10 Ways To Start Selling Your Courses On Udemy

10 Ways To Start Selling Your Courses On Udemy

I was on a phone call with my friend turned business partner last month when he told me about people selling courses on Udemy.

He even told me he was shocked when he saw a low-quality course that was only recorded with a mobile phone.

He said the watermark of the platform where he reduced the size file was below the video and he couldn’t remove it.

He said he was shocked and was like – what exactly is stopping him from launching his course on Udemy…

…when someone who doesn’t have a laptop or a computer already has his course on the platform just recorded with his phone.

He said the quality wasn’t even good and he was surprised that Udemy could accept such kind of course.

I laughed and told him that I have always told him to start any project with what he has and not keep waiting to be perfect.

Now, I am sure this is you – you are still wondering what you will need to start selling your courses on Udemy.

Or you might be thinking that what do you need to have in place to record a very nice video that will make Udemy accept your course.

All you need is what you currently have and you don’t have to keep wondering and panicking about what is not available.

Use what you have now and keep making progress. The thing is that – what you have currently is another person’s desire.

I remembered when I don’t have a very good phone to start my YouTube channel years back.

I can see a friend who has a laptop still complaining that she couldn’t start her YouTube channel because of another reason.

So, just quit complaining and get to work.

And the amazing thing is that – the video that my friend was talking about “which has low quality compared to other Instructors’ courses”…

…has a lot of students who have already been enrolling for the course.

All that people need is the value that you want to give and not the environment from which the tutorial comes from.

With this, let us look to how you can also sell your course/s and join the league of instructors that have thousands of students who will be enrolling for your course.

I won’t be talking about how you can create the video here. I will be talking about how you can promote the course on Udemy.


Types of Instructors

There are three different types of Instructors on Udemy and each instructor has a focus on different angles.

You are not the first to be on the platform and you are not going to be the last because some people are already registering to become a Udemy Instructor right now.

Some people have just attended a course on how to sell a course on Udemy and are already going to be in an angel.

But you will get all you need to start making sales and getting thousands of students who will be enrolling for your course or courses every day.

The three types of Instructors on Udemy are:

  1. Value Giving Instructor.
  2. Marketing Instructor.
  3. Hybrid Instructor.

Successfully Sell Your Online Video Courses On Udemy

1.Value Giving Instructor:

One class of Instructors in Udemy is the value givers. These kinds of Instructors are all about giving value.

They make sure that their course is fully valued and has good quality.

Their main focus is on the product that they are creating. They give all their devotion to the course that they are producing.

These types of Instructors are very considerate and all they want is to have their students come back.

The thing about these types of Instructors is that they always have AFFILIATES to promote their products.

Affiliates will want to promote their products because it looks very catchy and it is shot with a very good camera.

It is recorded with a professional camera and not just a phone camera or an ordinary laptop or computer camera.

This type of Instructor aims to have a good reputation and stay unique among other instructors.

It is no news that the majority of online coaches have the belief that people will always like products that look catchy.

That is not even that case, the case here is that they focus fully on the product or course that they are promoting and give less attention to their marketing aspect.

They will try to shoot a very nice video and give a detailed explanation of what they want to teach their students.

They will edit the course and make it look very nice and beautiful and upload it on Udemy.

Now, they have relied heavily on Udemy traffic, and that their course will be shown to many people in a recommendation.

Those are the kinds of Instructors that forget that there are thousands of Instructors on Udemy who have overtaken their products and have created a course related to their own.

Also, these top Instructors already have a lot of reviews from students. So, when their course is shown next to these type of course…

…they will lose students from enrolling in their course.

The reason is that they make their focus to be majorly on product creation and give less attention to marketing.

And in the end – they will either have little or no sales from their course.

Should you be like this kind of Instructor? Continue reading and you will get to know which one will suit you.


2. Marketing Instructor:

The marketing Instructor is those who don’t care about the beauty of a product.

They might also be those who tried to make the product look good but don’t care about their students.

The course that they release might just be a duplicate of another person’s YouTube video that is incomplete.

There are many courses on Udemy that you will get free information on YouTube.

And you will see those kinds of courses on Udemy that hundred to thousands of students have enrolled for.

Now, it’s not even bad if you do this since it’s all about giving information.

But what is bad about what these types of instructors do is that they don’t always give out valuable information.

Their courses are mostly incomplete and won’t help the enrolled student in solving the problem he or she came for.

