Sales Funnels For Beginners – How Sales Funnels Works

Sales Funnels For Beginners – How Sales Funnels Works

There was a time when the Sales funnels for beginners was not in existence and beginner internet marketers only rely on traditional websites to get sales.

These days traditional marketing is now outdated because not all visitors who land on a website will purchase in the first experience.

That is why the sales funnels was birthed to put a stop to marketers investing a lot of time into creating an offer and getting less result.

Previously, you need to have a huge budget before you can run a profitable advert.

Facebook & Google ad keeps getting rich while the majority of the internet marketers are getting poorer.

Because they will write long-form sales pages with the prayer that the visitor will buy one or two among their products.

The problem is that when visitors get on a site and they see too many products that complement each other.

It becomes difficult for them to know the exact product that they can buy which can solve their problem.

So, they just bounce from the website and continue their normal daily routine.

What happens Immediately they bounce from the website? The website owner lost money because of no purchase.

But Sales Funnels has made it easy for beginners and experts to run adverts and even if the visitor doesn’t purchase the first experience…

…they are complacent enough because they know that they can still make the visitor buy later without spending any money on an advert.

This is the new era of marketing that we are enjoying and thanks to the father of sales funnels out there who made this easy for marketers.

Before we go further, why not let us look at the definition of a sales funnels.


Sales Funnels Definition

A Sales Funnels is the process of taking visitors from the level of awareness to the level of purchase.

When it comes to the sales funnels for beginners. You cannot compare your sales funnels process with someone who’s already an expert.

Let’s explain sales funnels for beginners.

A sales funnels for beginners is the process of taking a visitor from being a freebie grabber to a repurchasing buyer.

The reason is that as a beginner who is just starting his or her internet marketing journey.

You don’t have an audience yet. So, even if you should create a Sales Funnels. It must start with a freebie.

While, as an expert… You might already have your audience either on your Email or Social Media.

So, you might not need to start your sales funnel from the freebie aspect.

You can just start from your low ticket offer to your high ticket offer.

It’s as simple as that because your audience is coming to your website as a warm audience who already knows you to become a hot audience who will buy your offer.

But being a beginner in the sales funnel… All your audience will be cold and let’s say you are running paid adverts to your sales funnel.

It has to be from the freebie aspect to the purchase and post-purchase aspect.

I believe this is well explainable?

We will move to the Stages and Steps of Sales Funnel Very Soon. But as a beginner.

You need to have 3 things in mind when creating your sales funnel because it’s very important.

  1. Attention
  2. Engage
  3. Sell


1. Attention:

The first thing you should have in mind when creating your funnel is to grab their attention.

Before someone can enter into your funnel and decide to walk through your funnel ladder.

You have to grab his or her attention while just scrolling on the phone. And it starts with letting them pause and check out what you are offering.

So, you have to make sure that you have an attention-grabbing picture that will make them stop and see what you’re saying.

After the image or video grab their attention and they stop. The next thing their eyes will capture is the title of your advert.

Is it what resonates with their current need. You have to be in the shoes of your audience before they can give you a chance.

In case you don’t know, the best copywriter for your sales funnel is yourself.

If you should hire someone, they can’t create a good job like when you do your Copywriting by yourself.

And there are only a few good Copywriters in the world. Most of all those who claim to be good is just noise.

But you can study your audience and know what they need exactly because you have been in their shoes and you know exactly how it feels while you are in their shoes.

So, this is what you will use to create your headline and capture their attention with a keyword that will go straight to their pain point.

You can look at the title of this article for example. It’s a typical example of why you clicked on this blog post and read this article.

It means that the title resonates with your pain point and you decide to click on it and know what’s wrong.


2. Engage:

After they click on your advert to see what exactly is inside your website and pass through the funnel ladder.

You have to engage with them. This can be through a video that shows your face and what you are talking about.

But I understand that not everyone is confident enough to face the screen and talk.

You can outsource it to a freelancer to help you create some graphic animations or just an infographic video explanation.

This will cost you a little buck to execute though but it’s worth it by the way since you will make your money back.

Oooor… You can just decide to write a long-form copy that explains in-depth what you’re talking about.

If you are good at writing like me. You can write and make sure that your writing is engaging.

Now, this is the Important part. Because if you are communicating with your audience in a third-party language…

…it will scare them off and they will bounce from your website without coming back.

How you are communicating with them should be “You and I” and not “They” all though.

Even if you should use “They” which is a third-party word. It should be when you’re referring to them as an enemy or a friend.

Maybe your audience competitors and you’re telling them how your offer can make them overpower their competitors.

