(3 Tips) how much do affiliate marketers make per sale?

how much do affiliate marketers make per sale

Asking this question depends on the Affiliate program that an affiliate marketer is promoting on.

If you are asking this type of question. It means you are either a newbie in affiliate marketing…

…or you are already into affiliate marketing but you’re doubting because you haven’t earned anything at all.

But it’s all good and clear because I will be giving justice to this question in the little way I can in this guide.

First of all, you have to know that there is no specific amount of money that you can make per affiliate sale.

It all depends on the commission basis that the product vendor is willing to offer you as an affiliate.

Also, another factor that will determine the amount you will earn is the price of the product you are promoting.

If the price of a product is $200 with a commission of 50% per sale.

You will earn more than a product that is $100 with a 50% commission per sale basis.

So, price is also the major important factor when it comes to earning from Affiliate Marketing.

That is why several affiliates out there are now running away from promoting Amazon products.

Why? Because they get to see that even though products are many on this platform.

Their commission rate is very low compared to the amount of stress that you incur in pulling traffic into your website.

The prices are high but the commission is relatively low because they are physical products compared to promoting digital products.

What Is A Physical Product?

Physical products are kinda like E-commerce or Dropshipping products that need to be shipped to the customer before they can be consumed.

This means the customer has to see the product before they can consume such a product.

The only thing about physical products is that there is always a high likelihood of refund rate than digital products.

Also, the commission rates are majorly very low when it comes to earning your Affiliate Reward.

What Is A Digital Product?

A digital product on the other hand is a product that is being consumed online.

An example can be Bluehost Hosting where websites are being hosted and launched.

Or an example can be lead generation software like ConvertKit where email marketers can build their email list.

These are digital products that people use and consume online without having to be transited physically to them.

Digital Products have a high likelihood of having a huge commission rate because the refund rate is usually less.

Except if in a case where the product doesn’t perform what it promises. But if it does perform its promise.

Then there will be no cause for alarm at all and you can gladly earn your commission in peace.


3 Best Make Money Per Sale Methods For Affiliate Marketers

Let us take a look at some of the best make-money methods for affiliate marketers to consider their pay.

It takes serious dedication to make money from Affiliate Marketing – but it shouldn’t be that difficult also.

1. JV Launch

If you are an affiliate who has a lot of other Affiliates who are also into promoting the same kinds of products as yours.

Then you can involve in a joint venture kinda promotion where you promote each other’s products.

It is called joint ventures and it happens on a platform like Clickbank where there are product vendors.

Vendors who have a product that they are selling and they also serve as an affiliate to other vendors.

Why? Because they want to have a partnership with other top affiliates who are capable of promotion.

It takes you to also be someone capable of sending customers to another vendor’s sales page before this can work well for you.

Also, If you are an affiliate who is very much reputable. You will have access to some extra benefits.

Like an added advantage of giving you an upgraded commission just because you are reputable.

This commission upgrade will give you more earning potential compared to the general one that others are using.

You can even private message the product vendor to offer you more commission if you have a lot of sales records already.

So, a joint venture (JV) is an awesome way to get access and earn more when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

2. Product Recommendation

Recommending products as an Influencer is also another way to make money per sale with Affiliate marketing.

It is very important to know that the majority of the products out there also pay per sale and less in bundle.

But when you recommend a product to your existing audience who already know and trust you very much.

You tend to be able to earn more with this because they are not new to you and they know you.

Having someone capable of giving you a product that will always compliment your niche.

It is always wrong for you to be talking about blogging and you now decide to be recommending a product around E-commerce.

Always try to promote a product that works around what you are always discussing with your audience all the time.

3. SEO

SEO is what I do and it is what I find passion in doing almost every time of my life.

Affiliate Marketing with SEO is one of the best passive income that you can always live with.

Just imagine you making an affiliate commission per every sale that comes through from your website.

A lot of affiliate marketers out there including those who promote Amazon products who are the major dominants.

They know what it takes and they enjoy every bit of earning from SEO because they don’t even have to stress much with selling.

Oh yes, an SEO marketer does not need to stress much about selling because they only need to provide value.

Or do a review content for a product and the moment they do the review content, they just include their affiliate link.

Including this affiliate link is all that they need to change their story for the best.

So, I always advise people to consider using SEO for their affiliate marketing journey.

You can always get started with BLUEHOST  to launch your first website.

If you plan to rank on Google for several traffic. Then you should consider using a professional website.


How Much Do They Make Per Sale

The amount that affiliate marketers make per affiliate sale depends on the price and commission basis of the product they are promoting.

Just like I have explained earlier. Some product costs more than other.

Also, the commission rate of some products costs more than the commission rate of another product.

The major factor that will determine how much you will earn is mostly phantom around your affiliate program.

Which will determine the percentage for the product you are promoting.

And also the vendor that will determine the price of the affiliate product that you want to promote to your audience.

I believe this short guide has answered your question and I hope it has given you justice.

If you want to learn more about earning well from affiliate marketing. Just by promoting a product and making $1000 just from a single sale.

Check out this page and I will see you on the other side. I am waiting for you.


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