7 Ways to Get Paid Reading Emails Online

7 Ways to Get Paid Reading Emails Online

Email marketing is said to have a 42percent return rate for every dollar invested into it. That is why companies are working hard to get more people to read their emails and people are also striving hard to get paid reading emails.

Email is a fast means of reaching audiences without needing to spend an extra dime on ad retargeting.

That’s why big companies are paying networking websites to help them get readers for their emails…

…and in return. They will pay the readers for opening and reading their emails.

This is a nice way of making money online without needing to involve in a roller coaster on the internet.

Read Emails Online And Get Paid

Many people have joined tons of freelance and survey websites where they are earning a cool considerable amount of money with less risk.

And I know that is why you’re here today. You have been thinking about how you can also start reading emails and get paid.

You are correct and you are in the right guide that will not only open your eyes to reality.

But show you some best websites that you can join and get started easily and even earn money for joining.

Although, I will talk more about the benefits and shortcomings of the Get paid reading email niche.

But you have to know that – you cannot become a millionaire with this hustle.

It can just be a side hustle that you can use to pay some bills and not rely on this hustle to give you permanent financial freedom.

So, just see it as a means of earning money while you’re less busy. 

Let us look at what getting paid for reading emails means.


Why Get Paid Reading Emails?

The way there are companies paying Affiliates to get them email subscribers through content locking and other CPA methods.

That is also the way other companies are looking for people who will read their emails and get paid.

Reading emails is not a new thing and thousands to millions of people have been using this method to earn a considerable amount of money online.

Even though this method cannot make you a millionaire just like I stated earlier. It can surely solve some bills for you.

Reading emails is not a hard task – this is something that you can do during your leisure time.

We all read emails from banks and other mortgages. So, reading of email is part and parcel of our lives.

But the main question that many people do ask is that – why will a company pay me when I didn’t recommend anybody to buy anything from them. 

The thing is that companies pay to perform a task. This task is what can also make them get more customers.

Companies know how much they will have to pay if they run ads on social media pages and other platforms.

But they know that if they use this method – they will pay less money and will get customers for their offers.

Unlike them making use of online ads and they keep struggling and paying more money for less result.

After reading emails… you can complete a survey that wouldn’t take you more than 1 minute and you will be done.

Completing this survey can earn you more cash and the funny thing is that some people who later read these emails even become the company’s customers.

So, you can see that aside from paying you – you will get some cheap things that you should have spent a lot of money to get for the less price.

This part of online make money activity has some fraudulent section that can get you at high risk.

There are many websites out there that claim to pay their readers anything they read emails…

…but they will disappoint and won’t pay.

After which you might have spent a long time opening and reading emails – even completing some short surveys.

That’s an act of wickedness and I am going to reveal to you the best websites that you can join and be complacent to know that you will earn money from them.


How Do You Earn Money By Reading Emails 

How Do You Earn Money By Reading Emails

Let us look at the websites that you can join that will pay you for reading emails.

Join These Websites And Get Paid Reading Emails 

  1. InboxDollars.
  2. FusionCash.
  3. Unique rewards.
  4. Vindale Research.
  5. Swagbucks.
  6. Cashcrate.
  7. Inboxpounds.


#1 InboxDollars:

The first website we will talk about in this guide is inboxDollars. 

I will like to first talk about this website because they specialize specifically in the aspect of emails.

InboxDollars didn’t just start paying you until you start to read their emails. They begin paying you immediately you sign up for their program.

Just register and input your valid email address, username, and other details, and you’re set to start your making money online journey.

InboxDollars pays you a $5 sign-up fee for joining their platform.

The InboxDollars is a get-paid online website that has been in existence for over 20 years and they have paid more than $60 million in money reward for its members.

They pay members who do and perform the activities that are designated to them. 

Their activities that can pay you money that InboxDollars give their members include Reading Emails, Completing Surveys, Watching Videos, Playing Games, and many others that you might not expect to earn money from.

InboxDollars has top brands and companies that pay them for recruiting its members to perform an activity for them with a cash reward.

So, you can join InboxDollars and start earning from reading emails and also other surveys and activities.

To join and learn more about InboxDollars => Go to www.inboxdollars.com


#2 FusionCash:

FushionCash is a get-paid online website that gives its members several ways of earning a considerable amount of money online.