Or maybe their friend and you’re telling them about someone of your students who has used your strategy and started earning $XYZ.

This is the only time third-party words should be used because it still comes back to them.

So, always make sure that your funnel is engaging because this is what will take your audience from an ordinary visitor who doesn’t know you.

To a customer who will purchase your product and be willing to come back for more.


3. Sell:

The end goal of your sales funnel is to sell. That’s why the word “Sales” is part of it.

You want to sell so that you can keep doing your advert without panicking about what to do next on how to get more visitors.

But the beauty of the matter is that you already follow the 2 things we discussed above.

You grabbed their attention and get them to pay for it with their click. You engage them in a one-on-one approach and not a third-party approach.

So, they are already cool with you and feel like they are chilling with their friend.

So, you have to ask them their “WHY”. This is what will make them fall in love with buying your offer.

Because without them knowing their “WHY”. They will procrastinate and promise to buy another time.

So, asking them “WHY” they haven’t become who they want to be. And “WHY” it’s not their fault.

This will go a long way in making them make the purchase easily.

Although, we will still go deeper into the steps and stages of your sales process.

But I just want to water you down into the basics before we dig up the well on how best your sales funnel process should go.

Now, we will go deeper into the stages of the sales funnel.


Stages of Sales Funnel For Beginners


Awareness Stage

The first stage of every sale funnel is the awareness stage. This is the stage that a prospect sees your sales funnel advert.

Now, this can be done through different means. It can be done by using a paid advert or organic method or referrals.

Whichever way you are using it, you need to have something at the back of your mind.

And that is, making sure that you bring eye views into your funnel because your prospects have to be aware before they engage.

If they are not aware that a sales funnel process that is selling a product ABC is in existence.

Nobody will buy from you. So, you can either go and hire a paid ad agency to help you run your ads.

Or you can just rely on organic marketing for people to know about the existence of your new product.

But I will advise that you should leverage the paid ads method to get a quick return on investment.

Organic might be very slow in the result but it’s also worth it. Although it depends on how patient you are.

But get people to see your offer and create the awareness you deserve.

You can design a catchy image and write a good copy for better awareness purposes.

This is the first process of the sales funnel process – you should first get a watching eye and drive thousands to millions of targeted views to your advert.


Interest Stage

Once a prospect becomes aware of your offer and sees that you’re bringing out something that can solve their problem.

They will click on the link and get into your sales funnel. That’s the first step of their interest.

Although, you have to know that not everyone who enters your funnel is your customer.

Some are just there to watch a leave or monitor your progress. But let’s talk about those who are ready to be your customer.

So, Immediately they join the journey and click on your funnel link. It becomes your responsibility to make them enjoy the process.

Also, it takes a lot of Copywriting skills to convince your prospect to buy.

You also have to know that the approach you will use to convert a cold prospect who doesn’t know anything about the problem you are trying to solve…

…is different from the approach you will use to convert a warm prospect who knows about the problem that you’re trying to solve for them.

When trying to make a cold prospect show interest. Try to bring out the problem and make them know that they are experiencing such a problem.

After that, make them know that your product is the solution. That’s how you will make a cold prospect show interest.

Why for warm prospect… You only have to show them that you have also been in their shoes and you have experienced what they are passing through.

After that, you can introduce your product for them to know that it’s the solution to their problem.


Evaluation Stage

Most of the time, you have to know that most of the Percentage of those who land on your sales funnel will not even buy your low-priced offer not to talk of buying the high ticket offers.

What they will do is that they will want to evaluate your product with other competitors.

This will be common among the warm prospect – so, this stage is important for you to control.

Some will go online to Google search about your course or offer because they don’t want to repeat the mistake that they have made previously.

The way you can stop them from bouncing to research more about your offer is by creating a [Fear of Missing Out “FOMO”] strategy and a money-back guarantee.

You can tell them that the price will increase in a few hours or days. But make sure that you are truthful.

Don’t lie about what you will be doing because if you lie. People will know and they won’t acknowledge your future FOMO.

The reason why you are creating a FOMO is not that you are scared that others might make a bad review about your offer (Oh yes, you have to know that you cannot satisfy everybody).

The reason is that if they bounce from your website. They won’t come back and you will lose them to your competitors.

Also, you will have to spend more money to reach them again if you didn’t collect their email address (More on this below).

So, you have to create a means of making them make the purchase now and do all their evaluation in your sales funnel and not outside the funnel.

Know that once they bounce – you will find it difficult to bring them back into the funnel.

So, after all, your explanation concerning what your product can do.

After you have offered your Bonuses and several other things just to convince them about why your product is the right solution to their problem.

