11 Ways To Become a Successful Sales Professional

11 Ways To Become a Successful Sales Professional

If you have your business that you monitor and manage all the time either small, medium or large – then you have to be a sales professional.

Because no matter how small your business is – without a proper sales analysis. Your business won’t succeed.

No matter how much value you give out – you still have to sum it up to sell something to survive in your field.

A business without any sales will die. So, you need to become a professional in your selling skills.

You need to improve your salesmanship and find means to understand how to sell to anybody anytime and any day.

It will become more beneficial if you can be making sales consistently every day of your business life.

Always make sure that you attain that aim anytime you are trying to perfect your salesmanship.

In this guide, I will try as much as possible to give you some tips and features that you can consume into yourself.

And use it to grow your business and start generating sales consistently in your business.

Also, if you have a company that you work for and you want to learn more about sales.

Then, this is the best part of business for you – you can start to use these tips and features to become the top sales professional in your company.

Let us look at what sales professionalism means and also go deep into the features to possess to get good at selling.

Who Is A Sales Professional?

Who Is A Sales Professional?

A sales professional is someone who understands the nook and cranny of making sales consistently for his or her brand.

Being a sales professional requires you to make sales for your brand almost all the time.

Although it takes a little bit of time and expertise to be very good at making sales for a brand.

Let us look at the skill required before someone can be very good at generating a consistent amount of sales for his or her business.

Must Have Qualities Of A Good Sales Professional

Must Have Qualities Of A Good Sales Professional

Below are the qualities needed and must be possessed by someone to be good at making sales.



We are now in the era of technology and everywhere is filled with technologists who are very good in their fields.

The way sales professionals of those days make sales are different from the ways of sales professionals of these days make sales.

The internet is now readily available for you to transact business with anyone from all over the world even when they are not in your location.

People can now import products and buy goods from China and have them sent to their doorstep.

This is the benefit that we are all enjoying in this digital era. People are scrolling on their social media feeds and you can easily interrupt them with your product or service.

You don’t have to keep walking from one neighborhood to another and keep pitching people.

You already have the platforms available where you can sit down comfortably in your home and keep pitching people.

This is all advantageous to us because we are enjoying the digital era.

So, if you want to be a good sales professional in this digital era – you have to know about technology.

You have to be technical enough – because most of the adverts that you are seeing on your social media are run by those who are technical.

Even if you are not the one that is going to be running the advert – you have to know how it works so that you won’t be lost.

You can know if something is going right or going wrong. This is what you have to possess in other to become very good in sales.

So, are you technical enough? Or you are still struggling? Because if you don’t know anything about technology or the internet.

If you are still wondering how you are seeing adverts on your social media feeds or why ads are popping up whenever you are watching YouTube videos.

Then, you have to learn more about technology and enroll in some courses just to possess this Technical Skill.




Another skill that you need to have is market research skill.

A good sales professional don’t just sit down and listen to what everybody is saying concerning a marketplace.

You cannot just decide to invest or enroll in joining a marketplace without doing your research.

You have to do your research and dig deep into knowing if the market is profitable enough and something you can cope with.

No matter how good your sales professionalism is – you need to know that some markets might be difficult for you to penetrate.

You need to know if the cold market is what you will be going to or the warm market or the hot market.

You need to know the market that will favor you because this is exactly what will determine your success in any niche.

The cold market is those who don’t know about the product you want to offer them but are aware that they have a problem.

The warm market is those who are aware of the kind of product that you want to offer or might have even seen it but haven’t take any action into purchasing it.

The hot market is those who already know about your kind of product and have bought something similar before but just need you to convince them that your product will solve their problem.

So, each market has a different kind of Audience and this is what you have to know.

Because this is what will determine how successful you will be as a sales professional in your field.

Funny enough, if you already possess the technical skill that I first mentioned earlier – you don’t have to panic about how you will embark on the research.



Another skill that you should possess as a sales professional is competition research.

Aside from performing the market research and digging deep into the audience that you want to sell to.

You also have to look at how competitive the niche that you are entering is.

What you have enough to know is that – there is no niche that you want to enter that won’t have competition.

Although, if you are very wise and smart enough – you might be the first person to start an idea.

But you will still have some regulations and some indirect competitive barriers that will hinder you from progressing.

It might be as little as some government policies in your country which can stop you and serve as a competition.

For example, during this period that I am writing this guide – my country “Nigeria” doesn’t support the trading and investing of Cryptocurrency.

If you make any bank transactions and you write crypto in the remark or you bought any coin with your card.

Your account is going to be blocked and you won’t be able to open an account.

So, what does it mean to any sales professional who saw an opportunity in crypto and from Nigeria?

He or she will find it difficult to survive and bring out another innovation on Cryptocurrency projects.

This is like a competitive force to anyone – so, you also have to look at the competitive aspect and look at what is going on outside.

And if your niche is what is already existing – then you have to look at what your competitors are doing that is affecting their sales.

