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Ravi Abuvala Remote Integrator Academy Review

Welcome to this remote integrator academy masterclass review.

In today’s guide, we will be discussing Ravi Abuvala The Remote Integrator Academy Masterclass Review.

Is this course even worth your time or should it be something that you should invest your hard-earned money into?

These are some of the many things that I will be writing about in this guide, including the details about the program.

The masterclass is majorly about making money in a niche that is not too saturated like E-commerce or Amazon FBA or Affiliate Marketing just as Ravi stated.

But I still find this course to be very confusing and not straightforward.

Although, more on that very soon in the other aspects of this guide.

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Just like I have tagged this course already. I said it’s a freelance course but just in an advanced way.

Because he stated that if you enroll in the course. You will be doing remote work for agencies.

People who will be giving you works online and you will be able to make money from them.

If I am to be very candid. I will still tag Ravi as one of those online gurus that are also hungry to sell courses before they can feed.

Because if you listen and read his sales page. You will get to realize that he is just paraphrasing and making everything look difficult.

To me, I believe that you will still need to buy the front-end course for $39.97 before you will even be able to know what you are getting into.

While he will now offer several Upsells to sell you and make you buy more inside his funnel.

Let us get a little bit into the framework of how the training is.

remote integrator academy masterclass review

  • Course Owner: Ravi Abuvala
  • Course Price: $39.96
  • Available Upsell? Yes
  • Niche: Freelancing and Virtual Assistant Service
  • Recommended: No
  • Why? Read along to know why and not waste money.


Overview of The Remote Integrator Academy

The training consists of 240 minutes of tutoring even though the sales page is not even clear enough.

But here are the things that you will get to learn when you enroll in the course.

Part 1: In the part of and the introductory aspect of the masterclass. This is where he talked about how he 4× his client’s business in 2 hours.

He said he made $50,000 just from doing this for the client because the client was very happy to pay more.

This is from what he taught in the masterclass and I do not know how valid this is.

Part 2: This aspect is about motivating you and he talked about the one thing that he had that changed his life.

He talked about how this change took him from earning $10 per day to earning $100,000 per day.

I still believe that part of the way he is also able to make $100k per day is by selling his courses.

This is not the only course he has, he has another course called the Scaling With System Academy.

So, selling courses also helped him much.

Part 3: This is where he starts digging deep into the program and discussing how you can get work from business owners

He titled it the “Cash Catching Roadmap” and he said it will show you how to get paid $10,000 and more every month.

Part 4: Here he talked about the skill that took him from being a person who has an agency but got tired of it.

To be a sought-after marketer on the internet who now has a lot of students who have also learned from him.

And how this skill changed his life completely by making him who is now is.

Part 5: This aspect is still a little bit motivational where he is discussing finding the right vehicle.

Why do you need to focus on doing the right thing instead of doing the wrong thing even while you are hardworking?

Part 6: Ravi is a dropout law student and he now boasts of making much more money than if he had stayed in law school.

So, in this part of the masterclass, he talked about how he is now making a lot of money 64× than what he would have been making if he stayed in law school.

Part 7: Here is where he talked about how he introduced remote integrators to business owners who are earning 7 figures.

So, he talked about introducing his students who buy this course to reputable business owners who they can work for.

But the question is how many remote integrator students would he be able to introduce when there are hundreds of students?

Ask yourself that! Just another way to get you into more upsells.

Part 8: Here he talked about choosing the right type of client and how it can change your life completely.

Although, one client can be all you need to make that change in your life and give you a complete life.

But getting that one client is the problem in a niche that you are not even familiar with.

Part 9: He discussed how he moved from being a time-based worker to a result-based worker.

Where he sends majorly all his type now getting results rather than wasting his time struggling.

Part 10: Here he discussed the issues of starting your own business and all the risks involved in it.

And he appraised his course as the secret key to all the doors that have been locked at you.

Going much deeper into how you also can start getting a result with his course and make progress.

Part 11: Then he went further to talk about how being a remote integrator is the best opportunity and assurance towards making you financially free.

All these inside the course and still appraising the course you just bought.

Part 12: Talking here is about clearing everything doubt you might be having and assuring you of making progress.

Also, he talks more about your mindset – which will determine how you will achieve financial freedom and you can eliminate fear.

Part 13: This is where he talked about explaining what you have been told about Your career is all a lie.

What I don’t now understand is for someone who didn’t reveal exactly what one is expected to get from the course.

And still in the course of roughly $40 – all he does is talk about motivating and doing a motivational speech.

How is his talk not even a lie and what we have already believed in the truth?

Although, those are the things involved in the course and a little bit more.

But from all the 13 Parts I have written. Do you think there is anything that can make you money there?

None. Because it’s still all about explaining the course itself to you. What he should have explained on the sales page.

That means you will still have to pay roughly $40 to get access to a course that will only explain what you will be learning to you.

That is when you will get upsell on the next course which will now start taking you deep into the exact program.

Ravi is a high-ticket coaching person. So, don’t expect he will reveal everything in a $39.97 masterclass.

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Who Is Ravi Abuvala?

Ravi Abuvala is an online guru who graduated from a law school.

According to him, he was supposed to focus more on his law profession due to his father’s ailment.

He was unable to focus further on law and decide to look for ways to make ends meet all by himself.

Ravi claimed to have made $6million just from being a remote integrator. In which, he also sold a lot of courses and makes a lot of money through that.

So, Ravi might have truthfully made that enormous amount of money online.

But he still fails to tell us that he makes majorly all the money from selling his courses.

If you check the picture below, you will see him win a 2 comma award from Clickfunnels.

Ravi Abuvala remote integrator academy review

This award is always given to Clickfunnels users who have made over $1million from using Clickfunnels to sell their products.

