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CPA Landing Pages: Landing Pages For CPA Marketing

CPA Landing Pages

CPA Landing pages are the fast way for any internet marketer involves in CPA to easily earn money from a cost per action.

Landing pages are a fantastic way for you as a marketer to easily make money from your affiliate journey.

That is why we are going to be revealing some secrets concerning the aspect of CPA in this guide.

This guide is going to be comprehensive for you to easily digest and understand without any stress.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, let us quickly look at what a landing page implies and how it comes to cost per action or CPA Marketing.

What is CPA landing page

What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a bridge page where people land whenever they want to see whatever you have to offer.

Now, this is like a page that looks like your shop or company which will convert passers-by into doing what you want them to do.

When you have a store or a company that people can enter – it gives you more chance of converting them into hot prospects.

Unlike just selling by the roadside which is not certain to easily convert every passerby.

So, when you link this with CPA – you will know that you need to have a landing page so that your marketing approach can be authentic.

When you have a landing page where you want to drive people into – you can easily lock your CPA offers on your landing page.

Although we will go deeper into the stuff that will make your landing page to be effective as possible for your CPA offers.

CPA Landing Page For Marketing

Benefits of Landing Pages For CPA

There are several benefits of using landing pages for your CPA Marketing.

Although this is essential – we have to look at some of the benefits that you can enjoy from a landing page.

Below are the benefits of landing pages for your CPA.

  1. It increases your conversion
  2. It secures your link
  3. It makes marketing easier


1. It increases your conversion:

One of the amazing benefits of landing pages is the ability to convert your audience into raving buyers.

It is also working with CPA offers because they are majorly about the action the prospect takes for you to earn money.

But it becomes difficult for someone who doesn’t have a landing page builder to easily survive with CPA.

You need a landing page to host your CPA offers so that people can easily land on your page and get converted.

It is the first destination that your prospects will get to before they will ever think of doing any task.

Also, it is very good to offer something for them to do the task you want them to do.

Someone like me prefers only the email address task where you are only required to provide an email address to earn.

So, once I just send a cold or warm prospect to my landing page – I will offer them a free resource that will entice them to input their address.

Once they input it – they will easily get access to the book and I also earn money from their input.

You can use some free tools on the internet to create your landing pages but you have to know that the functionality will be limited.

Free tools like Google Sites or Blogger are what I used when I started doing CPA.

But the functionalities are low and I was only limited to little features compared to having an upgraded page builder.

You can use Thrive Architect, Clickfunnels to build your landing page and convert visitors easily.


2. It Secures Your Link:

Once you register for some CPA affiliate programs – you will be given your unique affiliate link.

It is this link that you can keep sharing on social pages and platforms to promote your CPA offers.

But the truth is that it will become difficult for you to just place your CPA affiliate link on any platform.

They won’t accept that because they don’t want spam on their website.

The only place that can help you solve this problem is to use a landing page for your CPA offers.

Because you can easily input your affiliate link in your landing page before sharing the landing page link on social pages.

This will help you protect your affiliate link and make you stand out from other people promoting the same offer.

Many people will tell you that you can share your link anywhere but it’s all a lie.

You have to protect your affiliate link for you to be able to promote well on your social pages.


3. It Makes Marketing Easier:

Doing marketing will become very easy for you when you have a landing page.

Have you seen any top marketer without any landing page? You need to have detailed knowledge about how the landing page works.

Doing CPA will be something that will be accommodating for your audience. Just imagine if you are running paid ads.

Oh yes, you can run paid adverts to your CPA offers if you find it hard to get traffic for your offers.

Just run paid adverts and send them to your landing page where they will be converted.

It will become very difficult for you to just run paid ads directly to a CPA offer link because you will not be changed to do that.

Social media don’t allow the use of links that are affiliated in any way because they are trying to protect their audience from online cabals.

so the best way for you to make sure that your adverts get approved is by using a landing page.

Another thing is that when you are good at copywriting – you can use your copy to convert them more.

So, once they land on your page – you will use your copy skills to convert them into taking the action you want them to take.

This is the main reason why having and building a landing page is essential for your CPA.

Many things involved like content locking and many other things do not just want you can do easily.

You need a landing page to quickly grow successfully in this line of business.

CPA Offer

Strategies To Design Your Landing Pages For CPA

There are several strategies involved in the design of a landing page for CPA Marketing.

You can decide to use one of them or all of them when doing your CPA Marketing and promoting your CPA offers.

Let us quickly look at how each one of them can help you grow successful in CPA marketing and earn a considerable income online.


1. Lock Your CPA Offer in An Existing Article:

The first way that you can create a landing page for your CPA offers is by locking your offer in an existing article.

This works in a way that you will go to your CPA dashboard and select an offer and you copy out the code of an article and lock it in an offer.