And now use their weakness as your weapon that will skyrocket your sales process to the best level.

That is why you need to have this skill. It is also something you can possess alongside other skills listed above.




This skill is a skill that will always make you sales even while you are sleeping.

The best thing to do when trying to talk about the kind of products that you might want to produce and sell is what you lack.

Oh yes, most of the time – it is best to turn your mess into a message.

We all have problems that we are facing in life – there will always be a blockage along a path no matter what.

But the great thing is that the blockage that you have will surely have a solution – and you try to find a solution and solve it.

But what you have to know is that the problem you have few months of the year back and you have passed the level.

Some people are currently experiencing that same issue and are looking for solutions out there.

Let us say when you were in that level also – you keep searching for a solution and you later got it from trial and error or anyhow you go it.

The best thing for you to do is to put yourself in their shoes on solving a sales problem for them.

Don’t let it be about selling products that won’t add value to them just to have their money.

No! Let it be products or services that have solved your problem once and forever.

Because that is how you will keep them coming back to buy more from you even without pitching any further.

Because that is how you can tag yourself as a sales professional.

The Empathy skill is what you should have and this is how your buyers will cherish and respect you.

They will forever adore you and even recommend more people to buy from you.



It is said that a good salesman does the listening while the customer does the talking.

But it’s just a pity that the majority of the self-acclaimed sales professionals out there do the talking while their prospects do the listening.

If you are doing like the latter where you just keep talking and talking without allowing your prospects to talk. You will lose out on them.

You have to know that your prospect has something in his or her that is causing some doubts.

So, you need to listen to this doubt and use it as a weapon of showing why your product is the best fit and can clear that doubt.

Many people have faced several difficulties in life and it is making them extremely careful about what to buy or not to buy.

So, always listen attentively to whatever your prospect has in mind before doing all the talking.

You are even supposed to be asking them questions the way you are speaking – that is what determines who you are.

If you are the perfect fit for a sales job and if you can become a sales professional.

Although the internet is now making it easy to make sales even while you are not there.

But always do some listening strategies with a group of prospects and see the questions they are asking.

Look at their doubts – because it is these doubts that you will use to create your sales pitch and tell them why you are different.



Negotiation skill is another skill that almost every sales professional should possess.

This is because many customers will have the mindset of getting it cheaper elsewhere.

Most customers out there want quality products but don’t want to pay a high price for the quality products.

They always want to buy cheap and the mindset that it is quality. Only a small fraction of the customers believe that a high-priced product is also of high quality.

So, you have to be in the best position to negotiate with this kind of people because they Won’t easily agree to buy.

This happens a lot in Network marketing – even though it is a referral program.

It involves the best usage of being a sales professional to convince a cold prospect to join your multi-level marketing business.

Many of them will have the mindset of purchasing less plan even though they can afford a higher plan.

So, you need to be able to restructure their mindset into making them purchase the one you want them to purchase.

Although, the negotiation skill will not be 100% achievable all the time because you cannot force them to purchase what they don’t have the value to pay for.

The majority of the time – you might find it hard to achieve 50% of your negotiation skill.

But many salespeople don’t see this as a skill. They accept whatever their prospects say whereas they would have cajoled them the more into buying a more high product or plan.

It is just like when you go to some websites and you will see them make 3 recommendations.

They will put one as beginners plan, intermediate plan, and expert plan.

They will now make the intermediate plan to be recommended and the one that most people are buying.

It is part of the negotiation skill and a way of making you change your mind even though you plan on buying the lowest plan.



It is important for a sales professional to have persuasion skill – because almost every customer want to be persuaded.

Even to make a lady fall for you – you have to persuade her and do all sort of pampering before you can win her heart.

So, your customer also is like a strange lady that you want to woo. You have to make them feel pampered.

They won’t agree with you and will doubt whatever you are saying to them because they have been once heartbroken from buying a certain product.

The former salesperson also told them that this product will give them result within 1 week and now it is over 2 months – nothing has happened.

And here you are coming again and telling them that yours will give them result within
5 days and you don’t want them to doubt you.

If you are the one – won’t you doubt. You will doubt! Because you don’t want to be lied to once again.

So, you need to persuade them and give them all the necessary proof that they need before they can give you a trial.

Since the inception of the internet – most products are now crap and many fake people have been creating Products that are not certain to work put anything.

That is why you have to be good at persuading people and make them fall in love with buying from you.

It’s part of having the listening skills and after listening to them. Use your persuading skill to woo them into buying your product.



Building relationships and connections are also part of making consistent sales in any business you are into.

Most especially those who are in a business that needs a lot of connection before enough dollars can be made.

If you are someone who is into SAAS Business and you sell software a lot. You need to make connections with bloggers and marketers who have enough audience in the internet marketing niche.

Relationship building is a skill that you need to have in selling because it will grow your business and take it to the next level.

As a sales professional in a SAAS Business for example – you will see some marketers posting updates of having thousands of sales within 1 week of their product launch.

