9 ways to make money watching ads online

9 ways to make money watching ads online

Questions have been flowing around if it’s still possible to make money watching ads.

The answer is that – it is very possible and easy to watch ads and get paid.

Adverts are fast means of companies getting easy access to an unlimited number of customers to eliminate frustration.

But many people have been asking why on Earth would companies pay people for watching their ads.

The truth is that companies don’t just directly pay you for watching ads. They make use of some freelance platforms to carry out the tasks.

They will pay a huge sum to these networks and these networks will be the ones to do the distribution and monitoring of how you are performing the tasks.

The reason why these companies pay people for watching their ads is to get more knowledgeable about who their ideal clients are.

Also, they make use of this to show proof to people about how their return rate is.

That’s why they do say we should less believe every information we see on the internet.

Every time you watch their video ads… The record has already shown at their back end.

So, you have been recorded to have watched the ads.

So, this is what they will show to their investors and other aspects that will serve as Goodwill and for the betterment of their business.

It’s more like buying views for their ads and using these views to do further promotion and also scaling high.

This is what not everyone will tell you but I will. You might feel that – is that not them lying? And are they not wasting money?

Well, maybe you are right!

But the truth is that companies also want more investors and the money they are paying to get views…

…they will surely get it back once their investors keep investing more.

Does it mean that they don’t get customers and everything is all a lie? No!

They will also run professional ads that will get them the customers that will buy their products or services.

Also, a few among those who view the ads to make money will buy if they see how favorable the product or service is for them.

Let us look at some websites and applications that you can register on for you to start making money watching ads.

These websites are tested and trusted and also from the recommendation of some people who have used them.

So, they are by far the best when I am writing this guide. But you can do more research on each one of them before you register if you wish to.

Anyway, enough of the Ted talk. Grab a cup of coffee with me and let’s walk together on this journey.

Here is the list of websites and applications that can get you started and pay you for watching ads.

  1. Neobux.
  2. Slide Joy.
  3. Timebucks.
  4. Paidview.
  5. My Points.
  6. PaidVerts.
  7. Success Bux.
  8. iRazoo.
  9. Quick Rewards.



Registration of your account is free on Neobux and they pay you for tasks and ads given to you.

Neobux is a make money from home website that pays its workers(members) for every ad given to them.

Companies pay Neobux to help them run adverts on their websites and get more views for their products and services.

And they delegate the task to their members and pay them for a job well done.

Neobux pays its Affiliate through PayPal, Skrill, and direct bank transfer. So, you do not worry about them.

You can try to go into their website to see how their payment method looks and when they will give you your commission.

I can’t reveal it in this guide because most of these companies change their reward level from time to time and I want this guide to be relevant for a long time.

Although you might not only watch ads on Neobux – you can do other tasks like…

…filling surveys, playing games, watching videos, and other tasks that pay well. Just be committed. That’s all you need to earn big.

Also, if you have any problem using Neobux or encounter any mistake. You can contact their help care by checking the contact us section on their website or go to the Neobux forum online.


Slide Joy:

As the name pronounce Slide joy – It means happiness and cash out if guaranteed for you on this platform.

Although, unlike other platforms that are fully web applications that every task is done on their websites.

Slide joy is a mobile application that you have to install on your device before you can register on the website.

It’s a make money watching ads application that pays you when you watch and listen to on-screen commercials.

Although, this application can somehow disturb your privacy because it will take charge of your phone when on.

You will see ads displayed on the screen of your phone and you’re required to complete the task by watching.

You will only need to slide your phone to the right and get more details about the ad is shown and earn your reward.

Or you can slide to the right and cancel the advert and continue whatever you are doing.

You will earn some points anytime you complete watching ads on this application.

Although let me say anytime you watch ads on your phone because it takes charge of your phone.

Also when your screen is locked you will get some adverts that you will be asked to watch and earn some points.

It’s the accumulation of these points that you will later convert to money when you are fully ready to cash out your money.

And you will transfer the money into your account through PayPal.

I will advise you to have a separate phone if you’re using this app because it can be frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, all you have to do is slide your phone and watch ads anytime it pops up. That’s Slide Joy for you.



Timebucks is a website I like a lot because they also support earning of Bitcoin on their platform.

Since Cryptocurrency is the future of every currency – it’s a great way for people to earn in coins and not in dollars all the time.