The CPA network that does stuff like this is CPAGrips. They allow you to lock content in an offer.

You can go to any website and find an article that is very suitable and your audience will want to watch.

You can use any of the traffic methods below to get people to visit the article for reading purposes.

Then Immediately they click on the link of your CPA offer – they will be redirected to the locker.

So, they have to first solve the task on your CPA offer before the article will be open for them to access.

The reason why I like this method is that once they click on the link you send them to.

They will first be redirected to the page that you have locked your content in.

So, once they want to start reading it – your offer will just pop up and request them to complete the task before they can continue.

And because they are about to start – they will want to complete the task just for them to get back to what they are about to access.

This landing page strategy is effective because you might not even need to design a landing page to do this.

You can just find another person’s landing page or article page and lock your CPA Marketing Offer into it.

You will only need to grab the HTML code for that page you want to lock the content in and paste it inside your CPA offer.

This way, you make them have access to the goodies you are giving them but they will have to complete your task before they can access it.


2. Create a Squeeze Page For A Free Video:

Another fantastic strategy for a landing page in CPA Marketing is creating a squeeze page for a free video.

Now, this video will be free stuff that you can get on YouTube which is many and can be selected.

Whatever you feel like offering as a video – you can easily go online and check them out on YouTube.

Then you will download the video or just copy the embedded code for the video from YouTube.

Then, paste that embedded video on a landing page and lock your CPA offer into it easily.

Now, since you have locked the video, they won’t be able to access the video unless they complete the task given to them.

This is how CPA Marketing works and you don’t necessarily need to offer freebie resources to people.

Just give them something that they can view and it’s not created by you and just lock it on a page.

You can offer a new movie that just came out and people are in dire need to watch.

So, just make people be aware of it and lock it on a page with your CPA offer in it.

Because it is a new movie, they will want to watch it and see what is inside of the movie.

So, this is how you can easily lock a video which is just like the way you lock an article.


3. Give out a Free Resource With Your CPA Locked in it:

The last strategy that you can implement for your CPA marketing is giving away a free resource inside your CPA offer.

Now, this is different from the other strategies above because you will have to offer something to them.

Something that they will want to download and digest and not just an article or video on your landing page.

So, this is another form of doing CPA Marketing for your landing pages.

You will only need to offer something as a freebie but get them to complete the task before they can download the resource.

You can even do some Testimonials by yourself by creating a comment for your landing page.

Although this is not real and not that advised to do but I see some crazy CPA Marketers going the extra mile to do this.

And marketing is all about testing, so test what works and keep using it for your CPA Marketing.

So, you can offer any freebie to them ranging from eBooks, video courses, or anything that can be offered.

It can be a free coupon for a particular product online which you are offering them but they need to complete the task before they can access it.

So use this landing page strategy above to crush your CPA Marketing Business.

CPA content locking

Promoting your CPA Landing Pages

There are several methods that you can use to promote your CPA offers through many channels.

    1. Forums
    2. YouTube
    3. Pinterest
    4. Blog
    5. Native Ads

Many people are making money from CPA and you are not going to be left behind when it comes to doing affiliate CPA Marketing.

Below are the methods that you can use to promote your CPA Landing Pages and start having conversions.


1. Forums:

Forum is a nice platform that you can use to promote CPA offers because there are many audiences on the forum.

Now, what you have to do with CPA is to make someone take an action. So, once you have made use of any of the strategies listed above to create your landing page…

…let us say you lock a video content on a page for people to sign up with their email before having access to it.

You can easily share the link to the landing page on a forum and get people to see what you are saying.

Forums like Quora is a question-and-answer platform that has members from several niches.

So, if you are someone who wants to lock content on any type of aspect that your content is covering.

You can go to quora and check on questions related to what you have locked already.

But don’t just post your links directly on the forum because that will get you noticed and you might be kicked out.

So, instead of doing that – make sure that you provide an answer and solve the problem partially.

Then you will now redirect them to the landing page where you have locked your content.

Because you have provided a solution partially and redirect them to the perfect solution to their problems.

There is a high tendency that they will solve anything you want them to do just to unlock the CPA offer.

Also, you get noticed by the forum that you will be using will be less because you provided an answer.


2. YouTube:

Although this will be very effective if you have a YouTube channel of your own where you can easily promote CPA offers.

But if you don’t have – you can just easily create your YouTube channel or you can leverage other people’s YouTube channel.

One of the strategies that you can use to build a landing page which I listed above.

You will see that you need video content to lock a video – so, you might either make use of your video.

Or you can just use another person’s video to do your CPA content marketing.

So, if you don’t have a YouTube channel where you can drive traffic to and start controlling people.

You can just post the link to your landing page on other people’s channels.

You will see a video related to the content that you have locked with a CPA offer before one can access it.

So, you will just comment on the video and give an honest reply.

