Webinar Funnel – Make $3000 Income With Webinar Funnel Strategy

Webinar Funnel - Make $3000 Income With Webinar Funnel Strategy

One of the raining means of closing early online sales is through the use of Webinar Funnel.

The webinar funnel is a fast means of getting people to buy even before the offer is being disclosed.

Many high ticket offers that range from $1,000 and above are being sold through Webinars.

Many years ago, a webinar is not in existence but ever since its existence.

Many online marketers have started using it instead of writing a long-form sales letter.

Many people see webinars as a hard process and they decide to stick with their sales letter.

The thing is that – the sales you will be able to close with sales letters cannot be compared to that of Webinars.

So, stick with me, and let’s look at how your sales funnel setup should be and how you can get started.


What Is A Webinar Funnel?

A webinar funnel is the steps that you take your prospects through from the point of a novice and uninterested to the point of knowledge and interest.

Webinars are video conference meeting that’s set by the anchor and the registrants who will attend and move the ladder.

The webinar funnel is mostly a set-and-forget process that makes you money on autopilot.

There are many tools out there that can help you automate your webinar process and get you sales while you are not there.

Webinar Funnel has been working for many marketers and it’s used to sell both physical and digital products.

Many marketers are using a webinar to get more prospects to their Network marketing firm.

Gone are the days when you keep walking from one store to another just to get downlines and leads into your business.

These days, just automate your Webinar process and sell your MLM products and your business.

It’s now getting easier than previously.

The reason why the webinar is working well now is that it’s a video marketing process.

If you’re someone who is video shy – you can just make use of some slides to automate your webinar.

Let’s look at the processes that you will need to have in place when setting up your webinar and multiply your business income within a blink of an eye.


Process Of Webinar Funnel

what is Webinar Funnel

1. Traffic:

The first thing that should come to your mind when Starting your Webinar funnel is your source of traffic.

Even though it’s the last process in the funnel. It has to be the first thing that will come to your mind.

Because you will need to set everything up before bringing people into your webinar funnel.

But if you finish setting everything up without any source of traffic – that’s another problem in disguise.

So, let us talk about where you will get traffic (people) into your webinar funnel and start making big banks even while sleeping.

We will talk about the Free Traffic & Paid Traffic methods that you can use to get people into registering for your Webinar.


i. Free Traffic:

The first form of Free traffic that you can use and get registrants is through social media.

Social media is said to be the first place where many cold prospects interact.

Even though their aim and objectives when on social media is to have fun with friends and families.

They are also using another eye to look for new opportunities and that’s why you need to have your net fully ready.

So that you can cast it immediately they’re roaming and scrolling on their social feed.

There are many social media platforms out there that you can explore and drive traffic into your webinar funnel.

But there are some things you have to put in place for this to work well.

A. Make sure that your social media Bio looks professional:

You can write “Marketing Expert” or whatever your niche is and put an expert in it.

B. Use a very good profile picture:

If your profile picture looks very blurry and not professional. You will lose out on them.

That’s why someone who wears a suit on their profile picture always catches people’s attention even if they are not rich.

You might not wear a suit in yours but just make sure you look like someone who can be followed.

You don’t necessarily have to be a professional in your field. Remember that you are currently one chapter ahead of millions of people out there.

C. Give out value:

You might not type much every day but always give out the value and write helpful content on your social media pages.

This is because when people get into your profile – they can see who you truly are.

They will easily trust you because they see you as a valuable person and a value giver.

D. Add your webinar link to your bio:

Adding your Webinar or website link to your bio should be done already when setting up your profile.

So, make sure you do that.

Other forms of getting free traffic are through the use of Search Engine Optimization like (Google, YouTube, Pinterest), Forums, and Email Marketing.

You can get more on traffic secrets by checking out this article below.


ii. Paid Traffic:

The next form of getting traffic into your webinar funnel is by using paid traffic method.

There are different paid ads out there. Any advert that requests you to pay money before you can get access to thousands of users on a particular platform is a paid traffic.

You can decide to use this as a means of getting fast traffic.

Now, what everyone seems not to know is that free traffic takes a little while.

You cannot start using your social media to get Traffic today and expect to see thousands of visitors into your webinar funnel tomorrow.

You need to give it a little while. But if you need quick results and want to drive people easily into your funnel with any hard effort.

You can run paid adverts and drive traffics into your funnel.

There are different forms of running paid traffics. You can even run paid adverts on the social media platform that you want to use for your Free traffic.

You can run paid adverts on SEO platforms like Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.

You can even run email adverts in form of solo adverts and drive thousands of traffic into your funnel.

Although, I can’t go deeper into how you can run adverts and get traffic.

But there are tons of tutorials online where you can learn how to run paid adverts.

One thing you have to note when running paid adverts is that you should start small.

Don’t just place a huge budget on any paid advert. Start from as little as $10 and look at the progress.

