16 Best Website Copywriting Best Practices – Beginners’ Guide

16 Best Website Copywriting Best Practices - Beginners Guide

One of the best lucrative skills that you can have is Copywriting. Although some people outsource it to other people to accomplish for them.

But it is also important that you know the fundamentals of Website Copywriting because it is these Fundamentals that will make sure know whether what is being given to you for advertising is right or wrong.

Although, I won’t just teach you something that will get you confusing in this guide.

I want you to finish this guide and go straight to start making money by applying the Copywriting principles on this article to your product or your clients’ products.

This means that – it is a win-win situation for you and you don’t need to go pay money to learn Copywriting elsewhere.

Let us go deep into what Copywriting means and how you can apply it to your website and other websites.

What is Website Copywriting?

What is Website Copywriting?

Website Copywriting is the of writing valuable long or short-form content on a website that arouses the desire of someone into taking a final decision.

Every copy you would have read before having its ulterior motive.

It is either the copy is written to make you purchase something or it is written to make you drop a detail of yourself…

…or it might be written just to make you learn something and fall in love with the writer.

There are many reasons as to why a copy will be written. It can also be stated that what you are reading right now is a Copywriting skill.

The content you read on your social media which captures your attention and gains your trust is Copywriting.

So, Copywriting is part of content writing. In as much as you have written and you can gain the person’s trust.

You have written a copy.

But you might be wondering how you can become very good in Copywriting and how you can start using it to make sales.

Having a website Copywriting skill and making sales for yourself and other brands will make you enough money.

So, learning this skill is going to be lucrative for you and important for any Internet marketer.

Let us look at some of the tips that are needed for you to be a very good Copywriter for websites.

Principles To Create a Good Web Copywriting

Principles To Create a Good Web Copywriting

There are some fundamentals principles that you need to have in place just to create a very good website copy.

These principles have been helping many Copywriters out there to come out great and write profit-generating copies.

It has also made them have a lot of clients that come back to give them Copywriting works.

So, let us look at the website Copywriting principles and get you started in applying them immediately.

Note that I will be writing this guide based on Copywriters who run paid ads to test out their copy.

It is also applicable to anyone who uses SEO or other Free methods to write website Copywriting.

But I will be using paid traffic as the main traffic source because the essence of writing web Copywriting is to convert the traffic into buyers.

  1. Define Your Goal.
  2. Define Your Audience.
  3. Penetrate Your Market.
  4. Story Telling.
  5. Use the You and I logic.
  6. Arouse Emotion.
  7. Use FOMO.


#1. Define Your Goal:

The first thing that you need to have in place to write a very good website Copywriting is to define your goals.

You need to first conclude on what you want to achieve from writing this copy and finalize it.

Because this is what will keep you intact and focused anytime you are writing your copy without getting distracted.

Defining your goals includes getting to know the product or service that you want to truely write about.

The problem with many people is that they will just start writing without trying to define their goals.

Many people don’t even know what it truely means to define their goals.

A project without any proper planning and defining will not yield any positive result.

The reason because you are dealing with human beings here and they are not robots that only need control.

You have to define your goals in a way that will serve as a solution to their problems – so Whatever offer you want to make has to be outstanding.

When defining your goal – look at what you plan to achieve after everything.

Write down the number of traffic you want to send to the landing page and write down the result that you want to get.

This will motivate you and get you to stay visualized when writing your website copy.

This is the first thing that you need to have in place before you can start to write your copy and make sure to act on it.


#2. Define Your Audience:

Defining your audience is another thing you need to have in place after you have finished defining your goal.

Who exactly are you writing to? I hope you are aware that you cannot write to everybody?

I am asking you – yes! You.

The problem with many beginner copywriters is that they believe that everybody can be their audience.

That is why anytime they are writing about a product – they will also introduce those who aren’t going to be interested in the product.

Do you know you can be running an advert to people who are interested in Product A…

…but you cannot use the same copy for all those people?

The reason is that these people are indifferent stage in the circle of this product that you are writing a web copy on.

Let us say that you are writing a copy for a product that can help people build landing pages without any coding or previous knowledge.

You need to define which audience you want to write to.

Because there are some audience that needs landing pages for their offers but doesn’t know if such thing exists.

Some know that they need a landing page but don’t know if they could get a solution to it easily.

While there is some audience who knows that they need a landing page, knows that there are solutions out there, and also knows about some products related to your product.

So, you see that you cannot just decide to write to everybody even though you are bringing traffic from people who need your product.

That is why most top marketers do say that the fault is not from your advert – if your advert is not converting well – it is from your copy.

Also, you have to know that majority of the people who will check your advert are those who don’t know that there is a cure and solution to their problem.

They are the First and Second class of people who have not used any product related to your product before.

So, you need to write in a way that will make them understand that they are having a problem and they will also get a solution to the problem.


