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Nike Affiliate Program

Nike is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. I was amazed the day I realize that they also have the Nike Affiliate Program.

This is a program that tons of people out there are using to earn big money in the internet space.

Mainly because all Nike’s products are at least $100 in price. So, it’s kinda like a high ticket offer compared to other Affiliate Programs.

Nike is a fashion brand that specializes in the manufacturing of sports kits for big and small clubs.

Almost all the top football clubs, NBA and some other aspects of sportings are an ambassador to Nike.

So, Nike has already build authority for itself. You don’t have to keep doing a thorough explanation before someone buys through your affiliate link.

You don’t need to tell them that the product is quality. We all know that Nike’s products are quality.

This doesn’t limit Nike to only producing Sport kits.

They also produce clothing and anything related to fashion. That’s why you see that when some celebrities or anybody wear Nike’s product.

They flaunt it online with pride.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

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What is Nike Affiliate Program?

What is Nike Affiliate Program?

Nike’s Affiliate Program is a project executed by Nike for Affiliate Marketing websites, e-commerce, and dropshipping merchants to apply and earn from Nike’s productions.

Although this Affiliate program is not that common among others.

Only e-commerce experts and drop shippers truly show curiosity and interest in the Nike Affiliate program.

So, if you’re someone whose website is for sport reviews and analysis.

What are you waiting for? Don’t slack, because you’re supposed to be promoting Nike’s products and start earning from them.

Also, if you’re interested in fashion news and blogs a lot about fashion.

Don’t just leave that visitor hanging and let them leave without buying anything.

They came to your website because they love something fashionable that you posted.

So, take their money by making them starve for Nike’s Product – and since you don’t have to write or do any thorough explanation.

BOOM!!! You mint the big bag!!!


How To Join The Nike Affiliate Program

How To Promote Nike's Products

Nike’s Affiliate Program is not a direct means. You can register for Nike’s Affiliate program through CJ Affiliates.

Or you can use AWIN Affiliate Network to register.

But there’s something that you have to know. Because Nike is a big brand and a top brand.

They don’t easily accept any Affiliates although it might be as strict as others.

But they try to scrutinize before accepting – and in promoting Nike’s products.

It’s best for you when you have a website or a YouTube channel.

So that your approval can be quick and also. Selling Nike’s product without any of the 2 will be a little difficult.

But you can easily do reviews on your YouTube channel if you’re using Nike’s products.

But if you don’t have any of their product but just reviewing.

It’s best to use a website because it doesn’t need you to show your face but just a normal review and recommendations.

But if you’re doing live Review on YouTube and you’re using slides on Nike’s website to explain.

Hmm, most of the viewers will not take you seriously because they feel like you’re only after the money.

So, you will lose your Affiliate referral to your Competitors below your video in the suggested videos.

That’s why you should use a website if you don’t have Nike products to review.


How Does Nike Affiliate Program Pay Their Commission Rate?

How Does Nike's Affiliate Program Pay Their Commission Rate?

The Affiliate commission for Nike’s products might not be as high as others but it’s worth the stress.

It’s worth the stress because they sell nothing less than $100 on their website.

Nike Affiliate commission is 11 percent from all valid sales.

So, to make money from this Affiliate program – all you need to do is to send few Affiliate sales and get yourself in money.

Also, Nike uses 30 days Cookie period before a sale can be lost.

So, if you got an affiliate referral who clicked on your Affiliate link but didn’t purchase quickly.

You will still earn from that person if he or she purchases on or before 29 days later.

So, you still have a lot to enjoy because this 30 days Cookie period is fantastic.

And that’s how you see some Affiliate don’t work in a day and they see commissions rolling in.

It’s from those who have clicked on their Affiliate link in the past but just decide to purchase at a later time.

Although if they now later purchase after that 29days. The Affiliate won’t receive his or her commission because the cookie period has elapsed.

Also, doing Affiliate Marketing should be base on customers’ benefit.

What can you tell your visitors/prospects that will make them want to buy through your affiliate link?

Just let them know that:

“If they buy any Nike’s Products through your Affiliate link – they will enjoy free delivery from any product they purchase from you”

This is the fact about Nike Affiliate Program and it’s officially on their Affiliate Program Landing page.

That your Affiliate referrals will enjoy free delivery and a Lower free delivery period if they purchase through your affiliate link.

So, this is the Benefit you can tell them to enjoy from buying through you.

This can make you have an upper chance over other competitors who are also promoting Nike’s Products as you are.


How To Promote Nike Products

How To Promote Nike's Products

  1. Using Facebook Traffic.
  2. Run Paid Ads.
  3. YouTube Reviews.
  4. Join Sports Forums.


1. Using Facebook Traffic:

For this to work – you need to have a website because that is where you will drive traffic into.

Facebook is the best place to get free traffic that will be interested in any of your Nike’s recommendations.

All you have to do is to create a group around NBA or Football.

Also, if you’re good at fitness – you can create a Facebook group where people will come together to discuss fitness.

I will advise that you go with what you love best. Even if it’s none of the 3 above.

You can decide to just focus strictly on fashion. Then start creating content on it and create engagements on your Facebook group.

