Productize Profits review

Lucas Lee Tyson’s productized profits review: 10 Unknown Facts

Lucas Lee Tyson Productized Profits Review

In today’s guide, we will be discussing Lucas Lee Tyson’s productized profits review from Growth Cave.

Is this course even worth your time or should it be something that you should invest your hard-earned money into?

These are some of the many things that I will be writing about in this guide, including the details about the program.

This program is a part of the Growth Cave program which Lucas Lee Tyson founded in 2018.

It involves doing lead generation for local businesses and taking profits.

There are a lot of offline businesses out there that have a huge budget at hand.

But they do not know or have an idea about how they can get more leads online.

Mainly because not everyone is very familiar with how online marketing works.

Not everyone knows about Facebook advert or Google advert or the rest.

They are still solely depending on their brick-and-mortar way of getting customers through radio adverts or posters.

Or depending on when someone passes through their store and check in on their store.

These are the people that Lee is targeting and running adverts to Target and help them set up their marketing campaign.

This program is 6 weeks of training that will teach you a lot about how to get started with lead generation for businesses.

Let us get a little bit into the framework of how the training is.

Productized Profits Review

  • Course Owner: Lucas Lee Tysons.
  • Course Price: $1497 or $600 (3 installments).
  • Niche: Lead Generation For Offline Businesses.
  • Recommended: No.
  • Why? Read along to know why and not waste money.


Overview of Productized Profits

Here are the details about the program and the things that you will be learning from the program.

Module 01 – Fundamentals & Foundations.

The first module is normally about your mindset towards achieving any goals that you plan for.

It’s not new that the majority of the high ticket courses do start like this.

They try to clarify your mindset and make you remove every doubt that you might have in mind.

You have an awesome way to commence your lead generation journey.

More like a TedX Talk that will make you achieve your goal.

It is always important to overcome frustrations and clear every doubt you might be having.

That is what you will be learning in this module.

Module 02 – Carving Out Your Niche & Irresistible Offer.

In this module, Lee will be teaching you how to choose the best niche out of the niches on the internet.

Although, he always claims to help you choose. But at the end of the program, you will still be the one to choose by yourself.

He will only give you some framework for choosing the best niche and telling you how it works.

But he wouldn’t really give you the niche that you will go for. Just imagine him giving you a niche.

You will serve as a major competitor for him and also if you don’t make gain immediately. You will likewise blame him.

Although, he also tries to teach you on pricing nothing less than $2000 every month on your marketing agency.

You will be Launching a marketing agency where you get leads for people.

So, he also claims to teach you how to craft a good message that will compel your prospects.

Including doing things that will make you different and more classy than others marketing agencies out there.

Those marketing agencies who are your competitors and how you can just surpass them.

Module 03 – Your Automated Client Attraction Machine.

Module 3 is going to teach you how you will be getting your first client organically without paying ass first.

I think this is cool because not everyone will be able to spend money to get clients at first.

But he claims to teach how to get the first client with an organic method which he teaches in this module.

Lucas Lee Tyson also claims to give you some of his templates and funnels which he has used in the past.

He said the templates and funnels will help you to reach your goals very faster unlike starting from scratch.

Also, he make them to be free for you just to get your first client without spending any money.

He said after that, you can not scale with paid adverts to get your future customers with the profit from first customers.

Also, he promised all these will be achieved within 21 days of Joining the program.

Is this a fake promise? Yes, because not everyone will be able to earn during that period.

Module 04 – The Science Of Sales & Client Conversion.

You have to know that the majority of doing this business is all about cold calling agencies.

That is why, if you are someone who cannot even speak well to your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your spouse.

Then how can you even speak to a customer (and agency firm) that the secretary will be yelling on the phone?

Although, Lee promises to teach you or anyone who wants to join how you can convert total strangers to customers.

Also, he said he will be teaching you how to handle objections and get your clients to give you a chance.

And he revealed that all these will be handled and achieved within 28 days for you.

Module 05 – Autopilot Service Delivery.

After you have gotten your client to give you the chance and help them get leads and customers for their business.

It is now time for you to bring them leads. And Lucas Lee Tysons will be teaching you how to run Facebook and Google Advert.

These are the platforms that you will be using to get leads for your customers.

You will use their money to run paid advertising on Facebook and Google and get them leads.

That’s not a problem though, but the frustration that marketers are facing on Facebook these days is just too tedious.

With ad accounts getting banned anyhow and marketers are running to YouTube and network adverts.

I am surprised that Lee is still believing and entrusting only the two strictest platforms for his students.

I wouldn’t support that though because Facebook is just a pain in the ass.

Module 06 – Automation, Systems, & Scaling.

As you know that you cannot also be working 24/7 and you will need time to cool off.

He also said he will be giving you or some other students some framework that you will be using to automate the process.

That means you wouldn’t need to be doing your agency marketing all the time.

He will give you what you need to minimize the time you are spending on working all the time.