Activities that you should expect to perform on FusionCash include Reading emails and get paid, Completing paid surveys, Watching videos and get paid, getting paid for the task, and many more than you can do inside their website.

Marketing agencies make use of this website to get clients for themselves and they pay FusionCash to help them get people who will perform a task for them and get paid.

Who else can FusionCash rely on if not its members? 

The ability to withdraw your fund depends on the threshold that will only be given to you by your account manager.

So, once you reach the balance stipulated to you – then you can cash out your money and enjoy a vacation with family or friends.

Although the least money you must have to be able to withdraw your funds is $25 in your balance.

The downside of FusionCash which I find very difficult and not sense-making is that – they are only available for US citizens.

So, if you’re not in the USA – your Registration will not go through not to talk of getting approved.

You also earn $5 sign-up goodies when you sign up as a US citizen on FusionCash. This is a way of getting you wet even before eating cash from other activities.

Getting credited into your account dashboard on FusionCash doesn’t take more than 10miniutes after you have completed your survey.

Aside from getting paid for your activities on FusionCash. You can also refer people and earn $1 from each referral.

If a referral signs up through your referral link – you earn $1. 

If the referral performs an activity on FusionCash – you earn $2.

If the referral now cashes and withdraws – you earn $5.

This is a way of FusionCash getting you to feel motivated and keep working to become a top earner on their platform.

To join and learn more about Fusioncash => Go to www.fusioncash.net 


#3 Vindale Research:

Vindale Research is another freelance website that pays members for tasks and activities given and completed by them.

This get paid from home website gives surveys and emails for members to read and earn money.

Joining this platform is free and easy to complete. 

Vindale Research doesn’t just give emails and surveys to anybody in general. They have companies that need reactions from several parts of the world.

So, getting tasks on vintage research is based on your demographic. If you’re from a Tier 1 country like the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand.

You’re sure to get tasks almost all the time from this website. 

But if you’re from Tier 2 and other countries – I will suggest you register on other websites and not rely solely on Vindale Research.

Because you won’t get tasks the way you’re expecting since they will only give you tasks based on your demographic.

Vindale Research will not leave you hanging to come to their website to look for email tasks to read.

If there is any task that you should partake in – Vindale Research will email you new offers and tasks that you can complete and earn cash immediately.

Unlike other websites that might require you to only complete their tasks on the desktop. 

Vindale Research gives you the privilege to access and complete its task on any device that you like.

PayPal is the best way to withdraw your cash from Vindale Research. Complete tasks the way you like and earn a considerable amount of money.

To join and learn more about Vindale Research => Go to www.vindale.com/v/index.jsp


#4 Unique rewards:

Another unique get-paid online website that pays a considerable amount of money to its members is Unique Rewards.

You can earn money from reading emails from this website. It’s just like all the ones we have listed above.

Unique Rewards doesn’t just rely on performing a task on their website before you can earn money.

You can earn a lot of money by doing referrals on this platform. 

All you have to do is refer people to this platform and you earn from every referral that signs up for this program.

When your referral joins and completes a task – you will earn $1 just from one referral alone.

Also, there is two class of members in this platform. The Gold and the Basic members.

The basic member is for new members. So, Immediately you sign up on their platform. You are automatically a basic member.

But when you’re able to earn $20 and above – you will be automatically upgraded to the Gold class and you become a Gold member.

The benefit of being a gold member is that you will start earning high and you will be given tasks that pay higher than the basic member.

It’s just a way of Unique Rewards distinguishing serious members from unserious members.

Also, when your referral earns $20 from Unique Rewards – you will earn $5 just from that referral.

So aside from making money from getting upgraded to a Gold member. You will also enjoy more benefits when your referral gets upgraded to the Gold member.

You will get credited on your dashboard for every task that you perform within 1-2 business days.

So, this is another way for you to earn from doing what you do every day. 

To join and learn more about Unique Rewards => Go to www.uniquerewards.com


#5 Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is another get paid for reading emails website that pays you when you complete the task given to you.

All they do is pay you anytime you give your honest opinion about the task given to you.

Swagbucks is an online make money website that works with tons of brands and gets deals every day.

They are a trusted brand and because of this, they give tasks to their members every blessed day.

With over 15 million+ active members on the platform. Swagbucks pays their members reasonable money that will get you to continue without getting tired of executing every task given to you.