What these types of Instructors care about is how they can quickly launch their course and sell it quickly.

These types of instructors are those who have enough connections with top marketers and top bloggers in their niche.

They might also be a blogger or top marketer who have been helping other marketers or bloggers promote their courses.

So, once they launch their course – other marketers that they have once helped will reciprocate by helping them promote the course.

It’s majorly called a joint venture in online marketing.

Also, these instructors might have a good social media presence – but it is just always rare for someone who wants to send his followers to his or her course to give out invaluable resources.

It is most common among those who do a joint venture.

So, the main aim of these kinds of Instructors is that they want to release a new course once or twice every month just to make money.

They know that they already have people who will help them promote their course.

So, what else are they waiting for? That is why they do say that it is not about how good your product is.

Even if your product is the best – you need to have a good marketing approach because those who have a bad product will sell more than you.

Should you join this type of instructor? Let us continue.


3. Hybrid Instructor:

These kinds of Instructors are the ones that you should follow. These are the people that combine both the property of a Value Giving Instructor and Marketing Instructor.

Although, they might not be that perfect in making their product look classy and might not even have a good sales page conversion rate like the value-giving instructor.

But they always make sure that they give out enough value in their course.

They always have the mind of their students in their minds. They aim to over-deliver and give to the best.

Their videos might only be recorded on a laptop screen and not a professional camera.

It might even be with a phone – but you will surely learn a lot from enrolling in their course.

Also, they always have a focus on marketing. They will use every means possible to promote their course in and outside of Udemy.

They will run adverts and do JVs and every other form of marketing to make sure that they get students who will enroll for their courses.

These are the types of instructors that you see having a lot of positive reviews and having thousands of students who are enrolling for their course.

They have the qualities of the Value Giver and Marketer Instructors.

So, this is the kind of Instructor that you should be. Don’t just focus on the product alone and leave marketing.

Also, don’t focus on marketing alone and leave the product. Always make sure that the two are working hand in hand.

And you will see yourself flying at the top and making sales every day from your course.


How To Easily Sell Your Courses On Udemy

There are some things that you need to have in place to become a hybrid course instructor on Udemy.

You cannot just rely heavily on miracles to happen Immediately on Udemy except if you want to keep having everyday frustration.

Just like the biblical word says that “Heaven Help Those Who Help Themselves”.

It is also like that in Udemy – because “Udemy Help Those Who Help Themselves”.

Because once you have enough means to sell your course and bring watch views to your course.

Then Udemy themselves will have the mindset to help you rank your course faster and quicker.

Here are the ways through which you can easily sell your Udemy courses without any reliance.

  1. Website Outreach.
  2. Pay-Per-Click.
  3. SEO.
  4. Forum.
  5. Social Media.
  6. Question & Answer Website.
  7. Ebook on Amazon.
  8. Groups Admins.
  9. Post coupons.
  10. Free course.


#1. Website Outreach:

Website outreach is the first thing you should consider if you are very good at writing valuable content.

You can find some rich websites in your niche and decide to write for them and link to your Udemy Course page.

Make sure that the websites that you are writing for have enough and a very good domain authority.

Websites like this can include medium.com and some other big websites that encourage content writers.

What this will give you is the ability to rank your content on their website and also have the likelihood of that content appearing on Google.

Most of the top websites that encourage writers to publish on their platforms have their SEO.

Medium for example already has members who go there to look for information about some topics.

These people are already part and parcel of Medium and don’t pass through Google.

They already have medium apps and pages on their gadgets. Medium has millions of visitors who are directly using it without a Google search engine.

So If you can write on websites like this and your article can rank and have people who will read them.

You can have your Udemy linked in the article and you can get hundreds of people who will land on your Udemy Course page.



Another thing you can always consider is to run an advert on your course page. Although I will talk more about the proper usage of running advert below in the “Udemy selling practices”.

But you have to know that the floor is open for anyone to run paid adverts to his or her Udemy course page.

But always make sure that you make use of Pay-per-click when doing your paid advert.

This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your course page and view the page.

Do not run adverts that charge you when people view your ads – it is just a way to waste your money.

You can always run PPC adverts on several platforms like Facebook, YouTube, solo ads and you can even run forum ads.

Almost every platform that you know about has their advert plan where you can always consider running paid adverts on.

This is a very fast means of getting thousands of people who will view what you are offering and hundreds of people who will click on your course page.