There are many tasks that you can perform on these websites and earn money.

You can earn money on Timebucks from several things you do for fun every day of your life.

You’re not only limited to watch ads. You can play games, do online searching, grow beards for fun, and some other fun tasks.

So, this allows you to earn more without only limited to watching ads alone.

Timebucks is a professional website that delegates your separate account manager to you.

This means if you’re having trouble earning from this platform. Your account manager can help you to get things right.

Immediately you register for free on this website – you will be given your account manager.

You also need to have a minimum balance of $10 before you can cash out from Timebucks into your PayPal.

Timebucks pays weekly – so, you don’t have to wait for months unlike others before you can cash out.

It’s my best platform to earn cash that can settle the bills. A real hustle must be able to pay weekly.

You shouldn’t perform tasks and be waiting for the end of the month before you can get your money inside your bank account.



Paidviewpoint is one of the online earning websites that pays its members PayPal cash and gift cards for performing online tasks.

They are also like a network to other online payment websites and apps. Like, inside paidviewpoint…

…you can register and select companies that can pay you directly and also register on that company.

These can be companies based on different tasks that they want their users to perform.

But for this purpose, let us say your mind game is to watch advertisements online.

You will see other websites you can sign up for on paidviewpoint and also get paid more.

Paidviewpoint had some other ways of paying their members like filling online surveys, playing games, and other tasks.

You are the one that will select the one that best suits you and work for them.

So, anytime you get home, and feel like earning some extra cash from home. Just log in to paidviewpoint and get paid.


My Points:

If the only thing you are looking for is to watch advertisements online and get paid easily.

Then, join My Points. They will even reward you with a bonus of $10 for joining their platform.

Although, you can try to confirm that because things might have changed after writing this guide before it gets updated again.

My Points is a website that has been since the 1990s – it’s one of the oldest online earning websites that have been paying people for a long time.

On my point – you will get a lot of video adverts that you can watch including comes clips.

You can get your payment withdrawn directly into your bank account or you can just make use of PayPal.

You can also withdraw your money in form of gift cards if you want to shop online. Just go straight to My Points and sign up.

There are so many goodies on My Points which you can enjoy. You can even decide to shop on the website.

The gift cards given to you can be used to shop and you will also enjoy some discounts from any purchase you make on the website.

They have made it available for their members alone. So, you see that you’re missing a whole lot – if you haven’t joined My Points.

Start earning points from watching ads and make money from your home.



From the brand name alone – you would have seen that PaidVerts is all about paying you for watching ads online.

This website is a platform that pays you for watching ads for free seconds. They have merchants that give them gigs to delegate to their members.

When you first join this platform – you might not be given some high-paying tasks that can earn you high money.

They will first give you some low fee tasks. But the more you keep showing trust and keep performing well on the website.

They will reward you greatly and give you high commission tasks as a senior member on the platform.

Devoted users always hold Bonus Ads Point that shows how they rank high on the platform.

The more Bonus Ads Point you have – the more your earnings keep changing and increasing.

Your ad points will keep increasing and changing from time to time. Unlike earning a fixed amount of points.

You can join PaidVerts and start making money watching ads online.


Success Bux:

Success Bux is another good website that I consider to be one of the best when it comes to making money from advertisements.

Although I have not tried them previously – so I cannot say much about them.

But you can sure check them out and see if they have very good video adverts that you can watch.

The reviews are quite good and sense-making – they have reviews that are worth well.

Some people who have used them make a good recommendation about having a good experience on the website.

So, give them a trial and see for yourself.



iRazoo doesn’t only pay its members to watch ads online. They also have some other tasks that one can earn from just like some other websites stated above.

You can play are your opinions on some questions and also watch videos just to get paid online.

If you’re someone very good at referral marketing. You can invite your friends and family and earn enormous money.

You earn gift cards and cash from the tasks that you perform on iRazoo.

This website has a lot of video advertisements that you can watch and even postpone till another time.

There are many tutorials on this website that you can watch to also increase your knowledge.

You only have to choose from the ones you want to watch because iRazoo has videos from several channels.

You are the one that will just get tired of watching. They have companies that pay them a lot for these tasks.

So, you can join and start earning high.


Quick Rewards:

Quick Reward will be the last website that I will talk about in this guide.

They also pay people for watching an advertisement on their Platform.