They are strictly known for giving paid surveys to their members and seeking the best replies.

Big companies make use of this to know the exact customers they are targeting and also get to know the mind of their ideal customers.

Swagbucks pays you for every task made depending on how many tasks like emails and surveys that you can complete.

Also, Swagbucks doesn’t make use of any threshold before they will release your money for you.

Even if it is $5 that you’re able to earn from the taste and activity given to you for execution. Swagbucks will pay you.

Another reason why I like Swagbucks is that even if you didn’t have any task given to you.

You will be given some free bonuses that you can later use as a cash reward.

All you have to do is, to be honest, and dedicated to this website and they will reward you greatly for all your stress.

Swagbucks makes use of points to reward any task given to you. So, before you can earn $1 from Swagbucks…

…you have to earn 100SB point. 100SB Points = $1.

You can earn from 40-100SB points on each task given to you. So, even if the first few tasks Given to you as a newbie is 40SB points.

You only need to complete 3 tasks to earn $1. 

To join and learn more about Swagbucks => Go to www.swagbucks.com


#6 Cashcrate:

Cashcrate is another get paid by performing a task website that also pays you for reading emails.

A company that has been in existence for the past 14 years + knows exactly what to do – to get their members happy to work more.

Although, I don’t like Cashcrate because when joining – there is no too much information about their program.

But it’s worth testing out and trying them. You only rest assured that they will not disappoint you.

Well, one thing I get to like about Cashcrate is that they give every new member a $1 bonus for signing up 

Just like the InboxDollars – it’s just that the bonuses are highly different from each other. Because InboxDollars pays a $5 sign-up fee.

Another way to also earn from this website aside from performing tasks is doing referrals.

You will also earn $3 from any referral that spends $10 on this website. This website is also more of online shopping.

Companies come to display their products and also pay members to perform tasks on this website.

So, you can find more means to get your referrals to make a purchase on the website and earn a $3 bonus.

Cashcrate has over 9million+ members that they are paying and are earning money consistently from their website.

So, you can also join Cashcrate and start earning money performing tasks on the website.

To join and learn more about Cashcrate => Go to www.cashcrate.com


#7 Inboxpounds:

Inboxpounds is also owned and controlled by the company that owns inboxDollars.

All you have to do is register for free on inbox pounds and earn money from their task and activities.

I don’t really know why they founded inboxpounds but maybe it targeted UK citizens.

Just like inboxDollars – inboxpounds will send you some tasks via email which you will read and earn money from.

There are tons of tasks on this platform that pays up to £20 for just performing them. Just reading emails alone can get you to earn this little.

Although, demographics will be asked and tasks are based on the demographics that you’re from.

If companies from your country are giving a task to inboxpounds to delegate to their members. You will surely get enough task.

But I will advise someone who is based in the UK to take this very seriously. If you’re not from the UK…

…you can test it out as there is no harm in trying. But always have another platform as a backup in case you don’t get tasks.

Aside from reading emails and getting paid… you can complete the offer inside the emails sent by inboxpounds and earn more money.

It’s your choice to tell how dedicated you want to be with this form of making money online.

Inboxpounds might not flood you with emails just like other platforms but it surely depends on how well companies are paying them to get people to read their emails.

To join and learn more about inboxpounds => Go to www.inboxpounds.co.uk


Since we have done and we have made justice to the websites that you can join to make money from reading emails.

Let us look at some of the Benefits and Shot comings of involving in this aspect of making money from home.

As you know that every business and hustle have its benefits and also some shortcomings. 

Get Paid Reading Emails is not exceptional – there are some things you have to know so that even if it arises when you’re in the process…

…you won’t be surprised – but only enjoy the process and move along to earn many bonuses and cash.


Benefits Of Getting Paid For Reading Emails

Benefits of Earning Money Reading Emails Online
Earning Money Reading Emails Online
  1. Quick Money.
  2. No stress involved.
  3. Gain More knowledge.
  4. Earn Aside from reading emails.
  5. Flow with close minds.
  6. Less Risk.


1. Quick Money:

One of the reasons why I like to read emails and get paid is because it serves as a quick money process.

This is not another form of earning money online that needs you to rely on the activities of other people before you can earn money.