It is very easy and doesn’t need you to involve in much stress. Although, this can only be done if you have money to run adverts.

So, you can always consider running paid adverts and quickly become a top instructor.

You should have started having this mindset of running a Pay-per-click advert from the moment you start creating your Udemy course.


#3. SEO:

Another thing you can also train yourself at – just to promote your course and sell harder is doing SEO.

SEO meaning Search Engine Optimization is available on websites like Google, YouTube, Pinterest.

I believe there should be many more out there but these are the popular ones that I know of.

You can always try to leverage platforms like these and rank your content on the website.

But make sure that you learn them and place your focus on one of them at a time.

If you decide to first make use of good SEO for your Free promotion. Go hard on it and begin to use it.

If it is Pinterest or YouTube that you want to use – go hard on it and begin to enjoy the process.

You won’t quickly get a result because it’s a free method. You have to implement and invest dedication into it for months.

It is after you have been on these platforms and stayed consistent for months that they will start to consider your content.

So, stay dedicated and begin to rank your content on these websites.

What happens is that people do come to these websites to search for keywords that they want to learn about.

So, if you stay consistent – these websites will start to recommend your content to their users who are searching.

And once your content starts ranking – you can easily link your course page link in your content and have people click on it.

That is how the SEO method of promoting your content works. So, try and learn the content creation of each SEO platform and know the one that best suits you.


#4. Forum:

Forum is a source of getting extra traffic and watch views into your course and website.

I wouldn’t advise that you capitalize on this method though. Always make use of it as an assistant method of selling your course.

I have seen marketers say they have been able to build thousands of email lists and also make thousands of sales just through the use of forum marketing.

But I can’t say if they are saying the truth because the internet itself is filled with Liars and Crap.

Anybody can say anything once they get on their keyboard. So, there is nothing that the internet cannot say.

But you can always add this to your channel of getting traffic and making more course sales.

Just join some forums around your niche. You can get to know them by typing “{Your Niche} Forum” on Google.

You will see a lot of recommendations that will be shown to you. You will even be surprised as to how many of them you never thought would have existed.

But always make sure that you look at the relevance and existence of this website.

You can go to similarweb and look at how many visitors that each one of them is having every month.

Because this is what can give you a signal towards signing up on the forum.

You wouldn’t want to join a platform only to find out that they don’t have enough active members who login every day.

So, try to study that and do your due diligence.


#5. Social Media:

Social Media is another platform that you shouldn’t tend to neglect when it comes to getting more course sales.

You can decide to leverage just one platform and keep getting more followers to love you.

My friend posted his first video on TikTok the day before yesterday and got over 700 views without having any followers.

I was surprised because the algorithm that other platforms have is different from TikTok’s own.

On other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You will need to have followers and friends because you can get people to see your posts.

Fine, you might say you can make use of hashtags on Instagram but it can never fetch you 700 views with 0 followers.

But the TikTok algorithm is different – so, if you are seeing this article while it is still easy now…

You can just decide to join TikTok and start posting videos also because they will get views without having followers.

I was surprised when he told me because it is phenomenal. After all, that means even someone new can get a lot of followers within a short time.

So, you can just create content that is related to your course on Udemy and put the Course link on your bio.

Once you finish your video or inside it – you can just tell them to view your bio for more information on your course.

Of course, they will be interested in buying your course since they enjoy your free content.

So, you can try TikTok or other social media platforms like Twitter and get people to view your page.

Twitter is also cool because I do get notifications from people who I don’t follow on my phone from Twitter, which is cool.


#6. Question & Answer Website:

Question and Answer websites like Quora for example will also help you make a lot of sales.

Quora, Yahoo answer, and others are good places to also show your expertise.

People are searching for answers every second. And many of them go to Q&A Websites when they get frustrated online.

So, you can always provide answers on this platform and the best thing is that when you provide answers…

…you can always link to your website. But let me give you a secret gist which you won’t find on other platforms.

Whenever you are answering questions on Quora for example and you want to link to a website.

Always make sure that you are linking to an article that is providing additional value than what you wrote on the Q&A website.

I can’t say if this method applies to other Q&A websites but I am damn sure that it is available on Quora.

Don’t just answer questions on Quora and post a link to your course page or Affiliate link or Landing page.

It will never be approved and they will disregard your answer. So, always make sure you answer in detail and link to an article.

It is inside the article that you will now link to your Udemy course. That is how to use the Question and Answer website.

