Squarespace Analytics | 13 Things You Should Know

Running an online website on Squarespace without the proper analysis of your Squarespace Analytics is detrimental to the success of your business.

Even on other websites that are not created using Squarespace – analytics is needed and that’s why Google the king of SEO have their analytics.

If you look at many other social media platforms. They have analytics that they show you concerning how your page is working.

So, you must have your website analytics and determine exactly the performance of your business or website.

Sooooo, we are going to talk about analytics in this guide.

But it won’t be about general analytics.

You and I will just focus on the Squarespace Analytics in this guide because that is what the purpose of this guide is meant for.

So, let me ask you this question! Are you a Squarespace User – who builds his or her website on the Squarespace platform?

Then this guide is directed towards you. So, let us dive deeper into action.

What Is Squarespace Analytics?
What Is Squarespace Analytics?

What is Squarespace Analytics?

Squarespace Analytics is an inbuilt tracking tool on your Squarespace platform that monitors every activity that a visitor performs on your website.

It helps you to know where a visitor comes from and also helps you know what exactly they came to do and what that other thing grabbed their attention.

Let us discuss how you can know your Squarespace Analytics and know where your traffics is coming from.

To get to your Analytics section. Just click on ANALYTICS in your Menu Tab.

Now, let us briefly discuss the sub-sections under the Analytics aspect and how they will influence your performance more.

  • Sales Overview
  • Traffic Overview
  • Traffic sources
  • Popular Content
  • Geography
  • Form and Button Conversion
  • Purchase Funnel
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Google search keyword
  • Other search keywords
  • Site search keyword
  • RSS Subscriber
  • Activity Log

Guide on Squarespace Analytics

Sales Overview:

The sales Overview aspect explains everything about the sales that you are making on your website.

This aspect will only show on your analytics if you have a payment process that is connected to your website already.

This is mostly applicable to those who are using their website primarily for e-commerce purposes or those selling digital products like courses, software, and others.

If You are someone using your website just for Affiliate Marketing or content creation or other purposes that don’t involve using a direct payment means through Squarespace.

Then, this aspect is going to be empty. You won’t have any record in this aspect because you are not making any sales on the website.

But if you’re doing e-commerce and you got your e-commerce website set up with Squarespace.

Then, you will see your sales record and the number of sales you have made with the amount that you have earned.

This is very important for you to study because it helps you know which product makes you more money and which product makes you less money.

The problem is that most e-commerce merchants out there don’t even bother that much about their sales record.

It’s important that you know because without any knowledge of what exactly is working and which product performs better.

You cannot know exactly what product to invest more capital on.

This one can also apply to digital products and not only physical products.

So, if you’re selling ebooks or software on your website. You can get track of your sales record here.

This page is not for e-commerce purposes… So, you can see that there is no record of sales.

It’s just a website for Affiliate Marketing. But let us move to the traffic Overview and let’s see what’s up.


Traffic Overview:

The next aspect is the traffic Overview. This is where you know how much traffic that’s coming into your website.

This is more related to Google Analytics because it gives you the detailed information you need concerning your traffics.

Sometimes you will see your traffic go up and sometimes go down. That’s like a graphical trend that demonstrates how your website performs.

Sometimes you will see that the trend goes up and sometimes comes down.

What that means is that when it goes up – your traffic is increasing. But when it comes down – it means that your traffic is decreasing.

So, maybe you are using paid traffic or SEO for your website. You should try to work more towards making sure you fix any issues.

It might be a particular page on your website that’s ranking on Google previously but currently no more ranking like it used to.

It’s important that you study that page and fix any issue and work towards making it rank back.

Or maybe the paid advert that you are running ads to is no more converting again.

And your paid traffic source keeps giving you an inaccurate conversion rate concerning how your ads are performing.

Or you don’t even know how to view the conversion rate may be because you are not the one running your paid ads.

You can easily know it here and see the traffics coming into the page. That’s the benefit you enjoy when you have your Squarespace Analytics.


Traffic Sources:

No matter the number of traffic you get into your website and studying your traffic with the Traffic Overview section.

It won’t be completely understandable if the traffic source section is not among the section in the Squarespace Analytics tab.

