. While on Clickbank, you are automatically approved to promote with your unique affiliate link. (Clickbank Wins)

Clickbank Vs. Maxweb for Vendors

Vendors also have a lot to enjoy when it comes to launching on an affiliate networking platform.

Both Clickbank and Maxweb also have what it takes to help vendors to make money and also grow more connections.

Let us see the ways one of them favors than the other.

Reputable Brand

When it comes to reputation. Clickbank is more reputable than Maxweb. I can’t literally say it is some influencers like John Crestani that are appraising Maxweb.

Clickbank is known by almost every internet and affiliate marketer who are just a few months on the internet.

And the reason is that whenever anybody is talking about affiliate marketing.
Aside from Amazon Associates for physical products – Clickbank is their next talk got digital products.

So, if you are to launch any product. It is still more advisable to launch on ClickBank than Maxweb.

Or better still, launch on both – but Clickbank must be the priority because of traffic and more eyeballs from affiliates. (Clickbank Wins)

Support Manager For Your Products

If you are just getting started to launch your product on Clickbank. You won’t have any dedicated account manager yet until you reach platinum.

But Maxweb already has a ready-made account manager for you from the day on.

So, if you want to launch a product. The account manager will guide you towards following the right route.

Because trust me, mistakes are inevitable and you will even make many more if you don’t have someone to guide you.

So, with the assistance of a manager. You are sure to limit your chances of making many mistakes.

Something you can’t easily get Clickbank because you are new and don’t have much reputation yet. (Maxweb Wins)


Payment of your money can be 3 times weekly if you already have several sales on Maxweb.

Likewise, even if you are new – you can still make your withdrawal once a week.

While on Clickbank – it doesn’t work like that. You have to wait for more time and just withdraw once every Friday.

This is not compared to what Maxweb can offer you. So, Maxweb is the best here. (Maxweb Wins)


The competitive level of Clickbank is high compared to Maxweb, so if you are to launch a product as a vendor or merchant over there – you must be ready for several other product competitions.

Except if you are in a niche that is very much less competitive like maybe the spiritual niche.

But if you are in the make money online niche or a niche like health niche. You must be ready for a lot of competition on ClickBank.

But this is not so with Maxweb. Even though you will still face competition, but the number of products listed on Maxweb is not as up to that of Clickbank.

So, you still have a chance of ranking your product high on Maxweb and making it get to the eyeballs of affiliates to promote. (Maxweb Wins)


Maxweb Vs Clickbank — Who Wins?

Our vote goes to Clickbank. 

This doesn’t mean that Maxweb is not a good affiliate networking platform to get good products. But Clickbank has a more in-depth analysis concerning the competitive level of the product to promote.
Also, you earn more affiliate commissions on Clickbank than Maxweb. Likewise, their affiliate approval is easy compared to Maxweb.

Clickbank offers a more reliable payment method for foreigners compared to Maxweb which offers less.

Although, when it comes to product quality. Both Clickbank and Maxweb offer the same type of products.

There are some products you will see on Maxweb and when you go to Clickbank. You will also see them there.

It’s just that you will still be able to get more details about the products on Clickbank and also have more product range selection than Maxweb.


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