So, don’t ever post directly to a page – that is what most people do. Some will even go as far as posting their affiliate link.

It won’t work and they will not approve your answer.


#7. Ebook on Amazon:

Publishing your ebook on Amazon is another strategy that can get you a lot of people that will come into your course.

You can do all your recording and outsource it for a publisher to help you convert it to text.

In this book, you can give out the primary and fundamentals of it and upload it for people to download on Amazon.

You can now make the secondary and practical aspects to be in your Udemy course.

The thing is that once people read your ebook and see that it has value. They will be eager to buy the video course because they will want to see how to make it work in the practical scene.

Although, you cannot just rely heavily on getting thousands of people into enrolling for your Udemy course with this method.

The reason is that there are thousands of authors on this platform who have published their books.

Also, the Amazon website needs you to bring people into the platform and buy your ebook to read.

Although, you can decide to make the ebook to be free of charge on Amazon Kindle.

But it works a lot because you will get recommendations and Amazon have their SEO which your book will show.

So, anytime someone searches for a keyword related to the title of your ebook.

You will get recommendations and your ebook will be suggested for people to read and if it’s free…

…then you are good to enjoy more traffic into your ebook which will, in turn, bring more hot students to enroll for your Udemy course.


#8. Groups Admins:

You can also decide to go the extra mile and make rapport with some group admins in your niche.

I find this strategy to be very cool. You can pay them to display your course link on their group description.

Although, you have to be a very good marketer to do this because you have to first build a good rapport with them to enjoy this strategy.

You cannot just walk up to a group admins and tell him or her to help you paste your link on his group and expect them to accept.

No! You have to build rapport with them and might even do some services for them that you know they will appreciate.

Then, you can suggest they help you post your course link on their group.

The thing is that, for they to post it for a long time on the group. It has to be that they will have a very good percentage when they post it.

You can decide to share the sales made through their website to be 50/50 between you and them.

But if you want them to post for a short time…You can decide to work for them and beg them to help you post it for a short period.

Or you can just decide to pay them for an advert on their group and get it there for maybe 1 month before they remove it.

It is your choice though and it works well because you are running adverts where your ideal customers are engaging the most.

Just find a blue ocean where your ideal audience is engaging and cast your net inside.


#9. Post Coupons:

Many Udemy instructors make use of this strategy a lot when they just launched their product.

They will first sell their course with coupons. A course might be worth $97 but they will issue a coupon and make people enroll for $17.

I believe you can see the best difference? Now, the thing is that they are doing this to get people who will enroll for their course.

When one person enrolls for a course – it will count and Udemy will count such enrollment for you.

Also, these are the people that will also leave your reviews on your course that others will see to enroll.

The thing is that – with this method. Your new course that doesn’t have any students yet will now have students and your conversions will increase.

If you send 1000 traffic into your course page – you will have more people buy it at $17 than $97.

So, after the first 2 months of adding your course to the Udemy coupon. You can now change it back to the normal price.

Even Udemy will help you to promote your course because of the coupon added to it.

The reason for this – just like I stated earlier is to get more engagements on the course.

So, that those who will pay the high price will be complacent enough to buy when they see enough reviews on it.

#10. Free Course:

You can also launch a free course on Udemy and get people to enroll for the course.

When you launch your course – you can use the ebook strategy which I treated above in this aspect.

You will give out any information for free and make it very captivating. Then you will upsell them in the main course.

So, to so this. Make sure that you have a paid course which you already have available to sell.

You will just redirect them to go buy your course and start implementing.

The way to do this is by showing them the tactics in the free course and make them know that there is a solution to a problem.

You will now show them the implementation and real deal in the paid course which they have to buy before they can have access to.

Final Thought On Selling Courses On Udemy

Final Thought On Selling Udemy Courses

Selling course on Udemy is a joy come true for many people and I am certain that it will also come to you after you are done implementing everything in this guide.

Try to use all the strategies listed to sell your course and be a Hybrid Instructor instead of flipping to one side.

This will get you a lot of students to enroll in your course and also build a good reputation in your niche.

If you have any more suggestions or strategies that you have used to sell your course or courses.

Kindly drop them in the comment box below and let other readers learn from you.

Also, if you truely enjoy this article – then you might as well like the guide we wrote on Udemy Affiliate – which will teach you how to sell other people’s courses on Udemy.

Don’t hesitate to share this guide with your friends and loved ones by clicking on any of the social media icons below.


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