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Lucas Lee Tyson Growth Cave Review: Unknown Secret

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the Growth Cave review by Lucas Lee Tysons.

This is a free webinar that is used to upsell his high ticket program titled the Productized Profit.

I gave the review of the program in one of my articles here on this website which you can check out above.

It is no news that webinars are now the new system of selling several courses.

Once you have a good webinar set up. You are already 70% ready to get into the minds of your customers.

Also, there are several webinar tools available on the internet for ease of use by any marketer.

That is what this course is all about. It is a freebie towards an upgraded course or program.

I landed on the website of Lee and opted in to see what he has to offer for me in the freebie.

And I received an email that involved a scheduled webinar for me – which I have to join.

It was after the webinar that he upsell me on his high ticket program.

Also, he only gave a framework of how lead generation works.

The freebie/webinar is about lead generation for local businesses and how to get them customers.

It’s just like you launching your Advertising Agency where you help offline/local businesses to get customers.

You charge them a budget and once they give you either monthly or weekly.

You use the money to run paid adverts on Facebook and get your own profits from the budget.

Let us check out what’s about the Lucas Lee freebie and funnel.


Details about Growth Cave

Growth Cave Is a scheduled webinar that promises to teach how to launch a successful Advertising Agency for Local Businesses.

It is a webinar just like I have stated which was pre-recorded by Lucas Lee Tyson himself.

So, it’s not something new. And at the end of the day, you will be asked to pay to join Productized Profit.

This is the way top internet marketers pitch and make money off newbies.


Is Growth Cave Legit?

It only gives details and a framework on how the Local Advertising Agency works.

How it is profitable and how a lot of people are already making money from it.

He also shows details of how he is also making money from doing lead generation for local businesses.

He does everything necessary to make one starve by using his salesy Marketing techniques.

I just see it as the normal way to sell prospects online because that is also how money is being made.

So, he brings someone to the webinar which is also pre-recorded and makes the person starve of Success.

It is just like you enter a room where you see a lot of intimidation.

And by the time people see huge earnings of someone even younger than them.

They will be forced to give this program a try.

Although on the landing page. He made mention of working 9 to 5 and got tired.

I just think that is too early for a young man in his early 22 years to experience.

He should still be a college kid when he started Advertising Agency.

So, I see that as another fake guru technique to make people feel pre-sold.


Why I can’t recommend Growth Cave

There are several reasons why I can’t recommend a growth cave for someone to even check out.

Even though it is a free tutorial that gives a framework and talks about lead generation.

1. It’s just a Marketing Funnel:

It is just a marketing funnel where you commence with a freebie then get into an upsell.

It is no news that this is the strategy that the majority of funnel users who also make use of Clickfunnels are using.

Although I doubt if Lee is using Clickfunnels for his marketing funnel.

But he is using the same funnel where you will offer something free in form of a webinar and now upsell them for a paid service.

Also, along the process. He will be able to build his email list with prospects that he will follow up with.

That is how this works and that is why Lee continues to keep making it work for himself.

2. Automated Webinar:

The webinar that you are going to join is not a live webinar where he is speaking directly to you.

It is a pre-recorded webinar that is already scheduled with the use of a webinar tool among several other tools out there.

So, once you join his email list. You will receive a welcome message informing you about the webinar.

Which you will join and he will give you fundamentals about what lead generation for offline business is all about.

The major thing here is just that he will show you proof about what he has done and how much he has made.

Also, he will reveal to you some students who have also gained from this webinar.

That is just how they make sure to make people feel compelled into joining their program.

3. Fake Scarcity:

Lucas Lee tries to make people quickly join his upgraded course “Productized Profits” in the webinar.

By telling them to be haste and join because the program is only limited to a few numbers of people.

But at the end of the webinar and coming another time to join.

You will still hear him repeating the same words. Which I feel is somehow scammy and just a way to lure innocent people into buying.

I mean, if he is not fully focused about the money. If he is only focused on the breakthrough of prospects.

Then he shouldn’t force them into joining any program. That should be at their own discretion.

It shouldn’t be about telling them if they don’t join, they lose out and they are still hearing the same thing later if they join the free webinar.

I feel that is fake scarcity and it’s part of the marketing gimmicks of selling products.

4. High Ticket Closure:

It all boils down to high ticket selling and showing proof of earning much with a successful funnel.

If you are to get any client for such a business like this. You need high-ticket clients.

Even from Lee’s recommendation. He stated that it’s best to go for clients with less than $2000 in budget.

So, you need to prospect hard for you to earn money from this business.

You need to be able to make your networking be with businesses that have enough budget at hand.

Because if you are to start with clients who do not have enough budget.

They will always want to make much more from even a little investment that they made.

5. Expensive Course:

Inside the growth cave are several upsells that will be offered to you.

Among them are the Productized Profits product and also the ClientBolt software.

There are still some things to be bought even after buying the course on its own.

And paying $1497 for the course from the start. You will still need another budget for adverts.

This is just too much to me because as someone who is also in need of money and willing to earn.

Life should have been easier for a newbie than them serving as a source of money making for online gurus.

6. Weak Traffic Source:

The traffic source for this course is kinda weak to my understanding.

Because relying only on Facebook advert as a means of getting leads and customers is a depressed mission.

There is no how you won’t get your ads account banned all the time from the algorithm of Facebook.

It doesn’t mean that everything is meant to become easy though. But at least, it will be more okay to have several traffic sources.

He should be able to teach on how to get traffic from YouTube, Network adverts, and all that.

And not that you should only focus on Facebook as a means of getting traffic for your clients.

I only see that as too slow and not that Effective.

Details about Lucas Lee Tyson

Lucas is a 22year old online entrepreneur and marketer who went to Bobson College to study Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship.

According to Lucas, he has tried several online businesses and among them is his Amazon affiliate blog.

He said the affiliate blog generated him over $85,000 in revenue as a publisher.

And aside from that, he has also worked in several E-commerce and technology firms just to earn and learn.

It was during working for a firm that Lucas got to know about the profitability level of having an advertising agency.

Even though Lucas tried from one local business to another to get them to believe him.

He was later able to hit a jackpot 2 weeks later after deciding on launching his marketing agency.

Lucas has worked as an Upwork specialist and has done several things on the internet.

But after his business starts booming. He decided to start hiring more staff into his business.

And now, he has more people working under him and he is also booming his growth level.

He has launched this course to empower more people and give them financial freedom.

That is according to what Lucas Lee-Tyson stated.


Final Verdict

Is this course something that you should consider for yourself as a means of living large?

What you have to know is that the course itself is free and you will be upsold on another high ticket course in the webinar.

So, you will only be joining to learn the framework and not entirely the business itself.

It is just a funnel that will teach you and give you some details about how much he has earned and how much he is worth.

So, it is not entirely a breakthrough course or something that will give you financial freedom.

It is the Productized Profits Course that is being upsold in the Webinar that is promised to give you financial freedom.

Although, I gave my own review on that course which is a high ticket by Lucas.

You can check out this page to read the Productized Profits review by Lucas Lee Tyson.

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