And in the award. You can see Scaling With System written on the award.

Which means he made majorly all his sales from selling the SCALING WITH SYSTEM course.

So, if he claimed to have made millions online. It’s not through being a remote integrator but through selling his courses.

So, to me – Ravi is also one of the online gurus who indirectly make jest of other online gurus.


What Is The Remote Integrator Academy?

The remote integrator academy is a masterclass that teaches people how to earn by being virtual assistants to other successful online brands.

It tutors people to make money by being virtual assistants or advance freelancer to other thriving online business enterprises that just need more helping hands to scale the more.

I tag this as an advanced freelancing method since you will only be working remotely and helping several other businesses.

Ravi didn’t fully open up about how and what one is expected to get from buying this course.

But one thing I want to make clear to you today is that. Ravi already has a course titled “Scaling With System”.

And it’s a course that teaches successful businesses out there who are already making a lot of sales to start including virtual assistant services to their business.

The scaling with system masterclass is majorly meant for intermediate or advanced business owners who already have a thriving business but just need more helping hands.

So, what he is now doing with the remote integrator is now teach people how to become virtual assistants to these business owners.

And what I heard from some of his students who enrolled for the remote integrator is that they are waiting for him to give them clients.

Can you just imagine that?

Anyway, more on this below.


Who Is The Remote Integrator Academy For?

Checking everything he has written on the sales page. It is very difficult to know exactly who this course is for.

If you are a novice who knows nothing or little about internet marketing and all these gurus’ technique.

You will easily be sold.

That’s the fact. Because aside from the fact that he is not even direct with the way the course is.

He is not also direct about who exactly the course is for.

He was just lamenting that “if you are someone who doesn’t want to commute to your 9-5 job”.

Or “you are someone who wants to work at the beach”

Or blaa blaa blaa.

These are the things that almost anybody who also wants to make money on the internet will need.

Something direct will be more okay than him just trying to generalize the specific people who this course is for.

As a beginner, you will easily be sold. But you have to know that there is no direct person this course is for.


How much does The Remote Integrator Academy cost?

The course is worth $39.97 which is approximately $40. All those cents are just selling tricks.

Although, he claimed that the real cost and value of the course is worth $997 but you will only be buying at that discount.

Ravi is a very good salesperson who knows exactly how to get into the head of his prospects.

Also, if you are wondering whether there will be more upsells from this masterclass.

Oh yes, there are several other upsells that you will get pitched off when you buy this $40 course.

This $40 is just to introduce you to what everything is about and how the remote integration system works.

You will see need more funds to buy other upsells before you can even consider being a remote integrator.


Is Ravi Abuvala a Scam?

Ravi is just an online guru who also promises people a lot and delivers the one that he could.

But just from the sales page of this course. You will be expecting a lot of things if you are to enroll in it.

You will only be surprised that you are not even to make anything because you still have to upgrade to more upsells.

Ravi cannot be tagged as a scammer since he didn’t force anyone to make payment.

Also, he is just an online marketer who is also making a lot of money from selling his course to people.

So, he is a legitimate internet marketer who already has enough experience in the coaching field.

And from this coaching niche, he has been able to make millions of dollars in revenue just from selling his knowledge.

So, he is legit and real and you making success through any of his teachings depends on you.


Is The Remote Integration Academy A Scam?

I would not suggest any of my followers pass through the funnel of Remote integration though.

But I still will not tag it as a scam since it provides and delivers what you paid for.

Even though it might not directly help you solve the problem that you bought it for.

At least, you got your course and not scammed of your money.


Pros and Cons of It

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this course.


It’s Remote Work

This business is remote work which means you do not have to commute anywhere before you can work.

All you need is your laptop and your internet connection and you are ready to rumble.


Let me quickly clear the air about some of the bad sides of this course which I do not like at all.

In fact, the things I do not like about the masterclass are more than what I like about it.

1. No Clear Description

There is no clear description of exactly what one is about to get into.

If not for the fact that I already have an experience in the scaling with system course.

It will be very difficult to comprehend what this course is all about.

Because all he kept lamenting is all about making money and how he made a lot of money.

But there is no clear path as to what the course is truly all about.

2. Very Salesy Marketing Gimmick

The sales page is filled with marketing tricks just to get a prospect onboard and buy the course.

It would have even been more okay if the front end is a free tutorial where you can learn about the course.

But even the front-end is being sold for $40. So, it’s all marketing gimmicks my friend.

3. Several Upsells

You are still going to get a lot of upsells from this course because he will not reveal everything in the $40 masterclass.

So, you will still need to have another budget for more upsells that are on their way coming.

That means you still need to have more money to make him rich before you can even consider seeing the path to his money-making method.

4. Tricky Business

The business is kinda tricky because just like I have explained earlier.

His scaling with system students is business owners who already have a business that is thriving.

But he just gave them to Idea that they can also start making more money when they introduce virtual assistants to their business.

Now, he launch another course on how to become a virtual assistant through this remote integrator system.

So, he will now be connecting the student of this course to the students of scaling with system.

Thereby making more money for himself by also charging more commission from each business transaction.

That is a nice business idea though. But it’s too mean and doesn’t favor the students who bought the course.


Final Thought On Ravi’s Course

I do not fully recommend this course to any of my readers or followers. Because I cannot buy this course.

This course is just filled with a lot of gimmicks just to get you to buy and even those who have enrolled are still awaiting for him to give them customers.

For how long will you have to wait to keep expecting him to give you a successful business that will work with you.

This is not the kind of business I will involve in. I just hope my review has been helpful?

You can let me know your thoughts below in the comment box as I will be eager to reply.

I will see you in some other reviews. Protection Status