That is what this last module is all about.

Added Benefits

Some added benefits in this program are the use of ClientBolt Software Suite which Lee will be selling to students for $99.

It is this software that you can use to get local leads from your niche that will give you work.

All you need is to input your niche and location in the software and you will get businesses that you can pitch.

Although I don’t believe in stuff like this because the majority of the online softwares that claim to automate things are scam and crap.

You will also be getting 1 on 1 mentorship via Facebook through a live call where you can ask questions that are bothering you.

You will also be getting lifetime access to this course and everything it entails. Including getting emails from Lucas Lee Tyson himself.

This is what Lucas promises you to enjoy when you join this training with your Hard Earned Money.


Who Is Lucas Lee Tyson?

Lucas Lee Tyson.

Lucas Lee Tyson is the founder of Growth Cave Program where he teaches how to run a successful Marketing Agency.

He launched this Growth Cave in June 2018 and ever since then. He has been using the agency to impact other people.

Lucas claimed to also be once a 9-5 worker who also got tired and want to have financial freedom.

He got to realize the benefit of running paid campaigns for agencies when he was at a meeting

…and he witness how local business was paying $240,000 to a marketing agency to run a campaign for a month.

And the profit for the agency was $20,000 for that month.

That was what pushed him to also decide to embark on the journey of launching his own Marketing agency.

He claimed that at that time, he only has ten dollars in his bank account and over ten thousand dollars in debt on his credit card.

He went home that day and he said to start researching and viewing several tutorials on Google.

Also, he claimed that he got his first client after 2 weeks to what time and quit his job 6 weeks later to focus fully on lead generation.

Lucas has since then been doing lead generation for local agencies and making money from it.

This Guy has a YouTube of 3.9k subscribers at the time of writing this guide. It would have increased more by the time you are reading it.

According to him, he has tried several online businesses from Amazon to affiliate marketing and several others.

The dude is a young guy and I must comment on his effort for striving hard to be bold even among all odds.


What Is Productized Profits?

Productized Profits is a training that teaches people how to start and launch a profitable lead generation agency for local businesses.

It is majorly a drop servicing business model where you find local businesses that require leads for their business.

Then you pitch them into making them believe you will provide customers for their business.

Then you can go ahead and outsource it to a professional ads manager who can help you run paid adverts.

Or you can just follow through by learning Facebook and Google advert from Lee’s course.

Then once you collect the budget from marketing campaigns from your clients.

It is their money that you will use to run paid adverts for them and get their businesses customers.

The thing is that businesses that are brick and mortar also called offline businesses do not know about online adverts.

These businesses do not know or have idea that it is possible to get customers online.

But this is an opportunity for anyone to take that up and start running paid adverts for them.

He also made a software available in the course called ClientBolt which costs $99.

What the software does is to help you get local leads within your neighborhood.

You only need to input your niche and your location for it to fetch you local businesses to pitch.

The course is majorly about cold pitching offline businesses into making them believe you can get customers for them.


Who Is Productized Profits For?

This course is not for someone who finds it even difficult to speak with his spouse or relatives.

You must be very vibrant and can handle any negativities that comes your way.

The major process of this type of business is cold pitching local businesses and making them believe you.

You should know that the majority of these people don’t believe in social media.

So if you just cold call them and start skipping. They won’t believe in you.

Although, it is very much available for Beginners to also scale with the business.

Since almost every expert starts as a novice. It is normal to begin as a novice.

But you have to know that you will be dealing majorly with strangers.

If you are also a cold call specialist who has spoken with several clients on phone previously.

You can do this. Also, an advert expert who has run several adverts on Facebook and Google can do this business.


How Much Do Productized Profits Cost?

The program costs $1497 to join. Which should have just been tagged at $1500.

Also, If you do not have the money to pay such a huge price at once.

You can pay in 3 installments of $600 till you can complete the fees.

The fee is lifetime and you are not going to pay for any further training in the future.

Even though Lee himself will still bring other courses out in the future.

It might now be on “How to sell your lead generation courses”.

Because mostly all online tutors make most of the money from selling their courses by teaching other people.

So, that is all about how much it costs to join the program.


Is Lucas Lee Tyson a Scam?

Well, I wouldn’t possibly call anyone a scam though but there are just some things fishy about the guy.

First is the fact that he is a teenager when he claimed to start his online marketing journey.

And he said he got tired of being a worker and also decides to start his Marketing agency.

The fact is that this is the major strategy that most fake gurus also use to lure people into thinking they were once depressed.

Because what could a teenager still feel about getting tired of his job as an employee.

Also, how sure are we that he even worked as a place and not that he was still in college by then?

I feel that is just too sudden for a young man to say he got tired of his job and wants something more passive.

To me, I just see that as another copywriting trick that is being used to sell courses on the internet.

Somehow, majorly everyone on the internet wants to quit their 9 to 5 job and also want to make money even while on vacation.