Because a time will come when you will have many sources where traffics is coming from.

So, you must know those sources so that you can invest more energy into that source.

If your traffic is coming mostly from Google and not Social Media. This will help you to invest more energy in Google.

Your traffic source is very important. Also, it helps you know the browsers that your visitors are using the most.

If I am someone who knows that most of my visitors are coming from a particular browser.

I can even run ads on that browser because browsers also have ads that they run.

Let’s say your website is Affiliate base or e-commerce based. You can just run an advert for a particular Product with that browser.

Also, you can optimize your browser very much that it will be Targeted towards their users.

Each browser has a separate user experience. The way you will view a page on chrome will be different from the way you view it on Safari or Firefox.

So, try to study your traffic sources and know where your traffics is coming from.

Know where people are coming from and channel your energy towards that source to get more traffic.

This is another nice benefit I love about analytics.


Popular Content:

Wow, this aspect is very useful for someone who writes an article like me.

Let’s say your primary source of getting traffic is Google SEO as a writer.

It’s no news that Google is the king of SEO, right? In case you don’t know. Well, they are.

So, if there is a particular post you wrote on a page of your website and you’re wondering if it’s even converting after several months or years.

Just go to this aspect and you will see if it’s converting. This is where you see the popularity of your content according to its ranking order.

It keeps showing according to how popular they are.

You see, the problem with most people and what makes it become your advantage is that they don’t even track their performance.

They don’t even know if a page is converting at all and they don’t bother to check.

So, If you can see that a particular page is converting very well on Google and it’s the top most popular Content on your website.

Check it out on Google and see which column it’s on the page. If it’s not the first website at the top.

You can write more words and do more SEO optimization to make it rank well.

Because this tells you that the page is well optimized by Google and they are willing to show it to their audience…

…only if you can also work more on it yourself to make them put it at the top of the page.

Note that the explanation I gave here is for those who rely on SEO.

If you’re running paid ads or using another traffic source. You can just look at the popular page and know the one that converts.

That will make you know that the ad you are running is converting with a copy.



Geography is another tool in Squarespace Analytics that tells you the particular location that your visitors are coming from.

This will even be beneficial to those who do local businesses and are seeking local leads.

Let’s say you have a client who is a local plumber in a part of the UK for example.

And your content is getting Optimized for keywords like “Plumbing services in the UK” Or
“plumbing – – – UK”.

This geography aspect will let you know if your traffics is coming directly from the UK.

It’s a major means of getting complacent enough to know whether you are Targeting the best country.

Although, to make proper usage of this service. I will advise you to add the Google Analytics code to your Squarespace account.

This will make you know exactly where in the UK they are coming from. Maybe your business is in Leeds and you are getting more traffic from Leeds than other areas.

You can just optimize your content more for the people of Leeds.


Form and Button Conversion:

This aspect is for those who collect the email address of their visitors for further retargeting.

By the way, if you haven’t started collecting the email leads of your visitors.

Then you are missing a lot. You should start collecting the email addresses of people to turn them into regular buyers.

Don’t just leave them to go away without any means of reaching them again.

And lucky for you and me – Squarespace has given you the privilege to have an inbuilt form that you can use to collect leads.

Not only are you able to collect leads but you are also able to track the conversion of these leads.

Squarespace Analytics has given you the privilege to see the number of people who viewed the landing page or form.

And also, after that – you will see those who signed up and input their email address in the form.

And not only that – you will be able to see the conversion rate of this form in case of future designing.

This is very good in knowing the conversion rate of your sign-up forms.

Also, Squarespace has given me the opportunity to not only track the form alone.

They have also tracked the page for you as a whole to know how the conversion rate of the page is.


Purchase Funnel:

Although, I can’t say much concerning the purchase Funnel because I have never run an e-commerce website.

But you have to know that this aspect is for those who are using their website for e-commerce purposes or selling other digital products.

The benefit of this is to know how well your funnels are converting.

In case you don’t know what a funnel is. It’s a process of taking a visitor from buying a low-price product into buying a high-priced product.

Maybe you have seen some ads on Facebook or Google before and you’re told that the cost of the course you are about to purchase is $20.