This website gives people the to chance of withdrawing any amount on their dashboard.

This means that any money you earn on this website… Even if it’s $1 can be withdrawn.

You can convert your points earned to a gift card or convert to real cash and enjoy your earnings.

You can request your money and you will get credited to your account within 3 days.

There are several ways to withdraw funds on this platform. So, don’t panic. Just let your focus be on how you can work and watch ads.


Pros of Make Money Watching Ads

Pros of Make Money Watching Ads
Pros of Make Money Watching Ads
  1. No Investment Needed.
  2. Ad Expert Skill.
  3. Can Be Performed Anywhere.
  4. Can Be Multi-tasked.
  5. It Can Be Delegated.


#1 No Investment Needed:

One of the main reasons why I like side hustle is because they always require little investment.

But make money watching video ads is far from that – you don’t even need any Investment to start this hustle.

All you need is your laptop or mobile phone to get started and begin enjoying life.

Many other businesses out there will need you to have huge capital or a little budget that you can use to kickstart.

But this business or hustle has already done all the necessary things that you will need to spend money on.

And if you’re wondering – but I will need to subscribe for internet access before I can be able to watch ads.

Think about all the videos you have been watching online without them paying you.

All the comic videos we watch on our social media pages and YouTube always consume our data.

This consumption alone is okay to make money from watching ads. So, instead of wasting money on comic videos that don’t give you anything in return…

…why don’t you just watch company ads that will pay you for helping them get more views and promoting their organization.

This is what differentiates the wise from the dull. They make money from things that don’t involve investment.

But the dull waste money on things that are not relevant and doesn’t improve their bank balance.


#2 Ad Expert Skill:

You will be reading and watching ads almost every day once you start doing this hustle.

But what you also have to know is that you are watching the ads of companies that pay a lot of money to Copywriters to help them create these adverts.

So, they have tested and tested and know what is working in their online environment.

This will also help you develop enough skills in the aspect of adverts.

You will understand the primary aspect of every video adverts and you can start charging people money to help them create compelling adverts.

Most of the people that you see on Fiverr or Upwork are having good reviews concerning creating good video adverts…

…they didn’t just woke-up to be that good. It’s from getting exposed to several adverts that they have related with.

You can even go ahead and have a copy of these adverts for your benefit.

All you will just need to do is to replicate it for other clients and you will make your money as quickly and possible.

So, this is what you enjoy as a privilege the moment you start watching video ads.

You will become more knowledgeable in creating profitable video ads and you start to gain authority in that niche.


#3 Can Be Performed Anywhere:

Another advantage of this hustle is that it can be performed anywhere. Wherever you are in the world….

…you can do this. All you need do is to get access to the internet and you start minting your money.

Even though most online business is like that – but there are some levels to things you can do.

Oh yes! Even though some businesses are online and everything you need to do is online.

There will be some restrictions that will hinder you from successfully caring out the business.

But this type of business that oy requires you to watch videos is so simple to perform anywhere.

Even if you’re in a meeting that is boring and you can surely press your phone and have your earpiece at your ear.

You will just keep watching video ads and using one ear to listen to what is happening in the meeting.

So, it’s easy and comfortable to do anywhere and anytime.

I know you might have a 9-5 job that also takes your time and you’re thinking if this will also be cool with you.

It is cool – you can embark on it even at your workplace and earn more than your daily pay.

Just take the action and see yourself minting and making money anywhere from the task you do for fun.


#4 Can Be Multi-tasked:

Oh yes, I talked about doing this hustle even if you have your 9-5 time-consuming job. It doesn’t affect anything.

I have seen some people who are very busy with their job and they are using this hustle as a means of survival.

Even though it cannot make you rich – you can multitask it with other jobs that you’re doing.

What you have to know is that multi-source of income sucks most times. You will hear people telling you to have many sources of income.

I am not a fan of it. But anything that can be done without affecting my regular job is a go-to and Yes for me.

This kind of hustle cannot affect your primary source of income because you will only be doing it for fun.

People whom I know that are doing it are doing it for fun – and these are people who are even earning a considerable amount of money online.

They are super marketers in their field of expertise. But as you know – money never satisfies we human.

So, they decide to channel more sources to get money and this way is part of it. They multitask it and it doesn’t affect their primary source of income.


#5 it can be delegated:

Another thing about this type of business or hustle is that it can be delegated. Even if you don’t have time to do it.