If making money online can only rely on the activities we perform and not on other people’s activities…

…like waiting for people to buy before we can earn money – then! Making money online would be getting easier.

That’s what this form of online earning entails. All you have to do is to sign up for an account and get yourself ready.

You will receive all the emails that you will need to read inside your inbox. 

So, all you have to do is to keep opening and reading the emails and get paid. 

You can even go the extra mile to complete the task inside the email and earn more money. 

It depends on how hungry you are about making money. This is a quick money method that gives quick money to settle some bills.

Even though it might not give you permanent financial freedom – it can give you the temporary financial freedom that you can use to sustain yourself and develop a business that can give your permanent financial freedom.


2. No skill needed:

Another Benefit of involving in this kind of side hustle is that it doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge or skill.

Go and ask, there are only a few businesses out there that will not require you to have any initial knowledge.

Even Affiliate marketing that is said to easy and just sell other people’s products requires one to have initial knowledge before one can make money from it.

I know the numbers of courses I enrolled in just to become very good in Affiliate marketing.

So, other forms of hustle will need you to learn from someone and have a coach that can train you on what to do.

That is why many people struggle a lot. But with this get paid reading email hustle. 

You don’t have to learn from anyone or buy any course. This is something you do every day without anyone paying you.

It is something you do for fun because you get emails every day from banks and other brands you might have bought from.

So, you don’t need any skill or technical know-how before you can start this.

That is why it’s easy for everyone to just jump on board and start earning money from reading emails.

So, this is another benefit that you enjoy from joining this type of hustle. 

Anyone can do it… just read and earn.


3. No stress involved:

Another benefit is that you are not encountering any form of stress or fatigue with this business.

Other type of business involves you to involve in some works before you can even earn from them.

I still see Affiliate Marketing as the easiest way to earn money online.

But do you know you also have to build some Bridges and construct them very well before you can ever become a super Affiliate?

Oh yes, you do!

If you’re thinking of using your website for Affiliate Marketing – you need to involve in some review pages and write them before you can earn a reasonable amount of money from it.

Even if it’s YouTube you are using – you have to make review videos to convince the person to buy before they will buy.

Forget all the online gurus that will show you a screenshot of them not having any review page but they just post their link somewhere and they start getting sales.

If you look at their earnings – it might not be more than $200 and that will be once. 

Check them again and see if they will still earn that much and you will see that they will be nowhere to be found.

So, you need to involve in some stress to earn – but reading emails and getting paid doesn’t require any stress from you.

Just open your phone or computer and read emails. Reading is something you do every day on social media…

…you watch memes and chat with friends. So, reading is part and parcel of almost everyone on Earth.

So, there is no stress my darling – just go ahead and start earning your moolah.


4. Gain More knowledge:

When you begin to involve in an activity for a little while. You gain more knowledge in that field of devotion.

When you start reading emails and getting paid. This alone can develop you to become a sought-after Email Copywriter.

You will have more broad knowledge about how writing converting and money generating emails work.

Having more knowledge about a specific aspect of every business doesn’t necessarily mean you need to enroll in courses.

Just from doing something around that field every day – you will get to become an expert in it than someone who decides to go learn.

That’s why those who perform a skill every day without any formal education are very good in the skill than lecturers in the university who only involve mostly in theories.

So, reading emails is also more beneficial to you and makes you know how a good email should be.

Also, completing the offers can give you more idea about how offers should be created.

Most of the top email marketers today started as reading junk emails and learning more.

Also, there are some information and value that will be given in those emails that you might not have the ability to learn elsewhere.

So, this aspect of hustle is not just about you making money alone. It’s also about you having a broad knowledge concerning the topic and other topics.


5. Earn Aside from reading emails:

Even though the primary purpose of joining these websites is to get paid reading emails.

That doesn’t limit you from earning more money from other tasks. These websites have several forms that their members can earn money online.

Surveys, watching videos and other forms of making money online are all available on these websites.

So, if you decide to make this a real business – you can just digress to other tasks and earn more money.

So, it’s not only about reading emails before you can get paid and earn money. 

The emails that you will be reading are also filled with tasks that are needed to be executed.

So, don’t limit yourself to only the email aspects. After reading, you can complete the task and earn more money.

Although, this is only about a person’s decision. If you’re very busy with your job. You might not have the time to go a little broad.