Although this might look long to you because you’re worried about when enough people will be in the group.

But the fact is that the group will grow early because Facebook promotes groups a lot.

Also, people are just joining as a member to cruise and enjoy time with people who share the same interest as them.

So, at the moment you have enough people in your group who are interested in fashion or sports.

You can introduce Nike’s Products and send them straight to your website.

The best way this strategy can even work well is when you decide to make your group not only limited to sports lovers but sports enthusiasts.

People like Footballers, Basketballers can join your group to interact with one another.

This is very cool because they need to use soccer boots or pitch boots to train and play.

So, if you can gather together in a group and make them interact on the group.

You will make enough Affiliate sales on Nike that you will never lack again.

And because you don’t need to write many notes about Nike’s product.

it gives you time to focus on getting more traffic and engagements on your group.

Nike’s Products are world-class and would sell themselves. If a referral doesn’t buy.

It’s because he or she doesn’t have money at present or just click on your Affiliate link to have fun.


2. Run Paid Ads:

Hmm, although I like to reveal the Free method to my readers –

if you have read some of my make money online posts or Affiliate Marketing articles.

You will notice I stick with the free traffic method because it’s the best.

But there is a reason why I am complacent enough to let you run paid ads to Nike’s Products.

The reason is that Nike’s products will sell themselves. You don’t need to hire a Copywriter to create a sales page.

All you have to do is just copy the write-up on Nike’s website and paste it on your landing page/s.

You can even write out what’s on your mind on the page. You will make your sale.

Because anybody who clicked on your Affiliate link do so because they find Interest in the product.

They know what a shoe is, what a shirt is, what shorts is.

So, there’s nothing else you need to explain or hire a Copywriter to compose for you.

The only thing you need to do is find a budget and run your ads.

Although, you can just run Native Ads for this – you can run your native ads and let your ads banner show up on Sport and Fashion websites.

This will make those who are searching for sports updates see your ads and decide to buy.


3. YouTube Reviews:

Oh yes! I made mention earlier that it will be difficult for someone who is not using Nike’s products to start a YouTube channel to review.

But if you’re some very dedicated and passionate. You can go the extra mile to make this happen.

You can make friends with the store owner in your neighborhood and build a good rapport with them.

Just make sure they are top-class fashion stores that are filled with majorly Nike’s Products.

And you can get your camera set up and review Nike’s products in the store with your phone.

Now, this strategy might be very difficult for someone who finds excuses all the time.

Or someone who doesn’t want to leave his or her comfort zone. But if you’re passionate enough.

You will move out of your zone and make this cash online.

And if you’re thinking maybe they will reject you. Oh yes, you will be rejected.

But you should have at least 8 stores that you will create an appointment to meet the owner.

Since you’re only reviewing the fashion items in their store – this shouldn’t be a big deal for all the owners.

4 might reject you but know that 4 will also accept you.

You can even decide to help them with something. If you’re good at paid ads.

You can help them run ads and multiply their daily orders and sales.

It’s a “do me – I do you” kinda technique.

But the only way this strategy might fail you is when you only go to meet 1 store owner and quit.

You might be rejected by that one person or you might be accepted. But if you’re rejected, don’t quit.

Move to the next fashion store and tell them about your mission.


4. Join Sports Forums:

The last way to promote Nike’s products which we will discuss in this guide is to join sports forums.

There are a lot of sports forums on the internet like and you can easily join one of them or a lot of them to start promoting your product.

Now, what you have to know is that you have to engage on these forums and not just keep spamming.

Even if it’s a Facebook community that you join – you cannot just decide to start spamming the Facebook community.

And so, because of this – it is very much wise that you don’t just keep spamming the group with irrelevant links.

But the purpose of doing this is that you can easily be selling Jerseys that are endorsed by Nike on these platforms.

Because Nike Endorses a little of some top football clubs like Atletico, Barcelona, Chelsea,

Inter, Liverpool, PSG, Leipzig, and Tottenham – and you can easily go to their forum and discuss more.

Build more rapport with them and let them feel the engagement that you are creating on the forum.

Once people notice you as engaged – you will easily get recognized and your recommendations will be acknowledged.

Now, what you have to know is that forums are not Facebook groups.

They are separate websites on another domain or server.

Also, the majority don’t accept affiliate links like that because they will not allow your posts on the forum.

Although you can use a link Cloaker like Thirsty Affiliates to hide your affiliate links below the generated link to feel safe.

This way, they won’t easily recognize that you are embedding an affiliate link on their platform.

And every link click will be redirected to your affiliate link once tapped on.

Tricks To Promote Nike Affiliate Program

Tricks To Promote Nike Affiliate Program

There are some tricks that you can use to promote your Nike affiliate program.

Even if you are making use of Facebook or any other processes to promote your affiliate program.

It is very important to also note these tricks that will help you scale higher.

  1. Do Product Comparison With Other Product.
  2. Offer Bonuses.
  3. Freebie To Payment.

1. Do Product Comparison With Other Product:

The first thing you have to always make sure you do is compare Nike’s product with other Related brand products.