3. Penetrate Your Market:

Another aspect that you have to take note of is the market that you want to enter.

Have you tried to see the ocean that you want to go a-fishing and bring out big fishes?

Because if you haven’t done that – then you have to reconsider yourself and Immediately check out the market.

Checking out your market and penetrating inside is you checking on your competitors.

You are not even hacking them here which we will still talk about below.

What you are doing here is that you want to see how the audience has been responding to products in that market.

Are you the first to be writing copies in this market or there have been some people already into it.

This will make you decide on what best to do about writing your copy.

What I even like best is using the weakness of the Competitors in this market for my advantage.

Call me wicked but we are all here to make it. Because it is this weakness that will serve as my strength.

What you have to know is that every good Copywriter spends most of their time penetrating any market they want to write about…

…and after they are done – they will now research on their Competitors and use their weaknesses as their strength.

That is where you see someone writing a copy and says “This product is going to do ABC unlike other products that cannot do it“.

This alone is what makes most prospects buy because they know that the product that they have used cannot do that.

Just one feature is enough to make thousands of sales.

So tell me, how can you know this special feature if you don’t penetrate the market and know your competitors’ weaknesses?

You can know your competitors’ weaknesses by going to forums and also Question & Answer websites around your niche to penetrate your market.

You will see what people are asking about and also what people have been in real need of.

Also, you can check your competitors’ products and see what their customers are complaining about in the product.

I believe that is well understood?


#4. Story Telling:

Another major thing about writing an outstanding website copy is the act of being a storyteller.

It is said that people love to read a story a lot. I didn’t just agree with what Copywriters have been saying.

I concluded on my own because anytime I read a copy on a website and it includes stories…

…I always tend to read the copy because it becomes interesting to them and they keep reading.

Stories are a way of getting your prospects to glue to your copy and continue reading it.

The thing is that people get distracted easily – someone who clicked on your advert already have Instagram and Twitter notification dropping down on their screen.

So, if you are writing your website copy and you don’t try to include stories within it.

They will just skim and bounce from the copy page.

But when you include stories in your copy – you will get them to glue and get into their emotions.

Stories sell a lot because it gets into your prospects emotion and it always makes them feel like you were once in their current shoes.

Imagine when you are writing your copy and you started by telling them when you were struggling and you met some difficulties…

…You also told them about how you found a solution to your problem.

Many of them will know that you have passed through what they are passing through and you got the solution

So, they will be glad to buy your product because they see it as a solution to their problem.

You would have read some advert before on social media that is filled with stories even before you click on the advert.

That is the power of a good Copywriting skill.


#5. Use the You and I logic:

Using the You and I logic is also a very effective principle that works all the time.

Just imagine when you are talking to someone and you start talking in third-party words.

You will get tired easily – because you feel like it doesn’t concern you and shouldn’t summon your interest.

That is why top Copywriters write as if they are speaking with someone and not just writing in third-party words.

So, always make sure that your copy is involving “You and I”.

Always make it about them and even less about you.

Yes, we know you just bought a new Ferrari. Fine and Nice. But let them know that they can buy a Ferrari with your course.

Even if you should tell them about buying a Ferrari – it must be that you are telling them that they will also buy theirs.

Your showing your lifestyle must be in their best interest and not to intimidate your prospects.

Remember you paid to get them into your landing page. And even if you didn’t pay them.

You still have to make proper use of your time with them because one traffic is worth thousands in profit.

So, don’t joke with this principle and make sure that your copy is focused on your readers and not you.


#6. Arouse Emotion:

When you write a copy for a website. That copy must arouse the emotion of your readers.

And it is part of the Advantage that you will get when you write in stories. When you include stories in your copy…

…it will arouse the emotion of your reader and get to concentrate on whatever that you have to say.

Arousing of emotion can be from several angles of a copy.

You can decide to make them know that everything that has been happening to them is not their fault.

You can also help them throw some rocks at their enemy by talking about some forces that have been stopping them from proceeding.

You have to research all these forces and know the words used for them.

For example: if you are writing about a weight loss product.

Then you have to make them know that it is not their fault for getting more fat.

You can throw rocks at their enemy which is eating a specific meal that is making that happen.

It is just a matter of doing a little research.

If I am to write about internet marketing and want to help my readers throw rocks at their enemies.

I will tell them that it is not their fault but the fault of the crappy software out there that promises to do what is impossible for even the product creator to do.

So, these are the things that you need to have in place for your copy to work out well.


#7. Use FOMO:

One thing I get scared of any time I am to make a purchase online is always the fear of missing out which is shortly called FOMO.

Almost everybody gets scared of this thing because we all want to get something that will change our lives with the least amount spent.

And the way a Website Copywriter uses this to their Advantage I doing price reduction.

They will tell you that if you can buy within now and the next 24hours – you will pay less money and get an ABC% discount from the normal price.