So, you can just stick to reading emails. But if you have time to do all this. Why are you slacking?

Get to work and make that moolah!!!


6. Flow with close minds:

Some of these websites listed above have groups where you will see people that share close minds with you.

You can go on Facebook and Reddit to search for groups related to reading emails and you will get tons of them.

You will get to see people who have been earning a considerable amount of money from this side hustle.

You will get to ask questions and answers questions on these groups.

This alone will give you more opportunity to stay engaged and feel motivated to continue reading emails.

When you’re walking alone on a slow path – you will get tired easily except for discipline.

But when you have others who are on the same path as you are. Also, when you have those who have been in the path for a long while…

…and they have experienced everything you are struggling with presently. It makes it easy for you to quickly get a solution to your problem.

And never give up on the hustle or business no matter what happens. This is another privilege that you enjoy from joining this hustle.


7. Less Risk:

One thing about this business is the ability to eliminate risk. 

Is there any risk in trying? No.

All other business and hustle will require you to risk a lot and it mostly entails investing money.

You can either do it the easy way by running paid ads or do it the hard way by building followership on your social media pages.

But reading emails to get paid is far from that. You don’t have to incur any hard risk for testing.

This is something you do every day. Even joining is free for you and some websites like inboxDollars and a few others listed above even pays you for joining.

So, you see that you have nothing to lose. The only way you lose is if you quit.

This type of business is what most of the top gurus involve in to pay some little bills.

They all do it – it’s just that they won’t reveal it out to anybody. So, what’s the catch? Nothing!

Just register and read emails. Although some websites will claim to pay you for all these but will not.

That’s why I have tried my possible best to do the necessary research and testing on your behalf to know websites that pay.

All you have to do is just jump on board and start singing your “Hallelujah Chorus” during your payday.

This is a form of side hustle you can add to your business and keep earning outstanding money that can quickly settle a bill without having to pitch anyone to buy your offers.



Shortcomings of Earning Money Reading Emails Online

As you know that everything that has an advantage will surely have its disadvantage. 

That’s what we are going to talk about in this last aspect of this guide. Although these shortcomings shouldn’t stop you from giving this hustle a trial.

It’s normal to always have shortcomings in anything in life. Most of the guides you might have read before might only want to sugarcoat you into thinking there are no disadvantages.

But it’s all a lie – there are some disadvantages that you have to keep in mind for you to get more successful.

In the shortcomings that I will list below – I will also give you some secret tips that you can use to eradicate the problem from happening.

It will keep you safe from anything bad that would have happened when you’re in the process of making money reading emails.

  1. Not Reliable For Long Term.
  2. Many Cabals Giving Fake Promises.
  3. Too Many Unwanted Emails.
  4. Exposed to Virus and Hackers.
  5. Annoying Ads Notification.


1. Not reliable for the long term:

This type of hustle is not something that you can rely on for a long time. As you can notice ever since I have started this guide.

I have been calling it a hustle because it’s just something that can sustain you for a little while.

It’s not something that you can pass as a legacy or rely on it to sustain your family.

So, this is a hustle and you must treat it as a hustle. What you have to know is that anything very easy to get will also easily quench.

Because this type of business doesn’t involve much stress from you and you don’t require any technical know-how.

You cannot rely heavily on it and say this is what will give you financial freedom.

My advice to you is that you should enjoy the money you earn from this and lookout for a more reliable business.

You can even use the money that you’re eating from it to invest in other types of business.

Or even enroll in some courses that will teach you a better business that can sustain you for a long time.

So! The truth is that you shouldn’t get complacent with this hustle and start looking for a reliable business.

Some people have done this before and are now into more sense-making business.

They have built an empire for themselves just from doing this. Even though the pay is small. It can surely lead to something big.


2. Many cabals giving fake promises:

Another shortcoming of this aspect of hustle is that many fake people claim to pay you money for reading emails.

Once you go deep and you start joining groups and seeking more freebies in this hustle.

You will see some fake websites that will promise to pay you for reading emails. It’s a little.

Try and make sure to do your due diligence and look at the reviews from other people before you ever fall prey.

Don’t get too greedy and join those websites – after you might have done all your possible best to earn…

…you will see your earnings in your dashboard but you won’t be able to withdraw them.

I believe you don’t want that for yourself? So, just get focused and don’t fall for the cabals.