Then I think there is more to this and a way to just make new prospects believe he was once in their shoes.

Although aside from that, I don’t see any further thing to call him a scam.

After all, he delivers the product as usual and he has a video Testimonial from some students.

It is difficult to know if they are real or fake testimonials since gurus now pay people for fake reviews.

Also, he said he got his first client 2 weeks later after going online to watch videos.

As a novice in that aspect, is it that easy to make things work?

But it is all well and he has a nice strategy as a young guy.


Is Productized Profits A Scam?

The course is real and you get what you pay for if you enroll in the program.

Also, he offers 30 days money-back guarantee which is even more okay if you don’t see it as an opportunity.

You can easily ask for a refund of your money and get back your money.

But the fact that he is also selling another software after paying such a huge amount looks scammy.

Also, the majority of these softwares are all crap and don’t work as they promised.

They will tell you that they will automate things for you and help you get clients.

I am sure he knows how difficult it is to get clients and he added the software as a way to lure more people into buying the course.

Likewise, he didn’t reveal that you will be paying added money of $99 for you to get access to the ClientBolt software.

I really do not believe in software like that though because they are so many on JVZoo which are all crap.


Pros and Cons Of Lee’s Course

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this course from Growth Cave.


1. Several coaching calls:

This program has several weekly calls that you can join and also be enlightened the more.

Although, I really don’t see this as any way to guarantee success but it can only serve as a motivation for those who are serious.

Lee always goes live on his Facebook group and also other inner circles to teach and motivate his students.

Also, as a student – you also join the forum of other students like you who are making gains and those struggling.

All these are just to motivate but a time will come that you will even get tired of reading anything from the forum.

It happens a lot, most especially when you are not even seeing the result you imagined yourself to have gotten.

Although, it’s a nice advantage to be in a family.

2. Sales Page Looks detailed and supportive with the FAQ:

I think he has a very good sales page that is detailed and goes straight to explain what he will teach.

The majority of the sales pages out there are just about some crappy copywriting that people keep using the same templates.

Telling fake stories of how they started and how they later got financial freedom and all that.

I just count that to be crappy and they won’t even talk about the course itself.

All we see is their story and a Photoshop picture of themselves on an island and unreal cars.

But this guide has a good sales page with a FAQ aspect where he answers some questions that one might have in mind.

He also has testimonials that help to see facts from people who already got a result.

Even though he didn’t put reviews from people who didn’t see any result yet.



1. Not suitable for someone who can’t close sales on calls:

If you are a shy or a none vibrant person who cannot even argue with your friends.

You will struggle a lot before you make one single client in this type of business.

You must be someone who will be fully ready to handle every objection that any client throw against you.

Because you are surely going to get several objections and because of that you might lose out.

Nobody is interested in who you are but what you have to offer and bring.

Also, because you don’t even have several proofs as a newbie. Your negativity will be high.

So, it’s not suitable for someone who cannot network.

2. Autopilot Looks Spammy:

The idea of using a lead generation tool to help get clients is a no-no for me.

Because it doesn’t just make sense to be using paid tools that will promise to do something.

The majority of those tools are fake and won’t even do what they promise.

You will only keep getting outdated data and you will keep trying and trying thinking the problem comes from you.

This should have not been in the program and I do not endorse anything like that for my readers.

If there is no real and logical way that one can get clients which he can do practically for people to see.

Then I don’t even think it’s worth the money that any student ever paid for to join the program.

3. Focuses On One Platform:

The major platform that this guy focuses on is Facebook and a little bit of Google.

That is where he stated that a student will be running paid adverts from money gotten from clients.

I see this as just another way to make someone quit at last.

Because Facebook ads are frustrating at the moment. A lot of marketers are leaving Facebook.

And even if one is to have Facebook as a source of traffic. It should not be the primary source.

Facebook is meant to be the secondary source or even tertiary source of getting traffic.

Other sources should have been taught. Even the money spent on Google is also high.

The Cost Per Click to get traffic from Google is very high that it is not yet recommended for a newbie.

So, it should have been other methods being taught to get traffic.

4. Doubt:

The mindset of doubt is always many among clients. So, it is always advisable to even have another extra cash to show proof.

Because it is very difficult for people to just trust strangers with their money.

So, if you don’t have something to show them. At least – by bringing them one or two customers.

To show them what you are capable of. Then, this business will be difficult for you to handle.

Just think about someone coming to meet you to offer a customer.

You will want to ask for real proof before you can indulge in anything that concerns your money.


Final Thought On Lee’s Course

I am sure you must have been able to decide whether you should join the program or not.

The ball is in your court to play. But just make sure to first look at yourself and see if you are capable of the requirements.

Also, make sure to read this guide thoroughly and not skim through it.

You have a lot to know before you should invest your money into any course.

You can consider reading this guide on why lead generation is important for business.

Do you have any questions? Let me see them in the comment box below. Protection Status