Organic Course Selling Mastery Review – Carl Parnell – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my organic course selling mastery review.

I am sure you might have seen Carl’s advert on social media or maybe through another source.

And you feel like to make more research concerning whether this course will be the perfect investment for your knowledge, right?

Or maybe you have this knowledge or expertise about something and you feel this course can help you promote your knowledge.

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Then you can consider reading my review about this course before you invest your money into it.

Why am I doing this review for you?

It is because I have enrolled in several courses on the internet through which many of them turned out to be a scam.

Normally, what Carl is teaching in this program is how you can also launch your online and coaching course.

So there are also a lot of courses out there that are also teaching people how they can launch their coaching course.

Even though they do not know about what they are teaching.

The majority of the online coaches and gurus are majorly all about the money.

So, this is what I see, and got tired of random people slapping their ads on my faces in disguise of helping me.

That’s why I have used my 4 to 5 years of experience on the internet to know what’s right.

And I will be using my experience to help newbies or inexperienced people like you to make the right decision.

If this is what you would like to read more about and follow my recommendation. Then follow me and let’s roll.

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Course Overview

  • Owner: Carl Parnell.
  • Niche: Coaching and Course Selling
  • Cost: Enroll for a 45 minutes talk.
  • Beginners’ Course? Yes
  • Recommended? Partially

What Is organic course selling Mastery About?

Organic Course Selling Mastery is a process of extracting your knowledge into an educational system that will help you make profits.

Which means whatever you are good at and you can teach people.

You can turn it into an educational program on the internet and start scaling and making money from it.

I don’t have to explain further.

Look at Carl Parnell now.

He knows about how to teach people to monetize their knowledge by turning it into an educational system, right?

So, what is he doing?

He has turned what he knows into an educational system and he is now teaching you what he knows.

That is exactly what you also will be learning in this course.

Which means you will also have a high ticket training like this own where you will be charging people huge money to sell your course on the net?

Through what?

Carl said he uses Facebook profiles and Facebook group to make all his sales.

This means he uses organic Facebook methods to get sales to traffic flowing into his sales funnel.

Well, is this the right opportunity for you at all?

Let us continue and follow along with me as we go deeper.

About Carl Parnell – The Owner

About Carl Parnell – The Owner


Carl Parnell Organic Selling Method Review

Carl Parnell has once been a stage performing musician who has done several stage performances.

It was when he had some predicaments in his musical career that he decided to venture into online marketing.

Also, in his early days in the internet marketing world.

He has done several online businesses in the past and among them is E-commerce which he struggled with a lot.

He said he struggled with E-commerce before he was later able to crack the code.

Now, he is one of the highest-earning Ecom experts on the internet.

Carl Parnell has been recommended by great thought leaders like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

And he boats a lot about that. I think it is an achievement to be recommended by those two though.


Course Content – What you’ll Learn

Let us quickly look at some of the things that you stand to learn by joining this course or program.

Firstly, you have to know that it is a 6 weeks program that promises to teach you how you can launch your online educational course.

Week 1: Niche defined, Message Cemented, Price decided, Implement time management.

The first thing you are going to be learning f is how you can decide the niche that you want to go into.

There are several niches out there and among them are also several sub-niches.

So, in whatever niche that you find yourself.

You also have to niche down and that is what Carl will be revealing to you in this module.

Also, this is where you get to know the message that you will be passing across to your audience.

Also, the amount of money you will be charging for your product, time management, and many more.

This first module is just like the framework of how you are going to be kick-starting the business.

Week 2: Creating/optimizing FB group & Profile Ready To Talk To Your Market and Make Sales.

In this module, you will be learning how you can create and design your Facebook group.

Also, how you can optimize your Facebook profile to start getting traffic and visitors into your Facebook group.

How you can be ready to provide value to your audience and make them see you as an authority figure in your niche.

Doing all these and going straight into how you can also start to make sales from your Facebook account.

Here is where Carl did promise to teach you exactly how you can design and package your Facebook profile.

Creating a catchy cover photo and crafting a good Bio that summons authority and respect.

Week 3: Build your audience from scratch, validate your course content.

This is where you start building your audience from scratch in week 3.

Carl talked about using several methods to build your audience by also making use of other people’s Facebook groups.

And doing everything possible for you to also get traffic that will start checking our your Facebook profile.

It is from this Facebook profile that they will also land on your Facebook group and turn your audience.

He also promised several other methods that you will be using to get traffic.