And you might be wondering – what kind of sales copy are they using or do they have someone that they get their adverts from.

What kind of platform is giving them enough sales within 1 week of launching the product?

You might even look at the product and see that it’s not even a product that is that classy.

Even the landing page for the product or the sales page might be a page that doesn’t look converting.

But you will be surprised seeing them having a lot of sales just within 1 week and already raking over $150,000 to Million dollars.

And here you are as a sales professional that you call yourself – still struggling to make 50 Sales from your new product launch.

It is because those people already build a relationship with many other marketers in their niche.

They have gone to build a good reputation and build rapport with people who can help them promote their product to each of their Audiences.

While your new product is struggling to get 1000 people who will visit your offer.

The other sales professional already has over 50,000 people who have seen his or her offer.

That’s why you have to build a relationship with other marketers in your niche and help them sell their products – so that they can help you sell in return.

It’s part of the skill that you should develop in yourself and use to sell thousands of your products.



Every sales professional who claims to be a scholar in sales and doesn’t care about after-sales service is gradually writing his or her resignation article.

You always have to care about your customers and you have to follow up with them after they have bought from you.

Look, this is something scarce among other sales professionals. Many of the salespeople out there only care about the customer when they buy.

Their only aim is that they should buy and once they buy – they forget about if the customer enjoys the product or not.

If you can become different and be caring enough to always follow up with your customers and ask if they have any problem with your product.

If you can always reply to their complaints and give them your best assistance whenever they request.

You are going to win them and your customers will become your brand advocate.

They will keep singing your service to many of their friends and families that will buy from you.

You will even be shocked by hundreds to thousands of customers that you will get from your customers.

A good sales professional must always attain to achieve word of mouth advertising. It is always free and it comes from your customers.

Also, customers that come from these types of sources don’t always give you stress and they will easily buy from you.

So, always attain to have the follow-up skill and a way of knowing how to show care to your customers.



The nurturing skill is what you should have if you decide to have any business success.

The thing is that not all your prospects will buy at the first connection. If you can get 10% among 100% of your prospects to buy during the first experience – you are a pro.

Because 90% of them will not buy from you immediately. You will have to nurture them and retarget them before they can buy.

It is said that it takes prospects who are interested in your product to see your advert like 7 times before they will decide to make the purchase decision.

Many reasons can hinder them from making purchases after several experiences.

They have to see your advert a lot of times. That is why you will see that when you get into a website.

You will keep seeing that website anywhere you go and their adverts will keep showing on your screen.

That is because they have already gotten access to your cookie to make sure you make the purchase.

The sales professional managing that website already knows that you will not buy from the first experience.

So, they have taken another appropriate measure to track you and make sure they keep reminding you of buying.

That is why you have to be good at nurturing skills. You have to keep reminding them of making a purchase.

If you don’t remind them and don’t know how to nurture clients – you will keep wasting money on an advert.

You can also use email sequence to economize money and nurture your clients into trusting you.

You can offer them a freebie in return for their email address and keep nurturing them through an email sequence.

Then, once you gain their trust – you can keep selling to them anytime your like.

This email method is free and economical – unlike using Facebook Pixel Or Other Platform Pixel that you can only get access to the audience again only through paying money for adverts.

So, try to learn the Nurturing skill and train yourself to become an expert in it.



In everything that you do, always make sure that you grow your level of expertise.

Don’t just rely on what you know – whatever you think you know. Some people know more than you do.

That is why I laugh a lot when some people always act stingy in giving out value as if their life depends on it.

It is not bad to give out value because there are tons of information out there that you don’t even know about yet.

My point here is that you should always strive to learn more and improve your expertise in your field.

Every sales strategy that you might think you are professional about might have become outdated.

That is why you have to stay updated – and you can do this by doing everyday learning.

You can go to Amazon and buy some books that can help develop your intellectual skills in SELLING.

You can enroll in some courses in Udemy if you would prefer to watch the video version.

Or you can just go on YouTube and watch free videos that can help you stay active and become more professional.

Always make sure to grow your level of expertise in your sales profession.

It is very important for your growth because most people out there already tag themselves as the don.

They don’t care about innovations – there might be some platforms that are filled with your Target audience that you might feel it’s irrelevant.

Whereas there are plenty of people there who will buy what you are offering.

But because you already feel that you are the don of sales and you already control a platform.

You decide to let pride kill your level of expertise. Please don’t cry that way – always learn more and develop your expertise skill.

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Since we can discuss what being a sales professional is and everything it takes to become a very good professional.

If you are just starting to become a sales professional and you are wondering what it can take you to become very good in your selling skill.

You can leverage all the skills listed above which you can possess. Also, each skill is already being explained by me.

I didn’t just list them out for you to go find a clue. I have listed it out and also given your detailed explanation on how you can develop them.

If you think there is more skill that a sales professional should have – kindly drop it below in the comment box and let others know.

Also, if you enjoy this guide – don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media by clicking on any of the buttons below which you are best active.


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