Seller Circle Review by Jake Burden (My Honest Thought)

If you’re looking for an honest review of Seller Circle by Jake Burden, then you are in the right place.

Jake Burden is a UK-based guy who has promised many online hustlers to teach them how to make money online with Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon, also called Amazon FBA.

It’s a program that costs roughly fifty euros per month and several other subscription-based models.

You will be able to make the best decision concerning this program after reading this.

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Without further ado, let’s get straight into more discussion about Seller Circle by Jake Burden.

Seller Circle Jake Burden

What’s the Seller Circle Program All About?

The program is all about teaching people how to make money with Amazon FBA, also called Fulfillment By Amazon.

It’s a program that promises to teach you how to get access to the latest profitable products on Amazon.

Jake claimed that these products are cheap and profitable, which you can easily sell and bank a lot of money.

With a captivating landing page, Seller Circle has come to also make a lot of money from teaching other people how to bank with Amazon FBA.

Originally, this program was made available for people in the UK.

But later on, several other Tier 1 citizens started getting aware of Jake’s advertisements.

However, by the time you are done reading this guide.

You will be able to make the best decision concerning this program.

How much does Seller Circle cost?

The program costs around fifty euros per month, or you can pay one hundred and thirty euros every three months and save twenty euros for yourself.

That is not all, you can decide to subscribe to the yearly plan of roughly eight hundred dollars and get an exclusive package.

Although kindly know that the program price might change anytime.

But as at the time of writing this guide, these are the respective prices.

In case of any changes, you are aware of. You can let us know in the comment box below.

Although, I like the way Jake Burden split the program into several prices.

He sachetized the program so that those who don’t have much and are on a budget can get started with it.

Well, does this mean that it’s still the best program to make you money without ripping you off?

More details about that will come later in this guide.

Jake Burden’s Review (Who is he?)

Jake is a coach and a content creator who also claims to make a lot of money from selling products on Amazon.

He is a UK-based guy who has claimed to have sold thousands of products on the Amazon Marketplace.

Jake Burden Seller Circle Review.

With thousands of followers on his social media pages and YouTube subscribers.

This guy has been able to make a name for himself among other coaches and content creators on the internet.

However, does that mean that what he’s selling is legit and something you can consider today?

Let us take a look at the drawbacks of this type of business so that you can use it as a justification for your decision.

Drawbacks of the seller circle program

Below are some of the most significant drawbacks of the Amazon FBA business in general, and why you should consider them carefully.

Normally, the sales pages of FBA courses will not tell you all of these, because they want you to buy their program.

However, these drawbacks are essential in revealing what you can expect once you get started with FBA.

1. High Capital Requirements

A significant amount of capital is required for you to start an Amazon FBA business successfully.

You should have plans for at least ten thousand dollars since Amazon FBA requires you to pay suppliers and send products all the way to Amazon’s warehouse.

After doing this, you still need to cover the cost of packaging, running ads, branding, and estimation, which can be quite expensive.

Therefore, Amazon FBA is for someone who already has the money but is looking to earn more.

Not someone who has less than five thousand dollars and wants to get into it.

Besides, this program costs close to around a thousand euros per year, so you need more money to kickstart the business.

2. High Competition

Amazon FBA has a lot of competition since many people are now using their life savings to join it.

There are also many courses on the internet teaching how to do Amazon FBA.

As well as free video tutorials on YouTube that promise to teach you everything from start to finish.

Since registering for an Amazon account is free, many brands are trying to simplify selling for themselves.

These are the people you will meet the moment you are getting started in this business.

However, 5 seconds YouTube shorts is still my top recommendation, and you can always get started with it here.

3. Deceptive Strategy

One of the sales strategies that some FBA courses use is to help you find the best selling products.

They claim to show you a product that is trending and will sell very fast the moment you join.

However, some of these course creators already have hundreds of students who have bought their courses.

What they reveal to you is the same thing they will reveal to those hundreds or thousands of students who are not wise enough to think for themselves.

Consequently, you will be competing with those students and selling the same products.

There’s nothing unique about that, especially when others are also selling the same products.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll even sell a single product.

Even if you sell the exact products the course creator recommends when other students are also selling the same.

Therefore, I don’t always agree with this strategy because it sounds deluded to me.

And many people don’t think it through before enrolling.

4. Amazon Bans

Amazon bans and account loss are rampant, and you can lose your account at any time and in any way.

Your chances of losing your account as a newbie are even higher since many people are now into Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, and other ventures.

Many people want to earn from the platform, so Amazon keeps suspending accounts every day.

The moment your account is banned, your chances of getting it back are slim, except in cases where the violation is not that serious.

Therefore, you can lose your account at any time, and even the investments you have made might turn into a loss.

5. Results Take Time

Although I’m not a fan of get-rich-quick schemes, Amazon FBA takes time to get results.

Aside from waiting for weeks to have your products delivered successfully to Amazon’s warehouse.

You will have to wait longer to start branding and thinking of ways to run ads.

If you only rely on free organic Amazon traffic, it will take you even longer to see any results.

Therefore, Amazon FBA takes time to see results, and you have to be patient even if you’re on the right path.

6. Struggling with Reputable Brands

You will struggle a lot with reputable brands that have already established authority in the niche you are in.

Unless you are lucky enough to be in a niche with less competition.

And don’t forget that Jake will be the one to give you the niche that you will go into.

So, you already have much competition with other reputable brands because you will also be competing with his students who enrolled before you.

Whether they are making much money or not, they are already a top brand compared to you.

Moreover, almost every niche has a reputable brand that many buyers run to for purchases.

Only a few niches without many buyers will you hardly see a reputable brand.

Final Verdict

I am sure you have learned more than enough about this Seller Circle Review Amazon FBA Course by Jake Burden.

I can only recommend this course for someone who has a lot of capital to invest in it.

If you don’t have much capital and you only have less than five thousand dollars in your account.

I suggest you consider my #1 recommendation of the Freedom Accelerator community, owned by my mentor Jonathan Montoya.

You can watch this webinar to see how he used a simple AI trick to earn $328 daily.

This is the method I am also using to earn up to $250 daily in passive income.

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