And also validating your course content by doing proper research and completing your course to be ready for shooting.

Week 4. Creating course framework, how to record, edit host and set it all up.

This week and module is about how you can set up and record your course to be comprehending.

By recording and editing your video course so that you make it ready for adequate promotion.

He also gives you the tools that you will be needing to get all these started and start doing your editing.

This is what you will first do before you can then launch your course on a webinar or wherever he wants you to.

Week 5: Launch And sell a proven course to your audience out the gate.

Carl Parnell’s most precious method of selling is the Preselling approach where he goes to promote before launching.

He said he would have made several sales already even before launching the course and he said his students are also doing this.

Carl also said they are using this technique is what he and his students are using to crush it online.

He also talked about teaching you how to sell your course during launch in case you do not want to use the Preselling approach.

He talked about using Preselling as a more favorable way and that he will be teaching it in the 5th week of the training.

Also, he promised you to make $20,000 a month from just learning the tricks in this 5th week.

It’s just that anything relating to a promise like this is always fake to me.

It’s just a way to get into the course and make the purchase.

Making money or getting the result is not guaranteed for anyone and he cannot boast that all his students are making $20,000 a month.

Week 6: Transcend to a high ticket, open flood of gates to $100k+ a month.

In week 5, he talked about using the Preselling method to launch your course and make $20,000 a month.

Here, he talked about you earning $100,000 a month just from upgrading to a high ticket offer.

And how is he doing this? He said you will be selling at a little bit low in the Presell.

Then you will create scarcity for people to believe that the price will increase in XYZ Days and Time.

So, people who will be rushing the Presell would have made you a lot of sales already.

So, with this technique in the 6th week. You will now start gradually upgrading the program.

Till it gets to a very high ticket program which you will now be earning more from.

Also, he will be giving you these proven templates, funnels, and scripts.

Which he has used to promote and sell several educational courses in the past.

Carl said it is the same energy that one uses to promote low ticket courses that you will also use to promote high ticket courses.

So, he always implores his students to embrace high ticket offers.

High ticket means high price products.
Low ticket means low prices products.

Also, you still have to know that Carl Parnell promised to teach everything with free traffic.

Is it possible you can earn $100,000 with free traffic?

Well, let’s continue along as you will decide by yourself and see the real secret.

See How I Am Raking Approximately $350,000 Monthly Without Creating A Product

How Do organic course selling mastery Work?

This course works in a way whereby you can sell your idea and knowledge in any niche.

Carl even gave an example of a dancer who teaches people how to dance by opening an educational system.

And she is raking a lot of money just from selling her course online.

Also, you will be added to a private OCSM Inner Circle Facebook Group where you will be learning more from others.

You already know that it is a 6 weeks coaching program.

Carl said you do not need any fancy sales funnel. Just get people to your Facebook group.

Get them to watch these videos there. Send them to your sales page and make your high ticket sales.

That is exactly how the Organic Course Selling Mastery works.

You will also be having access to some Live weekly Question and Answer Calls from Carl.

The thing is just that this kind of process always takes time before it works.

And I have learned something like this for free from a coaching call called Legion by Jonny West.

Although, it is not more available now.

But this model of business is not as easy as it looks.


Who Is organic course selling mastery For?

If your next question is wondering if this online training can be for you. Well, based on my view.

Also, attending his webinars concerning this course and seeing how he structured everything.

The course is for someone who has a physical business type of knowledge and wants to bring it online.

Maybe you have a business like Painting. Where you pain people, just like an artist.

And you want a way to be making money teaching people how to paint and draw.

Or someone who wants to seek and reach several clients from all over the world.

Although online is worldwide, that is not something unique in my view.


How Much Does It Cost?

Carl Parnell didn’t reveal the amount it cost to join this program.

So, for you to join this coaching program. You will need to make a live call with his team.

That is when you will be given the price that suits your need.

You will be asked where you are in your business and whether you are a newbie or not.

I tried as much to get the cost that you will need to join this program but I got no information about that yet.

I will try to update this guide from time to time in case I can get the price to join.

Although, what you have to know is that the cost is more than $500.

Carl himself said it is not a $500 course but a high-ticket coaching program.

So, based on my experience from reviewing several other online courses.

Coaching programs like this that ways need you to make a live call with the team before you will be given a price.

It will also cost nothing less than $3000 for you to join.

They are always high tickets and you will need to have huge money to invest for you to join.