It’s the progress and the result you get that can make you decide to place a huge budget on it.

That’s how you run paid adverts and never burn all your hard-earned money to another person.

Another thing you should note is to always make your Registration page of your Webinar to be catchy.

Although we will talk more about that below in the webinar registration.


2. Webinar Registration:

Webinar Registration is the next effort you have to put in place after noting where your traffic will come from.

There are many tools out there that can help you get many registrants for your webinar.

Also, you can decide to make your webinar to be recorded one or a live webinar.

We will discuss shortly below – how you can make your webinar look and how you want the format to go.


i. Recorded:

The recorded Webinar is a very perfect webinar format that only requires you to record everything already.

After recording, you upload it on your Webinar tool and you make your Visitors select the specific time they will want to attend the webinar.

After that, you will keep following with them on email just to remind them not to forget about when they set for the webinar.

Then, they attend on the time they selected and the webinar plays for them as if you’re Live with the registrant.

That’s the typical example of how the recorded Webinar works and it’s the best way of selling products that have been produced many years back.

If you have any product you just launched… The recorded Webinar is what you should use.

Because it’s already set up and all you need is to drive traffic into the webinar funnel registration page.

Once Visitors register for the webinar – they will be reminded through your webinar software.

You can use tools like Karta or Webinarjam For your Webinar software.

The only thing I see that might be hard for newbies who will be using this form of webinar is that it requires capital.

The software that will help you automated the process will require you to purchase a plan.

The plan for Webinarjam is $499/Year while Karta is $99/Month.

So, you need capital and have to pay for this kind of webinar for you to get success with it, unlike the Live webinar that you can do for Free.


ii. Live webinar: 

Another type of webinar that you can do is the live webinar. Although this can also be used as a reply and for product sales.

But the effectiveness cannot be compared to that of the recorded and planned webinar.

To do this kind of webinar – you don’t need any investment or any need for third-party tools that can help you automate the process.

You can simply make use of Facebook Live, YouTube Streamer, or Instagram Live to make this happen.

Whichever one you find easy to use among the platforms listed above is okay to start with.

If you’re to do a webinar like this and you’re using any of the traffic methods listed above.

You can decide to make them join a private Facebook group – so, once you send the webinar pitch and run ads to it or make use of the free traffic method.

You will make them join your private group where they will be waiting for approval.

Another way you can do this is to kill two birds with one stone.

You can just send them to a registration landing page or let me say a squeeze page where they will input their email address.

Now, you should have already set up your email sequence that will keep reminding them of the live webinar.

You can use Aweber Free Plan for this. It’s free to access their campaign sequence.

So, Immediately they sign up with their email address – you will redirect them to the thank you page.

Now, make sure the thank you page has a link to your private Facebook group that you prepared for the webinar.

The reason why you collected their email address is to remind them of the webinar so that you won’t waste your stress of preparing.

So, once they land on your Facebook group and you are also sending them an automated email sequence to remind them not to forget.

You already hit the nail hard and you will just keep planning on how Live Webinar will be lit.

Also, you can decide to leave the webinar on the group even after you’re done with them LIVE.

It’s for those who are not online but are interested to watch. You can still make money from the recorded one you left on the group.

So, this is the typical way of how the Live Webinar goes. Depending on which platform you’re using.

But I will advise that you create a group on the platform you want to do the webinar.

If you’re using Facebook Live for the Live webinar. Just open a Facebook group and run your ads on Facebook.

If you’re using Instagram live, run your paid ad on Instagram and open any Instagram page to gather them before the live event.

If you’re Streaming on YouTube Live, make use of YouTube to run your ads and gather people.

So, that’s how it works.


3. Follow up:

Just like I made mention in the webinar registration. Not everyone who registers for your Recorded or Live Webinar will show up during the webinar day.

The worst thing you can do is staying calm and relax that they will all turn up on the day without any reminder.

Think about webinars or events that you have attended and you will realize that you’re able to attend majorly because you’re reminded to attend.

So, you have to make sure that you keep reminding them every day about your Webinar, or else – you will see that the result will be disappointing.

If you have 500 registrants for your webinar and you didn’t remind them. It might be only 30 registrants that will show up on the D-Day.

You might have been seeing people send screenshots of them having 1000 registrants for their webinar and 800 or 900 people to show up on the day.

It the work of follow-up reminders and the best way you can do this is by scheduling your follow-up emails inside your email marketing software (Autoresponder).

Just to remind them every day till the day of the webinar that they shouldn’t forget about it.

You have to keep sending your follow-up emails every day and keep reminding them.

Don’t do too much though – you can make it once in a day so that it doesn’t get overwhelmed for them.

Also, try to change the email contents – don’t let it be the same type of email.

You can make one be about previous testimonials – another be your results – another be when you’re struggling – another be what someone asked you about the webinar topic.

All like that and like that – just to get their attention and make them open the emails before the day they will attend the webinar.