Make sure you create a curiosity within them and make sure that they make the final decision.

Another strategy which I learn from a book called “Traffic Secret” by Russell Brunson is…

To create a bridge page and optimize It for SEO. This page is for those that bounce and search your product on Google.

So, immediately they search your product and your name. Make sure that your page shows on the first page on Google and optimize your content for your product keyword.


Decision Stage

This is another stage in your prospect’s mind that is the most important.

This is how you hear the Kum…Kum…Kum… Of your phone alert.

If your phone alert is different, write it for us in the comment below… Hahahaha.

This stage involves your price and if they can buy now.

This is where you have to make them know why your product is more good than your Competitors’ own.

There are tons of products out there that might also be doing exactly what your product is doing.

So, you have to make them know that there is something that makes your product to be unique and .amd it different from your competitor’s products.

The decision to purchase is in your hand as the funnel builder. There are many doubts in the mind of your prospect.

You have to show them that you have been in their shoes previously and that is why you have created a product like this.

You have to throw stones at their enemies and make them feel more relaxed.

These are part of the decision Stage that is important for the success of any sales funnel.


Purchase Stage

After the prospect has made a decision. The next thing is to purchase or leave.

This stage is where you have to remind them of what they decide to lose if they leave.

List all the questions that you feel might be rolling in their mind and provide an answer to them.

Most of the reason why they don’t want to but NOW is because of a flimsy excuse.

You can go on forums and groups to look at the questions people are asking and use it as a purchasing tool in your sales funnel.

Most of the time, you are your prospect because if it’s a product that is solving a problem you have faced previously.

That means you know the possible questions that will be rolling in their mind that can hinder them from making the final purchase.

Also, make sure that your payment processor is confirmed and active. Create several means of paying.

It’s part of the sales process that will make your prospect decide to make that final purchase.


Reevaluation Stage

When most online marketers sell to their prospect and make possible to get someone to buy with all means.

They forget about the prospect and focus on getting more prospects who will buy again.

This is most common in the network marketing business where an upline makes it possible to woo a downline into joining his brand.

And after that, forgets about the downline and keeps looking for other people to join the business.

But what most of the internet marketers out there don’t know is that the money is in the after-sales service.

It is easy for you to quickly convince someone who has purchased from you before to make another purchase again.

Even in network marketing, because someone has passed through your leads/sales funnel and joined your business through your referral link.

It becomes easy for you to train that person into bringing more downlines that will also favor you in the long run.

I am not saying you shouldn’t focus on bringing new prospects into your business or buying your product.

But you have to focus majorly on your hot prospects who have already bought from you.

And it starts from answering their questions after the purchase. They might have some issues accessing the product or one major reason and the other.

You must make sure you put them at the top of your mind and give them the best service.

This is how having the mindset to come back and the purchase will be in their mind.

They can even refer more people to your products without having to pay money for ads.

You know that customer referral is the best way to win prospects without much convincing.

So, make sure that your after-sales service and care are authentic and let it be at the top of your mind.


Repurchase Stage

The last stage that’s part of the sales funnel is the repurchase stage. This is when the customer decides to purchase once again.

Now, before a customer can decide to do this. It has to be that they are satisfied.

Or you offered another high ticket offer that compliments the low ticket offer which they just bought

This is how the funnel process goes – it’s just like a value ladder that keeps climbing up.

Once prospects make that first purchase. They already turn your customer.

Some can decide to buy later once they finish using the product they just bought and see if it truly works for them.

While some will still buy more and go for the high ticket sales product even after buying the low ticket sales product because they believe the high ticket will work well than the low ticket.

In either way, you just have to be mindful of your customer service and the kind of high ticket services that you are selling.

If you’re selling a high ticket product that performs the same work as the low ticket product but with maybe a little different.

You can lose out on the prospects from buying more from you. So, the decision to make a repurchase is by making sure the product complements each other in another form.

Also, if a customer decides not to buy another product quickly. You can just use your social media or email to follow up with them.

Provide more value to them and make them buy more of your other products and make them know what they are losing from not having it alongside the one they bought.



Part of Sales Funnel

There is some path of sales funnel that you have to take note of even before thinking of starting your sales funnel.

Because they are the outside forces that will help you bring people into your funnel and also get your visitors to engage with you.

Without these forces, you shouldn’t even consider starting your first sales funnel.

1. Email Marketing Force.
2. YouTube Channel Free Traffic Force
3. Social Media Buzz Force
4. Organizing a Webinar
5. Podcast


Email Marketing Force

The first thing you have to know is that you need to know email marketing when setting up your funnel.