Although, on the private group. They already have over 500+ that have enrolled for the OCSM Inner Circle Course.


Is organic course selling mastery a Scam?

This course is not a scammer and the fact that you even need to chat with their representative or team to be applied is awesome.

Although that doesn’t mean that getting a result is guaranteed if you speak with Carl or his team.

It is just a new technique by online coaches to be able to close a lot of sales.

That way, they will be able to handle any objections that you might be having in mind.

They will be able to cajole you and make sure that you purchase the program at all costs.

That is the reason for the live call.

You know, if you are to just see the price on the sales page. You can easily press back and not enroll.

But if they tell you the price via phone call. Even if you have any objections.

They can easily realize that and persuade you into making sure they clear your objections and feel safe.

That’s why you are required to make a live call with them.

Although, the course is no scan since you will be given the course and you will learn.

But the fact that he is claiming that you will make $20,000 from listening to a module and $100,000 from the last module is a scam.

It is just a way to lure you in. Nobody can guarantee success for anyone.

Also, the fact that you will even be using the free/organic method means that it is not going to be easy.

Free things take time and it does not work out quickly like paid adverts.

So, you need to be careful about those claims even on other courses that might not be this one.


Pros and Cons of organic course selling mastery

Let us immediately look and review some of the things I like about this coaching and the things I don’t really like about it.


1. Community:

The community of like-minded people that will also have the same mentality and notion as yours is a great advantage.

This way, you keep getting live calls and answers from Carl himself on the group.

Also, you will be able to ask questions and see the results that other students are getting.

This is a nice advantage that I see over other things.

2. Learning From Pro:

You are learning from a pro who has sold several courses on the internet.

Even this course alone. He has generated millions of sales just from selling this course alone.

Aside from other courses that he has launched in the past.

So, he is selling you a course and teaching you how to sell your course to other people also.

I think that is how the majority of the coaching tutorials work now. But at least, you are learning from a millionaire.


1. Coaching Niche Getting Saturated:

There are just a lot of coaches on the internet now – claiming to teach one thing or the other.

And the majority of them are crap and they are not even going to deliver what was promised.

Also, with this fake countdown and promises that they will be making.

It is very obvious that they are just all about the money and it’s not like they really care.

Someone like Carl Parnell is also all about the money in this his coaching program.

Because if he didn’t sell it. His likelihood of making money is also slim.

So, it is just about him also making money by teaching other people how to make money.

2. False Claim:

I detest coaches making false claims on any sales page or webinar just to make me buy your course or offer.

That is what Carl did here. He made some false claims by saying one is assured to make $20,000.

Not to talk of the fact that one is even using a free method which he claimed to use here.

I see this as something not palatable and just a way to make someone buy their course.

Since success is not guaranteed for anyone. He should not have been making any false claim or assurance.

3. Needs Huge Budget:

Forget the fact that he said you will be using the free and organic method to run this business.

The truth still remains that you will still need to run paid adverts for you to thrive hard.

Even Carl himself cannot fully claim that he did not run paid adverts to reach over $1 million + revenue from selling this course.

He cannot claim that he relies 100% on Free Facebook traffic alone.

After all, this is his Facebook profile.

Showing his Two Comma Club

Showing his Two Comma Club

I really can’t find thousands of likes or hundreds of comments on his profile.

Someone who claims to teach how to use a Facebook profile should have a lot of audience on his profile.

4. Watching the webinars are things one can learn from YouTube:

After I watched his webinar for several hours. I got to realize that these things are what one can learn on YouTube.

Because everything he claims to teach is easily searchable and achievable.

If you are someone who has been on the internet for a few years and doing hustling.

You will easily get what he promised to teach easily on YouTube. I don’t see anything special there.

The only thing special is because of the way he packages his coaching program. That is all.


Final Thoughts

Organic course selling might be a nice business idea for those who have enough capital to invest in tools, hiring teams to handle coaching, and keep paying for upsells, and can risk losing their money without any result.

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Also, you don’t have to incur any expensive cost on creating products or hiring teams to help maintain balance.

All you have to do is reach out to a product owner among the hundreds to thousands of product creators on our platform, inform them to give you access to their products, send them sales, and get 50% of the profit.

This is how our own affiliate system works, and you get this 50% profit without incurring any huge cost.

Meaning, if a product is $1000, you get $500 from selling that product. And you are going to learn how to sell these products easily even with a budget of buying a burger.

Feel free to join this program, and I will see you on the other end.

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