After buying the course, you will be introduced to another product which costs a little higher but serves more purpose like the one you just bought.

Maybe something like $130 and keep it going on till the 3rd or 4th product is sold.

Sometimes you will only see a product that costs $20 in the ads.

And before you know it… You might have spent $950 without knowing.

That’s the value of what a funnel offers. It starts with a front-end offer to a high ticket offer.

That’s what a funnel does. But doing this on a normal website can be difficult to track.

But Squarespace has made it easy for you because they will keep tracking the purchase for you till the final funnel page.


Abandoned Cart:

The abandoned cart is also more applicable to those who are using their website for eCommerce purposes.

Or maybe those who are having a checkout process already set up on their Squarespace website.

The abandoned Cart statistics can only be seen by those who also have a payment processor already connected to their website.

This is where you will see the record of those who Add any product/s on your website to a cart.

But after adding the product, they didn’t make a purchase.

For someone who is just a regular online trading merchant. He or she just be like “Is that my fault? Maybe the person is not ready”.

But you have to know that for someone to add a product to a cart. That’s a level of interest.

So, you can try to follow up with such prospects as to why they haven’t purchased after adding the product to their cart.

What I like about this is already setting up an automated sequence that reminds a customer not to forget to buy his or her product.

Also, too much of abandoning a product in the cart can be because the offer is not compelling enough.

So, always be on a watch out for your abandoned Cart and see how people are adding products to the cart and not purchasing.

And Immediately set up a follow-up sequence on email to notify them of not forgetting to make their purchase.

This is another privilege you gain by using Squarespace Analytics.


10. Google Search Keyword:

If your website is well optimized for Google SEO. Then the Google search keyword will work well for you.

It will help you know the keyword that is getting a lot of searches on Google SEO.

This is good for writing more content around that keyword and building a good page authority around the keyword.

Just by going to your Analytics and Google Search Keyword. You will see some keywords that are the most searched on Google.

What I am trying to say here is that the keywords that you have used on your website but it’s having more searches on Google will be displayed here.

So, you could look at the one that is at the top and see if you’re ranking well for the keyword.

If not, just quickly work hard towards making sure that you rank for the keyword.

Because it appears that you’re losing a lot of traffic to your Competitors.

So, if you’re getting some traffics from Google – that means that those people are searching for that particular keyword and that’s why they landed your website.

They didn’t just come from another planet. Squarespace is using that means to tell you to work more on that keyword.


Other Search Keyword:

Other search keywords are the keywords that are driving traffic from other traffic sources.

Maybe you’re doing other forms of marketing or social media marketing to also drive targeted traffic to your Squarespace website.

Then, they will help you show records of those keywords here on this section of the analytics tab.

It might not only be social media traffic based though. It can be other forms of SEO like YouTube and Pinterest.

Some marketers rely on Pinterest as a source of traffic for their blog or business website.

Some also rely on upon traffics coming from their YouTube channel to drive traffic into their site.

Either one you are doing… In as much as it’s not directly from Google. You can just come here and check them out.

Also, this will tell you the keywords that are getting a lot of interest in the mind of your audience.

So, you can just create more valuable content around other keywords surrounding your most popular keyword/s.


Site Search Keyword:

This is when you have the search bar displayed on your website and have visitors searching for the next keyword.

This is most commonly effective on e-commerce or digital product websites where visitors will search for some products.

It’s not that popular on a normal blogging website except if you have provided adequate value that the visitor feels complacent to search more.

And this happens when the visitor has something troubling them for a long time which they believe they can find an answer to on your website.

Nevertheless, once they keep searching and searching.

That’s an SEO on your website already – and you can get your site SEO here on this tab.

It makes you have an idea of how which product or topic is most popular in the mind of your readers.

And if you haven’t created any content around the keyword. Go ahead and start creating it so that you can keep visitors staying a little longer on your website.


RSS Subscriber:

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it helps you collect data from your visitors electronically.

Your visitors can just check on the RSS and connect their website or email addresses.

It’s a more advanced way of collecting subscribers on your website.

If you’re using other forms of website building. This Field might not be automatically available on your website.