Always make sure that you look real and give your verdict on what you think about what is said in the video.

Then just include the link to your CPA Landing Page in the comment and see your conversion scale.

Kindly note that this is another person’s channel and it is spamming – so, you have to be careful.

If you make your comment look like it is being done with a bot – you won’t get enough results.

So, make sure that it looks like someone who has emotions is commenting and people will click on your page.

But always make sure that where you are doing this is topics that involve people who are hungry for something.

It can be a make-money-online channel or maybe a gaming channel or movie channel.

You get what I am saying right? But just make sure that you are targeting your specific niche.

You will surely see many people who would have created a video on the content that you have locked.


3. Pinterest:

Pinterest is another channel where you can get a lot of traffic to promote your CPA offers.

Pinterest is a traffic stream that many people have not put many minds into.

They don’t even have much idea about what this platform is capable of doing for them.

You are not required to pay any money to start promoting your CPA offers on Pinterest.

Although you have to know that it takes time for you to start getting enough traffic into your Pinterest pins.

The Pinterest posts are called “PINS” which you will create and interlink for people to click and land on your landing page.

Just make sure that whatever you are doing has an interest of women in mind.

Because Pinterest is majorly filled with women who are looking for ways to make life easy for them.

Although, this doesn’t mean that there are no men on Pinterest or it’s filled with only women.

But I am just making you know that the highest percentage of active members are Women.

And they do come on Pinterest to read guides on Cooking, Crafts, and some womanly stuff.

So, make sure that it’s very much targeted to women for you to get high conversion from Pinterest.

And just like I have said earlier, make sure that you are patient and post consistently on the platform.

If you don’t post consistently – you won’t see enough conversion that can sustain you.

You can watch some videos on YouTube on how to create a PIN for Pinterest.

Or you can just go to PINTEREST.COM and read their guide about how you can start your own PINTEREST channel and start scaling.


4. Blog:

Another method that is fantastic for lifetime access is blogging because it involves SEO.

Let me quickly sight an example of what I experienced with a CPA Marketer when I was searching for music.

I was looking for the song titled “Panda by Desiigner”. I still do listen to world music a lot at that time.

So, while searching online – I was not able to get a decent website that will give me the download link on the first few websites.

All the websites are only showing crap and couldn’t give me a straightforward solution to downloading the music.

After scrolling down a little – I was able to see a website that finally gave me the solution to my need.

But it was a landing page that was having a CPA offer – so, he didn’t just give me the download link.

He gave me a CPA Link that I need to first input my email address before I can get access to the track.

You can see that this is something that I find difficult to download but because I see someone giving it.

I find it very attractive to easily input an email address. Although, because I knew it was a CPA Marketing approach.

I didn’t input my email address because I don’t want to be getting unwanted emails from several companies.

I just use a Temporary Email which I quickly input and I got access to download the track.

But this is something that will make enough money for that person because the track is scarce online.

Like, it becomes difficult for someone to easily download as at that time I was searching for it.

This is a good approach and research for this person because it becomes he will always get people that will sign up just to get access to the music.

Now because this is the power of SEO – he will always get daily clicks because the blog rank on Google.

So, if you can also look for something that is scarce online which people are searching for.

You can easily optimize your website for it and make it rank on the first or second page of Google.

And you will start getting free organic traffic from Google which will help boost your website.


5. Native Ads:

Another way you can promote your CPA offers like crazy is the use of Paid adverts.

But if you should consider making use of social media for this type of marketing – you will find it hard to progress took the next level.

Because you might get your ads to keep getting disapproved almost all the time and this can lead to frustration.

Facebook is even a no-go area for me or anyone I will be advising for this type of marketing.

So, just use an advert channel that is less strict when it comes to promoting landing pages for their clients.

And the best way to do this is by using Native Ads to promote your landing pages for CPA offers.

You can make use of several Native ad websites by going to “” to look at Native ads websites in your niche.

Some platforms will allow you to run an advert to their audience with less money paid.

If you are someone in the Gaming Niche let’s say or maybe you are a baker.

There are so many websites with thousands of daily visitors that are targeted to your niche and will allow you to run an advert.

You can run your adverts on these websites and get access to a lot of their visitors that will be interested in your offer.

This way, you don’t have to keep doing a lot of targeting on Social Media – because this is direct targeting.

Instead of searching for fish in an ocean. Why not go to a pond that is filled with the fishes you are looking for.

This will save you trial and error and give you the means to focus on more important things once you start getting enough conversions.



If you are into CPA Marketing and you are thinking of strategies that you can use to crush your CPA Marketing.

Then this is your best bet to crushing your CPA Marketing because I have given you secrets that you can apply to crush your CPA Marketing.

Also, which one among the Landing Page Strategies and The Traffic Sources to Promote Your CPA offers do you use?

Hit the comment box below and share your journey with me and other readers.

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