They are many out there and they are making use of free websites to do the stuff. 

So, once you get in touch with them… you run. These are things that others who are not privilege to read this guide won’t know about.

So, since you know about it now – don’t do try mistake and make sure you share this guide with your friends to learn from this.

Since we are done with that, let us move to the next shortcoming on the list.


3. Too many unwanted emails:

Another downside of this hustle is the number of unwanted emails that will pull up in your inbox and other folders.

This alone can get one frustrated because you will miss emails that are personal and very important to you.

I remember when a close person to me used her email address for this hustle. 

She became frustrated because all her Important and personal emails got mixed.

She now had to keep deleting the unimportant from the important ones. 

So, this is also something that you should be preparing to experience once you register an account with any of the websites listed above.

Although what I advised her (my friend) to later do is to open a separate email for this type of hustle.

Since you can register and open a lot of email addresses as you like. Why not just open a separate email address for the kind of business.

This is also something that you will surely experience except if you make use of the method I just said.

Although that doesn’t reduce or stop the anger of getting many unwanted emails.

Because seeing email notifications pop up all the time can annoy you more sometimes.

It happens to a lot of people and you should be prepared for it.

Let us move to the next aspect of t shortcomings which you should be careful of.


4. Exposed to Virus and Hackers:

If all you are doing is read emails – then you might not experience much of a virus.

But if you’re clicking on tasks and filling surveys. You will see yourself surrounded by a virus.

The thing is that these surveys are done on other websites and you will be redirected to the websites.

So, there is always a virus on these websites because you will be sent many emails that will ask you to complete an offer if you want to earn more.

Even though completing the offer will earn you money and you will feel alive.

Before you know it – you will start seeing your computer or phone misbehaving and you start to wonder what is going on.

That is the work of the virus that you have contracted on other websites. 

Sometimes you even have to be careful of hackers on these types of websites so that they won’t use that opportunity to have your computer or phone.

After all, the main work of the website above is to find a task for their members and make money.

They care less about the purpose. 

So, it’s always better that you have an antivirus installed on your phone or computer.

This will protect your phone from viruses and you can also add some security keys to your gadget to make it secure from penetration by hackers.

This is something that you should be careful of – because the loss of almost everything on your phone from a virus is a headache…

…and openness of your banking apps and other currency apps that your investment is involved in is dangerous. So, be careful and secure your gadget.


5. Annoying Ads Notification:

Another thing you have to note is that most of the websites that you will be entering have an automated ads notification set on their server.

So, even aside from getting exposed to viruses and hackers. You will be getting unwanted ad notifications.

These websites will keep sending unwanted notifications on your phone from different posts Made on their website.

Although, this is a form of retargeting for them because they want you to come back into their website without having to pay any money to retarget you.

But for you who is receiving these notifications on your phone – you will get frustrated and tired.

How can you not enjoy your privacy in peace and all you get in return is unwanted notifications?

This is also another thing that you will get exposed to and you must be ready for it.

Although, you can always install an ad blocker on your laptop or phone for this reason. 

So, whenever they want to automatically ad your computer or phone cookie into their server.

The adblocker can stop it and you can easily perform a task-free activity without thinking about stopping irrelevant notifications on your phone or laptop.

Always make sure to use this process to save you from notifications. Although, some websites make use of hard tools as notification.

But you can still eliminate the disturbance from those who are using lesser tools for ad notification.

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I believe we have been able to put justice to this? If you’re someone who has been longing to make money online easily.

Then you have to consider getting paid reading emails for something you have been doing for fun.

We all get emails that we don’t care about in our inbox and we read them. So, what should stop you and me from taking this golden opportunity?

Many people out there don’t know how valuable this opportunity is because the gurus out there don’t want them to know about it.

And these same gurus are making money from this stuff and using it as a side hustle. 

It’s just a pity that most people don’t know about it yet. 

But for you coming here and reading this guide – you are many steps above other people in your circle.

If you enjoy this guide – don’t forget to share it with your friends and other loved ones by clicking on the social media icons below.


Kindly note that everything written in this guide is based on personal experience and research. 

I don’t guarantee that you will make money from it. So, give it all the dedication you can give and stay ahead of others.

If you don’t take the action – nothing will happen. So, stay safe and in peace. 

Do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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