Now tell me, who doesn’t like to pay cheap? We all do. I even like it when I pay for something and I now heard that it has later increased.

And I am certain it is common among other people also. You hear people shouting “Thank God I Bought When It Was Less“.

This is a strategy that works because if you don’t make your prospect have the fear of missing out…

..they might not buy quickly. They will procrastinate to buy another day and they won’t come back.

So, you have to make them buy at the moment they are on your sales page or landing page.

Also, always make sure that you are decent and truthful.

Don’t promise to increase the price the following day and give the grace of another one week.

You will lose out on serious people and it will continue to hunt your sales result for life.


#8. Hack Other Copy:

You can also decide to hack other Copywriters’ websites and look at what they are doing to replicate.

Now, mind you – I never said you should plagiarize other people’s content.

That is very bad and will never take you anywhere reasonable. You will only continue to hurt your reputation.

What I mean is that you should study what other Copywriters in your niche are doing and how they write and replicate it.

It is just like remodeling what another person is doing.

Let me put it like when you are in the gym and you are modeling your gym Instructor.

He or she tells you exactly what to do by looking at him or her and you continue to do that thing.

What happens? You will continue to see some changes in yourself and you will keep building momentum.

That is what will happen also when you start to model what other Copywriters in your niche are writing.

Mind you, look at Copywriters that are making good sales from their sales page.

You can know that by monitoring people who have been running paid ads for a long time of at least 5 months.

Someone like me gets ads on my news feed and so I do see them always targeting me every day.

So, I will look into their sales page and see what they wrote which is working for them and make them be able to keep running ads continually.

Then, I will monitor everything they wrote and how they wrote it and remodel it for my product.

That way, I keep doing what is working without involving in several trials and errors.

Do you understand this aspect? Good!

Things to Consider In Writing A Good Web Copy

Things to Consider In Writing A Good Web Copy

Aside from getting ready and making sure that all the Principles given above are the qualities that you should have.

You should also have some important things in mind when you are creating a good Website copy.

These are the things that will contribute to your success in writing a very good and converting web copy.

These are the things that differentiate good Copywriters from ordinary Copywriters who just claim the tag for online buzz.

You have to take note of them and try to jot things down in this aspect.

  1. Headline.
  2. Sub-headlines.
  3. Call-To-Action.
  4. Buttons.
  5. Page Colour.


#1. Headline:

The first thing that you should take note of in your website Copywriting skill is the headline.

This is what people will see and will grab their attention. It is what will make them decide to check out what you have to say.

Headlines are something that you see every day and night on your social media pages.

You have to compose a very good headline or title that will grab your readers’ attention and get them to click.

They have to click before they can read.

That is why some people will write a very good copy and say they don’t have good conversion.

When those who are supposed to make a purchase don’t even understand your headline.

If your headline doesn’t look comprehending and easy for people to understand – then your copy will not convert.

To know how to write a very good Website copy. You can check on the newspaper and magazine blogs in your niche.

You can go to their Facebook page and look at some of their headlines on each page.

But what I like to do is to select posts that have a lot of likes and comments.

Not all their page posts will have the same likes and comments. Some will have small Likes and Comments…

…while some will have many Likes and Comments. That is the one that you should go for.

You can just copy what is in the headline or title and replicate it for yours. It means that it will convert well.


#2. Sub-headlines:

The headline will not be too much for you to convey the information that you are trying to pass.

You have to balance the information with your sub-headline for people to understand you.

This aspect is also very important because that is the next thing that your prospects will look at.

Once they finish reading the headline – they will look at the sub-headline.

It is not even something new, you already had the experience – anytime you read an online ad.

You know how your mind moves with the copy. As the Biggest text is being read – it is the Second Biggest text that will follow.

Now, always make sure that the sub-headline is also something catchy. You can use the process I said you should use above.

Make sure that it is something that will grab their attention and compliment the headline.


#3. Call-To-Action:

The call to action is what you want your prospects to do exactly.

So, you have told them about everything they need to know and they have concluded to join your train and buy from you.

What is the next thing to do?

This is where many people get it wrong. They will just act sluggish in this aspect which is the main aspect.

You have to make sure that your call to action is bold and direct to understand.

Don’t write too much long text in your call to action or else, it will distract them against what they ought to do.

If you want them to place their order – just tell them directly that you want them to place an order.

If it is for them to sign-up with their email address – tell them to sign up with their email address.

Don’t beat around the bush – you would have written all the necessary things that you want to inform them in the body of your copy.

That is how you can quickly make them do what you want to do.

Also, the Call-To-Action must have a clear font that is very easy to read and not too many designs.

Let it stick straight into their eyes and grab their attention quickly.

I am sure this is understandable?


#4. Buttons:

Another thing that you have to take note of in your copy is the button.