You can delegate it to a VA who will help you to be performing the task and you will be paying him or her from the money you earn.

Also, I have seen some people who use some tools online to perform this task.

Although I am not a fan of automated tools that can watch the ads on your behalf even when you’re not there and get paid.

Oh yes! Some people are using it – you can check online for some tools that are perfect for the job.

I cannot recommend any tool because I don’t use it. And why don’t I use it? I am not a fan of automated tools.

Because I feel they might later not work out well. But some people claim to be earning good from it.

But I can advise that you can be using Virtual Assistance for your tasks and pay him or her from the money you earn.

Just delegate it to him or her and earn even while you’re not there.


Cons of Make Money Watching Ads

Cons of Make Money Watching Ads
Cons of Make Money Watching Ads

Another thing is that everything that has an advantage will surely have a disadvantage and it’s important that you know them.

Although, you can try to play safe from getting affected by these cons.

Let us go straight to the cons of this hustle.

  1. Information overload.
  2. Time Consuming.
  3. Exposed Identity.

#1 Information Overload:

One of the first cons of this aspect of a business is the overload of information that one gets anytime one watches ads.

Your head will just be filled with a relevant and irrelevant aspect of every sphere of life.

If you’re someone who knows about psychology – you will know that these can affect the mindset from thinking straight.

You will be watching ads from different brands and organizations and everything is majorly about pitching.

Even your 9-5 job can be affected by this and it can make you get slow at what every you have been doing.

Just imagine yourself when you watch ads on your news feed.

You get bored with them all that you decide not to watch them anymore.

Too much of pitching here and there that you decide to just skip ads so as not to disturb and affect your normal daily lifestyle.

This might not be something you will understand just from this guide. But it’s something you will experience.

Although you will learn a lot from watching these ads but at the same time. You will get confused as to what works best out there.

So, when watching the ads – just focus on your task and never have the belief of falling for all the ads.

Make it strictly business and not trying to gain too much knowledge.

#2 Time Consuming:

Even though it’s said to be easy and can be done anywhere. Even though watching ads for making money is something that you can do with your job.

It is also time-consuming compared to investing that energy in a real business that can last you a long time.

Oh yes! Sounds confusing? Don’t be confused – you of all people should know that this hustle cannot take you for a long time.

You cannot rely on this to build a happy family or keep a happy family if you already have one.

So, instead of channeling all your energy on this – you should start making plans of owning your own business.

Start thinking of a business that you can easily control and mint money whenever you are in demand.

So, this hustle is time-consuming in terms of building other people’s businesses and leaving your future hanging just for stipends.

Trust me, it’s not worth it in the long run. Just do this to make money for a short time and start making plans of how to scale higher.

You deserve something better than this and not earning stipends from watching ads.

That’s the spirit – never let it consume your time that much that you forget about the future.


#3 Exposed Identity:

Most of the time, when you watch these ads. You also expose your identity and your phone details might get stolen.

Most of these websites where you’re watching ads might not be as clean as they look.

All of them have a different ulterior motive. Some are positive while some are negative.

So, you have to be careful most especially if you perform bank transactions through your gadget and it’s not too secure.

You will just see that you’re losing a lot of money on the go. Even your gadget files will be exposed.

So, it’s always good to back up with a security tool that will protect your identity and keep you safe.

Although, being safe is not 100 percentage here – but it’s just better to have something as a backup, unlike others who don’t even know.

Or you can just designate the task for a gadget that you know that your identity is not too many on it.

But any gadget that is filled with every personal information about you should not be exposed to this kind of task.

It’s not majorly about the ads that you’re watching. But it’s the website where you are watching the ads.

When you are busy watching ads and planning on how much you’re already earning.

You don’t know what’s happening at the back end concerning penetrating your privacy.

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This guide has given you everything you need to know about make money watching ads.

You can just join one of the websites or apps stated on this guide and commence your journey.

Also, the pros and cons listed are for you to know how the things you stand to enjoy and also the things you will experience.

It’s no left for you to kickstart and earn money like those who are already earning money just from watching ads.

Although, what you have to know is that this money is just to settle your bills and cannot last you long to settle a family.

So, while doing all the advertising and watching – make sure to have another plan of starting a real business that can sustain you for a lifetime.

This is my 2 cents for you.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friend and family on your social media page. They will learn from it.

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