4. Webinar Day:

Oh yeah! So, once you’re done with the webinar follow up emails, and keep reminding them every day.

You also have to send an email on the webinar day and once they attend. That is when you hit the nail harder.

So, when in attendance – you have to flow with your attendees as your close friend.

Make sure that you take away any sorrow that’s weighing you down and look cheerful.

Dress very well and make sure that your face looks clean. Although if you’re a guy – you don’t need much effort.

Just take your bath and wear a nice top and go live. But if you’re a lady and you do makeup when you’re going out.

You also have to apply the make-up here because it’s an event – just that it’s virtual.

Also, you will be having people from different states and cities or even countries watching you live.

So, you have to look very beautiful and loving. So, make sure to stay cheerful.

Make sure to already plan all your teachings. Jot them down and also – you can make use of slides to make them see what you’re talking about.

The problem most people have is that – they don’t jot things down. They just go straight to the live screen and start skipping.

Nah! That is gonna ruin da day.

You have to prepare and plan and keep flowing as the real expert that you are.

This is how you can make them buy your product at the end.

Also, if you don’t know, the reason for your Webinar is to teach and pitch them about your product at the end.

It’s not to sell your products throughout. You have to teach them something and make them understand.

After that, you can inform them that if they want to work with you and also get a fast result like “so-so-so person”… They should join your course.

That’s when the sales process will come into existence.


5. Sales Process:

When it gets to the sales process aspect. Many coaches are always naive and scared.

It’s normal because you will feel like those who have been cheering up with you through the comment box are no more replying like before.

Some will even close the webinar and log out – that’s normal. It’s not all of them that will purchase from you.

Have it in mind that the majority of them will not purchase from you.

All those writing “Wow…we are with you” “Thank you Sarah” and different kinds of sweet comments when you’re teaching will keep mute.

But don’t be discouraged because those who will surely buy from you are there and they’re waiting for you to pitch them.

Go ahead and introduce your product and don’t be scared of saying the price.

Say it loud and clear and make them not their head in agreement. That’s how you are going to win your perfect webinar.

Also, along your sales process – make sure you offer Bonuses to them. People like bonuses a lot.

Remember when you bought that stuff and they gave you a bonus. You will feel important than others.

That’s the benefit of offering bonuses alongside your main product when doing your sales process.

Also, always give fear of missing out plan your attendees. If you don’t make them believe that they will lose out on a particular price if they don’t pay now.

You will lose out on them and they won’t ever come back. So, you have to make sure that they buy now or they lose something.

You can make them know that, for example.
If they don’t buy now – they will lose access to the Bonuses and also the $100 discount price of paying $257 instead of $357.

Once they see something like this… nobody likes to pay double money. So, they will be eager to buy.

You have to make people buy now – if you don’t make them buy. They will procrastinate and believe there is still time.

Make them know that time is precious and if they should lose out now. Then, they lose out on many of the goodies forever and they will have to pay more.

But always note something – be truthful.

If you say that the bonuses and everything will only last for 24 hours. Pleeeeeease!!!

Make sure that it’s 24 hours just like you say. If you decide to adjust it to 48hours at the same price and bonuses.

You will lose the trust of those who already paid earlier before the elapse date.

And the problem will be that – when next you try to pitch them your product. They won’t take you seriously and decide to buy later.

I have been in a tutorial when I was starting where the coach told us to pay $197 for a tutorial.

We that couldn’t afford it at that particular time later paid less. We paid $97 few days before the tutorial.

Those who paid $197 on the first day the tutor talked about the tutorial got upset and they got disappointment that they paid early just not to miss out and pay more later.

But we that couldn’t afford to pay early were now the ones who paid less. They lost trust in the tutor and never took him seriously again.

So, don’t be like that kind of guy.

I was just starting with an online business then – so, I didn’t know the repercussion of what he did. I was happy I paid less.

It was when I dig deeper into online marketing that I realized that he already lost trust in real people who would have paid more for his future program.

The dude was nowhere to be found till today. I guess he already lost those who love him.

So, just be truthful and let your YES be YES and your NO be NO.


Should You Start Using Webinar Funnel To Sell?

Well, the answer is Yes! Because that the new way of multiplying your income within a few minutes.

A webinar is said to convert more than any long-form sales letter out there.

Also, because it’s a video form of pitching – people enjoy it because it looks as if they’re in a live event.

So, never dull yourself on whether you should start using webinars for your sales process.

It’s very important and even new product launchers have started making use of the webinar funnel strategy even before uploading this product on any Affiliate Program.

So, don’t think too much about this. Start implementing and see yourself make a considerable amount of money online.



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Many people out there still don’t know how beneficial the webinar funnel can be for them.

They have been attending other people’s webinars and they have been pitched one product or the other.

But they have never thought about using the webinar funnel strategy and start earning money online through webinars.

It’s a pity though, but because you have read this guide. It’s time for you to change your story for good.

See you around.

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