The color of your button and the shape sometimes help in web conversion and also whether people will click on it.

You might feel like it doesn’t have any meaning and you can just use any button color that you like.

But many big brands and experts have done enough research and testing into knowing whether it affects or not.

But the proof is that after sending the same number of traffic into their website sales page multiple times.

Also, after tweaking it and using different button colors for each time they keep testing their web copy page.

They always come up with a different result. Sometimes Red might convert well than Green or sometimes Blue might convert well than Red.

The result is always unique and different on several occasions – so, that tells you that people also look at the color to respond.

But how can you know the exact color to use for your button? No one knows my friend.

It is better to just do the testing yourself and see the one that works great for your copy.

Test it out – when you write a copy today and use the color Red for your button for 1000 traffic.

In the next advert that you will be sending 1000 traffic into the copy again.

Twerk it and use the color Blue. Just keep Twerking for several months and see the one that is performing well.

That is when you can now finally decide on which color will work well for your copy.


#5.Page Color:

When I started writing copy – I wrote it from a plain mind and just use the normal white background on using the Elementor Page builder.

Then after joining a community of Internet marketers and trying to replicate what some people are doing.

I decided to change the background to some other colors.

Now, this is me not even trying to confirm if what that person is doing is converting well.

I just decided to test it out also and what happened after changing my sales page color?

My conversion dropped and I lost a lot of sales.

The thing is that your sales page color is important and serves as a user experience.

That is why I always laugh when I look at some advert copy and the landing page looks like Tetracycline Tablet.

It is just funny with so many rainbow colors inside the sales page.

I am sure the Copywriter might have inhaled a deep breath after he or she was done with that website.

Look, don’t be like those people. Once your website has too many colors. It will scare your visitors away.

The most converting color for any web page and a copy is black text on a white background.

Don’t use red text on blue background or white on yellow background.

You will lose your user experience and people will keep bouncing from your website.

Just stick with your white background if you don’t have good knowledge of color combinations.

Failure to do this will downgrade your web page conversion rate.

How To Earn From Your Web Copywriting Expertise

How To Earn From Your Web Copywriting Expertise

Now, I know you must feel good that you now have many knowledge and idea about how to write a very good copy.

You now have a Copywriting skill that can help you make money and sell your products at the same time.

You might want to start thinking about how you can make money with this skill in case you have nothing to work with yet.

So, let us look at how you can showcase your expertise and start making money from it.


#1. Freelance Websites:

You can display your expertise on freelance websites and help people write copies.

If you check on some freelance websites – you will see some people who will display expertise about knowing how to write great copy.

If you also join these people and display yours. Copywriting skill – you will get many requests from big brands.

Many small, medium and large scale brands do go to freelance websites to get people to perform tasks for them.

These freelance websites are filled with people who have different skills.

Fiverr for example has over 100 skills in many categories where they have thousands of freelancers who are in different aspects.

So, you can also join these freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and others to become a freelancer.

Make sure to fill in all the necessary aspects that are needed. Also, when some people make a public request for work.

Make sure to bid for it and get the job before others will try to manipulate the client.


#2. Sell Affiliate Products:

You can also use your copywriting expertise to sell other people’s products.

Although many claims that one doesn’t need to bother about writing another copy since the product owner has already done all the website copy.

But what you have to know is that for your Affiliate recommendations to work out very well.

It is also important that you create a bridge page that will first convert them and wash them before they get into the product sales page.

This will help you to get more Affiliate sales.

That is why you see some people who send their traffic to their bridge page before sending it to the Affiliate page make more sales than those who just send traffic directly to the Affiliate page.

And to convert these people to buy from the Affiliate page. You need to have good copywriting skills.

So, you see that you still need a good Copywriting skill to convert your traffic into buying your recommended products?


#3. Get Active On Social Media:

Another thing that you have to consider when is trying to be active on your social media pages.

Many people have turned their social media pages and profile into money-making machines.

When you show up every day and keep talking about Copywriting.

People will automatically see you as an expert in it and start giving you the respect that you deserve.

That is how you will also be getting clients who will want to pay you for helping them write web copies

It’s a more obvious way of telling people that you are very good at this thing called Copywriting.

So, start using this process to make money lucratively from Website Copywriting.

Final Thought On Website Copywriting

Final Thought On Website Copywriting

Being a Copywriter is a very lucrative skill that will earn you a lot of money if properly done well.

The reason is that if you can write a web copy for a brand and it converts very well.

They will be willing to give you more offers of jobs for their other projects which serves as money making means for you.

So, don’t sleep on this and start to implement all the tips given in this guide.

If you have started making money from copywriting.

Comment below on how you are getting your clients and your experience with being a Copywriter.

Also Read: English Article Writing: 21 Things You Should Know. 

I will be glad to view them and comment back.

Also, do not forget to share this guide with your friends by clicking on any of the social media links below.

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