Although, some people decide not to use email as part of their funnel and just send people directly to their front-end offer which is the first offer.

This is not proper because it becomes difficult for you to retarget those people through your email marketing effort without spending any extra cash on ads.

Think about it, how many ads do you even want to run. There are tons of other people out there that haven’t seen your ads at all.

That is why you will notice that those who add email marketing to their sales funnel do not target people who have seen their ads.

The reason is that they have already grabbed the email address of those that they want.

So, the rest is for them to set up an email sequence that will be sent to these people till they decide to buy.

This is a free approach that doesn’t cost any money for them except for their Autoresponder fee if they have thousands of subscribers.

You can start with some Autoresponder free plan as a beginner and send your email sequence without paying any dime.

So, those who are not using email as part of their funnel will keep spending more money on ads.

Those are the marketers that keep retargeting you in their ads with the same campaign.

But if you already grab their email address, you don’t have to do that. You will just make your ad run to others whom you haven’t target.

It’s more economical and it’s a direct means of getting access to these people.

They will see your message and be ready to interact with you since you have provided them value.

This is how you will do it till they decide to make the purchase. You can even keep sending them back to your funnel in every email.

Just be careful and segmentize subscribers who have purchased in the first visit from those who just subscribe without making a purchase.

Their email template sequence should be different and not the same.

Your email for those who haven’t bought should be targeted towards making them buy the first offer.

While your email for those who have bought an offer should be to upsell them another offer or a high ticket offer.

So, you see why their emails must be different? There are tons of FREE online tutorials on Email Marketing.
You can check them out and use them for the success of your funnel.


2. YouTube Channel Free Traffic Force:

Sales Funnel Stages

What most top Marketers will not reveal to you is the Benefit they enjoy from starting their YouTube channel.

There are some free traffics on YouTube that will bring tons of targeted audiences into your sales funnel.

Not only that, because it’s a video platform. You already presell them with your video.

You are offering value on your YouTube channel. So, in the video, you direct them to click on your sales funnel link and get ABC Product.

This is a benefit for you because the traffic is coming from YouTube and not only that – you have already presold them before landing into your funnel.

Exactly how the top marketers also do their marketing. But they still decide to make things very complicated for beginners just to sell their product.

You have to know that having a sales funnel and selling your offer is not difficult and they put.

Just have all these at the back of your mind. If you haven’t created your YouTube channel.

You can click here to register your YouTube channel and get started.

Although, to rank your videos. You might need some further SEO analysis to rank your videos.

A tool like tubebuddy [Link] can help you know the less competitive keywords.

You can check other articles on Google on how to use Tubebuddy to rank your videos on YouTube.

But I believe you get the gist? Try and add YouTube to your sales funnel process.

Also, inside your sales funnel. You might want to add Videos to the funnel.

And the best free tool that can help you do that is uploading it on YouTube and securing it from appearing on your channel.

Then embed the video on your sales funnel. These free service that you enjoy is what you will have to pay money for on other platforms.


3. The Social Media Buzz Force:

It’s no news that social media is the best way to capture cold traffic who is the majority of the market space.

Even though cold prospects are difficult to convince and sell to. They are fast in making the purchase decision.

If you can convince them and make them know that a problem is happening. You can use the “Free digital resource >>> Article or ebook >>> Upsell” approach and make them buy quickly without bouncing from your sales page.

Don’t worry, more on that approach below in the strategies of a sales funnel.

But what I just want you to know is that you can use social media to capture cold traffic because they are not aware they have the problem you are solving.

Some people might have a health issue but don’t know the exact reason why such an issue is happening.

If you can tell them the reason and make them know that there is a solution which you can offer for free and now upsell your product that will cure the health issue very fast. They will buy.

That’s just how the sales funnel works in a nutshell. So, the cold market is the largest and they are very easy to sell to.

Although their funnel strategy takes a lot of work to set up it’s always worth the stress in the end.

Which, what most marketers out there do is keep selling to the smallest market which is the hot audience.

These people are seeing tons of adverts every day related to what you are saying.

So, you need a lot of capital budget to survive in the hot buyers market.

The social media buzz will also need you to learn more about paid ads or organic methods if you are patient enough.

You can either run the ads yourself or just delegate it to a freelancer or ads agency.

I always advise people to delegate this part if you can pay someone for it.

Since you have the idea of how it works. It’s perfectly okay. It gives you time to concentrate on other things that truly matter in your business.


4. Organizing a Webinar:

Another force you should take note of is the webinar. It’s no news that webinar is now the new way of making money online.

Even product launchers now add webinars to their secret tool.