But it’s available on every page on Squarespace most especially the blog page.

So, the RSS Subscriber on Squarespace helps you make the total count of people who visited your website RSS.

You can just leave it at default for the proper counting of your web pages.

Coming to this tab is where you can see all the records of your RSS and how it’s performing.

You will see the RSS feed moving in a trending manner of either up-going or down-coming.


Activity Log:

You are just a person who creates content on your website for visitors to engage with and not gets bored.

But you don’t know how they are performing and engaging on your website.

So, with the activity log. This will make you know how visitors are moving from one page to another.

How they are clicking on the links and other things they are doing on your website.

Although, the Squarespace activity log might not be as detailed as the Google analytics activity log.

But they tried to create a good user service for their customers.

So, this is where you will see what visitors are clicking on the most on your website.

Also, how well some pages are performing more than the other in your on-page SEO.

You know Google as an SEO brand likes it when users have good experience on your website.

They want the best for their audience – so strive hard to create the best user experience for your website.

And you can do this by checking up on your activity log to see if visitors are falling in love with your content.

Squarespace Analytics App

Squarespace Analytics app

Going over to your dashboard to keep checking all your analytics and stats can be time-consuming.

Sometimes, you can procrastinate for days before you even remember to check them.

And procrastination is one of the killers of dreams. So, to avoid this. I am going to advise you to make use of the Squarespace Analytics App.

It’s a mobile application that you can just install your phone and begin to see all your website/s analytics with just one tap.

This is a fast way to get to know everything happening on your website and things that you might need to fix very quickly.

This application is owned by the Squarespace team themselves and not just any third-party user who created it.

So, it’s more good for you to download it through this link if you are using IOS.

Or through this link, if you are using Android.

Here are the questions that might be flowing in your mind,

Should I bother about the Squarespace Analytics?

Squarespace Analytics

Oh yes, you should. Because:

i. You are far ahead of others.

Using Squarespace Analytics will get you far and more steps ahead of others in your industry.

I remember when I started my first website. I never knew anything about analytics.

I only know that I am supposed to upload content on my website. But do I even know what’s performing best on my website? No!

This is what several others are also lacking. They don’t check their website stats to see how their website is performing.

There are billions of websites out there and the majority are not even monitoring their progress.

It’s just like walking along a path and not even noticing which path is more favorable.

This is the advantage you will have over others because many website owners don’t check their analytics.

But checking yours will make you stay far ahead of them.


ii. You continue to practice what works.

By checking your website analytics, it will make you know what works best over the months or years on your website.

And how you can strive towards making sure that you create more content on what works.

Sometimes your website might not be properly analyzed or maybe some errors are occurring.

You will know the mistakes and won’t repeat them next time because you know what works.

You are not just going online for content writing reasons.

So, practicing more on what works is another advantage you have over others.

iii. You grow your brand quickly.

Oh yes! The more you grow your brand. The more the money for you.

Since you already know what works and which keywords and pages are driving a lot of traffic for you.

Then all you have to do is focus more on that keyword and let it bring more traffic for you.

You now have the ball to make more money because you are practicing the right thing.

You have done some works and among your works – you have seen the ones that perform better.

So, the next thing is to keep making money from your website and keep soaring high and high.

That’s why you see that some websites make money more than others.

It’s because they study their progress… Even top online brands like Facebook and Google monitor their visitor’s progress.

That’s why they study what you do the most. They know someone like me loves watching wrestling and football a lot.

So, Facebook makes sure that my home feed is filled with sport and wrestling posts.

Just because they want me to stay much longer and don’t leave their website.

So, tracking is very important, and since Squarespace has already done everything for you automatically.

You only have to go into your analytics and check your stats.

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I believe this guide has been informative so far. You have been able to learn what almost everything in your Squarespace analytics stands for.

Always make sure to check them from time to time by download the Squarespace Analytics App on your phone for easy access.

If you haven’t joined the Squarespace Circle yet, try to join and enjoy more privileges than other Squarespace users.

Also, if you enjoy this guide – don’t forget to share it with friends.

Drop any questions or suggestions below in the comment box.

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