You can decide to find some other brands like Adidas, Puma, Fila, Reebok, et al and do some product comparison with them.

You can create a blog post for this where people who are searching online will stumble on it and see the fact.

Just make sure that you are clear and truthful in your compassion and don’t manipulate brains.

So, this is something that you can do and even if you don’t have a blog.

You can guest post on other blogging channels like to do this.

Also, the reason why this is very effective is that people like comparison posts a lot.

They might be confused as to which one exactly to buy –

maybe they might have already gotten a recommendation from their friends before concerning a product from Adidas.

So, if you can do some comparison and give details on why that Nike’s product is better than Adidas and why they should buy it.

You will make affiliate sales more than any other person because you’re clearly stating the fact and removing the shafts for them.

This trick is a very important strategy that one should take note of when trying to promote Nike’s products.

2. Offer Bonuses:

If you are doing Affiliate marketing and you don’t have access to a handful of few products as an affiliate.

Then you are losing out on some juice of affiliate commission that would have been yours already.

Just because of a single bonus that you didn’t include in your affiliate promotion of Nike’s products.

You can easily lose out on sales to a Nike affiliate who is offering bonuses for his or her affiliate products.

But how can you easily add bonuses and what kinds of bonuses can you add to a product like Nike.

Now, because this is an affiliate product and not your product. Also, because it is a physical product and not a virtual or an online Product.

You will have to spend little money when doing this and that is – you will need to shop for a low-cost product for them in their country.

So, let us say they got to your content and they have decided to buy because you have promised an additional bonus.

You can tell them to send their purchase receipt to you via email or Skype (whichever one is okay with you).

And once they do that… you will send them their bonus.

Now, this bonus must complement Nike’s product and since the commission is still a little bit higher.

You can still remove some part of it to shop for your affiliate referral.

If they bought Nike’s Shoe through your affiliate link.. you can offer them fashionable socks as your bonus.

But make sure that it is very fashionable and eye-catching or anything aside socks that you can come up with – which is eye-catching.

But make sure that it is not that costly…

maybe something like $5 is enough and you find a nearby online store in their country to shop it for them.

Also, make sure you get a product that is free shipping so that you won’t have to spend more on it.

3. Freebie To Payment:

Freebie to payment is a fantastic way that affiliate marketers now use to build their tribe.

And the best way to do this is to offer a freebie on social media or anywhere you’re at and start building your email list.

Get them on board to get a free thing from you – it can be anything possible but try and make it a digital freebie.

It can be tricked into how to stay fashionable or anything that surely relates to your niche.

If you are promoting Nike’s products – I am sure that you are into the fashion niche.

So, you can give them something that can make them stay more fashionable or think about more things that will convert them.

Then start building your email list or people who are interested in the fashion niche.

After doing this and starting to build your email list – you will now have access to promoting to them anytime and any day.

They will always be ready to buy from you because you are very much closer to them and they are closer to you.

Many affiliate marketers are running a profitable Nike affiliate program because they have their email list.

So, start offering Freebie to payment method and you will see your profit start skyrocketing.


Things To Note When Promoting Nike Affiliate Products

Promoting Nike Affiliate Program

There are some things you should take note of when promoting Nike’s products through your affiliate link.

The high price and authority that Nike already possesses might get into you that you will want to promote their Affiliate links anywhere you like.

No! Don’t just spam their links anywhere as this can get you penalized.

This happens a lot when you want to promote through social media marketing.

You should be aware by now that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platforms doesn’t allow affiliate links on their website.

So, you have to be careful because doing this can get your account banned.

That’s why I keep lamenting that you should get a website for this Affiliate strategy to work out best for you.

This is when you can post your website links on these platforms and have your Affiliate links already on the website.

So, once anyone clicks on your website link. They are already in your zone where your Affiliate link is already inputted.

One thing you have to know is that you don’t need any hard selling in this program.

If you’re promoting other programs that are having different people display on their platform.

You might need more explanations for the visitor to show any buying intent.

Let’s say you’re promoting an AliExpress Affiliate Product. You might want to explain in more detail.

Because there are different vendors on the website with different kinds of products ranging from Fashion, Health, Electronics, Technology, Automotive, and many others.

So, if you’re promoting a product that is strictly for a health product to cure a particular ailment.

You need to explain in detail and might even need testimonials from people who have used the product and it worked for them.

But everyone knows that Nike is the second largest fashion brand in the world.

They know Nike is an authority brand. So, you don’t need much talking.

Just try and get Visitors to your website or YouTube channel. That’s what I tell those close to me.

That when doing Nike Affiliate – they should only strive to get traffic into their website and the products will sell themselves.

Mere looking at Nike’s logo beside a product is a clear intention that the product is original.

So, no need for hard selling.



Nike Affiliate Program is created for anyone either blogger, e-commerce merchants, sales representatives, or sport lovers.

To promote their products and earn a reasonable amount of money from any sales made through their affiliate referrals.

And it’s working perfectly because people are earning big from Nike Affiliate since most of their products are the high ticket.

You can also make use of this opportunity today and Join Nike’s Affiliate Program.

If you have any further questions – don’t hesitate to hit the comment box below.

See you around.

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