You can also record a webinar and schedule it with a tool like webinarjam or Karta and plan it.

It’s will be an already made webinar done by you and uploaded into your Karta or webinarjam.

So, it’s already scheduled with an email sequence that will be sent to them in the webinar.

It’s a nice method because it is a video and it’s a means of gaining your visitor’s trust very easily.


5. Podcast:

Another part of a webinar is the podcast. You can get people from podcast platforms to join your sales funnel.

You can even add a podcast to your email sequence by redirecting them to your podcast channel.

Although, I don’t know much about podcasting because I haven’t started it as at when I am writing this guide.

Maybe I might start later. But you can just learn more about it and use it as a source of the traffic to your sales funnel.

You have to know that people have different interests. Those who enjoy podcasts are different from those who enjoy just videos.

So, try to leverage podcast platforms and update audio content on it all the time to gain traction.

Just be careful, choose the platform one at a time.



Sales Funnel Strategy

There are several strategies for a successful sales funnel. But we will talk about the common ones here.


Opt-in >>> Webinar >>> Upsell

One of the strategies of a successful sales funnel is this. It starts from running an advert either paid or free advert to an opt-in page.

The opt-in page will be the first page in the sales funnel that is promoting a webinar.

The opt-in page can also be called a squeeze page. This squeeze page will contain that title > subtitle >> opt-in form >> other details about the webinar >> opt-in.

You can see how short it is. It is only a short page landing page that’s Explaining the Benefit of the webinar you are promoting.

Normally, you are supposed to just run ads directly to the webinar. But to grab their email address and follow up with them without needing to pay extra money.

It’s cool that you collect their email address. After you collect it… You will redirect them to the webinar link.

Or you can give them an option to select the date and time that they will be free to watch the webinar.

You can use the tools I recommended earlier… Karta or webinarjam.

They will help you schedule the webinar and you can also load your email series inside them to be sent out to the subscribers and remind them of not missing the webinar.

Immediately you get them to join the webinar. Make sure to provide enough value in the webinar.

Teach them things that they don’t know. Then, recommend your product as the solution to the problem.

This is the framework of the first strategy.


Free book >>> Upsell >>> High Ticket Offer

This strategy is for those who have a physical resource like a “Book” for example.

You can give it out for free and ask them to pay for the delivery fee.

The reason for this is to eliminate freebie seekers from your email list.

Because for someone to pay for a resource. It shows that they will be willing to pay for more of your product.

So, the email address of the people you will be having is buyer email lists.

You can create a landing page and write long-form words for the book or just put a video explanation on the page with your payment form.

So, immediately they pay and join your email list.

You will redirect them to your first offer landing page where you will be upselling them on a related product.

Make sure it’s a product that complements the ebook but solves a problem.

For example, if you give out a free book on “Copywriting” and ask them to pay for delivery.

You can upsell them on the next page about a tutorial on”How to get free traffic”.

Because they need to drive traffic to their landing page or ad copy before people will buy.

You can see how it compliments each other. But always make sure the price keeps going up.

Now, once they buy this offer in which some will not buy. Because your sales Funnel will keep decreasing.

Not everyone who bought the book pays for the upsell.

Well, you can now redirect them to another high ticket offer of yours again.

Use the same process as the former. That’s how a sales funnel of this strategy goes.

You keep upselling but just upsell twice so that it doesn’t look like you are up to something.


Free digital resource >>> Article or ebook >>> Upsell

This strategy is effective for cold prospects who don’t know what you’re talking about.

Because they don’t know it… It can become difficult for them to pay for anything.

They know they have a problem but they don’t know specifically if there is a solution to that problem.

So, you have to first teach them and fetch out the problem and give them a solution to it.

You will now upsell your product as the perfect solution on the next page.

It happens a lot when you’re on YouTube for another reason. Then YouTube suggests a video for you.

You then realize that the video title is something related to a problem that you have. But you don’t necessarily know if it has a solution.

Then after watching the video and learning about how it works. The marketer tells you to check the description and you land on his sales page.

And you get upsell on the product.

It also happens on Google… You search for a keyword and you see another word related and you feel like is this a solution.

Then after reading the article and know the problem… You click the link to the article and buy.

That’s how this strategy works.

You can use it for cold prospects and make them buy.



I believe you have been able to learn one or many things about the Sales Funnel in this guide.

You can use all the strategies given for your success and if it works for you.

Don’t forget to come back and share your testimony in this ministry.

If you enjoy this guide… Make sure to share with friends.

And if you have any further questions or contributions. Hit the comment box below and I will be glad to reply.

I think you will like this article and use the page builder to create your sales funnel.

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